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With Kruger in Hot Water, Is Eaton Losing Control Over His Own Frankenstein’s Monster?

March 11, 2011

Craig Eaton's Frankenstein's monster? Are those loyal to the GOP Chairman acting outside his authority?

The recent self-surrender of Carl Kruger to the authorities really struck me and my colleagues. Why? because it actually might become a source of even further division in an already fractured GOP establishment that is currently in the midst of a war against the non-bootleg Brooklyn Young Republicans.

Not many of you may recall this, but Carl Kruger was the state Senator who put forth a “resolution” to commend GOP Chairman Craig Eaton for his community service award given to him last year. That alone raised questions about the relationship between the two men.

Now, with Duke Eaton so fearful and paranoid over the potential loss of his chairmanship, it seems more and more like forces loyal to him are acting outside of his authority, making moves to challenge Kruger without the apparent consent of the Chairman.

In case you do not recall the resolution Sen. Kruger gave up for Eaton, here is the story.

I made the following observation last year about the fact that Kruger provided the resolution and not a more seemingly friendly senator:

Carl Kruger? Why not Marty Golden? Those of us realists in Brooklyn politics know that no good deed goes without a bad motive. Why is this Democrat so interested in praising a Chairman of the Republican Party? Is it because he’s not threatened by him? Is it because a deal was made under the table? Forgive my dismissiveness of altruism, but why the tome about Eaton’s doings?

Again, something about this rubs me the wrong way. Maybe you disagree, and we can agree to disagree.

Marty Golden has, of late, wisely distanced himself from Mr. Eaton publicly, escaping entirely the wave of bad press that battered the GOP Duke in the wake of his childish decision to attack the 1880 Brooklyn Young Republicans.

Even more curious is Mr. Eaton’s supposedly “sanctioned” blog talk program, which has been propping up GOP unknown David Storobin. Interestingly, Mr. Eaton does not once offer a single quote of support for Storobin in the blog’s overly choreographed and blathering piece.

At the same time, Storobin was mentioned in a recent SheepsheadBites piece as an almost certain GOP candidate for Kruger’s district:

Sources involved in Southern Brooklyn Republican politics say that lawyer David Storobin might be the party’s pick for the 27th Senate District election. Storobin is an attorney whose Russian-American background and Republican politics may play well with the neighborhood’s demographics.

When we called Storobin to confirm, he said that he’s definitely got an eye on the seat.

“It is something I’m mulling over. If I were to get the support of the Republican party, it’s something I would strongly consider,” Storobin said. And though the area is traditionally considered Democratic, he’s optimistic considering recent voting history. “I think that if I would run, I would win. I would not agree this is a Democratic area. It voted for McCain, for Giuliani, for Bush” and others, he said.

Just last week, Storobin published an article slamming Carl Kruger’s abuses and declaring the need for more Russian-American representation in city and state politics. Storobin argued that Russian-Americans need to be “seen as equals who can break through the political glass ceiling” by winning elections. A Republican insider told Sheepshead Bites that Storobin may be one of the few candidates from the Republican party to have the clout and fundraising ability to successfully challenge a Democrat.

But where is the Chairman in all of this?

Does he approve of this propping up of Mr. Storobin? Is he staying silent because he does not want his unusual political relationship with Sen. Kruger to be exposed? From what we’ve been told, we know Eaton was none too pleased to be exposed for receiving the previously mentioned commendation from Sen. Kruger last year.

Or does he harbor concerns over Storobin?

Storobin has been much more present within the Bay Ridge Cabal in the past year. He has been active with the amateur GOP radio’s two host buffoons and has been closely tied to Eaton’s “Bootleg Young Republicans.”

Yet, with multiple rumors of his all-emcompassing paranoia, the question truly begs: has Mr. Eaton lost his grip on the electrodes of his own personal Frankenstein’s monster? Are Storobin and Mr. Eaton on the same page?

After all, Mr. Storobin’s personal friends comprise, according to various sources, the small collective of “young” adult members in Mr. Eaton’s personally financed Brooklyn Republican Youth, a counter-club to Jonathan Judge‘s Spirit of 1880.

Any of these individuals would be loyal to Storobin, not Eaton.

“David probably wants to be Chairman,” said one trusted source of ours. “Either this time around or the next. He can’t seem to keep himself from being noticed in the press. He wants to be recognized. And while this might not be saying much, he’s been getting more press (and better press) than the Chairman himself has been of late.”

And Mr. Storobin is not alien to the world of political opportunism from what we can tell.

Indeed, another source (familiar with the workings of the 49th Assembly District) indicated to us that Mr. Storobin actually supported Arnaldo Ferraro for Chairman to replace Craig Eaton two years ago.

“A lot has changed since then, and so has he,” said the source…

So as Republicans look for a standard-bearer to seek Sen. Kruger’s seat in the near or far future, they might be doing so outside the whims or authority of their beloved Duke.

Meanwhile, the GOP civil war might actually be about to splinter even more.


We will be exploring Mr Eaton and Sen. Kruger’s relationship in the coming days and weeks, and we will also keep following the story about Mr. Storobin as we learn more about this new face on the scene of GOP politics in Brooklyn. Also, an update on Karen Fischer is soon to arrive, as well as the 49th Assembly District.

So be sure to come back to Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn!

  1. "The Tammany Tiger Loose — 'What are you going to do about it?' ", permalink
    March 12, 2011 1:46 am

    Time for a sing along to one of out old favorites dedicated
    to the new “Tammany Tiger” Jonathan Judge: Long ago way down in the
    jungle Someone got an inspiration for a tune And that jingle came
    from the jungle Became famous mighty soon Thrills and chills it
    sends through you Hot so hot it burns you too Though it’s just the
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    versions of this: Jeff Beck and Imelda May doing Tribute to Les
    Paul; and “Tuba Tiger Rag” -The Stony Brook Wind Ensemble

  2. If it were true that "...Eaton [is] Losing Control ..." permalink
    March 12, 2011 12:55 pm

    That would show a natural progression and growth in the
    ranks of the Brooklyn GOP. However, David Storobin gives every
    indication of having a lot of “dog” and “hack” in him; just get a
    sniff of this particular whiff of ALPO on his breath, “…If I were
    to get the support of the Republican party [for a run the state
    senate], it’s something I would strongly consider…” Why wouldn’t
    Avi Rosenberg have “first dibs” on that run, based upon his
    excellent showing on the Conservative Party line (District 27
    (2010) Candidates Votes: Carl Kruger (D) 25,004: Avrahom Rosenberg
    (Conservative) 9,152)? Does the fact that Eaton didn’t go with
    Rosenberg in 2010; and that Rosenberg ran anyway mean that he will
    never be considered for any candidacy for that spot by the Brooklyn
    GOP in the future?)

  3. “The Skelos Cabal”; the “Golden fleece”; and the need for “Republican Lone Wolf” candidates from Brooklyn permalink
    March 13, 2011 2:52 pm

    Independent and reform-minded Republicans should only support candidates who are willing to be “Lone Wolves” in Albany. What’s needed are legislators who will go up to Albany to fight for the taxpayers of their districts against the grafters and the grifters, who are the real constituencies represented in the legislature.

