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Diverting Resources from Turner, Brooklyn GOP Hunted Fellow Republicans in Primaries–With More “Atlas Hate Mailers”

September 18, 2011

"The Duke"

It’s amazing how much the focus of the Brooklyn GOP has been in eating its young and attacking its own.

We were amazed to see the gusto with which the county brazenly assailed and ultimately failed to quash a variety of local GOP candidates in the primary this month, presumably in the hope of delivering death blows to those who have refused to take orders from them. But compromising major races at the expense of exacting revenge against fellow Republicans, in the estimation of many, goes too far.

Now, we’ve recently learned from a local Brooklyn GOP source that the GOP leadership diverted resources from Bob Turner’s 9th Congressional campaign to aim their cannons at their enemies. Meanwhile, we also were told that another Atlas hate mailer was seen before the primaries.

Let’s start with the 9th Congressional.

According to a trusted Brooklyn GOP source, in the days before the election, the Turner campaign asked Chairman Eaton for a list of specific names of people to help during the election and their availability. After repeated requests, Eaton apparently did not provide this list.

One can assume that it was because the number of names would have been embarrassingly low for a Chairman claiming to be “leading” the effort in Brooklyn for Turner.

Turner campaign figures were apparently furious over how out of touch the so-called “Duke of Bay Ridge” was in one of the most pressing races since Michael Grimm‘s 2010 Congressional run (where Eaton’s commitment to the race was similarly questioned by insiders).

Nevertheless, after providing seemingly scant resources, Eaton alone seemed to be proud to carry a microphone and shout at people on the street to vote with his usual caustic charm. We find it amusing how alone His Grace appears on the Turner bus, without a posse of cronies or even the familiar Sen. Marty Golden at his side.


So what exactly was the county doing with their time and resources–what few they have?

Well, for one, we learned about the pathetic mailing they did against Lucretia Regina-Potter, literally lying (not even telling half-truths, just outright falsehoods) about her and attempting to link us with her.

Alright, that was bad enough, and we knew there was bad blood there. But then, this floated our way:



The individual referenced is Mr. Glenn Nocera, the current President of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, who was running for county committee. Once again, the county engages in a fishing expedition–yielding no fish. Mr. Nocera is not and never has been a writer for our blog.

We’re asking around to see if there were more of these mailers sent out.

One person commented on our blog, “Who cares about a stupid county committee primary?” The answer is apparently the Bay Ridge Cabal, who must have outsourced a great deal of fellow GOP blood money to finance these mailers (ask around–Gerry O’Brien isn’t cheap, even if his attacks are).

Meanwhile, a congressional candidate and his campaign are rushing to do what they need to do to win victory for their race–aided only by Chairman Eaton’s infamous sweetness and pretty face…

It also baffles me and my colleagues at how base and low the party is in using this blog as a launchpad (albeit and unsuccessful one) to for their attacks on internal reformers and disenchanted Republicans, likely displeased with the Chairman’s lack of leadership and ridiculously bad spending policies.

It just goes to show you how everyday citizens such as yourself can have an influence and share your voice with the community–and the lengths the establishment will go to try and stop you.

(P.S. It’s great to be back!)

  1. kudos permalink
    September 18, 2011 12:03 pm

    Nice piece Dagny and so accurate. The video shows Eaton in all his glory and all he ever wanted- to have a microphone and to be (seemingly) center stage on the bus. Meanwhile, as we can see he couldn’t even round up brooklyn GOP volunteers to be on the bus with him! Its like they gave eaton something to do on the bus to give him something to do and keep him out of the way while the real players who were calling the shots were somewhere else.. I just saw that several newspapers are coming out with a list of key people and “winners” in the turner victory and not one has craig eaton. I see eric ulrich and even jerry kassar, which has to have craig going nuts…

  2. Tom C. permalink
    September 18, 2011 2:45 pm

    Is it me or is Eatons blog literally and figuratively the only place in NYC stating that Eaton had anything at all with the Turner victory??? Seems like anyone with any ounce of objectivity know Eaton had no role.

  3. Marcus permalink
    September 18, 2011 3:13 pm

    Dagny! I missed you and the other ASIB writers!

    So great to have ASIB back in the arena, proactive and brilliant as ever!

    Keep fighting the good fight! Cheers and best wishes!


  4. Is Eaton really a duke? permalink
    September 18, 2011 5:40 pm

    It looks like Craig Eaton is not “The Duke” after all; he’s “The Dufe” or “The Dufer” or “The Doof”. Maybe he’s not “The…” anything at all; maybe he’s just “a doofus” or “a duffus”.

  5. Firmly planted where the sun doesn't shine... permalink
    September 19, 2011 11:40 pm

    Most of the comments to TJIUA’s September 18th post “Overwhelming Brooklyn Victory For Congressman Bob Turner And Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton Exposes Vulnerable Brooklyn Democrats.” are addressed to comments on other blogs about Jerry Kassar or various Republican insurgents. That’s really shows where the Brooklyn GOP’s head is at right now.

  6. Will "Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead" be a Grimm song soon? permalink
    September 20, 2011 7:17 pm

    Somebody posting on the political blog, “Room Eight” made the following provocative inquiry, “Did Congressman Grimm take sides [with Eaton] in the 49th AD and elsewhere?”

    The post went on, “Right now, a question being asked with some determination is, ‘Did Michael Grimm step on his own [DING] or a [DONG] belonging to somebody else?’ It seems that somebody [aligned] with the Brooklyn GOP leadership put out the word that Michael Grimm was supporting various candidates running against key Fiorello LaGuardia Club members in the 49th AD and elsewhere.”

    The item seemed to become circumspect positing, “[I]t’s possible that [freshman Congressman Grimm] did not foolishly take sides in the Brooklyn GOP infighting.” However it finished demanding what looks like an blood sacrifice by the Congressman to buy his peace in 2012: “The water-boarding should start with 46th AD Leader Clorinda Annarumo.”

    That would be a small price to pay for such a major offense by or on behalf of the Congressman.

  7. Wasted resources lead to a lack-luster show[ing] at County Committee for Eaton permalink
    September 26, 2011 11:56 pm

    The “Hate Mailer” crew can try to explain the logic in this “…Jig is UP Atlas” headline: “Breaking News: Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton Overwhelmingly Wins Third Term Continuing Turner Momentum!!!” Turner didn’t contribute to Eaton’s win and Eaton certainly didn’t make any difference on September 13th in Turner’s win in Brooklyn. The dishonest headline is a only slight variation on the worn out Brooklyn GOP and “…Jig is Up Atlas” BIG LIE about Eaton’s and the Brooklyn GOP’s contributions to Turner from almost two weeks ago.

    First, let’s get this straight, once and for all. Turner’s win in the Brooklyn part of his congressional district was all about Jews – Russian Jews and various sects of Orthodox Jews – Eaton ain’t neither of those and Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP carries next to no weight with them either.

    Second, “the rejuvenated Kings County Republican Party which is now the strongest it has ever been thanks to the efforts of Chairman Craig Eaton” is an absolutely chimerical concoction. Anybody can do the maths. A vote of “909 to 72” adds up to fewer than a thousand votes and proxies. That is a super-pathetic County Committee vote for any county organization of either major party. What’s even worse, the total County Committee attendance in-house last night at Prospect Hall was intimately closer to one hundred (100) than the somewhat less than one thousand (1000) votes cast.

    Four years ago, right after Craig Eaton first was made County Leader, he was present at a Republican Judicial Convention that had almost as many delegates at the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club as last night’s convention at Prospect Hall. Last night, Hy Singer said that even his and Gladys Pemeberton’s Republican Club had better attendance at its meetings at the yacht club than what turned out for this year’s County Committee.

    Those kinds of numbers just don’t show any momentum or rejuvenation,Jig.

  8. TJIUA diverts attention from shortcomings of Brooklyn GOP Convention permalink
    September 27, 2011 8:40 pm

    That catastrophic [mis-]“communications” creation of the Brooklyn GOP leadership, “The Jig is Up Atlas” is using its soapbox to distract everybody from some very serious shortcomings that happened at the 2011 Convention of the Kings County Republican County Committee last night at Prospect Hall.

    To start with, the Brooklyn GOP County Committee Convention for 2011 was conducted by a gathering of the “newly elected” County Committee that was only “provisionally certified” by the Board of Elections. That fact was prominently announced early in the formalities. What was not similarly announced was that if such a gathering chose to conduct business, it would make the officers elected, only “provisional officers.” Thus, the person elected chairman, Craig Eaton, was rendered only the “Provisional Chairman of the Kings County Republican Party”.

    Apart from all of that, one very important element of the normal order of business was left undone, or at very best left incomplete, at the Kings County Republican Party Convention of the provisionally “newly elected” County Committee. The report of the prior existing Treasurer of the Kings County Republican Party, Thomas A. McCarthy, was very suspiciously not made. When asked to make such report, Mr. McCarthy tersely stated that he was unable to do so, without further public explanation. So instead of making the required formal Treasurer’s report openly to all the provisionally “newly elected” members of the Republican County Committee, provisional party boss Craig Eaton chose to have that Treasurer’s report be made behind closed doors at an upcoming meeting of Eaton’s Provisional Executive Committee, several of whose members were recently handpicked by Provisional Chairman Eaton and ratified by the Provisional County Committee. [It needs to be noted that no report was made as to how the KCRP allocated its financial resources during the recent primary and special elections – especially with respect to hate mailers in certain ADs and suspicious donations to the Turner Campaign.]

    With Thomas A. McCarthy’s financial background, where he no doubt has to qualify for O & D insurance, one would have expected that he would know what is required and be faithful to his duties as an Officer and Treasurer of an unincorporated organization like the Brooklyn GOP. Mr. McCarthy is a Cathedral Club insider and one of the Bay Ridge Cabal that is now running the Brooklyn GOP on behalf the Provisional Chairman, another elected official and probably a leadership group involved with other political parties in Brooklyn. Mr. McCarthy would be well advised to quickly learn what his formal duties and obligations as Brooklyn GOP Treasurer include, in the event he is called upon to account for the expenditure of GOP funds and events occurring during his tenure as GOP Treasurer.

  9. Usual boilerplate rap from County GOP peddled as "Blueprint for....?" permalink
    September 29, 2011 10:53 pm

    TJIUA’s Thursday, September 29, 2011, post: “Brooklyn Congressman Bob Turner Victory Provides Blueprint For Key Races In Brooklyn And Queens In 2012.” couldn’t be more dissembled on the facts and wrong headed it its analysis unless it predicted that all the Democratic incumbents elected in 2010 and running in new Brooklyn districts in 2012 were about to become Republicans and kiss Craig Eaton’s pathetic ass[embled Executive Committee].

    Based upon what the Brooklyn GOP is communicating through its most vociferous outlet, “The Jig is Up…” it’s clear to this observer that the Brooklyn GOP neither understands how and why Bob Turner carried the Brooklyn part of his district, nor why he was able to win in the whole of the 9th CD in 2011. Except for Gene Berardelli (adding “County Law Chairman” to his prior blogging duties), these Brooklyn GOP buffalloons couldn’t tell the difference between a blueprint for victory and a Blue Plate Special (BBB clearly having expertise only with the latter).

  10. After the convention did “Provisional” Republican Chairman Eaton add more than 10% to his own vote? permalink
    October 9, 2011 11:32 pm

    Contradictory reports of the vote totals have put Eaton’s election under a permanent cloud of doubt.

    On September 27, 2011 “ Website of the Kings County Republican County Committee” made some interesting claims about the elections held at the 2011 Kings County Republican County Committee. According to somebody playfully hyped as “Uncle Abe” [NOTE: They dared not try to use “HONEST ABE”]: “On the heels of his stunning success in electing Bob Turner to Congress, Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton was elected to a third term by a vote of approximately 1,050 to 72.”

    Can they be serious “APPROXIMATELY”!!!

    Why were we still being given approximations after the close of the convention; whose approximations were we dealing with; and are there ANY RELIABLE NUMBERS coming out of the Brooklyn GOP?

    As a point of reference, the first report by “AAA” at “The Jig is Up Atlas” was: “… this reform minded commentator has received word the greatest Republican Party Chairman who has ever lived, Kings County Republican Party Chairman, the “Immortal” Craig A. Eaton overwhelmingly won a third term by a 909 to 72 margin….”

    Isn’t it strange that a day after being chided here for not having reached a total vote of a thousand, for and against; low and behold, Eaton’s numbers-crunchers come up with over a hundred forty-one (141) new votes for the Provisional One.

  11. DDiverting more resources, Brooklyn GOP blog again republishes something it had earlier called “Anti-Catholic” permalink
    October 11, 2011 11:46 pm

    The Kings County Republican Party hate blog, “The Jig is UP Atlas,” on Monday, October 10, 2011 posted something called “Vincent Gentile’s Anti-Virgin Mary.” by “AAA”. Contained therein is an image that Craig Eaton’s media mavens have often described as “Anti-Catholic” and “sacrilegious.”

    In spite of claiming some sort of moral outrage over the image, which “The Jig is Up Atlas” sees as a depiction of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that Republican hate blog doesn’t hesitate to publish and republish it, whenever they think they can make political hay or get any kind of mileage out of it.

    If TJIUA were to be sincere (Gagging sound!!!) about the image being one of the BVM, even as allegedly profaned by the artist who created it, they would be hard pressed to excuse the repeated cynical use of it for cheap political advantage, since of those re-publications would be a new sacrilege all its own.
    It’s clear that there are those high in the Brooklyn GOP regime who are simply uncaring of real religious sensibilities be they those of Orthodox Jewish people or traditional Catholics. Their lack of caring and disdain for religion generally has been manifest for over a year and a half in the posts and comments in the Brooklyn GOP hate blog.

  12. Duke Eaton quotes papers calling him "King" and quoting his releases... PATHETIC! permalink
    October 16, 2011 2:24 pm

    The Brooklyn GOP’s talking point for Sunday, October 16, 2011 involves “Brooklyn And Staten Island Newspapers Cover[ing] Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton’s Historic, Record-Breaking Re-Election!!!!” according to the Brooklyn GOP hate blog’s main mush-mouth mugger “AAA.”

    It’s very clear that the questions raised about the provisional election of a provisional chairman by a provisional county committee have caused the Kings County GOP Leadership under Craig Eaton to be very nervous; and he has obviously sought legitimacy wherever he can find it.

    In this instance, Eaton and his regime are trying to get some “Street Cred” from the echo chamber of two limited circulation County-based newspapers. These papers, neither of which covered the Brooklyn GOP convention with live reporters, both made qualified and brief mentions of the election of Eaton (Compare that to the wide-ranging hype following his intitial selection in 2007).

    Both papers clearly indicated that any information was from the Brooklyn GOP as its source; one stating it outright, and the other obviously directly quoting the Brooklyn GOP by giving its result as “by a vote of approximately 1,050 to 72…” [See the comment about the changing convention tallies above]

    We have mentioned here in the past why those numbers are unreliable at best, and completely bogus, at the worst. Rather than being any claim for credit or distinction, they are actually a testament of the folly and shame of the Brooklyn GOP leadership, now in place over four years.

    We do have one unequivocal disagreement with the “SI Live” report and particularly its headline — Eaton is certainly no King of Brooklyn; as “Provisional Chairman” of the Kings County Republican Committee, he’s lucky some still call him the “Duke of Bay Ridge.”

  13. Another diversion from Bob Turner by Eaton's blogger-pettifoggers permalink
    October 25, 2011 8:45 pm

    “The Jig is Up Atlas” October 24, 2011 post “Congressman Bob Turner Turns His Back On Judge and the RINOs In Favor of the Real Brooklyn Young Republicans” was very interesting…. “Rumor has it…. the meeting was it held somewhere in East Queens? “Rumor has it… that the TJIUA post was a recycling of an Official Broooklyn YRs photo from July 2011…(another item of proof that its all a single enterprise of the KCRP Executive Committee).

    “Rumor has it… that Russell Gallo and Gene Berardelli are getting more mileage out of Congressman Bob Turner than candidate Bob Turner ever got out of them…

    “Rumor has it….” that there hardly are any Official Brooklyn YRs worth talking about, we’ll see how many will show up tomorrow night… at the “Victory Center”

    BTW, “Rumor has it… that the intended “Victory” of the “Victory Center” was it the 2010 primary triumph of Michael Allegretti over Michael Grimm?

  14. Craig Eaton 'n Marty Golden are now denounced as ANTI-CATHOLIC and ANTI-VIRGIN MARY permalink
    October 27, 2011 8:56 pm

    See the man in the picture above called “The Duke”. That’s Craig Eaton.

    His Brooklyn Republican hate blog has repeatedly re-published what theythemselves have indicated is a sacrilegious, anti-Catholic and anti-Virgin Mary representation. One can only conclude that they are willfully being sacrilegious, anti-Catholic and anti-Virgin Mary by the repeated republications of the image.

    Becuase of his continued aid and support of the viciously anti-Catholic, anti-Virgin Mary hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas” we now feel free to say: “CRAIG EATON IS VICIOUSLY ANTI-CATHOLIC and ANTI-VIRGIN MARY”.

    In addition, State Senator Martin Golden is one of the principle beneficiaries of “The Jig is Up Atlas” and has not denounced it, in spite of its clearly being a self-indicted sacrilegious, Anti-Catholic and Anti-ViIrgin Mary extension of the Brooklyn Republican Party. As a result we now feel free to say: “MARTY GOLDEN IS VICIOUSLY ANTI-CATHOLIC and ANTI-VIRGIN MARY”.

  15. Craig Eaton "Doubles-Down" on Anti-Catholic, Anti-Virgin Mary attacks on Democrat permalink
    October 28, 2011 3:06 pm

    Based on Friday’s posts in “The Jig is Up Atlas” denouncing a potential Democratic challenger to State Senator Martin Golden, Republican Chairman Craig Eaton has chosen “Doubled-Down” on the Golden-Eaton Anti-Catholic, Anti-Virgin Mary strategy of attacking their political opponents.

    • Craig Eaton has chosen [TO] "Doubles-Down" on Anti-Catholic, Anti-Virgin Mary attacks permalink
      October 28, 2011 3:09 pm

      CORRECTION: “Craig Eaton has chosen [TO] “Doubled-Down” on the Golden-Eaton Anti-Catholic, Anti-Virgin Mary strategy of attacking their political opponents.”

  16. Did Eaton try diverting NYPD resources to his own block permalink
    November 13, 2011 1:11 am

    Is Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton getting even more paranoid?

