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City Hall News Picks “Winners and Losers” After Turner Victory

September 19, 2011

City Hall News listed it’s ranks of “Winners and Losers” recenty, and we thought a couple of names were worth sharing.

One notable familiar face is Brooklyn Conservative Party Chieftain Jerry Kassar, who is mentioned for his involvement in the Bob Turner race. City Hall News notes that the win for Turner might provide a buffer of GOP support for Republican regular Marty Golden. Both men have not always been the subject of adoring pieces on this blog (and we have been treated in kind).

While reading about Kassar, our contributors noted that he has done an excellent job distancing himself from GOP Chairman Craig Eaton, as has his employer, Sen. Golden.

It has been said to us by more than one insider that, as Eaton’s paranoia over the discord in the party consumes his decision-making process, Kassar has been steadily gaining traction, such as with Rep. Michael Grimm’s staff appointments and, more recently, Mr. Turner’s victory.

We give credit where credit is due, and Mr. Kassar should continue to tread carefully as the GOP writhes in pain from Eaton’s poor leadership.

[City Hall News did not proclaim Mr. Eaton a winner–most likely due to his less than cuddly relationships with the local press (we’re speculating)…]

Meanwhile, another local “Winner” christened was The Brooklyn Politics blog’s Colin Campbell, whom we frequently read. Well done, Colin!

Please read the full list by clicking here.

  1. Read Your Own Posts Jig permalink
    September 19, 2011 6:25 pm

    The Jig is saying this blog is trying to cause problems between Eaton and Kassar by writing negative things about Kassar and making it seem like coming from Eaton and friends. Are they that stupid and think Kassar or anyone else can’t read and see on their blog right now that in the Jig’s own post of Fri, 9/16 “Top 10 Election Day Roundup” their #3 is the “Conservative Party provided minimal support on the ground” and their own post from Sat 9/17 “Thank You Chairman Eaton VI” says the Conservative Party ” sat on their hand” for the Turner election”. So, you Eaton egomaniacs you can’t be that stupid- read your own blog, as Kassar surely did.!!! Eaton does have a problem with Kassar, or anyone else who gets more press than him or outsmarts him (which isn’t that hard)

  2. As Ronald Reagan once said... permalink
    September 19, 2011 6:47 pm

    “There you go again…” Craig Eaton’s “spokesperson” (wink, wink) at TJIUA got caught way off base — AGAIN

  3. Peter fought the good fight and deserved a better result..... permalink
    September 21, 2011 12:20 am

    Don’t forget that Peter Cipriano had a hand in the saga of the 49th AD.

    At the Cipriano trial, Gene Bernardelli used the term “Vendetta” so often, one wondered if he had to be kidnapped and deprogrammed to make him stop. (btw, PC won his case against Matt Graves at trial, removing Graves from the ballot for inadequate valid signatures, only to have it taken away at the appeals court… a very strange and terse holding!) It was the kind of “legal process” that reminds one of the trial of “Breaker Morant” and the other “Scapegoats of the Empire”.


    “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” [Matt 10:36 —
    Epitaph chosen by Harry Harbord Morant a/k/a “Breaker” Morant]; “Well, Peter, this is what comes of empire building.” [Attributed to “Breaker” Morant speaking to his cohort Peter Handcock before their execution at Fort Pretoria.]

    • Racist Gallo permalink
      October 9, 2011 2:41 pm

      Peter won the trial, and Russell Gallo cursed the trial judge because i. the judge is a liberal and ii. because the judge is a Jew.

      • Racist Hayon permalink
        October 10, 2011 7:33 am

        You mean like how Joseph Hayon won’t shake the hands of any non-Jew’s, and how Joseph Hayon stole literature from his opponents, who still beat him anyway?

  4. Harry O'Brien permalink
    September 21, 2011 7:49 am

    I’ve heard that Kassar and Eaton had a falling out. It’s probably an ego thing for Craig, which will likely be exacerbated by the accolades going Jerry’s way.

  5. "The biggest winner" was the Brooklyn GOP by having Eaton on TV and a Gallo-engineered lit drop -- REALLY permalink
    September 21, 2011 8:58 pm

    According to Brooklyn Blog Talk Radio (that’s Gene Berardelli):

    “The future is bright for the Brooklyn GOP after shocking the nation in helping to get Bob Turner elected to Anthony Weiner’s former Congressional seat! Thanks to the efforts of the Brooklyn GOP and Chairman Craig Eaton, and the Brooklyn YRs and their President Russell Gallo, the GOP in NYC has some swagger and momentum heading into 2012. Tune in and listen to Gene Berardelli and friends recap the NY-9 Special Election, with winners and losers, and take a look ahead into the future of Republican politics in NYC!”

    Now, how was this accomplished according the September 22nd “blogcast” — by a Brooklyn GOP lit drop — miraculous !!! Oh, and of course —according to Gene Berardelli, “The Brooklyn GOP machine was on the ground from day one … with Craig Eaton on TV with Turner”

  6. Elevation of new Republican icon by Brooklyn GOP permalink
    September 22, 2011 11:52 pm

    “The Jig is Up Atlas” has lifted Jonathan J. Judge another notch in its September 22nd post “Introducing The Faces Of The Biggest Political Losers: Weprin, DenDekker, Bauman, And Judge!!” He who had heretofore been an acknowledged “existential threat” has been lifted to iconic status.

    At the 2011 convention of the Kings County Republican Party County Committee, following the appropriate national observances, the Brooklyn GOP will dedicate a musical tribute to the newest Brooklyn GOP icon, Jonathan J. Judge, and Chairman Craig Eaton will do a karaoke rendition of Willie Nelson’s unforgetable “You Are Always on My Mind”

  7. It's long past time for adult supervision to stop the Brooklyn GOP Hate Blog permalink
    September 23, 2011 8:13 pm

    Hate blogging operatives of Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton have gone back to the Brooklyn GOP’s longstanding policy and practice of savaging independent activists inside the Kings County Republican Party. Since September 13th Eaton’s main hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas” has alternately praised Eaton and attacked those who have openly gone against his regime or his dictates.

    Here are the most recent attack pieces:
    Friday, September 23, 2011, “The Joseph Hayon Slide Show.” by “AAA” – Attacks Republican Joseph Hayon ***** Thursday, September 22, 2011, “Introducing The Faces Of The Biggest Political Losers: Weprin, DenDekker, Bauman, And Judge!!” by “AAA” – Attacks Republican Jonathan Judge ***** Friday, September 16, 2011, “Top 10 Election Day Round-Up” by “Judas Judge” – After praising Eaton and Russell Gallo, attacks Republicans Glenn Nocera, James Mc Call, Roy Antoun, Peter Cipriano, Joseph Hayon, and Arnaldo Ferrara – making an ominous parenthetical warning against dissident Republicans.

    “ THE ‘…Jig is Up Atlas’ QUESTION BEGS ” >>>>>>> How long are the all too quiet members of the Kings County Republican Party Executive Committee going to stand by and actively or passively allow “The Jig is Up Atlas” to continue to openly attack Republicans before they are directly confronted for their failure to perform their duty to oversee and responsibly modify and moderate the policies and practices of the Brooklyn Republican Party? Let’s be clear whom that group would include – Executive Committee Members with special positions within in the KINGS COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY, in various capacities, such as: Gladys Pemberton, Vice Chairperson and Special Advisor to the Chair, and Member of the Republican State Committee; Robert Howe, Vice Chairperson and Member of the Republican State Committee; Diane Haslett Rudiano, Member of the Republican State Committee, Kings County Republican Party Secretary and appointee to the NYC Board of Elections, as Chief Clerk of the Kings County Board of Elections; Marc L. D’Ottavio, Kings County Republican Party Finance Chairman; Thomas A. McCarthy, Kings County Republican Party Treasurer; and others who are listed as Executive Committee Members or regularly attend the meetings of the Kings County Republican Party Executive Committee.


    • Eaton’s Hate Blog and the Joseph Hayon Slide Show -- what really happened in the 45th AD permalink
      September 25, 2011 7:12 pm

      It’s not wise to prod the hornets nest right before you plan to picnic. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what Eaton’s “…Jig is Up Atlas” did with their Friday, September 23, 2011 post, “The Joseph Hayon Slide Show.” Eaton and company are up to their old tricks attacking one of the leading Orthodox Jewish Republicans in Brooklyn.
      Don’t be fooled, by remarks like these: “The question begs, Ladies and Gentleman as this reform minded commentator calls these pictures above, ‘The Joseph Hayon Slide Show’. *** The question begs, Nothing like having a few “laughs” at the expense of the “political punching bag”, the “Disheveled One” Joseph Hayon.” They aren’t just bating Mr. Hayon, they are attempting to marginalize the entire Orthodox community in the 45th AD, who do not support either of the GOP District Leaders, Boris Pincus or Joan Braunstein.
      The real purpose of this blog and the wallpaper comments that follow is a coverup of County Chairman Craig Eaton’s double dealing vis a vis Boris Pincus. That double dealing was confirmed by this comment attributed to “Orit” (very cute): “Orit said… *** Isn’t this the same ‘snake’ who told people, he wouldn’t run a ‘Female’ for district leader, and ran one anyway? *** Revenge best served cold.” Mr. Hayon never discussed such a thing with “people”, he discussed it only with County Chairman Craig Eaton. And the deal that had been discussed by Eaton and Hayon was that if Hayon ran with Eaton’s support, Hayon would run alone on his own petition or jointly on a GOP County-approved petition with Joan Brauntien. In the end, Eaton chose to support Pincus, thereby causing Braunstein to be primaried by Orit Tanner.

      • Racist Gallo permalink
        October 9, 2011 2:44 pm

        Russell Gallo is Judas Judge on the other blog. After reading his posts, it has been concluded that Gallo is a racist Jew haters.

  8. Whatever GOP fisc is squandered on "Communications" is well beyond the value received permalink
    October 1, 2011 6:23 am

    The daily dose of Brooklyn GOP nonsense in “The Jig is Up Atlas” is more than !#(Y*U^&^&(%#@$#; it’s %#^*(I(^^$@#$%.

    The talking points are “Reconditioned” and “Rejuvenated” or “Reconditioned & Rejuvenated” or “Reconditioned… blah blah blah….Rejuvenated”


  9. Racist Hayon permalink
    October 10, 2011 7:39 am

    Why is Joseph Hayon a man who is 33, still in college, unemployed, with a family, attacking a Republican district leader.

    When it’s been concluded he posted on another blog calling Gene Berardelli and Russell Gallo racists.

    I guess once you are a loser, your always a loser.

    Always the one who is the racist, right…..

    How did that district leader race again, go for you Joseph?

  10. Post Script: Eaton-Turner --- Winners and Losers --- The Hits Just Keep on Coming... permalink
    October 18, 2011 11:22 pm

    Congressman Bob Turner’s PR pewople announced today that Bob Capano, has been put into a key position in the Bob Turner operation, that of District Director Turner’s release said that Mr. Capano, was a veteran community servant, who had worked for both Democrats and Republicans.

    By putting Bob Capano, who’s had a rocky relationship with Eaton in the recent past, into the post as his District Director, Turner has effectively put Kings County Republican Eaton deep into the wilderness or onto “Survivor Island”. Concerning the Brooklyn GOP Chairman, this move can only be the result of two possibilities: A) Eaton wasn’t notified about hiring Mr Capano; or B) Eaton was notified, but any consultative input by Eaton was ignored in the Turner patch. Either way, Eaton’s out in the cold vis a vis Congressman Bob Turner and his staff.

  11. Earth to Eaton, Earth to Eaton... Ground Control to Major Craig!!!! permalink
    October 20, 2011 12:04 am

    People who count have TOLD Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton that he’ll have to learn to like Bob Capano in his new spot for Congressman Turner; and while he’s at it, Eaton needs do a better job at mending other broken fences.

    Word on the inside is that Eaton is still quite petulant about all of it. As a result, the patience of at least one person who really counts is supposed to be running out fast.

  12. “The rest is silence.” --- after Turner picks Capaso permalink
    October 21, 2011 7:49 pm

    “HAMLET” is famous for its soliloquies. However, as structured by Shakespeare, even Hamlet’s death scene might well be described as an interrupted soliloquy or a great tragic soliloquy done as dialogue. The drama is completely and exclusively in the words from Hamlet up to and including, “….The rest is silence.”

    Somewhat earlier in the scene than the lines finishing with “….The rest is silence” is an equally famous and poignant bit of chatter on the stage with Hamlet’s right-hand guy, where the star of stage stars acknowledges his mortal wound. Taken together Hamlets final lines make for one of greatest exits in the history of theater.

    Eaton, take heed. YOU ARE HAMLET ( Get it? “EATON CAPS” — it’s all been said in these parts before)! Though clearly you are not nearly as articulate as the bard’s favorite boy, since you were clearly never in the league with him of Stratford on Avon, we’ll feed you the exit lines. Just don’t blow ’em.



    Heaven make thee free of it! I follow thee.
    I am dead, dear Russell. Wretched queen [fill in Eaton’s fem-fatale nemesis du jour], adieu!
    You that look pale and tremble at this chance,
    That are but mutes or audience to this act,
    Had I but time–as this fell sergeant, death,
    Is strict in his arrest–O, I could tell you–
    But let it be. Russell, I am dead;
    Thou livest; report me and my cause aright
    To the unsatisfied [ fill in virtually any political figure(s) who dealt with Eaton].

    *** [ Mawkish banter by Russell Gallo; stage craft; enter Eugene Berardelli with rest of the Executive Committee of the Brooklyn GOP; mawkish oration by Berardelli]


    O, I die, Russell ’n Gene (Morons #1 ’n #2);
    The potent poison quite o’er-crows my spirit:
    I cannot live to hear the news from Queens and Staten Island;
    But I do prophesy the election lights
    On Grimm and Turner: they have my dying voice;
    So tell them, with the occurrents, more and less,
    Which have solicited. The rest is silence.”

    [ More mawkish orations by Berardelli and blather by Gallo; all exeunt; curtain]

  13. "EATON'S DOWN -- EATON'S DOWN" permalink
    October 22, 2011 6:03 pm

    Howard Cosell is shouting into his microphone as the ref escorts the champ, Bob Capano, to a neutral corner before starting his count over the fallen Craig Eaton.

    Eaton is glassy-eyed and struggles to get up on a knee as the ref returns and shouts, “ONE!”

    Near the ring apron, the all-Brooklyn and cross-county GOP elected officials look on un-phased by any of it. The ref intones, “TWO!”

    In the Eaton corner, Gene, the cut-man, and Russ, the trainer, just hope that Eaton can get back on his feet and make it back to their succor. The ref looks into Eaton’s eyes, then glances over at Russ, as if expecting the flight of a rolled-up towel from that direction. When nobody in Eaton’s corner reaches for the towel, the ref holds up three fingers and exclaims, “THREE!”

    Eaton makes it to a knee as the ref holds up four fingers about a foot from Eaton’s nose, “FOUR!” Immediately, the ref’s thumb springs from behind the four-finger-fan in front of Eaton’s face, “FIVE!” Diagonally across the ring, in Capano’s corner, two of Capano’s successor’s as Brooklyn YR Club President come up a few steps to get ready to come into the ring victorious, once Eaton is officially counted out.

    Eaton leans forward, visibly sways and pushes down on his bent right knee. “SIX!” He stands, but staggers two short steps backward, his eyes unfocused rotate away from the ref and toward…. “SEVEN!”

    Let’s see what happens next…

  14. TJIUA recognizes BIG WINNER GLENN NOCERA as multi-faceted threat permalink
    October 31, 2011 11:47 pm

    “The Jig is Up Atlas” October 31, 2011 post “Just When You Thought This Guy Couldn’t Be Any Stranger…” featured Glenn Nocera’s “Obama Mash” from January 2010. The Eaton media team finally got it. Not only was Glenn Nocera one of the Brooklyn GOP “BIG Winners” in the Primary Elections of 2011, in spite of the hate mailer sent out against him; as the new President of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, he’s showing himself to be a multi-skill star.

    Nocera’s “Obama Mash” was the best Brooklyn GOP material posted on TJIUA all of this year and it came at the end of October 2011. Nocera had it out there himself on You Tube in January 2010; so he beat TJIUA by almost two years.

    It’s now clear that Nocera alone is both a “new leadership” threat to Eaton himself and the “new multi-media” threat to the GOP’s own Rosenkrantz & Guildenstern, Gene Berardelli and the near-great Russ Gallo.

  15. Phony GOP stats are being used to cover huge fall-off in GOP vote in 2011 permalink
    November 14, 2011 9:49 pm

    Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP can’t expect the real press or neutral political news blogs to find either Eaton or the Brooklyn GOP to be a “WINNER” in the 2011 General Elections. So Eaton had his pet blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas” juggle some statistics to make another losing election cycle for the Brooklyn Republicans look like was a “WINNER”.

    One has to carefully read some of the things that Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton’s tale spinners at “The Jig is Up Atlas” put out there recently — “AS IF” any right-thinking person might believe it expresses some kind of the truth or useful information… Case in point is the November 10, 2011 TJIUA offering, “Joe Elhilow Scores Highest Percentage For GOP Endorsed Judicial Candidate In Years!!” – there is little truth there, and even less useful information.
    Here are the facts :
    Mr. Elhilow, a Republican-Conservative candidate for Civil Court Judge got under 27% of the vote – that’s getting beat 3 to 1. In a similar “Judicial Year Election” in 2007, when Craig Eaton was the brand new County Leader, and very little involved in the races that year, one of the Republican-Conservative candidates for Civil Court Judge got over 35% of the vote – that’s getting beat by less than 2 to 1.
    More important, in 2011 Civil Court Candidate Elhilow was the top Republican- Conservative vote getter for that position getting a little over 8,700 votes in a county-wide race; whereas in the similar “Judicial Year Election” in 2007, when Craig Eaton was the brand new County Leader, and very little involved in the races that year, one of the Republican-Conservative candidates for Civil Court Judge got over 11,150 votes in a county-wide race.

