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UPDATE: More Secrecy From The Bay Ridge Cabal

June 30, 2010

For Your Eyes Only, Sheena Easton (no relation to Brooklyn GOP Chairman “Craig Easton”) once sang.

Days after the wriggling Brooklyn GOP “leadership” was exposed for trying to subvert the reform-minded Brooklyn Young Republican Organization, they are now taking affirmative steps to hide their actions from plain view.

We were prompted by a fellow emailer who told us that the Facebook group The Bay Ridge Cabal was using to recruit new members for a “counter-organization” to the Young Republicans has suddenly become a private group, hidden from view.

I guess we rained on their parade. 😉

As you can see from the image above, someone sent us a picture of what their secret Facebook group now looks like. As you know, the Facebook group was geared only toward Republicans of Russian descent.

That led Brooklyn Young Republican President Jonathan Judge to refer to it as the “Kings County Chairman Craig Eaton’s COMINTERN.”

The page now literally says (and I’m not kidding) on the front page: “Secret: No Public Content.” That led one emailer to call the Facebook group webmasters the “Brooklyn GOP Politburo.”

Why am I not surprised that the craven fools in the Cabal are now even more arduously excluding public participation in the party?

I guess they must be furious that their secret plans to overthrow yet another Republican club in Brooklyn have been exposed and will likely be thwarted as a result. We have already received emails from Republicans across the borough who read our blog expressing dismay and even anger over the recent acts of The Irrelevant One Eaton and his minions.

“These tactics need to stop. They’re so childish,” one person wrote to us.

We wholeheartedly agree.


Later this week: Kettle Black Revisited, A 13th Congressional Update, and much, much more!

  1. ETat permalink
    July 1, 2010 6:28 am

    Is Mr.Judge afraid of competition?
    What’s the problem with having yet another Republican Club? There is still freedom of associations, I believe.
    If he – and you – object to selective principle of membership, I’d say Mr.Judge’s own club is selective , it discriminates on age basis.
    If they decide to make their club secret- it’s their prerogative; I don’t know of a clause that prohibits Republicans to form secret clubs. Maybe they have reasons to be afraid of exposure. I’m guessing here -but in my 27-people office I was the only one NOT voting Democrat. That didn’t bring me any popularity, to put mildly. Maybe they want to avoid the consequences. In any case – it’s their business.

    And – an advice for your own good: stop using the word Cabal in relation to Russian Republicans . Majority of Russian-speaking immigrants are Jews, and the word was used to persecute Jews in Russia in Stalin times after WWII. If you don’t want to alienate them further, restrain your love for purple prose – especially if you unaware of the connotations perceived by others.

    • Young Republican permalink
      July 1, 2010 7:13 am

      Looks like you suffer from selective reading, you read what you want to read regardless of what the article says . It’s not the YRs that are afraid of competition, it’s the county committee. The YRs didn’t try to dismantle the County Committee and create a new one, it’s the County Committee that is doing everything in its power to destroy the YR club. Are they afraid of competition? Why is it so terrible if there is another point of view within the Brooklyn GOP? Every GOP organization in Brooklyn must be under the direct watch of the Chairman. We cannot have any dissenters. Tell me who is afraid of competition.

      • ETat permalink
        July 1, 2010 10:09 am

        Oh, so now we are discussing me personally – my “selective reading” and what not.

        You just confirmed everything I said. Don’t be surprised if more Russian-speaking Jews will turn away from your petty quarreling faction.

    • A Healthy Dose of Realism permalink
      July 1, 2010 9:23 am

      You’re a bit dim, aren’t you? The blog has been using the word “cabal” for months. It hasn’t been used in reference to Russian Republicans (you made that up). It’s been used to describe the corrupted GOP leadership in our borough, which is apparently afraid of any independent-minded Republican organizations. You must be new to this blog, so I’d read a bit more before you pass judgment so cavalierly and cluelessly. You’re not doing yourself any favors by demonstrating ignorance. Oh, and by the way, I’m a Jewish Republican from a Russian background, and I love this blog!

      • ETat permalink
        July 1, 2010 10:10 am

        And you, “Jewish Republican from a Russian background”, can go fuck yourself. Or would you prefer me to say that in Russian?

      • Craig Medvedev permalink
        July 1, 2010 10:48 am

        OK ETat, you’re apparently a loony toon. And I guess your mother didn’t teach you any manners. Grow up and act like a rational adult, not a thug.

      • ETat--I mean, A Tad--Insane permalink
        July 1, 2010 12:58 pm

        You turned off a lot of readers with your loopy ethnic comments (which were not jokes but actual expressions of your personal hatred). You can’t make baseless accusations that Russian Jews would be offended by these comments and then, at the same time, engage in bigotry against an ethnic group. You totally undermined your argument.

        You said those words. You have to live with them. Stop whining and act like a mature adult, not an open bigot, to use a word another commentator made.

        And by the way, lots of those Muslims like Republicans and vote that way. Think about that next time you issue a fatwa against them.

  2. Bay Ridge Interpol permalink
    July 1, 2010 9:22 am

    Yes, I had to flee my mother country because I am a Republican. Here, in Craig Easton’s Facebook page I have found asylum.

  3. Vladimir Eaton, III permalink
    July 1, 2010 9:25 am

    This is more clandestine than the Benevolent Order of Antelopes who meet at the VFW!

    I wonder if any of those Russian Spies are running this new club.

  4. Craig Medvedev permalink
    July 1, 2010 9:47 am

    Craig Easton is so irrelevant, he feels he has to destroy other clubs. It’s amazing how scared he is of these young Reformers. Maybe it’s a generational thing? Or perhaps he’s just that pathetic.

  5. Fyodor Easton permalink
    July 1, 2010 11:20 am

    I heard Gene Berardelli is trying to get Stolichnaya Vodka to sponsor this week’s ham radio digest.

  6. Craig The Terrible permalink
    July 1, 2010 11:24 am

    I think ETat is a member of that secret group. Or maybe she’s affiliated with that mysterious DAVID STOROBIN, Eaton’s willing sycophant.

  7. Fyodor Easton permalink
    July 1, 2010 11:25 am

    David “Store Robbing” Storobin?

  8. Craig The Terrible permalink
    July 1, 2010 11:43 am

    ETat has said: “No wonder some people wanted to form their own club. Actually, it’s funny to watch it from the outside: what an achievement by the people calling themselves “reformers”! Snatching defeat from the the jaws of victory, I believe that’s the relevant American idiom.”

    She’s one to talk. This is a blogger who is an anti-Muslim racist. She wrote, “everyday battle against islamic invasion is fought on every street corner [in Bay Ridge]. One more building to them – one less is left to us.”

    Ok, ETat sees jihad everywhere…

    She’s in good company with the Bay Ridge Cabal, those racists who go after Roy Antoun for being of Lebanese descent on their hate blogs.

    Don’t pretend to be a victim, ETat. You’re not a libertarian. You’re just a bigot.

    • ETat permalink
      July 1, 2010 12:47 pm

      A victim? I never claimed to be a victim, least of all of this blog (or whatever you mean by a “victim”).
      I am just watching from afar.

      And there is obviously, no jihad, and no islamic invasion, of course – it’s just my imagination!
      You’re even more deluded than I thought.

      Funny, how your vocabulary corresponds with your lebanese brothers’: “hate blog”, “racist”, “bigot”.

      Now I know for sure who I will NOT vote for. And will tell everyone I know to do the same.

      • ETat--I mean, A Tad--Insane permalink
        July 1, 2010 1:11 pm

        Please, go tell your 5 readers to not vote Republican. Chances are Eaton already scared them off with his tactics, or they couldn’t be bothered to care.

        And no one said there wasn’t a jihad or war on terror. But clearly you can’t separate that from the average Muslim who is only interested in worship and not in blowing thing up.

        What a monolithic (dare I say “Soviet”?) view of the world you have.

        ETat = No Credibility. Go chew on that.

  9. Strobin Dreams of Being Politically Relevant permalink
    July 1, 2010 12:47 pm

    Newly minted Craig Easton Vice Chair David Strobin is Eaton’s all too willing patsy, who, as I recall, once supported Arnaldo Ferraro for Chairman. I wonder if he was threatened or came to heel of his own accord? Either way, it’s pathetic and disgraceful.

  10. A Healthy Dose of Realism permalink
    July 1, 2010 1:50 pm

    Hello to the Jig Is Up Hate Bloggers Reading This!

    My name is Joseph. I don’t even know anyone named Moshes. Dumbasses.

    Hmm… Let’s see. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. What’s that spell?

    The Jig Is Up. LOL

    You Jig people are so lame. And does anyone else notice that all they do is copy other people’s work?

    Talk about LAZY.

  11. July 1, 2010 3:56 pm

    I think a few things here should be cleared up.

    Primarily, I believe we do agree that people have the right to free association; however, the intent of the Establishment’s actions are to undermine the real Brooklyn Young Republicans by using the same association name which I think is also illegal due to copyright infringement.
    So, yes, they can start their own club; but no, they can’t call it the same exact thing as the acting club which has been around since the 1880’s.

    We need to disengage from ethnic rhetoric and attack policy. Those over at the “Bay Ridge Cabal” have done nothing but pursue social issues to undermine candidates when, in fact. social issues have little to no place in law and policy. As Reformers, we welcome any and all good citizens (religious or not) who agree on the policy of enhancing liberty in the marketplace and minimizing the role of government at home and abroad.

    • July 1, 2010 4:02 pm

      Rather, “social issues *should have* no place in law and policy.” Sorry about that.

      • Cardinal Easton permalink
        July 1, 2010 4:52 pm

        I strongly believe in the separation of church and state and feel religion is too closely tied to morality and ethics. Secular people are somehow considered “evil” by some people. And even those who couldn’t care less, exploit and perpetuate this sentiment by slandering those who are “different” than them. Sounds familiar, no? Using peoples difference of, or lack of, faith for disparagement and blackballing is cheap and low. But then again, so are they. The Cathedral Club, and organizations like it, are irrelevant when it comes to politics. Yet, the “Bay Ridge Cabal”, feel it necessary to commingle these groups/ideals for their own personal gain and to shine their own ethnically cleansed and moral soapbox. Fascism anyone?

  12. E Tat, Brute? No, No permalink
    July 1, 2010 6:32 pm

    This ETat person really is offer her rocker. Somebody get her a tranquilizer please. Her kind of politics have no place in our party. They do have a place, though: in Sing Sing.

  13. Young Republican permalink
    July 2, 2010 12:17 am

    I like the way people use the “we shouldn’t legislate morality” arguments against GOPers when it comes to say abortion, but then the POTUS gets up and talks about how CEOs making huge salaries offends his values and morals, and therefor congress has to cap their salaries. How is that not legislating morality? If you think it’s immoral to take a huge salary then don’t, just like if you think abortion is immoral don’t do it, but what is with pushing your values on everyone else?

