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Roy Antoun Continues to Threaten Bay Ridge Cabal’s Status Quo Shangri-La

July 3, 2010

Brooklyn’s “Son of Liberty” is back at the keyboard, delivering another piece for reform-oriented readers in Brooklyn.

Roy Antoun, the young Republican seen by establishment leaders as one of their biggest threats, is back with a piece entitled “What We Stand For Is Only The Beginning.” In it, Antoun details his view of the reform movement in our local party and what he believes it stands for. He also takes on Commissar Craig “The Irrelevant One” Eaton for the party’s lack of transparency under his tenure as Brooklyn GOP Chairman.

It should make for some good Independence Day reading.

Here is the piece:

The Brooklyn Young Republicans and several other young activist groups often chant the tenets of “Reform” in politics; however, what does reform actually mean?

For instance, we Reformers know what we’re against, both locally and federally. We know that we’re against the status quo. We know that corporatism and socialism has been glorified as the be-all-end-all means of politicking and that is effectively wrong. We’re against high taxation and the manipulation of markets. We’re against those abroad to physically threaten our citizens and their security. We’re against a lot of things, but what are we for?

I think the Reform movement in Brooklyn can be categorized into two pinnacles of stratagem.

1) We are for Transparency.

2) We are for Limited Government.

I think these two pillars of Reform are the branches that grow from the tree of Liberty. And from those branches come the leaves, the small issues that form the synergy of the Republican Party. Let’s review.

1) When Reformers in Brooklyn  speak of change or reform, transparency is, perhaps, the most important tenet of the movement. We understand that big government will not disappear overnight and that there are some in the Republican Party who, while they say they are for small government, continue to latch onto big-government Republicans and defend them to their political death simply because of the “R” next to their name (ie: The Brooklyn GOP praising Senator Brown’s election win, endorsing Michael Bloomberg, etc). Although sad, it’s true. But the least we can ask for is transparency, both within the Republican Party and in our local and federal governments. We’d like to know where money is going, and why. Is that too much to ask? For Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton, perhaps it is. For Barack Obama, is most certainly is. For any individual who pretends to hold a high seat of power, you bet it is.

Antoun is a frequent target of the GOP establishment on their self-annointed hate blogs

Take, for example, this post I came across from the popular blog, Atlas Shrugs In Brooklyn. Coming from a piece posted a little under a year ago, we find that a few thousand dollars was spent on “services” that certain individuals provided. Atlas still asks, “what are these services for and what did they provide?” As Party Chairman, it would be nice to show a little Republican transparency and release statements to show your constituency why so much money was being spent on things or people that essentially produced no result. Are principled Republicans being elected into office? Are we doing anything to rally a limited-government cause with this money? I can’t answer these questions because a lot remains hidden and a lot of donor funds remain lost in the abyss otherwise known as Craig Eaton’s stash.

Let’s even apply this concept federally. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke releases “audits” of the Federal Reserve two years late of all actions and transactions of the Fed. The audits are performed by… The Fed. Money is printed out of thin air every year by… The Fed. An agency out of control, the Federal Reserve is a Central Bank that operates in secrecy. Its very nature is the bane of any Republican’s existence; the central bank acts as central planner, regulating interest rates and determining inflation rates that never deflate. Since The Fed’s creation in 1913/ 1914, the American dollar has been devalued 97% and Republicans in Congress continue to allow it to operate as-is, except for one man, Ron Paul. But where is Senator Brown leading the charge on privatizing audits on the Federal Reserve? Where is Lindsay Graham trying to promote government transparency? Why is the Brooklyn GOP excited about big government Republicans who do nothing to protect your wallets?

2) A byproduct of transparency is limited government. Once we understand where money is flowing and going, we can begin to cut useless programs which, in return, require less money to operate. When government requires less money in the Public Sector, that means more money is flowed in the Private Sector. That means Main Street finally gets the chance it deserves and all my favorite shops and restaurants on 13th Avenue and 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn get to save more money to expand staff or property. Limited government goes one step further. Why is Obama (and Bush did this too) spending so much money on so many troops abroad? Can’t we cut back on “Defense” and use less costly strategies to find Osama Bin Laden? Can’t we focus on intelligence and Covert Operations instead of costly nation-building strategies that require massive armies?

I have zero faith in the Public Sector, as any Republican should, and I believe that privatized options always offer better services because they are not subsidized and instead rely on American ingenuity and competition. But GOP bosses (and “political consultants”) in Brooklyn don’t understand this. They support big-government mayors like Michael Bloomberg. They endorse and support candidates who sacrifice principle for meager votes, empty promises, and unconstitutional laws that deprive the very American ingenuity that made our borough, city, state, and country great. That means you, Craig Eaton. That means you, Gerry O’Brien.

