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After Resignation of Bloomberg’s “Harriet Miers,” Third Term Now Officially Defunct

April 11, 2011

Last week marked one of the most crippling political defeats in the tenure of one of New York’s worst mayors, Michael Bloomberg.

It was tremendously satisfying to watch this arrogant, nasty billionaire’s mayoralty crash into the ocean of failure, a destination it had flirted with for years. From the loss of the Olympics to the loss of a West Side stadium to the raising of property taxes and the proposal of congestion taxes, Mr. Bloomberg has been consistently one of the most unsuccessful executives this city has ever had.

But with the loss of Bloomberg’s Harriet Miers came a more obvious and satisfying realization about the state of the Third Term Bloomberg: it’s politically deceased.

Now, we can’t forget how we got here.

That the GOP made this man their candidate is an obvious black eye on the elephant’s already crippled form. The party abandoned all principles and vision when they allowed this man to undermine the will of the people and give us this monstrosity of a third term that has been about as successful as Spiderman: The Musical.

Leading the charge in the fight to support the mayor was, I need not remind you, none other than the illustrious Duke of Bay Ridge, Craig Eaton.

All for money.

Now, we’ve watched as snow storms have shut down the city, corruption has been rampant, and the Mayor’s closest confidantes are either fleeing the Titanic that is City Hall or are being forced out for their obvious failures.

Bloomberg can run as many ads as he likes. It won’t change the permanent scars that his mayoralty has inflicted on our city.

New Yorkers are finished with Mike.

Meanwhile, as we await Mr. Bloomberg’s departure, one looming question has been on my mind lately: who is the GOP going to support for Mayor of New York after Mike?

Between Giuliani and Bloomberg, there was a relatively peaceful political transition (remember those ads with Mike and Rudy all but bear hugging?).

That transition seems far less likely with all the political capital various Democrats in city government have been gaining (some deservedly and other not so much). But the GOP is running out of rich billionaires to put up in elections.

Well, I guess there’s always Trump…

God help us.

At least for now we can take comfort in the fact that Mr. Bloomberg now has zero credibility in politics.

But what the future holds is an entirely separate question.

  1. Golden- Black relationship permalink
    April 11, 2011 12:57 pm

    I understand Golden’s potential opponent, former school board president, and Markowitz chief of staff Carlo Sciussa is already compiling all Golden’s quotes supporting Cathie Black for campaign literature.

  2. Golden and Abbate Thick As Thieves permalink
    April 11, 2011 11:54 pm

    Mugging in progress

    Posted: April 12, 2011

    A scant 100 days into Andrew Cuomo’s incumbency, a disturbing question must be asked: Is he losing his stomach for the fight?

    Everybody knows that the greed of the state’s public-employee unions is exceeded only by the venality of the state lawmakers who live to serve them.

    But Cuomo promised to have no truck with that sort of thing — and stuck with his vow during the recently concluded budget negotiations.

    A new day in Albany?

    Alas, the Citizens Budget Commission yesterday sounded the alarm on at least 55 bills that have been filed this year that would jack up “the already-skyrocketing cost to taxpayers of retirement benefits for state and local employees.”

    The added hit: a whopping $860 million — on top of an already sky-high $11 billion price tag, a jump of about 8 percent.

    But rather than condemn the attempted mugging out of hand, Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto said only that the governor “is reviewing the legislation.”

    That’s not nearly good enough.

    True, many of the bills are perennial “pension sweeteners” that lawmakers push as payback for union support.

    This tells you how much respect those legislators have for ordinary New Yorkers and the economic future of the state.

    That is, none whatsoever.

    As the Manhattan Institute’s E.J. McMahon noted on these pages yesterday, pension costs eat up 20 percent of the city’s tax revenue, leaving little for core services.

    “It’s astonishing that these bills would be introduced in [this] fiscal climate,” CBC President Carol Kellerman said. “The bills reflect no acknowledgement of the financial burden that taxpayers already bear.”