    What “the Jig is Up Atlas” gives out are just phony facts:
    After four years of Chairman Craig Eaton at the helm, the county-wide GOP candidates for Civil Court had a vote fall-off of about 2,450 votes or a DROP-OFF of 22% for the top county-wide candidates in successive “Judicial Year” elections.
    Contrary to what Eaton’s dissembling and secretive flack, “AAA” had to say – “[O]n Tuesday, [Joe Ehlihow] clearly [DID NOT] show[] that the Republican party in our borough is the strongest it has ever been…” and more to the point, “[N]ow three-term, Kings County Republican Party chairman… [THE BROOKLYN GOP IS NOT] ‘Reconditioned’, and [NOT] ‘Rejuvenated’” nor has the Republican Party in Brooklyn come up “with record enrollment increases, record vote percentages for candidates across the board….”

  16. “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” Matt 10:36 permalink
    January 12, 2012 6:23 pm

    Here ye Here ye boys and girls and politico pundits of all ages: Storobin is Strommed!
    That great big coffee cup held by none other than the non tea-total-er Bay Ridge Manor Martin, not so Golden anymore, is full to the brim with @#$%. O things may appear o so Rosie Posie down on the Bay Ridge Gop manure farm, but digging deep down way beneath the maggots and fish heads, the not so Golden one is paying the Fiddler. With swift and furious strokes the not so Golden one is plying the Lewt to sing him a song of success. “Let them eat borscht. The red herring is my feast!” And laughter can be heard all along the avenue in harmony with the stromming of Storobin.

  17. GOP claims ignorance of candidate's rants permalink
    January 13, 2012 1:48 pm

    GOP claims ignorance of candidate’s rants

    Brooklyn Republicans this week tapped David Storobin to run in the special state Senate election to succeed Carl Kruger with—they claim—no knowledge that Storobin had founded and written for a website whose articles have been picked up by white-supremacist chat rooms.

    Storobin, a Brighton Beach attorney and vice chairman of the Brooklyn GOP, served as editor-in-chief of the site, Global Politician, and published scores of articles over several years, blogger Gatemouth recently revealed on the Room Eight politics site. Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton said that was news to him.

    “I’ve never heard of Global Politician,” Eaton said.

    Storobin’s postings on the site recently vanished. Storobin said he has no idea who took down the postings or why, but he stood by his work. “My views have evolved over the years, but there’s nothing I’ve been ashamed of,” he said. “I’m very proud of the stuff I’ve written.”

    A May 2005 Storobin piece that resurfaced on another website is an interview he conducted with an official from Freedom Front, a white-separatist group in South Africa. The group supports a whites-only colony there called Orania and accuses the South African government of using affirmative action to keep whites out of the job market.

    Brooklyn Councilman Lew Fidler, the Democrat expected to square off against Storobin in the March 20 election, said the public deserves to know what else Storobin has written. He questioned that the author doesn’t know who removed his postings. “I’m not a great believer in coincidences,” he said, adding that the vanished posts smacked of “Weinergate.”

    “I have a record to run on that’s not going to be expunged,” Fidler said. “I think it’s relevant to ask David what he’s ashamed of.”

    Read more:

  18. Late Night Berardelli Post of Video is a LOSER permalink
    March 8, 2012 3:29 am

    Gene R. Berardelli, Esq., stayed up very late on Wednesday-into-Thursday to post the following: “Tonight’s radio show inspired me – it’s time to start calling out what Russell calls “the hypocrisy of the Left” when we see it. We gotta call it out by name, face, and act if we hope to end it….” Did Gene Berardelli then do what he said? Of course not!

    Instead, “Mr.GRBEsq” used the opportunity to RIP OFF of the work product of hard-working video journalist (FrankStrategies [Ed Frank, Pres.]: “Exposing Left Wing Hypocrisy… Us Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee and Jan Shakowsky refuse to Condemn Bill Maher”) to use in Berardelli’s own item, “Liberal Hypocrisy: ‘Rush’ To Condemnation”.

    The citizen journalist Ed Frank, not Gene Berardelli, did the real work that showed up two specific instances of liberal Democratic hypocrisy, up close and personal; in fact in a moment of rare candor Berardelli said he would never be able to confront a liberal Democratic Congressman on the street the way that Frank did. More important than usurping the FrankStrategies’ video, “Mr. GRBEsq” tried to appropriate the IDEA as his own by making it part of some ongoing schtick on his vanity “Official” blogsite, “Brooklyn GOP Radio –Official – Show Blog”; all of it taken from a secondary source without benefit of proper attribution.

  19. Gallo and Berardelli -- "LOSERS!" -- for their insensitivity to wrong use of "USA - USA" chant permalink
    March 8, 2012 10:28 am

    On this week’s “Brooklyn GOP [blog] Radio” rant, Russell Gallo and Gene Berardelli again showed their world that they are a pair of insensitive jingo racists, moronic and anti-American in their own way. According to this pair of numbskulls, it was perfectly alright for the predominantly white victorious Alamo Heights “students” to specifically direct the chant “USA – USA – USA….” against the losing “students and team” of San Antonio Edison High School, who were predominantly Mexican-American. “The chant lasted for about five seconds [and] Alamo Heights head coach Andrew Brewer silenced the students as soon as he heard them.” /// (So it’s clear that immediately even the winning team’s coach saw there was a problem with the chant, under the circumstances, and he stopped it.)

    Contrary to what Russell Gallo thinks or says, it’s not just “liberals” who think that way (one doubts that the Alamo Heights coach is probably all that liberal). Forbes, which is not exactly left-wing saw it this way, “While great to employ if you’re watching the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team, it’s not received quite so well when, say, you are fans of a nearly all-white team, and you’re directing the chant at a team made up of predominantly Hispanic players, who are, in fact, American.”

    To use the favorite question of Gallo’s and Berardelli’s favorite old GOP hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas”: The question begs — What else might Gallo and Berardelli approve as a game chant for a predominantly white San Antonio school playing a predominantly Mexican-American one? How about something like — “Wetbacks – Wetbacks – Wetbacks” — that was once a traditional term among many Texans. Would Gallo and Berardelli be for it or against it? Based on what they said last night on “Brooklyn GOP [blog] Radio”, one can’t really tell for sure, or can we?

  20. Proud To Live In The USA! USA! permalink
    March 8, 2012 12:00 pm

    The whole “nearly all-white team” are all American citizens.

    • Time for a Civics Lesson permalink
      March 8, 2012 4:21 pm

      So what? I don’t believe there was anything problematic with the conduct of the Alamo Heights team, whether they were blue, white or in any other way perfect — after all, the Alamo Heights team had won the game before the brouhaha occurred. However, you do seem to imply that such citizenship conveyed some right upon the Alamo Heights fans to be outrageous and racially and/or ethnically offensive. It’s obvious that you believe such rights had been violated, by the local response in “San Antone”. Thus, you obviously need a lesson in basic public civility and good manners, as well as proper comportment at large gatherings like high school sporting events. Many of those qualities are properly incorporated into a system of customs and rules applicable in the various communities here in the United States. Some even have the force of law behind them.

      It has long been held that nobody has a “right” to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater and, to the uneducated and uninformed, nobody has any protected right to be at a particular high school basketball game. Furthermore, outraged citizens, including high school administrators, do have a right to complain about something they consider to be hate speech occurring in their presence or subject to their administrative authority — like for example, the implied demeaning racial slurs contained in group chants shouted out at the end of play in a basketball game.

      In this case the unruly Alamo Heights students who shouted “USA — USA — USA”, clearly intended the chant to be offensive as a code or a trilling “dog whistle” meaning “Wetback! — Wetback!! — Wetback!!!” against their Mexican-American rivals from San Antonio Edison High School. The offending student fans were properly disciplined by not allowing them to see the next Alamo Heights game. It would be reasonable to expect further administrative penalties if the offending students’ conduct were to be exacerbated by an intentional refusal to apologize to the students and team from San Antonio Edison High School. I would further expect that any parent(s), who might be foolhardy enough to follow ridiculous counsel like what Russell Gallo suggested on “Brooklyn GOP [blog] Radio” and barge into things in the threatening manner implied by Gallo, would find themselves in gaol for a few days, and possibly a 30-day stay at a secure mental health facility for close observation.

  21. "Wag the Dog" only quotes part of a wag's wag the dog tale, but it's really "Bragging" permalink
    May 7, 2012 8:45 am

    I don’t know how I missed this little bit of confirmation of my main thesis: “Could the Conservative Party end up being the tail wagging the dog … in Brooklyn?” I suppose the reason is that I missed this particular Chris Bragg column until about ten minutes ago — “Win Or Lose, Brooklyn Conservative Chair May Well Be With Storobin” April 18, 2012 in “City and State” by Chris Bragg.

    In much of New York State , and especially in Brooklyn with its weak REpublican operation, the most important people for the Republican Party are those who are in charge of the Conservative Party. That goes up and down the respective chains of command: Mike Long over Ed Cox; Gerry Kassar over Carig Eaton; Liam McCabe and Fran Vella Marone over Russell Gallo and Gene Berardelli, “et cetera, et cetera and so forth….”

  22. What up, Brothers, on tonight's "Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio" Program permalink
    May 9, 2012 5:43 pm

    Let’s see what big Gene Berardelli and Russell Gallo have to say on their “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” program tonight (May 9, 2012). We will be listening very closely and we will be more deeply cutting if they screw up than any time in the past. Also, we will be looking more closely at how informative this program is with respect to particularly salient and topical issues for Brooklyn Republicans, in particular, and conservative Republicans, generally.

    Hint: we will be very interested in the following topics

    — Will the over-worked Gene R. Beradelli, Esq., give a straight and accurate factual report on the Storobin-Fidler court decision delivered yesterday, or will he do a self-promoting, chest-thumping end-zone dance

    — Will these two flacks for KCRP Chairman Craig Eaton use the relative success in the Storobin case as a chance to pick winners and losers in the 27th SD special election; and will they take issue with what we’ve said comparing the relative power, influence and effectiveness of the Brooklyn GOP and the Kings County Conservative Party and their key operatives (mentioned in detail in the comment above, “‘Wag the Dog’ only quotes part…”) especially with respect to the Storobin-Fidler election.

    — Will this obviously committed same-sex GOP couple have anything meaningful to say about President Obama’s overnight evolution on the issue of same-sex marriage.

    Remember boys, we’ll be listening….

  23. All alone as host, Berardelli screws a pooch named "Victory" on tonight's "Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio" Show permalink
    May 10, 2012 12:40 am

    “From a victorious victory center…. and still undefeated the Brooklyn GOP… collected another trophy…” in tug-o-war; btw, “Liam McCabe…”? Is he a Republican?

    “There was another victory… a certain court decision… of course I’m talkin’ about the 27th senate race…” Here, Gene R. Berardelli, Esq., couldn’t help himself and started telling a fisherman’s tall tale: “… Councilman Fidler’s claims of fraud — BASELESS — …. [T]he law changed in 2010 …now all you have to say is “I believe in good faith that my disability MAY prevent me from going to the polls”… Fidler wasted …all this time, all this money, all this energy… Alla … a more honest person I don’t think you could meet, she was honest about everything she remembered (what about the not remembering part) … she signed up their [Fidler supporters] applications and delivered their ballots too… all she did was her job and she did it well … Alla Pometko is as honest a person as you would ever meet in your life… When did it become okay to malign an entire community.”

    “BASELESS”! Mr. Berardelli’s spin was not even close. That is nothing like what Justice Martin wrote in his decision. Mr. Berardelli is spinning the facts to fit his favored scenario. Justice Martin actually wrote that the Fidler team’s evidence fell short of the “clear and convincing” standard applicable to claims of fraud in election cases, and they did not prove that any of Alla Pometko’s actions rose to the level of fraud so as to justify the court to disallow the counting of the 119 disputed absentee ballots. Rather than say Fidler’s case was in Berardelli’s word, “BASELESS,” the court noted that part the Storobin absentee ballot effort by Alla Pometko did exhibit “…irregularities relating to the procurement of some of the absentee ballots…” The court made specific mention of the ballots procured by Ms. Pometko at 161 Corbin Place. The court pointed out that all of the witnesses from 181 Corbin Place who had voted there both in person and by absentee ballot also “…testified that they had never made any representation to anyone that they were too sick or otherwise incapable of getting to the polling site on the day of the election.” Needless to say, there was never any attempt by Team Fidler to malign the entire Russian speaking community

    And of course you could count on Gene to fall allover himself telling you how good he is. He did not disappoint in the slightest, he said that, in spite of his steep learning curve (we heard about that from all sides), according to Gene, he got enough of an education in election law that Gene could handle a lot of the trial himself (when he did speak, he was always under the supervision of other GOP lawyers). In conclusion, Mr. Berardelli has declared himself a “wartime consigliere” for the Brooklyn GOP (On the election law side, any real election lawyer who knows GB will pee his pants over that one; as for “wartime consigliere,” as it has been popularly used since Puzo’s “The Godfather,” it refers to an experienced and trusted family underboss able to advise when things get tough, like in a mob war, not to someone like Tom Hagen, who is a lawyer).

    • Was Gallo's Prediction Lost in Shuffle -- and what about B&G's Storobin guarantees??? permalink
      May 12, 2012 1:22 pm

      Brooklyn GOP Executive Memeber Russell Gallo (District Leader and President of “Official” Brooklyn Young Republicans, and co-host of Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio) was conveniently absent for show and especially the segment of this week’s (5/9/12) “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” program that dealt with PREDICTIONS of the Storobin-Fidler special election vote.

      Gallo has generally been wrong in his political calculus; and his prediction of the Storobin-Fidler outcome was no exception to that.

      Readers and listeners should also remember Gallo’s admittedly amateur insights into what was going on in court during the early stages of the Storobin Fidler litigation, which his sidekick, GRBEsq., at the time affirmed by his silence.

      We are still hopeful of an actual electoral “Victory” by David Storobin, but at this unsure moment in the count, we feel compelled to ask, “Where do we take the various Berardelli and Gallo guarantees about a “Storobin Victory” if David is not certified as the winner of the special election in the 27th SD?”

  24. Berardelli and Brooklyn GOP panel clueless about Obama's same sex marriage remarks permalink
    May 10, 2012 9:49 am

    The segment of this week’s “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” devoted to a discussion of President Barack Obama’s recent “personal” evolution on the issue of same sex marriage was a very unsuitable discussion of the subject by a panel of that was apparently uninformed on the issues involved and the president’s remarks. Host Gene Berardelli was no exception to that criticism — in fact his direction of the discussion and contribution on the subject was limited to his unfounded opinions as to the political impact of Obama’s decision to publically announce his support of same sex marriage. Only Jacob Kornbluh briefly noted that Obama was flip-flopping on the issue.

    Nobody pointed out that Obama’s announcement was nuanced; and that he was using a re-formulation of the “personal belief” argument that many Republicans and Democrats have used in support of their farcical “anti-abortion — pro-choice”.

    This week’s entire panel on “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” demonstrated that each of the selected “spokespersons” for the Brooklyn GOP were uncomfortable with any in-depth discussion of any of the issues involved with same sex marriage debate, and that they lacked any substantial ties to the social conservative Republicans, who are actually fighting the fight against same sex marriage in New York State and across the country.

    • Josef Hayon Is Needed Now permalink
      May 10, 2012 9:58 am

      Gene Berardelli’s and Russell Gallo’s internet program should put Josef Hayon on next week to discuss the pro-family Republicans’ opposition to same sex marriages. Also how that position can be used to beat Simcha Felder and Hikind and Cymbrowitz and why it should be used right away.

  25. Mitt Romney's Bullying Story: WHAT DOES IT PROVE? permalink
    May 11, 2012 10:15 pm

    The most important thing that it proves is that Mitt Romney’s campaign operation and the candidate himself are not up to the job of damage control or defending against questionable stories.

    The original Washington Post report about Mitt Romney’s alleged high school bullying has sprung a few leeks, but the WP is already using Romney’s sincere sounding apology as proof that its original report was essentially correct.

    • Bullying Follow-up: Its time for Romney and everybody with him to PUSH BACK on the MSM and its bullying stories permalink
      May 12, 2012 11:15 pm

      The Romney team needs to push back and hit back hard on this most recent “Tempest in a Tea Pot” over a now grossly over-reported, over-commented-upon and now somewhat questionably sourced school incident a the Cranbrook school allegedly dating from 1965. As implied by us above, Mitt Romney and his campaign for president will rightly be judged on their ability to deal with this flap. So far, they seem like a bunch of bad guys who are being out-gunned in a gun fight, because they are fighting back with pen knives – and dull ones, at that.

      The “Romney High School Bullying” story is into its fourth day, will probably pop up on this week’s Sunday morning talking heads shows, and it really is showing no signs of dying down. The main stream media is now echoing the specific spin that it’s all a VERY important story and it is an indicator of the character and fitness for office of Mitt Romney, as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee [Star Ledger, 5/12/12 @ NJ.Com]. Time Magazine’s blog says that, “Jason Horowitz’s story in the Washington Post on Mitt Romney’s teenage years is a first-rate piece of reportage [ Time, “In Defense of Mitt Romney, High School Bully” Alex Altman, 5/11/12]. There’s even an article entitled, “Romney a bully? A Columbine teacher’s guide to shades of bullying” [Christian Science Monitor, 5-11-12] that doesn’t mention a single fact of the alleged Mitt Romney incident at Michigan’s prestigious Cranbrook School, but nonetheless implies by its title that Romney’s behavior would be analyzed on a bullying scale prepared by the Columbine High School teacher.

