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In Wake of Eaton’s Duplicity, Local and Update Insiders Fail to Stifle Resolve of “Proudly Independent” Young Republicans

March 4, 2011

They’re not going away anytime soon.

That was the overall message of a strongly-worded and effective response of the Young Republicans of Brooklyn via their President, former City Council candidate Jonathan Judge, this week. It came in response to the decision of the Association of New York State Young Republican Clubs, Inc. to unilaterally admit Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton’s youth club into the statewide organization, the Young Republicans’ statement indicated.

It follows the deceitful move of Eaton to quietly finance his own young Republican group to challenge the Young Republican Club that has existed in Brooklyn since 1880.

The remarks from Mr. Judge and his reform organization were delivered swiftly:

“In an unprecedented sneak move, a handful of insider Republican operatives in charge of the Association of New York State Young Republican Clubs, Inc., deceitfully revoked the Brooklyn Young Republican Club’s membership in order to admit Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton’s Young Republicans into the state organization within 10 days from its first meeting.”

Judge also slammed the Eaton cabal for their failures this past year, pointing out that “if Mr. Eaton and his shrinking band of establishment supporters had gotten their way, Mr. Grimm would not be Congressman Grimm today.”

You may recall Eaton pushed for Michael Allegretti to be the candidate in the 13th Congressional race and did not exactly run to aid Mr. Grimm’s aid after Allegretti lost, according to multiple sources.

On the other hand, the Young Republicans noted at the time their activism in favor of Mr. Grimm prior to the election, which saw Grimm win only a handful of election districts in Brooklyn–those in which the “YRs” campaigned for him, it has been indicated.

Meanwhile, Eaton’s youths, known to some as the “Bootleg Young Republicans,” seemed to once again lose any value in their attention-grabbing move upstate, as Brooklyn Daily Eagle issued a fair and accurate portrayal of the club clash in Harold Egeln’s recent piece.

Indeed, the language of the faux young Republican group’s titular President did not address the realities of the scenario facing the Republican Party in Brooklyn during this period of civil war.

“Now we can really get down to work – growing the party and supporting Republican candidates in Brooklyn,” said Mr. Gallo, a District Leader who tries mightily hard to be Craig Eaton’s political pit bull. This is all the more necessary given Mr. Eaton’s growing paranoia, which has reached epic proportions as he fears for losing his chairmanship this year.

The comments are all the more ironic given Mr. Gallo has reportedly made lackluster efforts to win the elections in his Assembly District in the past, and Mr. Eaton has not seen a single candidate of his win election in Brooklyn since he became chairman, even in the anti-Obama tide of the past year.

“The fact is the party is eating its young and turning to people who have not been innovating to ‘lead the attack’ against those who have,” said one source.

Given what I’ve seen the establishment do over the years, that sentiment seems wholeheartedly accurate.

  1. equals permalink
    March 4, 2011 2:55 pm

    Excellent article francisco- puts all the pieces together. Judge comes out more relevant and powerful then ever in this. Of course Eaton, with no political smarts, didn’t realize this when he started his young republicans club. Although eaton wished the poltical players in bklyn and si had amnesia to forgot his support of allegretti over grimm, you accurately point this out as a tipping point of eatons political stupidity. As a party chair, you pick the winner or stay out of it. Judge jumped on board early with grimm, provided the help in the key eds that grimm won and was recognized by getting a personal invite to Grimm’s swearing-in by top Grimm staff.
    It is now widely known that clorinda annarummo helped grimm behind the scenes (going against eaton dictate for allegretti) and no more evidence is needed then looking at clorindas position in the grimm office. This support of grimm by clorinda is what started the downfall in their relationship, which continues today. Even Bob Capano, who seemed alittle more public in his support of Grimm, which drove eaton nuts, is said to have utter contempt for eaton, along with grimm, which explains why bob, grimm, or clorinda have all been silent on eatons Young Republicans.. there is hope for the brooklyn GOP when we see the efforts for grimm led by judge, and clorinda and capano.. Eaton can’t stand any of them , and I suspect the feeling is mutual.