    The bills contain all kinds of pension goodies for public employees — at a cost, CBC says, of $300 million to the state and $560 million to local jurisdictions.

    The most alarming: a plan to let school districts borrow more than half a billion dollars to cover teacher pension costs.

    That money could then be used to avoid local budget cuts that sponsors say look inevitable otherwise, as a result of Cuomo’s necessary trims in state aid to schools.

    “We want to [alleviate] . . . pressure on local governments and school districts and individual employees,” says bill sponsor Sen. Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn), a perennial union patsy.

    Obviously Golden and Democratic Assembly sponsor Peter Abbate couldn’t care less that borrowing to fund current-day expenses is the same as taking a mortgage to pay grocery bills — and that it’s what almost brought down New York City a generation ago.

    Anyway, what Golden and Abbate re ally want to alleviate is pressure on them selves — brought by their true masters, the unions.

    But, again, that’s not news.

    What is disturbing — shocking — is Cuomo’s unwillingness to condemn the chicanery out of hand.

    He doesn’t have to “review” a thing to understand that if localities get to borrow their way out of aid reductions, his new budget is reduced to a game of three-card monte.

    And if the unions muscle this through, Cuomo’s game is up before it really begins.

    He needs to stop it — now.

    Read more:

    • NY POST EDITORIAL SLAMS MARTIN GOLDEN as "perennial union patsy" permalink
      April 12, 2011 7:14 am

      In a New York Post Editorial — there it is for all the
      world to see. “Sen. Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn), [is] a perennial
      union patsy.” Crying out loud, real Republicans and real
      conservatives of all affiliations need to state, like the NY Post,
      “He needs to stop it — now.”

      • Golden is Golden permalink
        April 13, 2011 12:03 pm

        Golden is a dedicated, devoted and loyal Senator who should not be disrespected like this. These Blogs are a waster of time – both of them.

        We need to get rid of the old hags like Clorinda. I hear that Clo is not well liked at Team Grimm – she is in her mid to late 60’s, not computer literate, miserable having to work five days a week (and I hear she complains to everyone that she does not make enough money for the work she does), and having trouble not being the BOSS. She fashions herself as the all knowing GOP wondergirl but these are not the DeCarlo days anymore – she has NO power, NOOOOO friends, NOOOOO supporters – in fact if it werent for Joan Gicheti,she would be all alone. But now she sucked Sarta into her circle – wonder how long he will stick around. why would he want to stay with an old hag with a painted on tan anyway.

        What is realy funny is that Clo is a looooooser – her son works at the board, sometimes, and thinks he is the big honcho – everyone hates him there as well.

        Poor little Annarummmmos – unliked and unresptrected everywhere.

        Everyone talks behind her old back -but smiles to her face. Evryone knows she is a backstabbing, disloyal bitch.

        Hope sghe leaves sooner rather than klater

  3. finally permalink
    April 13, 2011 5:43 pm

    Finally the eatons admit a fallout between eaton and clorinda… Who else is eaton not on speaking terms with, we hear its a large list

    • Fly On The Wall permalink
      April 15, 2011 7:08 am

      More and more he is left talking to himself, like most people who are paranoid. The funny thing is, due to his actions, more and more people are out to get him.

  4. sarta who? permalink
    April 13, 2011 10:52 pm

    Its no surprise that Cipriano and Capano both gave clorinda the boot from their respective state assembly campaigns- she wasn’t worth the aggravation as accurately expressed in the comment above- that’s typical clorinda…
    Although she is dragging Sarta around as the new executive director of her seergy club and as the next chris mega, I’m sure he will see the light and give her the boot also..

