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Jonathan Judge To Step Down As President of Brooklyn Young Republicans

April 1, 2011

For reasons not fully known to us, we have learned that Brooklyn Young Republican President Jonathan Judge will not be continuing on as leader of the Young Republicans.

The withdrawal would mark the end of a multi-year period of activism within the organization, which witnessed many changes, fundraisers, and accolades as it continues to weather the storms produced by the irate and irrelevant Chairman of the Brooklyn GOP, Craig Eaton.

The move could also potentially mark the beginning of a new project or political aim for the young GOP leader. Meanwhile, establishment figures can only watch with concern (given their own failures) as a Young Republican organization that owes no allegiance to the weak old hands of politics moves forward.

Many of us here at Atlas have come to respect Mr. Judge for his honesty and pursuit of reform within the party. We have no reason to believe that this is the end of his activism but merely a beginning of something new.

We wish him well in his endeavors, which we hope will continue on the path of reforming government and GOP politics.

It is not clear who would be seeking to replace the GOP activist and former City Council candidate, but some sources have indicated that either Republican activist Roy Antoun or former GOP candidate Glenn Nocera would be running for the presidency.

As soon as we learn more, we will let you know.

  1. Russell Gallo's "Resignation" An April Fool Joke On The Rest Of Us permalink
    April 2, 2011 12:12 am

    “Russell Gallo Resigns as YR President!” posted by “The Jig
    is Up Atlas” on April 1, 2011 had me completely fooled. It was the
    kind of joke that always works because it was so believable.
    >>>>> First, more than anything
    else, Russell Gallo is a copy-cat; and this “…Gallo Resigns…”
    announcement followed right on the heels of the posting here that
    Jonathan J. Judge was stepping down as President of the historic
    “Brooklyn Young Republican Club”.
    >>>>> Second, recently there
    seemed to have been a real let-down on coverage of the Eaton-Gallo
    counterfeit, knockoff, swag “‘Official Brooklyn Young Republicans’
    Club”, which everybody saw as a failure that would be attributed to
    Gallo (who if nothing else has mastered falling on his sword for
    Eaton) [Note: there has been no followup coverage in any of the
    Brooklyn GOP media outlets of either: the last week’s meeting of
    the Eaton-Gallo counterfeit, knockoff, swag “‘Official Brooklyn
    Young Republicans’ Club”; or Russell Gallo’s speech this week at
    the “Brownstone Republican Club” [ possibly because it was a
    phantom speech at a phantom meeting of a phantom club].
    >>>>> So it looks like RG is
    still in his position as “newly-elected President of the
    Eaton-Gallo counterfeit, knockoff, swag “‘Official Brooklyn Young
    Republicans’ Club” (btw, when was that election?).
    >>>>> There was a little talk
    about nominating a “unity slate” headed by Russell Gallo at the
    meeting of the historic “Brooklyn Young Republican Club” Wednesday
    at One Front Street. Everybody who heard that immediately knew it
    was a March 30th joke.

  2. EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! New Young Republcan Leader on the scene promises to keep up the good fight. permalink
    April 15, 2011 8:45 pm

    READ ALL ABOUT IT — April 14, 2011 / Brooklyn news / Politics
    “Boro Young Republican leader out — but successor vows to continue fighting party establishment” by Thomas Tracy in “The Brooklyn Paper”

    Glenn Nocero is the right big man for a really big job. He intends to make the “now completely indepedent” Brooklyn Young Republican Club an even bigger platform for reform in the Brooklyn, New York City and New York State Republican Party.

    Congratulations, Glenn; and good luck to you and your real Brooklyn Young Republican Club.

  3. Joseph Clinton Hills permalink
    April 15, 2011 9:17 pm

    With the election of Glenn Nocera, the Golden-Eaton faction of the Brooklyn Republican party has completely lost control over the resurgent-insurgents in the Republican Party in Brooklyn. Soon there will be two separate countywide Republican organizations opposing the Golden-Eaton Bay Ridge Cabal. Nocera’s Brooklyn Young Republican Club and something completely different.

  4. Toothless Attack on Jonathan Judge and Genuine Brooklyn Young Republican Club Includes Jab at Glenn Nocero permalink
    April 16, 2011 11:03 am

    The Golden-Eaton propagandists at “The Jig is Up Atlas”
    have continued their aimless ranting at Jonathan Judge and the
    genuine original Brooklyn Young Republican Club, even though in
    their latest formulaic cookie-cutter post they don’t mention what
    Mr. Judge was supposed to have done or said in his “…Latest
    Anti-Republican Attack….” In the most recent in a series of posts
    against Mr. Judge and the genuine original Brooklyn Young
    Republican Club, the ubiquitous eponymous “AAA” continues Golden’s
    and Eaton’s Rant by Proxy with its characteristic lack of humor,
    syntax or substance. AAA’s April 15th post, “In Latest
    Anti-Republican Attack Jonathan Judge Falls Short As Glenn Nocerna
    Is Left With Remains Of Former Young Republican Club.” is a tour de
    force of nothingness posing as flimsiness, all as a vehicle to
    introduce AAA’s latest brainstorm, “GLENN NOCERNA” [Cue the
    cheese-headed Guinness Stout mongers – “BRILLIANT ! ”], as a jibe
    against the genuine original Brooklyn Young Republican Club’s soon
    to be new president, Glenn NOCERO.

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