  2. More Questions and Conjectures than Answers In the Wake of Eaton's Duplicity... permalink
    March 5, 2011 2:07 am

    None of the usual suspects: Republican County Leader Craig
    Eaton; 47th District Leader and nominally “President” of Craig
    Eaton’s “Re-launched Official ‘Brooklyn Young Republicans’ Club”,
    Russell Gallo; and Craig Eaton’s #1 propagandist, Gene Berardelli,
    have answered several key questions about the formation and
    “credentialing” of the Brooklyn GOP bootleg YRs. To date, the
    apparently fully subservient Eaton-Gallo “Re-launched Official
    ‘Brooklyn Young Republicans’ Club” has held one and only one
    meeting, the widely observed and reported upon meeting of February
    15, 2011. No election was held at that time, nor were any club
    rules or by-laws adopted. Nonetheless, in less two weeks, at its
    “convention” on February 26, 2011 the NYSYRs under Lynn Krogh had
    removed the traditional and longstanding Brooklyn Young Republican
    Club without any warning, charges, hearing or explanation; and in
    its place substituted and approved the bootleg Gallo-Eaton Club.
    All of that was accomplished in some irregular Star-Chamber
    proceeding, because shortly after both Brooklyn YR Clubs had been
    admitted into the NYSYR Convention, there was a simple but awkward
    announcement that the delegation from the Eaton-Gallo Club were the
    recognized representatives of the Brooklyn YRs. Lynn Krogh then
    read an NYSYR rule, quite in-artfully, whose plain meaning and
    application should have yielded the exact opposite result. Still
    left unanswered and/or unexplained is when and by what procedures
    were Gallo and the other “officers” of the “Re-launched Official
    ‘Brooklyn Young Republicans’ Club” elected or selected. Similarly,
    there are no suitable answers and/or explanations as to when, how,
    and by whom the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, headed by Jonathan
    J. Judge was summarily de-authorized; and when, how and by whom the
    bootleg Brooklyn club, clearly without the provenance normally
    required by the NYSYRs was substituted in place of the original
    Brooklyn YR Club, whose continued existence was manifest at the
    NYSYR Convention and which has never been disputed publically by
    anybody associated with the NYSYRs. Also quite suspiciously,
    certain Brooklyn GOP media had telegraphed the NYSYR ruling in
    favor of the Eaton-Gallo bootleg faction one day before the formal
    announcement at the NYSYR “convention”. The most disturbing aspect
    of this whole episode is not a question, but most likely is the
    answer to the question, “WHY?”…. On Thursday, February 24, 2011,
    Gene Berardelli was at the social gathering of Judge-faction YRs.
    At that gathering, Berardelli reportedly pigeonholed Glenn Nocero
    and let him in on a scoop that Brooklyn GOP Chairman Eaton was
    likely to be meeting soon with Donald Trump, who had recently been
    discussed as a possible GOP candidate for the presidency in 2012.
    Since Ms. Crogh is a paid political consultant now working for Mr.
    Trump, several have conjectured that Lynn Crogh’s “decision” to
    seat the Eaton-Gallo faction at the Poughkeepsie Spring Meeting of
    NYSYR was accomplished as part of the “arrangement” for an
    Eaton-Trump meeting. Certainly nobody believes that there was a
    four-corners quid pro quo deal, since that kind of blatant
    arrangement would be a significant scandal for everybody involved,
    but something very much like that catalyzed Lynn Crogh’s and
    NYSYR’s otherwise inexplicable machinations involving the two
    Brooklyn YR clubs. We anxiously await any answers or explanations
    to these questions or comments from the usual suspects.