      So far lost in the kerfuffle, are various reasons to dispute whether there is much validity at all for Jason Horowitz’ original story in the May 10th Washington Post about the alleged incident of the forced shearing of John Lauber’s hair in the spring of 1965. Lauber’s family has conclusively stated that there are factual inaccuracies in the Washington Post’s report. Peter Maxwell, a brother of a supposed key witness to the incident, Phillip Maxwell, said that he knew Romney and didn’t think he was in any way a bully, he also said his brother only mentioned the incident to him for the first time only one month ago. Also according to Phillip Maxwell’s brother, specifically avoiding the use of the word “exaggerate,” said he thinks that his brother tended to get more “caught up” in talking about things “the more he expounded upon them….” One person who knew Romney since their days at Cranbrook was originally quoted concerning his upset about the incident the Horowitz’s article, only in a later edition was it reported that the person had never heard of such an incident and the upset was only after the Washington Post reporter had recently informed that person that the incident had occurred in1965. Significantly, a “Brietbart” feature by Susan Smith reports that “[The] Washington Post Romney ‘Bullying’ Profile [Is] Contradicted By… Automobile Magazine” and that “…[T]wo current articles [have been] based on interviews with some of the same former classmates [of Romney]. But they present two differing and largely inconsistent portraits, with Horowitz’s Washington Post either failing to investigate, or deliberately omitting, crucial and relevant information revealed by Murray in Automobile Magazine about Romney’s character in high school. It would seem that the Post’s investigative journalism standards leave much to be desired…”

      Most of the people involved in the alleged vicious incident say how significantly it affected them for all the years since it happened, but nobody made anything of it back then or in the almost fifty years since. Nobody came forward – even though Mitt Romney’s father was the governor of Michigan; even when Mitt’s father was talked about as a candidate for President in 1968; neither did the story arise when Mitt Romney ran for and became governor of Massachusetts; even when Mitt Romney later ran a substantial and widely reported campaign for the US Senate against Democratic icon Ted Kennedy; nor was anything made of John Lauber’s hair-cutting when Mitt Romney was a leading GOP candidate for president in 2008, or the consistently leading candidate for 2012 Republican nomination throughout 2010 and 2011.

      Make no mistake, this is an orchestrated hit piece on Mitt Romney by Obama’s “Amen Corner” in the MSM, which came out the night before an announcement of Romney’s getting a big bump in the polls nationally. The story and all of its related commentary reeks of the same odor of dead fish that attended the last second “old news” of the George W. Bush DWI incident raised in 2000, or the Dan Rather Air National Guard special treatment letter brought up in Bush’s 2004 campaign. It even closely resembles the Anita Hill hit job on Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, where her somewhat stale story was revived, even though much intervening friendly interaction had occurred between Hill and Thomas so as to make her veracity questionable.

      It’s about time for Romney, his campaign, his surrogates and all of the media watchers on the right to get into a full scale pissing contest over media fairness. They need to take on the main stream media head-on, right now on this whole bullying thing and how it all got pushed into high gear at this time – solely to benefit Barack Hussein Obama. Their will be plenty of time for everybody to get back onto the economy message and foreign affairs and all the rest. Right now let the media be the message.

    • Bullying Follow-up II: THERE REALLY HASN’T BEEN ANY PUSHING BACK AT ALL! permalink
      May 14, 2012 10:02 am

      As we predicted a couple of days ago, the “Romney Bullying” story has gone forward into successive news cycles and did pop up on the Sunday morning news shows. Unfortunately, the hoped-for “push back” hardly materialized.

      Yesterday, on “Fox News Sunday” Brit Hume charged that “The Washington Post” itself had manipulated and played up the Romney bullying story in a way that suggested something ulterior and less than professional. Hume specifically called into question the paper’s news judgment and objectivity in how it handled the Horowitz piece. According to Brit Hume the story lacked any relevance to the campaign, because it didn’t even attempt to link something that was alleged to have happened almost fifty years ago in prep school to Romney’s current role as a national figure and the presumptive Republican nominee for President.

      In sum, Hume’s point is this: “I think it was much ado about not very much…..You have to wonder, what is an editor of a newspaper thinking? …[E]ditors who edit news pages do in a certain way express editorial opinion by the way they play the story, where they play it and at what length. This [Romney story] obviously struck the editors of The Washington Post and the reporters who [did the]work on this story as a big deal. And, you have to wonder what kind of news judgment these people have if they really think that. … The way it was handled [was] ridiculous.”

      On ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” Mary Matalin took a completely different tack and said that Mitt Romney needed to take on the charges forcefully and directly. She suggested that the Romney campaign come up with something the like the following in an ad:
      “I’m Mitt Romney. I’m running for president of these United States. I am not a bully. That’s a politically motivated tactic to distract you and dismiss me. I’m not going to let that happen. I’m going to cross this country talking about my economic plan to get you working again and get the government working for you. I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.”

      Unfortunately things like the Brit Hume and Mary Matalin comments aren’t even speed bumps, much less roadblocks. The whole “Romney Bullying” matter is moving into its fifth day and the Romney campaign and Republicans generally have either been struck dumb or still don’t know what to do, or both. Too many people already seem to have accepted the narrative that at least once in high school Mitt Romney had engaged in a vicious anti-gay bullying incident. When this story is reported and commented upon by other outlets, they report the “Romney as bully” part as if it’s an undisputed or proven fact — so as far as the Obama campaign and his supporters in the main stream media are concerned, they got exactly what they needed from Horowitz-Washington Post article.

      Stage two of the “Romney Bullying” argument is already out there. Now the MSM is actually using what is a generally accepted fact — that Romney was a bully in high school — as proof that Mitt Romney is unfit to be President. Just look at Justin Ruben’s “Prank or Pattern? Why Romney’s Bullying Is Relevant to the Election” posted last night on the “Huffington Post.” That article shows that the other side is more than able to react and keep pounding Romney in the process; Ruben’s posting looks like it was intended rebut or at least blunt criticism along the lines of Brit Hume, then double down on the original story.

      How many news cycles are Romney and the rest of the Republicans going to concede to Obama and his crew in the main stream media on this bullying BS?

  26. Craig Eaton, Brooklyn GOP Chairman, joins others as the "Four Horsemen of the Apocryphal" permalink
    May 13, 2012 1:57 am

    Did anybody actually watch Dan Issacs, Phil Ragusa, Jay Savino and Craig Eaton on the May 7, 2012 Edition of NY1’s “Inside City Hall” with Errol Louis?

    Is this really 4/5 of the NYC GOP chairmen? It was all a joke right? There sure were a lot of very funny lines.

    My favorite line was Craig Eaton’s “…the Republican Party has ‘controlled’ City Hall for twenty years…” — 100% right, Craig, except: NOT “REPUBLICAN”; NOT “CONTROLLED” and NOT “TWENTY YEARS”. btw, maybe you can be excused, Craig, have you even been an enrolled Republican for twenty years?

    Next favorite, again Craig Eaton’s ” …considered State Senator Marty Golden [for Mayor of the City of New York] … ” Craig weren’t you paying attention to the parts where Dan Issacs and Phil Ragusa mentioned “…not beholdin’ to the city unions…” (you know that means cops, fire and teachers, among others, right)?

    What I didn’t like about the NY1 program was the plain old lying. Again, it was mostly Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton. Like his taking credit for the election of two congressmen, Grimm and Turner. Eaton opposed Grimm until Long, Kassar, Molinari’s Staten Islanders, and Brooklyn GOP Leaders Regina- Potter and Martorell with their Fiorello LaGuardia Club kicked your ass and defeated your chosen candidate in a Republican Primary in both Brooklyn and Staten Island. Then Eaton came on board late in the 2010 campaign ( Grimm knows the score, but he doesn’t know Eaton’s phone number. Why would he need to?) And even In 2012, there was that petitioning screw up for Grimm (or was that really something about phone calls or the lack thereof?) Turner, hmm? Lots of love there too, back and forth — maybe soon — if Turner wins the US Senate Primary and Eaton delivers Brooklyn big.

    And Storobin, if he’s Eatons’ guy because Eaton gave him the line, then I’m the New York Lottery guy, because I have a dollar and a dream. A better question is, “How many Brooklyn GOP volunteers were produced on how many nights?” Eaton also showed he wasn’t really on top of Storobin’s special election, when Eaton predicted that Storobin’s lead would grow with the counting of paper ballots, following the announcement of Storobin’s early vote-count lead of 143 votes. I was so impressed with that, maybe, I’ll let Craig pick my lottery numbers.

  27. Correction to "Craig Eaton ...'Four Horsemen of the Apocryphal' " permalink
    May 13, 2012 2:05 am

    OOPS….. text above should have been: “…kicked ‘Eaton’s’ ass and defeated ‘his’ chosen candidate in a Republican Primary in both Brooklyn and Staten Island….” instead of “…kicked ‘your’ ass and defeated ‘your’ chosen candidate in a Republican Primary in both Brooklyn and Staten Island….”

  28. Who picks these unprepared GOP spokespersons to appear on television? permalink
    May 14, 2012 4:36 pm

    GOP Congresswoman Kathleen McMorris-Rogers (R- Washington) just got slaughtered on “Hard Ball” with Chris Matthews on the issue of the pending re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

    Who picks these GOP spokespersons?

    One suspects that most of the GOP elected officeholders don’t believe in or even have any understanding of key Republican positions. They seem to show up with some narrow talking points, and when pressed on an issue, like Matthews often does, they just become confused and try to smile their way through very hostile but very substantive questions.

  29. David Storobin leads at the completion of the first count in the March 20th Special Election, but the outcome of the election remains in doubt. permalink
    May 14, 2012 11:37 pm

    Even though almost two months have passed since the votes were cast, it’s still too early to pick Brooklyn’s “winners and losers” in this election.

    After the last batch of ballots from the March 20th special election in the 27th SD had been counted, Republican/Conservative Candidate David Storobin, had overtaken Democrat City Councilman Lewis A. Fidler, and finished with a 27-vote lead over the Democratic candidate, who had held on to an 87-vote lead for some time.

    Because of the closeness of the election results thus far, all the ballots cast for the March 20th election will now have to go through an automatic manual recount pursuant to New York City Board of Election rules . That manual recount will begin next week and nobody dared estimate when it might be completed. Even when this count is completed by the Board of Elections, the matter could easily be returned to the courts if the result after the recount remains disputed in any statistically significant way.

    The hand recount of all the ballots will the first since New York City began using its new electronic scanning machines.

    • "Russell Gallo's" Post of Eaton's remarks in GOP Blog make for a bogus rant not a reliable report permalink
      May 15, 2012 10:56 am

      Eaton and his crowd are at it again. Instead of a straight forward report of what actually happened with the Storobin-Fidler vote count at the Board of Elections yesterday, the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Radio Blog” May 14th post “BROOKLYN GOP CHAIRMAN: ‘SEAT STOROBIN NOW’ ” chose the route of purely mendacious propaganda, the likes of which we have learned to expect from Craig Eaton, Gene Berardelli and Russell Gallo.

      The entire item that appeared under Russell Gallo’s name is a sham involving questionable attribution, bad reporting, a lack of professional ethics and pure pompous posturing with no discernible purpose. Perhaps worst of all, Chairman Craig Eaton’s unwise demand for the immediate certification of David Storobin bespeaks a complete disregard for the rule of law and proper process in the conduct of elections — some things that the Brooklyn GOP should be championing and will be much needed for any GOP successes here in the future.

  30. Only "jacob" breaks his cherry for all to see on the “Brooklyn GOP Radio -Official- Show Blog” permalink
    May 16, 2012 11:39 am

    The “Brooklyn GOP Radio -Official- Show Blog,” sponsored by the Craig Eaton regime imposed upon the Brooklyn GOP has returned to its policy of allowing nitwits and wingnuts to blog at that site. The most recent pin-headed addition is some buffoon called “jacob” — that’s right, just “jacob” as in “only jacob.” Given the quality of the post, we can see why he doesn’t want to identify himself with greater clarity. We suspect that it is none other than that marble-mouth regular on the weekly moronic rantfest, “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio,” – Jacob Kornbluh (please, “only jacob,” feel free to correct us on that if you dare to curse thy father and deny thy name).

    As usual the reporting at “Brooklyn GOP Radio -Official- Show Blog” is faulty. Based on all we’ve seen George Bush’s “endorsement” of Mitt Romney, maybe wasn’t really an “endorsement” (Of course Romney and the MSM have deemed it an endorsement so “jacob” being a strong Romney guy is going along — as he does with so much crap). So, to show we are not completely nay-sayers, we’ll acknowledge it in the same manner that Bush delivered it, but without any elevator door’s closing in – “We’re for George W. Bush saying that he’s for Mitt Romney.”

    Even though we can’t actually hear it, this guy, “only jacob,” writes with the facility of one who speaks broken English. We do discern, however, that he thinks that Romney should run with the George W. Bush albatross secured by a hang-man’s noose around his neck – especially the economic fiasco and the foreign policy part – with its two endless wars and its neo-con obsession with being an extension of Israel’s defense establishment.

    America hated all that in 2008 — that’s the only reason that anybody like Barack Obama beat John McCain — if Romney runs as the new “W” he’ll find out that America still hates all of it.

    Nothing more needs to be said about the “only jacob” idiocy other than to quote his sign-off line, “…And btw, Dubya, I Miss you!”

  31. Gene and Russell, there's nothing new with your "jacob" he wasn't ever as "cherry" as Diana, at least with us... permalink
    May 16, 2012 6:30 pm

    Last week we got tough on Morons #1 and #2 and said we’ll be watching them very closely from now on. Today they blinked and announced some kind of “New ‘Brooklyn GOP Radio’…”

    Berardelli and Gallo have rounded up the same old usual suspects, trotted them out in a different order; and it looks like they will expect us to think that this is a “New ‘Brooklyn GOP Radio’…” or something like that.

    The measure of “newness” of the “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” would be an analysis of the medium and the message of its most recent post dated 5/15/12, “Dubya is Back… Thanks to Obama” by jacob.

    The author of that post, “jacob,” is, in fact one Jacob Kornbluh, a virulent pro-Israel neo-con. He has long been outspoken on “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” with his putdowns to all other mainstream Republicans opposed to the hollow on all things candidacy of Mitt Romney. His post bizarrely goes all-in on a four word “indorsement” of Romney by George W. Bush, one of the disastrous middlemen in the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama presidencies since Ronald Reagan. Oddly, Kornbluh thinks that Romney would benefit by comparing the Bush performance on the economy and foreign policy to that of Obama. All we can say is Kornbluh never has been like most Brooklyn Republicans and he still isn’t.

    Kornbluh’s post was put up in the wee hours of this morning, sometime before the first comment praising it by Russell Gallo at 3:11AM. The remaining posts were by the usual cast of comment makers on the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog,” including: “Anonymous …Captain America” a/k/a “Pow, pow, pow” (the assassination-insinuating comment maker with the “killer cane” called “.38”) at 7:34 AM; and Diana Sepulveda, imported to help Eaton, Berardelli and Russell Gallo (“The ‘Official’ Brooklyn YRs ‘Go To Guy’ ” and “The “Official” Brooklyn YRs President”) from the Staten Island and NYS Young Republicans at 8:32AM. And, as usual, guess who really let the cat out of the bag about what’s really going on here — that’s right Gene Berardelli!!!!! His comment posted at 1:11PM this afternoon — “Welcome aboard, Kornbluh! Nice work! *** I love the new Brooklyn GOP Radio – glad everyone wants to be a part of it!” — says all that needs to be said before tonight’s program. Gene, thanks for speaking up on the issue as to whether “only jacob” is in fact Jacob Kornbluh (this was exactly as our comment above had predicted).

    Tonight be sure to address this on your program, Gene:

    >>>>> WHAT “NEW ‘BROOKLYN GOP RADIO’” IS IT THAT YOU “LOVE,” BERARDELLI ????? <<<<< Are you implying that Moron #1 and Moron #2 are about to take a powder? Jacob Kornbluh has been an exclusively spectral Neo-con, and an exhausting pro-Israel advocate participant on “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” for a very very long time. So what’s so new?

  32. Gene and Russell, there's nothing new with your "jacob" he wasn't ever as "cherry" as Diana, at least with us... permalink
    May 16, 2012 7:59 pm

    The Romney campaign’s limiting access to the candidate by the big time media operations is having the effect of making Mitt Romney look like he’s still not ready for prime time.

    Their has been no effective response to the rafts of questions about Bain Capital. This is inexcusable. The very same questions helped sink Romney’s 1994 campaign against Ted Kennedy and the very recent South Carolina Primary, which Romney lost to Gingrich.

    Commentators have said that Romney can’t play out the clock until November. A more reasonable explanation is that Romney wants to avoid any possibility of exposing fatal weaknesses in his campaign by engaging on any Bain Capital issues until he has a clear uncontestable majority of Republican delegates locked up.

    • Oops! That comment should have been headed: Romney being kept on ice, well away from the MSM permalink
      May 16, 2012 8:38 pm

      What does “Cherry, ‘only jacob’ ” have to say about HIS GUY Mitt Romney being kept away from the press?

      The Romney campaign is limiting access to YOUR candidate by the big time media operations, and it is having the effect of making Mitt Romney look like he’s still not ready for prime time.

      Their has been no effective response to the rafts of questions about Bain Capital. This is inexcusable. The very same kinds of questions helped sink Romney’s 1994 campaign against Ted Kennedy and the very recent South Carolina Primary, which Romney lost to Gingrich.