    • July 2, 2010 12:26 am

      I wholeheartedly agree. I believe that economic policy should follow the tenets of free market capitalism; not glorified Keynesianism. For me, this has nothing to do with morality but has everything to do with my right to liberty. And that’s why I’m a libertarian Republican: I do not believe that someone else’s values should be shoved down my throat. What I choose to do is my business and mine only so long as it does not physically harm or interfere with others’ rights. I wrote a whole article alluding to this concept on my blog that you should check out.

  14. Young GOP Kid permalink
    July 2, 2010 2:13 am

    This is how they treat young people in the party and then they expect our help and our donations?

    I don’t think so.

    Go to hell, GOP establishment.

  15. Freewheeling debate is fine, but try to stick to the point permalink
    July 2, 2010 7:00 am

    Freewheeling debate about some of the core issues gripping a more general Republican intra-party struggle is fine.

    However, this thread was specifically addressed to a particular threat to the combined forces of the Brooklyn GOP Revolution by Chairman Eaton and his allies, active and passive, in the Brooklyn GOP superstructure.

    Having recently spoken to a handful of registered Republicans while petitioning in Bay Ridge, real rank and file Republican voters know nothing about the “Brooklyn GOP Revolution” or the reason that such an insurgency sprang up in opposition to the authoritarian regime of Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton.

    What this means is that in spite of this blog, it’s allied blogs, the enemy hate blogs, and any other correspondence, news or PR generated by either side in this fight, this is still all very much an insider flap in the “Incredible Shrinking Brooklyn Republican Party” which is just a local road-show production of the “Incredible Shrinking New York State Republican Party” .

    Even in the 49th AD where there is an active petitioning effort by both sides, the Republican voters have almost no idea of the specifics of the problem between the county GOP and the local 49th AD Republican organization.

    So far this Brooklyn GOP Revolution hasn’t even gotten a significant story in a local newspaper that I am aware of, much less anything of wider circulation. There’s even only been slight passing coverage of intra-GOP discontent with State Senator Martin J. Golden. There as only been the occasional echo on other blogs not directly involved in the fight.

    Back to the main point, the creation of “secret” clubs like the “Brooklyn Russian Republicans — Official Kings County Republican Party Club” is just another circular firing squad, the type that Eaton seems to prefer. Remember when the other side thinks of “outreach” it’s really “inreach”, ie. gathering up existing non-aligned Republicans to their side and then eliminating the non-compliant ones.

    Why do they have such a small vision, why the constricted approach… it’s part of a plan, but for what?

  16. Are Eaton's Kings Republicans Useful Dupes and Idiots? permalink
    July 3, 2010 12:00 pm

    Boris: Let’z tekk thime out from tryink to keel mooz ‘nd squeeraldz.

    Natasha: Tdzime outz for what, Boris?

    Boris: Thoo mekk spies rink in thosse Broookleen Reepoobleecanz Parties.

    Natasha: Butz weeel nuts beenable to foolz nobody, cuz weez always beenz spizencommunitz ‘nd dun knowz nutzin frumbeen Reepooblincanz in Broookleen Nujork.

    Boris: I knowz foolz whenz mize eyez beenseein them and theyz haz thiz mozt biggezt foolz Repoobleecanz Parties Chairmenjz Greg Eezstman. I veel suggezt to heem thatz he startz very zeegret Reepubleecanz Clubz. I jez dondellzim eetz for to mekk spiez rink.

    Natasha: Nobodiez could been so much a uzeful idiot as this Greg Eazstmun.

    Boris: Juzt, letz waitz and seez it for to work nd Eazstmun bink the mozt biggezt foolz Repoobleecanz Parties dupe. Forgetz for now chazingk mooz nd squeeralrdz, thaze been too deefeecultz all deez jyearz, Natasha.

  17. Secrecy Spreads to Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio permalink
    July 3, 2010 10:09 pm

    “Radio Silence” has invaded the time slot of Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio.

    GB is it still the same technical problem?

    GB are you throwing in the towel after two (2) programs?

    Eaton have you realized that your crowd can’t survive in the light of day? Even on your own sponsored show with a see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil host like Gene Berardelli. Unless you can control the message you can’t control the game.

    This was a crash and burn week for the Eaton-Golden forces and people were standing by to call in and talk about it. Nice town meeting at St. Finbar– a bit of a Golden roast– didn’t even need Don Rickles.
    lots of other thigs to talk about– Golden’s anti-pro-gun-pro-anti-micro-stamping walk about to do his slurry-folksy Hamlet about all of it.

    To bad the show didn’t go off as scheduled Gene B. could have mentioned that Marty Golden was once a New York City cop.

    Oops– the GOP secrecy strategy doesn’t want to give away too many facts– always leads to tough questions about State Senator Marty Golden.

  18. Golden's Kettle Black Scandal Won't Stay Secret permalink
    July 3, 2010 11:30 pm

    There have been recent reports concerning the Jan. 29 riot at the Salty Dog in Bay Ridge:

    An investigative reporter says that there may soon be another story about the Salty-Dog fight coming soon in the Brooklyn Paper, as well as follow-up coverage about the Kettle Black Fight and State Senator Martin Golden’s involvement in that?

    • Addendum: 7-4-10 permalink
      July 4, 2010 8:58 am

      Salty Dog Article in Brooklyn Paper, Tom Tracy, JUly 4, 2010:


  19. BLOG TALK: SHUT IT DOWN! permalink
    July 4, 2010 6:22 pm








  20. Joey Chestnut Has Nothing On Gerry O'Brien permalink
    July 6, 2010 10:39 am

    Can you imagine Gene Berardelli taking a dump after a long weekend of BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers in Easton’s backyard? Good Lord! I feel sorry for the men and women working at the water treatment plant.

    • Gene and Joseph permalink
      July 7, 2010 12:30 am

      Gene B. and Joseph Hayon have a lot in common. They’re both disliked, play both ends against the middle, and then claim to refuse choosing sides but side with Eaton and his gang anyway.

      Both are horrendous candidates whose political futures are nonexistent.

      Both are annoyances and only tolerated.

      But they need to grow backbones and choose whether they’re for reform or for status quo Eaton.

      In Revelation 3:16, God says, “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

      Time to decide, boys.

  21. There are all kinds of conspiracies and rumors of conspiracies permalink
    August 18, 2010 11:41 pm

    “Hey, That Sure is a Dopey Pacifier”

    That was the Page Three headline in today’s ( 8-18-10) New York Post — the headline for the story with the picture of the baby looking like he’s taking a hit on a smoke filled bong with the caption “Weed it and Weep”.

    Some of the regular commentators on this blog have been harpies and scolds about child abuse. (See, we can be self-deprecating on rare occasions.) To often, we overlook or understate the most frequent form of child abuse — child abuse by parents (most often by the one parent, who is the child’s/children’s sole care giver).

    The 8-18-10 Post story was about a 19 year old mother in Florida. In her remorse she said that she would never let her child get high. Maybe, so; maybe, not. Posting the picture is some kind of abuse and it was certainly exploitive. Sadly, things like this happen all the time to kids and nobody makes that big a deal out of it, especially if it involves parents or other family members. That’s the way it is most of the time, anyway.


    Sad to say, a lot worse has happened in the houses and on the blocks of some the “nicer” neighborhoods here in Brooklyn, maybe even on the best blocks in the best neighborhoods. Our neighborhood watchdogs and community leaders certainly know about some real horror stories worse than some mother in Florida, who now admits that her single instance of posting the photo was a “a stupid lapse in judgment”.

    How much worse is it when a really egregious and particularly heinous “single instance” involves a whole family, parents and children, who are so openly high that neighbors called the cops and there were arrests and the children were removed from the parents for their own good. Wouldn’t it really be worse if the whole thing were to have been swept under a rug? What if along the way lot of money changed hands; a lot of money and a lot of hands? Maybe, all of it involved a complicated three or four step process to get all the stuff under the rug.

    Then again, maybe some of this only appeared to have happened this way, because it’s never been reported in any of the papers quite the way we just suggested. It’s certainly not been reported with the names of everybody who were supposedly involved.

    Of course, you know, that if a real conspiracy like this actually happened, keeping things pretty quiet would be part of it. Sort of like how a cabal would prefer to operate, in the shadows and under the radar.

    • Was It Something We Said? permalink
      August 19, 2010 7:09 am

      The reaction the post directly above by someone at The Jig is Up Atlas, in the early AM of August 19, 2010 was intense and venomous.

      The placement of the Jigsitsuplateatnight’s direct response to “There are all kinds of conspiracies and rumors of conspiracies” with “Jamez McCallz Falls Asleep While Pathetically Typing! said… on the specific old TJIUA thread “The Bensonhurst Cabal’s Own Narrow Minded Politics”(7-4-10) was strange, but the association with that spot is intriguing (Of course, it could just be a diversion intended to be a distraction from what’s really bothering them).

      Nonetheless, our posting “There are all kinds of conspiracies and rumors of conspiracies” did get a significant rise out of thisjiglookslikearealbugupEatonsatlas.

      The intensity and the venom would seem like a misplaced overreaction, unless we hit a raw nerve
      (like Anne-Sophie Mutter plucking a sharp note pizzicato).

      We named not a single name, we didn’t even suggest which block or neighborhood might be involved, we didn’t say what specifically was swept under which rug or rugs, we didn’t mention how much or exactly how any money changed hands in a three or four step process (we did say it was a three or four step process), and we didn’t say that any political figures were involved (much less any whose interests The Jig is Up Atlas has any need or desire to protect). Still, our post “There are all kinds of conspiracies and rumors of conspiracies” made somebody over there freak-out and lash out.

      One wonders, WHY?

  22. Will Eaton's Bay Ridge Cabal Compromise Republican AG Candidate permalink
    August 21, 2010 12:37 pm

    Republican County Leader Eaton’s animus against Bay Ridge Democratic Leader Ralph Perfetto has become an almost a daily thing on his hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas”. It started in early June, when Republican Attorney General Candidate Dan Donovan’s spokeman made a big splash about a case being brought against 60th AD Democratic Leader in Brooklyn, Ralph Perfetto, in the city-wide papers.

    Since then, there have been dozens upon dozens of items attacking Perfetto, and threatening dire political consequences upon Democratic candidates Janele Hyer-Spencer and Mike McMahon because of the “CHARGES” against Perfetto. There is even something mentioned about Perfetto on Eaton’s hate blog, today.

    Eaton has been rabid in his support of candidates against ssemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer and Congreesman Mike McMahon. Eaton’s blog has even given out “inside information” about the prosecution case against Perfetto, before the public or even Pefetto knew about it. Clearly, there has been some leakage from Donovan’s prosector’s office to the Eaton hate blog. It’s problematic whether there has there been any reverse influence?

    “The question begs”: How far will Donovan go in pursuit of Eaton’s agenda against Perfetto, Hyer-Spencer and McMahon? Will he sink his own campaign to get that done?

    As Repulicans what we don’t need is a Republican Candidate conductig a political persecution without any semblance of fairness to the defendant.

    As Republicans what we don’t need are political “show trials” paid for by our tax dollars.

    As Republicans do we really want to support the kind of “Republican” who’ll be a political-hatchet-man AG, like Elliot Spitzer?