    Word has it that Eaton recently spoke to Captain Richard de Blasio, Commander of the 68th Precinct, seeking additional police protection by his home on Harbor View Terrace. What would that be all about? AND…why wouldn’t Chairman Eaton work through his good buddy GOP State Senator Martin Golden, who lives not far from Eaton by the corner of HVT?

  17. Glenn P. Nocera permalink
    December 7, 2011 1:32 am

    Despite the county’s best efforts of trying to unseat me from my County Committee seat that I held since 1995, I am pleased to announce that I won my race 23-1, and my Sister Donna Nocera who was also part of those hate mailer won 20-1. I guess evil doesn’t always win in Brooklyn.

  18. Brooklyn GOP Still Diverting Resources Hunting Republicans Instead Of Trying to Elect One permalink
    February 18, 2012 9:27 pm

    Diverting its attention from the David Storobin Campaign, Craig Eaton’s few operatives in the Brooklyn GOP are again hunting fellow Republicans instead of pursuing or even defending their proclaimed strategy to win the Special Election in the 27th Senatorial District for Republican Candidate David Storobin.

    Yet again, as stated here by Dagny Taggart in September, 2011, “It’s amazing how much the focus of the Brooklyn GOP has been in eating its young and attacking its own.” For the most recent example, see the comments following Hunter Walker’s February 15th post on Politicker, “Plan of Attack — The Brooklyn GOP’s Strategy For a Storobin Victory”

    Preferentially attacking it own, the Brooklyn GOP is essentially eating their current candidate David Storobin.

  19. Whose side are Eaton's guys really on in the 27th S.D. race? permalink
    February 21, 2012 12:22 pm

    It looks like at least one of the usual suspects among the Eaton Regime is hoping to feast on some of his Russian and Jewish Republican buddies. With the Storobin Campaign staggering from some real body blows and self-inflicted wounds (see Liz Benjamin’s
    “Shakeup In Storobin Campaign”), the chatter from one of Eaton’s big guns makes one wonder why they even pretend to be on Storobin’s side.

    • Is Eaton's Crew Still Diverting GOP Resources Hunting GOP Independents ? permalink
      May 29, 2012 3:02 pm

      You can’t do a worse job diverting resources than throwing away a New York State Senate Seat in Brooklyn in pursuit of a vendetta.

      On May 25, 2012, in all likelihood one of Craig Eaton’s usual suspects anonymously made something very public in a comment entitled “Hayon’s Flavor of Tea” to Chris Braggs May 24th post “Brooklyn Tea Party Backs Maragos Over …Turner” in “City and State.”

      The comment maker said that “…Joseph Hayon conspired to commit [sic] voter fraud in the March 20th Special Election… (that’s the Storobin-Fidler election, which has probably been won by Republican David Storobin). This is a crime and all available information has been forwarded to the Brooklyn DA.”

      “Conspired” with whom and for what purpose? Doesn’t the “Hayon’s Flavor of Tea” commentator see this comment is nothing but a driveby shooting, implicating David Storobin and the rest of the Storobin Team along with Joseph Hayon?

      So the point isn’t missed, the author of “Hayon’s Flavor of Tea” gets very specific as to what his post is all about, “I am told that there is conclusive evidence showing that Hayon had in his possession dozens of absentee ballots that were for Lew Fidler and failed to turn them into the Board of Elections….” Told by whom? If the claim is factual, it’s based upon something that would be known only by one of Hayon’s co-conspirators or their legal counsel in/with the Storobin legal team.

      This is a very interesting thing to make public at this stage of the Storobin-Fidler recount…

      If all of this is false, this would appear to be an intrinsically horrible libelous claim made directly against Hayon. If all or a substantial part of it is true, then this is exactly what Fidler’s team had claimed and was trying to prove in front of Justice Martin as one of the main parts of its case, and its target would clearly be none other than David Storobin, himself.

      Question — Who among Bob Turner’s supporters for the Republican nomination for th U.S. Senate is willing to throw Republican David Storobin and his probable election to the New York State Senate under the bus solely in order to get at Joseph Hayon for endorsing Maragos?

      • Oops! There it is... Nachman Caller moves forward in the new state senate district permalink
        May 29, 2012 9:45 pm

        The rug looks like it might be being pulled on David Storobin… and Storobin’s ally Joseph Hayon simultaneously….

        Then there’s a news pop-up about Nachman Caller by Chris Bragg, “NACHMAN CALLER MOVES AHEAD WITH CAMPAIGN.” in the 5/29/12 “City and State.”

        Coincidence? Hmmm!

      • Guilt By Association permalink
        May 29, 2012 11:42 pm

        Rumors are swirling in eastern Brooklyn that Conservative Party Chairman Gerald Kassar will be in a tight spot in the next few days.

        Brooklyn Tea Party President and true conservative Joseph Hayon, who was instrumental in delivering wins for both Congressman Bob Turner (R-C) and State Senator David Storobin (R-C), has moved into the 41st Assembly District to run for State Assembly. While he is likely to receive the Republican line in November’s election it remains unclear as to whether Kassar will back Hayon after his recent endorsement of George Maragos.

        If Kassar runs his own candidate while Hayon runs on the Republican line this could signal a fractured alliance between Conservatives and Republicans in the Jewish community.

        Kassar needs to endorse Hayon immediately.

      • Lots of games, lots of games permalink
        May 30, 2012 9:35 am

        Welcome aboard.

        Excellent analysis of what might be at stake for all these players…
        if Hayon were indeed running in the 41st A.D.

        Except for the Jewish Community part, why isn’t the same thing true about Peter Cipriano in the 47th A.D.?

      • Deal Breaker permalink
        May 30, 2012 10:40 am

        My sources tell me that there is no one running in the 47th AD on the republican line. Gallo and Carbo have made a deal with Assemblyman Colton.

    • Why should that mean anything to Cipriano? permalink
      May 30, 2012 1:14 pm

      …besides, why would Gallo make any deals with Colton? Gallo supposedly wants to run in the 45th against Cymbrowitz or Adelman — but he really isn’t the right Republican fit for that district…

      • WTF? permalink
        May 30, 2012 5:07 pm

        Hot off the presses, the 45th Assembly District candidate is a republican WOMAN!

        I didn’t catch her name but my sources tell me that she wooed the crowd at the republican meeting the other night.

        More to come I’m sure.

      • Ms. Yana Slavinsky.... permalink
        June 1, 2012 9:39 pm

        Young professional woman (Pharmacist)…..

        Not the best candidate opposing Cymbrowitz….

        New to the neighborhood….

        New to politics….

        Unlikely to win in November 2012….

    • Marty Golden throwing another "something for nothing" bash, just using different "Rubber Chicken" permalink
      May 31, 2012 11:48 am

      This evening some chicks (or are they fledgling Valkyries) will be coming home to roost at State Senator Martin Golden’s “free rally” (drummed up for weeks by robo-calls and other bells and whistles) at Gargiullo’s in Coney Island.

      Why there? Why now?

      Even though Marty Golden has cut out some anti-Golden territory in the northwest corner of his district (for the first time splitting a part of Bay Ridge away from the rest, which remained in “MARTY’S” state senate district — including one of the corners near where Golden once lived, which was prominent in a photograph used during his 2010 run) he’s still not secure in a lot of Southwest Brooklyn, because of current and past infighting in the Brooklyn GOP (eg., just last night, GOP Chairman Craig Eaton kissed off about 500 potential “Golden” signatures that simply can’t be made up elsewhere). So, since State Senator Martin Golden can’t rely on Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP for signatures, he’ll has to cobble together a “volunteer” effort to be sure of getting enough Republican signatures to withstand a possible legal challenge by some sharks who are actually out to get him.

      Because some of the Republicans in the newly added Southwest Brooklyn communities in “MARTY’S” new state senate district are also miffed that they were cut-out from their respective “Russian” and “Orthodox Jewish” neighbors just to be added to the Marty Golden “Republican” base, Golden needs to do some work there. But that’s not what Golden is doing tonight, because Garguillo’s isn’t really the right place to be wooing Frum Jews and Russian Republicans who feel isolated from their compatriots. Golden is trying to shepherd his own Irish and Italian base which is getting smaller and smaller, and frankly getting a just little tired of “MARTY.”

      The buzz is that there is a little blood in the water and some people think it’s Marty Golden’s.

  20. "RR" Berardelli's Gas Bag "Blog Radio and Radio Blog" is So big --- it's "part of a larger tapestry " permalink
    May 30, 2012 1:57 pm

    According to Gene “RR” Berardelli, “ …. BlogBash was an awakening for me – Brooklyn GOP Radio is part of a larger tapestry of a conservative movement with a mission of spreading conservatism and the ideals we share in order to put our nation back on the right path….” (What a bloviating gas bag! The guy is more full of hot air than Peter Potamus’ balloon).
    This is the gist of the BLOGWASH in Berardelli’s 5/29/12 “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” post — “Bloggers United: The Story Behind #BrettKimberlin — WHO IS BRETT KIMBERLIN ?” There are some nasty goings on in the nerdworld inhabited by the likes of Berardelli and his fellow “Republican?” cybergeek geeks (that’s geek-squared) — THAT’S IT. One suspects that “RR” Berardelli believes that with that info, the Brooklyn GOP can go out and “… put our nation back on the right path….”

    This brings up a very important question. What good do things like “RR” Berardelli’s trip to C-PAC and going to something for nerds called “Bblogbash,” and his post about “Brett Kimberlin” do for the Brooklyn GOP, and the rest of the Republican and conservative-minded voters in Brooklyn? And more important, who’s paying for all of this crap?

    Is these yet more examples of the “diverted” (in actuality “SQUANDERED”) resources of the Brooklyn GOP under Kings County Republican Party Chairman Craig Eaton? For all of their nonsense about The New York State Young Republicans, C-PAC Conventions, Blogbashes and Kornbluh’s very special interest rants, Berardelli and his blogtalk radio show, and his little vanity blog, “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” generally have very little new or interesting to say about Republicans and the Republican Party, nationally, and almost nothing useful to say about Republicans and the Republican Party in Brooklyn, in particular.

    In this election year of 2012, why no mention of any serious new GOP candidates for public office in Brooklyn? In spite of repeatedly mouthing-off about the GOP’s increasing competitiveness, when has Berardelli’s “Brooklyn GOP Radio” or its “… -Official – Show Blog” hyped any Brooklyn GOP candidate for the assembly? Other than Marty Golden and David Storobin, have they mentioned any Brooklyn GOP candidates for the state senate? Other than Grimm (a Staten Island Republican) who are the people that the Brooklyn GOP have running for congress?

    The reason that there’s been no mention of any serious new GOP candidates for public office in Brooklyn is that there are more independent GOP and Conservative Party supported Republican candidates out there than there are coming out of Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP establishment — and Gallo, Berardelli and Eaton (and even Kornbluh we hear) don’t want to buildup any such candidates. That might detract from the Brooklyn GOP Radio message that………??????

  21. Hayon race will rip lots of scabs off lots of old wounds and make a few new cuts too. permalink
    June 1, 2012 8:43 pm

    According to a report in the “Orthodox Pundit,” Joseph Hayon is pushing back on the Brooklyn Republicans and Conservatives at the same time that he pushes forward with his Independent Republican run for the assembly in the 41st AD. According to the “OP” report, both the Republicans and the Conservatives are retaliating against Hayon for the Brooklyn Tea Party’s endorsement of Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos for the GOP primary for the US Senate slot against Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillebrand. Hayon says that he expects a primary from Republican County lawyer and official blogger, Gene Berardelli, a key operative of Brooklyn Chairman Craig Eaton. However, quite oddly, Hayon seems to want to isolate Eaton from the efforts to retaliate against him.

    Strangely, the “Orthodox Pundit” refers readers here to “ASIB.” We don’t have much to add to what’s written above, but here goes:

    First and foremost, it is expected that Berardelli, who is all blubber and no guts, will pull his hat out of any primary race that he might lose to Hayon.

    The prospect of this 41st AD primary is happening because of the broken promises of support and the withdrawal of the personal assurances to Hayon by the Chairmen of the Brooklyn Republican and Conservative Parties, who worked together on their overnight two-pronged attack on Hayon, regardless of what Hayon might have to say about Eaton’s non-involvement.

    It needs to be pointed out that In Brooklyn, the Wendy Long supporters have no big problem with the Bob Turner supporters; and the Bob Turner supporters have no big problem with the Wendy Long supporters. On ther other hand both the Bob Turner supporters and the Wendy Long supporters have a very big – almost phobic – reaction to any Brooklyn GOP support for George Maragos. That’s a very strange phenomenon

    The turn around against Hayon was as vicious as it was sudden, and it bespeaks some of the very deep ethnic hostilities that were the hallmark of the early Storobin-Fidler campaign, and some very infantile taunting by Turner supporters named “Gallo” and “Kornbluh.”

    Early on, some people in Brooklyn were very surprised at Congressman Bob Turner’s last minute entry into the U.S. Senate race, as well as the rapid lockstep endorsements by GOP County Chairman Eaton and by Republican State Senator Martin Golden from Bay Ridge and other Brooklyn neighborhoods running from Bensonhurst into Marine Park. This had the distinct look of a block-Maragos move, because Marty Golden is so intimately intertwined with Wendy Long supporters, State Conservative Chairman Mike Long and Brooklyn Conservative Chairman Gerry Kassar, who is also Golden’s Chief of Staff.

    Unable to untangle these twists, some Bay Ridgeites are of the opinion that the two-pronged attack on Greek Republican George Maragos is a possible “payback” to certain Greek activists for their early financial support of compatriot Steve Gounardes, a Democrat who is running against Golden.

    Anybody whose focus is on who has problems with Hayon, is looking through the telescope backwards — we think the clearer focus will be by those who focus is on those with whom Hayon has real problems.

    • Twitters and Tweets by Nit-wits and Twits! Is that a confirmation for Berardelli "On the record..." ? permalink
      June 3, 2012 5:21 pm

      … and would all this be “for the record”?

      From: “Follow Russell on Twitter! – Russell Gallo – RUSS GALLO” @ “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog”:

      (Exhibit “A” ) “jacobkornbluh Heard that @gberardelli “doesn’t deny nor confirm” Assembly run in #AD41 #Brooklyn 17 hours ago…” ;

      (Exhibit “B” ) “RussGallo @RussOnPolitics all districts in southern #Brooklyn are fair game. Bring it on! 16 hours ago…” ;

      (Exhibit “C” ) “RussGallo @josephhayon facing a stiff challenger in 41st AD. @gberardelli gonna crush him like a pepsi can…. 16 hours ago…”

      Before we confirm that Gene “RR” Berardelli is running for the assembly in the 41st AD, based upon his little pal Russ “Yo-Yo Monkey” Gallo’s smack-talkin’ tweets with “The jacob Kornbluh,” we have just one question:
      Do the “adults” in the Brooklyn GOP know what you’re doing? Isn’t this “Big Tony T – the Wheelman’s” call? HAVE THE “WHEELMAN” AND THE “ROUNDMAN” ( Gene “Really Roundman” Berardelli) HAD THEIR “SIT-DOWN” YET ? ? ? HAS THE “WHEELMAN” DEMANDED “PERSONAL LOYALTY” FROM THE “ROUNDMAN” ? ? ? (We’ll be sure that question will be asked over, and over, and over again during this primary campaign — if there is one, of course.) Or will the formality of “personal loyalty” to the 41st AD leadership be dispensed with for Gene “Really Roundman Reter Rotamus” Berardelli?

      — No matter, though, the 2012 precedent for the 41st AD is that promises don’t count with the nitwits and twits running the Brooklyn GOP.

      • Gallo and Berardelli can't crush any cans, least of all Pepsi cans permalink
        June 4, 2012 1:34 pm

        Gallo and Berardelli couldn’t and didn’t elect any congressman or state senator except as very junior players with most of the work coming from the candidates themselves Conservative Party members and independent Republicans. They certainly haven’t helped elect a single assembly person in any Brooklyn-only district or even succeded in carrying the Brooklyn part of any assembly seat. As candidates on their own, Gene “RR” Berardelli and Russell “Yo-Yo Monkey” Gallo have been complete failures.

        They can’t even crush a “Tomato Can” (and only partially succeeded with the main work done by Peter Cipriano and Karen Fischer [the new leadership team in the 47th AD] — so what makes them think that they can crush Joseph Hayon like a Pepsi can?

      • West Side Republican permalink
        June 4, 2012 3:37 pm

        Can’t wait till Gallo and Carbo get the boot. Peter and Karen are young and energetic leaders.

        Not only will they lead the Republican Party in the 47th AD but they have the full and complete support of the Brooklyn Conservative Party lead by Chairman Gerard Kassar.

        I even heard that Peter Cipriano and Karen Fischer were instrumental during the Storobin recount and have earned a special place on his team.

        Craig EATON’s days are numbered.

    • Gene "RR" Berardelli -- All sound and fury signifying nothing -- or as we said "...Berardelli, who is all blubber and no guts, will pull his hat out of any primary race that he might lose to Hayon." permalink
      June 4, 2012 4:16 pm

      As we predicted, Gene Berardelli’s knees are buckling as we “speak”. Or have they already buckled completely?

      Look in on this “conversation” between “Gene” and some guy named, Jonathan Victor:

      Gberardelli@gberardelli – “I have the best friends in the world! But sorry, I have no desire to run for any public office, let alone a near-unwinnable district.” 6/4/12 4:23PM

      Jonathan Victor@jonvictor – “My family lives around there…we would have campaigned for you!” 6/4/12 4:26PM

      Gberardelli@gberardelli – “thanks pal! but have neither time nor desire. I am quite content doing what I do for @BklynGOP and @BklynYRs” 6/4/12 4:32PM

      But, of course, “Yo-Yo Monkey” (a/k/a “Moron#2”) is clueless:
      Russell Gallo@RussGallo – “… We need to concentrate on 2012! Here’s the current rhyme: Gene V. Weinstein! #LOL…” 6/4/12 4:52PM

      • Hayon For Assembly permalink
        June 5, 2012 9:19 pm

        @Hayon4Assembly on Twitter! LMAO

      • Beradelli and Gallo acting like teen-aged rock fans not serious GOP operatives permalink
        June 5, 2012 9:46 pm

        That hollow drum beat that you hear coming from the twits’ tweets over at the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” is not war drums for a Berardelli-Hayon primary in the 41st AD in Brooklyn. No, it’s not that at all !!! It is the faux-macho chest thumping of “Reter Rotamus” and “Yo-Yo Monkey” over the failure of the Democrats’ attempted recall of Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker.