      Commentators have said that Romney can’t play out the clock until November. A more reasonable explanation is that Romney wants to avoid any possibility of exposing fatal weaknesses in his campaign by engaging on any Bain Capital issues until he has a clear uncontestable majority of Republican delegates locked up.

      Is that really what YOUR GUY is trying to do, ” Cherry ‘only jacob’ “?

      • btw, thanks for the shout out by "only jacob" and Gene at about 16:35 tonight permalink
        May 16, 2012 8:52 pm

        It looks like somebody looks at us as much as we do the “Stop – Look – Listen” at them….

        Let’s see what happens next!

  33. "New" Berardelli and "New" Gallo, talking a "New" talk, walking an old walk permalink
    May 17, 2012 2:07 pm

    Last night’s “New ‘Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio’ ” program was just another Berardelli and Gallo “All hat and no cattle” moment.

    Their “new” guys, “only jacob” and “VC” (doesn’t that stand for Viet Cong, so why not call her “Charley”?) Diana Sepulveda were both in the house. One had to be shut up by technical difficulties, the other never really had a chance…. in more ways than one.

    If you can imagine such a thing, the “New ‘Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio'” show was even worse than usual, with Gene “RR” (more about that sometime soon) Berardelli doing his usual technical magic, resulting in two long bouts of “Dead Air” (“The Sounds of Silence” kind as opposed to the weekly sixty minutes of dead air that is “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” — at least it stopped the bleeding of the Kornbluh segment ).

    Once again, the main guys at “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” butchered the reporting of what’s happened and is happening in and with the Storobin-Fidler election and its derivative court case. Both Berardelli and Gallo betrayed their ignorance of election law and the facts in the way they characterized David Storobin as “…a state senator, duly elected…” Equally off the wall was Berardelli’s and others’ “Equal Protection” argument wrt the “NYC rule” requiring an automatic hand recount of ballots in the 27th SD race between Fidler and Storobin. (Mr. Berardelli, if you want to pretend to be an election lawyer, we would suggest that you stop referring to the NYC Board as just one local board of the New York State Board of Elections.) Even if the hand recount were not automatic under NYC Bd. of Elections Rules; with only a 27-vote margin and a largely electronic count, Justice Martin virtually would be forced to order the same kind of recount if either side asked for it. Berardelli, who is also Storobin’s “Attorney of Record,” should have shown some class and just have said — “With the first official count of all the votes completed, David Storobin has a clear lead over his opponent Lew Fidler.” Hopefully, Storobin didn’t hear these two yabbos talking about his case, because his faith in this “team” would surely have been shaken.

    >>>>> Coming soon a look at something described as a “stealth-like entity,” called the “New ‘Brooklyn Tea Party’ ” (we have newly detected the pervasive new theme of newness here ). That entity met for the first time last night at the Brooklyn GOP Headquarters on 17th Avenue, with its new “go to” guys Jim Romano and Andy Sullivan.

    • Who is this Jim Romano? And why is he starting a "New Brooklyn Tea Party'? permalink
      May 18, 2012 9:09 pm

      He’s certainly not a member of the Republican Party in Brooklyn…

      … not somebody like the current head of the real grassroots Brooklyn Tea Party, who is also spearheading an independent effort on behalf of David Storobin and other local candidates, like the successful one in the special election that resulted in a huge majority in favor of Storobin in a large community where the Brooklyn GOP traditionally has been and continues to be weak organizationally.

      So, what’s behind this “astro-turf” operation that is calling itself the “New Brooklyn Tea Party,” was having its first meeting at Brooklyn GOP Headquarters and was being featured on the “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” show … and why won’t these “New Tea Party-goers” participate in the existing Brooklyn Tea Party?

      … David Storobin and his supporters need to keep a close eye on this one — this does not look like their kind of Brooklyn Tea Party, this has more of the look of another deal like the “New Official Brooklyn YRs”.

      Coming soon “Who is Andy Sullivan?”

      • Alice's Adventures in the Brooklyn GOP Underground -- Just an Absence of Numbers Game ! permalink
        May 19, 2012 9:13 am

        “The New Brooklyn Tea Party” really has the look of an older Brooklyn GOP “NEW DEAL” >>>>> Gene “RR” Berardelli’s (the “Go To Guy”), Russell Gallo’s (the President) and Diana Sepulveda’s (the brains and outside muscle) “Official Brooklyn YRs …” <<<<< Both "New" operations were having their meetings at the same time and place along with a third Brooklyn GOP operation "Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio."

        From the sound of "the crowd" at Brooklyn GOP Headquarters last Wednesday, these three "meetings" could just as easily have been held in an OLD NY TEL phone booth.

        How many hats and names can this one small group of people have before they all look like what they really should be calling themselves collectively, "The Brooklyn Mad Hatter's Tea Party"?

      • Alice's Adventures in the Brooklyn GOP Underground -- Just an Absence of Numbers Game ! permalink
        May 19, 2012 9:21 am


      • Alice's Adventures in the Brooklyn GOP Underground -- Just an Absence of Numbers Game ! permalink
        May 19, 2012 9:32 am


        When was “Astro-Turf” really something that was “NEW” ?

  34. Not Romney -- Not Obama ! Vote "NOTA" for President permalink
    May 18, 2012 4:33 pm

    Neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama are what this country needs in 2012.

    If the Republican Party can’t get out of this presumptive Romney candidacy Republican and conservative voters should a find way to vote for “NOTA.”

    Eight years of Romney is probably as bad or worse than four more years of Obama — so what’s the difference? Vote for neither of the above….

    • Gary Johnson, Libertarian Candidate for President, is a good alternative to Obama and Romney permalink
      May 18, 2012 5:29 pm

      Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson is a viable and desirable fiscally conservative alternative to Romney and Obama.

      Gary Johnson, who had been referred to as the ‘most fiscally conservative Governor’ in the country, was elected Governor the State of New Mexico as the Republican Party candidate during the conservative Republican revolution in 1994. He served as the Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003, and since leaving office Johnson is now almost as well known as a tri-athlete and mountain climber as he is for his low-tax libertarian views. During his tenure as governor, Gary Johnson adhered to a very strong anti-tax and anti-bureaucracy policy, setting state and national records for his use of veto powers — vetoing bills more than the governors of the other 49 states combined during the same period. Johnson left office, because he could not run for reelection at the end of his second term due to term limitations for governor in New Mexico .

      An early candidate for the Republican nomination for president, Gary Johnson has opposed Mitt Romney from the outset of the current election cycle. On December 28, 2011, he withdrew his candidacy for the Republican nomination and announced he would continue his presidential campaign as a candidate for the nomination of the Libertarian Party. Republican donor Joe Ricketts twice has donated to Johnson’s campaigns, once as a Republican and then as a Libertarian.

      Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, and Jim Gray, former Superior Court Judge for Orange County, California, were selected to be the Libertarian Party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates on May 5, 2012 by the delegates to the party’s nominating convention in Las Vegas. His short-term goal is to break through the early threshold necessary to obtain mandatory participation in the national debates.

  35. Gallo is Defenseless on Defense Issues permalink
    May 20, 2012 2:16 am

    Russell Gallo doesn’t get very much right. His blogpiece on May 19, 2012 “Armed Forces Day” is no exception. This man is worse than a misguided jingo, he is a posturing clown and blowhard. Frequently he has been held up as some sort of military expert — on military matters he is more misinformed and preposterous than he is on politics.

    First, his display of the seals for the military services under the DOD is wrong — it excludes the United States Army Seal and includes the seal for the United States Coast Guard, which is at present under the administrative auspices of the DOT and answers to the Transportation Secretary.

    “KEEPING AMERICA STRONG AND SECURE *** United in Purpose – Steadfast in Service *** Saturday, May 19, 2012” — in the current environment, this slogan is worse than a pathetic joke. The United State Armed forces are on the verge of being put into the same “hollow force” state as in the days of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. According to recent congressional testimony, with the upcoming sequester of funds, several components of our armed forces will not be capable of carrying out their strategic mission in the very near future.

    Don’t take it from us, take it from Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, who said this to a Senate Caucus breakfast May 17, 2012, “If we have sequestration, the problem we have is with this balance between end strength, readiness and modernization,” he said. “I think it’s going to be really hard for us to create this right balance we need, and secondly I think it’s going to impact not only end strength, (but) it’ll impact our ability to train and be ready. And it will significantly impact our modernization programs. It’s a template for hollowing out the force.” [ That and the rest of his remarks should be easy to find, they were on the “Official Home Page of The United States Army at///WWW.ARMY.MIL/// as we wrote this comment; see also “The lies of sequestration’s defenders” Posted by zbigniewmazurak on March 5, 2012 where the remarks of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey and USMC Commandant General James Amos are quoted about the prospects of a “Hollow Force”; and which alludes to the opinions of the SecDef and the other forces chiefs on that possibility]. ( Mostly off the record, many “experts” inside and out of the military have expressed that such a lack of strategic preparedness currently exists and has existed for some time.)

    As a historical note, the National Security Act, the DOD, Harry S Truman ( Gallo, many historians and the White House web site use “Harry S. Truman”; we prefer “Harry S Truman” along with many other historians, and the “Harry S Truman Library and Museum”) and, under various DOD titles, Louis Johnson did more to hollow out the military capability of this country than anything else in the history of The[se] United States. If it weren’t for the very public battling of the the first Sec Def James V. Forrestal (a former Secretary of the Navy), “The Revolt of the Admirals” and the outbreak of the “Korean War,” the most radical plans of Harry Truman and Lou Johnson might have been completed – the diminution of United States Navy naval forces to a mere tactical force by the elimination of aircraft carriers and the transfer of The United States Marine Corps to Army control and its air wings to the Air Force.

    Since the inception of the DOD, the United States has never declared war, but it has engaged in countless military misadventures, none of which have culminated in a “Victory” over any enemy.

    As for Gallo’s last quote — “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf” — who does he think he’s quoting? One hopes that he is not trying to quote any World War II Brits in this paean to the postwar American Defense Department. In any case, it’s simply a false statement both in its premise and in its conclusion.

  36. “THE jacob Kornbluh” -- Who is he ? Or should we be asking “Who is ‘THE [REAL] jacob Kornbluh’ and Who or What does he really represent ???" permalink
    May 20, 2012 4:19 pm

    That would be the guy who puts up his all the time all-Orthodox-all-Zionist-all-Israel-all-Likud rants on his own blog, “Let’s Talk Dogri (straightforward)!!! *** Expressing [his] views on Local, National and Global Politics . New York . USA . Israel” [ ///Jacob… jacobkornbluh .com///].

    The very same “THE jacob Kornbluh” does a two or three other outlets called “The Bibi Report”: a posting blog [……] and a so-called blog radio program, [……] and some type of hybrid “The Bibi Report Radio” [ ……]. According to an item in the latter, “The BIBI Report is recognized by the official government website for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party.”

    A survey of the material posted under his “new byline” – “THE jacob Kornbluh” would clearly reveal an unashamed agent of influence of the party and elected government in Israel of Bibi Netanyahu.

    The very same “THE jacob Kornbluh” was not known inside the Brooklyn GOP before its association with blogtalk radio through “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” and the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” which together mimic two of Kornbluh’s “Bibi Report” blogs very closely. This is the type contrivance and connivance that has been the hallmark of Gene “RR” Berardelli’s “media” handiwork for the GOP going back to the cusp of 2009/2010.

    Given the questionable provenance of Mr. Kornbluh. We think that it is incumbent upon the Brooklyn GOP to investigate ““THE jacob Kornbluh” and see to it that he is properly vetted; and as particularly the focus should be on the following:

    Is “THE jacob Kornbluh” someone whose interest is the advancement of conservative Republican principles generally?

    Is “THE jacob Kornbluh” someone who has an ulterior personal agenda; and who has bored into the Brooklyn GOP regime of Eaton, Berardelli and Gallo exclusively to pursue “THE jacob Kornbluh” agenda?

    Is “THE jacob Kornbluh” a registered Republican in Brooklyn (notably, he recently slipped when he referred to his “fellow … members in the Democratic Party” on “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio’) ?

    Is “THE jacob Kornbluh,” a spokesman for the Brooklyn GOP establishment of Chairman Craig Eatonwhen he speaks on “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” and writes on the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog”?

    Is “THE jacob Kornbluh” a spokesman for Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn; if so through and/or on behalf of what recognized bodies or institutions in that community?

    Is “THE jacob Kornbluh” a spokesman for any group of Israelis other than to those most closely associated with Netanyahu and the Likud Party?

    Is “THE jacob Kornbluh” a registered agent of a foreign power?

    Is “THE [REAL] jacob Kornbluh” a modern day “Citizen Genet” trying to draw the U.S. into foreign entanglements and even wars that are not in the vital interest of the United States; thus someone, who should be closely monitored for his possibly seditious and alien utterances, especially when he speaks out against U. S. Foreign policy initiatives.

  37. Can Craig Eaton be anything but a "Loser" by giving away the Republican Party in Brooklyn --- to whomever? permalink
    May 21, 2012 2:08 pm

    We are getting deeper and deeper into the 2012 election cycle; and there is no rhyme or reason to what’s going on with respect to the Brooklyn GOP’s selection of candidates to run for public offices throughout Brooklyn in 2012.

    The Bay Ridge corner of Brooklyn is only settled to the extent of the two incumbent Republicans running there. The remaining assembly and state senate slots in Southwest Brooklyn are up in the air. A simple question needs to be answered by Eaton: does the Brooklyn Conservative Party hold a virtual veto over which candidates running in Southwest Brooklyn may be selected by the GOP?

    Equally problematic is the politics surrounding the selection of a candidate in the new 17th State Senate District. David Storobin, who is the presumptive winner of the special election in the prior 27th SD, subject to mandatory recount, has expressed his interest in running for a full term in the 17th SD. He has been led to believe that he has Eaton’s support. The biggest issue with that is whether Craig Eaton reneges completely or also gives a Wilson-Pakula to Democrat Simcha Felder. Eaton’s personal sign-off would be necessary to allow Felder to challenge Storobin for the Republican line. The Buzz out there is that Storobin is preparing a slate of candidates acceptable to him for each and every assembly district sharing EDs with the 17th SD. Given all that, there is another very simple question for Eaton: Felder or Storobin — Republican or Democrat?

    All these simple questions lead to a final simple question >>>>>
    >>>>> Are these lines still “Republican” slots, or are they going to be given away or become joint Republican-Conservative slots controlled by Mike Long and Gerry Kassar?

    BTW: a very problematic choice will be whether the County GOP actually gives its line to run for the Assembly in the 45th AD to Russell Gallo (probably with an eye toward his running for State Committee the in 2013). Gallo is not the strongest choice to take what some regard as a very winnable seat assembly seat by a Russian-Jewish candidate; and Gallo is not David Storobin’s preferred candidate. The Buzz on this one is that things have almost gotten to the ultimatum stage, this way and that — back and forth.

    Let’s see what happens next.

    • Can Craig Eaton become a "winner" by giving blog space to "Anonymous...Captain America"? permalink
      May 23, 2012 9:13 am

      A survey of the Brooklyn GOP blogs over the last few months would show that the major contributor of comments is none other than “Anonymous
      … Captain America” (believed to be Nick LaMattina, a/k/a “Pow, pow, pow”; Ol’ Nicky; Uncle Nicky; etc., etc., etc., whose problematic blogging history has been recorded hereinabove, at length). For many months “A…CA” has made “The Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” his routine roost; and his total output there rivals that of Gene “RR” Berardelli, Esq. (btw, it was a lead from “A…CA” that put us onto the use of “RR” in place of Mr. Berardelli’s previously prominent middle initial “R.”).

      In a recent post, “A…CA” indicated that he has written to Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton and has provided Mr. Eaton with sufficient “Positive” information to cause huge numbers of registered Democrats to switch their registrations and become Republican. Such an outcome would make Mr. Eaton a real “winner” for a change — perhaps rivalling the GOP registration feats of Nachman Caller.

      It appears, however, that Mr. Eaton is going in a different direction and is limiting the role of “Anonymous … Captain America” (believed to be Nick LaMattina, a/k/a “Pow, pow, pow”; Ol’ Nicky; Uncle Nicky; etc., etc., etc.) to that of “Designated Comment Maker and Signature Gatherer.” It remains to be seen whether that can turn Eaton into the “winner” he so wants to be.

      Remember, “A…CA,” — “They also serve who stand and wait…”

  38. Romney or his campaign should take Obama's framing of himself in the "Bain-Equity Capital Debate" and turn it into an Obama's Horse Collar permalink
    May 23, 2012 12:05 pm

    If you’re in the slightest bit political, or if you watch the national news on TV or cable, or if you read any newspaper that covers national politics you should have seen or read about this:
    President Barack Obama, 5-21-12, Chicago, Illinois:
    “When you’re president as opposed to the head of a private equity firm, then your job is not simply to maximize profits. Your job is to figure out how everybody in the country has a fair shot. Your job is to think about those workers who get laid off and about how are we paying for their retraining.”
    President Obama has been quoted and/or shown saying this line ad infinitum since he uttered it at his Monday press conference following the NATO meetings in Chicago. This is how Obama sees himself; and this is how he has chosen to frame himself at this early stage of the campaign

    For purposes of the argument, let’s agree with the import of the first sentence; however we do suspect that President Obama has slightly stronger negative feelings about the maximizing profits part (except as a source of tax revenue) than those that he expressed on Monday.

    But let’s just look at the rest, shall we: “When you’re president…. then your job is …. to figure out how everybody in the country has a fair shot. Your job is to think about those workers who get laid off and about how are we paying for their retraining.”

    Let’s put it slightly differently; and call it the way it was intended — let’s call it “the way it really is” using the president’s own words as he sees that they apply to him: When you’re President Barack Hussein Obama, then you see that your job is to figure out how everybody in the country has a fair shot. When you’re President Barack Hussein Obama, then you see that your job is to think about those workers who get laid off and about how we are going to pay for their retraining.