    • Correcting a bit of the lies and misinformation as to the "Perfetto Case" in "The Jig is Up Atlas" permalink
      August 21, 2010 7:39 pm

      Maybe the crew over at The Jig is Up Atlas should stick to the issues and stick to the facts, and stop with their cut-and-paste fiction and vitriol in response to the serious matters discussed above. That post involves a compalint of specific activities by Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton and Republican Candidate for Attorney General Daniel Donovan, now functioning as a “Special District Attorney for Kings County” in the case involving the Democratic State Committeeman and District Leader in the Kings County portion of the 60th AD, Ralph Perfetto.

      The Jig is Up Atlas did everything but issue a clear and unambiguous denial, which is what was really called for under the circumstances. Instead, they posted their usual cut and paste lies. What follows is a rebuttal of only a fraction of their nonsense. We are sure that the rest of what was contained in the 8/21/10 posting “Will McCallz Compromise His Rafaellle and Barbie said…” in The Jig is Up Atlas will be addressed at another time in due course. The offending Jig is Up Atlas posting completely misrepresents the timeline of blog activity involving the Ralph Perfetto case.

      First, there hasn’t been “pathetic support [or well reasoned and carefully explained “support” for, or even the mere mention of] Bay Ridge Democratic Leader Rafaellle Perfetto (sic) [that] has become an almost [] daily thing on [Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn, called “The Other Blog” on the Jig is Up Atlas].” Whereas, Craig Eaton’s blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas”, has mentioned Mr. Perfetto and/or his case repeatedly and continually, and yes, arguably “on an almost daily” basis from the beginning.
      Second, it was on Craig Eaton’s hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas” that posting “started in early June, when word leaked out in the Daily News that [] a case was being brought against [] 60th AD Democratic Leader, fake lawyer, and pugilist Rafaellle Perfetto (sic; and btw, the word that “leaked out” was from SI DA Donovan’s spokesman William Smith).” Our research indicates that “The Jig is Up Atlas” first contained a posting mentioning the Perfetto case on June 4, 2010, on which date fifteen (15) items appeared, negatively mentioning Perfetto and/or Democratic candidates supported by Perfetto. In addition, also on June 4, 2010, another hate blog, “brooklynpolitico”, which is also supported by Republican County Chairman Craig Eaton, ran as a featured blog item “A fedora-wearing 75-year-old Brooklyn District Leader Ralph Perfetto Pulls A Cousin Vinny. You Can’t Make This Shit Up, Love Politics..” which reprinted a NY Daily News article about the Perfetto case, along with thirteen (13) mostly negative comments about Perfetto and other Democrats.

      Yes, you saw that right, a total of twenty-eight (28) postings and a featured reprint of a newspaper’s article about the Ralph Perfetto case on Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton’s blogs on DAY ONE of blog posting.

      On the other hand, based on our research, the first mention of the Perfetto case in the “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” was on July 27, 2010 at 6:52 am in a post entitled “The Strange Case Against Ralph Perfetto”. Since that time, there have been by our count six (6) postings on “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” [seven (7) if you count this very posting].

      Although some of these postings on “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” might have contained some incidental details about the facts of the case to make a point, they have mostly argued that Republican prosecutor Dan Donovan’s participation in Democrat Perfetto’s case is bad politics for the Republican party, both locally and in it’s statewide races. Equally, if not more important, it has been pointed out that Donovan’s persecution of Perfetto manifests a situation where the rights of a defendant like Mr. Perfetto are being prejudiced by a prosecutor, like Donovan, who now has a clear political conflict of interest; and furthermore, that it is reasonable for the public see a clear abuse of the accused and the process by this politically conflicted prosecutor.

      None of the items about the Ralph Perfetto case that appeared in “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” expressed any support for the political activities of Ralph Perfetto or any candidate supported by Ralph Perfetto. To the best of our knowledge and research, none of the items about the Ralph Perfetto case that appeared in “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” expressed any non-support for any Republican candidates for any office. To the contrary, quickly clearing up this mess can only benefit Republican candidates in this year’s elections.

      Our point remains the same as it has been from our first posting near the end of July. “The Jig is Up Atlas” and it’s associated contributors have done the bidding of Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton in the active support and political exploitation of Republican Attorney General Candidate Dan Donovan’s handling of his politically driven case against Democrat Ralph Perfetto. That is a disgrace, Republicans should be disgusted with it and they shouldn’t stand for it.

  23. Donovan's Prosecution of Perfetto Completely Compromised by Brooklyn-Staten Island Politics permalink
    August 29, 2010 11:48 pm

    “The Jig is Up Atlas” on Thursday, August 26, 2010 in a posting by “AAA”, “More Corrupt Politics from Jonathan Judge and Michael Harris!! , With Corruption everyone pays” was again guilty of malicious and slanderous attacks on various people including the Democratic Leader in th 60th AD, Ralph Perfetto, all on behalf of the Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton, the hate blog’s sponsor. These politically motivated attacks of august 26th, apparently prompted what appeared to be a direct reaction of the following commentary appearing in TJIUA on August 29, 2010:
    “Anonymous said… [in part]
    Ralph Perfetto did not identify himself as an attorney in court or anywhere else. The record will show that, by his own hand, he identified himself as a New York licensed, bonded private investigator. The truth about this “political” charge will come out in the near future. Then the real corrupt politicians will be exposed….”

    Let the exposé continue here, where we last took Dan Donovan, Craig Eaton and “The Jig is Up Atlas” to task on August 21, 2010:
    To reiterate, there has been a systematic attempt by various individuals closely associated with the Kings County Republican Party leadership to recast as a criminal act, a single lawful and dutiful incident involving 60th AD Democratic Leader Perfetto, which occurred in a Brooklyn court over two years ago.

    As can be seen by the facts recited below, this effort by the Kings County Republican Party has a nefarious and purely political motivation. Operatives of the leadership of the Kings County Republican Party, including those writing on Craig Eaton’s hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas”, have repeatedly and explicitly tied the single misdemeanor charge brought against Democratic District Leader Ralph Perfetto to the specific Republican campaigns now being mounted against two Democratic incumbents running in that Democratic Leader’s 60th Assembly District. That is only one indicia of the political nature of the persecution behind that lone charge against Ralph Perfetto.

    In addition, the timing of this charge brought against Mr Perfetto by Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan, did not occur until Mr Donovan, a Republican, had embarked on his personal quest to become the Republican candidate for New York State Attorney General. In his effort to obtain the Republican nomination for AG, Donovan sought and obtained the support of the Kings County Republican Party and its Chairman Craig Eaton. Further evidence of the political nature of this persecution by Mr Donovan is that the Staten Island ADA handling the case for Daniel Donovan, subpoenaed the computer records of a political web-site operated by Mr.Perfetto, after the charge against Mr Perfetto had been filed. Lastly, there has been at least one posting in particular on “The Jig is Up Atlas”, wherein the commentator indicated specific information that would only at that time have been know to the prosecution, and which had not yet been provided to the defense (it was provided some time later, which confirmed the accuracy of the earlier item on Eaton’s blog).
    The fact that Daniel Donovan went forward with any charge against Mr. Perfetto at all, based on the record of August 21, 2008 is, by itself evidence of an “evil eye” and a culpability by the special prosecutor in a blatantly political persecution rather than a lawful prosecution. The record indicates that there is nothing evidentiary to back up any assertion that Ralph Perfetto committed a misdemeanor by appearing as his cousins lawyer in court on August 21, 2008.
    On August 21, 2008 Ralph Perfetto appeared in a criminal court in Brooklyn along with his cousin who had been wrongfully charged with a criminal acts in connection with an incident that happened at the cousin’s place of business. Those charges were completely unfounded and Mr. Perfetto was in court in his professional capacity as a licensed private investigator to submit evidence gathered in an investigation of the charges against his cousin. He was also there, if necessary, to testify on behalf of his cousin concerning other results from his investigation of the charges against his cousin. All of that is completely inconsistent with any appearance by Mr Perfetto as an attorney in his cousin’s case.

    The record of those proceedings shows that Mr. Perfetto’s only expressed intent was to introduce two items of evidence which the judge presiding did accept from Mr. Perfetto. When Mr. Perfetto was instructed by the judge that he had to put his name and address down prior to the introduction of the two items, court records show that when Mr. Perfetto complied with the judge’s instructions, putting down his name and address, he noted that he was a private investigator and that he was in no way retained or assigned as an attorney for his cousin. Other court records reflecting the proceedings of August 21, 2010 also indicate that no attorney was listed for the defendant, Mr. Perfetto’s cousin. There are additional items that do not appear in the court records thus far turned over to the defense, which would further support Mr Perfetto’s contention that he was in court that day only in his capacity as a private investigator.

    Based upon a sworn statement by the Kings County District Attorney, it was known by representatives of the Brooklyn DA’s Offices, at the time that they saw Mr. Perfetto present in court with his cousin on August 21, 2008 that Mr. Perfetto was not an attorney admitted to practice. In addition, on August 22, 2008, when Mr. Perfetto sent the Brooklyn DA’s Office fax copies of the evidence that had been turned over to the judge on August 21, 2008, the fax cover letter indicated that Mr. Perfetto was a private investigator.

    In April 2009, Mr. Perfetto was interviewed by a detective investigator from the Office of Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan, and also in April 2009, Mr. Perfetto gave several written statements to the DA’s investigator. Nothing said or written to the DA’s investigator indicated that Mr. Perfetto appeared as an attorney for his cousin in court on August 21, 2008. Nonetheless, in May 2010, this very same detective investigator for the Staten Island DA’s Office signed the only affidavit supporting the single misdemeanor charge that had been brought against Mr. Perfetto for the first time in April 2010, when Mr. Perfetto had been arrested on that single charge. This investigator’s affidavit cited no item of evidence that indicated that Ralph Perfetto had appeared in court as an attorney on August 21, 2008.

    A review of all the records turned over to the defense shows that no new court documents were discovered during the Staten Island DA’s investigation of the case after the original court file was obtained by the Staten Island DA in January 2009. No new statements were obtained after the interview and written statements were obtained from Mr. Perfetto in April 2009.

    The record of this case shows that Mr. Donovan charged Mr. Perfetto one year after all of the “evidence” had been in his possession and control. The timing of this charge shows that it was made only after there was a demonstrable political motivation for Mr Donovan to proceed, even though there was no evidence or reason to believe Mr Profetto had committed the crime charged.

    The coordination of the prosecution of the 60th AD Democratic District Leader with the Kings County Republican Party and three Republican campaigns in the 60th AD in Brooklyn and Staten Island creates a serious doubt that there exists actual prejudice against this particular defendant by this particular prosecutor. There now is real doubt that any prosecution of Mr. Perfetto can be conducted fairly by the designated special prosecutor Daniel Donovan at this time and under these circumstances. Quite simply, it is now obvious that Staten Island Republican Daniel Donovan has abused the public confidence in the manner in which he has thus far carried out his duties as the court appointed special prosecutor in this case. He should be removed immediately and his conduct in the performance of his duties as the court appointed special prosecutor should be also be investigated.