    The Republican majority in the New York State Senate, most of whom are members of the Dean Skelos-led Cabal, are a flock of self-servers comfortable as well-fed sheep; they aren’t really “Republican”, much less “Lone Wolves,” and mostly they represent a bunch of grafters and grifters and not the taxpayers back at home. Brooklyn’s only “Republican” State Senator, R.I.N.O. Martin Golden from Bay Ridge, is one of those well-fed sheepish self-servers, who is part of the Dean G. Skelos State Senate Cabal. Sheepish Golden has been given a local franchise of that Cabal to run as his own fiefdom in Bay Ridge, and his district’s few outcroppings elswhere in Brooklyn. Some have tagged this as the “Bay Ridge Cabal,” however equally descriptive would be the “Golden Fleece.”

    Isn’t one well-fed sheepish state senator enough? Independent and reform Republicans should look at David Storobin very closely. If it becomes obvious that David Storobin only wants to be a franchisee of the Skelos State Senate Cabal; and that he is not willing to be a “Lone Wolf,” then we can conclude that David Storobin cannot be an effective “Republican” state senator for or from any part of Brooklyn.

    What we need are Republican state senate candidates that will not caucus with the Skelos-Golden Cabal, but instead will declare that they are ready, willing and able to be “Republican Lone Wolves.” Does David Storobin look like he’s up for that?

    • Big Surprise Here permalink
      March 13, 2011 4:02 pm

      I’m shocked that this blog and its commentors are already trying to sink a possible Republican candidate before there is even a race scheduled. (sarcasm)

      This blog has zero credibility as a Republican blog. They only support Judge and others that actively work against the Republican Party and its candidates.

      • No Big Surprise There — You must be a "Neo-Republican" --- Part of the Matrix permalink
        March 13, 2011 8:01 pm

        “You are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch… a prison, for your mind….. *** The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside and look around… What do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters… The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do… These people are still part of that system… And that makes them our enemy. You have to understand… Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured…. So hopelessly dependent on the system…. That they will fight to protect it.”
        — Morpheus, “The Matrix”

      • John Galt permalink*
        March 13, 2011 8:39 pm

        Actually, I did not read this piece as an attack on Mr. Storobin. The piece is actually meant to express how Craig Eaton’s supposed loyalists may be acting outside his authority. It did not pass judgment on Mr. Storobin’s prospects or views.

        As for credibility, I doubt the establishment much appreciates what we do. But we speak truth to power.

        As for Mr. Judge, we sympathize with all those who have been, in our writers’ opinions, unjustly targeted by the establishment. However, we hold them to the same standard we hold every person working within the party.

      • Gerald permalink
        March 14, 2011 1:41 pm

        Oh please. When was the last time the Brooklyn GOP/Bay Ridge Cabal said anything about the likes of Vito Lopez and his own Democratic Cabal? Heck, they barely said anything about McMahon. The only people these people ever talk about are Jonathan Judge and his club, Arnaldo Ferraro and the 49th with Regina-Potter. That’s it. You’re one to talk about credibility buddy.

  4. Atlas Shrugs Has Street Cred With Non-Republicans Even permalink
    March 13, 2011 4:00 pm

    Hey guys. I noticed this online. Great work on this site:

    Atlas Shrugged in Brooklyn:
    We might find the politics of reformist-Republican blog Atlas Shrugged in Brooklyn antithetical to our own, but that doesn’t stop us from marveling at the way they uncover everything that happens in Brooklyn Republican politics. To his consternation, party chairman Craig Eaton can’t toss a Kleenex on the sidewalk without a tipster alerting the anonymous writing staff, who will surely post the news with a withering photo illustration. (Of course, what they actually uncover is usually more substantial.)

  5. No Big Surprise There — "The Jig is Up Atlas" --- Part of the Matrix permalink
    March 13, 2011 10:39 pm

    Two immediate comments appeared on Chairman Eaton’s
    Propaganda-hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas” to counter our comment
    above “‘The Skelos Cabal’; the ‘Golden fleece’; and the need for
    ‘Republican Lone Wolf’ candidates from Brooklyn.” The TJIUA
    comments completely misrepresents what the Republicans in the New
    York State Senate really do — they make government bigger and more
    expensive, that’s it. The Skelos-Golden Cabal(s) have completely
    sold out to the public employee unions, in the process mortgaging
    everything belonging to anyone in New York State. They are
    responsible for a tsunami that will hit New York State that will be
    as big and as real as anything that recently hit Japan. Throw out
    all incumbents…as fast as we can. Replace them with “Lone Wolf”

  6. What kept Carl Kruger untouchable: member items, and the redistricting that carved up territory for him and Marty Golden permalink
    March 14, 2011 12:13 am

    Posted by Norman Oder at 6:04 AM

    March 14, 2011
    In the wake of the charges against state Senator Carl Kruger and others, it’s worth another look at my 10/30/06
    review of former State Senator Seymour Lachman’s timely book of analysis and advocacy,
    Three Men in a Room: The Inside Story of Power and Betrayal in an American Statehouse , coauthored by Robert Polner. Indeed, the entire legislative and governmental process is distorted by an absence of democracy.

    As I wrote, few of our elected representatives come off well. Is it no surprise that several of the officials who back the Atlantic Yards plan are among those who benefit from and support the systematic dysfunction?

    Member items

    How do leaders keep people in line and maintain incumbency?

    “Member items,” basically a discretionary fund that can be used for worthy civic purposes and also to build political capital. In the Republican-controlled Senate, a minority Democrat might get $100,000 to $200,000 to distribute to local community groups and local services, Republicans sometimes get ten times more. (In the Democrat-controlled Assembly, the flip side obtains.)

    Those grants, which may serve civic purposes but are never evaluated, help incumbents stay in office—and when Lachman announced plans to retire, his slush fund dried up.

    Lachman recounts how Bruno tried to recruit him to the Republican Party or to vote with the party by offering $2 million to $3 million in additional member items. He said no. His district was carved up, and was designed to stretch over to Staten Island.

    Kruger’s benefit

    Lachman reports how Brooklyn Senator Carl Kruger, a Democrat, campaigned for Republican Marty Golden in return for new district boundaries that protected his seat. Golden, an Irish-American Republican, beat Vincent Gentile, an Italian-American Democrat.

    Gentile couldn’t even get support from the Federation of Italian American Organizations, which had backed him in the past, because Bruno had pushed $2 million to Golden to offer the federation.

    (Update: I’ve pointed to Golden as the legislator whose Atlantic Yards support is, like that of Kruger, seemingly anomalous in the contrast between distance from site and fervency.)

    Need for redistricting

    In Albany, gerrymandering works on behalf of each party–that which controls each respective legislative body. Thus, “bipartisan,” Lachman writes, “means in effect that each party lets the other one do as it wishes I the chamber it dominates.” He calls for the obvious: an independent, nonpartisan commission to oversee redistricting.

    Update: As of last week, redistricting efforts are stalled in the New York State Legislature.

    Also see Tom Robbins’ piece in today’s New York Post about indicted state Senator Pedro Espada, Kruger’s closest political ally, who flaunted his wealth while representing a poor community, and switched party allegiances based on the allocation of member items (i.e., “pork”) he could steer to affiliated nonprofits. Espada was supported significantly by the real-estate industry, which wanted him to roll back rent regulations.

  7. Piling On Carl Kruger, Convicted Already In Court Of Public Opinion permalink
    March 14, 2011 8:53 am

    By Laura Nahmias

    Technically, being accused of corruption does not make you guilty.

    But in the Court of Public Opinion, State Sen. Carl Kruger has already been tried, convicted, and sentenced, at least according to a group of prominent politicians, officials and government watchdogs.

