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Months After Blizzard Fiasco, Bloomberg Poll Numbers Match Worst of Obama’s

April 1, 2011

The man the GOP gave the Wilson Pakula to so that he could run for an illegitimate third term remains as unpopular as ever.

Indeed, his poll numbers now rival the worst of President Obama’s numbers.

Mayor Bloomberg, an enemy of reform and a deep-pocketed egotist, has long been disliked by the writers of this blog. Indeed, when we started Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn, one of our first critiques was of Mr. Bloomberg’s pursuit of a third term.

Now, we share in New Yorker’s disdain for the Mayor’s performance.

This polling information was released exclusively to NY1 this week, and here is their story:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg may have come out with a new ad touting his administration, but it hasn’t helped with his approval rating, according to an exclusive NY1/Marist College poll released Thursday.

Forty percent of new registered voters rate his performance excellent or good, compared to 59 percent fair or poor.

While it’s not the lowest Bloomberg’s ever been, it’s far from his greatest. Pollsters chalk it up to the sluggish economy, though unemployment in the city has been better than the U.S. as a whole. Throw in lingering fallout from the Christmas weekend storm, budget battles and concern about schools and you have the recipe for mayoral malaise.

In February, before the ad started, 44 percent rated him excellent or good, compared to 40 percent now. Fifty-five percent rated him fair or poor then, versus 59 percent now

“People are not giving him good grades at all for handling of the school system, and they’re also unhappy with the whole budget picture. And that was really Mayor Bloomberg’s calling card. That’s what brought Mayor Bloomberg on the scene to begin with,” said Marist Pollster Lee Miringoff.

On education, the mayor’s signature issue, Bloomberg also has more detractors than admirers with 65 percent saying they disapprove of how he’s handing the city’s schools. Eight percent weren’t sure.

The teachers union’s claim that it’s most concerned with experience in the classroom rings hollow, with 56 percent of those surveyed saying it’s just to protect seniority; 35 percent say it’s about experience.

Bloomberg also cited his financial prowess as he changed rules for a third term. It turns out, most New yorkers aren’t that pleased. Thirty-eight percent approved of his handling of the budget, versus 56 who disapproved.

It should not be forgotten that it was Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton who used heavy-handed tactics to force a Wilson-Pakula vote, even eliminating those who spoke against it politically in Brooklyn.

Now, we have a Democratic-leaning Mayor who can’t even manage a snow storm running our government via a method that was rejected by the people: the extension of term limits.

We hope Mr. Bloomberg is planning his political retirement.

New Yorkers have had enough of him.


  1. Temporarily Out of Retirement: the real true "Wag the Dog" permalink
    April 1, 2011 5:58 pm

    March 10th last year I signed off with Douglas MacArthur and Dennis Miller, “the ‘DM’ Odd Couple”, but came back once or twice for the fun of it.

    This time I had to, since my good name is being dragged through the mud over at Eaton’s Hate Blog — “The Jig is Up Atlas”.

    My friend “Rags the Tiger” gave me a buzz on the breezer and asked, “Hay, Wags, did you comment over there on TJIUA, today?”

    I says, “Rags, you knows me beddah dan dat… not tuhday, not any uhdah day, needah…”

    Anyways, I checks it out — and buddah-bing-buddah-boom — there’s somebody stealin’ my thundah and not leavin’ me tuh rest in peace.

    “Wag the Dog said…” *** “Truth Spoken…” What a crock of BS!!!! Not ‘ardly by ‘alf… says [H]I !!!!!

    The real Wags says, “HERE, WAG THIS (8)====> !!!!”

  2. With Bloomberg's numbers tanking, Martin Golden starting to look quite vulnerable permalink
    April 2, 2011 10:27 am

    Recently a Joel Klein – Michael Bloomberg flier went around thanking State Senator Golden for helping kids and schools.


    Make no mistake that was a rich Manhattan guy trying to help out one of his few “just folks” kind of buddies.

    What’s worse the disease or the cure? Golden-Bloomberg-Teachers-Classrooms-Budgets-Schools — bad news-bad news-bad news.