  24. Another Take on Dirty Dan Donovan's Dirty Dealing in Brooklyn permalink
    September 4, 2010 3:07 pm

    Bay Ridge Interpol has a somewhat different and gossipy take on the conspiratorial deal behind the persecution of Ralph Perfetto and how it might be going to be exploited.

    See for yourself:

    Although, these particulars do appear to be far-fetched, it isn’t impossible that a Marty Golden contract-agent like GOB might get a specialized contract from a Bay Ridge Reform Democrat for a hit piece on the incumbent Democratic District Leader in the 60th AD, focusing on the prosecution of Perfetto by Donovan.

    A more interesting question is whether there isn’t a synergistic relationship approaching an alliance developing between Marty Golden’s Bay Ridge Cabalists and those forces of Reform Dem KPC. It’s very interesting that Ralph Perfetto’s club did carry State Senate candidate Mike DiSanto, whereas Carroll’s Brooklyn Democrats for Change did not as a group carry DiSanto’s sheets or have his name on theirs.

    • Donovan's Prosecution of Perfetto Completely Compromised by Brooklyn-Staten Island Politics -- REDUX permalink
      September 21, 2010 11:41 pm

      In the week since the primary, former Democratic District Leader for the 60th AD, Ralph Perfetto, has been alluded to or specifically mentioned in/on/by Republican County Chairman Craig Eaton’s hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas” more than a dozen times.

      One has to ask, WHY? The primary is over and Perfetto was defeated by Democrat Kevin Peter Carroll, with or without the connivance of some Republicans, by a rather large margin.

      Are the continued attacks on Perfetto petty overkill, or is it something monumental like Achilles’ dragging Hector’s corpse behind his chariot and otherwise defiling the fallen warrior’s remains for nine days?

      Although it can’t be anything so grand, because nobody at “The Jig is Up Atlas” is fit to wear the sandals, much less the faulted greaves, of mighty Achilles, it is clearly not mere pettiness. Something sinister is afoot with those Republicans who still seem to have a reason to lash out at the recently defeated Perfetto. These attacks are by their nature a misdirection by Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton in attempt to complete a political bankshot or series of bankshots to elect Republicans that he supports.

      Clearly, “The Jig is Up Atlas” is part and parcel of a concerted attack upon Mr. Perfetto to silence his continued activities as a private citizen activist. This is being done by the Brooklyn Republican Party under Eaton to benefit several candidates that he personally supports, including Republican State Senator Martin J. Golden and the Republican Candidate for Assembly Nicole Malliotakis, in addition to the Republican candidate for Attorney General, Staten Island DA Dan Donovan, who is the Court Appointed Special Prosecutor in the Perfetto case.

      The Perfetto persecution is now an obviously bifurcated effort: a) the legal effort, directly pursued by Richmond County DA Donovan, although nominally pursued by ADA Om M Kakani, as agent of Donovan himself; and b) the political effort of the Brooklyn Republican Party under the direction of Craig Eaton, also a practicing attorney. The entire unethical exercise to benefit the Attorney General Campaign of Republican Dan Donovan and the other Eaton supported candidates has long passed the mere appearance of impropriety, it is now manifestly an open conflict of interest involving the Kings County Republican party and the prosecutor’s office in a fundamentally unfair prosecution in the name of The People of New York to achieve the political goal of electing Donovan and the other Republican candidates supported by Mr. Eaton.

      For the uninitiated, the case against former Democratic District Leader Raffaello “Ralph” Perfetto moved like a glacier until the Special Prosecutor, Staten Island DA Dan Donovan, saw that he could make some political mileage in his run as the Republican Candidate for New York State Attorney General by charging Perfetto with the single misdemeanor of appearing for his cousin in criminal court without being a lawyer on a case that was never properly brought by the Brooklyn DA in the first place. Donovan had dragged his feet from October 2008 until almost the beginning of May 2010– almost TWENTY (20) MONTHS with absolutely nothing new to add to the single misdemeanor complaint that was initially handed over to Donovan from Brooklyn DA Hynes in October 2008.

      This case is only one of several “politically motivated” prosecutions and/or investigations that have popped up in Donovan’s DA’s office, just this year.

  25. Bay Ridge Cabal Staked-Out Its Claim, Now Let's See What Happens permalink
    September 12, 2010 5:30 pm

    With less than two days to the biggest Republican Primary in years, let’s see how things are playing out for Craig Eaton’s and Marty Golden’s Bay Ridge Cabal.

    They’ve opened a campaign headquarters in Bensonhurst, which is a clear statement of how heavily-staked the Eaton-Golden Cabal is in “Regime Change in the 49th AD”. One wonders what good that will be now that so many 49th AD Republicans hate both Eaton and Golden because of their firings from the Board of Elections. Let’s see what happens next, maybe even sooner than Eaton and Golden might expect.

    For some reason Eaton focused on the 49th AD from early in the 2010 election cycle and Golden has backed that play completely. Regardless of Tuesday’s outcome, the 49th AD will be an open sore for all Eaton supported candidates going forward. However, it is expected that only one such Eaton supported candidate will be running on the Republican line in the 49th AD this November.

    The 49th AD LaGaurdia Republican Club will continue to run all things Republican in the 49th AD through 2011. Once the primary is passed, a issue will be raised for the first time concerning the clearly anti-Italian tone of the attacks on the LaGaurdia Club, Arnaldo Ferrarro and Lucretia Regina-Potter by the Eaton-Golden supported blogs and other media outlets. This will specifically be tied to Marty Golden’s own remarks about the fired Republican Board of Elections Inspectors from the 49th AD. Such sentiments can be expected to resonate in certain parts of the 46th, 47th and 48th ADs, as well, both in 2010 and 2011.

  26. Atlas Composer Promises TJIUA Violin Concerto in October for Anne-Sophie Mutter permalink
    September 20, 2010 7:44 pm

    Anne-Sophie Mutter is going to be an “Artist in Residence” at the Philharmonic here in New York City during the upcoming season at Lincoln Center.

    The virtuoso violin “Diva” has stated that she hopes to perform a new violin piece by a secret composer in Brooklyn, perhaps something as grand as his first attempt a violin concerto on a theme of “Republican Facilitating and Covering-up Child Abuse”. She hopes to perform whatever work the composer has for her to play on his personal favorite fiddle “The Jig is Up Atlas”.

    The secret composer has said he hopes to complete this masterwork by mid-October, in time to properly advertise it for one of the big events in the “November” season.

    Both the Bay Ridge Cabal and their collective adversaries are excited at the prospect.

  27. RESPONSE to "The Jig is Up Atlas" MISINFORMATION on the Perfetto case permalink
    September 22, 2010 10:58 pm

    The record needs to be corrected with respect to the false information contained in “The Jig is UP Atlas” 9-22-10 comment earlier today by “Politically Dead Jamez McCallz Rants About Poiltically Dead Fake Lawyer said…”:

    First, to the best our knowledge and belief, Jonathan Judge, has not alluded to or specifically mentioned Ralph Perfetto or his case in the week since the primary – not even once.

    Second, neither Jonathan Judge nor anyone who’s name is or even appears close to the name “Jamez McCallz” are Democrats; and to the best our knowledge and belief, neither endorsed Ralph Perfetto for the post of Democratic District Leader in the 60th AD.

    Third, nobody blogging or posting on TJIUA in any way has a clue when or whether anyone who’s name is or even appears close to the name “Jamez McCallz” peeps, posts, tweets or otherwise expresses or doesn’t express “himself” on “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn”, “Room Eight”, on various CNG/Brooklyn Papers comments or any number of other outlets (other than those few times when it is obvious to the whole word).

    Fourth, there is no concerted defense on behalf of Mr. Perfetto on “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” or any other outlet by Jonathan Judge nor anyone who’s name is or even appears close to the name “Jamez McCallz”, there is especially not any effort to silence any “truth” about the Perfetto case.

    Fifth, to the best of our knowledge and belief, neither Jonathan Judge nor anyone who’s name is or even appears close to the name “Jamez McCallz” support any of the Democratic candidates mentioned in the comment by “Politically Dead Jamez McCallz Rants About Politically Dead Fake Lawyer said…”

    Sixth, nobody who’s name is or even appears close to the name “Jamez McCallz” is directly involved in any legal effort on behalf of Ralph Perfetto; and neither Jonathan Judge nor anyone who’s name is or even appears close to the name “Jamez McCallz” is involved in any political
    effort, unethical exercise or other endeavor under the direction of Mr. Perfetto to the benefit of any Democratic Attorney General Candidate or other Democratic candidates, especially any actions or activities or things that might give rise to the appearance of impropriety, or involve any conflict of interest with the goal of any prosecutor’s office in achieving justice in the Perfetto case.

    Seventh, for the record, nobody at/in/on “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” mentioned the Perfetto case until long after Craig Eaton’s hate bloggers had “mentioned” it repeatedly for over a month, starting with, a total of twenty-eight (28) postings and a featured reprint of a Daily News’ article about the Ralph Perfetto case on Eaton’s blogs on DAY ONE of their blog posting, June 4, 2010.

    Eighth, Special Prosecutor Daniel Donovan brought a single misdemeanor charge against then Democratic District Leader Ralph Perfetto without any new evidence, twenty (20) months after the alleged incident involving Perfetto had occurred, eighteen (18) months after all the evidence was available or actually in theprosecutors’ hands, and sixteen (16) months after the case had been assigned to Staten Island Republican DA Donovan and the evidence was available to his office.

    Bottom line, Dirty Dan Donovan, Republican candidate for Attorney General, did nothing to move this case until election year politics in Brooklyn, Staten Island and the rest of the state made it politically beneficial for Donovan to kick-start the dead old case against Ralph Perfetto back to life.

    • "The Jig is Up Atlas" sometimes quotes out of context permalink
      September 23, 2010 6:45 am

      Early this AM the following comment appeared in “The Jig is Up Atlas”:

      “‘Politically Dead Jamez McCallz Puts Foot In Mouth said…
      Hey Jamez forgot to mention something…
      James P. McCall
      April 24, 2010 10:41 am
      ‘I have been a constant and open friend of Ralph Perfetto since I was a Democrat in the early ’80s.'”

      This is the second or third time that this particular incomplete quote from “James P. McCall” has been put up in a comment on “The Jig is Up Atlas”. Though apparently accurate, it is somewhat out of context and from a much longer posting. To place it in a more complete context, the relevant complete segment should read something like this:

      “The blogger “Anonymous” who does so much good work on TJIUA is not up to date on my resume of associations and relations with various Democrats, in Brooklyn and elsewhere.
      Although I have been a constant and open friend of Ralph Perfetto since I was a Democrat in the early ’80s, Ralph has not been my only friend in the Democratic Party. I won’t list all of my friends who are activists in/with the Dems here in Brooklyn, that list would be too long, and I would risk offending a few that I might overlook. Nonetheless, I must mention one such friend to correct a mis-impression that might have been created by the ubiquitous “Anon…” in his/her TJIUA posting of 4-23-10; not only did Ralph Perfetto endorse me in 2007, but his opponent for Democratic District Leader in the Brooklyn portion of the 60th AD did so, as well. Although, I have not known Kevin Peter Carroll as long as “Ralph”, I have known several members of Kevin Peter’s family for just as long as I’ve known Mr. Perfetto.
      As often happens in politics, a contretemps has intruded into the political relationship between Kevin Peter Carroll and Ralph Perfetto, and the groups supporting each of them. Being good Democrats they are going to work it out…………………at the ballot box. As a friend to both men, I wouldn’t want to tip the scale one way or the other in their contest. Of supervening importance, as a Republican Party activist, since their contested leadership race is an obvious intra-party dispute inside the Democratic Party, it would be inappropriate for me to get involved….”