        We expect that there will be a feature on this week’s “Brooklyn GOP [Blog-Talk] Radio” and at least two text blogs — one by Gene “RR” Berardelli and the other by Brooklyn “Republican” spokesman “THE jacob Kornbluh” — all stating that this strong showing in Wisconsin is another example of the “Renaissance” of the Republican Party across America since Craig Eaton became the Chairman of the Brooklyn GOP.

      • Is "Yo-Yo Monkey" Gallo behind the PHONY "Hayon For Assembly" comment above permalink
        June 7, 2012 12:23 am

        The “Comment”: “Hayon For Assembly” with the add-text:
        “@Hayon4Assembly on Twitter! LMAO” is a PHONY in all senses of the word. Joseph Hayon does not use Twitter nor is that site associated with his campaign. Whatever made the comment maker “Hayon For Assembly” — “LMAO” is nowhere to be found with a Twitter Search at: @Hayon4Assembly — just what did “@Hayon4Assembly on Twitter!” say that led the comment maker to tell us that he/she “LMAO”?

        Other nifty questions generated by the “Hayon For Assembly” comment:
        — Was the tweet stricken by Twitter as fraudulent or otherwise objectionable?
        — Why was this comment put up as a reply to a comment about “Reter Rotamus” Berardelli and “Yo-Yo Monkey” Gallo?
        — Is there any doubt that “Yo-Yo Monkey” is behind the PHONY “Hayon For Assembly” comment above? (He was caught red handed making fraudulent posts here on ASIB in 2009.)

  22. WHAT BALLS, Eaton has! permalink
    June 2, 2012 6:10 pm

    It needs saying again, “WHAT BALLS Berardelli, Gallo and Eaton have!!!!!” Not only do “…they want ALL the credit for the Storobin victory…”, NOW they want to spin the credit that they’ve misappropriated from David Storobin’s personal success into a justification for a big chunk of the resources that they’ve diverted for such a long time to their blogging operations — you know, the likes of the following: the Brooklyn GOP hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas”;
    “Brooklyn Young Republicans – Brooklyn County YRs”; “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog; and of course its raison d’etre “Brooklyn GOP [‘Blog Talk’] Radio”; and that true wall paper quality screen saver, “ – Website of the Kings County Republican County Committee”…. Oh! and certainly don’t forget the relaunched Brooklyn GOP hate blog “Politics in Brooklyn” (remember the big “Welcome Back” for the vile “AAA”) that withered on the vine after sixty-six (66) posts when Gene “RR” Berardelli got too busy with other things — Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!

    This time we have to call out, Craig Eaton, himself, for parading his folly for all the world to see in Liz Benjamin’s June 1, 2012 post “Eaton Touts Brooklyn GOP ‘Renaissance’” on the “Capitol Tonite” blog. Once again, KCRP Chairman Eaton was at his “I am ‘The Great ‘I Am’ I am” best, sucking up all the matter and energy around his immenseness.

    Thank goodness, at least one “GUEST” commented on it all; so as to set the record straight on Craig Eaton’s delusional description of events and to accurately report what Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP actually did for the election of David Storobin.

    It looks like sometimes “The Brooklyn Republican Whip” can take a turn as “The Brooklyn Republican Spike” instead.

  23. joe permalink
    June 3, 2012 11:40 am

    How is our howdy doody senator storobin doing——

    • Something that we didn't know... permalink
      June 3, 2012 12:11 pm

      I didn’t know that Phineas T. Bluster’s nickname was “Joe”…

      I’ll have John J. Fadoozle look into that and check it out…

    • Another thing that we don't know... permalink
      June 3, 2012 3:37 pm

      Who the heck are you, that you think you should be referring to State Senator Elect David Storobin as “our… senator storobin…”?

  24. Berardelli and Kornbluh Blab about the GOP, but that's about it, no real information permalink
    June 7, 2012 3:12 pm

    Last night’s “Brooklyn GOP [Blog-Talk] Radio” was co-hosted by Gene “Reter Rotamus” Berardelli and “THE jacob Kornbluh.” Also contributing on last night’s show were non-Brooklynites John Doyle (from Long Island) and Amanda Kohut (from somewhere near MSNBC’s “ED” Schultz, because last Tuesday she tweeted that she could taste some of his bodily fluids — EW-ICK-Barf!!!) It becomes more and more obvious that Chairman Craig Eaton’s sell-out and give-away of the Brooklyn GOP is continuing apace (only one (1) Brooklyn Republican on the show, Berardelli).

    One real Brooklyn Republican who is a Frum from (that’s zippy!) the new “Super Jewish” district pointed out that , with it’s recent history of insensitivity towards observant Jews, the Brooklyn GOP is so desparate to backfill with any Jews that will work with them, they don’t care that somebody like Jacob Kornbluh nakedly praises certain Democrats (last night it was Dov Hikind and Simcha Felder, who Kornbluh credited with being the ones who had asked Dean Skelos for the funding for surveillance video). Any Republican(s)who will be running against Hikind and Felder must have loved that.

    In spite of lots of “BS” about competitiveness in Southwest Brooklyn, something completely not mentioned on the show, during this first week of Brooklyn GOP petition gathering (which all for blabber-mouths said was very important), was the identity of the GOP slate of Assembly and State Senate candidates for Southwest Brooklyn. Gene B. was especially retiscent about mentioning any ring into which he might have thrown his own hat. >>>> Our buzz is that BERARDELLI REALLY DID WANT TO RUN IN THE 41ST A.D. <<<<

    More about Berardelli, Kornbluh snd "Brooklyn GOP [Blog-Talk] Radio" sometime soon.

  25. Misty Haas permalink
    June 8, 2012 3:19 pm

    Rumor is that the NYS Senate, Marty Golden, Gerald Kassar, and the Brooklyn GOP are pressuring Senator David Strobin to run for the NYS Assembly. Why is it that when a Russian who is also Jewish gets elected to the upper-house of the legislature the powers that be do everything from drawing the district out of existence to pushing to endorse a democrat for the new seat?

    Strobin is OUR representative and needs to run for the senate! Anything less is a crime. The republicans and conservatives should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Whoops! There it is.... permalink
      June 8, 2012 5:14 pm

      Que Harry James and the band!

      “It seems to me I’ve heard that song before
      It’s from an old familiar score
      I know it well….”
      (Vocal: Frank Sinatra; Helen Forrest)

      —– Wag The Dog

    • Storobin's Brooklyn GOP petitions are being held back by Eaton permalink
      June 9, 2012 12:56 am

      According to Liz Benjamin’s June 6th post “Storobin Sounds Like A Candidate (Updated)” in her blog “Capitol Confidential – Capitol Voices” — “The Senate’s newest member, Brooklyn Republican David Storobin, sounded very much like a candidate when I interviewed him during CapTon last night, which could complicate things for the GOP this fall.”

      The June 7, 2012 article in “City & State – The Notebook” by Jon Lentz closed with the following, “…Brooklyn Republican chairman Craig Eaton also said he doesn’t know whether Storobin will be running for Senate or Assembly — and that the party is holding off on printing petitions for him.”

      Right now it looks like somebody is getting jerked around big-time by both the state and the local GOP (Haven’t we said that over and over and over, again).

      David Storobin should have learned by now that anything that’s given can be taken away; and that he needs to be in complete control of what he decides to do.

      • June 9, 2012 2:12 pm

        This spin is ridiculous….the City and State note says that the party was holding off on printing petitions, since they didnt know what seat he was running for. Not because they werent supporting him. Clearly, all you bloggers want to do is stir the pot. Why not step up and help Sen Storobin? instead of just trying to make trouble.

      • Why Does Nobody Know What Seat Storobin Is Running For? Very Odd isn't it ? permalink
        June 9, 2012 8:28 pm

        What is the Republican Senate leadership doing about this?

        What is the Brooklyn GOP leadership doing about this?

        What is the Conservative Party leadership doing about this?

        What is State Senator Martin Golden doing about this?

        “Spinmaster,” that sounds like four very simple, very straight-forward questions in the “Brooklyn No Spin Zone”!

      • Brooklyn GOP [Lack of ] Petitions Problems Bigger Than Storobin's permalink
        June 9, 2012 11:59 pm

        The buzz is that none of the Brooklyn GOP County Organization’s petitions were ready for the start of petitioning last week… then we read that Gene “RR” Berardelli claimed that he had plenty to keep him busy THIS weekend, parenthetically describing his chores as “petitioning hell!”. Then he said that “Law Chair duty called” …. Connect the dots… Somebody has screwed up the timely preparation Brooklyn GOP County Organization petitions; and their distribution will almost be one week late… Was this mere negligence or incompetence, or was it active sabotage? In any case, who is to blame?

        Btw, how did the Golden campaign know that they would need their own large independent petitioning effort in 2012? How many GOP assembly candidates are being carried by GOP State Senator Martin Golden’s personal petitioners?

  26. Berardelli’s “Open Letter” to the Universe and Beyond ... Just Another Worthless Diversion of Brooklyn GOP Assets permalink
    June 8, 2012 5:02 pm

    Gene “RR” Berardelli’s June 8th post, “The Rest is Silence – An Open Letter To Our Elected Officials” on the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official -Show Blog” is yet another example of this bloviating gasbag’s sense of self-importance and failure to recognize his own guilt for the same thing.

    There are many despicable people who engage in many nefarious activities based on their own ambitions, lack of ethics, lack of personal morality and other shortcomings. These people use their unique skills to unleash their version of hell on earth upon their political rivals. Many “….conservative bloggers have fallen victim to such tactics – and worse – with those perpetrating these acts intending to “chill” free speech and the free exchange of ideas…. Bloggers are being [harassed] because others disagree with what they write, think and feel with the goal of shutting them up. Some bloggers have been directly threatened….” You know who has done this – Gene “RR” Berardelli has.

    Even though Berardelli has been guilty of this sort of thing, himself, now he’s belching out some kind of hypocritical rant on the Brooklyn GOP’s dime, because somebody has upped-the-ante on some of Berardelli’s nerdy wonky friends.

    This is an epiphenominal moment to show who Gene “RR” Berardelli’s real constituency is — wonks and geeks that hang out on the periphery politics. This big threat that makes Berardelli and his buddies all pee their pants comes from somebody very much like the rest of them, who is hammering back in the best nerdy wonky way he can

  27. In Eaton's GOP, it's the Lincoln Dinner first and petitioning when they get around to it permalink
    June 11, 2012 10:46 am

    Several GOP district leaders and activisits in some districts are grumbling about the 2012 petition mess. Somebody is not minding Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP store. The blame falls squarely on Republican County Chairman Craig Eaton and his imploding group of insiders.

    One leader specifically said that the scheduling of the Brooklyn GOP’s Lincoln Dinner in June caused the problem. Because of Eaton’s “management style,” the small handful of people doing most of the work for the Eaton Regime are not able to focus on any single task. On the organizational side, the distribution of petitions ranks lower than selling (and even “filling”) seats at the Lincoln Dinner.

    Interestingly, for all the cheap talk of Democratic dominoes falling all over Southwest Brooklyn, nothing resembling a winning Brooklyn GOP assembly campaign has popped up in that part of Brooklyn. Eaton’s GOP team has no credible candidates running in the 45th, 46th, 47th, 48th and 49th ADs, and the 17th SD petitioning is still up in the air.

  28. Eaton is Lincoln and Lincoln is Eaton --- But Only Dinnerwise permalink
    June 12, 2012 11:20 am

    Most of the routine supects showed up at Eaton-fest last night, a/k/a the Brooklyn GOP Lincoln Dinner (We remember when it was called “The Lincoln Day Dinner” held in February…and then March… and then the “Day”…), but “Marty” and “Nicole” were off doing who knows what “in Albany”…

    The Party’s party was fun for many, but not fun for a few, and it was the routine fare for the long-timers, especially from the BOE contingent. It’s very interesting who talked and who didn’t, and also those who only received faint praise for their real political work for the Brooklyn GOP this past year — or no mention at all. Since several of the elected officials for parts of Brooklyn were present and actually had some idea who worked for them, they could really sense the effects of some of the fractures inside the Kings County Republican Party.

    Now that this Eatonesque extravaganza is done, let’s see how the Brooklyn GOP does with its petitioning. We’ll see about all that soon enough.

    • Correction: There is no "Day" in Eatonland permalink
      June 12, 2012 11:26 am

      In the first paragraph parenthetical above, the phrase: “… and then the ‘Day’…” should have been completed and appeared as follows: “… and then the ‘Day’ disappeared…”

    • UPDATE: Eaton is...Dinnerwise permalink
      June 12, 2012 11:44 pm

      Craig Eaton’s flacking of this year’s Lincoln Dinner, “GOP supporters journey to Coney Island to celebrate Brooklyn’s Republican Renaissance” by Uncle Abe on June 12, 2012 on the Kings County Republican blog,, did a lot of things touting this as a big deal. Fair enough, we suppose!

      Here’s something we think is a bigger deal — WHERE IS THE PICTURE OF BROOKLYN GOP STATE SENATOR DAVID STOROBIN????? He was at the affair, he even spoke at the event…. There are even two out-of-county candidates pictured

      Why weren’t this year’s slate of Brooklyn GOP candidates introduced?

      If this year’s Lincoln Dinner were as big a deal as “Honest Abe” wants us to believe it was, why wasn’t it used as a full bore political event.

      After five years in his position as County Leader, KCRP Chairman Craig Eaton is still performing his duties on the level of a rank amateur. Five years into the game, Eaton’s learning and competence curves still appear to be asymptotes approaching infinity.

  29. Strange two against one shaping up inside/outside the GOP in Brooklyn permalink
    June 12, 2012 11:41 am

    Hot off my wire…

    The Buzz is that two GOP assembly candidates will be working very hard [mostly through surrogates and cut-outs] AGAINST a third GOP assembly candidate, all are running in different mid-to-southwest Brooklyn districts beginning with “4”… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!! (Doesn’t that sound a lot like Russell Gallo’s laugh?)

    More on this later…

  30. STOROBIN Is IN It To WIN It !!!!! permalink
    June 13, 2012 2:00 am

    “It’s official…” local papers including the Orthodox “Hamodia” and “Politickerny” are reporting that Brooklyn GOP State Senator David Storobin is running in the newly created 17th SD, and that Boro Park Orthodox Republican attorney Nachman Caller is stepping aside to support Storobin.

    It remains to be seen if the Brooklyn GOP State Senator will get the full support of the Brooklyn GOP or the GOP State Senate leadership. The world awaits action by GOP County Leader Craig Eaton for or against the Brooklyn GOP’s only elected Jewish officeholder.

    • GALLO Is IN It To LOSE It !!!!! permalink
      June 14, 2012 12:59 pm

      By his nature Russell “Yo-Yo Monkey” Gallo is a person who tends to lose it. His effort to establish any kind of foothold in the 45th AD will be no exception. In fact, his decision to run for the seat in the NYS Assembly representing the 45th AD is the most ill-advised hat-in-the-ring move by a GOP activist since Jonathan Judge attempted to run in the special election for the City Council in the 44th Counc. Dist. Unfortunately, the weak Gallo candidacy in the 45th may be final nail in the coffin to David Storobin’s attempt to hold onto a seat in the New York State Senate (given Golden’s and Skelos’ side deals with various Democrats, that might be what it’s really all about, if they have anybody to be pulling strings on this).

      Looking through Gallo’s end of the telescope ( the wrong end, of course), Gallo is just trying to hold onto what he thinks he has and none of it is about moving ahead. Unfortunately for “Yo-Yo,” he’s a monkey without an assembly district he can run in strongly. Rather than try to stand up “pongo a mano” and prove his strength against the Cipriano-Fischer team moving over with EDs from the 49th in the new 47th AD, Gallo chose to hunker down in his little piece of the new 45th and attack the rest of the world from there. Let’s see how good that tactic looks in September 2013. After all Gallo couldn’t beat any Democrats in the largely “Italian” 47th AD, how is he likely to do in the largely Russian and Jewish 45th?

      Btw, Gene “Reter Rotamus” Berardelli foolishly tweeted that “Assemblyman Gallo” had a nice “ring” to it, not realizing that the “ringing” he heard was that of Berardelli’s and Gallo’s well-documented hate-blogging “bell,” which will be rung ding-dong, ding-dong during the upcoming campaign. Also, since one of the Democrat candidates is a solid family values conservative, Gallo’s failure to “show it [and] put a ring on it” will also be sung out “Uh-uh Oh! – Uh-uh Oh.”

      There is one upside to all of this for Gallo — finally he’ll get lots of proof for his charges against several Republicans (some still with Eaton, some not) that they work for Democrats. Several will be working for at least one in the 45th AD race. Might that be the winner of the Cymbrowitz-Akselrod primary, hmm?

      The real downside for the “Yo-Yo Monkey” is that he might come in third in November.

  31. Eaton-Turner join in new horizon's of wasteful diversion permalink
    June 19, 2012 1:24 am

    Was that KCRP Chairman Craig Eaton looking so out of place singing “Proud To Be an American” at the Bob Turner demonstration at a Coney Island grammar school?

    Check out the video contained in Colin Campbell’s June 18th post in politickerny, “episodes in heckling — Bob Turner’s Patriotic Anti-Bieber Protest Turns Chaotic in Coney Island” [with video link].
    See if you can figure out what’s going on and what the point of it all might have been.

    If those were my not so very white kids and a bunch of older white men came into the school yard with a hefty police guard to lead the kids in a red-neck sing-along of “Proud To Be an American,” I don’t know if I’d be very welcoming either.

    Earth to Eaton and Turner, the real world doesn’t think like a bunch of old white Republicans

    • Eaton-Turner Update: Right-ing spinners making it worse for Turner permalink
      June 19, 2012 4:22 pm

      Among recent postings about the Turner Schoolyard fiasco was one that appeared on TPM Muckracker, “NY Rep. Bob Turner’s Justin Bieber Protest Goes Bad.” It further detailed the how “the children” were apparently “used and abused” in all of this — the proof being the children’s own take on all of it: “the kids in the video [were] asked if they wanted to ‘do it again,’ yelled: ‘Nooooooooo!’.”

