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Many of you know about Atlas Shrugged, the novel by Ayn Rand that portrayed an epic battle of individual liberty, productivity and empowerment through capitalism against the parasitism and hypocrisy of socialism.  It must be noted first that, despite the more libertarian connotation of Atlas Shrugged, this blog espouses no particular strain of Republican ideology other than the fundamental precepts of our party.

So how and why does Atlas shrug in Brooklyn?

It’s not about the battle between capitalism and socialism within Brooklyn, per se.  It’s about the political party–and the only major party–whose values aggressively inoculate individual liberty, good government and capitalism against the plague of statism and socialism that is spreading at all levels of American government.

It’s about this historic party of decent, righteous principles that has, regrettably, become so infected with fractured agendas and incompetent, self-serving individuals, it only pays mere lip service to these values.  It shamefully conducts itself more like an oligarchic state socialist enterprise a la Stalin rather than an organization of honest, hardworking entrepreneurs of the sort that has made our country the proverbial shining city upon a hill.  That is precisely why it has failed.

But above all, it’s about fixing this party–Brooklyn’s Republican Party–so that the people of Brooklyn can begin to shrug off the burdens from an ever-imploding, uncompetitive Republican Party and the dysfunctional, corrupt government of New York that is born out of partisan monopoly.

Reform in Brooklyn’s Republican Party, from the bottom up, from within and from without, is the only way to accomplish this.

Here we seek to facilitate the following in order to empower Brooklyn’s Republicans and all of its concerned, hardworking citizens to initiate reform and secure true ownership in the governance of our Republic:

  • Promoting transparency in the Brooklyn Republican Party, because “sunshine is the best disinfectant”
  • Educating Brooklynites on activism within the Republican Party to ensure accountability for actions of elected party leaders that boldly defy the fundamental planks of our party platform
  • Giving all Brooklyn Republicans a voice and an opportunity to speak out on what matters to us, and finally
  • Fixing and reforming the party until it becomes a healthy, functional and rational organization that successfully competes in elections to support good better government

You may ask why our bloggers use pseudonyms rather than their real names.  It’s not because of fear of reprisal, for those who may be most offended or threatened by what’s discussed have no power nor control over those who say them.  Instead, the politics of personality have brought down far too many movements for all the wrong reasons.   Ad hominem attacks too often distract the discourse, leading individuals to focus on the emotion of how one feels about another rather than concentrating on the reasoning and accuracy of the arguments being made.  And certainly within Brooklyn Republican Party politics, it is far too often relied upon to discredit the best intentions of fellow Republicans.  Therefore, the credibility and motives of the content on this blog must be assessed on their own merits and on no other tangential criteria.

That’s why we’re also encouraging people to comment and to join as authors unmoderated, so long as they refrain from using their real names.  E-mail us at for more information on that.

In Brooklyn, a Republican renaissance in the defense of liberty, good government, and our American way of life will start on this blog.  If we are successful in our goals, an honest, efficient and principled Republican Party along with sympathetic allies, who may very well be Democrats or of other political persuasions, will win the day.  Failure to reform and defend our Republic is simply not an option.

So now, let the good fight begin.

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  1. Ana permalink
    March 1, 2010 1:44 pm


    My name is Ana, I’m contacting you today to bring an urgent issue to your attention. New York State is contemplating food and beverage tax legislation. Right now our elected officials are only hearing the voices of pro-tax groups that believe the food and beverage tax will curb childhood obesity. In reality, this type of tax is likely to have no meaningful impact on child obesity or public health because taxes on soda, food and juice drinks do not teach our children to have a healthy lifestyle. As citizens, it is our responsibility to let our officials know that the solution to childhood obesity relies in education, not taxation. Additionally, New York would be in danger of losing up to 6,000 jobs. Ultimately, this tax would only place additional burden on families and businesses already struggling in this trying economy.

    I’m hoping you’ll join me in voicing the statement, No Food and Beverage Tax! I’d be happy to provide some brief content for you to post on your website () that conveys this message. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.


    Ana Villarreal

    You can learn more about our cause at and join over 7,000 other New Yorkers by signing the “New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes” PETITION.

  2. July 4, 2010 12:03 pm

    Dear Atlas:

    I enjoy reading your blog, and was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange. My book blog’s url is Every week, I make a nonfiction book recommendation in the topic areas of education, history, technology, biography and/or humor. I have already put up your link. Please reply if you would like to do a link exchange. Thank you.


    Sally Friedman

    • John Galt permalink*
      July 4, 2010 4:55 pm

      Thank you for your kind words! Your site has been added to our blogroll. Best wishes, and enjoy the holiday!

  3. Gene Sheinkman permalink
    November 23, 2020 2:56 pm

    Since Donald J Trump became president of our great country, I became interested in politics.
    It’s shocking to watch the lies, vicious atacks, attempts by very powerful organisations, hightech, the left and millions of ignorant brainwashed people against our duly elected president. Almost 100 years ago Josef Stalin said that it’s not people who vote win the elections, but those who count the votes. Living in this great country for 40 years, I could not imagine in my wildest dreams that what I see today vividly reminds me of Soviet Union.
    It is upsetting to see how many republicans controling legislative branches of key battelground states gave in to the left in their unticonstitutional attempt to destroy our democracy. It is shortsighted!
    By reading some of the blogs here, I was amazed by the bicoring in the Republican Party of Brooklyn.
    But anyway, I know that in Sheepsheadbay section of Brooklyn, tehre are thousands of people who hate socialism and falsehoods that the left is propagating.
    I want to do something about it. Please advise me what steps to take to bring a lot of good people into the fold of Republican Party and who knows may be something good will come out of it.
    Regards Gene
    P.S Republicans stop the bicoring and get on the ball together as a team.


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