      All of that appeared before anybody was talking about any “Perfetto Case”. The first discussion of anything concerning the “Perfetto Case” here on ASIB was in July 2010, after more than a month of commentary about it on TJIUA.

  28. Republican Dan Donovan told to go after another Democrat, this time VIto Lopez permalink
    September 24, 2010 7:03 am

    Another political “Witch Hunt” type investigation (these things about Vito Lopez are nothing newly discovered) has been shifted from Brooklyn DA Hynes to Staten Island DA Donovan — all in an election year when Dirty Dan Donovan is running for as the Republican Candidate New York State Attorney General. “Curiouser and curiouser!”

    A while ago didn’t the “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” do something about a Daniel Donovan, Michael Long, Joe Hynes and Michael McMahon connection?

    Maybe, some kind of followup is due.

  29. Lies and deceit are the "coin of the realm" on Eaton's Blog permalink
    September 24, 2010 8:52 pm

    The measure of “The Jig is Up Atlas” is how they have to misquote, misrepresent and lie about whatever “point” the are trying to make.

    Compare a purported quote in the September 24th “The Jig is Up Atlas” which contains patently false material with specific material from April 24, 2010, quoted above at the “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” September 23, 2010 6:45 am comment “‘The Jig is Up Atlas’ sometimes quotes out of context”

    First, the false material in the TJIUA 9/24/10 posting, “Politically Dead Democrat Jamez McCallz said…”:

    “Hey that’s some great points, what about all these things, Politically Dead Jamez “Pathetic” McCallz said…James P. McCall April 24, 2010 10:41 am
    “I won’t list all of my friends who are activists in/with the Dems here in Brooklyn, that list would be too long, and I would risk offending a few that I might overlook…Kevin Peter Carroll and Ralph Perfetto, and the groups supporting each of them. Being good Democrats they are…. it would be appropriate for me crossing-over to support candidates outside of one’s own party in general or special election….I was very grateful for his support, the support of Kevin Peter Carroll, the support of Joanne Seminara-Lehu, the support of Stephen Harrison…Joe Bova’s Stars and Stripes Club, btw, I’m friendly with Joe too.”

    Compare that to the actual quoted material that now has twice appeared in “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn”, so TJIUA has no excuse to have misquoted it; the actual quote reads as follows:

    “… I won’t list all of my friends who are activists in/with the Dems here in Brooklyn, that list would be too long, and I would risk offending a few that I might overlook. Nonetheless, I must mention one such friend to correct a mis-impression that might have been created by the ubiquitous “Anon…” in his/her TJIUA posting of 4-23-10; not only did Ralph Perfetto endorse me in 2007, but his opponent for Democratic District Leader in the Brooklyn portion of the 60th AD did so, as well. Although, I have not known Kevin Peter Carroll as long as “Ralph”, I have known several members of Kevin Peter’s family for just as long as I’ve known Mr. Perfetto.
    As often happens in politics, a contretemps has intruded into the political relationship between Kevin Peter Carroll and Ralph Perfetto, and the groups supporting each of them. Being good Democrats they are going to work it out….at the ballot box. As a friend to both men, I wouldn’t want to tip the scale one way or the other in their contest. Of supervening importance, as a Republican Party activist, since their contested leadership race is an obvious intra-party dispute inside the Democratic Party, it would be inappropriate for me to get involved….”

    Since Craig Eaton’s bogs-bloggers at “The Jig is Up Atlas” routinely have to lie to make their points, then obviously, they truthfully have few, if any, points to make at all.

  30. New Hope or New Cabalist from Bay Ridge permalink
    September 26, 2010 10:12 am

    Brian T. Doherty, retired sergeant NYPD, R/C candidate for Assembly in the 48th AD……

    Is this guy the “real deal” or just a Craig Eaton kinda deal?

    He says he’s “Tea Party”, but is he just a Press-man?

    Speaking of press, he got a nice piece in the Daily News by Denis Hamill this week (Oh! and “The Jig is up Atlas” likes him, but maybe that’s not this Doherty’s fault).

    We’ll keep an eye on this one; hang around the old homestead near 6th and 75th; maybe “tap” Doherty on the shoulder and whisper, “Bones! — yeay or nay?”

  31. Bay Ridge Cabal blows it cover at Xaverian permalink
    September 29, 2010 7:28 am

    Tuesday night Republican Chairman Craig Eaton looked every inch like Benito Mussolini leading his show army, as Eaton preened and posed with several Republican candidates in Xaverian H.S. at the Bay Ridge Community Council Debates. For whatever reason, Eaton wanted it to be his night as much as the candidates. He even brought in several candidates from districts that were not participating in the debate and not even part of Bay Ridge to be part of his retinue. One has to wonder what he thought he was doing and what good he hoped to accomplish with his stunt.

    It’s clear that the Brooklyn Establishment GOP is doing everything it can to get some traction following it’s smashing losses on Primary Day. The hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas” has even been pressed into service, doing some real political blogging for a change in the hope of establishing some relevance and generating some enthusiasm for the still moribund Brooklyn party. But, was there really anything for which Eaton could take credit on display at the debate? The answer is not much. Two of the three candidates are 100% Staten Islander products, Eaton clearly deserves no credit for them; and the third is the only thing that kept Eaton from being the former County Leader at the hands of fromer Assemblyman Arnaldo Ferrarro. So Golden gets the credit for Eaton not vice versa.

    Reality should finally be overtaking Eaton’s Kings County Republican Organization. Most of the competitive candidates now running in Brooklyn have come from Republican Party organizations outside of Brooklyn. One of which, Michael Grimm, was brutally opposed by Eaton in a very dirty primary campaign that was waged to the very end by a candidate who was defeated long before the vote was taken in September. The one home grown candidate who is competitive is also the lone Republican incumbent from Brooklyn; and for the first time in years he’s facing a challenger. And that candidate, Golden, carries the baggage of having participated with Eaton in the dirty campaign against Grimm.

    All that was accomplished by “Eaton’s show” at the debate is that he once again demonstrated how Bay Ridge centric is the Eaton view of the Brooklyn Republican Party. He regaled all his troops to benefit his Bay Ridge team, on which Marty Golden is the sole player. It was the real Eaton Golden Bay Ridge Cabal exposed. Of course that meant the mandatory photo shoot with Eaton doing what he does best,
    “basking in reflected glory”.

    Alas, basking in reflected glory is part of Chairman Eaton’s persona. It’s his persona that’s his second biggest existential problem. Ykw is the first.

  32. Is Nicole Being Corrupted By Marty Golden permalink
    October 5, 2010 1:04 am

    Something isn’t right here. Isn’t Nicaole from Staten Island and isn’t most of the district there? Could there be something else going on? Are these guests from Marty’s own special list (don’t bet on that)?

    You are cordially invited to a Cocktail Reception in support of
    Candidate for State Assembly, 60th District
    with Special Guests
    Former Governor George E. Pataki
    and State Senator Marty Golden
    Thursday, October 7th, 2010 at 6:30pm

    Bay Ridge Manor
    476 76th Street
    Brooklyn, NY

    $150 Contribution per person

    How is this event for Nicole Malliotakis different from all of the Marty-Golden-Rubber-Chicken-events-that-run-one-into-the-next-so-you-don’t-where-one-ends-and-the-next-begins?

    Does the politics supplement the Golden family business or is it the other way round?

    btw, has State Senator Marty Golden ever tried to use his influence to the benefit of his family business, like in connection with the Wedding Hall at the Dyker Beach Golf Course? Just asking!

  33. Is Donovan's Prosecution of Ralph Perfetto connected to Marty Golden's Kettle Black Case. permalink
    October 12, 2010 7:16 am

    It is October 12, 2010 and “The Jig is Up Atlas”, the hate blog of the Brooklyn GOP and the personal attack organ of the Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton, has again been engaged in it’s drumbeat attacks on a private citizen, Ralph Perfetto, the former Democratic Leader of the 60th AD in Brooklyn and Staten Island. During the last two days there has been a renewal of the onslaught, that had cooled for some time. The timing of these items in TJIUA obviously are connected directly to Mr. Perfetto’s appearance in Brooklyn Criminal Court tomorrow.

    The only question that reamins is why.

    As has been stated before at great length (see posts above), “The Jig is Up Atlas” is part and parcel of a concerted attack upon Mr. Perfetto to silence his continued activities as a private citizen activist in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and in Staten Island. This is being done by the Brooklyn Republican Party under Eaton to benefit several candidates that he personally supports, including Republican State Senator Martin J. Golden and the Republican Candidate for Assembly Nicole Malliotakis, in addition to the Republican candidate for Attorney General, Staten Island DA Dan Donovan. This clearly has been done with the approval of Donovan himself; he’s also the “Special Assistant DA” on Mr. Perfetto’s case.

    The Perfetto persecution continues on two parallel tracks: a) the legal effort, directly pursued by Richmond County DA Donovan, although nominally pursued by ADA Om M Kakani, as authorized agent of Donovan himself; and b) the political effort of the Brooklyn Republican Party under the direction of Craig Eaton, also a practicing attorney. This exercise obviously benefits the Attorney General Campaign of Republican Dan Donovan, as well as the other Republican candidates running in Brooklyn and Staten Island. It has long passed the mere appearance of impropriety, it is now manifestly an open conflict of interest involving the Republican Party in Kings and Richmond Counties and the prosecutor’s office in a fundamentally unfair prosecution in the name of The People of New York to achieve the political goal of electing Donovan and the other Republican candidates.

    There is another possible connection that has recently been made by some local observers. The Perfetto case was revived immediately after State Senator Martin Golden’s involvement in the Kettle Black Case became a news story and a Special Prosecutor was announced by the Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes. Prior to Golden’s Kettle Black scandal, the Perfetto case had been dormant in Donovan’s office for one whole year. Whether the revival of the Perfetto case was a a quid pro quo for Golden’s and Eaton’s support of Dan Donovan in his run as the Republican Candidate for New York State Attorney General has yet to be investigated. But it was only after the Kettle Black case blew up and involved State Senator Golden that Perfetto was charged with the single misdemeanor of appearing for his cousin in criminal court without being a lawyer. Prior to that Donovan had dragged his feet from October 2008 until almost the beginning of May 2010– almost TWENTY (20) MONTHS with absolutely nothing new to add to the single misdemeanor complaint that had been handed over to Donovan from Brooklyn DA Hynes in October 2008.

