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Despite Establishment’s “Atlas Hate Mailer,” Regina-Potter Retains Leadership As GOP Cabal Candidates Flop

September 15, 2011

Former Assemblyman Arnaldo Ferraro, Lucretia Regina-Potter and Michael Bennette

So much for mud-slinging.

Lucretia Regina-Potter won Tuesday’s primary in the 49th Assembly District for the Republican leadership, and her running mate, Michael Bennette, is claiming victory, as well.

This came after a targeted attack against her and Bennette using this blog and stunning lies in a “September surprise” mailer that was too ridiculous to be believed.

Regina-Potter’s campaign announced the victory earlier this evening:

In unofficial results provided by the New York City Board of Elections, 49th Assembly District incumbent Republican State Committeewoman (District Leader) Lucretia Regina-Potter and her newcomer running mate Michael Bennette have won the hotly contested leadership election in the 49th Assembly District.

In spite of the fierce opposition by the County Organization that had to go to the Appellate Division of the State Supreme court to have their candidate reinstated after their removal from the ballot for insufficient signatures, Lucretia andMichael were able to withstand vicious attacks through hateful and despicable literature mailed all over the district, and malicious telephone calls.

Asked about what she thought was the reason for their victory, Lucretia ReginaPotter replied, “Their obnoxious literature back fired on them. Republican voters in the 49 AD are smarter than our opponents thought. To mention only one of the ridiculous statements in the hateful literature it will suffice to say that it claimed that Michael Bennette and I “praised the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln as a “lawful, patriotic act.” You tell me if such a statement would have been acceptable by the voter. Obviously, it was not and probably people did not read anything behind that point.

What Michael and I want to do is to rebuild our beleaguered Republican Party and to bring it back to the times when it was possible to elect Republican public officials and everyone worked united towards such objective.

In case you forgot, here’s the insane hate mailer that was sent featuring Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn:

So much for Gerry O’Brien’s great work… Comical stuff…

“That Atlas hate mailer did nothing to slow down their team in the 49th,” one pro-Regina-Potter emailer noted.

You may recall that Regina-Potter and her leadership associates have been defending against an outright political onslaught that was highlighted most notably in the 49th Assembly District GOP primary last year, in which Regina-Potter was unsuccessful.

Since then, much transpired, particularly in the run up to this primary.

But Regina-Potter and company were apparently able to parry all of the blows delivered their way since then, all the way up through the primary.

We are investigating some more of this backstory, but, in the meantime, it would appear the 49th has held their ground in a major way against the GOP establishment.

  1. A Clockwork Alex Jagger permalink
    September 15, 2011 7:11 am

    Virtually the same election eve “…Praised the Assassination of … Lincoln…” piece had been used by the Republican County Organization in an attempted “hit” on Glenn Nocera, President of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, in his run for a slot on the Republican County Committee. IT ALSO FAILED IN ITS PURPOSE.

    Such fools … Pathetic!

  2. "Machinavelli" permalink
    September 15, 2011 7:33 am

    In one of those phony comments that Craig Eaton’s mouthpieces over at “The Jig is Up Atlas” like to use as cover for their slanderous intent, occasionally a truth slips out. In a comment to a September 14th post by “AAA”, the “comment maker” “Anonymous said…” put up this “Pearl of Great Price”:

    “…Congratulations to Dominick Sarta for defeating Arnaldo Ferraro. Voters finally got tired of family members who attempt to kill cops, forget to pay there taxes, and get banned from working at the board of elections for life.

    Dominick Sarta’s victory was not only a victory for the Republican Party, Real Republicans, but the NYPD, tax-payers, those who want to vote without fear but most importantly Congressman Michael Grimm who endorsed Dominick Sarta over Arnaldo Ferraro.

    Kiss, Kiss.”

    This is yet another “Rosetta Stone” for Martin Golden’s and Craig Eaton’s long-term agenda. As well-said earlier in another comment, thanks to Chairman Craig Eaton, the whole of the Brooklyn GOP now shares the ticks and other distorted mannerisms of his obvious OCD/OCPD with regard to certain people, places and things that remind him that there are Republicans who don’t support him and most of what he’s been trying to do as Martin Golden’s Howdie Doodie doll.