      Another article about the school yard demonstration turned up on Fox News & Commentary “Children Heckled While Singing Patriotic Song” by Todd Starnes [… /toddstarnes/…/children-heckled-while-singing-pat …]; it gives more of a Fox News spin to the events than the post above. The article cites the Senate Campaign Staff of Republican Congressman Turner, who does not appear to have been at the demonstration in his capacity as a US Congressman, has come up with a bizarre conspiracy theory attempting to tie US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to the counter-demonstrators. Nonetheless, even the Fox-Starnes piece includes a video clip of event showing what a fiasco the whole thing was.

      The local right-wing extremist take on all of this was spewed out by none other than two of the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” regulars.

      The first is attributed to Russell (YoYo Monkey) Gallo, and it contains a lot of his old hate-style from his “TJIUA” days, although we strongly suspect that it might have been at least partly ghosted by somebody else. He did his “OFFICIAL” — “UPDATED” version in the Tuesday, June 19, 2012 “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog”; it was entitled “Liberal Madness on Full Display in Coney Island – UPDATED!” by Russell Gallo. With RG or RT or YYM “UPDATED” means that somebody had to straighten out or completely revise it because of some “minor screw up” – like admitting to the commission of a crime on the record. (Btw, just how close was this “demonstration” to the public school in the video frame?).

      The other was by that agent of a foreign power (btw, is he registered as such?), who has been given the keys to the Brooklyn GOP, “The jacob Kornbluh” in his own propaganda organ “Let’s Talk Dogri.” It’s entitled “Gillibrand vs. Patriotic American Kids – The Story of a GilliTracker” and it contains a conspiracy theory worthy of Richard Condon. The short version is that US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand or her agents generated the counter-demonstration to Turner’s, because she is worried about his challenge to her in November. That’s his story and he’s stickin’ to it.

      Just to show you how tone deaf the Bob Turner, the Turner Campaign, and GOP County Chairman Craig Eaton and the Brooklyn GOP is about this fiasco, they seem so proud of it all, that they even posted mostly negative commentary in Gallo’s “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” piece.

    • Nassau Republican George Maragos attacks Turner's and Eaton's Demo as Child Exploitation permalink
      June 21, 2012 5:55 pm

      It has been reported that Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos has gone after Bob Turner and his supporters for exploiting children. “Maragos Slams Turner For ‘The Pure Exploitation Of Kindergarten Children’–UPDATE”; Politickerny; David Freedlander 6/19/12

      Maragos slammed what was clearly an event arranged for Turner under the auspices of Craig Eaton and his wing of the Brooklyn GOP. Maragos characterized it thus: “In a desperate attempt to grab a headline, Bob Turner engaged in pure exploitation of kindergarten children using them in a political stunt without parental consent yesterday outside New York City school, P.S. 90,”

      Mr. Maragos then went on to say, “Mr. Turner and his staff manipulated innocent children to sing and pose for photos with him [using a promise of that the cildrend would appear on TV]. When called out by parents and bystanders [at PS-90] he turned and ran instead of staying to explain why he had recruited children as they exited classes.”

      If you haven’t been following this story or reading about it here or on blogs like Politickerny, Turner’s supporters have been pitching a story that they had been invited to PS-90 by the students’ parents participate in a protest. On video clips of the event, it looks like Mr. Turner’s supporters like Eaton arranged for some children to sing “Proud To Be An American” for TV cameras in front of PS-90 on Monday, and the event was disrupted by several adults who were there with other children in the PS-90 schoolyard. Mr. Turner and his campaign then blamed the disruption on hecklers brought in by US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

      George Maragos, one of Bob Turner’s Republican opponents called those allegations by Turner and Turner’s handlers “bizarre” and “baseless.” Maragos pounded his opponent hard with this, “Mr. Turner, those were not hecklers. They were concerned parents and bystanders” he said. “There should be no room in our government for those who exploit school children for political stunts. I call on Bob Turner to immediately apologize for his shameless act. One wonders whether Bob would appreciate his own children being rounded up for a political rally outside their schools. Bob, you may want to be on TV, but leave other people’s children alone.”

  32. WENDY LONG: VOTE ON TUESDAY for her to be the GOP candidate for U.S. Senator permalink
    June 23, 2012 9:22 am

    On Tuesday there is a GOP primary to settle upon a candidate for the US Senate to run against New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. There are three Republicans in the field: Wendy Long; Bob Turner and George Maragos.

    There are many reasons that we believe Wendy Long is head and shoulders above the rest from our local perspective of conservative Republican politics here in Brooklyn. She has received the active endorsement of the Conservative Party, both in Brooklyn and statewide. We have consistently maintained that the Conservative Party is the managing senior partner in ALL of the races in Brooklyn where there are competitive candidacies involving the GOP. Or, to put it another way, no Conservative Party endorsement — no competitive race for the GOP candidate. That’s only the beginning, at the NYS GOP convention Wendy Long received the votes of a very large plurality of Republican delegates, falling just shy of an outright majority in a multi-candidate field, which included both of her primary opponents.
    Yesterday, The Post endorsed the Republican candidacy of Wendy Long, a lawyer, former congressional aide and longtime conservative Republican activist, noting that she had a long record of involvement on the national level and on national issues and that she has picked up dozens of endorsements from leading national political figures, including former UN Ambassador John Bolton and ex-presidential candidate Steve Forbes. Even though the Post had some nice things to say about Bob Turner they concluded that Wendy Long was the far better choice because of Turner’s failure to connect with Republicans around the state and his very meager resources.

    The NY Post’s observations about Turner point up the facts that show the belated candidacy of Queens Republican Bob Turner, the favorite son of the Craig Eaton regime, has minimal almost non-existent resources and nothing but contrarian logic to support its going forward.

    That contrarian logic is on full display in the Brooklyn GOP’s current hate blog “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” which presents two posts concerning Bob Turner. The first involves his ill-fated appearance at PS-90 and the second parrots some kind words by Rush Limbaugh for his former colleague Bob Turner.

    The earlier piece is by Russell Gallo; it renders an extremely factually challenged account of the Bob Turner PS-90 incident. However, one part of Gallo’s account has some cred, the demonstration at PS-90 had Craig Eaton’s fingerprints all over it — in fact, as usual, the tone deaf Gallo blurb admits as much, when he took his typical “full credit” for the event for Eaton and the Brooklyn GOP. In reality, the event turned out to be a fiasco for everybody involved and the video clip of the event shows what was really going on at PS-90. Most of the responsible follow-up coverage has debunked most of the claims of the Turner campaign, which seems to be the source of the information in the Gallo piece.

    The Rush Limbaugh item turns out to be very much a “more of the same” repetition of the discredited early pro-Turner press releases about the PS-90 event, together with anecdotes about Rush’s earlier business dealings with Turner — it’s obvious that the whole Limbaugh segment about Turner was a favor to an old friend, with almost all of Limbaugh’s information coming from several of Bob Turner’s press releases with little or no real second sourcing by Limbaugh or his staff.

    Given all of that, we feel completely at ease agreeing with the Post, and also feel quite comfortable disregarding Rush Limbaugh in this instance. Wendy Long deserves a vote of all conservative minded Republicans in Brooklyn, as well as the rest of the state, in the Tuesday, June 26, 2012, GOP Primary.

    • Real Republican permalink
      June 23, 2012 8:28 pm

      Hello Conservative Party Hack,

      Only the C Party will stoop low to get at our great chairman Craig Eaton and the greatest miracle in Brooklyn, CONGRESSMAN Bob Turner. Word on the street says Wendy Long only has support from the C leaders, but not the C voters. The C Party joined the out-of-touch Albany politicians.

      • "Conservative Party Hack"? AH - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! permalink
        June 24, 2012 12:55 am

        “Real Republican”,

        In Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP that means:

        predictably clueless…

        lacking in discipline…

        and after this week, demonstrably undeserving …

        At any rate, can’t you “Real Republican” types keep your stories straight: are we independent/Reform Republicans working for Democrats or are we Conservative Party Hacks?

  33. WENDY TURNER UPDATE: AP and Fox and others say "We have a winner!" It looks like Wendy long by a lot... permalink
    June 26, 2012 11:56 pm

    Let’s see if Wendy Long’s apparent primary landslide persists after all the votes are counted. However, for now, several news outlets have reported that Wendy Long has won the New York Republican Primary to run as the GOP candidate this November against the Democratic incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand.

    With over half the districts reporting, Wendy Long had a strong lead over he nearest rival, Bob Turner, who trailed Long by over twenty percent (+20%) in the partial tally.

    Earlier Brooklyn GOP bloggers had been gloating about Turner’s getting eighty percent (80%) in Brooklyn and Queens in a very light turnout. We will see if those Brooklyn GOP claims hold up in the light of day.

    • CORRECTION: WENDY LONG WINS BIG -- AP and Fox and others say that It looks like Wendy Long won by a lot... permalink
      June 27, 2012 12:05 am


  34. WENDY LONG UPDATE: Landslide Primary Win Confirmed; majority victory statewide without big effort downstate permalink
    June 27, 2012 11:41 am

    With the count virtually complete, Wendy Long’s landslide victory in the New York Republican primary has been confirmed; and she is the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate to run against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

    As we have often pointed out in the past,”The New York State Conservative Party is the tail that wags the Republican dog” in New York State. Ring up Wendy Long’s big win as yet another credit on the Conservative ledger.

    But what happened to Bob Turner, and the Brooklyn GOP regime of Craig Eaton? Who knows? Unlike the Molinari machine in Staten Island that quickly touted their work for Turner,
    there is lttle detail available about the so-called Turner win in the 9th CD and other parts of Brooklyn.

    What is obvious, is that Turner’s possible sweep in Brooklyn and the rest of New York City didn’t even dent Long’s landslide statewide. In words quite familiar to Eaton, Berardelli and Gallo, “The question begs” why did this Turner for US Senate thing get off the ground in the first place? Yet again, this appears to have been a pointless diversion of Brooklyn GOP resources on what was from the start little more than Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton’s boondoggle to embarrass his nemesis Brooklyn Conservative Chairman and necessary GOP king-maker Gerry Kassar.

  35. Con Men permalink
    July 1, 2012 9:09 am

    Why no word from any Republican candidates running for anything locally?

    Could it be that Martin Golden will be the only one that will appear on November’s ballot?

    And is that what “they” really wanted all along?

    Let’s see what happens next….

    • It sounds like "The Sting" meets "The Candidate" -- starring Marty Golden instead of Robert Redford permalink
      July 1, 2012 11:06 am

      …. it will unwind better than it unreels…

      Very interesting questions — “Con Men” — perhaps the proper metaphor for the Eaton-Golden (once upon a time) Bay Ridge cabal….

      Maybe, that’s why Yo-Yo Monkey Russell Gallo is circulating petitions for the assembly in the 45th AD, but specifically not yet “declaring” that he is a candidate. Yo-Yo Monkey is closer to Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP regime than the average bear.

      The buzz is that Golden is very worried about the challenge posed by Democrat Steven Gounardes and Golden will do anything to ensure his re-election, including throwing every other Republican candidate under the bus.

    • Brooklyn GOP: Petitioning, first with No Name Candidates -- later, candidates with names .... permalink
      July 1, 2012 6:59 pm

      Talking about local GOP candidates would be diverting Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP resources.

      Don’t you people see that the whole Brooklyn GOP is very busy getting signatures, because Gene “Reter Rotemus” has been saying that for weeks? (Ever since the petitions were put out a week late — Hmmm?) In Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP regime, there’s a specific order to these things: petitioning first (even if late) — candidates later ! Otherwise, you might have candidates like Peter Cipriano thnking that they have a right to run their own campaigns, and actually try to win in November — CE and Co. won’t make that mistake again. There will be a few more painful lessons in 2012 for any and all “disloyal” Brooklyn Republicans who try to do things their own way.

      Besides, who wants to talk about a bunch of no name Republican candidates when we can play Republican Geek games like “Fill in the Caption” with “Reter Rotemus” and his little buddy “Yo-Yo Monkey” on the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog”?

    • Problematic petitioning program marks 2012 GOP petitioning in Brooklyn permalink
      July 6, 2012 12:33 am

      There is a simple answer to all that’s been happening or not happening with the Brooklyn GOP in the summer of 2012. There is no “there, their, or they’re” there inside the Brooklyn GOP. The 2012 election cycles have thrown the “County” GOP Law Committee and petitioning coordinators into a tizzy. Based on the buzz we hear, the “County” binding and filing will follow the same old – same old pattern;and everybody hopes there aren’t any substantial challenges against various assembly and state senate candidates all the way up the line to a couple of congressional candidates that would show the real shortcomings of the Eaton regime’s petitioning effort this year.

      If any outside force, independent GOP or Democrat candidate, takes a good lookat the petitions of Craig Eatons Brooklyn GOP Organizationand then follows up at the BOE and in Court, they can very well succeed in winning without risking anything to an unpredictable November election in some districts in Brooklyn.

      • Brooklyn GOP is imploding most of its activities and outsourcing the rest permalink
        July 6, 2012 12:16 pm

        Another symptom that the Brooklyn GOP is staggering and ready to collapse is that, except for lifting the text and/or parts of the text of the Declaration of Independence, nothing worthwhile has appeared on any of its blogs for a very long time. This is the result of Brooklyn GOP Chairman turning over all of the functions of the so-call Brooklyn GOP Executive Committee to a very small clique of “operatives” who are now completely over their heads. This is part and parcel of Eaton’s four (4) year policy of maintaining Russell Gallo’s view of party discipline for the Brooklyn Republican Party (btw Gallo is part of the little group that Eaton works through).

        Among the other things that Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP has done is to
        “OUTSOURCE” several pieces of the Brooklyn GOP and its message to people like Jacob Kornbluh, who is not a Republican and who is primarily an agent of influence of a foreign power or to the NYS Young Republicans who are Republicans, but who appear to be agents of a race of aliens from other planets.

  36. Russel Gallo's "July 4th'' Message Falls Flat permalink
    July 4, 2012 4:45 pm

    Russell “Yo-Yo Monkey Gallo is at it again. This time it’s in the form of a rant in the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog,” in which he tries to distinguish between those wishing somebody a “Happy July 4th” from somebody else who self-righteously wishes people “Happy Independence Day.”

    Russell Gallo’s Wednesday, July 4, 2012, post “Happy INDEPENDENCE Day” shows us three things about the Yo-Yo Monkey: first, Gallo is a pompous ass; second, he is technically challenged; and third, he has a very superficial knowledge of American-British history.

    Maybe, the blank lines that appear and re-appear in the Yo-Yo Monkey’s text might have changed our opinion, but we doubt it because the text that we can read is so flawed, both in concept and execution, we can see how the few missing lines would make a difference .

    • Golden's Charm School Gaff -- Special meeting to help women look good in business -- Why, Marty, why? permalink
      July 5, 2012 5:59 pm

      Picture this: State Senator Martin Golden stands up at the Bay Ridge Manor singing
      “…There she is… MISS …AMERICA… there she is… our ideal….”

      Why was Golden spending taxpayers’ money to promote the dog and pony show described in the Daily News? Just what did he think he was he up to?

      Was this something a so-called conservative Republican should be doing? If it were, then why did Golden so quickly back down with the presentation, or seminar or whatever it was, when a bunch of liberal democrat Femi-nazis attacked him about it?

      • It looks like State Senator Golden is all about and all over "... the "Polished Professional" summer series..." permalink
        July 6, 2012 8:10 pm

        The who, what, where and why of State Senator Martin Golden’s attempted Charm School flim-flam to benefit himself and his nearests and dearests is clearly spelled out at Gatemouth’s “Room Eight” July 4, 2012 post “The Perfect Golden Shower (AKA Marty Golden Postures)”.

        It all involves a closed circle of money and other valuable consideration involvong State Senator Martin Golden, The Bay Ridge Manor, The Bay Ridge-Bensonhurst Beautification Alliance and a tight circle of Martin Golden’s nearests and dearests.

        If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck and lays an egg like “….State Senator Marty Golden … present[s]… the ‘Polished Professional’ summer series…Venue: The Bay Ridge Manor… ” it’s sure to be some kind of corrupt ruptured duck doing who knows what with a bunch of other corrupt ducks.

        For State Senator Golden that sort of thing is just duckey.

    • Open letter to "Reter Rotemus" Berardelli, who says that he's thinking of retiring undefeated as an election lawyer permalink
      July 7, 2012 3:10 pm

      It looks like State Senator Martin Golden’s summer “Charm School” story is showing a bit of legs. In addition to the Daily News, CBS and Room Eight coverage, the story was also featured in the Albany paper of record, The Albany Times Union (the editor is a nice guy & I’ve had drinks with him a couple of times in a Sunset Park-lower BR dive on 62nd Street), on July 5, 2012 in a feature by Casey Seiler, “Dems Milking Golden’s Cancelled Ladyness 101 Class”

      He’s also being bashed from the left and the right about it.

      From the “Tea Party” right, it’s another obvious example of a “Marty Golden Fleece” of public money to promote some private benefit at The Bay Ridge Manor — for himself, for his family and/or for his closest friends and supporters.

      From the left, he’s been bashed by at least two female NY State Senators who scoffed at the whole idea as demeaning to woman and by at least two posts by Gatemouth on “Room Eight” who gives lots of details about Golden’s attempted scam, that now looks like it’s moving up to the “coverup” stage with a false denial coming from a Republican State Senate “spokesman”.

      • CORRECTION: The title of the comment above was posted error permalink
        July 7, 2012 3:15 pm

        The correct title should have said:

        Golden’s Charm School Story Showing more “Leg[s]”

      • With or without "Legs" the first reports went far and wide permalink
        July 8, 2012 3:07 pm

        If you meant to say that the Marty Golden – Lady Etiquette class has received broader coverage or has “more legs” than when originally reported, then you’d be wrong. If you read the early Chris Bragg and Colin Campbell coverage, you’d see that it was widely reported right away. The two Room Eight posts by Gatemouth were more about Gatemouth’s opinions or his “analysis” than any new reporting.

        If something new comes out about the first story or if it gets tied into something else, then it would have “legs”.

    • Why did this women's event get cancelled? Doesn't that make it all look kiind of fishy permalink
      July 8, 2012 3:17 pm

      What reason, if any, was given by Golden or his staff for cancelling the women’s self-presentation in business seminar? If it was worth scheduling in the first place, why wasn’t it left on the calendar?