    If Mitt Romney and his campaign can’t figure out how to take Barack Obama’s framing of himself in this debate, and hang it around his neck like a horse collar, then they don’t deserve to be elected in November — and in all likelihood they will wind up losing the election.

    Here’s a simple hint: A) Obama sees himself as the referee of the jobs game and the jobs creation game; B) as referee, Obama will see to it that everybody in the country has a fair shot (of course that’s as Obama sees or defines “a fair shot”); C) if anybody should turn out to be a loser in the jobs game, even after having had a fair shot, then it’s up to everybody else in the jobs game and the jobs creation game to make that loser into a winner, or at least ready to have another fair shot; and so on, and so on, and so on, regardless of the economic cost of doing so.

  39. Atlas permalink
    May 24, 2012 2:30 am

    The tree fell in the forest… did you hear it?

    • Somebody always hears and always has... permalink
      May 24, 2012 9:21 am

      The sound of silence is closer to a higher state of being….
      It allows us to hear without listening and helps us to see without looking….

      It allows one to know what will happen as a result of all of this political jabber jive…pounding pavement and the rest…

      It allows us to know that Russell Gallo has figured out that we’d all be better off listening to Glenn Nocero’s greatest hits than having to put up with one more second of Craig Eaton in front of a mike, in front of a crowd or, most important, in front of anybody>>>>> one-on-one and being “sincere”…

      btw, everybody knows and nobody cares…

  40. Romney-Obama Flap over Bain Capital in a nutshell permalink
    May 24, 2012 10:45 am

    Eric Golub’s article “Mitt Romney and Bain Capital–What liberals still do not grasp” posted in the Washington Times […//…] contained this great thumbnail synopsis of the Obama-Romney debate about Romney’s experience at Bain Capital:

    “…Barack Obama presides over a bloated government that spends into oblivion, and dead weight remains the albatross around the neck of productivity.

    Mr. Obama refuses to cut costs in anything (except defense). This is why his enterprise is on the verge of collapse.

    Liberals want to live in a world where nobody ever gets fired and people are guaranteed stability, safety, and security. That world exists. It is called Europe, embodied by France, and it is falling apart at the seams. Unemployment is sky high and work stoppages and riots are continental hobbies, in addition to 35 hour work weeks with frequent breaks.

    So while Barack Obama encourages America to become a nation of parasites, Mitt Romney has a track record of creating wealth for himself and many others.

    Nobody on the Republican side should ever expect anti-business liberals to grasp this. Conservatives can be forgiven if academics with lifetime job security regardless of quality remain uninformed skeptics.

    Anyone with a fully functioning brain should understand that what Mitt Romney did for a living is good for America. Even more important, Mitt Romney’s career is what this entire nation used to be about when it worked properly….”

    • Sort of a Reply from that other Washington paper permalink
      May 28, 2012 4:43 pm

      Today, Jamelle Bouie, a columnist for the Washington Post observed that “…What’s important to remember about the attack on Bain Capital is that it isn’t the sum total of the Obama campaign’s assault on Mitt Romney. Instead, it’s an opening gambit meant to center the debate on what Romney says is his chief qualification for the presidency — his ability to create jobs using his private-sector know-how. And while the campaign has been criticized for the move, it’s hard to say that it hasn’t been successful; the argument over Bain has served to highlight the extent to which private equity is meant to maximize profits for shareholders. In other words, job creation is a plus, but it isn’t the purpose of the endeavor….”

      “…the Obama campaign will soon shift into a second phase of attacks on Romney, with a focus on his time as Massachusetts governor. Already, in a speech last week to supporters in Des Moines, Iowa, President Obama noted the degree to which Romney ‘doesn’t really talk about what he did in Massachusetts.’ Over the course of the summer, it’s likely that the Obama campaign will move to highlight the weak job growth that characterized Romney’s time in Massachusetts. During his tenure, the state ranked 47th in job creation, which was significantly lower than nearby states such as New York, and dramatically lower than the national average. It’s also likely that the campaign will point to Romney’s education cuts as evidence that if elected, he will attempt to cut taxes and balance the budget on the backs of ordinary people. ***
      The goal of all of this is to destroy any notion that Romney has special insight into fixing the economy. I’m not sure where the Obama campaign goes next after this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a move to position Romney as a throwback to the last Republican who occupied the White House. In April, Obama suggested the comparison with his attack on the Romney/Ryan budgets, and there’s plenty of room to extend the parallel; not only is it effective — voters still don’t like Bush — but with Romney’s agenda of massive tax cuts for the rich, it has the virtue of being true.”

      This sounds like it might be the early summer Obama Campaign Plan. It’s all quite predictable; and Mitt Romney and his campaign operation should be ready for this and be able to knock off these kinds of attacks, one by one.

  41. Jacob Kornbluh Will Do It "Dogri"-style to the Brooklyn GOP permalink
    May 24, 2012 3:11 pm

    Gene “RR” Berardelli and Russell “Yo-yo-yo!” Gallo are apparently locked into someboy’s game plan of “The jacob Kornbluh” becoming the new voice and face of “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio.” On a scale of “winners” to “losers” this really has the look and feel of a super-loser for the Brooklyn GOP.

    Berardelli and Gallo just don’t get it about the Orthodox Jewish Community in Southwest Brooklyn, and what really matters to them. They don’t know that the real Jacob Kornbluh does not speak as a “Republican.” – – How could he? They don’t know that the real Jacob Kornbluh does not speak as a staunch social conservative in the Brooklyn Jewish community. – – How would they know?

    This turnover of Brooklyn GOP assets to the real Jacob Kornbluh will turn out to be all about “The jacob Kornbluh” and his pet projects: “Dogri”; “The Bibi Report”; “Bob Turner”; “Mitt Romney” and above all to an ultra-secular-Zionist concept of “Israel” – and being an “agent of influence” to maintain the ultra-secular-Israel’s “Red Tail relationship” with the United States, “…To the last dollar, to the last bullet and to the last man.”

    • THE jacob Kornbluh does it "Dogri-style" to Craig Eaton, "RR" and "Yo-Yo Monkey" permalink
      June 4, 2012 12:21 am

      “Let’s Talk Dogri” about “THE jacob Kornbluh” shall we? Last Wednesday on “Brooklyn GOP (Blog-Talk) Radio” he gave the thumbs up to a bunch of Democrats who had distanced themselves from President Barack Obama’s campaign. As if that wasn’t enough, Kornbluh went on to say how much he liked a couple of them (we will not give them a similar benefit by mentioning them here). Even Gene “RR” Berardelli had to interject and say that such an endorsement was not appropriate for a “Republican” show to do like that (btw, at least one of them is likely to be in a competitive race with a Republican opponent in the fall). Later in the same show the very same “THE jacob Kornbluh” said how much he liked Governor Andrew Cuomo and former President Bill Clinton — getting the picture, so far?

      As we have repeatedly asked here at “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn”: Just what kind of “Republican” is this Jacob Kornbluh, to whom Craig Eaton, Gene Beradelli and Russell Gallo would have turned over the Brooklyn GOP media assets and endorsed to act as one of the local Republican spokesmen? How long has this guy even been around Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A., much less around the Brooklyn Republican Party? Frankly, the man looks and sounds completely alien to anything recognizably “Republican” or even American.

      Nonetheless, “THE jacob Kornbluh” appeared in a printed blog-text late yesterday on the Brooklyn GOP blog, “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” to tell the world how improved the Brooklyn GOP is now compared to the Democrats in the days before Craig Eaton became Chairman, entitled, “Fidler’s Right – We Sent A Message!” – oddly, it’s dated May 31, 2012, instead of June 3, 2012 when it actually appeared [was this the disappearing post mentioned above that we were looking for on May 31st to compare with Mr. Berardelli’s bit of plagiarism of the same date?].

      One must ask, “How would Jacob Kornbluh know such things?” What are his points of reference? Here’s one that we’ve used in with respect to all of the reports of David Storobin’s final election as a New York State Senator that appeared on “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog”: How many times was David Storobin’s name mentioned in the Kornbluh’s post? Easy – only two (2) times; compared to Democratic Councilman Lew Fidler, whose name was mentioned more twice as many times – including in the title.

      If you look a Kornbluh’s article, knowing his history of repeatedly talking up his favorite Democrats (the one’s who keep his pet issues front and center), you can see what his real message actually is. In fact Kornbluh comes right out and says it once, in just a few lines: “The message that voters are sending is crystal clear: We are willing to give up our alliance with Democratic power brokers because they stopped working for us and went into business for themselves. For decades, we were led by one party headed by liberal politicians and out-of-touch personalities that have failed to deliver what working families and struggling patriots expect from their public representatives.”


      Does that sound like a “PRO-REPUBLICAN” message? We really don’t think so.

      One last question, for EATON, “RR” and “YO-YO MONKEY” — JUST WHO IS “US” WHEN “THE jacob Kornbluh” USES IT ? ? ? ?

  42. George Maragos shows up in Brooklyn and is crowned a "Winner" with grass-roots Tea Party Republicans permalink
    May 24, 2012 4:18 pm

    According to “New York Press” [nypress…./even-brooklyn-has-a-tea-party-…] and “City and State,” [… …] in an interview with Chris Bragg, the head of the Brooklyn Tea Party, Joseph Hayon, said that the Brooklyn Tea Party is supporting Nassau County Republican George Maragos as its candidate to run against Democrat Senator Kristin Gillebrand. The Brooklyn Tea Party’s decision came down to the fact that Maragos actually showed that he would come to Brooklyn and earn the support of the grass-roots conservative organization.

    According to Hayon, “One of the biggest complaints Tea Parties generally have is that elected officials take us for granted — and in this case only George [Maragos] was humble enough to come to Brooklyn to ask for the Brooklyn Tea Party’s support.”

    “Orthodox Pundit” […orthodoxpundit.blogspot…/pay-back-time-brooklyn-party-goes…] says that, although Hayon was an early and strong supporter of Turner’s congressional bid in 2011, he became disillusioned by Turner’s reluctance to actively campaign on the gay marriage issue during the special election race for congress in early 2011. The fact that Hayon, who is a very strong opponent of same-sex marriage cannot be ignored. Since Hayon was probably more instrumental than any other Brooklyn Republican in delivering socially conservative Jewish votes to Turner in the 2011 race, the fact that he is willing to reverse himself on his prior support of the Republican Congressman, even in the wake of the legalization of gay marriage in New York State, is not insignificant.

    Hayon has said that gay marriage did play a role in the Brooklyn Tea Party’s endorsement decision, but only because George Maragos is the only Republican candidate to say that he publicly backs a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Nonetheless, Hayon insists that there is no “payback” against Turner, who is Hayon’s representative in congress, and that the Tea Party endorsement all about the 2012 Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Hillary Clinton.

    It’s also been reported that Hayon says he thinks that, as the only one of the three candidates who has publicly backed the idea of an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment, George Maragos is likely to get the backing of the National Organization for Marriage.

    • Eaton's gunsels are up to their old Brooklyn GOP hate blog tricks permalink
      May 24, 2012 10:27 pm

      The routine suspects were at work attacking Joseph Hayon with a comment to Chris Bragg’s post about Hayon and Maragos endorsement in “City and State” that was reminiscent of the worst of the Brooklyn GOP hate blog, “The Jig is UP Atlas.”

      Yes, Reter Rotamus, refers to the “RR” in place of the single “R.” initial of ykw; and of course, Yo-Yo Monkey does refer to his cute little sidekick.

      • The Brooklyn Republican Whip permalink
        May 28, 2012 10:37 pm

        Uh oh! Reter Rotamus and Yo-Yo Monkey have screwed the pooch again.
        This time they did it for all the world to see with the comment: “Hayon’s Flavor of Tea” to the Chris Bragg column mentioned above.

        David Storobin please take note: these guys really could care less about you and your past and future runs for the state senate. From day one they’ve only cared about getting one up on Joseph Hayon.

        Now, “Reter Rotamus” and “Yo-Yo Monkey” are really … (Which two of Craig Eaton’s stalwart supporters really look like “Peter Potamus” and his cute sidekick “So-So” the monkey when they’re together, which is an awful lot? btw, somebody give “grbesq.” a pith helmet and a khaki bush jacket, and Russell G. a pillbox hat so they can play dress-up.

      • WHAT BALLS Berardelli, Gallo and Eaton have!!!!! They narrowly avoid the embarrassment of costing Storobin the election with their thoughtless (election fraud) attack on Hayon, then they want ALL the credit for the Storobin victory! permalink
        May 31, 2012 10:48 pm

        In an obvious effort to avoid another “City Hall News Picks Winners and Losers…” scenario, Gene “Reter Rotamus” Berardelli’s May 31st post in “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” — “ANOTHER BROOKLYN GOP VICTORY! (Updated)” by Gene R. Berardelli, Esq. — Storobin Shocker, Another Brooklyn Win” was just another suck up by Gene “RR” Berardelli to Craig Eaton, a/k/a “The Great I Am” (at the Cathedral Club) and incidently Kings County Republican Leader.

        RR’s article starts out okay, given the thrust that the special election result wasn’t really so much a Storobin victory as one for the Brooklyn GOP — “…The Brooklyn GOP did it again! David Storobin – your newest NY State Senator. *** This is huge. Not just for David Storobin, but for the Brooklyn GOP who have won two in a row in two special elections. ….”

        Relax, we’ll save you from any more detail about this paean to Eaton and his Brooklyn GOP regime which is full of screwed up “facts.” However, here is THE KEY FACT of the RETER ROTAMUS post – David Storobin’s name is mentioned five (5) times and GOP Chairman Craig Eaton’s name is mentioned nine (9) times. Interestingly Congressman Bob Turner was also mentioned nine (9) times, now how about that! (Gene must be looking for a job with the Congressman.)

        btw, Gerard Kassar, Liam McCabe, The Kings County Conservative Party, and other key Storobin volunteers, like Joseph Hayon, received not a mention for their efforts, which greatly exceeded those of Craig Eaton, Gene Berardelli, the rest of the Brooklyn GOP and Bob Turner combined.

        — TBRW

      • WHAT BALLS Berardelli has all by himself -- ripping off copy from his colleague "The jacob Kornbluh" permalink
        May 31, 2012 11:14 pm

        Did Gene “Reter Rotamus” Berardelli read “The jacob Kornbluh’s” May 29th post “History made in Brooklyn! Fifth Elected Republican in Democratic Kings County” in Kornbluh’s “Talking Dogri” — we sort of think so, since a chunk of the Berardelli May 31st post mentioned above tracks Kornbluh’s work.

        Mr. Rotamus, when you do that sort of thing you’re supposed to give proper attribution or else it’s called plagiarism — a very very shoddy ( or would that be shady?) practice.

        btw, was that the reason that last night between 11 PM and midnight somebody took down “The jacob Kornbluh” May 31, 2012 post about the Storobin election, which had briefly appeared in the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog”?

      • "Berardelli Censorship" of a new loose cannon ??? permalink
        June 1, 2012 10:42 am

        Twelve hours later and still no Kornbluh post about David Storobin’s victory…

        It’s starting to look like “Reter Rotamus” Berardelli is adding “censorship” to his list of sins against “The jacob Kornbluh”…

        Is there trouble brewing over there at the NEW “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” is the “Opocricy” gig just a little too constrictive for Kornbluh? Is he doling out his own agenda; is he off-message; has he gone rogue

        (Party Chairman Craig Eaton should be warned about all of these goings-on at this “Official” “Brooklyn GOP…” “Blog”, because our new theme here is going to be “Under Craig Eaton …giving away control of the Brooklyn GOP… to the Conservatives… to the Democrats…and to others” … And on that theme, just what kind of “Republican” is this Jacob Kornbluh that YOU have allowed him to be a Brooklyn GOP spokesperson?)

      • Yo-Yo Monkey "comments" on "Reter Rotamus' '" All-out Pro-Eaton Post permalink
        June 2, 2012 10:28 am

        On June first, “Russell Gallo said … ‘Great job Gene. Let us not forget that you made the first dent in Fidler’s armor back in 2009’…” “Great job… first dent…”? — yeah, if Berardelli’s run for City Counsel only was intended to make Lew Fidler overconfident.

        Let’s see how that bloviating gas bag, Gene Berardelli does in a real pounding pavement primary against a real independent GOP candidate like “the disheveled one” Joseph Hayon.

        btw, how does Yo-Yo Monkey get off saying that something like “… ‘my candidate’ Yana Slavinsky…” Yo-Yo is nothing in the 45th AD and never will be.

      • Mamma Yana permalink
        June 2, 2012 2:18 pm

        Slavinsky has been sighted with Joseph Hayon and Gary Popkins. Looks like “Gallo’s candidate” is aligning with Hayon and the reformers.

      • Hello, "Mamma Yana" permalink
        June 2, 2012 4:57 pm

        That’s not what we’ve heard, at all… closer to the opposite, I think….

        And it’s “P-O-P-K-I-N”; no “S” — dear.

  43. THE FIRST BIRTHER!!! Would a 1967 Inquiry about Barack Obama by an INS Officer Count? permalink
    May 25, 2012 1:28 pm

    If anybody questions Barack Obama’s United States citizenship or seeks any documentation verifying Obama’s U.S. citizenship, they are immediately categorized as a “Birther.” By that standard, the first known “Birther” would be INS Officer Sam Benson, who was assigned to the Southwest Immigration and Naturalization Service office in San Pedro, California in 1967, when he raised just such a question, presumably in the performance of his official duties.