    To quote one of the Jig’s favorite jibes, “Payback is mofo…”

    • Inspector Javert permalink
      September 16, 2011 8:11 pm

      Just cause “The Jig is Up Atlas” brought it up — If anybody thinks that politicians who have relatives that try to kill cops should be run out of town, how about State Senator Martin Golden? He still might have FOUR relatives who will fall fit into that category, or one or two or three.

      MIGHT, is the operative word…. WHY has this punch-em-up-‘n-knifing taken over seventeen months to get to trial? Maybe cause unky/cuz was around right afterward talkin’ to god-knows-who-about-who-knows-what or maybe there were some evidence glitches, unky/cuz was supposedly around for that too, maybe some chit-chat with the victim-complaining witnesses …. What could it be, what could it be????

      AGAIN, JUST CAUSE “THE JIG IS UP ATLAS” brought it up….

  3. Disenchanted Republican permalink
    September 15, 2011 12:37 pm

    Who cares about a stupid county committee primary?

    • John Galt permalink*
      September 16, 2011 12:32 am

      My colleague Dagny has a piece out tomorrow addressing this very issue.

  4. Goorinda's Nightmare permalink
    September 15, 2011 12:59 pm

    Goorinda and her ilk do, very very much.
    Grimm must be embarrassed to associate with them; after all they are still die-hard Allegretti supporters and resent Grimm for winning. Now they are using him for their petty squabbles. Grimm should have stayed out of it. Golden did.

  5. did he permalink
    September 15, 2011 1:41 pm

    I wonder if Grimm really did support Sarta, or if it was just something Clorinda, who works in his Brooklyn office, set up as the impression. If Grimm really didn’t endorse sarta, I can’t wait for Grimm to find out what she did….

  6. The Ghosts Of Arnaldo Ferraro And James McCall permalink
    September 15, 2011 8:14 pm

    It’s good to see Lucretia’s democrat hate-blog is up and running, sprinkled in with a James McCall or comment two.

    Talk about bellevue material though.

    However, it’s too bad tax-cheat Arnaldo Ferraro isn’t on county committee anymore, I guess even his own neighbors got tired of fake doctors degree and family members who attempt to kill cops.

    Maybe he should have been at his own poll site, instead of Lucretia’s.

    I guess the RINO Ferraro will be joining his fellow RINO McCall on the blogs this year since they are both off county committee.

    Payback’s a mofo.

    Kiss, Kiss.

    • What a bunch of meatballs... permalink
      September 15, 2011 11:03 pm

      Tripper: And even if we win, if we win, HAH! Even if we win! Even if we play so far above our heads that our noses bleed for a week to ten days; even if God in Heaven above comes down and points his hand at our side of the field; even if every man woman and child held hands together and prayed for us to win, it just wouldn’t matter…

      Bill Murray, 1979

  7. The Ghost Of Arnaldo Ferraro permalink
    September 15, 2011 8:25 pm

    It’s good to see Lucretia’s democrat hate-blog is up and running, sprinkled in with a pathetic James McCall or comment two.

    Talk about bellevue material though.

    However, it’s too bad tax-cheat Arnaldo Ferraro isn’t on county committee anymore, I guess even his own neighbors got tired of fake doctors degree and family members who attempt to kill cops.

    Maybe he should have been at his own poll site, instead of Lucretia’s.

    I guess the RINO Ferraro will be joining his fellow RINO McCall on the blogs this year since they are both off county committee.

    Payback’s a mofo.

    Kiss, Kiss.

    • What a bunch of meatballs... permalink
      September 15, 2011 11:05 pm

      See Tripper comment above

  8. VKM permalink
    September 15, 2011 8:39 pm

    Hey don’t forget former Democrat campaign website designer Roy Antoun who himself didn’t even bother to lift a finger this past summer.

    He did his neighbor now former one term has been 46th AD county committee Arnaldo Ferraro no favors by failing to help him keep his county committee spot.

    Boy would I not want to be Roy right now.