    • Golden's Cancelled Ladylike Manners Seminar Is A Gift To Women That Just Keeps On Giving permalink
      July 9, 2012 10:35 pm

      Colin Campbell reported in Politicker today that Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis is getting guff from her Democratic opponent Jack Mancuso over State Sen. Martin Golden’s “Charm”; “Poise”; “Presence” program; or whatever else they might have wanted call it , which had been scheduled at the Golden family’s Bay Ridge Manor with promotional mailers paid for by the taxpayers.

      Maybe Nicole should get some coaching from Marty on how best to handle this on-the-job-type snag with appropriate ladylike poise, yet showing the proper deference to her male superior in the state senate whose brainstorm caused the whole problem in the first place.

  37. Female with Etiquette permalink
    July 6, 2012 10:05 pm

    Looks like Assembly candidates all over Brooklyn are struggling to make the ballot along with their State Senate free-riders.

    41st- Hayon is hospitalized with a case of the gout.
    44th- who is Catherine Fox?
    45th- Gallo has no team or friends.
    46th- Lucretia Potter and Joe McCarthy are both collecting signatures to see who gets to lose to Brook-Krasny this time around.
    47th- James the Rippa- Again, who?
    48th- The Brooklyn GOP’s best chance- Democrat Dov Hikind.

    Senator Storobin- paying for petitions? That’s what was on facebook today…
    Senator Golden- Did you get called yet?

    • Very interesting, but very tricky too! permalink
      July 7, 2012 1:10 am

      A couple of these are not the buzz we have — ” …The game’s afoot…” Have at it !

  38. Open letter to "Reter Rotemus" Berardelli, who says that he's thinking of retiring undefeated as an election lawyer permalink
    July 7, 2012 2:32 pm

    Earth to Orson…. Earth to Orson…. Nanu-Nanu !

    Your Immenseness, please, what will all of your fans say?

    A word of advice from someone who knows what you’re all about:

    As an election lawyer, you make your “work” as a political blogger look pretty good. As a political blogger, you should stick to what you know — Oops! There it is, checkmate in four moves.

    You are right about one thing, you do need a career change. You could rent yourself out as a source of shade on one of the local beaches.

    • Berardelli's "Early Retirement": When it comes to cleaning and binding, is anybody there -- does anybody care? permalink
      July 9, 2012 3:01 pm

      There’s some evidence that Gene “RR” Berardelli might have already retired from some of his key functions as Kings County GOP Law Chairman.

      The word we have received is that in some districts candidates are participating in their own “cleaning” and binding based on superficial instructions provided by “County” and the Law Committee. This is a technical shortcoming in the procedure that a professional political organization would avoid like the plague. People in the know have informed us that candidates are handling all of the pages of their petitions and in many instances adding or correcting material on previously witnessed sheets. This is bad technique and a strategic blunder. That’s because whether or not such additions or corrections are appropriate are subject to close judicial scutiny, with cross-examination of the candidates during what could become protracted election part trials. Or to put it another way, if the Democratic candidates feel more threatened by the Republicans in 2012, wouldn’t it make sense for them to attack the GOP petitions, which are weak in a variety of ways, to avoid campaigning and election problems later?

      The last fully-fledged election lawyer to function as Law Chairman, Aaron Maslow, put in policies and procedures to avoid these sorts of problems. It had been our understanding that such procedures continued in place under subsequent Brooklyn GOP Law Chairmen. However, recent revelations indicate that such policies and procedures are no longer being followed under Craig Eaton’s Law Chairman “GRRB” (or is it that he’s already retired from those duties?) .

  39. Gallo all set to klick-off campaign with worn out shoes; or so he suggests... permalink
    July 12, 2012 12:19 am

    Russell Gallo is an interesting case study (no, it’s not PTSD, although maybe we’ll look into that for a later comment). He has pushed himself to the head of the line for a beatin’ (maybe he likes rough trade).

    He pretends that he knows some things about politics, but talks about things like burning out two pairs of shoes and feigning confusion (we hope he was feigning) whether petitioning is over yet. That’s what comes from somebody who NEEDS to show everybody that he’s “All in” about “pounding payment”.

    The reason this time is that, yet again, Gallo is running for the New York State Assembly; this time it’s going to be in and for the 45th AD and he’s making noises like he thinks he can win. Then again, maybe he’s not running at all, since Russell has decided that, as far as he’s concerned, petitioning and running are not the same thing. That way he can ingenuously announce his candidacyat a more fortuitous and eventful moment, sort of like a debutante’s
    “coming out”.

    What good any of this will do is anyboy’s guess. Our guess is that he wants to show the world that he’s a better candidate than the likes of JOSEPH HAYON and PETER CIPRIANO, GOP Assembly candidates in 2010. Good luck with that !

    • Candidate Gallo takes a step toward the Brooklyn Tea Party permalink
      July 14, 2012 9:31 am

      The comment above might have been premature. Indications are that Russell Gallo may indeed be ready to “kick-off” a real campaign this weekend instead of klick it off. Since we continue to have our doubts about Mr. Gallo’s real intentions, we’ll keep a close eye on Russell Gallo’s activities as a “Republican candidate for the assembly” before we can make a final determination about what he’s really up to.

      For now, this is all about whether Gallo, who thinks he’s some kind of politician, can get outside of his own tiny circle of friends and supporters ( incidentally, all of those appear to be inside the circle of the Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton supporters). Contrary to anything indicated by Gallo and the other Eaton-Republicans, that group alone can’t elect anybody. The recently successful Republican candidates have had unified support by multiple factions of the Brooklyn GOP and the full support of the Conservative Party.

      Gallo, who does have the Conservative Party line, will make his first moves in the direction of GOP party unity when and if he appears at a meeting of the real Brooklyn Tea Party, tomorrow — that’s the one still headed by Joseph Hayon (not the one thrown together earlier this year by the Eaton-Gallo faction of the Brooklyn GOP).

      If Gallo is successful with that, let’s see if he takes the somewhat bigger step of reaching out to the real Brooklyn Young Republican Club. You see that would require Gallo to own up to how he stabbed that organization in the back ( Gallo had been a member, until he set up his own group in the middle of the night, doing Eaton’s dirty work starting up a so-called “official” bunch of “Young Republicans” alligned with Eaton).

      • Mr. Gallo, to a true "Social Conservative" its called "values" not ideology permalink
        July 16, 2012 11:42 am

        According to published reports, Republican “Candidate” Russell Gallo did appear at the meeting of the Brooklyn Tea Party referred to in the comment above.

        It looks like his reported comments did touch on some of the right notes for the Tea Party members gathered to hear him. Unfortunately, Gallo himself hardly leads the life of a social values conservative. He says that “ideologically” he is more of a social conservative than either or his democratic opponents. For most social conservtives it’s not an “ideology” but a system of values based upon belief, usually religious beliefs.

        Let’s put it right out there. What does Mr. Gallo believe about religious organizations making moral pronouncements as to how their members and non-members live and conduct themselves in their public and personal lives? For example, what does Mr. Gallo believe about Catholic Church teaching on sex and marriage.

  40. Mr. Gallo is a true old tomato can in need of crushing. Either way it will happen. permalink
    July 16, 2012 5:40 pm

    Either Akselraod or Cymbrowitz will crush Gallo like an old tomato can.


  41. Berardelli tries to defend his buddy Gallo against charges that he isn't a social conservative, "RR" should save his energy for the BOE and Court permalink
    July 17, 2012 12:22 am

    Gene “Reter Rotamus” Berardelli jumped to defend his little buddy Russell “Yo-Yo Monkey” Gallo with a twisted tweet about Gallo being the only endorsed “Conservative”, running in the 45th AD.

    First, Berardelli’s statement is a patent falsehood; the Yo-Yo Monkey isn’t a “Conservative” at all, he is a “Republican”. If being given a Wilson-Pakula authorization by the Brooklyn Conservative Party is an “endorsement” of anything, so be it, but it doesn’t make Gallo a “Conservative”.

    Second, if the issue is social or family values conservatism, then Ben Akselrod is the the most conservative candidate running in the 45th AD. That’s why Gallo is going to lose badly in November; that is, of course, if he stays on the ballot that long.

    The buzz is that the very hard work of some Democrats working Gallo’s petition is turning up some interesting specs.

    • Brooklyn GOP County Operatives Lose Several Hundred Brooklyn GOP Candidates' Signatures permalink
      July 17, 2012 11:30 am

      Many Republican candidates are outraged that the Brooklyn GOP County petition filers “lost” multiple sheets and in at least one instance a volume of their hard-earned signatures.

      “Even if he didn’t lose them himself, as Law Chairman, Berardelli is repsonsible for everything turned over by my campaign. And for the man in charge to just say, ‘I don’t know what happened to them’ is not properly accepting of his professional responsibilities.”

      • Slovenly permalink
        July 17, 2012 11:39 am

        my sources tell me that several “witnesses” have residency issues. some are from richmond but didnt declare such.

      • Is that the Brooklyn GOP's reason for not filing hundreds of signatures for different candidates, or are they unrelated screw-ups? permalink
        July 17, 2012 11:34 pm

        There are lots of problems with lots of the GOP petitions. It’s the worst mess since Fred Pantaleone “found” a bunch of unfiled petitions in the trunk of his car

  42. Breaking News from Russell "C" Gallo: He's not gone yet, but Dov Hikind is heading into the dumper as a Brooklyn GOP Candidate permalink
    July 18, 2012 12:34 am

    Russell “C” Gallo has made another gaff. This time it was contained in his non-denial dissembling tweet to “OPundit” about the “failure” of the Brooklyn GOP to deliver the GOP line to Democrat Dov Hikind. Something about the Law Chairman not doing this or that with some of Hikind’s signatures (Sort of like what we described above).

    The buzz around the BOE is that Assemblyperson DH will not get on the ballot as the Republican Candidate. The word is that If a petition doesn’t pass the BOE “weight test” it can get bounced without specs, but there are plenty of specs.

  43. More breaking news about GOP petitioning, candidates and committees permalink
    July 18, 2012 2:25 pm

    The buzz is coming in fast and furious — Vin Diesel’s not Eric Holder’s.

    Gene “RR” Berardelli was in a bit of a chin-wag o’r th’ net with Seamus “C” of the Young Ds, it was very enlightening. Seems that Berardelli’s bud, Russell “C” Yo-Yo Monkey, doesn’t have a “committee” on file with the BOE and Gene “RR” Berardelli has no real explanation and said that Seamus “C” should ask the Yo-Yo Monkey Gallo ( not quite throwing his friend under the bus, but not really being much of a stand-up guy either). To us this sounds a little like Russell “C” Gallo is worried and wants to make service of Objections, etc tougher. So, crafty Gallo is more than just a Yo-Yo Monkey, he’s trying to be a cheeky monkey too.

    We had a thought about the hundreds of missing signatures. It seems some Republican candidates have been in Gene “RR” Berardelli”s face about their missing signatures, sheets and even volumes. In addition to the “I don’t know what happened…” we can add that Berardelli has maintained all along that he “FILED” everything that was handed in. Question — were all of the signatures, sheets and even volumes that passed through Berardelli’s hands as the Brooklyn GOP Law Chairman “FILED” so as to count on all of the petitions of each of the candidates named on the petition sheets? Getting petitions filed where the whole petition based on varying kinds of sheets, some with multiple candidates, is a hard job, indeed. There are lots of ways to make mistakes.

    Even when Bob DiCarlo’s team lost the Brooklyn GOP to the Arthur Bramwell team in 1993, the binding and filing job by Rob Meyers, the County GOP Law Chairman for DiCarlo, was not a significant factor in DiCarlo’s fall — multiple Dicarlo candidates and slates qualified for the ballot, even after BOE and court challenges. Almost twenty years have passed and boy have things changed with the County petitioning operation — btw, not for the better.

  44. Russell Gallo News: His and his and his 45th AD Campaign website is up and running permalink
    July 18, 2012 9:14 pm

    Republican Russell C. Yo-Yo Monkey Gallo’s campaign webpage is up;and it’s a sight to behold — Russell Gallo backed-up by Russell Gallo in uniform — twice. (It may or may not be raining men in Georgia, but it sure seems to be raining Russell Gallos in the 45th AD in Brooklyn). Gallo has outdone himself; whereas until now,his personal best had been duplicity, Gallo clearly has visually demonstrated that he is all-in for “tri-plicity”.

    Quite a few Brooklyn Republicans are looking very closely at Gallo’s run in the 45th AD. One by one they’ll pitch in to see to it that he’s crushed like the old tomato can that he is. We intend to take his lungs and kidneys and prepare a Haggis out of them.

    Here’s my modest start to my take on that “…great puddin’ o’ the human race…”
    — this man is no kind of Conservative, see the following:

    Fiscal conservative — uh-uh! More funding for schools, really! What a complete hack and phony non-conservative answer ( a regular Marty Golden kind of answer — the right answer is we’re broke so cut-cut-cut everything until everything bought by governments-past has been paid for; btw, what did he tell the Tea Party?) Restore B-4 bus service! Isn’t that just another bit of hacky phoniness, or is that phony hackiness? (The right answer is the same as for “…funding for schools”.)

    “Social-Family Values” conservative — Puhleez, spare us! Marriage — man and woman, 3rd Degree K of C, really? As good old O.F.O.W.W. (not really a R.C.Y.Y.M.G. kind of guy) said, “Hypocricy is the complement that vice pays virtue.” (More on all of that some other time; bet on it, R.C.Y.Y.M.G.)

  45. Gerry O'Brien is placing his markers around the board -- look at the Reyes-Ulrich race... permalink
    July 22, 2012 12:00 am

    Long a fixture in Brooklyn GOP politics, Gerry O’Brien, is becoming a more active presence in other areas as an increasingly better-paid consultant. He ‘s developed a reputation of taking on tough races and coming through with his fair share of successes. Not one who’s fallen off the turnip truck, O’brien nonetheless is turning up in the middle of more and more hotly contested races

    The Reyes-Ulrich tussle already is starting to look like it has the makings of an O’Brien-style masterpiece.

  46. With the Mindy Meyer Wilson-Pakula screw-up, Berardelli has made enough GOP unforced filing errors this year, people will just call it his "Style" permalink
    July 24, 2012 10:19 pm

    According to Colin Campbell, in his “Policker” piece of 7/24/12, “i’m registered blank and i know it *** Celebrity ‘Diva’ Candidate Mindy Meyer Seems Set to Lose Republican Line” the hot pink Ms. Meyer is about to be bounced from the Republican line.

    We smell a rat ! No, that’s probably just Gene “RR” Berardelli. Yet again, he’s the man who’s fallen and can’t get up to speed as the Kings County Republican Law Chairman.

    It’s a little more than a buzz that somebody high up in the Brooklyn GOP has thrown Berardelli under the bus for the failure to prepare, deliver and file a “promised” GOP Wilson-Pakula authorization for the new and exciting candidate against incumbent Democrat State Senator Kevin Parker. Others see something more sinister, to them, it’s just another instance of the “do nothing for Jewish Candidates” pattern that’s emerged among a tight cirle of Brooklyn GOP insiders. Like we mentioned above, we think it’s the emerging Berardelli “style”.

    • Gene and Russell are back --- to face the music and dance, no doubt permalink
      July 25, 2012 2:09 am

      After more than a month of no Brooklyn GOP news, “Brooklyn GOP Radio Returns This Week!” By Gene “RR” Berardelli, Esq. appeared on his vanity blog, the “Brooklyn GOP Radio -Official- Show Blog,” dated Monday July 23rd.

      According to the cartoonish “Reter Rotemus” man, “…this is one show you won’t want to miss!” For once we have to agree. Mr. “RR” Berardelli and his sidekick, the Yo-Yo Monkey man himself, Russell C. Gallo, have a lot of explainin’ to do about the horrible state of the 2012 Brooklyn GOP petitions, and what they did or didn’t do for several of their fellow Brooklyn Republicans.

      For one thing we’d love to see this brace of dunces back up this claim:
      “After collecting and binding thousands of signatures, Brooklyn GOP Radio returns to the airwaves this week…” Since Russell and Gene are Brooklyn GOP Radio, who did what collecting and who did what binding?

      We’ll be expecting a lot of the “Hubbaduh, Hubbaduh, Hubbaduh!” and some travelling music vamping to a tune.

      • UPDATE: "Brooklyn GOP Radio-Official..." petitioners, binders and looseners permalink
        July 25, 2012 1:39 pm

        This morning’s “Politicker” report, “brooklyn’s florida returns? Déjà Vu: David Storobin Facing Another Fraud Lawsuit” by Colin Campbell clearly laid out the post-petitioning, pre-election scenario that had been very much expected by those of us commenting here at “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn.”

        However, buried in Colin Campbell’s report a paragraph that contains more than a little important information. The pertinent part of the item is as follows:
        “…Jacob Kornbluh, a Brooklyn Republican politico who headed Mr. Storobin’s signature efforts this time around, told The Politicker all of their gatherers were trained and, ‘There is no way that these signatures were collected under any circumstances of criminal act or unknown to rule of law’.” Whatever that might mean in English (not apparently Kornbluh’s domestically acquired tongue), we have reported earlier on the poor instruction on techniques and procedures by the Brooklyn GOP legal team.

        Another insight: It’s now clear that the outsourcing of Brooklyn GOP operations now icludes virtually every aspect of its pre-election duties. The “Jacob Kornbluh” quoted above is none other than “The Jacob Kornbluh” who is a regular commentator on “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” and occasional contributor to the “Brooklyn GOP Radio -Official-Show Blog.” To our knowledge Mr.Kornbluh is not a Republican; and he does support certain Democrats in Brooklyn.

        Will “The Jacob Kornbluh” be on tonight’s “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio” program? If so maybe he can explain why he was so upset about Russell Gallo during the early weeks of petitioning. We heard there was serious trouble in paradise between Kornbluh and Gallo from someone deep in the Storobin campaign.

      • UPDATE: OOPS ! Technical difficulties ;oi#% rg)&# t98+^! 475h&$#)# 11:33 MINUTES permalink
        July 25, 2012 10:00 pm

        Gene “RR” Berardelli is as technically competent with his blog radio program as he is handling his duties as Brooklyn GOP Law Chairman. Yo-Yo Monkey seemed to have a lot to say; he must be so pissed.

      • Gallo chirping in the background permalink
        July 30, 2012 3:55 pm

        Somebody must have heard Russell “Yo-Yo-Monkey” Gallo’s voice backing up Gene “Reter Rotamus” Berardelli in the most recent attempt to do their “weekly” blog radio gab fest.