    That’s why the city-wide papers are starting to see that Republican State Senator Martin Golden is in trouble, maybe deep trouble. >>>>> “Is Brooklyn State Sen. Marty Golden Vulnerable?” Celeste Katz, Daily News, March 24, 2011 (Complete with description of video of foot massage, ala Jets coach Rex Ryan)

    • Will Golden’s view of himself be an issue in 2012? Probably, since it's already been mentioned in the Daily News. permalink
      April 7, 2011 11:26 pm

      Somebody recently said, “I’ll match Marty Golden’s work
      ethic against anyone. Anyone.” Then that spokesman for the state
      senator told the reporter, “It’s about children, parents,
      opportunity and jobs, and nobody fights harder for his community
      and city and state than Sen. Golden…” What made this a little
      creepy was that the spokesman for State Senator Golden was none
      other than Martin Golden himself. There is a strange psychological
      disconnect not very deep inside the lone Republican official
      elected in Brooklyn. It is so obvious that even Daily News
      political reporter Celeste Katz had to make a point of mentioning
      it in her recent Daily News article questioning Golden’s
      vulnerabilities. It’s not too early to ask, “Is State Senator
      Golden’s public persona something separate and apart from the
      ‘little Martin inside’?” And if that’s so, wouldn’t that be one of
      his greatest vulnerabilities going forward into a tough election in

  3. Obama's numbers aren't great, but they are not predictive of his re-election chances permalink
    April 4, 2011 10:57 pm

    Events….events! The 2012 election will turn on things
    that are yet to be. Obama is in it — and you have to be in it to
    win it. His numbers are ahead of Carter’s, but behind Clinton’s.
    Here’s the rub — is the current crop of Republican candidates more
    like Reagan or Dole?

  4. After Blizzard Fiasco, Will Bloomberg Have to Take a Bay Ridge "Golden Shower" Before He Vacates City Hall? permalink
    April 7, 2011 8:37 pm

    First “City Hall News, Reports…” now “Room 8” comments on
    State Senator Golden’s suddenly perceived vulnerability. Gatemouth
    has done it again … one great gem after another … as he runs
    down State Senator Golden and Craig Eatons’s Brooklyn Republicans
    and his main bloggers, just like they were penguins crossing the
    Gowanus Expressway from some old nun joke. Read Gatemouth’s “Is
    Marty Golden Really in Trouble?” yourself.
    It’s a hoot-and-a-half. You’ll see that: “THE QUESTION BEGS…” and
    “THE TRUTH HAS SPOKEN..” that: “Gatemouth is infinite times greater
    than “AAA”, “Judas Judge”, “BKPolitico” and “The Jig Is Up Atlas”

  5. Fools Golden permalink
    April 8, 2011 8:54 am

    The Jig is Up and the Question Begs (AKA Fool’s Golden)
    posted by Gatemouth
    Thu, 04/07/2011 – 7:11am

    So much nonsense has been written recently about the Southern Brooklyn State Senate seats lately that my head is spinning from all the spinning.
    To some extent, I must admit that I may be part of the problem.

    I really do believe that, strategically, it has been stupid for Democrats not to challenge Marty Golden, and, more importantly, I believe that when Democrats should stop swallowing the nonsensical bill of goods that running a candidate against Golden only hurts them. For year, Democrats in Queens gave Serph Maltese and Frank Padavan a free wide. In both cases, this only stopped when they were challenged by seemingly clueless
    South Asian candidates who hadn’t gotten the memo and who had no organizational support whatsoever, but did surprisingly well nonetheless.

    When, Maltese nearly got beaten by the unbelievably lame Albert Baldeo, County Leader
    Joe Crowley was livid that anyone would blame him:

    “There is no one in the world who can say to me that we should have known there was a vulnerability here…there was nothing to indicate that – absolutely nothing.”

    True enough; when you don’t challenge someone for over a decade, the statistical evidence of their vulnerability tends to be limited (though not non-existent, if one is really looking for it).

    The same goes for Marty Golden.

    In the fat Democratic years of 2006 and 2008, no one challenged Golden. Not even a South Asian.

    Where is Farouk Samaroo when you really need him?

    In 2010, the most Republican year in recent memory, Golden was challenged by an openly gay leftist.

    This is not the proper profile for a successful Democrat from that part of Brooklyn.

    The proper profile for a successful Democrat from that part of Brooklyn is a closeted gay conservative.