    • Recent Posts and Commentary on TJIUA confirm reports of complicity between Brooklyn GOP and NYSYRs permalink
      March 7, 2011 1:52 am

      Neither KCRP Chairman Eaton’s nor his apologists have
      rebutted or even attempted to explain away what Gene Berardelli is
      reported to have said to Brooklyn Young Republican Club Treasurer,
      Glenn Nocero, at 61 Lounge on Bergen Street in Boerum Hill on the
      evening of February 24, 2011. On the contrary, TJIUA’s posts and
      comments clearly indicate that Berardelli was boasting to Nocero
      about the upcoming NYSYR meeting as well as the strengthening of
      relations between Eaton and Gallo, and NYSYR Chairperson Lynn
      Crogh. **** It shouldn’t be forgotten that at the same time,
      Berardelli also told Glenn Nocero that Brooklyn GOP Chairman Eaton
      was likely to be meeting soon with Donald Trump, who has Ms. Crogh
      as a paid political consultant. Since the irregular goings-on at
      the NYSYR meeting at Poughkeepsie, many have openly wondered
      whether Lynn Crogh’s “decision” to recognize the Eaton-Gallo
      faction for membership in NYSYR was accomplished as part of an
      “arrangement” for a later Eaton-Trump meeting. This would explain
      Lynn Crogh’s and NYSYR’s expedited approval of Gallo’s club, and
      the otherwise inexplicable resolution of the disputes involving the
      two Brooklyn YR clubs.

      • A proud “insider Republican operative” permalink
        March 10, 2011 9:35 am

        What’s truly INEXPLICABLE is why Jonathan “fire marshal” Judge didn’t better prepare himself for the NYSYR general meeting on Saturday, 2/26/11. No parliamentarian in tow? No efforts to bring his Bronx YR allies like Chance Haywood to Poughkeepsie to be another voice for him? No effort to reach out to other YR delegations to line up support in advance? Heck, Jonathan didn’t even try to win points for the future by doing the campaign work for fellow YRs on Saturday afternoon. If this is the amateur way in which Jonathan fights his political battles, no wonder why he gets his clock cleaned by Craig Eaton so often.

        Signed, a proud “insider Republican operative”

    • A proud “insider Republican operative” permalink
      March 10, 2011 9:22 am

      So many inaccuracies… where to begin…

      1) There was a meeting by the NYSYR Executive Committee on the morning of Saturday, 2/26/11 where the decision was made as to which competing Brooklyn club to recognize. See NYSYR Bylaws I. A.1. (d) & (e) Jonathan “fire marshal” Judge was fully aware of this procedure.
      2) Why? The NYSYR governing documents have long declared that to authorization of the local county GOP committee chair is paramount in the formation and existence of a county YR chapter. Jonathan “fire marshal” Judge knew that and even unsuccessfully tried to amend the NYSYR Bylaws in 2009. Jonathan had been given lots of encouragement by the NYSYR to “play nicely in the sandbox” with Eaton, and the NYSYR could do nothing to protect him if Eaton pulled the authorization letter and gave it to a different group. Shame on Jonathan for continually poking the bear in the eye, being warned not to poke the bear in the eye, and then being shocked when the bear mauled him.
      3) Maybe a better question is why none of the other YRs from Manhattan, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Ulster, Dutchess, Albany, Broome and Steuben counties came to Jonanthan “fire marshal” Judge’s defense. They cannot all by on Trump’s payroll, can they?

      Singed, a proud “insider Republican operative.”

  3. another blow to eaton permalink
    March 5, 2011 1:40 pm

    At the much hyped pearl room gathering (we hear 15 attendees), no oddo, malliotakis or Grimm- sorry craigy.. We see a pattern- at Grimms office event last saturday no Eaton, at Eatons event thursday no Grimm… So much for eatons self hyped “best buddy” relationship with Grimm.

  4. eaton who? permalink
    March 5, 2011 10:24 pm

    Has eaton resigned yet?