        If you missed it all, you missed nothing but Gene’s technical shortcomings and a lot of “h(*^^%HK$%^&…I?>YOX+_@<@&"

  47. Eaton, Beradelli, Gallo and "Brooklyn GOP Radio..." showing that the wheels have come off the Brooklyn GOP permalink
    August 1, 2012 3:05 pm

    It has been weeks since anything meaningful has been posted on the “Brooklyn GOP Radio-Official- Show Blog” and more than a month since there has been a technically “sound” and audible blogcast on “Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio”. Almost a week has gone by since the last aborted attempt to run the Brooklyn GOP “weekly” program onblog-talk radio; and there has been no remedy or explanation as to what’s gone wrong. One thing is very clear Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton’s hand-picked team of Gene “RR” Berardelli and Russell “Y-YM” Gallo are way over their heads handling the Brooklyn GOP’s media and messaging.

    It’s as bad as it has been since late in 2009 when John Galt and others here at “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” began criticizing, among other things, the “Duke of Bay Ridge,” Craig Eaton, and his regime’s handling of the “Official” Kings County (Brooklyn) Republican Party website.

    This is the result of years of Eaton’s, Berardelli’s and Gallo’s diverting resources from traditional party building to attacking certain fellow Brooklyn Republicans with hate-blogs like “The Jig is Up Atlas”, several failed attempts at “Regime Change” in the 49th AD, and attack mailers directed at Republicans in several districts in 2011.

    2012 has brought another election cycle; and this time, the Eaton, Berardelli and Gallo troika is again diverting Brooklyn GOP resources and attention to Gallo’s unwinnable race for the assembly in the 45th AD.

    • Gene Berardelli confirms that GOP Chairman Eaton's media and messaging takes a back seat permalink
      August 1, 2012 9:32 pm

      According to the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” August 1st post “No Live Show Tonight” by Gene “RR” Berardelli, Esq., we get the Berardelli take on what we observed above as follows: “I know, it may look like we’re slackin’ on the Radio Show – but things have been so busy lately on the Election front! *** Everyone’s wearing multiple hats right now, between campaigning, supporting candidates,fundraising, arranging events, etc. that’s it’s hard right now to find the time to squeeze in an hour for a show (not to mention the time to show prep!) *** So, at least for now, the show is taking a back seat….”

      Of course, we didn’t expect the “Reter Rotemus” man, Berardelli, to make a full layout confession of his own inability to comfortably wear the many hats that “The Duke of Bay Ridge,” Craig Eaton, has chosen to let him wear; but he facts and the people who’ve worked with Berardelli all speak for themselves and tell the same story.

      There is nothing that Berardelli and his Partner in Folly, Russell “Yo-Yo Mankey” Gallo have done for the Eaton branch of the Brooklyn GOP for the last three years that has not been divisive and not supportive of some of the best GOP candidates to come forward in years. That’s why the national tide of Tea Party and generally conservative Republicanism has been little more than a trickle in any part of Brooklyn. That’s also why the Eaton Bay Ridge Cabal’s Golden Prince, State Senator Martin Golden, has chosen to run as a “secret Republican” in so much of his 2012 campaign to hold onto his state senate seat.

    • Family Values Conservatives prepare to back somebody, but not Russell Gallo, in the 45th AD permalink
      August 2, 2012 2:46 pm

      Several people have asked us why we keep saying that “Yo-Yo Monkey” Russell C. Gallo can’t win the assembly in the 45th AD.

      It’s very simple, Russell Gallo is not a family values conservative who stands for the sanctity of marriage. He will be actively opposed by a coalition of family values conservatives including several people who have been active with the Republican and Conservative Parties in bygone elections.

      We will deal with the specifics of our charge that Gallo does not stand for “the sanctity of marriage” after we see who wins the Democratic Primary and determine whether we will actively participate along with others in the 45th AD in an open campaign operation under the banner, “Family Values Conservative Republicans for [a family values candidate, certainly other than Russell Gallo]”.

  48. Brooklyn GOP petitions looking worse by the minute, especially since Hikind looks like he's been bumped off the GOP line permalink
    August 3, 2012 4:29 pm

    It looks like things are even worse than we thought with the 2012 Brooklyn GOP petition effort. We have catalogued in comments on this blog several of the technical shortcomings of the Brooklyn Republican’s methods of petitioning, cleaning, binding and filing of their 2012 signatures to qualify candidates for the ballot in primaries and/or for the general election. Now we have some evidence that a good number of the GOP signatures submitted by candidates trying to run on the Republican line may well be “non-conforming” or otherwise fraudulent.

    It’s been reported in “City and State” by Chris Bragg that “Twenty-year-old Likely To Knock Hikind Off Republican Line.” We agree with Chris Bragg as far as he went by saying that Dov Hikind has most likely been knocked off of the Republican line by his young Democratic opponent, Moshe Tischler; however we feel comfortable asserting that Hikind has LOST the Republican line for the 2012 general election, because the Board of Elections has found that the petition submitted by the Brooklyn GOP for Hikind came up a penny short and any attempt to save the Hikind petition looks like it’s going to be more than a day late. Since a court appointed special referee has already made a finding that the GOP Hikind petition is about a hundred signatures short, there are doubts that the Brooklyn GOP would even attempt to “Validate” the Hikind petition found to be short of a few signatures by the BOE.

    Again, all eyes are on Kings County Republican Law Chairman Gene Berardelli and the effectiveness of his representation of a Jewish candidate attempting to run as a candidate on the Republican line, in this instance with the specific lawful authority of Republican County Chairman Craig Eaton. However, this time the problem may be even bigger than Berardelli (think about that).

    As we have commented here earlier during this 2012 election cycle, the Republican petitioning effort was notoriously weak and shoddy throughout Brooklyn compared to bygone years. Since the end of petitioning, we have been getting more and more reports that the petitions for many GOP candidates are rife with bad signatures. Since the BOE made a finding that the GOP Hikind petition was short by a very small number of signatures and the court referee invalidated about 20-25% of the GOP Hikind petition, it looks like about one quarter of what the Brooklyn GOP submitted on behalf of some of its candidates are arguably fraudulent.

    • Confirmations of the above flood in by phone and over the internet permalink
      August 3, 2012 7:21 pm

      Other reports are in accord with what we said above in the comment, “Brooklyn GOP petitions looking worse by the minute, especially since Hikind looks like he’s been bumped off the GOP line”. According to Celeste Katz of the Daily News, “A source familiar with the litigation said that as of today, 8/3/11, Hikind has 431 valid signatures for the GOP spot and ‘many [others]’ remain in dispute.”
      Dov Hikind seems to have acknowledged that he’s not likely to get the GOP line when he said, “At the end of the day, I’d like to have [the GOP line, but] I can live without it.”

      Although the parties to the proceeding are scheduled go back before Justice David Schmidt on Monday, the chatter from people around the BOE and at court is that the Brooklyn GOP election team has signaled that it wants this case to be over ASAP, even with Hikind trailing. That may be explained by the fact that “Orhodox Pundit” reports that “The Supreme Court referee established that Hikind had over 344 illegitimate signatures on the Republican line…” That is almost four times (4x) the amount of possibly fraudulent signatures that we reported above.

    • Hikind off ballot at BOE, withdraws court case permalink
      August 7, 2012 7:53 am

      As we predicted Brooklyn GOP attorney Gene Berardelli gave up without a fight to save the Republican petition for Dov Hikind in court, letting stand the BOE ruling that the GOP Hikind petition “just missed” by two(2) signatures.

      “The question begs…” (Ah, those were the good old days when Berardelli, Gallo and the rest of TJIUA’s crowd were young and full of piss and vinegar!) why no fight to save the Republican line for Dov Hikind? Well, certainly it was a lost cause, because hundreds of signatures, already found to be no good by a court-appointed referee, might additionally have been found to have been faudulent. The fallout from that would have been problematic for other aspects of the Brooklyn GOP petition “effort” (or lack thereof) and the candidates dependent upon that “effort” (or lack therof).

      It turns out that more than 25% of the Hikind petition was bad because it was collected outside the Hikind district. It would have been interesting to see what kind of “cleaning” of the petition was done to allow the submission of so many patently bad signatures. Arguably, the knowing submission of so large a portion of bad signatures in a petition for a candidate is in itself fraudulent.

      Perhaps, that might explain the otios remarks by the only attorney appearing on the case to explain his representation and the absolute non-participation of candidate Hikind in the gathering the signatures

  49. Berardelli’s personal “Excuse Blog” shows hemorrhage of GOP activists from Eaton's Regime permalink
    August 5, 2012 10:44 am

    Lately, the Gene “RR” Berardelli vanity blog, the “Brooklyn GOP Radio-Official-Show Blog,” has turned into the Gene “RR” Berardelli excuse blog, since all that’s appeared there for two months are patent excuses for not doing stuff or items needful of excuses for promises to do things that don’t get done. There is very little new there even in the Berardelli and Gallo Tweets. The exception is this comment by some anonymous character, who is probably the only one who usually comments on the site:
    “Anonymous said… *** Great job guys keep up the good work. Try to stay positive and just do the best you all can do. *** Let’s go Russ. I know you will be a great Assemblyman. I am in Queens helping my sons father in law Joe Concannon run for State Senator against Avilla, but understand my heart is with you all. *** 8/04/2012”

    Unlike most of the comments at the “Brooklyn GOP Radio-Official-Show Blog,” this item has some import for the Brooklyn GOP, as a whole. This particular comment shows all of us yet another instance of the ongoing trend among Brooklyn GOP activists — not working on campaigns in Brooklyn during a given election cycle, but instead going into other nearby counties like Queens and Westchester, and working on Republican campaigns there.

    Like most other negative trends effecting the Brooklyn Republican Party, they are the result of policies and practices put into place by Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton and his shrinking circle of insiders.

  50. Gallo sends letter to Chick-Fil-A and Berardelli does a feature about it --- what a pair of geeks! permalink
    August 6, 2012 2:18 am

    What a pair of headline grubbing whores!!!!! Russell Gallo and Gene Berardelli will do anything to grab a headline, even bite the heads off of chickens. Well, not quite yet, but almost as good. This dynamic duo is trying a cheap low brow stunt to get some free publicity by jumping in on the Chick-Fil-A business with a letter to the company’s president. Now isn’t that a big deal.

    It’s so irrelevant to anything going on in the 45th Assembly District, that it shows Gallo can’t be a serious candidate for the assembly, so what’s this really all about?

    • Who wrote the letter? Show of hands! Who thinks it really was Gallo? permalink
      August 6, 2012 10:47 am

      Who actually wrote the letter to Chick-Fil-A??? Gallo? Berardelli?

      Clearly, it’s somebody with a passing familiarity with written English; so we can safely rule out Gallo.

  51. Craig Eaton, the Brooklyn GOP Chairman, contradicts State Senator Storobin and says Storobin was responsible for bad signatures permalink
    August 9, 2012 5:29 pm

    According to Celeste Katz’ column in the Daily News, Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton threw incumbent GOP State Senator David Storobin under the bus rather than backup Storobin’s statement that his petitioning effort was under the control of the Brooklyn GOP. What’s not clear is whether Craig Eaton intended to stab Storobin in the back, or was Eaton just trying to avoid any blame for a dismal petitioning effort for the GOP state senator that became apparent at the BOE and in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

    As we have pointed out in some of the comments above, the whole of the Kings County Republican petitioning effort for the 2012 election cycle has been a fiasco, whether one looked at signature gathering, “cleaning and binding” the petitions and/or filing petitions and other documents with the BOE. Whatever the blame for the specific shortcomings of the Storobin petition, there appears to be enough blame to go around for both the Storobin campaign and the Brooklyn GOP legal team that cleaned , bound and filed a lot of questionable signatures in most of their petitions, including the petitions of State Senators Storobin and Golden.

    It’s gotten so bad that Conservative Party Chairman Gerry Kassar has openly criticized his GOP counterpart, Eaton and the GOP as a whole: first, for the GOP’s overall bad petitioning job in 2012; and second for not standing up for all the GOP candidates jointly put forward on the Conservatives’ petitions in 2012.

    • If Eaton didn't stab Storobin in the back, he stabbed him in the gut permalink
      August 10, 2012 9:41 am

      Just read the Celeste Katz August 7th posting on the “Daily News-Daily Politics” blog. Here is how she reported Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton’s remarks about David Storobin and Storobin’s testimony in Court about how Storobin’s GOP petition had been handled:

      “ *** In a phone interview with The Daily Politics, Eaton took major exception to Storobin’s description of how the petitioning process went, calling it “totally inaccurate” and saying Storobin was running his own petitioning operation — in some cases, as in the Hilda Danger instance, personally.

      ‘It is obvious that David Storobin is looking for a scapegoat for the actions of his campaign,’ Eaton fumed.

      “It’s my understanding that the signature in question was personally witnessed by David Storobin, and therefore, [the county party and I] had nothing to do with collecting that signature,” he told me. “Clearly, the Brooklyn Republican Party is not responsible for any indiscretion, fraud or irregularities relating to any of the petitions circulated or collected by the Storobin campaign or for any of the actions of the candidate himself.”

      Eaton said Storobin and his staff or volunteers circulated and collected the petitions; the Brooklyn GOP only bound them into the required volumes and filed them with the city Board of Elections.”

      If Eaton didn’t specifically want to destroy the Storobin campaign by what he said, Republican Chairman Eaton was guilty of extreme political malpractice by going public with such out-of-control and detailed remarks about the ins and outs of the handling of Storobin’s Republican petitions. As a lawyer and attorney practicing in Brooklyn, Eaton clearly should have known about the significance of his remarks. What Eaton did to Storobin is what somebody might do to an adversary or enemy, certainly it’s not what you do to a friend, ally or client.

  52. Romney-Ryan Ticket Announced and Will Top Brooklyn GOP Ballot --- Eaton's Brooklyn GOP and the Brooklyn GOP Media Responds With Sounds of Silence permalink
    August 11, 2012 4:26 pm

    If the presumptive GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his designated VP running mate Paul Ryan were looking for a big announcement or well-said good wishes from the Brooklyn GOP during business hours the same day as the announcement of the Romney-Ryan ticket, they would be horribly disappointed.

    Whether who’s at the top of the Republican ticket is not considered important by the small bunch of Eaton-Golden insiders running the Brooklyn GOP; or possibly there is some kind of insider game being played, where the Brooklyn GOP’s snubbing of Romney and Ryan is considered a good tactic; or it’s just that the Eaton-Golden cabal has one more time been caught asleep at the switch — this is just another example showing that Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP and his hand-picked Brooklyn GOP establishment are terrible Republicans; and as a political organization supporting real Republican candidates, Eaton’s crowd is just a maggot infested pile of crap.

    • Russell Gallo did some Tweets to his band of twits; Berardelli not even that permalink
      August 11, 2012 5:13 pm

      Here’s some of what Gallo had to say: “Looking forward to Ryan/Biden debate more than the election itself. Or Christmas.”

      Isn’t that special. What a maggot!!!

    • No Romney-Ryan material well after midnight on day 1+ permalink
      August 12, 2012 12:50 am

      Into the next day and nowhere on any ‘official” Brooklyn GOP blog: “Brooklyn GOP Radio-Official-Show Blog”; “”; or “” is there any mention of the Republican Party’s national ticket of Romney-Ryan.

      So far it looks like the only candidate that the Brooklyn GOP has seen fit to talk about in any way is the Yo-Yo Monkey, Russell C. Gallo, who Gene “RR” Berardelli tweets has a great looking palm card (are these clowns for real — “a great looking palm card” now that is the measure of what?).

    • Update: Romney-Ryan ticket still not acknowledged by Craig Eaton's Brooklyn GOP permalink
      August 12, 2012 11:21 am

      It’s been more than a whole day since Paul Ryan was introduced by Mitt Romney as his running mate for Vice President and since Ryan made his first speech as the one-and-only GOP candidate for Vice President.

      Still no “official” Brooklyn GOP blog has mentioned a word about the Romney-Ryan ticket. That includes the “Brooklyn GOP Radio-Official-Show Blog”; “”; and “”. Of course, Gene “Reter Rotemus” Berardelli has told us that he has been very very busy with election matters. In fact, this weekend he is checking out some very important election matters in the clubhouse at a little NYRA establishment in a New York State spa town called Saratoga Springs.

  53. Nocero beats Eaton ! ! ! Young Republican Club Members Are First to Acknowledge Romney-Ryan Ticket way ahead of Craig Eaton's Brooklyn GOP blogs permalink
    August 13, 2012 9:27 am

    The Kings County Republican Party regime of the all-to-often penny-short-day-late Craig Eaton finally got the message and posted something about the Romney-Ryan ticket, dated August 12, 2012, by “Honest Abe” at Eaton’s very “official” very out-of-date “” site.

    We got a phone call a short time ago telling us that the Brooklyn GOP’s first OFFICIAL recognition of Mitt Romney’s putting Congressman Paul Ryan on his national Republican ticket came from Glenn Nocero, and the original and now very independent Brooklyn Young Republican Club.

    None of that is very surprising, since the Brooklyn Young Republican Club beats the rest of the Brooklyn GOP to the punch on most things, going back to the days when Jonathan Judge was president of the original-independent BrooklynYRs (not Gallo’s cheap and servile copy). Right now the future of the Brooklyn GOP is with the original Brooklyn Young Republican Club and the one or two other Brooklyn GOP organizations operating apart from “The Duke” Eaton and his “crowd” (AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)

    Sad sack Eaton needs to up his game if he hopes to be at all relevant in the 2012 elections. If things don’t improve with the GOP County Organization’s involvement in the 2012 Republican campaigns in Brooklyn, tremendously and immediately, the Eaton regime and its top operators should be eyeing “The Brooklyn Republican Whip” and planning for their collective exit from the GOP stage.

  54. "Orthodox Pundit" posts highlight Brooklyn GOP's history of problems with Jewish candidates permalink
    August 14, 2012 1:24 pm

    The “Orthodox Pundit” August 13th twin posts, “Surprise: Storobin Win Republican Line” and “Is the GOP in Brooklyn ‘A Home for Jews’? (1)” are very interesting for several reasons.