So that is what we are for. We Reformers look forward to bringing principled candidates back on ballots; we want government to stay out of our private lives and maintain its basic, constitutional powers of protecting our rights to life, liberty, and property (not infringing upon them). We urge youth to become more interactive in politics because they can make a difference and indeed we already have. All the fervor, activism, and media attention we have gathered thus far is only the beginning.


Visit Roy’s blog by clicking here.

As always, I invite you to share your thoughts about this and any of our pieces with us. Please comment below or email us. We look forward to hearing from you!

And be sure to check back this holiday weekend for more posts on Atlas!

Happy 4th!

  1. Sexy Libertariana permalink
    July 3, 2010 10:03 pm

    Roy makes reform sexy! 😉

  2. Compare Roy Antoun to Gerry Kassar permalink
    July 3, 2010 10:50 pm

    As always, Roy Antoun has presented a thoughtful position adverse to the Brooklyn Republican establishment.

    However, the problem in Brooklyn politics for a “reformer” like Roy Antoun is bigger than just the Brooklyn Republican establishment. It is that real thinking Republicans, conservatives and libertarians have so little place to turn and find welcome alliance.

    Case in point, Gerard Kassar, Chairman of the Kings County Conservative Party. Gerard Kassar is a patent disgrace to any brand of conservatism. His “Common Sense” column in the Spectator this week was a steaming pile of Marty Golden’s excrement, coupled with a populist tale about the in-laws down home Huey Long land sticky goo problems. There was nothing remotely conservative about any of it– quite the contrary– it all could have been a segment on the MSNBC “ED SHOW”.

    Gerry Kassar presented mass transit as a fundamental right to lame and superannuated Bay Ridgeites– another free lunch that Marty Golden and his good buddy Vinny Gentile were going to deliver. The first-hander about western Louisiana was suggestive of the need for much more government involvement in the lives of the inland victims of the Gulf oil spill.

    This column brought home how, Kassar has to be a full-time flack for Marty Golden. Gerry spun Marty Golden’s “Town Hall” like it was a good thing, instead of what it really was– a political fiasco where a lot of people wanted State Senator Golden’s head on a platter.

    Gerry Kassar has completely sold out for a paycheck and a growing pension– he’s sold out the Conservative Party, he’s sold out conservative principles and he’s sold out himself.

    Maybe some day Roy Antoun will sell out, but he hasn’t yet.

  3. Hired Help permalink
    July 3, 2010 11:20 pm

    Do not lose sight of this fact:
    Kassar is an employee and needs to protect that paycheck.

  4. Lucius permalink
    July 3, 2010 11:59 pm

    Those persons mentioned in Mr. Antoun’s piece are shameful characters. They have a terrible reputation, even though our party (and all political parties) is full of servile flatters who will give them credit when credit is not due. Even the ones who would never speak ill of their fellow Republicans say that Eaton can’t get along with anyone and Golden is losing his edge. Everyone knows it. I bet even the Cabal does, as well.

  5. Pathetic and Inaccurate THEJIGISUPATLAS Rejoinders-- We'll fix them good! permalink
    July 4, 2010 12:25 pm

    The Jig is Up Atlas’ these blabbers and blatherers on July 3, 2010 drooled and vomited leaving their usual unsightly and smelly mess. Here’s how he (they) might clean up after themself (selves– yeah right! hahahahaha…!)

    First, “It’s No Secret …said…”
    On the last Brooklyn GOP Blogcast, GB, said he had technical difficulties with last week’s show and promised to be back with the same guests… when Christmas 2012? Berardelli just isn’t a man of his word, so why should we believe any of the GB BS about technical difficulties when it probably was exactly, as first reported here– CENSORSHIP of the “chat room” callers. Brooklyn Blog Radio is another Craig Eaton fiasco and waste of Brooklyn GOP money, time and effort. In the same vein, the Marty Golden “Town Hall” was a political disaster for Eaton, Golden, Allegretti, even cute little Petey Cipriano with his even cuter little girl assistant. Arnoldo wasn’t around, but his spirit dominated. The real Republicans in the 49th AD cleaned up your side’s mess, scored big points and whipped ass, sucka.

    Your other knowing and malicious libel will cost somebody with deep pockets big time during the next year or two, it will be a nice reirment stipend for ykw, jywas.