    “Sinful,” declared Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.

    “Toxic,” wrote Working Families Party executive director Dan Cantor.

    “Tawdry,” said Common Cause New York Executive Director Susan Lerner.

    The schadenfreude, insiders said, has as much to do with Kruger’s personality as it does with the timing of the scandal.

    “Everyone who’s been paying attention to politics in Brooklyn, has long known that these two gentlemen play pay-to-play politics,” said one politician who asked not to be named, referring to Kruger and Assembly Member William Boyland, Jr., who was also accused of accepting bribes. “They are shady folks, period.”

    Kruger’s personal life is already the source of much speculation and innuendo. But his political behavior did not win him any friends either.

    Dan Feldman, a former Brooklyn Assembly member tried to explain why.
    “A high percentage of the time, I’m amazed and shocked when these people get into trouble. Frankly, this is one of those cases where I’m not shocked—I just didn’t get good vibes,” Feldman said. “Most politicians are very gregarious. With Carl, you never got the
    feeling of any kind of personal connection. I don’t mean to be cruel—to some extent, it felt like you were talking to a computer.”

    That, Feldman said, was unlike several other disgraced senators of recent years, like Vinnie Leibell—“Vinnie was a pretty likable guy”—or Guy Velella—“he was very well liked.”

    Kruger is the third of the four Amigos to be indicted, but so far—aside from having his position as the ranking Democrat on Finance stripped—he does not have the political fate of Hiram Monserrate (expelled from the Senate) or Pedro Espada (brought down in a crushing primary defeat) ahead of him. And Kruger’s lawyer has said the Brooklyn Democrat plans to fight the charges.

    That fight, though, is already over in the mind of Lincoln Restler, a Brooklyn district leader, who said he had no apologies for calling for the senator’s resignation even before Kruger has set foot inside a courtroom.

    “Did you read the indictment? Did you read the complaint?” Restler asked. “We’ll be better off when Kruger leaves the State Senate and we have a reform-oriented and honest legislator serving the 27th district in Brooklyn.”

    Timing may be another issue. When former Leibell resigned just before pleading guilty to laundering $17 million of taxpayer money, there was less outrage. That, though, was not at the height of budget season, or when Gov. Andrew Cuomo was looking for another chance to talk about changing the culture of Albany.

    Accumulation of scandal plays a part in the presumptive condemnation as well, said Susan Lerner, the executive director of Common Cause, who came out with her own statement of condemnation within hours of the indictment’s announcement.

    “Part of it is always cumulative,” Lerner said. “But when you combine the central role that [Kruger] has played in the State Senate in the past several years, fact that he was head of the Finance Committee, that makes this even more alarming than the usually upsetting corruption that we have seen,” Lerner said.

    Or as Baruch College professor Doug Muzzio put it, “Clearly there’s a straw and camel’s back phenomenon going on here.”

    Some wondered how much further the scandal would go. Would there be more arrests in addition to the eight already?

    “The cynical analysis is this is the tip of something much larger and this could explode,” Muzzio said. “It’s not only waiting for the other shoe to drop. There seems to be a whole shoe closet here with shoes ready to fall out.”

  8. j. weingarthner permalink
    March 14, 2011 11:00 am

    So lynn let me get this straight- if the new staten island rep. County chair in September wants to get rid of reinhardt and the current established YR club, it will happen- using what happened with eaton and brooklyn club as precedent..very dangerous lynn- now all state YEAR clubs have to blindly follow will of county chairs or risk being replaced- with the support of you..

  9. LIES permalink
    March 14, 2011 2:03 pm


    • You Lie! permalink
      March 14, 2011 2:20 pm

      Hello Craig. It’s so pathetic the way you defend yourself. You’re such an arrogant man, the way you try to thrust yourself into the limelight and fail, trying to take credit for victories that aren’t yours, as blaming everyone but yourself. We all know the house of cards is falling. The only question is who will turn first. That person is closer than you think…

    • Thomas Cardinal Wolsey permalink
      March 20, 2011 8:44 am

      Indignatio principis mors est…

      • Thomas Cardinal Wolsey permalink
        March 20, 2011 9:15 am

        Well, on the other hand, he is a toothless tiger, Mr. Eaton is.

  10. Gerry permalink
    March 14, 2011 4:06 pm

    Craig goes wild over everything on these blogs. He’s such a maniac about all of this stuff. Just ask anyone.

  11. bottom lines permalink
    March 14, 2011 6:15 pm

    And there you have it- proof positive in black and white- the Eaton philosophy from “Lies” above- “do what your told”, blindly follow or eaton and his cronies have no use for you……no wonder people are leaving Eatons GOP in droves- no Judge, Bennett, Ferraro,Potter and now even Capano and Annarummo- wow, they even admit it–

    • Oucha -- Magoucha !!!!!! That was harsh. permalink
      March 14, 2011 6:31 pm

      Is that any way to be talking about Mrs. Eaton’s baby boy?

  12. "LIES" had to be a sendup of good old Craigie permalink
    March 14, 2011 6:27 pm

    Even Craig Eaton couldn’t be wacky enough to make a comment like “LIES — March 14, 2011 2:03 pm.”

    … OR COULD HE ?????

    btw, the word is that there is nothing right between them, either!

    In any case, let’s sing along with Craig and David:

    Maybe I’m right and maybe I’m wrong
    And maybe I’m weak and maybe I’m strong
    But nevertheless, I’m in love with you

    Maybe I’ll win, maybe I’ll lose
    Maybe I’m in for cryin’ the blues
    But nevertheless, I’m in love with you

    Somehow I knew at a glance
    [ Harry Nilsson Lyrics are found on ]
    The terrible chances I’m taking
    Fine at the start then left
    With a heart that is breaking

    Maybe I’ll live a life of regret
    And maybe I’ll give much more than I get
    But nevertheless I’m in love with you

  13. ray riley permalink
    March 14, 2011 6:56 pm

    I’m glad that there were some brooklyn republicans like Judge who supported michael grimm and did not “just do what they were told” by eaton and supported Allegretti!

  14. Five days later and the Real Frankenstein Monster of Brooklyn Republican politics, State Senator Martin Golden, is completely in control and MUM about the arrest of fellow State Senator Carl Kruger permalink
    March 14, 2011 10:00 pm

    The March 10, 2011 “CBS New NEWS” report, “Brooklyn State Sen. Carl Kruger Surrenders To FBI” contained this very telling line:

    “The Senate Democratic and Republican conferences declined comment.”

    It looks like when it really counts, the Republican Senators don’t get very far from their Democrat buddies.

    This is also a little “interesting”: Golden issued a formal statement about another arrest on March 10, 2011 – but so far not a peep about the Carl Kruger arrest.

    Similarly, the Leader of the Senate Republicans Dean Skelos has had very little to say about Carl Kruger – however, we do know that Skelos strongly opposes any strong ethics reforms, the kind that would have made Kruger’s alleged crookery a lot harder.

    It’s time for real Republicans to dump the Skelos-Golden Cabal ASAP.

    • Waiting for the dropping sound of another state senator's shoe.... permalink
      March 18, 2011 11:14 pm

      About a year ago, there were only two state senators at the Forest City Ratner (FCR) ground breaking ceremony for the Atlantic Yards project. Oddly (maybe not so oddly), neither was from a district physically associated with the Atlantic Yards — Carl Kruger mostly from Sheepshead Bay, Mill Basin and Canarsie, and Marty Golden from South West Brooklyn and Marine Park – Gerrittsen Beach (reported in March 11, 2010 “noLandGrab”: ).

