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Former 44th City Council District Candidate Jonathan Judge Delivers Message to Young Republicans

April 14, 2010

As you will recall, this blog was one of the few local Brooklyn blogs covering the happenings in the 44th City Council race. We learned a great deal about the state of our party in that race, primarily the collusion between Marty Golden (aka The Golden Prince) and Democratic Overlord Vito Lopez.

We also saw how far the Brooklyn GOP would go to sabotage the election for a strong Republican candidate, Jonathan Judge, by endorsing a no-name candidate with no experience and who lost by 97% of the vote (as one of our fellow reformers has recently highlighted). There were also allegations of forgeries and fraud regarding his signatures, evidence of which we were provided.

Now, Jonathan Judge, weeks after an “intellectually dishonest” appeals court decision (to use Mr. Judge’s words), the Brooklyn Young Republican President is back in the spotlight with a new video message for his supporters and fellow young Republicans.

The video message, posted on the Brooklyn Young Republicans’ website by fellow Brooklyn blogger Roy Antoun, indicates Mr. Judge’s apprehension and dismay at the collusion with Democrats he has seen statewide and in our county. Mr. Judge does not specify exactly what collusion he is speaking about at the local level, but we imagine he could be speaking of the recent scandals highlighted here on Atlas: the CCCP/Brooklyn GOP connection, the Jerry Kassar/Vito Lopez connection, and the Golden Prince’s endorsement of liberal Democrat and now Councilman David Greenfield.

Here is the video and the accompanying statement made by Mr. Antoun:

Commentary by Roy Antoun:

The message is clear and precise. Old politics have expired and a new age of youth-induced communication and grassroots efforts are on the verge of exponentially taking the Tea Party into the streets of Brooklyn. We must hold our elected officials accountable for what they are worth and we must uphold the liberties that our Creator has endowed us with through our Constitution.

What Brooklynites should understand is that it’s acceptable to disagree with a party platform if your own individual, personal beliefs are not in line with what the Brooklyn GOP leadership dictates. Youth are humbled and principled. They are the future catalysts of a movement rapidly spreading across the nation. It is the youth who will be paying the price of today’s mistakes in blood and treasure.

Liberty is contagious and attractive; every human being on this earth yearns to be free in some respect or another. Consequently, you have a right to dissent and debate. The current establishment is what has led us into crisis and no one else will get us out except for the motivated youth determined to solve the problem through principled, classically liberal polities and politics. The words of Benjamin Franklin continue to echo in our ears, “Those who sacrifice Liberty for Security deserve neither.”

Let us stop sacrificing old, mainstream GOP politics and uphold our liberty to choose, dissent, and debate. Let us stop sacrificing principle for a few meager seats in office. “In style, sway like the wind. In principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson


Now, some thoughts:

It is probably clear to you that, given what we have learned and disclosed to you about the happenings in our party, many of us here at Atlas deeply respect Mr. Judge and his message during the campaign and his actions during the county convention last year.

What appears to be the message of this video is a sense of independence for a Young Republican organization frustrated by the status quo collusive nature of the at-large Republican Party. And they’re not alone. People are sick of paying lip service to party leaders that have not delivered in the past and will not deliver in the future given their current course. In fact, this blog was founded much for that very reason.

It is a party that, with its support of Bloomberg, gained nothing but some chump change at the expense of our principles and did not increase or strengthen our party’s message (if you can even say our party has one now in New York) or position in the process.

It is a party that has demonstrated continued deal-brokering for personal gain and personal desire over the needs of fellow Republicans.

Take Steve Levy, for example, as Mr. Judge discusses in his video. A lifelong Democrat like him has suddenly been ushered into the fold of Republican politics by a chairman whose son is currently running for congress in the very county in which Mr. Levy has sway. That fact is no secret, and coincidence it is not.

Take Marty Golden as another example. The Golden Prince, a subpar representative whose verbal skills leave much to be desired in my opinion, seems to believe that he deserves the genuflection of the entire Brooklyn Republican Party, even though he is only one representative in a borough with great potential and a need for a Republican choice at the ballot box. Instead of pursuing that potential, the party has supported weak candidates or no candidates at all in order to preserve the Senator’s Holy See: the 22nd Senate District.

This is common knowledge among GOP insiders, not just in Brooklyn but elsewhere, I can assure you.

So, what does this mean for the future of our party?

What it means is that the younger generations, their mobilization and their organizations, such as the Young Republicans, will have to bear the burden of repairing the sordid state of our failing party.

The problem with our party is not to be found in its original principles. The problem with our party is with the men and women corrupting it and our system of politics by their dealings and/or poor judgment.

In fact, that is the problem with our entire state government. We need a new generation of leaders to come in and sweep away the cobwebs and kick out the vermin currently infesting it.

Look at the “statesmen” our state has produced: Elliot Spitzer? Joe Bruno? Sheldon Silver? Vito Lopez? Marty Golden?

Come on!

We’ve seen where “old hands” can get us. We’ve seen what the “old ways” of government can get us.


It will take a movement of our younger, idealistic Republican/libertarian/Tea Party reformers to bleach clean the stains of the past.

We sincerely hope Mr. Judge and people like him are a part of that movement.

The time has come.

  1. jimrohnson permalink
    April 14, 2010 8:31 pm

    The internet has changed everything. No more monolithic liberal news filter. Instant contact with millions.

  2. Craig Eaton Resign Already! permalink
    April 18, 2010 9:46 am

    Will someone explain to me why Craig Eaton’s charity issues–corruption at worst–has gone totally under the radar?

    Craig Eaton, I still think you should RESIGN!!!!

    The time has come for you to go. Failure, collusion with Democrats, corruption? If these things be not enough to do away with a chairmanship like yours, what other types of political horror must be contend with in the coming year?

    Either justify why you should stay or just go. You’re both and embarrassment and irrelevant.


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