    The earliest documented question about Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship was on August 21, 1967 was from an employee of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service investigating a special visa application for Lolo Soetoro, Barack Obama’s Indonesian step-father. His initial inquiry stated that there was ‘Nothing on file’ to document Barack Obama’s citizenship. Based on the record as far as it is known or believed to be, Barack Obama would have been six years old at the time.

    Around that time, immigration authorities had exchanged memos about Obama, with at least one of them noting questions about Obama’s citizenship. One critical exchange is dated Aug. 21, 1967, from Sam Benson, an officer at the Southwest Immigration and Naturalization Service office in San Pedro, California. Benson’s query included this statement: “There is nothing in the file to document the status of the spouse’s son. Please inquire into his citizenship and residence status and determine whether or not he is the applicant’s child within the meaning of Section 101(b)(1)(B) of the Act, who may suffer exceptional hardship within the meaning of Section 212(a).”
    The reference is to the Immigration and Naturalization Act, which defined a “child” as an unmarried person under 21 years of age who, among other qualifiers, could be a “stepchild,” whether or not born out of wedlock, provided the child had not reached the “age of eighteen years at the time the marriage creating the status of stepchild occurred.”
    A response to Benson’s inquiry came from one, “W.L. Mix,” from another INS office, who’s response indicated that it had been determined that the spouses son [Barack Obama] was a U.S. citizen. The record indicates that Mix replied: “Pursuant to inquiry from central office regarding the status of the applicants’ spouse’s child by a former marriage…. The person in question is a United States citizen by virtue of his birth in Honolulu, Hawaii, Aug. 4, 1961 [the generally accepted DOB of President Obama]. He is living with the applicants’ spouse in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is considered the applicant’s [Lolo Soetoro’s] step-child, within the meaning of Sec. 101(b)(1)(B), of the act, by virtue of the marriage of the applicant to the child’s mother on March 5, 1965.”

    The INS files disclosed to date do not state how “W.L. Mix,” or anybody else in the INS at that time, had determined that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A , the full scope of the inquiry in response to the Benson inquiry, or whether any official records had been reviewed prior to responding to the Benson inquiry.

  44. Barack Obama and the Arizona Ballot permalink
    May 26, 2012 2:38 pm

    According to the AP, “… The inquiry launched recently by Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett gave official weight to a long-simmering political controversy generated by those who say that Obama was not born in the U.S. and therefore is ineligible to hold the nation’s highest office.” — “Arizona’s secretary of state said Wednesday that Hawaii’s official verification of President Barack Obama’s birth records meets necessary requirements, meaning the president’s name will appear on Arizona’s ballot in the fall.”[JACQUES BILLEAUD, Associated Press – 2 days ago (5-24-12) PHOENIX (AP)]

    The material below is from reports of a press release by the “Beat Obama Committee” posted as a report at “” […//….; for the original version on PRWeb visit: …//…]

    The Arizona Daily Sun reported on May 19, 2012 that Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett told that paper he was following the rule of law in determining whether Mr. Obama is a “Natural Born Citizen and therefore a legitimate candidate for President, according to the dictates of the United States Constitution, when he demanded that an official in Hawaii provide verification that Barack Obama was born in that state. According to reports in the Arizona Republic on May 23, 2012, Hawaii did send a confirmation to the Arizona Secretary of State that it did have a birth certificate for Barack Obama on file. Under pressure from several of Arizona’s top Republican officials, reportedly including U.S. Senator John McCain, Arizona Secretary of State Bennet has indicated that such verification would suffice to put the President’s name on the ballot.

    Nonetheless, a PAC calling itself the “Beat Obama Committee” is demanding that Arizona lawmakers actually thoroughly examine Barack Obama’s birth certificate before placing him on the ballot. Randy Goodwin, Treasurer of a federally registered PAC called the “Beat Obama Committee” (BOPAC) has pointed out that – “Saying that [Hawaii has] a birth certificate on file doesn’t answer questions about the validity of that document.” According to multiple press reports, earlier this year, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation had concluded that the image of Barack Obama’s birth certificate, released by the White House in 2011, was probably not an authentic document. Randy Goodwin emphasized that, since no one has gone on the record that they have seen an actual physical copy of Barack Obama’s original birth certificate, it is hoped that the completion of Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation will finally put the whole issue of Obama’s birth certificate to rest. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that had sent his own investigators to Hawaii to specifically determine whether Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery and other related; he has also announced that a follow up report on this investigation will occur in early June 2012.

    The “Beat Obama Committee” is currently demanding that Arizona lawmakers (State Secretary Bennet included) thoroughly examine Barack Obama’s birth certificate before placing him on the ballot; and it is actively engaged in a campaign to send faxes to Arizona state officials to encourage them to uphold the rule of law and thoroughly vet the various Obama birth certificates published to date.

    Those interested in supporting BOPAC’s fax campaign should visit BOPAC’s website:
    [… //….];
    or contact them at:
    Beat Obama Political Action Committee (BOPAC)[FEC # C00496729]
    2360 Corporate Circle, Suite 400
    Henderson, Nevada 89074-7722 USA
    800-362-2723 Int’l +1 949-240-3000

  45. ABC’s Jake Tapper: Is he an MSM and Obama frontman against all things “Birther”? permalink
    May 27, 2012 2:57 pm

    Jake Tapper was the host on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephenopoulos” for this Memorial Day weekend. On most matters he is your routine Obama-oriented MSM shill, but his record on all of the issues associated with the so-called “Birthers” or what has been called “birtherism” puts him at or near the top of the list of activists birther deniers.

    Given all that, it’s not surprising that during “This Week’s…” segment about Donald Trump, now being held up as a leading birther, and Mitt Romney’s current closeness to Trump, that Jake Tapper and his panelists kept trying to threaten Romney over his now very dangerous very close association with Trump. Equally, noteworthy was how Tapper kept saying the word “false” ahead of any reference to the claim that Obama was born in Kenya; even going so far as interjecting the words “false” or “falsely” into the statements of panelists that a large segment of conservative Republicans believe that Barack Obama was not born in America. The import and meaning of today’s segment couldn’t be clearer — when one of the panelists said: “Both of these people, President Obama and Mitt Romney, better get off the whole birther issue, the cars on dog roofs [sic], the Bain Capital, these are side shows. Americans care about the main act and that is jobs, the economy….” With that, all discussion of Romney, Trump and the Birther issue ended, and Tapper and the panelists went right back to talking only about the Bain Capital stuff.

    Jake Tapper has long been heavily invested in discounting any of what the “birthers” have had to say — or even more important trying to minimize the actual significance of the birthers’ arguments in the national debate and/or the place that birthers might play in taking down the Presidency of Barack Obama. On April 27, 2011 Tapper even chided President Obama’s own announcement of the release of his purported “Long Form Birth Certificate.” On ABC News, Jake Tapper reported that:
    — “The president said he was prompted to act ‘two weeks ago, when the Republican House had put forward a budget that will have huge consequences potentially to the country, and when I gave a speech about my budget and how I felt that we needed to invest in education and infrastructure and making sure that we had a strong safety net for our seniors even as we were closing the deficit, during that entire week the dominant news story wasn’t about these huge, monumental choices that we’re going to have to make as a nation. It was about my birth certificate. And that was true on most of the news outlets that were represented here.’…” (That’s where Tapper felt he needed to straighten out the record, which he thought Obama had screwed up.) “But the president was wrong. *** that week the dominant news story was without question the economy. *** The ridiculous claims about the president’s birth certificate actually was the No. 4 story for the week – receiving about one tenth of the coverage devoted to stories about the economy.” (Then Tapper recast the birther debate the way he thought it needed to be handled) “The week was also marked by another sign that the media are gearing up for the [2012 presidential campaign] — rumors about Obama’s national origin resurfaced, this time from tycoon Donald Trump, a potential GOP contender for the presidential nomination. These questions made up much of the coverage that focused on the Obama administration, a topic that accounted for another 4% of the newshole. *** As for which newsmaker received the most coverage, here, too, the president seemed to have a skewed perspective. *** At No. 4 was Donald Trump, whose potential candidacy got a boost from his perseverance in insisting there were troubling questions to be answered about Obama’s citizenship.” – Jake Tapper, ABC News, 4/27/11

    Tapper has continued to latch onto this narrative like a pitbull, whenever Obama needed to be protected from this issue by his MSM attack dogs. As recently as last Friday, Tapper had this to say about Romney, Trump and the “Birthers” —
    “In an interview with The Daily Beast Friday, real estate mogul and Mitt Romney surrogate Donald Trump doubled-down on his fact-challenged claim that President Obama was not born in the U.S. (btw, Trump was probably a lot less factually challenged than Jake Tapper let on…) — a claim that the Romney presidential campaign, currently raffling off a dinner with Trump and Romney to raise money for the campaign, made no effort to condemn. *** One might think, given the ample evidence that the president was born in Hawaii — long-form birth certificate, contemporaneous newspaper accounts — and the ugly side of the zeitgeist that “birther” claims uncover, that the Romney campaign would be quick to distance the candidate from Mr. Trump…. *** One might think that given how much the Romney campaign was quick to demand that then-rival, Texas Governor Rick Perry, distance himself from a pastor who called Mormonism a “cult” – and the concerns of Romney campaign officials that Democrats will attempt to use bigotry against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints against Romney — they would be sensitive to this issue. *** But one would be wrong.”
    The final words in Tapper’s “Report” came directly from the Obama campaign — “‘Donald Trump has become the birther-in-chief,’ Obama campain spokesman Ben LaBolt said on MSNBC. ‘I could put the President’s birth certificate on my forehead and Mr. Trump wouldn’t accept that the President was born here in the United States. And it raises a question that’s come up before during this campaign as to whether Governor Romney will embrace the extreme voices in his party or stand up to them’.” – Jake Tapper, ABC News, 5/25/12

    Then again, maybe there can be some hope that there will be a “Paul Harvey” style “…rest of the story…” coming with respect to ABC’s Mr. Tapper. Maybe, we’ll get to do more about that sometime soon….

    • Update: ABC's "This Week.." panelist George Will called Donald Trump names -- maybe it was "payback" permalink
      May 27, 2012 3:31 pm

      ABC’s “This Week…” panelist, George Will, referred to Donald Trump as “…this bloviating ignoramus…” in the segment discussed above.
      Will may have had a prior personal reason for going after Trump in such terms, during a March interview on “FOX & Friends” Trump had called Will a “totally overrated fool” and a “hack” .”

  46. Down with Weinstein permalink
    June 1, 2012 1:31 pm

    Time to back Hayon for Assembly. Eaton and Kassar will pay dearly if Hayon is not their choice.

    Without Hayon there is no Congressman Turner or Senator Storobin. Joseph nearly single-handedly put Storobin’s backwards campaign back on track!

    • All that matters is not "What have you done lately?" It's all about "What will you do next?" permalink
      June 1, 2012 2:58 pm

      Nobody cares about what Hayon did before, only what he might do next. Right now he’s all about an independent Republican run against Weinstein and if necessary winning a Republican primary.

      Have you considered that there is more involved in all of this than just having Hayon running against Helene Weinstein in the 41st AD? What about Lucretia Regina-Potter running in the 49th AD against Abbate and Yana Slavinsky running in the 45th AD against Cymbrowitz, or somebody like Peter Cipriano in the 47th AD against Colton (he did turn up at the Storobin count — “out of nowhere”)?

  47. Berardelli calls himself a "Dumb Ass" on "Brooklyn GOP [Blog Talk] Radio permalink
    June 7, 2012 1:34 am

    In a rare bit of candor, Gene “RR” Berardelli came clean with what all the independent Republicans in Brooklyn have known for some time, he admitted that he was, “…kind of a dumb-ass.”

    Later on he drove the point home when he hectored the audience with these truisms: “If you’re putting out a wrong message with a billion dollars, you’re still gonna get a bad message out to the people…”;
    “Message matters, folks. Message matters, folks.”

  48. State Senator Golden -- Is he a "Winner" or is he a "Loser" permalink
    June 12, 2012 4:27 pm

    Many of his supporters and, we daresay, State Senator Martin Golden himself would say he’s a “Winner” based on his scale of winning and losing — he’s gotten away with everything so far. The most recent case in point is today’s NY Post Editorial — “Let The Sun Shine In – ‘Pension Explosion'(Series)”

    Golden and at least one of his pro-union compatriots Peter Abbate, Democrat of the 49th AD, were not always on the Post’s “Pension Explosion”(Series) list of favorites, especially when it came to being >>> IN THE TANK <<< for the so-called "public service unions"("public sector unions" being more accurate). Buddabingbuddabang and the Post does a turn-around on Golden, "Sen. Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn), himself a retired cop…[yada-yada-yada]…Golden deserves a lot of credit for pushing this bill."

    We don't know why Fred Dicker or somebody else at the Post is drinking the Kool Aid, but this kind of flip by Golden on the unions and about Golden by the Post has a real stink to it. Somebody is putting something over on somebody else. For example the Post only mentioned that Golden was a retired cop — they didn't mention that he received a disability pension after less than ten (10) years on the job or that he had some serious disciplinary issues (perhaps unresolved) when he retired.

    Let's see what happens next on all of this…

    Just like Sean Hannity of Fox News, who is giving President Obama a much-needed "Vetting" before Election Day 2012, we plan to do the same for Brooklyn's senior Republican-Conservative State Senator, Martin Golden. We believe that such a re-vetting is necessary at this stage of Golden's carrer, because a lot of people still don't know who or what Martin Golden really is, or what he really stands for.

    Just based on the Post's past coverage, up to this moment we knew that Golden, just like his State Senate colleague Diane Sorvino, was a lap-dog for the unions. But Golden's strange political meanderings aren't limited to a very liberal history with respect to union matters.

    For example, why did Golden and his Conservative Party Leader Cheif of Staff Jerry Kassar allow Golden's Liberal Democratic "Campaign Manager" Jeff Kraus to unleash an Obama-style "Class Warfare" attack in response to a mailing about several tenants' questions concerning Golden's record on tenants' issues, using a typically Democrat "attack the messenger" tactic.

    More on that shortly….

  49. GOLDEN RE-VETTING: Marty's Campaign Manager Uses Class Warfare Attack just like Barack Obama permalink
    June 14, 2012 3:36 pm

    The following is a full copy of a June 8th release by State Senator Golden’s left-wing liberal “campaign manager” Jeff Krause listed as “…Uncategorized by Marty” in response to a mailer sent out by a tenant’s group:

    Defends over a decade of service to the rights of tenants, attacks the motives of special interests groups.

    Brooklyn, NY – The Campaign of Senator Golden, (R,C, I), in response to the baseless, false, and misleading direct mail attacks lead by Tenants PAC, a Manhattan based organization, released the following statement:
    “These mailings, which are a distortion of Senator Golden’s record, are being orchestrated by the Manhattan-based Tenants PAC,” stated Campaign Manager Jeffrey Kraus. “This organization represents wealthy renters making in excess of $200,000 a year who are trying to maintain their artificially low rents in the booming Manhattan real estate market.”
    “Senator Golden has been a supporter of tenant’s rights since being elected to office in 1997. Senator Golden has voted repeatedly in favor of fair rent laws, including the most recent legislation last year to extend and strengthen the current laws. His government office has worked with tenants to organize their buildings, handled hundreds of individual Landlord Tenant cases, and works every day with non-for-profits such as Brooklyn Housing & Family Services.”
    “The tenants in Marty Golden’s district know that the Senator works for them. Multimillionaire tenants in Stuy Town and Peter Cooper village don’t need the rest of us to subsidize their summer homes in the Hamptons. That is what their Tenants PAC is all about. That’s who Andrew Gounardes cares about. After all, how many buildings has Mr. Gounardes organized in the District? How many tenants has he helped?”

    Golden’s main responses to this recent Tenants’ PAC attack were crafted by somebody who refers to himself as State Senator Golden’s “campaign manager” — Jeff Kraus. Mr. Kraus is a longtime liberal Democrat, formerly associated with Steve Solarz’ losing effort to hold onto his seat many years ago before he became Martin Golden’s permanent consultant. If Golden has indeed settled on Jeff Kraus to be his “campaign manager,” then Golden has chosen someone cut from the same cloth as the guys running Barack Obama’s campaign.

    Golden’s pit bull, Kraus, also went after Golden’s 2012 opponent, Steve Gounardes with this gem: “That is what [the] Tenants PAC is all about. That’s who Andrew Gounardes cares about. After all, how many buildings has Mr. Gounardes organized in the District? How many tenants has he helped?” Am I getting this right; Golden’s flack is going after Golden’s Democratic opponent because he WASN’T a community organizer — like Barack Obama and Golden’s pal and political ally, Marty Markowitz?

    Isn’t all this very strange coming from the campaign of someone, like Marty Golden, who calls himself a conservative Republican, and who runs on both the Republican and Conservative lines.

  50. Are Top Clinton Democrats in open rebellion against the Obama Campaign? permalink
    June 15, 2012 2:24 am

    According to; June 14, 2012: 08:15 PM by David A. Patten, it looks like the Clintons, or at least one of their closest supporters and former spokesman, says he supports President Obama, but so far not the Obama campaign, he also says that Hillary might have done better, because she had more experience.

    In an interview reported in the article “Rendell to Newsmax: Hillary Might Have Made a Better President,” former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said the following:
    “Look,” Rendell said, when asked if he ever regretted Obama’s 2008 victory over Clinton, “I think Barack Obama took the worst set of problems any American president had been given, and has done admirable. Do I think Hillary would have done as well? Sure. But she would have been encumbered with the same set of problems. Might she have done better? She had a little bit more experience. *** “Sen. Obama was a legislator all his life. Sen. Clinton had a little bit of experience in the executive branch when she was with her husband. So she might have done things a little differently, but again, with those overwhelming problems, who knows?”