      Since there is a FCR component in the charges against State Senator Kruger, one wonders whether Golden’s silence on the Kruger charges is merely a state senator’s courtesy to a colleague, or a citizen’s constitutional right to remain silent.

      For another interesting take on Golden’s Kruger-silence, take a look at ROOM 8’s March 13, 2011 Gatemouth posting, “Cox Sucks and Golden Showers…”: two.html

  15. Reformers grow permalink
    March 15, 2011 8:24 am

    I have learned that ‘LIES” above is Eaton as he admitted posting it to a district leader to “send a message” to others who would consider going against him in any of his decision. It seems the cat is out of the bag far from the Jig fairy tale about Capano being “friends” with Eaton, see Eatons post above. Capano has been cast out of Eatons GOP for “not following orders” and committing the mortal sin of supporting Michael Grimm over ALlegretti (even though he won, he made Craig look very bad in doing so). Bob, now join the real reformers of the Brooklyn GOP as you see firsthand Eaton has no use for you- use your press contacts and Grimm connections to screw Eaton… This goes for CLorinda Annarummo as well who workked behind the scenes for Grimm going against Eaton , and was rewarded with her job..

  16. Is Eaton Losing Control Over His 47th AD "Frankenstein’s Monster"? permalink
    March 18, 2011 3:57 pm

    Nobody can tell us that “The Jig is Up Atlas” March 18,
    2011 post, “Colton Revels In Carl’s Cash.” by AAA really makes any
    sense or can be understood by anybody, including whoever wrote it.
    Based on AAA’s post, can anybody tell exactly what Karl Kruger or
    “Friends of Karl Kruger” or Bill Colton or Colton’s club, “United
    Progressive Democratic Club” did wrong? How much money does all of
    this “cold cash” add up to? Two donations, totaling $1500.00 … !
    Why is that such a big deal? Kruger’s war chest had much more “cold
    cash” than that available to dole out. Arguably, his donations were
    quite frugal based on Kruger’s cash on hand. More ridiculous than
    AAA’s post itself are the comments that follow it. “PC” will never
    beat Bill Colton. That’s especially true if the main issue in any
    race with “PC” involves a taint of ethical scandal of any sort.
    There may soon be plenty of new talk about an old scandal. “PC”
    will only be able to “win” in a “no contest” election or primary.
    “PC” should be asked, what are the chances of that

  17. Is Eaton Trying to Regain Control Over His "Frankenstein’s Monster" in the Kruger debate? permalink
    March 18, 2011 8:12 pm

    Later on Friday, more comments were added to the thread following
    “The Jig is Up Atlas” March 18, 2011 post, “Colton Revels In Carl’s Cash.” by AAA. These make even less sense than the ones put up before (we suspect the unguided hand of Craig Eaton reaching down from Frankenstein’s Castle, shouting “I’m Alive! I’m Alive!” “oops”
    -(+=#%&*% “It’s alive! It’s alive!”).

    Having failed in their attack on the wounded Democrats, Eaton’s propaganda hate bloggers have again circled the firing squad for more intraparty attacks. It’s clear that they are more upset about Republican-based criticism that they aren’t effectively attacking Kruger and Colton than they were about anything done by Kruger or Colton.

    All the comment above was intended to convey was that the 47th AD was firing blanks by making pointless promises about some fantasy-future campaign by the 47th AD broken valise Phyllis Carbo.

    If the comment above wasn’t clear enough for TJIUA’s short-bus-riding-poster-children, we’ll dumb it down for them to understand — WHY WHEN KRUGER GIVES $1500 TO COLTON IT’S SOMETHING BAD ENOUGH FOR COLTON TO LOSE TO PHYLLIS CARBO IN THE NEXT ELECTION WHEN COLTON CAN BRING UP STUFF ABOUT HER FROM WAY BACK WHEN????

  18. Kruger's Golden Ticket permalink
    March 19, 2011 3:26 am

    a race in 2002 set new precedents for how far Joe Bruno could go in buying off local Democratic party officials, with no one taking any steps to enforce discipline. This was the race where incumbent Vinnie Gentile’s district was decimated in reapportionment, as the Republicans prepared to beat him with Bay Ridge Councilman Marty Golden.

    The 2002 race where Golden won election was an historical landmark. It was nothing new for Brooklyn Democrats to endorse Republicans for President, Governor and Mayor, but never had Brooklyn Dems jumped ship, en masse, to desert a local incumbent. Nonetheless, one had to forgive them, for they only gave up their support after hours of torture being forced to contemplate huge piles of cash, pork and patronage.

    Five members of the Democratic State Committee jumped ship, as did an incumbent Councilmen, Assemblyman and, incredibly, a Democratic State Senator.

    That Senator was Carl Kruger, and he brought along with him such allies as the Garson Crime Family (whose membership at one point had a husband on Kruger’s staff and a wife on Golden’s) and Bruce Ratner’s consigliore Bruce Bender.

    Kruger pretty much ran Golden’s campaign and elected him to the Senate.

    Ironically though, the biggest Republican hypocrite is not Cox or any other Republican who spoke out for Kruger’s resignation, but one who didn’t.

    Back in 2008, when Hiram Monserrate was arrested (but not yet indicted), Republican Senator and Kruger beneficiary Martin Golden circulated a resolution that called for Monserrate not to file his oath of office until the charges against him were resolved.

    At the time, cynics like me noted the proximity between Golden’s call for Monserrate not to be seated and the potential such non-seating would create for a deadlock in the ability of the Senate to organize itself, and also noted Monserrate’s then-recent departure from an effort by the Amigos to rent themselves to the Senate’s highest bidder.
    Golden said his proposal would be in Monserrate’s “own best interests, and the best interests of the people of this state,” noting that “the last thing the people of the city and state of New York want to see is someone sitting in the Senate who is accused of committing such a serious crime.”

    As Liz Benjamin then noted, during Golden’s first term as Senator, his colleague, Senator Velella had not merely been arrested, but also indicted, in connection with “a cash for contracts bribery scheme.” Velella, as I’ve noted, subsequently took a guilty plea. As Benjamin noted, Golden also did not make such a call after the 2006 indictment of Senate Democrat Efrain Gonzalez for using money from taxpayer-funded member items, meant for public purposes, for his own personal benefit. Of course, back then, control of the State Senate did not lie in the balance, and Gonzalez himself was among the Senate Democrats most willing to do business with the Republicans.

    I’ll add that Golden also made no such call concerning Democratic Assemblyman Tony “DINO” Seminerio, a big supporter of defeated Republican Senator Serf Maltese (who Golden was assigned to in the Republican Conference’s buddy system–Golden was seen on election day leaving tins of cookies, labeled “Complements of Senator Serf Maltese,” on the tables where voters were required to sign in, thereby giving the electorate a last minute subliminal message otherwise prohibited by statute). Benjamin asked Golden what the difference was between the cases of Monserrate, Velella and Gonzalez that merited Monserrate being treated differently than the other two. Golden responded incoherently:

    “Corruption is not tolerable; bribery is not tolerable…If you’re guilty and you commit acts of bribery and corruption, you should go to jail. Someone should have put a bill forward then…Those are different crimes. Are they equally bad or worse? Not worse, but bad. This is a physical, violent, B felony. It’s totally different. I’m moving against this because this is an act I believe is intolerable, and sends a signal across the state”

    But Golden had it exactly backwards.