    First, these posts are obviously a first stage of a significant OUTSIDE expose of one of the current Brooklyn GOP leadership’s dirty little secrets, a culture of non-Jewish participation and a predisposition toward anti-Jewish policies and practices. (At ASIB for over three (3) years we have catalogued myriad instances of insults, indignities and questionable practices by high-up Brooklyn Republican operatives against certain Jewish members of the GOP and/or Jews generally.) A particular target of those attacks, David Storobin (or one of his supporters), is finally speaking out against the pattern or non-support and backstabbing coming out of the highest levels of the Republican Party in Brooklyn and New York State.

    Second, clearly some recent activities by a small clique of GOP insiders against certain Jewish Republican candidates, including David Storobin, has resulted in those candidates’ and/or their supporters’ decision to make their complaints publically and on the record.

    Third, another identifiable faction in the Brooklyn GOP, now apparently including an incumbent State Senator, is obviously fed up with the present Brooklyn Republican leadership (Note: Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton’s name and photo is prominently displayed in one of the Orthodox Pundit posts and Kings County GOP Law Chairman Gene Berardelli is mentioned there, as well), and that faction of Brooklyn Republicans appears ready to do something about it.

    • Brooklyn GOP Insider's predictions on April 30th show that many wanted 17th SD candidates off the ballot permalink
      August 14, 2012 11:51 pm

      Back in April we wrote that group of Southwest Brooklyn Republicans were planning to run a coordinated slate of GOP candidates for the legislature in and around the 17th State Senate District. Sadly, that never came to pass, and although all the reasons for that are quite varied and much disputed by some of the participants, one of the key reasons for the breakdown of this group is that several of them were led to believe that they would be the “official” candidate(s) of Craig Eaton’s “official” Brooklyn GOP. Since certain mutual commitments had been made between these Southwest Brooklyn Republicans and Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP, there have been a ton of instances where Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP legal team have hurt rather than helped the candidates.

      It’s especially interesting that, on April 30th in response to our comments predicting the rise of Southwest Brooklyn Republican candidates coordinated with a Storobin campaign in the 17th SD, somebody closely associated with the Eaton team openly expressed an animus against two(2) Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn Republicans and added “…None of those idiots can make the ballot. Not even on the fake (and fraudulent) ‘School Choice Line.’ …. Where do I sign up to file objections to signatures?”

      Several of the candidates mentioned above almost failed to make the ballot due to the failures of the Brooklyn GOP legal team led by the law Chairman Gene Berardelli. Based upon the April 30th prediction that “…None of those idiots can make the ballot….” perhaps the legal teams failures were not an accident.

  55. Russell Gallo chirps his opinion about the best ad of this cycle -- with y/k/w shouting "...gonna put y'all in chains." permalink
    August 18, 2012 12:09 am

    How does the Russell Gallo August 17th post, “Run Joe, Run” ( sic: Gallo’s bad syntax) add anything to the recent political discussion surrounding Vice President Joseph Biden and his biggest gaff to date?

    This is Russell C. Gallo’s entire contribution on the subject: “Best Ad So Far This Cycle IMO: (with video link for American Crossroads: “Run, Joe, Run”)”. Russell, The Yo-Yo Monkey, doesn’t explain why it’s the best ad so far — whether it is very amusing; or very informative; or very persuasive….

    Maybe, Mr. G thinks it’s the best, because it repeats with emphasis Mr. G’s favorite line of this election campaign…

    • Gallo debates Democrat --- sort of --- with link to his post above permalink
      August 22, 2012 7:48 pm

      Gallo was so proud of the post mentioned above that he used it in a mini-Facebook debate with Southwest Brooklyn Democrat Betty Ann Canizio. The whole thing is right below:


      Betty Ann Canizio ?@BettyAnnCanizio
      @RussGallo The GOP is a mess, between, Akin, Grimm and Golden, it’s like watching the three stooges. Oh, and no GOP District Leader in 49


      Russell C. Gallo ?@RussGallo
      @BettyAnnCanizio wanna see a real mess/joke? …//… (link to Gallo’s post above)


      Ain’t that tweet?

      We don’t know whether to now refer to Russell “Yo-Yo Monkey” Gallo as Facebook’s “Masterdebater” or Facebook’s “Rebut Boy” …..

      • Has Gallo developed some friendships with Democrats that he uses against Republicans he doesn't like? permalink
        August 22, 2012 9:51 pm

        The buzz out there is that there have been some hard feelings caused by Russell Gallo’s having gotten “too friendly” with Simcha Felder’s election team during the case against David Storobin.

        To add insult to injury, Gallo even bragged about it to some other Republicans, whom Gallo thought felt the same way he does about Storobin. Maybe, they do or don’t like David S., but they really don’tlike helping Democrats against Republicans, so they quickly spread the buzz to y/k/w

      • Gallo & Canizio seem like strange but comfy bedfellows permalink
        August 23, 2012 9:35 am

        Gallo, Canizio, “no GOP District Leader in 49”?

        This sounds like a pair of “Regime Change in the 49th AD” co-conspirators talking smack.

        Let’s see how “no GOP District Leader in 49” plays out for the “Prince of Bay Ridge” this November, when a lot of chickens come home to roost.

  56. Michael Grimm has to be feeling a little [de]pressed with the ongoing investigation of his 2010 fundraising and the arrest of his biggest money man from 2010 permalink
    August 18, 2012 2:04 pm

    Has Grimm taken an Ofer that he should have refused? It’s possible that Congressman Grimm has Biton, Ofer more than he can eschew going forward.

  57. Brooklyn GOP holds a semi-secret ribbon-cutting to avoid some Brooklyn GOPers permalink
    August 22, 2012 1:07 am

    The Brooklyn GOP establishment under Kings County Chairman Craig Eaton is running scared. By all accounts, 2012 minimally should have been a decent year for conservative minded Republican candidates running in Southwest Brooklyn; and maximally 2012 should have been a banner year. Instead, this year’s GOP petitioning has been a horror, with even incumbent State Senators Golden and Storobin having been lucky to have qualified with GOP petitions that our sources report contained so many undiscovered fraudulent signatures that a stronger specs effort could have resulted in successful permeation challenges against them.

    Experiences like the above have made the Brooklyn GOP leadership gun-shy. Yesterday’s semi-secret faux ribbon-cutting of the re-christened “Brooklyn GOP 2012 Victory Campaign Headquarters” is a perfect example. The event was played close to the vest and the announcement of it was kept under wraps until the 11th hour. That was to avoid giving certain unfavored GOP gate-crashers and possible counter-demonstrators an opportunity to show up at the infamous 7620 17th Avenue of the failed Eaton-Gallo regime changers of bygone years. In fact only some of the Brooklyn GOP’s 2012 slate are specifically mentioned as coming to the kick-off event.

    In his recently typical day late and pound short style, that was the equivalent of putting the GOP light under a bushel basket, Craig Eaton’s belated announcement was posted only a few hours before the event.

    • An Eaton Republican tree that fell in an empty forest, so nobody heard it --- that's the good news! permalink
      August 25, 2012 12:45 pm

      What did Eaton’s “2012 Victory” ribbon-cutting “ceremony” accomplish?

      This was a “2012 Victory Ceremony” with no victory or real ceremony.

      What it was certainly looked like a sad show had only for the sake of having a show — on some broken-down backwater commercial strip around the corner from another broken-down backwater commercial strip, both of which highlight the decadence and rot overtaking a neighborhood near the heart of Eaton’s and Golden’s “strength” in Southwest Brooklyn — it’s a good model though, because the area around the GOP 2012 Victory Headquarters is very much like 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge, where Golden has his office and is controlled by Golden’s personal B.I.D. None of what Eaton, Golden and their cabal are doing even makes a dent in the tide of decay in a once-proud Bay Ridge.

      Yay !!! Let’s have another 2012 Victory Party…….

  58. Gallo's Re-tweet Shows Gallo's Humor and A Darkened Soul permalink
    August 23, 2012 11:25 am

    We used to refer to the “Brooklyn GOP Radio – Official – Show Blog” as Gene “RR” Berardelli’s vanity blog; that was before Russell “Y-Y M” Gallo stepped up to do his fair share of chest thumping and (dare we say it — yes we will) “knuckle dragging.”

    We have noticed that one of the BGROSB’s side bars, “Follow Russell on Twitter” is a goldmine of all sorts of “things Gallo” or as Gene loved to intone on the blog-radio [ with Mr. B’s heavy and manly breathy-ness, it sends a Chris Matthews shiver, or was that “quiver” down my leg just remembering it ]– “Gallo-ism”

    Here’s one of the Yo-Yo Monkey’s recent re-tweets at “Follow Russell on Twitter” :

    “Colby Hamilton ?@bcolbyhamilton
    Rep Michael Grimm, at the Brooklyn GOP office opening, when asked how he was holding up: ‘I am a f****n’ warrior. Do I look worried?’ ”

    This is pure nefarious Russell Gallo at his best ( for R “Y-Y M” G, “best” and “worst” are about the same thing). Make no mistake, this is a zing at a fellow Republican that Gallo once did not support, and whose present comradeship with Gallo is problematic, at best.

    Who can forget in the run-up to the GOP primary in 2010 how Craig Eaton’s TJIUA’s guys, including the Yo-Yo Monkey, Gallo, tried to rip now-Congressman Michael Grimm a new asshole? Especially charming were the oft-repeated charges that Mr. Grimm was not a real warrior at all, and that instead he was somebody, who posed in a uniform with decorations and awards that he did not earn. Gallo has shown that he is the type that snipes from cover and concealment and loves to see his betters fall around him.

    Some can forgive (maybe), but none should forget.

  59. Lucretia Regina-Potter is going at Eaton head-on — in Eaton’s backyard and against one of Eaton’s key GOP insiders. permalink
    August 25, 2012 1:37 am

    Several local papers are already playing a familiar tune about a Brooklyn GOP primary. Sadly for Craig Eaton, the Brooklyn GOP has heard this song before. Eaton’s Kings County Republican establishment is up to its neck in a primary against the local independent GOP activist Lucretia Regina-Potter for the third year in a row; meaning more diverted resources and hate mailings and all the rest.

    Last time, Ms. Potter successfully beat back Eaton’s attack on her home turf; this time Lucretia is taking the fight to Eaton and his clack of insiders, right in Eaton’s home turf, Bay Ridge and against one of Eaton’s key insiders, Thomas A. McCarthy, who’s been doing Eaton’s finances, both in and for the Brooklyn GOP, as well as someone who’s followed in Eaton’s footsteps at the infamous and secretive funding funnel, the Cathedral Club.

    Too bad the comments were closed on ASIB’s post, “UPDATE: More Secrecy From The Bay Ridge Cabal” because we would have pitched the “secrecy” of Eaton’s cabal as one of the issues that probably be brought up during this primary campaign — plenty enough time for that. On another front, the buzz is that Mr. McCarthy was reluctant to run in any primary in the 46th AD this year.

    Eaton would have been well advised to have been equally reluctant once he found out that Lucretia Regina-Potter was happily tangling with him again.

  60. Gallo retweets with Golden and Gene B really likes to tweet about the "Negrohood" permalink
    August 28, 2012 12:34 pm

    Russell “Yo-Yo Monkey” Gallo will gladly serve his retweets like crap-on-a-cracker if the crap comes out of Marty Golden. A perfect example is the Golden toot about some senior geek show that Gallo was just too happy to retweet. Do both Gallo and Golden have Silly Putty for brains, trolling for old foaggies biting the heads off chickens?

    From the ridiculous to the more ridiculous — Gene “RR” Berardelli is clearly upset about things like Ben Akselrod’s “Negrohood” mailer. Obviously, Gene must feel somewhat behind the power curve, because Gene “Reter Rotamus” didn’t think of something very like that mailer for his little buddy, “Yo-Yo Monkey” Gallo.

  61. Berardelli reports on "vidcap" of Brooklyn GOPer at GOP National Convention --- I kid you not ! permalink
    August 30, 2012 10:54 am

    Look at what the Brooklyn GOP Law Chairman thinks is important news from the Republican National Convention (from “Thursday, August 30, 2012 ‘Brooklyn YRs at the RNC in Tampa!’ by Gene R. Berardelli, Esq.” on the “BGROSB”): “….Here’s a vidcap of Mike Tracey (Berardelli is just so heavy-savvy with his tech jargon), a Brooklyn Young Republican making us proud down in Tampa at the RNC this week. He and Brooklyn Young Republicans Vice President Eugene Pevzner are Romney delegates, alongside Chairman Craig Eaton, Senator Marty Golden, and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis. *** We’d post a photo of Eugene, but he hasn’t sent us one with his eyes open – if he doesn’t send one soon, we’ll have to post a bad one! (ain’t that a hoot!)”

    Can this post by the “go to guy” of the Brooklyn GOP and the Brooklyn [Official] YRs be more puerile, feckless and completely irrelevant to Brooklyn Republicans? We doubt it. This is all part of a “small ball” problem with the current leadership of the Brooklyn GOP, which is a theme that we will be developing in the run-up to the one Brooklyn GOP primary in 2012. (Speaking of “small ball[s]” there’s nothing to report on Gallo’s … er, campaign.)

    On the tube we’ve seen the pulpy-pudgy (too bad we can’t fairly say pasty!) mugs of two of the usual Brooklyn GOP subjects, Craig Eaton and Martin Golden, “The Duke” and “The Prince of Bay Ridge,” respectively. btw, who are paying for these two deep pocket yabbos’ and their entourages’ junkets to Tampa?

    • Did Eaton, Golden and the rest of the Brooklyn GOP make any mark at the Republican National Convention? permalink
      August 31, 2012 11:12 pm

      The Kings County Republican establishment of Craig Eaton and its reporters on the “OFFICIAL” GOP blogs are a disgrace. Pictures of friends and cronies being at the Republican Convention is not news that’s worth reporting, unless they are taken with the GOP national ticket. Comments by somebody’s mother thanking the blog for the pictures, is that the best that they can do?

      What this all shows is that Chairman Craig Eaton and the Brooklyn GOP probably made no mark at the Republican National Convention at all.

  62. Craig Eaton's Brooklyn GOP blogs are more out of it than he is. Seems impossible, doesn't it? permalink
    September 2, 2012 3:06 pm

    It’s Sunday, September 2, 2012 and a review of the Brooklyn GOP blogs reveals that each and every one of them is out of date, and only one of them shows even minimal activity. The most recent post on only mentioned the Romney-Ryan ticket after we’d hectored them for several days, with an Eaton statement in the “Chairman’s Corner” that needs carbon dating or other geological testing to tell how old it is; is so completely and absolutely abandoned that it reminds us of “The Wreck of the Mary Deare” — a movie made around the time of the last posting on that blog (Ah, Coop and Chuck, with Richard Harris as the heavy, those were the days — back when pretty-boy Clint’s Rowdy Yates was just startin’ o’ chew on TV Rawhide, and well before Clint was gettin’ his pasta delivered in the saddle between takes for Sergio Leone); and just goes through the motions of posting scrapbook photos to say that something is going on.

    We’ve just completed a very important GOP National Convention and there were no daily reports from the Kings County Republican Chairman, the local elected Republican officials and the elected delegates to the convention (and worst of all not a peep about that flinty old movie tradesman Clint Eastwood’s speech at Obama’s empty chair). The best that Eaton and company could muster was some kind of Brooklyn GOP version of big screen “Where’s Waldo” for the last night of the convention ( still with no mention of Clint Eastwood’s game-changing moment in and for the GOP 2012 campaign — when did anybody ever tell a sitting POTUS to “resign right now” along with an “or else” gesture on prime time national TV?).

    “Is there anybody there, does anybody care?”

    As a musical message to the Brooklyn GOP, and coincidentally, in honor of the Clint Eastwood and the anti-war wing of the GOP, cue-up the Peter, Paul and Mary (no, no that wouldn’t be right for Clint; too bad there’s no Frankie Lane version), make that the Kingston Trio, version of “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” !!!!! “…. When will they ever learn? When will they — ever learn?”

  63. Gallo Campaign Update: Platitudinous congressman gives weak assembly candidate a routine endorsment permalink
    September 3, 2012 11:31 pm

    Talk about diverting resources from Turner — according to Berardelli’s and now Gallo’s “Brooklyn GOP Radio -Official- Show Blog,” the only operating Brooklyn GOP combination hate and vanity blog: “CONGRESSMAN BOB TURNER ENDORSES RUSSELL GALLO FOR STATE ASSEMBLY!”

    First, the good news — at least the Gallo endorsement won’t cost the Congressman his job.

    One always wondered what, if anything, Bob Turner knew about the goings on in the Brooklyn part of his district, especially the conduct of his campaigns there in 2010 and 2011. Now we have our answer — NOT VERY MUCH. In many ways, Bob Turner has been and continues to be a remote character who represents by press release and is perceived to be a Queens outsider who sometimes shows up in Brooklyn.

    The post by Gene Berardelli talks glowingly about “… those sections of the 45th Assembly District that overlapped with [Turners] Congressional district” that had been won by Turner, but Russell Gallo had little personal contact with most of those areas and no influence there in any way in either 2010 or 2011. As for Gallo’s “coordinating” anything in Brooklyn in any election, most Republican volunteers have wanted nothing to do with him. This has been especially true in any Russian Jewish and/or Orthodox Jewish areas, many of which were and continue to be in the 45th AD.

    At any rate, let’s see what weight this Turner endorsement carries for Mr. Gallo in November 2012 or anytime into the future. Neither of these so-called conservative Republicans are true “family values-social conservatives”; and at best they pay those issues weak lip service. A large portion of the 45th AD electorate cares more about the family values issues and not very much about endorsements by other like-minded politicians.

    • Gallo and Turner: are they the tag-team tweety-bird and putty-tat, "MT" and "RT"; or are they the existential characters, "Empty" and "Arty" ? permalink
      September 4, 2012 1:53 pm

      Maybe both; probably neither…..

      “Empty” and “Arty” are really a pair of existential characters in a Samuel Beckett-style play called “Our World With and Without Jews” !!!!!

      These characters are both completely deracinated, but they go around trying to support each others’ hertofore inchoate deracinated ideas, as well as other openly expressed tortured formulations and efforts to relate to that part of the “the world around them” as it exists in Southwest Brooklyn in the early stages of the 21st Century.

      • Fissure between Brooklyn Republicans over Gallo's assembly candidacy is coming into the open permalink
        September 4, 2012 3:51 pm

        There’s some buzz that several GOP establishment guys are really bent out of shape that an independent line associated with Nachman Caller and some other Orthodox Republicans is going to be given to conservative Democrat Ben Akselrod and not to Republican Russell Gallo. People commenting here at ASIB have predicted exactly that sort of thing would happen for some time.