    Next, “Let’s Indeed Compare Roy Ali Baba to Gerry Kassar said…”
    Kassar’s most recent column didn’t mention any exciting new bill; it was last week that Gerry- the- Hack-Conservative trumpeted Golden’s nonsense about gangs in the Spectator( btw everything that Golden puts out wants to create a Commission– just more patronage for Golden’s hack friends), just try to keep up next time. The mass transit BS was straight out of liberal Democrat Jeff Krauss’s playbook– let’s have the MTA provide limousines to however calls and says they need them, just send the bill to the taxpayers in the future– wait a minute Marty Golden will make it completely free– nobody will have to pay ever, Marty Golden says so! (Btw, is it true that Marty Golden sometimes pronounces mass transit as “Mash Transhit”? Maybe a little less “Mudishinal beverage” would clear that up; and also make mass transit and crossing streets in Bay Ridge just a bit safer)

    I don’t know if Mr. Antoun works for anybody named “Okenfe”, but unlike Gerry Kassar, Roy Antoun is not a pension-slave shackled in Golden chains (Don’t you love that one?) Kiss kiss!

    On July 4th more drooling idiocy, corrupted sputum and a trail of diarrhea from at least one Jigzatzer’s lederhosen:

    As for “Hired Help said…”
    See: Anotoun note, above to “Let’s Indeed Compare Roy Ali Baba to Gerry Kassar said…” But for copying, no kiss for you, vomit breath!

    Then for “Julius said…”
    Just you wait and see (yes, that is a clue). There will be laurel crowns and heroic parades along 65th Street “The Canyon of Dyker Heights-Bensonhurst Heroes” for what Lucretia and Michael Grimm accomplish this year. Of course Arnaldo the Magnificent will have the first and the biggest parade and a aide will have to whisper into his ear “Remember, you are mortal, you are not god”, but the crowds will cheer along the route from Fort Hamilton Parkway to Bay Parkway. “Il Vincitore! Magnifico!”

    To the man with the dripping lederhosen, “….Won’t Stay Secret said…”
    You don’t know squat about the Giuca case, now on appeal. You don’t know squat about any Cleary’s involvement, if any, in the Giuca matter. This is a major scandal for the Wilson-Pakula Republican DA, “Oliver Street Charley-Joe of breezy Bay Ridge” Marty Golden’s and Craig Eaton’s guy(HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

    Still of the drippy lederhosen, “2nd Addendum: 7-4-10 said…”
    Right you are, but just a teeny-tiny little bit. These stories are interlinked in so many ways. Maybe the most important is that the video surveillance at both Kettle Black and the Salty Dog was provided and maintained by Vanguard which, in fact, does it’s business right next door (maybe even slightly closer than that) to The Salty Dog on Third Avenue near Bay Ridge Parkway. There was an attempted alteration of the Kettle Black video of the fight involving Marty Golden’s kith’n’kin (maybe it’s just kin) and Vanguard says that State Senator Martin J. Golden was there when that alteration probably occurred. Now, do you get it, Poopsy?

    Those folks at Jigzatz and their aiders and abetters should clean up their own effluvia or we’ll do it for them all, in our way and in our own time. Where the honor of honorable people is at stake nothing is off the table– we’ll do WHATEVER HONOR DEMANDS to settle these accounts.

  6. Brooklyn YRs Relevant permalink
    July 5, 2010 12:48 am

    You read The Jig Is Up, and you realize that the only relevant Republicans are the Brooklyn Young Republicans! Good work, Jig! LOL

  7. I LIKE BLOOD ON MY HANDS permalink
    July 5, 2010 12:52 am

    My father was a butcher, and I learned to love the feel of blood on my hands.

    (Dedicated to THE JIG)

  8. It's Monday, and yet... permalink
    July 5, 2010 12:58 am

    It’s Monday, and it is has now been NINE DAYS since Gene B. posted another irrelevant Brooklyn Commissar-sponsored radiocast.

    The blood is on your hands, Gene B.

    Return the money!!!!!

    (In case you’re wondering, The Jig posts crap like this every day. It’s now both a joke and irrelevant, kind of like Craig Eaton LOL)

    • Yeah, Gene B. permalink
      July 5, 2010 1:18 am

      So much for Bob Turner being on GOP radio. Yet another no-show to another zero-value broadcast of GOP BS “I Heart Craig” Radio:

      Add to that list the 49th’s no-name candidate, the teenage boy–twice.

      Add to that list Marty Golden.

      Add to that list Craig Easton (who had to prerecord or else his makeup might rub off, like Nixon–oh, wait, it’s radio, Craig, you dumbass).

      Losers, through and through.

      The Jig is Up, Gene. How does it feel to get a taste of your chairman’s sponsored hate blog’s medicine (poison)?

      You suck lol


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