  5. Eaton's progandists take more than two days to craft their spin about "The Brooklyn GOP Pearl Room Disaster of March 3, 2011" permalink
    March 5, 2011 11:03 pm

    The comment above, “another blow to eaton” beat the Jig is
    Up Atlas report by more than eight hours (8 hrs) and was more
    accurate in four lines than “AAA” was in almost twenty times (@20x)
    the verbiage. The Jig piece was more than forty-eight hours after
    the event at the Pearl Room; by itself — THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES.
    Would Eaton and company really sit on good news that long?
    Certainly not. AAA’s title “In Wake Of First Republican President
    Anniversary Brooklyn GOP Event Breaks Records!!!” is a laugh riot
    >>>>> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! More
    like records of anxiety, annoyance, and futility. It’s our bet that
    this event will go down in history as “The Great Brooklyn GOP Pearl
    Room Disaster of 2011” – we’ll see to that. Probably more people
    showed up for “the event” Jonathan Judge had called for about the
    same time at a nearby neighborhood diner; and most of Judge’s
    people (about a dozen) had to pay for their own dinner (although
    one had already eaten and only had coffee and apple crumb cake).
    Great picture of incumbent RINO State Senator Martin Golden,
    though. When was that photo taken? From the looks of the duffle
    bags under Martin’s Golden eyes, he look’s like he’s packed for a
    long trip. Is there something wrong with him? Has he had a physical
    recently? Hopefully, our state senator’s long trip will mean a long
    rest for the poor man …. Here’s an idea for Eaton’s
    propagandists: How about some pictures of the “crowd” at “The Great
    Brooklyn GOP Pearl Room Disaster of 2011” !

  6. Gerry permalink
    March 7, 2011 12:53 pm

    Craig is a bully. It’s that obvious. It’s that simple.

  7. What if Eaton threw a free party and nobody came? Oh, yeah! That happened at the Pearl on March 3rd. permalink
    March 7, 2011 10:15 pm

    The Brooklyn Daily Eagle for Monday, March 7, 2011
    contained an article by Harold Egeln, entitled, “Brooklyn
    Republicans Launch ‘Victory Reception’ in Bay Ridge.” According to
    the sub-headline, “‘We’re on a Roll’ Says Eaton”. It doesn’t take
    long to figure out that Mr. Egeln is the one who’s on a roll, not
    the Brooklyn GOP. Harold Egeln is doing his best to roll over
    backwards to make Eaton’s party look like a success, but Eaton and
    his Brooklyn GOP cadre really didn’t give Egeln much to work with.
    The first tip-off that Eaton’s party was dud is the complete
    absence of any description of the “crowd”; as in, no attendance
    numbers were provided. What’s more, the only names mentioned are
    the likes of Eaton, Gallo, Howe, Pawson, Bocchino, Guido and
    Berardelli; sound familiar? Even though the party was also to
    celebrate “the increased influence, and leadership role” for State
    Senator Golden, there’s no metion that he was in attendance, nor
    for that matter Nicole Malliotakis who was very much expected to
    attend. Egeln ironically ends the article the way he started it,
    “’We’re on a roll!’ said Eaton.” Right! If they’re on a roll, that
    would make Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP ham’n’cheese, liverwurst or
    baloney, wouldn’t it?

  8. Allegretti permalink
    March 7, 2011 11:26 pm

    What the hell is the jig talkin bout.. Is eaton and capano were such buddies why did eaton apparently not sanction to beradelli and gallo allowing capano to appear on the GOP radio blog even after all the hoopla they put on the jig (we know beradelli and gallo run that blog).. It was clear – and I’m sure to capano- that eaton put the kabosh on it.. Also, if they are so tight , why hasn’t capano publicly supported eatons YR club- I’m sure the eaton cronies would have loved the former brooklyn yr prez supporting them and even though I haven’t always been a fan of capano he knows how to make his way in the local papers and hasn’t on the eaton club,, so it seems eatons cronies are trying to portray eaton and capano as close as eaton and grimm are– NOT… Hahahahah

  9. eaton happy?? permalink
    March 8, 2011 12:23 pm

    that photo of Eaton in Eagle article is hysterical- the caption notes “eaton is happy” – etaon has on his normal sour puss face, hysterical!It refers to the Brooklyn Victory Committee as “new”- didnt eaton chair a brooklyn victory committee years ago and it failed miserable, now its up and rnning again…yeah, i was told malliotakis, oddo, and grimm were invited and begged to attend by Eaton… nope, noone there

  10. “The picture [and Gino Bernardelli’s article] says it all” AND IT'S DOESN'T LOOK GOOD FOR EATON'S PARTY permalink
    March 9, 2011 12:51 am

    One hopes that Gene Berardelli (or as he is getting better known, Gino Bernardelli) does better in his day job (just what is that again?) than he does as Craig Eaton’s propagandist. When reading something by “Gino,” as Rod Serling used to say, “You’re traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone!”