    And yet, even with the worst possible candidate, in the worst possible year, Marty Golden did not win all that impressively, although I doubt he was losing any sleep either.
    Anyway, after heroic efforts, the State Senate Dems have finally had some success in selling someone in the Commentariat (besides me) their bill of goods that Golden is vulnerable.

    And that’s fair.

    Because the first step in making someone vulnerable is getting some to actually believe he is.

    If they’d done that sooner, Golden might have already suffered a real challenge in a year when such a challenge might have mattered.

    The problem is, having sold the fantasy of a potential Golden challenge, someone asked the Sen Dems who might actually make it.

    And the first name they came up with was Marty Markowitz’s Chief of Staff, Carlo Scissura.


    The Sen Dems Great White Hope is Carlo Scissura?
    The man who was once outpolled by Steve Harrison.


    Yes, perhaps this is a district where one can run someone whose curriculum vitae is almost literally that of a “Professional Italian,” almost entirely dedicated to fraternal organizations and the like, but if one is going to stereotype this area as a “Quartiere” looking for a benevolent Godfather, why would you run a Fredo rather than a Michael?

    More importantly, in a district where one of the incumbent’s greatest vulnerabilities is his closeness to a Mayor who’s come to personify Manhattan Elitism and Taxation by Summons, the Sen Dems are floating the guy who get’s Bloomie’s appointment every time he needs a sock puppet for some marionette-type commission, whether it is the yearly attempt to change the City Charter or an interim Board of Education to pretend to run things when Mayoral Control temporarily lapses.

    Worst part it is, Carlo will get all the Mayor’s vulnerabilities, while Golden will get all of his money.

    Memo to John Sampson: If one insists on running a Markowitz Chief of Staff against Marty Golden, please note that Greg Atkins lives in Dyker Heights.

    But not all the nonsense concerning Marty Golden stems from the Democrats.

    It is an old joke that when you have two Jews on an Island, you end up with three Synagogues (although lately they’re probably engaged in negotiations over a merger and selling one of the buildings to a Chabad House or a Mosque).

    Likewise, when you have a tiny party with few and far hopes of victory, you are liable to have bitter divisions and competing clubs, each with their own nasty blog.
    In Brooklyn, the local Republican rebels, centered around the Young Republican Club, have Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn, while the Golden/Craig Eaton controlled Regulars haveThe Jig Is Up Atlas.

    Atlas Shrugs has the redeeming feature of sometimes linking Gatemouth, but that hasn’t stopped me from making their leader, Jonathan Judge, a target for well deserved derision when merited.

    But it is not merely lack of links to Room 8 that makes “The Jig is Up” the worst blog in Brooklyn. Nor is it the reliably right wing content.

    It is simply, the worst written thing I’ve ever tried to read.

    The question begs: could a room full of monkeys do any worse?

    The latest crusade at “The Jig” is a series condemning local Democrats for not criticizing Carl Kruger.
    Now, I’ve no brief for Mike Nelson, the City Council’s Dick Clark/Dorian Gray, and a winner of the “Ted Baxter Award for Intellectual Integrity.” Like his mentor Carl Kruger, Nelson regularly shills for the Republicans. So, I actually got a chuckle when “The Jig” attacked Nelson, although, based on Nelson’s record, one would think the Republican attitude would be one of gratitude.

    But there are problems with this series.

    First is the fact that it ignores “The Presumption of Innocence.”

    Secondly, it is full of pure nonsense. One piece attacks the purported close relationship between Kruger and Councilman Lew Fidler.

    To quote Woody Allen, Fidler loves Kruger “like a brother.”
    David Greenglass.

    Once of twice over the decades, Kruger and Fidler have been forced by the occasion to utter a nice word about the other in public.

    But as rare as those occurrences have been in public, such an occasion has never occurred in private.
    In 2007, after one of my periodic attacks on Kruger, Rock asked me, “Why has [Kruger] succeeded in holding on to his seat? Was it Tony Genovese and the Jefferson club that held it all together for him ?”

    I answered, “Perhaps initially, but it’s probably mostly the inertia that saves all southern Brooklyn pols from having primaries until the Russian population in their districts reaches what sociologists like to call “the tipping point”. Plus he raises mucho dinero. As To TJ, talk is,
    [repeat of David Greenglass joke]…If and when the Commission ever give sanction to a hit upon Mr. Kruger, one can rest assured that, Tony Blundetto style, the Jefferson Club will insist, as an act of mercy, upon carrying out the execution itself.