    Golden was correct that “those are different crimes.” As Golden implied, while dissembling to create the appearance of saying the opposite, Second Degree Assault is probably a crime of greater magnitude than garden variety political sleaze.

    But, in the absence of a conviction, it seems to me that the anathema against “someone sitting in the Senate who is accused of committing such a serious crime,” is more appropriately invoked against those whose presence casts doubt upon the integrity of the body and its dealings (say, by their taint leading to doubts about the appropriateness of every member’s budget items), rather than at those members whose disgraces (if indeed they qualify as such), however repugnant, are entirely unrelated to their duties of office.

    This isn’t rocket science; surely Golden understand that the distinction between crimes of violence and crimes of corruption cuts in exactly the opposite direction from the one he articulated.

    Strangely, when the Republicans actually took tentative control of the Senate with Monserrate’s help, Golden’s resolution to unseat him failed to see the light of day. And now, once again Marty Golden raises situational ethic to a new low (and yes, I know I sound like Yogi Berra), as his response to Republican calls for a the resignation of a Democratic senator charged with a felony is stunned silence.



  19. Isn't State Senator Martin Golden one of State Senator Karl Kruger's "good friends" anymore? permalink
    March 23, 2011 7:13 pm

    Is there some kind of political point that Craig Eaton’s
    most vociferous hate-blogger “AAA” is trying to make with his
    3-23-11 post “State Senator Carl Kruger’s Good Friends.” in “The
    Jig is Up Atlas”? We don’t get it! Some politicos are in a picture
    together – we didn’t recall that such an allegation was that part
    of the U.S. Attorney’s announced case against State Senator Kruger.
    Anyways, isn’t State Senator Martin Golden (R-C) in a lot of photos
    with his colleague State Senator Kruger, don’t they many donors
    that overlap, and isn’t there a notorious non-aggression deal
    between them? Aren’t both of those guys big fans of FOREST CITY
    RATNER, who did manage to get mentioned a lot in connection with
    the charges against Kruger. When might we see a collage of
    Golden-Kruger pictures in TJIUA? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  20. Kruger and Golden dealings go way back......... permalink
    March 23, 2011 8:34 pm

    Remember these old tidbits out of something called
    “Atlantic Yards Report”: “Federal corruption investigation
    reportedly involves Senator Carl Kruger, whose attorney says he’s
    ‘not a target’”, AYR
    ; and “Three Men in a Room: our dysfunctional state government–and
    how to change it”, AYR 10/30/06,
    In the April 10, 2008 “noLandGarb” post, “State Senator Carl Kruger
    and his campaign war chest” contains details of Democrat Kruger’s
    active support for Republican State Senator Martin Golden as well
    as details of Ratner family contributions.; as it was
    in “Village Voice” articles by Tom Robbins, 6/7/10 article, “Carl
    Kruger’s Russian Secrets”,
    ; and the 12/17/08, “How the ‘Gang of Three’ Ties Up Senate Dems”,
    The latter article by Mr Robbins goes into great detail about the
    Brooklyn GOP’s deals and dealings with/for Mr. Kruger. More on the
    “Russian connection” soon.

  21. Eaton's and TJIUA's Frankenstein's Monster "AAA" tries childish name-calling attack on Fidler and Kruger's other friends permalink
    March 26, 2011 3:04 pm

    AAA’s recent posts, “ Mill Basin City Councilman Lew
    Fidler’s Very Good Friends.” on Friday, March 25, 2011 and “State
    Senator Carl Kruger’s Good Friends.” on Wednesday, March 23, 2011
    were pointless and infantile. It’s the kind of feckless material
    that seems to amuse the crowd of morons, losers and dead-enders
    that calls The Brooklyn GOP Victory Center home on most Wednesday
    evenings. If there is something of substance that AAA is trying to
    prove or even to suggest about corruption cnnected to Mr. Fidler
    and Senator Kruger’s other friends, AAA has to do a better job
    “CONNECTING THE DOTS”. If “The question begs, Let’s take a look
    because this reform minded commentator likes doing things in the
    public by the public, and for the public.” WHAT IS THE QUESTION?
    thoughtful real Republican reform take on Kruger’s and broader
    Democratic corruption take a look at Jonathan Judge’s “Should We
    Fear Acknowledging the Corrupt Elephants in the Room?” on the real
    Brooklyn Young Republican website:

  22. Maybe AAA's "name-calling" is part of a plan to downplay stronger factual attack on Kruger permalink
    March 31, 2011 9:06 pm

    >>>>> TJIUA’s 3-31-11
    post: “Assemblyman Bill Colton Puts Special Interests Over
    Community.”; 3-29-11 post “As Days Goes By After Carl Kruger
    Corruption Scandal Former Chief Of Staff Midwood City Councilman
    Michael Nelson Stays Silent.”; and 3-27-11 post “Brooklyn Young
    Republicans President and 47th Assembly District Male Republican
    Leader Russell Gallo To Speak At Brownstone Republican Club
    Tomorrow!!” all by “AAA” show how impotent and impudent the
    Brooklyn GOP has become on this whole Kruger thing.
    >>>>> Instead of reporting what
    has the makings of a meltdown in a key Democratic stronghold, due
    to the Kruger scandal, “The Jig is Up Atlas” continues its
    fruitless name-calling and meaningless review of campaign donations
    by other officeholders. >>>>> We
    are certain that one reason that the Craig Eaton’s mock-media
    turtles don’t engage in a fact-based analytic attack on Kruger is
    that they fear that any positing of an objective standard of any
    sort would rebound against the most recently touted KCRP leadership
    choice for the Kruger seat, David Storobin.
    >>>>> Once again Eaton’s
    over-eager early commitment ( like the Allegretti gambit in
    2009-2010) will probably come a cropper after all is said and done.
    Rather than cultivate a true fusion candidacy behind a conservative
    minded, good-government independent candidate, the Brooklyn GOP has
    all but anointed the Russian emigre lawyer, David Storobin, a South
    Shore operator with a very recent Brooklyn GOP provenance. Even his
    strongest supporters among the Eaton establishment cite his
    “resources” for any run for the state senate, rather than any
    compelling narrative or justification for the selection. In
    addition, it is widely known that Storobin’s political loyalty has
    all of the variability of a weathervane or a barometer in the path
    of a tornado. >>>>> In Eatonland
    money talks, and good races, like the one run by Avi Rosenberg,
    count for naught, but there is a backdoor for Avi. If Rosenberg
    wants to run, there is a Brooklyn Independent Republican Caucus
    that would strongly consider backing him. Of course he would have
    to explain away a problem or two that we know about, and which will
    certainly pop up if and when the scrutiny gets a little tougher on

