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Victory for Turner, NY1 Reports

September 13, 2011


NY1 is calling the race for Turner in the 9th Congressional. We can’t wait to see if he won in Brooklyn, Queens, or both…

  1. WIliam Randolph Hearst permalink
    September 13, 2011 11:35 pm

    Blogging from here and there indicates that Brooklyn came through BIG for Turner………….

    Interesting, from the Brooklyn GOP [crickets chirping with occasional cackle of a cicada] out front, as usual… er ?(*&#Q&(*? Excuse me, out cold, as usual.

  2. Bach, Beethoven & Brahms permalink
    September 14, 2011 7:19 am

    Finally getting the beat, the Brooklyn GOP is playing it’s winning tune about Turner’s apparent victory and his success in the Brooklyn part of the district. Of course “The Jig is Up Atlas” has continued the fugue that it’s all about Eaton.

    That tune is really getting tiresome.

  3. Walter Winchell permalink
    September 14, 2011 8:30 pm

    Eaton, Gallo and what’s her name seem to have won it all for Turner in the 47th AD in Brooklyn. “The Jig is Up Atlas” scooped the world with this little-known and terribly under-reported fact out of the Weprin-Turner Special Election results.

  4. What are they thinking in the Brooklyn GOP? Here's what.... permalink
    September 17, 2011 10:29 am

    In the aftermath of the September 13th primary and special
    election, “The Jig is Up Atlas” September 16, 2011 post, “Top 10
    Election Day Round-Up” by “Judas Judge” is a clear documentary
    example of the “thinking” of the Kings County Republican Party,
    KCRP Chairman Craig Eaton and the rest of the “Executive Committee”
    running the Brooklyn GOP. According to current chosen spokesperson
    for the Brooklyn GOP on these matters, the election of Bob Turner
    ranks 10th in importance — look at some of what ranks first through
    ninth: “ [#1 and #2 is self-praise for Eaton and Gallo… wonder
    why? Oh, that’s right the list is posted by “Judas Judge”]*** #3-
    The Conservative Party supported Bob Turner but provided minimal
    support on the ground according to several high ranking insiders.
    Without Eaton’s people Turner loses the election. *** #4- Arnaldo
    is a loser. #5- Joseph Hayon (or Hayden) is a fraud and a loser. He
    lost more than 2 to 1 against a RINO. Pretty pathetic. Mr. Hayon
    (Hayden) please submit your financial disclosure to the Board of
    Elections. #6- Peter Cipriano received some write-in votes. His
    career is over. #7- Roy Antoun is back in Brooklyn. Ask us how we
    know…… #8- McCall is a “pathetic” democrat sympathizer- Fact.
    #9- A terrific new site can be found here:” Clearly, the obsessive behavior
    continues unabated. Sadly, the Brooklyn GOP, Craig Eaton, Russell
    Gallo and some others over there are not taking their meds. The
    KCRP Executive Board members, who up to now have actively or
    passively enabled all of this kind of stuff, have a legal duty to
    exercise as board members of a legal entity, or face the legal
    consequences for their inaction.
    ________________________________________________ *** Of course,
    nobody in the real world agrees with #s 1, 2 or 3; for example: The
    newspaper, “City Hall News”, gave none of the credit for Turner’s
    taking the 9th CD to the Brooklyn GOP or Eaton or Gallo. However,
    Queens Republican Councilman Erich Ulrich and Kings County
    CONSERVATIVE PARTY Leader Jerry Kassar were specifically mentioned
    in the article as among the “Biggest Winners” for their
    contribution to the victory.

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