    Certain Democrats outside the president’s tightly held inner circle of top advisors have complained in recent weeks that they have had little choice but to make their criticisms in public because the president’s team does not always appear to welcome outside input. However,
    Rendell said that recent statements by former President Bill Clinton and Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker, which appeared to challenge the Obama campaign’s underlying assumptions, actually will lend credibility to those who will need to support the president later in the campaign. *** “The Obama campaign sometimes takes the position that if we say anything critical we’re being disloyal. We’re not. We’re being realistic. And I think, as a result, we’re much better persuaders, much better advocates for the president’s re-election.”

    Sure they are!!! — Right???

  51. Gene and Russell not keeping up with the media -- to busy pounding something or other... permalink
    June 24, 2012 4:22 pm

    It’s time to get back to some of our favorite “…Losers” — ykw, the pair of irreplacibles, who do this, that and the other helping Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton keep his head above the water or whatever in the cesspool that they’ve made of Brooklyn GOP politics.

    It seem that they’ve been a little behind (maybe YY Monkey but certainly not Gene “RR Berardelli) with the usuall great stuff on “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog”.

    Petitioning, such a chore!!! Especially so when there is little or no real organization behind the Brooklyn GOP Organization.

    Is that all there is? Well, just keep dancing… that’s all there is…

    • Berardelli's and Gallo's and Kornbluh's Blog Radio rants seems like a pot of warm... permalink
      June 24, 2012 11:51 pm

      Last week’s Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio program was another peddling of the luke warm Kool Aid about the rising significance of Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP; except that now it’s on a Last week’s Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio program was another peddling of the warmed-over old Kool Aid about the rising significance of Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP; except that now it’s significance on a national level. Can these guys, especially Gene “RR” Berardelli, get serious about anything?

      The first thing that Gene “RR” Berardelli wanted to talk about was how his County Chairman Craig Eaton had raised the national image of the Brooklyn GOP, based upon by some random phone call from a British news correspondent, and some hate blogging metioning Eaton resulting from Eaton’s comments to the Brit reporter. In addition, according to “Reter Rotamus” Berardelli the second item showing the rising national prominence of the Brooklyn GOP was this year’s Brooklyn Lincoln Dinner, which featured presence of the five NYC GOP chairmen in the same place and a Rudy Giuliani speech making a vulgar reference to a kick to a part of the President of the United States’ anatomy. This was an item of national heft because a single media blog had commented about the inappropriateness of Giuliani’s remarks about the President. The last item was a complete misreport by Berardelli of what happened at PS-90 last Monday.

      Berardelli calls all of this just a small part of what Party Chairman Eaton calls the “Renaissance of the Brooklyn Republican Party.”

      The ugly underbelly of Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP appeared late in the program. Russell Gallo chimed in with Berardelli and of course mouthed some incomprehensible nonsense that jumbled the history, and the cause and effect of Turner’s election to Congress and the GOP takeover of the House in 2010. However, the most offensive part of the show was when Jacob Kornbluh showed up and gave his personnel views as an eyewitness to the goings on at PS-90, talking about Congressman Turner’s right to do what he did, as a US Congressman representing the PS-90 community, and the mention of an invitation by the parents of the PS-90 children. (To our knowledge Mr. Kornbluh is neither a Republican, nor a parent of anybody going to PS-90, nor a voter registered to vote in Brooklyn. Btw, Berardelli’s, Gallo’s and Kornbluh’s misreporting of what happened at PS-90 has subsequently been completely rebutted by multiple other accounts of the Turner fiasco earlier in the week at PS-90, including the Turner staff’s drumming up of children to participate in the pro-Turner event, as yet not shown to involve any parental participation or permission whatsoever.)

      In no surprise, the show closed with a rousing endorsement calling for a pro-Turner vote in next Tuesday’s Republican primary.

    • More on Gallo permalink
      June 26, 2012 11:47 am

      Russell Gallo has no team. He cannot get anyone on the ballot. That is why Senator Marty Golden and Senator David Storobin have their own people collecting signatures. When the petitions are filed, we will see who collected more signatures for their state senators.

      On a side note, Gallo is part of a certain faction of the GOP that didn’t want Storobin to win just because Storobin is a Jew.
      Proof: The non-Jewish Assembly candidates are not collecting even ONE signature for Storobin.

      • Berardelli and Gallo tweet Wendy Long to promise that they are ready to work --- NOW THAT might signal a big change, if they do the work promised permalink
        June 27, 2012 5:37 pm

        “Reter Rotamus” Berardelli and “Yo-Yo Monkey” Gallo are trying to terrorize the Wendy Long Campaign. Here’s a tweet and retweet that the double-dealing duo sent off to some “friends” in the Long camp:
        “gberardelli@gberardelli… Congratulations!@RussGallo and I are ready to go to work for you guys starting tomorrow!”


        The Wendy Long crowd needs to check out a few Republican campaigns past and look at how these two “go to work for …” conservative Republicans like Wendy Long. Just ask Michael Grimm, Bob Turner and David Storobin to see how highly they’d rate Craig Eaton’s right hand guys — Berardelli and Gallo — and the work they do on campaigns.

  52. Cheif Justice John Roberts' Decision Gives a Big Boost to the President's Re-election Effort permalink
    June 30, 2012 2:05 pm

    Make no mistake about it, the Obamacare decision by Chief Justice Roberts made a winner out of President Obama and losers out of everyone opposed to Obama and his view of America.

    CJ John Roberts’ decision to find Obamacare “Constitutional” based upon the federal government’s right to tax was corrupt in almost every sense of the word. Somebody ( individually or collectively )”got to” Roberts and sufficiently “got inside his head” to turn him around so as to line up with the so-called “Liberals” on The Court. One can only guess who and what might have been involved with all that [days before the decision, Chris Matthews was talking up Robert’s concern about the credibility of the Court and being on the wrong side historically, like the Tanney Court; Lawrence Tribe said that the John Roberts who he knew would do the right thing]. No matter, it’s a done deal — that’s it.

    The domino or butterfly effects of what to us seems like an apparent turnabout are incalculably complex. Certainly, we are in no position to make any concrete predictions, but we do feel confident enough to speak in these generalities:

    1. Barack Hussein Obama’s path to re-election has been made easier now that Obamacare has been found to be “Constitutional”; it is his signal achievement and it has passed constitutional muster [Just compare the relative impacts of these two statements; “Obamacare was illegal !” as opposed to “Obamacare was overwhelmingly approved by all three branches of government and will now be implemented to benefit all Americans.”]

    2. IF re-elected Obama will be more able to remake the Supreme Court and all the US courts into his image and likeness for a generation;

    3. Another nail has been driven into the coffin of our Federal Constitutional Democratic Republic [ Note; nobody ever removes any of those nails once they are in the old pine box]; and

    4. Our social conservative – economic conservative – libertarian side has a lot less momentum and motivation than a lot of conservative Republican commentators think; and the combination of moderate, liberal/progressive and radically left Democrats have a lot more momentum and motivation going for them than most people are talking about.

    Obama still has a slight lead over Romney in most places where it will count the most — if Roberts would have stuck with the other four who would have found Obamacare unconstitutional, that probably would have turned around by next week — now, we’ll never know.

    Let’s see how “Plan B” works…..

  53. Romany-Obama Polls: after two bad months, good news for Obama -- for Romney no traction yet permalink
    July 4, 2012 11:44 pm

    After two horrible months, President Obama is gaining in polls, both nationally and in key states. Meanwhile, team Romney is vacationing and his team is ignoring any criticism from many of its supporters.

    As we stated here a while ago, if the Romney team did not force the Obama campaign off of its Bain Capital attacks with substantive rebuttal, Obama’s media people would succeed in painting Romney as an uncaring venture capitalist who made money by destroying American jobs and outsourcing them. Guess what’s happened and is continuing unabated?

    It’s the summer and Romney has no traction. Romney is being “Swift -boated” very well by the Bain Capital stuff, and neither he nor his team gets it.

    btw, who thinks that the Romney logo that looks like the Rolls-Royce logo is a good idea ???? Nice image…..

  54. Now for something completely different ! permalink
    July 6, 2012 3:23 pm

    Coming soon to a community near you ? Municipal Bankruptcy !

    So far there have only been about a half dozen municipal (city, county, town and various independent utility commissions, school boards and the like) bankruptcy filings in the USA this year (through June 28th); that’s a very low number given these economic times. It turns out that countless communities across the country are literally getting-by paycheck to paycheck.

    Today, Scranton, Pennsylvania, though only considering Municipal Bankruptcy, announced that it has no more money (reported to have a balance of about $5,000.00 in all city accounts); and on its own, paid all Scranton’s city employees the minimum wage (regardless of job title) for the last pay period — in spite of prior pay rates. union contacts, union complaints, and an order from a court with proper jurisdiction not to unilaterally pay employees less than their contract wages or prior pay rates.

    Will a series of such local incidents, defaults and bankruptcies across the USA help or hurt the Preisdent’s re-election campaign? (You know, viv a vis his call for the federal government to come up with funds to pay for the “necessary employees” cops, firemen and teachers across the country !)

    • And Now For Something Completely, Completely Different and Totally Unbelievable permalink
      July 6, 2012 10:12 pm

      Doubt this is true. Can’t believe someone would write this crap.

      From Ripoff Report:

      Complaint Review: David Storobin, Attorney at Law

      David Storobin, Attorney at Law Dr. Jellyfinger AKA Perverted Lawyer Sick Demented Perverted Pedophile Sexual Harassment of Clients Demanding Blowjobs From Poor Women New York, New York

      Attorney David Storobin took advantage of me when I was his client about 4 years ago. I went to go see him for a divorce case after my husband was beating me and sexually abusing me for nearly 6 years. My husband even used to beat my 7 year old son, Javier. Even though I didn’t have much money, David Storobin said he would help me and take my case. When I went to go see him, he immediately closed the door behind us.

      I already began to feel very uncomfortable with the way this gross-looking Russian Jewish guy was leering at my breasts and he was licking his lips while he stared at them, and began to fumble with his pants in front of me. He asked me if I had enough money to hire his services and when I told him I only had $3000 to my name, he said “Oh it is going to cost you more than that over time,” and he said it would probably cost me more than $20,000 for the whole case, but that if I was “nice” to him, he would reduce his charges a lot. He said if I came to see him every week, on Thursday nights when his wife was not around, and gave him oral sex, he would credit my account with $300 each time.

      I was so desperate for a lawyer and was so mentally screwed up that I did agree to this, and sure enough, for nearly 8 months after that, I came to see Mr. Storobin in his law office and orally pleased him (((explicit details redacted))). The horror of being orally raped over the course of 8 months still has not left me, and all I can do is cry and weep over what happened to me, all for the sake of my divorce case and to save my little son from their monster of an abusive father. I will never forgive this man for what he has done to me, and I pray to Jesus Christ for his soul, although I know very well that he has no soul.

      • Who and what is behind the complaint to "Rip Off Report" and also why and by whom was it reposted here? permalink
        July 7, 2012 1:54 pm

        In spite of protestations that the substance of the above comment is “Totally Unbelievable” and “dobt this is true”; this has the look of a drive-by hit piece.

        As to the guts of the alleged complaint, there are ample avenues to bring complaints like this for formal investigation and discipline of th attorney. If that hasn’t been done, one has to suspect the veracity of the claim; and also to point out that what appears above is at best an unfounded rumor and at worst libel.

  55. Some Brooklyn GOP candidates may be shown up as "Losers" sonner than they think permalink
    July 14, 2012 9:43 am

    We may find out very soon how successful the Brooklyn GOP is going to be in making the Democrat Dominoes fall in Southwest Brooklyn.

    The buzz is that the Democrats are closely scrutinizing the Brooklyn GOP petitions and may well mount challenges against several candidates who have submitted very lean petitions.

    • The Real Buzz permalink
      July 15, 2012 9:58 am

      BD ran against DH, almost won with no money! Now DH has a real challenger, but DH is too egotistical to collect his own Republican petitions.

  56. Dov Hikind as "Republican Nominee" -- he calls the tune not some Republican with his hand out permalink
    July 15, 2012 10:40 am

    Neither “BD” nor any other Republican ever “almost won” (actually “BD” was a lot closer to a 2 to1 defeat) against “DH” — try to get real.

    The Brooklyn GOP decided to give DH its line — part of an on-going outsourcing of the Brooklyn GOP to certain Democrat incumbents that benefits only GOP Leader Craig Eaton and a couple of Republican office holders, State Senators Martin Golden and David Storobin. DH can do whatever he wants — he isn’t the horny dog suitor — it’s the Brooklyn GOP and its few direct beneficiaries that are.

  57. State Senator Golden is Lashed in the Press by Bill Colton for Grandstanding MTA service restoration permalink
    July 27, 2012 3:13 pm

    Marty Golden’s nasty moment directed at keeping Democrat Bill Colton away from a mike is being paid back in a very real and poignant fashion by Assemblyman Colton.

    It seems that Golden has a very bad trait in not wanting to have to share credit for anything and he also can get very snippy about it. Here Golden was trying to take all the credit by scheduling a event to announce getting service restored on the B4 bus line, when many community activists said Golden and his staff were largely AWOL during the real fight.

    Instead of taking Marty behind the woodshed about his bad manners, Bill Colton took State Senator Golden head-on in the press and so far is giving Marty a real whoopin’.

  58. David Storobin and his trip to Israel is an all-around WINNER, both for his 17th SD race and as a future Brooklyn GOP leader permalink
    August 18, 2012 11:52 pm

    In making his trip to Israel, along with his controversial visit in combat gear to a military outpost on Israel’s Syrian frontier, New York State Senator David Storobin not only created the most dynamic event by any Brooklyn GOP candidate in memory, he made sure that the media back home was kept in the loop and fully reported the event.

    There has been some carping from an obviously wounded opposition back home about firearms, IDF uniforms, civilian shoes and Snoopy-and-the-Red-Baron-style helmets that in no way detracts from David Storobin’s “Can Do” attitude, p.r. savvy and ability to deliver a politically potent punch in the gut to all of his adversaries.

    What is clear is that David Storobin, an incumbent Republican State Senator, has a kind of dynamism that is completely lacking in the rest of the current Brooklyn GOP regime of Craig Eaton. In 2013, we hope that Mr. Storobin offers himself and his brand of “Can Do” dynamism as a leadership option for the Kings County Republican Party.

    • Were Gallo and/or Berardelli involved in a hateful attack upon David Storobin's trip to Israel? permalink
      August 19, 2012 5:00 pm

      A well written post by Colin Campbell entitled, “FOREIGN ENDEAVORS – David Storobin Takes Israel” detailing some key of the elements of Republican State Senator David Storobin’s recent visit to Israel appeared in the New York Observer Politicker column on August 15, 2012.

      One of the comments in response to that post was by somebody anonymously blogging under the tag “The Big Picture” was particularly noteworthy. The anonymous comment maker took issue with the following statement attributed to State Senator Storobin: “Thank G-d for the brave men and women in the Israeli armed services that stare down this danger to protect Israel every day.”

      According to the person or persons who made “The Big Picture” post, Storobin’s visit to Israel “… is a slap in the face to Americans….anyone who votes for an American elected official based on their stance of a country that is not this one is a thug. When there are at least 5 articles on [The New York Observer Politicker site] a week concerning an American politician and Israel, I sometimes forget that I’m living in New York and instead Haifa or Tel Aviv. This is annoying and real Americans…are getting tired of this.” This clearly shows that “The Big Picture” post is essentially and intentionally a truly hateful anti-Israel, anti-Jewish rant.

      What is very interesting is that State Senator Storobin made his trip to Israel along with a non-Jewish GOP City Council member and congressional candidate, but whoever wrote “The Big Picture” post didn’t bother to comment about that non-Jewish Republican, who was essentially doing the same thing as State Senator Storobin. Based upon our own up-close experience with the Brooklyn GOP hate machine, including over a year having to deal with the Brooklyn GOP hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas,” we suspect that this hateful sludge is coming from the likes of Russell C. Gallo and/or Gene R. Berardelli.

      If this hateful material is coming from the so-called “Official” Republican team of Berardelli-Gallo, they should give the Brooklyn GOP their resignations from all Republican offices and functions, and they owe GOP State Senator Storobin a detailed apology. If Berardelli and/or Gallo are not connected to “The Big Picture” post in any way, they jointly and/or individually should clearly and unambiguously denounce the malignancy that is at the core of “The Big Picture” comment that appeared in the Politicker about four days ago.

  59. Martin Golden: Is he a "Winner" or a "Loser" when it comes to gun rights? It's time for a show of hands: First, his; then, ours ! permalink
    August 20, 2012 8:02 pm

    Where does State Senator Martin Golden stand on U.S. citizens’ “Second Amendment Rights,” on the one hand; as opposed to “Mayor Bloomberg’s Gun-Control” challenges, proposals and nanny-state rants, on the other?

    The so-called conservative Republican State Senator’s quotes that appeared in Celeste Katz’ August 20, 2012 “Daily Politics” column under the title, “Martin Golden To Democrats: Time To Get More Aggressive On Illegal-Gun Crimes” would leave any true believer in “the Constitutional right to bear arms” with serious doubts.

    In 2010 during the infamous “Micro-stamping Bill – very important phone call” episode (note it’s not really fair to call it a “VOTE” for State Senator Martin Golden, based upon his level of “participation”), Marty G showed the world that he was fully capable of glad-handing every body on all sides of the issue – until it came time for him to cast a key vote, at which time, he needed to take a very important phone call outside of the Senate Chamber.

    It’s more important than ever that New York State Conservatives and conservative Tea-publicans pin down the slippery state senator as to where he really stands on our right to defend ourselves and our liberties, and to use firearms in that aspect of self defense. Marty Golden’s usually effective hand-jobs should no longer earn him the votes of any pro-liberty, pro-gun citizens.