  5. Blowback on TJIUA's highjacking of charity event permalink
    April 15, 2011 7:23 am

    TJIUA’s April 14th post “Working Class Hero Brian Doherty
    Shatters Fundraising Goal For New York City 5 Borough Bike Tour!!”
    has caused some flack to erupt on the comments thread to that item.
    GET REAL FOLKS — “…Brian Doherty Shatters Fundraising Goal For
    New York City 5 Borough Bike Tour…” — does anybody really
    believe that? What’s going on with the Golden-Eaton propaganda
    machine? It’s interesting that some people in the Golden-Eaton
    faction (Morons #1 and #2, and now apprentice moron, Brian Doherty)
    think that “charity” and charitable events are all for the PR
    value, using them to toot their own horns. Sort of reminds us of
    Craig Eaton’s attempt to make mileage out of the Haitian earthquake
    problems, distributing swag fliers in his parish without
    permission, and how that all blew up in his face. Also, have you
    noticed that their side likes to use the word “hero” without
    anything heroic to back it up. Gallo’s a hero; Golden’s a hero, and
    now Doherty’s a hero (“…’Working Class Hero’ Brian Doherty on his
    heroic mission…” — puh-leez!!!!!). BUT NOW, even trying to
    highjack a trademark of a charitable event, like this one, to score
    some cheap points for Brian Doherty, that’s a new low even for
    TJIUA and “AAA” — whoever that great American hero might

  6. Brian Doherty, Please Report to the Bureau of "Silly Walks"; You Are Cpying Craig Eaton's Silly Walk permalink
    April 15, 2011 9:25 pm

    We have noticed your strut and your swagger. Also that when you’ve had a few … well, never mind that.

    As to the former, especially when it comes to ostentatiously parading your charitable activities, you do resemble Craig Eaton, the infamous and notorious “Silly Walker of Bay Ridge”. His “Silly Walk” has been registered at the Bureau of Silly Walks; if you want to continue using Eaton’s Silly Walk, you’ll have to get his written permission and file it with the Bureau of SIlly Walks.

    Now, about your “Silly Works” for the Brooklyn GOP….

  7. the internal GOP challenge begins permalink
    April 16, 2011 6:45 pm

    Just yesterday, clorinda annarummo was heard saying that she has started PAC account through her Seergy Republican Club (with Joe Sartas considerable financial clout) so as to support candidates of her choosing and not to need Eaton’s GOP financial support..she has had it with eaton and now is making the moves…

  8. Is State Senator Martin... trying to claim credit for fixing a mess he created? permalink
    April 17, 2011 10:07 am

    If one were to believe what State Senator Golden and his
    staff say to the local papers, you’d believe that he was
    instrumental in getting the service cuts restored on some local
    express-bus routes. If you believe the spokesmen of Craig Eaton’s
    Brooklyn GOP, it was all Golden’s doing. The truth is far from that
    — at least most of the truth. Golden wants to overlook HIS initial
    failure to properly fund the MTA in 2009-2010 (in fact certain MTA
    funds were diverted to other parts of the New York State budget as
    part of those year’s fiscal gimmicks). First, he should take credit
    for that. His fiscal cuts directly led to the service cuts. As for
    the restoration of service, just what did he do and when did he do
    it? Certainly he was a day late and a pound short when the services
    were cut. Why should anybody believe his crap about restoring

