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39th City Council District Victor Joe Nardiello Has Come to Atlas Shrugs

September 18, 2009

As we have reported, the 39th City Council District race has been plagued by allegations of misconduct. Yet, out of that race now steps Joe Nardiello, the winner of the primary. At the outset, we congratulate him on his victory in this closely watched race.

Of course, we also have a somewhat selfish reason to acknowledge him: he recently commented on one of our prior posts: Dark Cloud of Party In Fighting Overshadows 39th City Council District Primary. Given that, we felt it wise to respectfully address a couple of the comments he shared on this post earlier today.
Mr. Nardiello begins by outlining his understanding of the Republican Party’s principles: “The principles of the Republican party are secure from where I stand — civic and fiscal/budgetary responsibility, reflection on justice and adherence to how we began as a Party with a social responsibility that saw America through some of its most critical eras.”

We doubt many fellow Republicans would disagree with some or any of those beliefs.

Then, Mr. Nardiello states that reform “does not come from anything but 1-on-1 advancement with voters.” This is something that Dagny Taggart recently stated in her comments on the stagnant Brooklyn GOP website (on which a mention of Mr. Nardiello’s primary victory is not to be found).

But Mr. Nardiello’s comments soon take a critical turn (that is to say critical of Atlas). He states the following:

“But a word to all — that for credibility here and beyond, we’ve got to be able to stand on our own identity, both as a Party and in expressing views that matter right here. I hadn’t had much time across these passed few months to post here, but certainly was one of the 1st GOPers drawn to this website for it’s “promise” of adding to the debate of reforming or advancing our local Republican Party. However, this cannot be done by attacks and criticisms (especially anonymously) and there’s little to gain by finger-pointing and nit-picking in such a forum. In fact, that’s simply not what my understanding of being a GOPer is all about, either. It’s about work, accomplishment, setting to get things done vs. decrying what should or might or could be and then hoping someone else will pick up that weight.”

We’ve seen these kinds of comments before. The only unfortunate aspect of these comments is that they come from a self-avowed “independent Republican.”

What Mr. Nardiello’s comments do not appreciate is where the average GOPer in Brooklyn is at this stage. Unless they have affirmatively sought out clubs or active membership in the party’s ranks, most potential or current Republicans have had little or no contact with the party. It’s easy place the blame on the average Republican voter for the party’s failures, but when so many failures in leadership are present in a political party, it’s hard to place any immediate blame on those individuals not in leadership roles.

Now, we recognize Atlas will be criticized for exposing party in-fighting, corruption, and mismanagement. People might say we’re negative or overly critical. We get that. Nevertheless, we have offered articles on reform and have had guest commentary address various goals we as a party should set for our city, state, and beyond.

But frankly there is a great deal of sorry leadership and mismanagement that must see (and has seen) the light of day. Any true reformist Republican would rather have informed “foot soldiers” than foot soldiers that merely do as they’re told. Why would anyone be galvanized to reform the party if no one knows what the party is doing, let alone its detrimental mistakes?

We’re not here to make friends with the establishment. We are not looking for personal advancement. We’re here to serve as a check on the party’s leaders, examine their actions, and hold them accountable. That’s what politics is all about: representing your constituency and being held accountable. Our party leaders signed up for that.

That might not make us popular with the establishment, but it keeps our fellow Republicans informed.

As for Mr. Nardiello’s criticism of Atlas being a pseudomynic blog (not a new criticism), we refer Mr. Nardiello to the fact that the founding of this nation (and of numerous liberty movements) throughout history was aided by pseudomynic writers. Cato’s Letters and the Federalist Papers immediately come to mind. Arguments should be judged on their merits and not on solely on the deliverer of the argument. We invite our readers to do just that.

Regardless, we wish Mr.  Nardiello well in his campaign, which we will be following closely. We might not always agree, but we hope that Mr. Nardiello will take up the call of Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn and work toward reform by correcting the problems in our party. Otherwise, the Brooklyn GOP has a sad, if any, future ahead.

  1. Virgil Sollozzo permalink
    September 19, 2009 9:35 am

    I don’t know Mr. Nardiello and I don’t live in the district he is running for. I think he may be temporarily “neutral” for now and does not want to be too critical of the present KCRP leadership. It’s not a good time for him to actively join the Brooklyn GOP revolt.