    Roy better keep his gun handy by his computer when hate-blogging…

  9. What a bunch of meatballs... permalink
    September 15, 2011 11:06 pm

    See Bill Murray’s comment above

  10. Harry O'Brien permalink
    September 16, 2011 12:30 pm

    It’s amazing how obsessed these people are with the 49th. Meanwhile, Gerry’s crap just looks older and older and more desperate.

  11. Dr. Joyce Brothers permalink
    September 16, 2011 9:04 pm

    Harry O,

    It goes so much further than an obsession with the 49th AD…

    The Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton and his right- and left-hand minions, Russell Gallo and Gene Berardelli, have turned the whole of the Kings County Republican Party establishment into an extension of their own psychiatric syndromes.

    The Brooklyn GOP now has so many verbal, visual and other behavioral ticks that it’s condemned to a perpetual wakeful, walking and talking fantasy land of nasty winkin’, nasty blinkin’ and nasty nods.

    The same goes for the Eaton-Gallo-Bernadelli media monster, which reflects its emotionally scarred parentage ala Narcissus and Echo. The Brooklyn GOP poster child, “The Jig is Up Atlas,” is obviously severely disturbed and routinely allows idiots, morons and imbeciles to post there on behalf of the Brooklyn GOP. Gallo’s and Berardelli’s love child “Brooklyn GOP [Blog talk] Radio” is like listening to a therapy session fora group with Tourrette’s Syndrome.

  12. Bill Guido permalink
    September 17, 2011 10:42 am

    this article that just appeared in the Yeshiva World News, the largest Orthodox Newspaper in America, decalring the Conservative Party as a “winner” of the Turner election is a damning indictment of the ineffectiveness of Eaton and the Brooklyn GOP- this is what they wrote: and here’s the link so people can see for themselves

    this, along with the City Hall News decalration of Gerard Kassar as a “winner” in the Turner election and no word of Eaton surely must be making Eaton’s Ego nuts!
    “Conservative Party
    Few people remember, but Brooklyn’s Conservative party backed Turner first. That move all but forced the Republicans (who were still interviewing candidates at the time) to go along with their pick. If this all sounds familiar, it’s because they did the same exact thing last year when they boxed the Staten Island Republican party into supporting now-Congressman Mike Grimm. The party has solidified itself as the only true voice of conservatism (yeah, that’s a swipe at Republicans) and the counter-balance to the liberal Working Family Parties in New York State.”

  13. "The Beat Goes On" Lookout "AAA", as you heap more praise on Eaton permalink
    September 17, 2011 7:36 pm

    “…Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
    La-di-da-di-dee! La-di-da- di-dah!”

    The September 17th “…Jig is Up… posting “Thank You Chairman Eaton VI!!” is another slovenly hagiography of some anonymous toady to Craig Eaton, or more likely, some paid retainer posing to be one. “AAA” certainly can’t be taken seriously on this one, because this posting clearly had been put out there to counter the effects of several newspaper articles and blog postings that completely discounted the Eaton’s and the Brooklyn GOP’s contributions to the Bob Turner election effort.

    To: “AAA”

    Watch your own back over on your side of the fence. If history is any guide, Eaton will turn on you as fast as Bill Sykes turned on Nancy ( “As long as he needs me…”). Just ask Peter and Karen.

    The Beat goes on, the beat goes on…
    Eaton will pound a rhythm on your brains.
    La-di-da-di-dee! La-di-da- di-dah!”

  14. Bath Beach, Bensonhurst Birdie Tweets permalink
    September 24, 2011 1:50 pm

    Tweet…it’s quiet… too quietee quiet… tweet-tweet!

    No Russian T-34 Tanks, with banners about “Regime Change in the 49th AD”… none of the 2010 KCRP-supported 49th AD insurgents are trash-talking about “tomato cans”… the 2011 KCRP-supported 49th AD insurgent for Male Member of the Republican State Committee was IN FACT KNOCKED OFF THE BALLOT FOR INSUFFICIENT SIGNATURES (but restored by a legalistic mirage in the appeals court) by the 2010 KCRP-supported 49th AD insurgent … in the 2011 Republican Party Primary, the Fiorello LaGaurdia Club leadership slate of Michael Bennette and Lucretia Regina-Potter was again elected to the Republican State Committee from the 49th AD…

    More than two years of the Republican County establishment’s rancor, expense, diversion of scarce personnel from other important GOP races and the destruction of the Republican brand in Southwest Brooklyn has all been for naught. Why doesn’t Berardelli and Gallo do a “Thank you, Chairman Craig Eaton…” for that long-term fiasco?