  23. Calling Doctor Frankenstein, Calling Doctor Frankenstein --- GOP CODE BLUE permalink
    April 5, 2011 8:42 pm

    The Brooklyn GOP Establishment is about to go into an
    auto-imune systemic shutdown…. or put another way, “Will Eaton’s
    chickens come home to roost or to roast?”
    >>>>> Bloomberg community
    liaison staffer Fred Kreizman is again being talked about as a
    Republican candidate for the State Senate. Those who remember such
    things might recall that he was mentioned as a GOP candidate
    against Diane Savino back in 2008. Now there is talk of his running
    as the insiders choice for the Carl Kruger state senate seat.
    >>>>> According to Chris Bragg
    in today’s “City Hall Daily”: “[There are some who support Fred
    Kriezman] the Republican candidate in a prospective special
    election to replace indicted State Sen. Carl Kruger, if and when
    Kruger vacates his Brooklyn Senate seat, according to two sources
    with knowledge ….. Fred Kriezman, who works for Mayor Michael
    Bloomberg’s Community Assistance Unit, has been discussed as a
    potential Republican candidate, the sources said.”
    >>>>> That’s bad news for a lot
    of the Brooklyn GOP establishment, because it will pit
    pro-Bloombergers like Martin Golden and Craig Eaton against the
    “GOP Establishment Young Turks” who most likely would want to
    support “Russia House” lawyer David Storobin. Since Mr. Kreizman is
    a frum Orthodox Jew, has a well recognized name to all Jewish
    communities in the Kruger district and is highly admired for his
    outstanding accomplishments, this will leave social conservative
    Avi Goldberg with only a tiny natural constituency, if he tries to
    play ball in the big leagues.
    >>>>> In spite of the strength
    of the Kriezman candidacy (it looks like Skelos and Bloomberg and
    ykw are already backing him), our sources tell us that DS is
    getting ready to “throw down” against anybody not with him over
    this. This could get very interesting very fast.
    >>>>> Let’s see what happens

  24. Will Marty Golden Be Next Year’s Frank Padavan? Senate Dems Are Banking On It permalink
    April 5, 2011 11:43 pm

    Will Marty Golden Be Next Year’s Frank Padavan? Senate Dems Are Banking On It

    By Laura Nahmias

    Over a year in advance of the 2012 races, Democrats are already plotting a robust challenge to State Sen. Marty Golden, and the man at the top of the list of possible candidates is Carlo Scissura, chief of staff to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

    Brooklyn politicians said Scissura has the name recognition and relationships in the borough necessary to mount a challenge to Golden. Asked whether he was considering a run, Scissura would not close out on the possibility.

    “It’s flattering,” Scissura said. “I’m being urged by so many community and political leaders to run for the seat. However, I’m not going to make a decision on my future until the fall. Right now my focus is on Marty Markowitz.”

    Mentioned in the same breath as Scissura are Joanne Seminara, a southern Brooklyn District Leader, and Council Member Vinnie Gentile. Seminara does not have the same base as Scissura, Brooklyn operatives said, and Gentile won’t be term-limited out of City Council until 2017, making it unlikely he’d risk a challenge to Martin’s seat.

    To some, Golden’s circumstances echo those of former Queens Senator Frank Padavan, who was ousted this year by Tony Avella. Both senators represent conservative districts that have grown gradually more Democratic with time. Both are close to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Padavan’s defeat was a carefully orchestrated multi-year effort by unions and Senate Democrats. To beat Golden, Democrats are organizing a similar effort, more than a year in advance of the 2012 election.

    There are certainly major differences between the Golden and Padavan. Padavan was in office 40 years, while Golden has been a Senator since 2002. And Golden is well-liked and recognized in his district, an ex-cop with a sizable war chest to run against any upstart who threatens him. His only competitive race was in 2002, when he ran against now-New York City Council Member Vinnie Gentile. In that race he spent $3 million, and walked away with 56 percent of the vote.

    But Democrats say 2012 is the year Golden could lose. He’s taken unpopular positions on schools, unions and the millionaire’s tax. And he won’t be helped by increased Democratic voter turnout in a presidential election year. The number of registered Democrats in his district increased over the past decade by 7,000, while the number of registered Republicans dropped by 3,000, leaving Democrats with a 45,000 voter enrollment advantage.
    Even the Republican voters are growing disenchanted with Golden. A high percentage of his district are union or uniformed workers. And the recent news cycle has been unkind to Golden, from a free foot massage in the LOB rotunda, to relatives in bar fights, to accidentally hitting a senior citizen with his SUV.
    “I do believe he gets unfairly targeted,” said Nicole Malliotakis, the freshman Republican Assembly member who shares both a district and office space with Golden.

    But the Democrats said Golden had lost touch with his constituents.

    “By failing to protect the interests of children, workers, and tenants, Marty Golden has proven time and again that he chooses his conservative Republican colleagues over the people of the city he’s supposed to represent,” said Austin Shafran, spokesman for the Senate Democratic Conference.

    One union planning to canvass against him is UFCW Local 1500, the grocery workers union that also targeted Padavan in 2010. Golden can’t support his constituents in Albany because he is being forced to hew the party line on issues he should be more independent about, said UFCW Local 1500 president Pat Purcell.

    “I will give credit to the Republican party that they do know how to have some type of real discipline in voting, but will that discipline hurt folks in more middle class types of districts?” Purcell said. “It caught up with Frank Padavan and I think it will catch up with Golden as well.”

    But others cautioned there were major impediments to Democratic takeover of the Bay Ridge seat. For one, redistricting will afford Republicans with an opportunity to corral more voters from Sen. Carl Kruger’s district. And Senate Democrats have far less cash to prop up any potential challengers to Golden than they did during the most recent election cycle, because of overspending during their time in the majority.

    In Brooklyn, unlike Queens, all roads to victory seem to run through or close to Vito Lopez. The Brooklyn Democratic Party has money, whereas the Senate Democrats do not. A real challenger will have to be able to raise money from elsewhere in New York.

    Golden would not comment on Scissura as a challenger or whether he felt he had been unfairly targeted as a result of his votes on the state budget. He did say, however, that he is more finely attuned to his district than Democrats may believe.

    “I have made it my business to know how people in my community are thinking,” Golden said in an email. “It’s that commitment to my community that has resulted in my running unopposed or by winning by comfortable margins.”

  25. NYSUT Peddles A Pension Gimmick permalink
    April 7, 2011 7:56 am

    NYSUT peddles a pension gimmick

    E.J. McMahon

    School districts outside New York City could issue bonds to finance up more than $1 billion in teacher pension contributions over the next two years under a bill promoted by the statewide teachers’ union, the Wall Street Journal reports today. This proposal may not advance much further — but its mere introduction in the Legislature, for the stated purpose of helping to offset school aid reductions, is a sign of desperation among supporters of the public pension status quo.

    The background:

    Employer contributions to the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System (NYSTRS) were 6.19 percent of covered payroll in 2010, but are expected to hit 8.62 percent next fall and 11.11 percent in 2012. While NYSTRS has not projected its pension rates beyond next year, our recent Empire Center report on “New York’s Exploding Pension Costs” estimated that the contribution could hit 16 percent of payroll in 2014, and 25 percent by 2016.

    The pension bonding bill would effectively allow districts to use borrowed money to “cap” their immediate contribution rate at 8.6 percent in each of the next two school years. The Journal says the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) “helped develop” the bill for its sponsors, the respective legislative civil service committee chairs, Assemblyman Peter Abbate and Senator Martin Golden. NYSUT’s motivation is obvious: its local affiliates are under intense pressure to moderate their wage demands in the face of skyrocketing teacher pension costs and declining state aid.

    The proposal also reportedly has the backing of state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, who has already shown a fondness for pension funding gimmicks. [UPDATE: Counter to the implication of the Journal report, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s office says the comptroller has not taken a position in the bill.] Last year’s budget included a DiNapoli-backed pension “amortization” scheme, under which the state will artificially limit increases in its pension contribution rate to one percentage point a year, converting the excess into a series of 10-year IOUs repayable with interest to the New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS), of which DiNapoli is sole trustee. The emergence of the pension bonding bill is a sign that the union has not (yet) been able to pressure the independent NYSTRS management into imitating DiNapoli’s IOU approach.