    As we have mentioned before, this case is only one of several obviously “politically motivated” prosecutions and/or investigations that have popped up in Donovan’s DA’s office in this 2010 election year. This one has several connections to Eaton and Golden and their Bay Ridge Cabal.

    • TJIUA admits politics was involved in Donovan's persecution of Perfetto. permalink
      October 13, 2010 11:46 pm

      In a desperate attempt to disconnect the Perfetto discussion from State Senator Martin Golden’s Kettle Black problems, “The Jig is Up Atlas” concocted another reason that Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP pressed the Perfetto case with Special Prosecutor Donovan. On October 12th, a commentator at “The Jig is Up Atlas” acknowledged that politics was involved in the bringing of the single misdemeanor charge against Ralph Perfetto while he was Democratic District Leader of the 60th AD in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

      However, rather that give a truthful account of the cause and timing of the bringing of the charge against Perfetto, the October 12th comment connected the charges against “Ralphie” to intra-party Republican politics that involved postings by an individual here at “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” and counter-material appearing at “The Jig is Up Atlas”.

      This demonstrates how far Eaton’s bloggers will go to divert the discussion from an item that appeared here on ASIB on October 12, 2010, which for the first time tied the Perfetto prosecution to Marty Golden’s involvement in the Kettle Black case. TJIUA chose to “admit” to a completely fabricated political reason for the Brooklyn GOP’s involvement in the Perfetto case rather than acknowledge a Golden connection with the prosecutorial attack on Ralph Perfetto.

      Although many of us who have followed the Perfetto story would otherwise have been grateful for TJIUA’s “admission”, we must quickly point out that most of it was intended as a complete diversion from the real facts and timing of the single charge against Perfetto.

      btw, Ralph Perfetto’s case yesterday was again adjourned, this time until November 19th for a pre-trial hearing as to the adequacy of the proof underlying the complaint against the former Democratic District Leader in the 60th AD.

  34. Flurry of TJIUA Articles About Ralph Perfetto Shows Hidden Agenda permalink
    October 14, 2010 7:08 am

    The immediate response by GOP Chairman Eaton’s hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas” to the ASIB posting above shows a keen interest on the part of the Brooklyn GOP establishment to keep Mr. Perfetto case in the forefront of the political discussion for as long as possible.

    Who benefits from that? Not anybody in the Democrat Party, Mr Carroll’s race against Mr. Perfetto is over and he has reached out to Mr. Perfetto for the sake of Democrat party unity.

    Repeated mention of Mr. Perfetto’s case only serves as a distraction from those things the Brooklyn GOP establishment does not want the public, especially active Republicans, to focus upon. Exactly what is open to interpretation and conjecture.

    Nonetheless, facts are facts: the Perfetto prosecution was dormant for one whole year until the Kettle Black incident and the announcement of Marty Golden’s involvement in it and the Brooklyn DA’s call for a “Special Prosecutor” in that case. The Brooklyn GOP needed a “Special Prosecutor” case involving a Democrat and the Perfetto case was readily available, even though it involved an incident from two years before that nobody had pushed up until that moment.

    • Update on Perfetto Case & Delay by Special Prosecutor Donovan in Bringing Charges permalink
      November 21, 2010 1:49 am

      Based upon our research and a review of the proceedings, on November 19th Ralph Perfetto appeared for a hearing before Judge Alexander Jeong in Brooklyn Criminal Court, Part TP2, concerning evidentiary matters in the case against Mr. Perfetto on a single misdemeanor charge that he appeared as an attorney in court on August 21, 2008 on behalf of his nephew Anthony Martire.

      At Perfetto’s November 19th hearing several things were put on the record that debunk much of the nonsense about this case that had been put out by Dirty Dan Donovan’s PR machine and repeated on the Brooklyn GOP hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas”.

      The Special Prosecutor’s Detective-investigator Annemarie Parrino gave sworn testimony, in which she disclosed that she first had been given the case to investigate Mr. Perfetto in March 2009 – almost five months after it had been referred to Staten Island DA Donovan’s office by Order of The Court in October 2008 naming Donovan as a Special DA for the case. Det. Parrino said that prior to speaking to Mr. Perfetto in March of 2009, she had interviewed Anthony Martire, the person for whom Mr. Perfetto allegedly appeared as an attorney in court. She stated on the record that during that first interview Mr. Martire told her that Ralph Perfetto was not his attorney and that when Mr. Perfetto had appeared in court it was only as a witness to introduce two documents that Mr. Perfetto had obtained as a Licensed Private Investigator working on behalf of Mr. Martire.

      Detective Perrino also stated that Mr. Perfetto was always cooperative throughout her investigation and that she had spoken to him in person on April 2009, at which time Mr. Perfetto had given her a voluntary signed statement about his appearance in court on August 21, 2008. She also said that if anything else occurred to him or that he wanted to add, that he could call or send her the information by FAX. Mr. Pefetto did FAX and Det. Perrino did receive follow-up information within a day or two after Mr. Perfetto had made his personal signed statement.

      Detective Perrino further stated that no further attempt had been made to contact Mr Perfetto between April 2009 and April 2010. In April 2010, Det. Perrino called Mr. Perfetto to tell him that it had been decided to pursue the case against him based upon his appearing as an attorney in court on August 21, 2008. When she suggested that he come in, Mr Perfetto said he would appear with an attorney when he was charged. According to Det. Perrino, there were no instances of any delays caused by any changes of attorneys on behalf of Mr. Perfetto. When Perfetto was told that he had been charged, he came in voluntarily and was given a Desk Appearance Ticket.

      The only item of serious contention at the November 19, 2010 hearing was an objection by ADA Om M Kakani, who wanted the Court to exclude any mention of the FAXed material sent to Detective Perrino by Mr. Perfetto on April 29th & 30th 2009 to supplement his signed statement of April 28, 2009. Detective Perrino’s testimony was clear that she had specifically mentioned to Mr. Perfetto at the time he made his written statement, that he could augment it with anything that he thought might clarify things.

      The Court will decide whether the Special Prosecutor has any case to go forward against Mr Perfetto by the next scheduled appearance late in January 2011.

  35. Eaton's Mug Is Just Getting to Be Too Much For Me to Take After Dinner permalink
    October 18, 2010 8:03 pm

    The Darth Vader of the Bay Ridge Cabal has come out of hiding dressed as Buzz Lightyear to lead all the Republican Campaigns in Brooklyn “…To the Universe and Beyond.” At least that’s what somebody must think.

    Tonight three of the first four blog items on TJIUA had the photograph Republican County Chairman Craig Eaton front and slightly off-center in their featured photos. Has Craigie taken over as the Jigrats photo editor?

    Don’t believe me, take a look at his smug mug in these: “Monday, October 18, 2010, ‘Article Highlights Bob Turner’s Efforts To Take Down Congressman Anthony Weiner!!'” ; “Sunday, October 17, 2010, ‘Malliotakis Challenges Hyer-Spencer To Sign Reform-Minded Pledge.'”; and “Saturday, October 16, 2010, ‘Breaking News: Michael Grimm To Appear On The Steve Malzberg Show This Friday At Bay Ridge Toyota!!'”

    If this is any indication how these three inter-county campaigns have decided to handle the Brooklyn parts of their districts, they are guilty of campaigning malpractice. Candidates’ having Eaton speak at their political rallies is like sending A-Rod up to bat in the play-offs with a wiffle-ball bat. Letting the Kings County Chairman near your campaign is an absolute kiss of death. Look it up; to date, he has an almost perfect record of failure in races against real live Democrats; even look how Bloomberg did against Thompson in Brooklyn.

    The long and the short of it is that politically Craig Eaton is about as useful as tits on a peacock. (Please, excuse the mammalian-avian humor, it always breaks me up; and it has the added benefit of completely avoiding the intraspecies- polymorphism sexist charges so often hurled at the users of the phrase “useless as tits on a bull.”)

    • Make that four out of five... are they're just doing it to annoy me? permalink
      October 19, 2010 12:17 am

      Eaton and Donovan — I wonder if Donvan makes it to AG whether Eaton’ll try to get Donovan to take over the Special Prosecuter’s job from Queens DA Brown, who’s now working on the Kettle Black-Marty Golden scandal?

      • Why isn't Golden in the picture instead of Smug Mug Eaton? permalink
        October 19, 2010 8:54 pm

        Why is it that AG Candidate and SI District Attorney Dan Donovan is the photo with County Chairman Eaton, who isn’t even recognized by his own wife and kids, and not standing with State Senator Martin Golden, who some people think has beaucoups de cache in Southwest Brooklyn?

        Well, there probably is a good reason for that as far as Donovan is concerned. It most likely just wouldn’t do to for the Republican AG candidate to be tainted by standing next to somebody who’s been tied to a coverup of a key piece of evidence in a major case involving several of Golden’s relatives.

        Something made Brooklyn DA Hynes dump the Kettle Black Case like a hot potato — maybe he knew something was going on that would have to come out sooner or later against his “friend” Marty Golden — like his reportedly being around when there was some alleged tampering with evidence at the crime scene the next day.

        There’s a few more troublesome things for the State Senator that will come out soon.

        Just you wait! Let’s see what the Special Prosecutor has up his sleeve.

  36. OOPS!!! An inconvenient fact popped up -- an A-Rod did a lot of that before 2009... permalink
    October 18, 2010 8:58 pm

    Except that both Eaton and A-Rod have been here a lot longer than since 2009….

  37. Bay Ridge Cabal Hides in Plain Sight on Golden's Real Kettle Black Case permalink
    October 22, 2010 1:04 am

    From almost the very beginning of the Kettle Black scandal involving State Senator Martin J. Golden, we were told that because of his close friendship to Marty Golden, fellow Bay Ridgeite, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, would hand over the prosecution of the cases against Golden’s four relatives to a special prosecutor. That looks like it was done when Queens DA Richard Brown was appointed as a Special District Attorney for those four cases and another against the alleged fifth perpetrator, who was not related to the state senator.

    Unnoticed was another case that came out of the Kettle Black brawl on April 10, 2010. That case involved Jasmin Pontic, an employee of a Bay Ridge company called Vanguard Systems. Pontic is the computer tech who allegedly tampered with a video surveillance recording before turning it over to police investigators. DA Hynes didn’t give that case to Queens DA Brown, but instead retained the prosecution of the Jasmin Pontic case in his own Brooklyn DA’s Office.

    The fact that Hynes has kept the Pontic case in his own office is very interesting and problematic. It is only in connection with the Jasmin Pontic tampering with evidence case that Hynes’ “close friend” Marty Golden has been directly connected to the Kettle Black case involving his four relatives. In a May 2010 statement to a Bay Ridge blog, Pontic’s employer Vanguard stated that on the morning after the brawl, Pontic did not give a copy of the video to the police, but that he had turned over a complete and accurate copy of the surveillance video on a memory stick to the owner(s) of the Kettle Black who was/were with State Senator Golden in the Kettle Black at the time. Quite apart from involvement in the possible inculpation of his close friend Golden, DA Hynes’ handling of the Pontic case could have a significant and direct bearing on the prosecution of the four Golden relatives, in the cases from which Hynes had specifically removed himself.