    Tweet, tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet!!!!!

  15. Peter Cipriano's last laugh is 100% on Eaton and Eaton's advisors permalink
    October 6, 2011 12:20 am

    Peter Cipriano got a very significant vote in the 49th AD in 2011. His write-in vote greatly exceeded the margin of victory of Michael Bennette of the 49th AD LaGuardia Club over Matthew Graves, Craig Eaton’s hand-picked candidate, to be the Male Member of theState Committee from the 49th AD.

    Mr. Cipriano was credited with 80 write-in signatures and should have been credited with a few more if there had been a proper recanvas (Note: Graves is a Board of Elections Employee). It all means that Craig Eaton badly blundered by not allowing Cipriano to run as the endorsed candidate of the County Organization for Male Member of the State Committee for the 49th AD.

    The next chapter of the Peter Cipriano saga is yet to be written… but don’t bet against him next time.

  16. The Ghosts Of Arnaldo Ferraro permalink
    October 6, 2011 2:28 pm

    You mean sort of like how Peter Cipriano’s paid adviser Karen Fischer told him not to vote against Craig Eaton at last week’s convention?

    You mean sort of like how Peter Cipriano’s paid adviser Karen Fischer told him not to bother counting proxies at last week’s convention?

    Than again Cipriano didn’t bring in a single proxy to last week’s convention..

    The next chapter in the 49th AD has yet to be written.

  17. The Ghosts Of Arnaldo Ferraro permalink
    October 6, 2011 2:34 pm

    I heard Peter Cipriano stole a whole ton of votes from Michael Bennette and that’s caused some friction between them.

    Than again you would be mad too if someone stole your club members votes.

    No wonder he and Michael Bennette never got along.

    However, Michael Bennette couldn’t even win his own block for district leader.

    I guess he’s just like the has been’s of the 49th AD, Maresca, and Ferraro, and the never will be’s like 21-year old homemaker, Peter Cipriano.

    Truly Pathetic.

  18. Unqualified permalink
    October 6, 2011 3:10 pm

    Peter Cipriano did not qualify to get on the ballot.

  19. Touchy! Touchy! Touchy! permalink
    October 6, 2011 10:21 pm

    Peter Cipriano has charted his own INDEPENDENT course; just like Joseph Hayon and Jonathan Judge.

    Getting the approval of a PATHETIC GOP COUNTY ORGANIZATION for any political post is not only unnecessary, it’s stupid.

    Now, JH, PC and JJJ know what it will take the next time they decide they want to run — or to run somebody else’s campaign if they decide to be a “king-maker” like Eaton.

    • All Has Beens That Have Not permalink
      October 7, 2011 1:38 am

      Not one of them has amounted to much politically.

      There will not be a “next time”.

      Payback is a mofo.

      • Eaton gets misty thinking what could have been with his protégé permalink
        October 7, 2011 8:01 pm

        They are young. They’ve learned a few things. They’ll adjust.

        Unlike Eaton, who just stands around looking like….

        ….well, looking like he does on the front page of today’s “Daily Eagle” — what was up with him at that 68th PCT celebration at the Manor?????

        Was Craigie sneezy and wheezy? Maybe, a little too much cold medicine for the GOP Chairman made him sheepy, sleepy, even weepy.

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  21. Signal Victory Over Eaton Hailed by 49th AD Republicans permalink
    November 20, 2011 3:51 pm

    Earlier today, almost a hundred friends and supporters of Lucretia Regina-Potter and Michael Bennette gathered at the Vegas Diner for a “Celebration” following their well-earned VICTORY over the failed forces of GOP County Chairman.

    • Oops -- "Craig Eaton" was left out , by accident -- Yeah, Right! permalink
      November 20, 2011 3:54 pm

      …well-earned VICTORY over the failed forces of GOP County Chairman Craig Eaton….