    On a different note, the is not even promoting Bob Capano’s campaign for the 43 City Council seat. Again the KCRP is apathetic and lethargic. Bob is close to Chairman Eaton. They even live a few blocks away from each other. Urban Elephants has done a much better job in highlighting Bob’s campaign.

    Also, Mr. Eaton is part of numerous politicians, both Donkey’s and Elephants, who are “Tweeding” New Yorers! Viktor wrote a related piece. See this:

    • Tim Reed permalink
      September 21, 2009 12:55 am

      The only thing that seems to be promoting on their front page is Gov. Schwarzenegger’s visit on May 28th – an event schedule for 4 months ago. Why isn’t the Brooklyn committee more engaged in the fall race?

  2. Mario Puzo permalink
    September 19, 2009 12:41 pm

    Virgil raises some excellent points.

  3. Sexy Republicana permalink
    September 19, 2009 3:34 pm

    First El Duque, now Nardiello. The more the merrier for us Atlas readers–I mean Shruggers! lol 😉

  4. Young GOP Kid permalink
    September 19, 2009 3:36 pm

    Some of us have been trying to move the party in the right direction, and have faced a fierce backlash as a result. It’s truly shameful.

  5. September 24, 2009 11:56 pm

    Don’t mind criticism and thank you to the writer for his/her respectful address of some points raised. Reform in the Republican Party is a local issue, and waves outward from there across a great many districts, counties to states, etc. Reform in the 39th District came with personal effort and devoted volunteers — there’s been a path cleared for creation of a Primary system, vs. a hand-picking or installation of someone that may not be our best-bet for whatever reason. I can write a book about June-Sept. It could have for a very entertaining reality show.

    Within the drama came not only self-sacrifice… and that 1-on-1, face to face discussion to encourage and turn-around very many detached & angry voters. They weren’t upset with the Republican Party — they were upset with any/every elected official they could name. There’s many doorbell’s missing from out front homes, these days… there’s many suspicions of ‘identity theft’ if but giving a signature for a petition… but what GOPers did respond to was 1) sincerity of purpose and 2) a pledge to fight politicians, in general. I’m unfamiliar with another writer referring to the 1-on-1 phrasing I’d used — I’d meant it, though. I can name my voters, and I can tell you what happened at their doorsteps and where they live and what issues/where were raised… and I know there’s a deep suspicion of anyone, everyone connected to politics.

    People that vote in the GOP in Brooklyn skew older. Older than me, for the most part. And you cannot fool them. We cannot get “younger” by simply pointing at weaknesses on the National level, now. We have to capture imaginations and capture a spirit. Our election in the 39th District can be a REFERENDUM on what people want, expect, demand, appreciate from elected leaders — and in this regard, it does me good to express myself, and get it out of my system. I can be a catalyst in the Republican Party for progression. I have seen it registered across the faces of registered Republicans from Clara St. to Amity St. as people changed their minds, about having NO regard or the want to have anything to do with any GOPer every again. They don’t fault GOP leadership — they fault GOP candidates. They wonder what Albany does, at all. They have little regard for our present Councilman. They have been shut out, by local elected officials and no amount of steering from the GOP will change their views. Only the face to face discussions that took 100s and 100s of pointed, directed angry barbs — could placate and turn them into an understanding. That’s what I meant. That’s what we did, in fact — in getting out the vote. Mailings may turn people’s heads, phone banking ahead to prime voters & visits and handshakes and reminders to pull their friends & neighbors out on Sept. 15th… that was work. It was personal, person by person.

    What I need are in fact, elevated and encouraged and INDEPENDENT thinking foot-soldiers as you say, that can get outside and help. Walk and talk and man polling sites/street corners and spread the word — now until, and during the Election Day to try and pull off an upset of historic regard. FOR US. Educated and motivated, understanding of the fight — absolutely.

    Is help on its way?

    Will the ranks be falling in line, behind and under this candidate?

    Will ADs and volunteers that did not seek to reach out, nor to congratulate this candidate — irregardless of what lies ahead, or past — take it upon themselves presently to MEND the fences and build the bridges that will be necessary to get as many Republicans as possible OUT and voting, across the 39th?

    Reform happens in the ballot box, first — and after the dust settles.



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