    ** P.S. — The NYSTRS bill would allow bond terms of up to 15 years.**

    Abbate’s sloppy, typo-ridden memorandum in support of the bill certainly isn’t a confidence builder, although it may just be a sign that NYSUT needs to upgrade its speech translation software. Here, reproduced exactly as posted on the Legislative Retrieval Service, is how the memo presents the core rationale for pension borrowing:

    Projections indicate that the current economic downturn Will cause employer contribution to New York State Teachers’ Retirement System (NYSTRS) to spike over the next several years. Even As the market’s rebound, this cost spike will still take place over the next two three years flattening to a more even employer Contribution as has been the historical trend during other such spikes. [sic throughout]

    If the rise in NYSTRS contributions was actually just a two-year “spike,” there might be at least a faintly stronger justification for this bill. In fact, however, pension contributions are virtually certain to continue rising after 2013, for as long as it takes to wipe out an enormous unfunded liability created during the financial crisis and stock market crash of 2008-09. During those two years, when NYSTRS’s actuarial assumptions called for gains of nearly 17 percent, the pension fund’s asset values instead plunged by 20 31 percent (-$32 billion). In 2010, NYSTRS net asset values rose by a modest 4 percent, half the target rate. Even assuming NYSTRS scored a 25-30 percent snap-back in asset values during the bull market of the past year, the fund will remain deeply in the hole for years to come. That’s why contributions must continue to increase.

    In short, the current pension system demands more from taxpayers when they can least afford it. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

    So, for the purpose of generating short-term savings, school districts would be invited by this legislation to stick their necks out — or, more accurately, their taxpayers’ necks. Districts issuing pension bonds would push a growing expense into the middle of the 2020s, gambling (with taxpayers’ money) that NYSTRS contribution rates will fall sharply in the meantime. For that to happen, pension fund asset returns will need to exceed the fund’s already ambitious target over the next five to 10 years. Meanwhile, the capped contribution level of 8.6 percent is actually below the roughly 11 percent normal pension costs for most teachers (i.e., those in Tiers 3 and 4). Even if the pension bonds are issued at a favorable interest rate of 4 percent, a school district that goes this route will impose an extra $400,000 in interest costs for every $1 million it chooses to “defer.”

    Suppose this bill is enacted, and suppose “New York’s Exploding Pension Costs” is right about the likely path of NYSTRS contributions. There will be enormous pressure from NYSUT to extend the bonding authorization if districts are confronting contribution rates in the neighborhood of 16 percent for 2014 and over 20 percent for 2015.

    It’s not surprising to see this measure surface in the Assembly, where Abbate has been rubber-stamping union-backed legislation for years. Its simultaneous introduction in the Senate is a disappointing sign that the Republican Conference in the upper house has not fully broken with its Bruno-era tradition of introducing costly union-backed measures while ignoring pleas from the management (i.e., taxpayers) for collective bargaining reform, such as modification of the Triborough Amendment.

  26. Bigger Frankenstein Monster Moving into the Brooklyn GOP --- The Birther-A-Nation permalink
    April 19, 2011 7:00 am

    Will KCRP Chairman Craig Eaton take a stand on the
    President Barack H. Obama birth certificate controversy? There are
    several KCRP spokesmen who have commented about this so far on
    Brooklyn GOP Radio. Is this just a fringe of Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP?
    Will Eaton take a stand about the issue? Is it fair inquiry? Is it

  27. Golden Blows His Lid As Challengers Taunt And Turn Up The Heat permalink
    April 21, 2011 8:57 pm

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011
    Golden Blows His Lid As Challengers Taunt And Turn Up The Heat

    After last week’s BLOCKBUSTER article in the irrefutable City Hall News, Marty is feeling the heat.

    City Hall compared Senator Golden to Frank Padavan. (As you will recall after nearly 40 years representing a Democratic district in Queens, Padavan, a Republican, lost last year.)

    City Hall cited three potential challengers waiting in the wings: Councilman (and former Senator) Vincent Gentile; chief of staff to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Carlo Scissura and; 60th A.D. Female District Leader, Joanne Seminara.

    Now it looks like Marty is running scared and panicking… and with good reason. What with public employees’ union DC 37 protesting outside his office because of his vote against a New York City OTB rescue bill and the Alliance for Quality Education making a stink in front of his office for his opposition to the millionaire’s tax as a way to restore cuts to school aid, one could say the cracks are starting to show for old Marty. I think we can all agree, Marty is feeling the HEAT.

    Further proof: a harried Marty told The Daily News:

    “I start at 7 a.m. and work until 11 p.m. I’ll match Marty Golden’s work ethic against anyone. Anyone… It’s about children, parents, opportunity and jobs, and nobody fights harder for his community and city and state than Senator Golden.”

    Marty is SO cracked, that he is now talking about himself in the third person!

    Marty also caught grief for getting a pedicure when he should have been working in Albany. Marty defiantly defended the pedicure/foot rub comparing it to getting his hearing or his heart checked.

    Marty, maybe you SHOULD have your hearing checked because EVERYONE is saying it: you have lost touch with your constituents.

  28. The Golden Clock permalink
    April 28, 2011 2:13 am

    by Gatemouth
    Mon, 04/25/2011 – 7:41am

    On December 19, 2009, then State Senator-Elect Hiram Montserrat (Amigo-Hell) was arrested and charged with assault.

    Three days later, State Senator Marty Golden introduced a Resolution asking Monserrate not to file the papers allowing him to assume his seat until the charges against him were resolved.

    Golden could not, at that juncture, ask Monserrate to resign, as, except for his City Council seat, which he was already vacating, Monserrate had nothing to resign from.

    There is little doubt that if Monserrate was already a Senator, Golden would have asked that he resign, or recuse himself from his duties, since Golden’s resolution was a de facto call for, depending on how one interprets it, either one or the other. .

    It only took three days for Golden to act. At the time, Monserrate had yet to be indicted.
    In response, I called Golden’s resolution and a similar call by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer “an attempt to reap political hay, ” as well as “self-serving and self-interested political grandstanding.”

    Of course, Golden was not merely thinking of his own personal interests, but those of the entire Senate Republican Conference, as well as the interests of his politically transgendered buddies, Carl Kruger (who helped elect Golden, and whose staff was then interconnected with Golden’s through two married members of the Garson Crime Syndicate: “Yussel Numbnuts” and “Doreen the Blockbuster” ) and Pedro Espada (to whose non-existent “campaign committee” Golden had contributed).

    At the time, Golden said “the last thing the people of the city and state of New York want to see is someone sitting in the Senate who is accused of committing such a serious crime.”
    Back then, I remember telling a fellow blogger “I don’t recall Marty Golden asking for measures similar to those he was demanding for Monserrate, back when Republican Senator Guy Velella was under indictment.” Shortly thereafter Liz Benjamin published this item.

    As Benjamin notes, during Golden’s first term as Senator, his colleague, Senator Velella had not merely been arrested, but also indicted, in connection with “a cash for contracts bribery scheme.” Velella subsequently took a guilty plea.