  22. OPEN LETTER to the Fiorello la Guardia Republican Club permalink
    January 14, 2012 3:24 pm

    The electronic semi-shutdown of “The Jig is Up Atlas” on or about January 12, 2012 was another signal of the failure of the Eaton-Gallo “Regime Change” strategy that had been aimed at the 49th AD Regular Republican Organization operating at the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Club since late 2009.

    The LaGuardia Club leadership and its members should remain vigilant. In a cryptic posting on a widely-read blog, “ROOM EIGHT”, somebody commented that one of Craig Eaton’s principal hate bloggers “AAA” would most likely be heard from again. The KCRP leadership under Eaton and his henchmen have been known to have taken quite a few things out of general view, only to resume the matters in secret [ Don’t forget the June 30, 2010 report, “UPDATE: More Secrecy From The Bay Ridge Cabal”
    right here in “Atlas Shrugs…”. That report involved KCRP Vice Chairman David Storobin’s underhanded (but “Official Republican Club” attack on The Brooklyn Young Republican Club, which quickly became a “Lock Box” undercover operation once it had discoverd and reported. That’s just how Eaton’s hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas” has been operating for the last few days.


    But feel strong and confident. If Eaton and “The Jig is Up Atlas” couldn’t win in a fair fight out in the light of day, where everybody could see, how are they going to win trying to fight out of their self-created “Lock Box”?

  23. ROUND THREE: Eaton against Lucretia Regina Potter and Arnaldo Ferraro, all in the 46th AD. permalink
    July 26, 2012 2:47 pm

    It looks like the stealth civil war (in many instances less-than-civil war) between Craig Eaton’s GOP regime and the Fiorello LaGaurdia Republican Organization will move into 46th AD, presently the back yard of Clorinda Annarummo’s Seergy Club.

    This poses a bit of a dilemma for the Eaton forces, which are now spread thin across Southwest Brooklyn. Nominally, they should be lined up behind the Seergy Club, its leadership and its candidates; and against Eaton’s longstanding memises from the la Gauardia Club, Lucretia Rregina Potter and Arnaldo Ferraro. Since it’s likely to be the only Brooklyn GOP primary in the 2012 election cycle, one would expect a 100% effort on behalf of the Seergy Club candidate. However, the Brooklyn GOP establishment is stuck trying to flesh out Russell Gallo’s faltering campaign in the 45th AD; and the Brooklyn GOP’s few available foot soldiers are expected to be retained or diverted there even before the primary in the 46th is out of the way.

    Unless some kind of deal is stuck, there might be a court fight over the adequacy of the LaGauardia and Seergy Clubs’ petitions. The Buzz is that Republican County Chairman Craig Eaton personally looked at the La Guardia Club petitions at the BOE.

    • Gene "RR" Berardelli's Election Case Representation Shows Who's "In-" and Who's "Not In-With" Eaton's Cabal permalink
      July 27, 2012 11:10 am

      With the election cases, things are about to get very real, very fast.

      Republican County Leader Craig Eaton is presiding over a Brooklyn GOP that is a “House Divided” and that fact is shown quite graphically in the legal representation for the petition challenges.

      Gene “RR” Berardelli let it be known early on that there would be several Brooklyn GOP candidates who would not be getting his legal representation for their election cases.

      Among the reasons given by “RR” were that several GOP candidates had complained about how he had handled the “cleaning” and binding of their petitions. Among the reasons given by some these Republican candidates were that the cartoonish Berardelli just seemed not up to doing the whole job and was trying to duck as much work as possible. So Berardelli simply selected his GOP election clients by choosing to serve only his favorites.

      The underlying reality is that certain ethnic and religious splits that have long existed inside the Brooklyn GOP have not been repaired even after the election of Republican State Senator David Storobin, whose own candidacy is seriously threatened by those splits. Chairman Eaton has largely stood back, only occasionally demanding unity by the split factions and only occasionally pushing Berardelli deal with all of Eaton’s “endorsed” candidates.

      One also wonders how much of the Law Chairman’s effort will be diverted yet again in the long time and so far failed attempt at “Regime Change” inside the boundaries of the “OLD 49th AD” (now apparently being fought inside the new 46th AD)…..

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