        Expect more of the same between now and November as more “family values” Conservatives and Republicans open fire on Gallo.

      • "Republican" Nachman Caller joins in a "religious" call to support Ben Akselrod in "Democrat" primary permalink
        September 5, 2012 2:26 pm

        Reb Nachman Caller, a prominent Orthodox Jewish Republican and founder of “Community First” hosted a breakfast on Tuesday morning in Flatbush. Reb Caller joined several other prominent Rabbanim and spiritual leaders of the Frum community in Midwood, Sheepshead Bay and other areas of the 45th AD. In a sign of unity, the group signed a Kol Koreh (proclamation) in support of Ben Akselrod, a Democratic Party candidate in the 45th District Assembly, who is running as strong “family-values” conservative Democrat in the September 13th 2012 Democratic primary against the incumbent Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz.

        In a show of intra-party gratitude, Democrat Ben Akselrod specifically thanked Republican Nachman Caller for hosting the event as well as dedicating so much of his time in the service of community needs.

        It’s things like this that are driving GOP candidate Russell Gallo nuts, along with Gallo’s little clack of supporters, including GOP County Chairman Craig Eaton. On the other hand, Orthodox Jewish Republicans see the Brooklyn GOP as clueless about what’s happening in the 45th AD and what it will take to defeat the incumbent Cymbrowitz.

  64. "Russel" Gallo sees lots of gangs, but no Republicans are in sight in his race for the 45th AD seat permalink
    September 8, 2012 3:42 pm

    One of the reasons that the Brooklyn GOP blogs are falling further and further out of date is that the “Official” Brooklyn GOP “Yo-Yo Monkey” — Russell C. Gallo — is diverting scarce Brooklyn GOP and Brooklyn YRs resources to his own campaign for assembly in the 45th AD.

    A recent example is a September 7th article by Colin Mixson that appears in the blog of the Brooklyn Courier, entitled: “Russel [sic] Gallo Says Gravesend Is Overrun By Gangs – Gravesend is overrun by gangs, Assembly candidate says.” Reporter Colin Mixson went to great lengths to point out in the article that only “Russel” Gallo seems to see this grave gang threat to Gravesend and that nobody else seemed to agree. In fact Mixson opened his article with a sarcastic dig at Gallo: “A Republican state assembly candidate who claims to be a gang expert says that violent, vengeful crews could be jacking up crime in Gravesend — and the proof is in the grafitti.” Enough about Mixson’s views of Gallo and the real or more likely Gallo-imagined threat from “The Gangs of Gravesend” (maybe Gallo’s hoping that Marty Scorcese will make it into a movie with DiCaprio playing Gallo).

    Apart from the observation that Gallo might have drummed up some press coverage by crying, “WOLF !!!!!”; this article is a clear demonstration that Gallo is now all about Gallo, and not at all about the rest of the Brooklyn GOP or its candidates. The word “Republican” is mentioned only once, as in “A Republican state assembly candidate who claims to be a gang expert….” No other Brooklyn GOP candidate is mentioned in the article, the most notable omissions being incumbent State Senators David Storobin and Martin Golden, who each overlap portions of the 45th AD where Gallo doesn’t live. but in which , nonetheless, he is running. Both of these other GOP candidates, who are in tough re-election races this year, could have used arguably favorable press exposure in the Brooklyn Courier. The again, maybe the Storobin Campaign and/or the Golden Campaign decided to steer clear of a story like this one that could easily be attacked as largely an election year fabrication.

    In any case, hype is hype; and right now, Gallo is only hyping himself.

    • OOPS ! We almost forgot... permalink
      September 8, 2012 4:08 pm

      There’s a buzz around is that Russell Gallo and his closest personal supporters in the Brooklyn GOP are very disappointed and upset that so few “volunteers” (including other GOP “insiders” and inspectors) have turned up for Gallo’s 45th AD race.

  65. Russell Gallo wants to tell us "Why We Fight" but he just can't get it to come out right... permalink
    September 9, 2012 1:01 am

    One of the “official” GOP blogs posted this item “Saturday, September 8, 2012 *** ‘Why We Fight’ By Russell Gallo” — don’t expect any thing like the seven, mostly Frank Capra directed WW II morale-building propaganda films. It’s even less likely that Russell Gallo wanted to adopt the thesis of Eugene Jarecki’s devastating critique of an imperial (and imperialistic) United States of America driven not by rational defense and international policy, but by it’s massive “military-industrial complex.” Although, Gallo’s citation of updated casualty statistics would make Mr. Jarecki’s 2005 award-winning documentary even more gripping and necessarily amended to include President Barack Obama along with Clinton and “Bush 43”.

    With all of the casualty figures, its like Gallo is trying to channel wonky Bill Clinton doing his bit during the DNC’s exploitive “Dance Macabre” with their repeated paeans to our fighting men, wounded warriors and war dead.

    This is typical Russell Gallo: content without context; sentimentality without sensibility; and slogans without saliency. Why, Gallo could just as easily have posted: “Remember the Maine, Plymouth Rock and The Golden Rule…” (from another charlatan, Prof. Harold Hill – “Trouble” in Meredith Wilson’s “Music Man”) or even better Gallo SHOULD have posted a copy of the Obama-Biden bumper sticker “Bin Laden Is Dead — GM Is Alive” that’s an altogether more persuasive slogan by a pair of consummate charlatans.

    btw, not only did Russell Gallo not tell us or show us why “WE” fight; he didn’t even tell us or show us why he fights….

  66. Thomas A. McCarthy’s failure to respond to The League of Woman Voters shows that he’s not a serious candidate in the 46th AD race.. permalink
    September 10, 2012 3:35 pm

    One has some difficulty finding the rationale behind Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP Establishment’s decision to run Mr. McCarthy, an un-elected party insider, who had given no indication that he wanted to run up through petitioning earlier this year. If Thomas McCarthy doesn’t want to actively participate in the run-off to be the GOP candidate for the 46th AD, why is there any need for a primary. The most recent demonstration of McCarthy’s lack of commitment to this race was his recent failure to respond to a questionnaire from The League of Woman Voters which had been given to each of the candidates running in the Republican Primary for the 46th AD in Brooklyn.

    As a result of Thomas McCarthy’s failure to answer a few topical questions from The League of Women Voter in their survey, next to each of the spaces for Mr. McCarthy’s answers is the notation: “Thomas A. McCarthy: Candidate has not responded”. By comparison, Lucretia Regina-Potter, who is also running for the Republican nomination for Assembly from the 46th AD, answered all the questions put to her. And as a result, she received a full write-up by the League of Woman Voters in their “ – Election Information You Need” posted at //…/…//. See the comparison of these two candidates at that site; then make up your own mind.

    But please, remember this, on primary day September 13, 2012, Republicans in the 46th AD should be sure to vote for the Republican candidate who has shown that she is really interested in running a real race all the way to Election Day 2012 — LUCRETIA REGINA-POTTER !!!!!

    • Outside McCarthy's front door? permalink
      September 11, 2012 2:14 am

      Based in one of his campaign mailers, not a lot of effort went into the candidate photos of Thomas A. McCarthy. It looks like he only stepped onto the sidewalk near his home to do the whole photo shoot.

  67. "Real" Russell Gallo campaign blog is a "Really Big Show", but what does it really show? permalink
    September 11, 2012 6:07 pm

    Russell Gallo’s campaign blog is a “Real” goldmine. Here are just a few of the real nuggets from his real campaign web site: his real homepage starts out with “RUSSELL IS FOR REAL…”; the first release listed on the real Gallo Campaign “Press” page shouts out: “RUSSELL IS FOR REAL! ….”; his real “Issues” page lists five (5) “Real” points that show Gallo is a real crime fighter, has real choices for better education, has real economic solutions, is “The Real Conservative,” and has real local concerns. Oddly, the Gallo Campaign’s “About Russell” biographical points does not use the word “real” even once. That too obvious omission leaves us with the overall observation
    that whoever writes Gallo’s stuff knows how to “talks the talk”; but it also leaves us with the question, does the “Real” Russell Gallo “walk the walk”?

    Right now, let’s just “VET” or “FACT-CHECK” one of the Gallo Campaign’s “Issues” points.

    Gallo’s Campaign blog says that Gallo is:
    >>>>> “The Real Conservative: Russell Gallo does not claim to be a conservative just to win an election. Russell is a free market capitalist who believes that marriage can only be between one man and one woman and that government should not fund or promote immorality.”


    First, how or by what measure is Russell Gallo a real free market capitalist? He’s lived virtually his whole adult life on government payrolls, making a living “taking the King’s shilling and doing the King’s bidding.” Maybe, he’s counting some governmental deferred compensation – retirement benefit account as his real “skin in the game” of a free market capital market or maybe he’s got some real business going “on the side” (btw, phrases from around the Gallo web site like: “protecting our local fishing community… support[ing] programs that benefit our local economy and create more jobs…demanding increased funding and better programs for our public schools….” are neither essentially “conservative” nor in any way supportive of a notional local or national “free market”).

    Next, what about Gallo’s REAL BELIEFS and REAL ACTIONS concerning “marriage… and immorality”? What are Russell Gallo’s real family and living arrangements? Why are those real details completely missing from his “About Russell” biographical points? Why is he completely silent about any of that? Is he married with children (we strongly suspect – NOT)? As the venerable Italian-American stand-up comedian Pat Cooper used to ask, faking his mother’s Italian-accented high-pitched voice, “Is your wife pregnananent yet? [Thin young Italian man]…is there something the matter with yuoooooo?”

    • Brooklyn Republican Assembly Candidate Russell Gallo is no "Family Values" Conservative to the Frum Community permalink
      September 11, 2012 6:34 pm

      Sound the Shofar early this year!!! Rejoice that somebody from the Republican Party showed that Brooklyn Republican Assembly Candidate Russell Gallo is neither conservative nor real in any way.

      Russell Gallo is no kind of “family values conservative” like the Frum Jews, who were a large piece of the “new” Bob Turner Republican voters in the 46th Assembly District.

      • Russell Gallo is the Republican candidate running in the 45th Assembly District not the 46th permalink
        September 11, 2012 6:45 pm

        Who’s posting that Gallo is running in the 46th AD? That’s where Lucretia Regina-Potter and Thomas McCarthy are running in a Republican Primary and there aren’t very many Frum Jews there.

        Gallo is running in the 45th AD and there are some Frum neighborhoods in that Assembly District.

  68. State Senator Golden doesn't call to ask your support for the USA from its latest attack by Al Qaeda -- No! Instead he asks you to be part of an attack on a fellow Republican permalink
    September 12, 2012 7:30 pm

    In critical times like these, is State Senator Martin Golden disturbing fellow Republicans during their dinners to ask them to do something like condemn the Al Qaeda terrorists in Libya who attacked our consulate in Benghazi and assassinated the U.S. Ambassador there? Did Golden call to ask for local Republicans’ support for Mitt Romney’s righteous criticism of President Barack Hussein Obama for Obama’s sniveling apology to Egyptian thugs who invaded our embassy in Cairo and defaced our American flag?

    No, Golden didn’t make those kinds of calls. Instead he is diverting important GOP resources to attack a fellow Republican in the GOP primary tomorrow. Golden is nothing but a disgusting political hack struggling to put down an active and independent Republican.

    The time has come for the formation of a conservative Republican committee to dump State Senator Martin Golden, let’s do it in time for the November 2012 election.

  69. Lucretia Regina-Potter is endorsed by a city-wide political blog's top pundit, "Gatemouth" -- It's another "Winners" and "Losers" thing permalink
    September 12, 2012 11:38 pm

    Room Eight’s wag Gatemouth endorsed “WInner” Lucretia Regina-Potter to be the Republican nominee for the Assembly in the 46th AD against the establishment insider and GOP money man, “Loser” Thomas A. McCarthy. McCarthy had been chosen by the Republican Chairman Craig Eaton to block Ms. Regina-Potter’s modestly financed independent run with a large budget primary blitz.

    • Primary permalink
      September 13, 2012 1:02 pm

      This only shows how liberal LRP is.

      • Car with speakers: "vote for this POS" permalink
        September 14, 2012 7:30 am

        I saw a car with a speaker both being driven by and urging me to vote for a fat loser….

        Several of the blocks driven (yeah I followed this spectacle for a while) were outside the confines of the 46th District.

        And the message sounded like it was pre-recorded by a mental patient or close friend of YKW.

        Have they no shame?

        LRP, GN, and YKW are an embarrassment to themselves and their party.

      • Nice Talk !!!!! But, it sure doesn't sound like winner at anything. permalink
        September 14, 2012 10:52 am

        Yes, a MAJOR embarrassment to the Brooklyn GOP and its leadership.

        Let’s see what happens next.


  70. Marty Golden Update: Large Diversion of Mail and Phone Resources --- and still rejected by 1/3 of Republicans permalink
    September 14, 2012 10:43 am

    What the primary results really showed —- a Pyrrhic Victory for Marty Golden in his own back yard.

    The better than 2 to 1 vote for Thomas A. McCarthy over Lucretia Regina-Potter, at about 800 for McCarthy to about 375 for Potter, showed what Marty Golden and Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP can do when they pull out all the stops in their own back yard. Very impressive — NOT IF YOU ARE A MARTY GOLDEN FAN !!!!! 1/3 of Republicans said “No Thanks” !

    In one sense, what it came down to is this: a small remnant of the Fiorello LaGuardia Club, formerly centered in the 49th AD, reorganized in the 46th AD and took on both the Seergy and Starace Clubs in their bases and the core of Bay Ridge GOP insiders in the camp of State Senator Golden and County Chairman Craig Eaton. That was a tremendous first shot in the war of “Regime Change” in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. Lucretia Regina-Potter has done well raising the flag in the new territory of the 46th AD; and she and her supporters aren’t going anywhere.

    The real “in the weeds” “take-away” here is that Republican voters had a chance to see a GOP Primary race in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Bath Beach with MARTY GOLDEN up against a real social conservative Republican in Lucretia Regina-Potter. That’s because most of the mailing and phone banks for Tom McCarthy was: “Marty Golden….” — “Marty Golden calling….” — “Marty Golden says….” — “Marty Golden supports ….” — “Marty Golden wants you to vote….” — “Marty Golden….” — “Marty Golden….” — “Marty Golden….”
    Okay, we get it; State Senator Martin Golden won that Republican Primary 2 to 1.

    That’s sets a new benchmark on State Senator Martin Golden — 1/3 of Republicans are against him.

    • The Tom McCarthy Team won a big election and Marty Golden's endorsement was a big help permalink
      September 14, 2012 12:09 pm

      What the numbers will really show is that Tom McCarthy beat Potter by more than 70% to less than 30%. In the EDs that are in Marty Golden’s State Senate District, McCarthy will have beaten Potter by about four or five to one.

      • Regardless of the exact numbers Golden was hurt by his primary against Republican Lucretia Regina-Potter permalink
        September 14, 2012 2:32 pm

        The re-canvas in McCarthy — Regina-Potter will be closer to a 2/3 to 1/3 result; bet on it !

        Either way, whether the Golden operation lost 20%, 25% or 33% of Republican voters, what does that say about his long term prospects?

  71. Marty Fan permalink
    September 15, 2012 7:28 pm

    Thank you Tom McCarthy.

    I guess it takes a 70-30 beating to shut these assholes up.

  72. RIGHT ! That surely will shut us up completely and forever permalink
    September 15, 2012 10:28 pm


    What more needs to be said?

    • Craig Eaton is God permalink
      September 16, 2012 12:14 am

      What more needs to be said? I agree the results of McCarthy Potter speaks for itself, its clear who has the real support, Craig Eaton!

      • No ! Right now, it looks like the Eaton-Golden cabal is supported by less than 2/3 of the Republican folks at their home base permalink
        September 16, 2012 3:47 am

        It’s time to cut the crap and get this straight. Lucretia Regina-Potter took only 2 or 3 EDs from the former 49th AD and ran in Craig Eaton’s and Marty Golden’s and Bob Howe’s and Clorinda Annarummo’s backyards in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. On top of that their stalking horse, Tom McCarthy, did at least three big mailings, heavy with endorsements (including a personal letter from State Senator Marty Golden), personal calls from Golden Headquarters and a barrage (at least 3 in the last 24 hours) of robocalls from Marty Golden himself. And of course Craig Eaton controlled each and every “Republican” BOE inspector at each and every polling place.

        Nonetheless, even with Ms. Potter’s only being able to cover about 1/3 of the 46th AD with her small campaign, she still carried almost 1/3 of the vote. Her bang for the buck was about 100%. Whereas, with a diversion of all of Eaton’s and Golden’s and the rest of the Brooklyn GOP’s resources, 1/3 of the Republican voters in the 46th AD were unmoved to follow their lead.

        With one year to go until 2013, it looks like both Potter and Eaton both have a lot of work to do, but only one of them has Marty Golden on his back or is that around his neck.

  73. RIght Grip permalink
    September 16, 2012 9:15 am

    How’s your grasp on those straws………..

    • "Right Grip" has HIS own gentle grasp on something or somebody, but it's not "the straws in the wind" permalink
      September 16, 2012 10:42 am

      We’ll leave it to the Republican “Chairman” Craig Eaton and his puppet-master State Senator Martin Golden, who created Eaton and treats him like he’s a real live boy, to “grasp on those straws,” grasp on any other straws that make them feel confident, or grasp on each others straw-like members just for the fun of it.

      What the 2012 primary showed is that neither Eaton nor Golden can grasp the strings of many real Republicans and pull them to any effect whatsoever. What’s most significant is that it happened right in their so-called strongholds of Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights.

      All of these things are so many “straws in the wind” — what happened before in 2009, 2010, 2011 and so far in 2012, what’s going on right now, and what will happen next and going into November 2012 and 2013. What every body need to grasp is that you don’t grasp at “straws in the wind,” you observe them to show which way the wind is blowing and how hard — 1/3 of prime Republicans being against Marty Golden in an election that was, or should have been, dominated by the Republican establishment and Golden’s campaign apparatus is a pretty strong wind, maybe even a local tornado or mini-burst that’ll hit Golden in 2012.

      So, the next big test will be the November 2012 election. That will be when puppet-master State Senator Martin Golden along with his other “real live boy,” Gerry Kassar, again try to pull all the Republican strings in the much bigger kerfuffle against Democrat Andrew Gounardes.

      Let’s see what happens next.

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