    ****Amusingly, this latest shot by “Gino,” Eaton’s portly propagandist, appears to be aimed at Craig Eaton’s very own pecker, because it showed for the world to see that the “‘Official’ Brooklyn Young Republicans” trademark and trade name stealing webpage is being used 100% for the Brooklyn GOP establishment and not “Brooklyn Young Republicans”. Nonetheless, “Gino’s” report on the “Pearl Room disaster”, that is dated March 6, 2011 (although there is some evidence that dates on the Official YR site cannot be relied upon) does Boss Eaton’s County GOP no good either.

    ****“Gino” says that within an hour there were 200 in attendance at the Pearl Room event, of which 50 were “Young Republicans.” Unfortunately, that cannot be the case at the Pearl Room, and the total number in the house on March 3, 2011, regular customers and Republican guests combined, was a number much lower than that.

    ****More important, this first picture of the “GOP Pearl Event” is worth more than a thousand words. The photo chosen by “Gino”, which is used again in AAA’s March 8, 2011 post in TJIUA, “Local Papers Cover Record-Breaking Brooklyn GOP Event At Bay Ridge’s Beautiful Pearl Room!!!” shows only a few of the usual Republican suspects. The strangely angled shot is taken from behind the bar near its center and is aimed at the front door of the Pearl Room; and most important, it shows well fewer than twenty (20) people; and none of the Republican “luminaries” listed as prominent guests are shown at all.

    ****What will be Gino Bernardelli’s next spin on “The Brooklyn GOP Pearl Room Disaster of March 3, 2011”? We’re sure that Chairman Craig Eaton can hardly wait, just like the rest of us.

  11. clorinda permalink
    March 9, 2011 1:07 pm

    We may have to give the other blog and the eaton cronies some credit for using the oldest photography trick in the book for their failed pearl room event. They corralled the 15 people that were there into the smallest part of the bar and then snapped the photo. Also, we called malliotakis office and they did NOT confirm she was there, nor was it reported in the Eagle article the other blog cites about the event. Regarding Grimm “staff” being there (not grimm), we are sure eaton was thrilled to acknowledge grimm representing grimm- we see her in the photo. Hahahahahah..about oddo, they say he doesn’t really represent brooklyn (we’ll be sure to make sure that gets forwarded to his office)..

  12. "You're traveling through another dimension -- a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind...." permalink
    March 9, 2011 9:11 pm

    “Gino Beranrdelli’s” report on the “Pearl Room disaster”, that is dated March 6, 2011 says that within an hour there were 200 in attendance at the Pearl Room event, of which 50 were “Young Republicans.” Unfortunately, that cannot be the case at the Pearl Room, the total number in the house on March 3, 2011, regular customers and Republican guests combined, was a number much lower than that, maybe half. The first picture of the “GOP Pearl Event” was worth more than a thousand words. The tricked-up photo chosen by “Gino”, which is used again in AAA’s March 8, 2011 post in TJIUA, “Local Papers Cover Record-Breaking Brooklyn GOP Event At Bay Ridge’s Beautiful Pearl Room!!!” shows only a few of the usual Republican suspects.

    Amusingly, this recent dream sequence by “Gino Bernardelli,” Eaton’s Sancho Panza-like propagandist, strangely appears to have bulls-eyed Craig Eaton, because it showed for the world to see that the
    “‘Official’ Brooklyn Young Republicans” trademark and trade name stealing webpage is being used 100% for the Brooklyn GOP establishment and not “Brooklyn Young Republicans”.

    What will be Gino Bernardelli’s next spin on “The Brooklyn GOP Pearl Room Disaster of March 3, 2011”? When it comes to “Gino” it could be anything. As the headline said “You’re traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind — a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone!”