  9. YES HE IS ! ! ! ! ! permalink
    April 17, 2011 7:45 pm

    Yes, that is the flush-faced, four-flushing “Republican”
    State Senator from Bay Ridge along Shore Road patting himself on
    the back for the restoration of Express Bus services coming on July
    1st (Why two and a half months away, if we are just getting back
    what was owed to us, MR. RED-FACED STATE SENATOR?)…/137415/mta-to-restore-several-brooklyn-express-bus-routes/?r=6815872121
    And who was that with Golden saying that the restorations were
    because of the “Americans With Disabilities Act” lawsuit? — Oh
    yes, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Attorney Matthew Daus ! (FYI,
    Matthew Daus was a NYC Commissioner involved with some very screwed
    up transit issues before he initiated this ADA suit against the
    MTA[ The 3/28/10 New York Post article, “School for scandal —
    $afety net at CUNY for fallen city bigs” by ANNIE KARNI and CYNTHIA
    R. FAGEN makes very interesting reading about the very “hooked up”
    Mr. Daus:
    We have a “The question begs” querie for Lawsuit Buddies Golden and
    Daus: “Will the MTA agree that the ADA lawsuit is why they restored
    the service cuts on the X-37 and X-38, becuse we don’t thing a lot
    of “disabled” people uese those buses?” But maybe, we’re wrong.
    Needless to say, SSM Golden had to do some wheelin’an’dealin’ to
    get this done, as in “Aren’t we going to have to pay for these
    restored services/” — “Not so! says State Senator red-faced Martin
    … (see 2011 Audubon Society Handbook); but he then continued, “Of
    course…blah, blah, blah…”; which sounded like there was still a
    lot of wheelin’an’dealin’ left to be done and things are far from
    final, as to who pays and how much ( see for yourself: [Apr 15, Mockmail video]). (btw, what
    about restoring X-29 service, aren’t some of “THOSE PEOPLE”
    red-faced Martin Golden’s constituents as well?)

    • Is State Senator Golden now trying to channel "Lock Box" Al Gore? permalink
      May 20, 2011 11:53 pm

      “Senator Golden, Assembly Member Brennan And Transit
      Advocates Fight To Keep Transit Funds For Transit Riders” Posted by
      Martin J. Golden on Thursday, May 19th, 2011 Yes, they want a “lock
      box”! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….. btw, does white-haired Martin believe
      his own BS????? Then again, maybe this is borrowed BS, as State
      Senator Golden is deep into another questionable alliance, this
      time with the very liberal Park Slope Democrat-WFP, James Brennan,
      and Golden’s again in the hip pocket of another public service
      employees’ union. Good luck, with all that! Keep up the good

  10. Eaton's and Golden's Chosen Mayor Thinks We Aren't Over-Taxed In NYC permalink
    April 20, 2011 7:07 am

    According to David Seifman in the April 19th New York Post,
    Mayor Bloomberg says, “…our property tax is not that high….Our
    property taxes in New York City happen to be very low compared to
    the rest of the state.”
    The Mayor’s gets this all wrong, because he never was a real
    Republican. Even though Bloomberg sees the problem clearly, he
    won’t think about lowering property taxes, “I understand why
    [property owners] would want lower taxes. But the bottom line is we
    have a deficit and I think it’s hard to see how you could provide
    the services if we had to lower taxes.” The answer is simple cut
    “the services” ( btw, to Bloomberg this means lots of WELFARE and
    assorted NANNY-STATE governmental activities) – continue to provide
    the tax relief. That’s the only real answer for any real
    Republican. The question has to be put to Eaton and Golden — ARE
    Or put another way, “Who do they support, the non-Republican guy
    that they chose for mayor or property-owning taxpayers who are the
    backbone of the Republican Party?”

  11. The Bloomberg Effect on the GOP --- a whimper not a bang permalink
    April 22, 2011 8:49 am

    Like so many things in politics, endings are more about
    whimpers than bangs. Mr. Mayor Bloomberg’s Ms. Black fiasco was no
    different. The wheels have come off the very bus that Bloomberg
    threw Black under. She’ complaining — he’s backfilling — and
    those wheels off the bus go round and round, rolling down some
    street somewhere in the city until they run out of momentum and
    just fall over. In spite of tremendous wind to his back, Mr. Mayor
    Bloomberg barely won re-election against a lackluster and
    unresourced opponent. The Republican Party has backed the mayors in
    New York City since Bill Clinton was a new president — what good
    has that done for the Republican Party and how is the city, or any
    part of it, more “Republican”? This IS the way it ends — not with
    a bang………

  12. After Resignation of Eaton’s “Harriet Miers,” His Leadership... Now Officially Sucks permalink
    May 6, 2011 8:33 pm

    Watch what happens next…!!!

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