    As Benjamin notes, Golden also did not make such a call after the 2006 indictment of Senate

    Democrat Efrain Gonzalez for using money from taxpayer-funded member items, meant for public purposes, for his own personal benefit. Of course, back then, control of the State Senate did not lie in the balance, and Gonzalez himself was among the Senate Democrats most willing to do business with the Republicans.
    I’ll add that Golden also made no such call concerning DINO Assemblyman Tony Seminario, a big supporter of recently defeated Republican Senator Serf Maltese (who Golden was assigned to in the Republican Conference’s buddy system–Golden was seen on election day leaving tins of cookies, labeled “Complements of Senator Serf Maltese,” on the tables where voters were required to sign in, thereby giving the electorate a last minute subliminal message otherwise prohibited by statute).

    Benjamin asked Golden what the difference was between the cases of Monserrate, Velella and Gonzalez that merited Monserrate being treated differently than the other two. Golden responded incoherently:

    “Corruption is not tolerable; bribery is not tolerable…If you’re guilty and you commit acts of bribery and corruption, you should go to jail. Someone should have put a bill forward then…Those are different crimes. Are they equally bad or worse? Not worse, but bad. This is a physical, violent, B felony. It’s totally different. I’m moving against this because this is an act I believe is intolerable, and sends a signal across the state”

    But Golden had it exactly backwards.

    One recuses one’s self when one’s participation creates a conflict of interest or the appearance of an impropriety. Thus, it would at least be arguable that officials under indictment for corruption related to the duties of their offices should recuse themselves from participation in the affairs of their legislative bodies.

    But, Monserrate had not yet been charged with any crime relating to the duties of his office (those did not come until he left the Senate involuntarily, and even then concerned his activities at the Council).

    So, a call for recusal, except perhaps as it related to provisions of the Penal Law concerning Assault, made no sense whatsoever, except perhaps as a way to generate himself cheap publicity.
    As I think I‘ve made clear, I don’t think Elected or Party officials should be calling upon elected officials charged with crimes to resign. I have an aversion to joining everyone else in playing “Johnny-on-a-pony” and treating those who are down as a piñata.

    Perhaps it’s my contrarian personality, but I yield to no one in my respect for the presumption of innocence.

    Yes, I can hardly disagree that the standards the justice system maintains concerning the burden of proof for criminal liability may not necessarily be the same as each individual voter’s standards for fitness to hold public office.

    Voters in districts with elected official in trouble with the law sometimes get the opportunity to judge them in a trial we call democracy, where the standard for punishment is somewhat less stringent than guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. But, pending disposition of the criminal charges or an election, guilt beyond a reasonable doubt would seem to be the operative standard for the removal of such an elected.

    But, even if one bought Golden’s argument that his call for a presumptive recusal/resignation was appropriate in certain instances, in the absence of a conviction, it seems to me that the anathema against “someone sitting in the Senate who is accused of committing such a serious crime,” is more appropriately invoked against those whose presence casts doubt upon the integrity of the body and its dealings (say, by their taint leading to doubts about the appropriateness of every member’s budget items), rather than at those members whose disgraces (if indeed they qualify as such), however repugnant, are entirely unrelated to their duties of office.

    And anyway, I don’t recall Golden asking that similar treatment be afforded to former GOP Councilman Dennis Gallagher, after Gallagher was charged with rape (after his indictment, Gallagher was removed from his committees and leadership positions, but was allowed to remain a member of the Council and was not forbidden to participate in its deliberations).

    This isn’t rocket science. Surely, Golden understand that, if convicted of a felony, an elected forfeits their seat by operation of law. More importantly, unless he‘s an idiot, Golden understand that the distinction between crimes of violence and crimes of corruption cuts (perhaps the wrong choice of words) in exactly the opposite direction from the one he articulated.

    Of course, at the time, perhaps something else was at play.

    By law, Monserrate had until the end of next January 2009 to file his oath of office with New York’s Secretary of State. If he did not do so, his seat would have been declared vacant and a special election would have been called to fill the vacancy.

    In the meantime, the Senate would have been left with 28 Democrats, 29 or 30 Republicans (pending resolution of the then unresolved Padavan-Gennaro race), with three seats in the hands Carl Kruger and his Amigos (from whom the mercurial Monserrate had temporarily departed), who were then engaged in auctioning themselves off to the highest bidder. 32 votes were needed to organize the Senate.

    As it looked then, if Golden had gotten his way, the chances of the Democrats organizing the Senate would have become even more daunting, and some sort of deal which helped the Republicans maintain some or most of their power would have become that much more likely (especially when, as eventually happened, Padavan emerged victorious). But even if Golden’s efforts came to nothing, he still managed to create a phony issue for use in bludgeoning his opposition (not that the Sen Dems wouldn’t on their own create even better opportunities for exploitation).
    As I later noted, several months later, when, with Monserrate’s help, the Republicans nearly pulled a coup, Golden’s resolution, or an updated version of, was nowhere in sight. I bring this all up, because on March 10, State Senator Carl Kruger , who helped to elect Golden, surrendered himself to the authorities for charges involving his official duties.

    As I’ve said, I do not believe elected officials should call upon people in Kruger’s situation to resign (although case by case recusals on votes, and prophylactic prohibitions on holding certain internal positions within the Senate or the Democratic Conference could well be justified).

    However, as I’ve made clear, this is not Marty Golden’s position. As he said:

    “the last thing the people of the city and state of New York want to see is someone sitting in the Senate who is accused of committing such a serious crime.”

    “Corruption is not tolerable; bribery is not tolerable…”

    Why did Golden introduce a resolution on Monserrate?

    “I’m moving against this because this is an act I believe is intolerable, and sends a signal across the state”

    There you have it.

    If Marty Golden does not introduce a resolution concerning Carl Kruger, he will have revealed himself as a bloviating, hypocritical bag of wind.

    Of course, I would oppose such a resolution (and laugh out loud if it passed; which it wouldn’t).
    The blog of the pro-Golden wing of the Brooklyn GOP, “The Jig is Up Atlas” has recently gone on a campaign of attack against local Democrats who’ve refused to call upon Kruger to resign.

    But “The Jig” has been silent about the one elected official in their midst who owes Kruger more than anyone else.

    Marty Golden.

    It took three days for Marty Golden to introduce a resolution about Hiram Monserrate.

    Three days.

    It is now 46 days since Carl Kruger surrendered to authorities. There has already been an indictment.

    46 days.

    Yet Marty Golden has not said one word.

    Today I commence the Golden Clock.

    Evert time I post a Gateway column, it will note the number of days Marty Golden has remained silent on Carl Kruger.

    This will continue until Golden makes a statement, or publicly repudiates “The Jig is Up Atlas” or I get bored with the idea.

    The Clock is ticking Marty.

  29. Join us for a rally outside State Senator Marty Golden’s office Friday, May 6th @ 4 PM permalink
    May 4, 2011 12:25 am

    Join us for a rally outside
    State Senator Marty Golden’s office
    Friday, May 6th @ 4 PM
    7408 5th Avenue
    (bet. 74th and 75th Street)
    Budget Cuts Hurt Our Schools
    Take Action Now
    Because of Mayor Bloomberg’s cuts, our schools have already suffered:
    -Higher class sizes
    -Fewer after school programs
    -Cuts in basic educational supplies and services
    Now the state legislature has made further cuts, and Mayor Bloomberg is calling for layoffs.
    Both the Mayor and State Senator Marty Golden oppose renewal of a Millionaires’ Tax which could add $700 million dollars this year and $4 billion dollars the following year, eliminating the need for any more cuts or layoffs! Get involved in our campaign against budget cuts.

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