  13. cipriano permalink
    March 10, 2011 9:17 am

    After the pearl room “event” karen fischer had a major fight with eaton because although she is acting as executive director eaton does not want to announce it out of fear of the attacks he would take from this blog, local media, and some of his female leaders. Karen is upset about the lack of recognition- a woman after eatons own “ego”..

  14. real insider republican operative permalink
    March 10, 2011 1:05 pm

    You mean how eaton “got his clock cleaned” when Judge won the local press coverage war over the establishment of this new YR club, or when Judge remains alive, well and active when eaton said he would “bury” him, or when Judge has gained the following of many former brooklyn GOP loyalists, or how Judge made eaton look like a damn fool and himself a winner when eaton backed allegretti and judge supported Grimm for congress!

    • Pround insider Republican operative permalink
      March 10, 2011 5:38 pm

      Actually, Jonathan “fire marshal” Judge got his clock cleaned at the last Brooklyn GOP committee elections, when he failed spectacularly and loudly in opposing Craig Eaton’s re-election.

      How is he winning a press war?

      • 911 in Poughkeepsie permalink
        March 10, 2011 6:25 pm

        Proud insider, Eh? Well will you please tell Russell and Lynnie K to stop buying their suits/pantsuits at K-Mart lol

      • Young GOP Kid permalink
        March 10, 2011 6:44 pm

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but do the State YRs actually DO anything? My understanding is that they go on permanent hiatus whenever Lynn is working as a hack for the latest bum politician willing to shell out a few bucks.

        And the way those upstate hacks refused to help Judge for even a second during his campaign after everything he did for them, I think Judge is much better off without them.

      • Pround insider Republican operative permalink
        March 10, 2011 8:14 pm

        Young GOP kid,

        “Correct me if I’m wrong, but do the State YRs actually DO anything?” They’ve recently helped organize and build 6 new county chapters, and have done numerous targeted campaign weekends, including a recent one for some YR municipal candidates in February. Most will take the positive endorsement of State Senator Lee Zeldin and State Assemblymen Chris Friend and Marc Molinaro over a couple Brooklyn malcontents.

        “after everything he did for them” Please inform me, what did Jonathan “fire marshal” Judge ever do for the upstate YRs? His performance as state YR secretary was so poor that he was impeached and removed from office in 2010. You have no idea how often upstate YRs received a cold reception from party leadership because of the stories emanating out of Brooklyn about the headaches he caused for Craig Eaton.

      • Young GOP Kid permalink
        March 10, 2011 10:16 pm

        And given the list of non-achievements you mentioned, I think I’d stick with the malcontents, and maybe even give them an angel investment lol

        Judge, as I recall, was deeply involved in the State YRs, raised money for them and even managed their GOPYR newsletter, if memory serves. I know the Young Republicans have gone to their events and given them money and donations over the years. Frankly, I never understood why. After Lynn took over, the whole things fell apart. More than one person said to me that the State YRs faltered after she helped Lazio lose his campaign–truly pathetic. And your statement that Judge was impeached comes as a surprise, given they never said anything about it and did it on the sneak, apparently.

        And since you’re so clueless, let me inform you; Craig Eaton caused his own headaches. If you were busy supporting fellow YRs and not bending over backwards to stab them in the back, you would know that, I think.

      • A proud “insider Republican operative” permalink
        March 11, 2011 1:35 pm

        “Non-achievements” you say, Young GOP kid? I would love to see how many GOP municipal candidates Jonathan “fire marshal” Judge has helped recently — oh wait — he helps the Democratic candidates for municipal office. Ha ha! I wish you had been up in Poughkeepsie to help us in February for fellow YRs running for office. Hopefully we’ll see you in April and May up in NY-26 helping in that special election. We can always use more volunteers to get off the couches and from behind their keyboard to help us with our “non achievments” in getting Republicans elected to office with hard work.

        While I’ll wilingly concede that Jonathan did run a statewide YR newsletter for a short period of time, I’m confused as to the claims that he “raised money for them.” When did he ever hold a fundraiser for the NYSYR? When did he ever get Brooklyn elected officials (i.e. Golden) or party leaders (i.e. Eaton) to purchase ads in NYSYR journals? Maybe you’re better informed than I am, but I never saw him brining money to the organization. Please enlighten me with facts, please.