  60. Bob Howe shows that he's a "LOSER" by the company he keeps... and helping to spread lies about Brooklyn GOP unity permalink
    August 24, 2012 12:21 pm

    The most recent media appearance of Gene “Reter Rotamus” Berardelli was on the blog-radio show of Bay Ridge lawyer, Bob Howe, reported in a print posting on the blog, PR Web, under the banner: “New York Attorney Robert Howe Previews Republican National Convention With Brooklyn GOP Radio New York Attorney Robert Howe welcomes Gene Berardelli of Brooklyn GOP Radio to last week’s Howe’s New York to preview the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida….”

    Poor Bob Howe used to be a nice guy, now he’s using his show to showcase the lying motor-mouth of Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn Republican regime, Gene “RR” Berardelli (We just love playing Mary McCarthy to Gene Berardelli’s Lillian Hellman).

    Gene Berardelli’s biggest lies on the Bob Howe show were: 1) “Russell Gallo is running for State Assembly in southern Brooklyn in a race that is very winnable.” (Maybe, Gene B. or Bob H. can explain how, as a Republican candidate, Russell Gallo, with virtually no “earned” Jewish support, Democrat or Republican, can win in a Jewish majority district); and 2) “[T]he Republican Party [seems] to be very united approaching the Convention …” (Earth to Bob Howe and Gene Berardelli, even in this presidential election year, the Brooklyn GOP has never been more divided, nor has it ever been weaker in Bob Howe’s home EDs in Bay Ridge – it’s gotten so bad that State Senator Golden will be lucky to hold on there in 2012; several former Golden supporters who are working for the rest of the GOP ticket have already jumped Golden’s ship and are working to get more to follow).

    It is most interesting that the report of Howe’s and Berardelli’s blog-radio program and comments about the “UNITED” Brooklyn GOP and certain candidates running on the ticket like Romney, Ryan, Golden, Malliotakis and even Russell Gallo makes no mention of the re-election campaigns of incumbent Republican-Conservative office-holders, Congressman Michael Grimm and State Senator David Storobin; and the statewide Republican-Conservative candidate for the U.S. Senate Wendy Long. What these three have in common is that they have, at best, a lukewarm arms-length relationship with Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP, while all three are strongly supported by the Brooklyn Conservative Party of Gerry Kassar.

    • Where are the "Jewish voices" that used to be "allied" with Berardelli and Gallo permalink
      August 24, 2012 12:39 pm

      At breakfast this morning, I turned around a milk carton, and saw Jacob Kornbluh’s picture there with the announcement that he is “officially” missing from the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog”; “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” and the joint Republican-Conservative Storobin-Gallo ticket in the 45th AD.

    • A gem of a Russell Gallo retweet — you can’t make this stuff up permalink
      August 25, 2012 11:36 pm

      Here’s the Gallo retweet:

      “Robert Howe ?@RobertHowePC *** We previewed the @GOPconvention w/ @gberardelli of @BklynGOP Radio & learned @RussGallo is running 4 State Assembly*** //… …”

      Bob Howe seems to have just “LEARNED” that Russell Gallo was running for the NY State Assembly on or about August 23rd. This retweet exposes a real problem with Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP Executive Committee — nobody knows and nobody cares what’s happening in or to or about or with the Brooklyn GOP, the handling of the Republican line or ticket for the 2012 general elections, or the candidates running on the Republican line.

      Are there many more GOP “executive members” that haven’t learned that Russell Gallo is a candidate? For instance, have Gladys Pemberton or Craig Eaton yet “learned” that Gallo is running for the Assembly in the 45th AD in 2012?

      • a dog chasing a car permalink
        August 26, 2012 3:49 am

        Will be revealing to see what yous guys do if you ever catch it…

      • "... Who let the dogs out !!!!! Arf -- Arf -- Ruff -- Ruff !!!!! permalink
        August 26, 2012 1:03 pm

        If we can catch whats left of that wreck of a car before if goes over the cliff, we’ll pull Eaton and his menagerie out, put them in their kennel-carriers, put the cages on the ruff (get it?), get into what’s left of the old wreck of a car, see if we can turn it around and try to take the car in for a real conservative Republican overhaul. btw, we’ll drop Eaton and his menagerie at the pound where, hopefully, somebody will rescue them; if not, well it’ll be a humane end.

  61. Dogs don't chase cars very far -- so who cares? permalink
    August 26, 2012 1:24 pm

    The dog probably never catches the car. The car probably goes over the cliff, if it doesn’t break down first, in either case, everybody who stays in the car are will expire soon enough.

    If the car goes over the cliff, the dog tries to figure out what happened to the car. If the car breaks down, the dog will sniff around the wheels and fenders and bumpers. At any rate, the dog and everybody else will soon forget about the car completely.

  62. Russell C. Gallo and a new horizon in loserdom: a personality with no defined boundaries permalink
    August 27, 2012 2:24 am

    Russell Gallo has a serious personality disorder. If we had our DSM, we could better place it within the contemporary commonly accepted psychiatric- psychological diagnostic framework. Instead, we’ll use our own “man in the street” descriptions and recent media-approved political jargon references.

    The long and the short of it is that Russell C. Gallo, the Republican Candidate for Assembly from the 45th AD, doesn’t seem to really know where he begins and ends – he has no well-defined ego boundaries and gives little indication of any individual or independent ideation (okay, maybe not so “man in the street”).

    Among the most repeated evidence of all that are his “retweets,” by which Gallo , a/k/a “Yo-Yo Monkey,” tries to subsume various thoughts as his own by republishing them to the world; something like the media’s recent favorite phrase — “to own it” (as in: “There does come a time when Craig Eaton has to take what Russell Gallo does and says on his behalf, and be responsible to ‘to own it’ himself.”) Mr. Gallo’s retweets made yesterday about State Senator Martin Golden’s so called “Community Gun Bill”[sic] would be quite a powerful example, and a particularly important diagnostic marker, because these retweets seem to completely contradict what Russell Gallo more than once has called his personal commitment to the Second Amendment’s Constitutional guarantee of an individual’s right to bear arms. (Btw, yesterday, Gene “RR” Berardelli repeatedly retweeted the very same items, and has show a long pattern of doing that sort of thing alongside Russell “Y-Y M” Gallo, making us wonder if Berardelli and Gallo have some strange sort of dyad going on, like Leopold and Loeb, or Richard “Dick” Hickock and Perry Edward Smith. More on that on that concept in a future comment).

    Two recent posts in the “Brooklyn GOP Radio -Official- Show Blog” under Gallo’s by-line have crossed into another area completely.

    A very short time ago, the Yo-Yo Monkey apparently posted this, “Monday, August 27, 2012 ‘Watch Romney’s speech with us Thursday at Brooklyn GOP HQ’ By Russell Gallo” on the BGROSB strangely it contained this statement, “Republican Chairman Craig Eaton and the Officers and Members of the Brooklyn Republican Party invite you to watch Mitt Romney’s Convention Acceptance Speech with us this Thursday night at Republican Headquarters.” The strangeness of it all is that there is no attribution whatsoever to either Mr. Eaton or “the Officers and Members of the Brooklyn Republican Party.” It’s as if Russell Gallo thinks that he is free to speak on their behalf.

    The immediately prior post, also under a “Gallo” byline, starts like this , “Tuesday, August 21, 2012 ‘BROOKLYN GOP CEREMONIAL RIBBON CUTTING – 2012 CAMPAIGN HQ’ By Russell Gallo.” However, everything that follows the “Russell Gallo” byline appears to be identical to an email sent out by the Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton; in fact the post ends like this, “Craig A. Eaton *** Chairman.” Given that the post apparently was entirely an email sent by Craig Eaton, what, if anything, was “By Russell Gallo”?

    Anyone with other examples that might be illustrative of Russell Gallo’s disordered behaviors, please reach us by the well-known methods, or make them as comments here at ASIB.

  63. From the Facebook Page of Gene B permalink
    August 27, 2012 7:52 am

    Gene Berardelli

    ‎”Ryan James Girdusky bringin’ the 45th Assembly Race to the nation! Great job! Now on the substance, The Dems put up an incumbent who filed papers to run in the “49th” District, and a candidate who can’t spell. Two real winners, right? Russell Gallo is the clear choice!

    • Thanks for the Berardelli Facebook Quote permalink
      August 27, 2012 12:16 pm

      This is an excellent example of the Berardelli-Gallo dyad in action.

      The part about the “incumbent who filed papers to run in the “49th” District” is a very insider jibe that’s probably just filler. Berardeli’s tweet is obviously mainly about the widely reported Ben Akselrod “Negrohood” mailer, which is really something that both Berardelli and Gallo would love to latch onto like a pair of leaches. To them it’s the perfect political storm — without any comment or commitment, meaning without leaving any fingerprints on the public record, Reter Rotamus Berardelli and Yo-Yo Monkey Gallo think they can benefit by highlighting the racism implicit in the “negrohood” “typo”; while at the same time they can and do take a stealthy anti-semitic swipe at Mr. Akselrod.

      For some reason, this tweet didn’t make either the retweets of Berardelli or Gallo on the “Brooklyn GOP Radio -Official- Show Blog” — you must be one of Gene B’s “friends”.

  64. Simcha Felder Report: Does Felder say that growing trees should be grown in Brooklyn as an eco-plan or as an economic plan? permalink
    August 28, 2012 12:24 am

    We were working the internet looking for something “completely different” involving the Brooklyn GOP or its front line candidates, like David Storobin, when we found the following item, “FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 2012 ‘Guest Blog by “Der Shtorobiner”: What Are Your Priorities, Simcha?’ ” posted on the blog “No” [ ]. All things considered this blog and this post look like winners to us.

    Among a few other things, this what somebody who calls themselves “New Yorker” had to say about Simcha Felders eco-plans:

    “Ladies and gentleman, in these harsh economic times we start to question what is the proper function and role of the state. Can we keep spending money that we don’t have? Why are the wealthy hiding their wealth overseas? What have we done to our economic climate that makes America so unprofitable to bank and do business here? *** But what does the local Democrat Mister Felder think a good economic plan is? Has he ever thought of these questions that every one of us is asking as gas prices keep going higher and higher, as our dollar keeps being worth less and less? What great economic plan does he have? *** Well I don’t have it in front of me but if you look at his hand out campaign literature apparently the answer to all of this is growing more trees…I’m not kidding…that’s his economic plan.*** Dump Felder, folks. He’s a joke”

    Now that is something that is completely different. Maybe, “New Yorker” is somebody who works at the liberal literary political magazine of the same name (or maybe it’s y/k/w).

  65. “Arms and the Duck” or how Martin Golden and NY Times-woman Gail Collins now offer up the same gun control straw man permalink
    August 28, 2012 10:24 am

    Ultra-liberal chick Gail Collins’ August 24th Op-Ed piece in the Times was a typical strawman debating technique applied to constitutionally protected gun rights. Meanwhile, the so-called Conservative-Republican State Senator from Brooklyn’s has now proposed a series of punitive gun control laws. So ex-cop Martin Golden has shown the rest of his community that he wants to stick his ex-cop nose into the middle of that straw man debate. More than getting into the debate, as a legislative flip-flopper on gun rights, Golden has proposed very restrictive laws that get State Senator Golden deeply into the belly of that beastly straw man, much like the police sergeant played by Edward Woodward did in the once upon a time cult classic “The Wicker Man”.

    Golden’s most recent bill would establish unlimited criminal liability for an indefinite time, both into the future and into the past, for everybody in the chain of custody of a gun that’s eventually used in a crime, irrespective of the intent or even the knowledge that such crime would be committed. Golden also had already introduced many other anti-gun bills that are extremely restrictive of the ownership and transfer of guns and ammunition: increasing penalties for carrying a concealed weapon, with greater penalties for openly displaying a firearm; outlawing the use and possession of certain types of ammunition; and adding additional penalties for the possession or sale of firearms in a home where a child under 14 lives. Although there is some practical utility for law enforcement that is used to justify Golden’s proposals, the very same bills, should they become law, could easily be used to stifle or punish the appropriate exercise of the right to bear arms.

    These draconian kinds of overwhelming restrictions on gun ownership and possession make Martin Golden a “Winner” at his buddy Mayor Bloomberg’s City Hall, but makes “Losers” out of the rest of us, who want exercise all of our constitutional rights. Some liberal commentators and politicos have praised Golden’s proposed completely anti-gun legislation, while other liberal Democrats have said that Golden doesn’t intend for any of his bills to be passed. That’s par for the course with Golden-style-duplicity. However, based on Golden’s actual proposals, ie., the bills themselves, gun owners and gun ownership advocates can clearly see that State Senator Golden has completely turned on them.

    Unlike liberal opinionators, such as Gail Collins, who are merely routine annoyances, State Senator Martin Golden is now an intrinsic player in a massive existential governmental threat to gun owners, lawfully protected gun rights and those who care about citizens’ real rights everywhere.

    The NRA, other gone owners’ associations, gun clubs, individual hunters and other gun owners and all citizens who care about the constitutional right of every citizen to be armed should take note and act accordingly. That means sacrificing Golden along with destroying Gail Collin’s straw man.

    • Shelly Silver ... the biggest 2012 LOSER permalink
      September 3, 2012 6:26 pm

      The Black Democraatic Causes in the Assembly can’t wait to vote Silver out and pick a new speaker, and Brooklyn will be the number loss of Silver supporters. With 21 Assemblymembers, Silver relies on Vito Lopez and Dov Hikind to whip up the votes, but both are being challenged by the New Kings Democrats in the norht and the Republican Party in the south. Lincoln Restler will become the new powerhouse in Brooklyn, and while Dov Hikind will survive this election, the Republicans put up challenges against all of Hikind’s collegues, including two Repub licans going after Brook-Krasny.

      • There are a few Dems who want to be over-all-Brooklyn-big. One stands out above the rest. permalink
        September 3, 2012 7:45 pm

        Ever hear of Frank Seddio and the TJ Club?

  66. Gallo and Berardelli and their blogs are kind of quiet even though lots of stuff is goin' down -- especially the Brooklyn GOP permalink
    September 7, 2012 11:00 am

    It looks like there will be fewer and fewer “winners” for the Brooklyn GOP as we move along into 2012 campaign.

    Except for a bunch of infantile tweets, Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP twits, Russell “Yo-Yo Monkey” Gallo and Gene “RR” Berardelli, no longer seem to have much time for the “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” program and its “…-Official- Show Blog”.

    Eaton’s long-time Brooklyn GOP insider, Thomas A. McCarthy’s “Campaign” for the Assembly in the 46th AD is again attacking conservative Republicans before doing anything about his liberal Democratic opponent, Brook-Krasny. McCarthy and his Republican-attacking supporters have had to rush out “mail” and use the phone banks at Grimm-Golden-Malliotakis Headquarters in Bay Ridge to counter the feisty primary efforts of social values conservative Republican Lucretia Regina-Potter and her supporters from the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Club and the Brooklyn Young Republican Club.

    Meanwhile, on another front, the Conservative Party is fighting hard to stop a “raid” by Simcha Felder’s supporters, who have succeeded in opening Jerry Kassar’s Brooklyn Conservative Party to an “Opportunity to Ballot” primary. This has caused some concern, because some wags see State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ as pushing all of it for Felder. That’s a very interesting split, since on the Storobin-Felder race the Brooklyn GOP and Conservatives SEEM out of step with some of the State GOP leadership. This one needs watching all the way to November. Of course, you won’t hear much about it from Eaton, Berardelli and Gallo.

  67. Hikind ruled off the Conservative Party line; Brooklyn Conservative Leader Kassar is the big loser permalink
    September 11, 2012 2:08 am

    The Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Gerry Kassar was the big loser when long-time Democratic Party Assemblyman Dov Hikind was knocked off of Conservative Party line yesterday. For a while it looked like Kassar had his leg up on Kings Republican Chairman Craig Eaton, who earlier had his petitions for Hikind negated after formal objections to those petitions had been raised and decided at the Board of Elections.

    Since Hikind’s Conservative Party and Republican Party endorsements had been intended to help the Brooklyn GOP’s incumbent state senators Golden and Storobin, will Assemblyman Hikind’s losing both lines hurt Golden and Storobin and help their opponents, Democrats Felder and Gounardes? Only time will tell to whether any of the people running for state senate in those two districts will in any way be attributing their final “winner” and “loser” status to the removal of Hikind’s name from the GOP and Conservative lines.

  68. Bloomberg is an Un-American Ideologue who needs to be quarantined from the real Tea Party America so real Tea Party Americans can live free and flourish permalink
    September 15, 2012 4:20 pm

    If Mayor Bloomberg, the Drag-Nanny-King of the Nanny City-State of New York, really thinks that the Tea Party is ‘Very Much Like Occupy Wall Street’ not only is he mistaken, he’s blinded by an ideological cataract that is both urban-liberal and profoundly anti-nationalist un-American.

    Bloomberg’s comments, which were reported yesterday by Colin Campbell in “Politicker,” were an attack on Republicans in Congress for being influenced by the Tea Party. Such ideological claptrap, makes real Tea Party Americans champ at the bit for the political partition and exclusion of about twenty city-centered mini-states, that are just like Bloomberg’s NYC or worse, that tolerate views like Bloomberg’s and Obama’s and an apparent majority of Democrat who live in those population centers. To real Tea Party Americans those are not only distorted views of America, they are diseased and need to be quarantined from what remains of healthy Tea Party America.

    Without the diseased thinking that exists in the city-states, whose populations do nothing but pollute the real Tea Party America; the remaining Tea Party counties in about 46-48 states would flourish as a real Tea Party America, in and for real Tea Party Americans with real Tea Party American ideals.

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