    Although, the early reports made it appear that Pontic might have tampered with the video recording turned over to the police, at the behest of P.O. Aparo one of the fight’s “victims”; an analysis of all of the early reporting indicates that the defense team working for Golden’s relatives had far more detailed knowledge about the altered video and far earlier than other sources for the story.

    For instance, one of the defense attorneys publically stated with certainty there “would be” another arrest in the case prior to any mention about Pontic or the altered tape. The alteration of the tape was announced the next day and Pontic was the only other arrest made in the case, a day later. Immediately, the same defense attorney described what had been recorded on the missing segment of tape.

    • "October Surprise" on Marty Golden is still "About the Kettle Black"; or would that be "Not about the Kettle Black" permalink
      October 27, 2010 10:57 pm

      One of Marty Golden’s October surprises is that he was so successful keeping the raps on the Kettle Black surprises through May, June, July, August, September and October of this 2010 election year.

      For example, in July, 2010 all of State Senator Golden’s relatives connected to the fight at the Kettle Black on April 10th were indicted by a Brooklyn Grand Jury. The charges against the all four cousins and/or nephews of the State Senator involve multiple felony counts, as well as several misdemeanors for the attack on two off-duty cops and an of-duty fireman.

      None of the prosecution’s progress in the Kettle Black cases saw the light of day in any media – one has to think that’s something very unusual in cases involving Special Prosecutors and serious assaults on police officers by relatives of politicians, like State Senator Golden.

      By comparison, the prosecution in the Salty Dog melee, also in 2010, involving off-duty and retired firemen, with many fewer and lower charges involved, received significant local and citywide coverage. The initial coverage of the Salty Dog incident was rather like the Kettle Black coverage. However, there was a whole second round of coverage when the criminal charges were made in the Salty Dog case. That didn’t happen in the Kettle Black case even though the charges against Golden’s relatives were much tougher than those handed down in the Salty Dog case.

      On October 8th the cases against Golden’s four relatives and the fifth alleged perp were put off until well after this year’s elections. A trial on these cases will now not happen until December, at the earliest.

      It can be expected that “The People” will be well represented in the case against the alleged perps by an ADA who is familiar with the kind rough an tough crowd that was involved in the April 10th brouhaha. The case is being handled by the Special District Attorney’s Assistant District Attorney Michael Brovner, a supervisor of the Queens County D.A.’s Gang Violence and Hate Crimes Bureau.

      Nonetheless, why has the local press, in Bay Ridge in particular and in Brooklyn generally, steered clear of the cases involving the prosecution of State Senator Golden’s relatives and the related prosecution involving the attempt to tamper with the evidence in the main case. The first, has all of the appeal of an “if it bleeds it leads” case at a popular Bay Ridge nightspot, the Kettle Black. And the second, contains an allegation that the State Senator was at the crime scene, and likely a material witness, near the time that some video evidence of the Kettle Black brawl was probably tampered with.

        October 28, 2010 10:58 pm

        It’s been exactly twenty-four (24) hours since the item above “‘October Surprise’ on Marty Golden is still ‘About the Kettle Black’; or would that be ‘Not about the Kettle Black’” was posted.

        Just like the countdown clock pounds out each second in the opening, intermission and closing segments of the FOX hit “24”, we watched and waited: kachung-clang — kachung-clang — kachung-clang — kachung-clang – pounding – pounding – pounding – kachung-clang — kachung-clang — kachung-clang, and sure enough TJIUA did not let us down.

        From TJIUA: [the sound of one hand clapping] …. Yes, the ineffable is inexpressible. However, let’s just say that for twenty-four (24) hours TJIUA was completely “Not about the Kettle Black”, like it has been 99.9% of the time.


        Guy one says, “It’s quiet, too quiet…”
        His buddy, guy two, listens a moment, then says, “Did you hear that?”
        Guy one replies, “No, what’d d’yuh hear?”
        The buddy, snickers, “Nothing. You’re right it’s weird.”


        The message discipline by TJIUA about Marty Golden’s scandalous connection to Kettle Black cases is just amazing.

      • Four Days of maintaining "Radio Silence" at TJIUA over " 'GOLDENGATE', The Kettle Black Story" permalink
        October 31, 2010 5:36 pm

        Except for TJIUA’s 10/29/10 comment, “Has The Fat Lady Sung … said…”, * in the four days since it was posted, there has been no response to the posting above concerning the Kettle Black Brawl involving State Senator Martin Golden’s four relatives, and the related scandal involving the tampering with the video evidence which has direct implications for the state senator, himself.

        The computer technician, who was charged with the alleged tampering, has reportedly stated that Marty Golden was at the crime scene around the time that the alleged tampering with the evidence occurred.

        It should be noted that after the computer tech had given a sworn statement to the DA, he was not subsequently indicted, whereas all four of Marty Golden’s relatives were indicted for various felonies and misdemeanors arising out of the purported brawl leaving two police offciers and an off-duty fireman badly injured.

        * The 10/29/10 comment in TJIUA follows a systemmatic pattern in which the unrelated “Ralph Perfetto Case” is usually brought up in reponse to any mention of Marty Golden’s Kettle Black Scandal. This pattern began almost immediately following the arraignment in the Perfetto case in June 2010, following the revival of the charges against Perfetto for a 2008 incident late in Aprial 2010, all of which happened shortly after the Golden Kettle Black Case hit the newspapers in mid-April 2010.

  38. Cabal's Local Insiders Meet at Neighborhood Eatery permalink
    October 24, 2010 6:15 pm

    Several local Cathedral Club members were at Mama Rao’s Restaurant for a “social night out” … just before this year’s elections, right.

    Included at the gathering were a raft of Goldenistas, like Marty and Robert Golden, Frank Keating and Bill Guarinello, also Joe Bova, who is Peter Abbate’s 49th AD Democratic District Leader, Court of Claims Judge Matthew D’Emic, who had a long ago history with both Bova and Abbate, a small local sampling of police brass, and of course representatives of the Cathedral Club leadership.

    What was discussed? A good guess might be the Peter Cipriano, the Republican challenger in the 49th AD, but your guess is as good as any. Of course they always discuss physics – questions like, “Does money really make the world go round?”

  39. Cabal's top elected official maintains secrecy inspite of national scrutiny permalink
    October 31, 2010 10:48 pm

    Project Vote Smart a non-partisan political action and research group in Philipsburg, Montana 59858 has a link, which indicates that New York State Senator Martin J. Golden has refused to tell citizens in his district, his state and across the country his positions on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Project Vote Smart Political Courage Test. According to Project Vote Smart, this is in spite of repeated requests from Project Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders who have requested that all candidates participate so that the voters can know and compare the candidates positions on key issues.

    According to Project Vote Smart, Sate Senator Martin Golden, as a candidate has demonstrated 0% courage during the most recent test period. (Note: This percentage is calculated based on the number of issue areas addressed by the candidate on the Political Courage Test at the conclusion of the testing period.) A high or low percentage does not indicate support or lack of support by Project Vote Smart.

    Please, note that State Senator Golden has consistently refused to participate with Project Vote Smart during prior test periods.

    Read more: by Project Vote Smart

  40. "Our secret's not a secret anymore" permalink
    November 1, 2010 7:01 am

    Brooklyn GOP is a front for Marty Golden and his catering hall.

    Don’t believe us take it straight from the Brooklyn GOP hate blog’s coverage of yesterday’s “Victory 2010” event. TJIUA’s 10-31-10 posting “As Election Day Nears, A United, Stronger Than Ever Brooklyn GOP, Marches To Tuesday!!!” and the first couple of comments in the thread that followed clearly show what the Bay Ridge based so-called Brooklyn GOP has become. It’s no more than a floating advertisement for the rubber chicken palace of Southwest Brooklyn — The Bay Ridge Manor — Marty Golden’s ill-disguised mix of business and his brand of smarmy back-slapping, glad-handing politics.

    The event itself, some kind of victory rally tied to this year’s elctions was uneventful. But as touted by TJIUA, the rhetoric and gaiety soared for “the 800,000” gathered at the Bay Ridge Manor.

    At least the TJIUA posting could be viewed as a high art form.
    Clive Barnes says “…’AAA’ has outdone him/herself in this wonderful tongue in cheek posting. The satire is witty and biting. After this nothing more needs to be said about the ‘Action Packed’ Brooklyn GOP of Craig Eaton…the photo with the Golden poster above all others and Jerry Kassar front and center was worth a thousand words…TJIUA keep up the good work….”

    I guess this means that any secret agenda in the Brooklyn GOP by Eaton and Golden’s Bay Ridge Cabal is, at best or worst, now an open secret.

  41. In a Rare Display of Candor TJIUA Exposes Bay Ridge Cabal Insiders permalink
    November 2, 2010 1:13 am

    TJIUA’s Tuesday, November 2, 2010 psting “Election Day Pricks.” with the accompanying photograph shows several membrs of the infamous “Bay Ridge Cabal”. With the exclusion of Nicole Malliotakis, Curtis Sliwa and an unidentified Munchkin from TWOO, the pohot shows all of the BR Cabal’s 33rd Degree Members.

    • Correction to the above: the correct title of TJIUA's "posting" is "Election Day Picks." permalink
      November 2, 2010 1:19 am

      Sorry, for the typos “posting” instead of “psting”, “members” instead of “membrs” and “Picks” instead of [Oh my!].

  42. The Above Comment Should Have Read As Foolows: permalink
    November 2, 2010 1:25 am

    “In a Rare Display of Candor TJIUA Exposes Bay Ridge Cabal Insiders”

    TJIUA’s Tuesday, November 2, 2010 posting “Election Day Picks.” with the accompanying photograph shows several members of the infamous “Bay Ridge Cabal”. With the exclusion of Nicole Malliotakis, Curtis Sliwa and an unidentified Munchkin from TWOO, the photograph shows all of the BR Cabal’s 33rd Degree Members.

    [Sorry, if there was any unnecessary consternation!]

  43. Connect the Bay Ridge Cabalist SB Dots Before My Eyes permalink
    November 4, 2010 5:50 pm

    Un-American scumbag…..”AAA”…..Stephen Maresca…..Judas Judge….”un-American scumbag”…..Craig Eaton…..BrooklynPolitico…..Russell Gallo…..Un-American Scumbags…..
    Clorinda Annarummo…..TheJigisUpAtlas-Administrator…..certain “Anonymous” TJIUA bloggers…..Un-American Scumbag…..un-American scumbaggette…..[Bay Ridge Cabalist not yet identified as an un-American scumbag]

    How do you think these Bay Ridge Cabal SBs should be grouped with their real names and their pseudonymic tags?

    Don’t forget these people have been identified as Un-American scumbags, because they think they can decide who is and who isn’t “a real American”, or they actively support those who think they can do so with impunity on Craig Eaton’s hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas”.

    They belong in the same club as neo-Nazis, KKKlansmen, Commintern agents and their enabling fellow travelers, assorted “Fifth Columnists” and the like. They are an obvious threat to traditional American civility, polity and public social engagement.