    One can also rest assured that when the word goes out that they are looking for a volunteer to carry out the distasteful task, the line in front of the club will run three thick around the block and down to Flatlands Avenue.”

    And rest assured, as the poor potential volunteers suffer through waiting in the cold of a pouring winter rain storm, Lew Fidler’s staff will be giving away free coffee, doughnuts, hot toddies, complimentary umbrellas and words of encouragement to those on line.

    But, most objectionable, other than the bad writing, is the fact that “The Jig” totally ignores the key role played by Republicans in enabling Carl Kruger.

    More particularly “The Jig” ignores the Elephant in the Room.
    No one in politics, not even Mike Nelson, has benefited more from Carl Kruger’s tender ministrations more than Marty Golden. It is a topic I’ve dealt with more than once.

    Not surprisingly, like the local Democrats attacked so fiercely by the relentlessly pro-Golden “Jig,” Marty Golden has also remained silent about Kruger.

    But Marty Golden does have the excuse of “The Presumption of Innocence.” Marty Golden does not believe in “The Presumption of Innocence.”
    After Hiram Monserrate was arrested, even before there was an indictment, Marty Golden insisted that t Monserrate recuse himself from Senate’s business, and even introduced a resolution that Monserrate not be seated. This seemed silly, as the charges against Monserrate had nothing to do with Senate business (Golden must have thought so himself , because later, when the Republicans temporarily took control of the Senate with Monserrate’s help, Golden’s resolution failed to see the light of day).

    But in Kruger’s case, where recusal actually might have a basis, Golden has said zilch.

    What’s the story?

    Why the inconsistency?

    Is Golden in the tank for Kruger the way Kruger was in the tank for Golden?

    The Question Begs.

  6. eaton proved irrelevant again permalink
    April 9, 2011 3:34 pm

    I read in the bay ridge eagle today that craig eatin was embarrassed at the recent brooklyn conservative party luncheon…

  7. What Republican Leadership? permalink
    April 9, 2011 3:45 pm

    “Reagan once called the NYS Conservative Party “a preeminent force in New York politics and an important part of our political history,” and Congressman Grimm said it “showed leadership” in endorsing him early in his 2010 campaign.”

  8. no GOP leadership permalink
    April 9, 2011 5:37 pm

    At conservative event I heard eaton put his head down in shame when grimm praised conservative party and kassar for his victory and nothing about Eatin. Grimm and eatin exchanged no words either

  9. Fly On The Wall permalink
    April 14, 2011 10:13 pm

    Eaton never led. He would back whoever he thought would win regardless of ideology. That is the first problem. He seems to have no principals or ideology of his own. The second problem, he is not good at picking winners. At the track the horse flies would call him a very bad handicapper.

  10. eaton lurches, bobs and weaves like a drunken sailor on leave permalink
    April 14, 2011 11:06 pm

    Eaton had a little cash in his pocket; and he wanted to get
    brewed, screwed and tattooed so he’d have some tails and tales to
    talk about when he got old. Instead, he’s been thrown out by a
    couple of bouncers or three, and he has been rolled or shot his wad
    in a “Murphy’s Game” or two. Broke and hung over, all that got to
    show once he got his pants off were the skid marks on his skivvy
    shorts. His tattoo is a winner, though –a bird, a ball and a hook
    with a banner, “This sailor loves his Marine!” What could that be
    all about?

  11. Eaton's and Golden's Chosen Mayor Thinks We Aren't Over-Taxed In NYC permalink
    April 19, 2011 5:27 pm

    According to David Seifman in the April 19th New York Post,
    Mayor Bloomberg says, “…our property tax is not that high….Our
    property taxes in New York City happen to be very low compared to
    the rest of the state.”
    The Mayor’s gets this all wrong, because he never was a real
    Republican. Even though Bloomberg sees the problem clearly, he
    won’t think about lowering property taxes, “I understand why
    [property owners] would want lower taxes. But the bottom line is we
    have a deficit and I think it’s hard to see how you could provide
    the services if we had to lower taxes.” The answer is simple cut
    the services – provide tax relief. That’s the only real answer for
    any real Republican. The question has to be put to Eaton and Golden
    another way, “Who do they support, the guy they chose for mayor or
    property-owning taxpayers who are the backbone of the Republican

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