  44. Just Leave It To Eaton's Hate Blog to Screw the National Holiday permalink
    November 11, 2010 10:41 pm

    Nice Message: “Happy Veterans Day!!!”

    Nice Picture: Hand-held American Flag and soldiers marching.

    Not so nice message from TJIUA’s “AAA”: Still tolerating a message that hand-picks Republican operatives as “Real Americans”, Craig Eaton, Russell Gallo, Clorinda Annarrummo and Steve Maresca only show all over again why they are truly “Un-American” SBs.

    They are such an embarrassment to the Brooklyn GOP. Unfortunately, there is just no way to shame this crew into doing the right thing, even on a national holiday, like Veterans Day.

  45. What "The question begs, As Always The Truth Has Spoken... "AAA" Left Out About "Regime Change"? permalink
    November 12, 2010 9:05 pm

    Everybody in the Brooklyn Republican establishment stood by and watched as an improperly vetted and unworthy challenger, Peter Cipriano, was foisted on 49th AD Republicans by the Golden-Eaton Bay Ridge Cabal as if he were a fully qualified and properly fledged Republican, with solid Republican values and credentials.

    That was all part of the very well planned, well financed and well executed Russell Gallo coined concept of “Regime Change”.

    What will the Golden-Eaton-Gallo “Regime Change” mean in 2011?

    Certainly, in the 49th AD there will be an attempt to capitalize on the almost “2 to 1” 2010 primary victory of Mr. Cipriano, with a 2011 organizational primary against the sitting GOP leaders Martorell and Potter. However, the buzz of the last few days indicates that the Bay Ridge Cabal is far more ambitious than that.

    Look for “Regime Change” to attempt to substitute at least one Bay Ridgeite into the leadership of the 48th AD. An attempt “Regime change” is almost certainly in the cards for the 45th AD and the pro-Eaton faction in the 44th AD will try to consolidate its hold by regaining the Female State Committee spot. Maybe we should also be on the lookout for somebody making a push to the glue factory for the old GOP warhorses in the 41st AD.

    By far the most intriguing rumors of all concern the 46th AD, where the spy-counter-spy game leaves one suppressing the urge to giggle insanely.

    The GOP in SW Brooklyn is beginning to look like a bunch of scorpions in a bottle. Love it, love it, love it !!! They all deserve it.

    • A follow-up on our posting above... permalink
      November 20, 2010 4:04 pm

      Lot’s of strange things “happening” inside the Brooklyn GOP “Establishment”.

      Rumors are starting to get some legs that Craig Eaton is encouraging challengers to run against “several” sitting District Leaders. One up and comer in the last election cycle put it this way, “Don’t blame Eaton it’s the District Leaders in six or seven districts that are the problem with the Republican Party for most of Brooklyn.” (On that point most Republican activists, regardless of side, actually seem to agree.)

      Somebody over at TJIUA has confirmed that Peter Cipriano looks like the County Organization’s candidate in the 49th AD.

      The strangest story is that somebody is “suggesting” that Craig Eaton wants to step down as County Leader and a few people have been approached to be his successor. You can guess all you want, but we won’t tell.

      btw, that’s an old trick to flush out the “internal opposition”.

      Todays lucky Lotto Numbers are 45, 46, 48, 49….

  46. "The Secret''s Not a Secret Anymore...", is it? permalink
    November 13, 2010 8:58 am

    As Andy Rooney might say, “You know what bothers me about…”; well watch “60 Minutes” and you’ll know what I mean.

    Anyway, what bothers me is the people at TJIUA and the way they are piling-on Lucretia Regina-Potter, when they’re also trying to convince us that she’s fallen and she can’t get up. It just doesn’t really add up, does it? Unless, of course, there’s something else to it.

    The “something else” just might be Karen Fisher, the “Carl Rove of the Peter Cipriano Campaign”. It seems that she “has registered as a Republican” and “is planning on moving into the 49th AD”.

    Well, as sure as 2-plus-2 leads us into “a metaphorical fugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll”, from which neither Godel, Escher nor Bach can ever save us, we can see what’s coming, can’t we!

    Yes, the next number in the dance marathon “They Do Shoot Horses Don’t They?” is a reprise of one of our old favorites “The Regime Change in the 49th AD Rhumba” with music from our very own Craig Eaton Kazoo Band, aka “The Brooklyn GOP”, with vocals by “The Gay Men’s Health Chorus of Bath Beach” led by ykw and his clerical clown friend, who has lawn signs in his heart.

    Just remember next year at this time the 49th FLRC will be singing happily, “Who’s got eight great tomatoes in that little bitty can —
    You Know Who! — You Know Who! — YOU KNOW WHO !!!”

    So let’s get ready to RHUMBA!!!!!

  47. Now, this is really nice Craig Eaton introduces in a new "Open Door" permalink
    November 18, 2010 9:13 pm

    As part of his new outreach to Brooklyn Republicans, Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton issued and distributed the following invitation to the Brooklyn GOP “Holiday Party”.


    OF THE
    FROM6:00 TO9:00 PM
    AT THE

    PLEASE CALL 718-332-5796 TO R.S.V.P

    BROOKLYN, NY 11235


    If you want a graphic printout, suitable for framing, please see the following link:

  48. Craig Eaton's Hole-in-One into a "Memory Hole" permalink
    December 3, 2010 8:51 pm

    Ha$ the Brooklyn Orwellian Republican Organization had another “1984” moment and decided to “memory hole” the 2010 Golf Outing?

    Rumor ha$ it that $uch an event wa$ $pon$ored and held by Eaton’$ Brooklyn GOP duffer$ and all their well-healed buddie$ and the whole venture turned up more divot$ than birdie$ for the KCRP’$ coffer$.

    Ha$ there been a report to the KCRP Executive Committee including the ” net proceed$” from Eaton’$ golf outing?

    Can anybody gue$$ or $ugge$t why the real $tory of the 2010 Golf Outing i$ being handled like $uch a $uper $ecret?

  49. Kassar keeps flacking for his boss in his "Common Sense" column permalink
    December 4, 2010 2:47 pm

    What Kings County Conservative Chairman Gerard Kassar is doing in his column in the Brooklyn Spectator is neither journalism nor editorial opinion; it’s free political advertising for his boss Martin Golden.

    Let’s check and see if it’s all listed as a “donation in kind” from Mr. Griffin, Kassar’s publisher. We wouldn’t want to be breaking the law for the benefit of our state senator, would we?

    These people have no shame.

    January 22, 2011 1:11 am

    Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip…….

    Like the annoying sound of something that’s barely audible, but repetitive … barely substantial, but repetitive … barely there at all, but repeatedly mentioned almost like it’s something real.

    It’s the claim of the Eaton regime that, thanks to them, there’s money in the bank.

    How much money? How many accounts? Where is it on deposit?

    Why doesn’t the KCRP give a formal Treasurer’s report at it’s Executive Committee meetings? Nothing elaborate, just a few items: starting balance; income; expenses and other outlays; current balance? Why doesn’t the KCRP Executive Committee demand a proper report?

    “$56K” is that the actual current number? (Oddly this writer and another Republican insurgent came up with the exact same number on January 18th simply by adding together two outdated numbers from the most recent KCRP filings — coincidence, we think not)

    Why did two of the Republican lawyers in attendance disagree with whether the KCRP paid rent on the “Victory Center” (btw, is it a good idea for Chairman Craig Eaton to have his name again associated with any entity or place with the word “Victory…” in its name?)?

    The ultimate question is, “Why are there so many questions about the KCRP’s money?”.

  51. Old Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton story well worth repeating again and again.... permalink
    January 24, 2011 12:31 am

    A comment recently made in “The Jig is Up Atlas”:

    “Mike Clandorino said… *** Well, I thought the Republicans were going to sit this one out. After endorsing a no-name candidate for thee 44th district special election who has allegations of fraud against him, I was convinced the party was pursuing some form of hatred against candidate Jonathan Judge or merely sought to support someone who has a very slight chance of winning against liberal Democrat and Golden endorsee David Greenfield. *** Now, I find that Catholic Citizens Committee PAC (or CCCP) has been distributing literature for Mr. Greenfield, the same organization that made robocalls for Vito Lopez. *** Who is the legal counsel of this organization endorsing Mr. Greenfield, you ask? None other than the Brooklyn GOP Chairman. *** Who is the head of the organization? None other than District Leader Martin Cottingham. *** Who is the their Chairman of the Board? George Prezioso, a Vice-Chair of the Brooklyn GOP. *** And let’s not forget CCCP treasurer John Heyer is the treasurer of the Cathedral Club. *** What a disgrace. *** So I guess they had no intention to support either Judge or their no name candidate. It was always Vito Lopez and David Greenfield that they were assisting in the shadows. *** I am at a loss to understand why a Vito Lopez Democrat like David Greenfield was a better choice for Catholics than Jonathan Judge or even their no-name Republican endorsee. If Greenfield was so conservative, why did the Bay Ridge Republican Party endorse Kenneth Rice and not him? And yet, in spite of endorsing Mr. Rice, the CCCP, comprised of Republican Party “leaders,” endorses and supports Mr. Greenfield. *** Obviously, the GOP was trying to save face after a slew of ridiculous embarrassments and continued allegations of Democratic collusion. ***
    Of course, to say they were doing this for principle sake would be a joke. Deals have been made to keep Marty Golden from being challenged by a serious competitor. We have heard that Mike DiSanto, a challenger to Golden, has not been well received by Lopez in his bid to unseat the Senator. *** This explains why. *** It’s a tragedy that this is what our borough’s politics have come to, but we suspected such abject collusion and dishonesty from our party establishment. *** The evidence is so strikingly clear… *** And so, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new “Democratic-Republican” Party of Brooklyn. *** So much for a “reform-minded” chairman.” [January 23, 2011 commentary to TJIUA’s “Craig Eaton: A Real Brooklyn Reformer” January 18, 2011]

  52. The Eaton white-noise machine TJIUA let out a glimmer of truth -- purely by accident permalink
    February 4, 2011 7:27 am

    After falsely and repeatedly stating that James McCall never contributed to Republican candidates, it seems that TJIUA today says that he made a “‘tactical’ donation” to Bob Capano.

    “Tactical”? Hmm…. we guess so …. the “tactic”: give money to a candidate to use in his campaign hoping that he wins…. even though Russell Gallo, the ersatz campaign manager, probably pissed it away on ( fill in whatever you think fits).

  53. Brooklyn GOP [BLOG-] Radio goes SILENT --- Are the Eaton-Golden censors to blame? permalink
    April 14, 2011 6:56 am

    And then the April 13th, 2011 Brooklyn GOP blogcast was no
    more. Was this censorship? It was a horrible week for the
    Eaton-Golden Brooklyn GOP Establishment; and then Gino Bernardelli
    cocks-up the works on the weekly (weakly) computer-based propaganda
    blog show, blaming Skype. How convenient! Really? SKYPE ! Let’s see
    what’s put up on Brooklyn GOP [Blog-] Radio on Saturday, April 16th
    at noon. Gino we’re watching (listening).


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