        “And your statement that Judge was impeached comes as a surprise, given they never said anything about it and did it on the sneak, apparently.” Not on the sneak at all, Jonathan was informed of the process for removing him from office. It was long, with lots of procedural protections, and went along through much of 2010. Contact Anthony Reinhart, NYSYR secretary. I’m confident he’ll show you the minutes. They are not secret. He’s only across the bridge in Staten Island.

      • Operative of What? Teeth Gnashing? permalink
        March 11, 2011 3:17 pm

        It appears Lynn keeps her leashes tight on her dogs. You must be one of them LOL

      • A proud “insider Republican operative” permalink
        March 11, 2011 3:58 pm

        Teeth gnashing, well said. No, just I use this recurrent tag as a reference to Jonathan “fire marshal” Judge’s quote in the Brooklyn Eagle labelling so many of us within the state Young Republican organization as “insider Republican operatives.”

        If Jonathan and his friends can laugh at us and others in the GOP, certainly we are allowed to laugh at him and his hyperbolic quotes as well? No?

      • Lynn's Dogs Bark For Her permalink
        March 11, 2011 10:41 pm

        Why do you keep calling Judge a fire marshal? What are you people upstate smoking? It must be good stuff, since you kept misspelling “proud” before lol

      • A proud insider Republican operative permalink
        March 12, 2011 7:13 am

        You win all the arguments because you caught a typo. Good job. Too bad your critiques of the substance of the argument are not so withering.

        As far as calling Jonathan a “fire marshal”, I’m busting his chops for failed attempt to break up the NYSYR meeting in Poughkeepie after the state federation recognized the Gallo led group by going down and complaining that our meeting had too many attendees and was violating the fire code. He just made himself look foolish.

      • Young GOP Kid permalink
        March 12, 2011 10:43 am

        I’m sorry, did you just admit that the NYS Young Republicans were violating fire codes? You’re obviously not too bright lol

        As for misspellings, it seems hacks are not very adept at anything, else they’d be earning a living rather than living off of some pathetic politician.

        You people are pathetic. You have nothing to show for all your claimed “operative-ness” and “insider” knowledge. You do nothing to protect member organizations in te YRs and undermine your own abilities by looking submissive and weak. Lynn and her coven of clowns are a joke. And now they have a new court jester–Russell Gallo.

  15. DC operative permalink
    March 10, 2011 1:19 pm

    I hear Judge has easy access to top Grimm staten island, DC, and brooklyn staff, while eaton is waiting on hold for clorinda.. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah

  16. staen island operative permalink
    March 11, 2011 12:45 pm

    First, lynn krough is known to be the biggest “political hack” out there…how many losing races as she worked for over the past few years???

    Second- how is Judge winning the press war- its much more than this but suffice to say the mere fact that eaton, the Brooklyn GOP chair is going head to head with a 24 year old in the press is a victory for Judge

    • A proud “insider Republican operative” permalink
      March 11, 2011 4:11 pm

      Staten Island Operative, you and many others (like Young GOP Kid) on this thread of comments have expressed disappointment and concern with Lynn Krogh, NYSYR Chair. I’m not sure how many others in the larger YR organization, know of your concerns, at least outside of this echo chamber. If you have concerns about the direction of the NYSYR and its leadership, you should make them known to a larger YR audiance.

      I need to be fair… Jonathan and others, as much as I disagree with them, have been publicly outspoken about the need for a new and different direction in the Brooklyn GOP. They want Eaton out and new leadership. They’ve made efforts to convince their fellow Brooklyn-ites to adopt their viewpoint. Are they just as willing to be publically outspoken about the need for a new direction in the NYSYR? Do they want different YR leadership statewide? Will they make efforts to convince their fellow YRs around the state to adopt their viewpoint?

      • Lynn, Queen of Hearts permalink
        March 11, 2011 10:44 pm

        The State YR Leadership has been non-existent in any relevant way since Lynn started working for Allegretti and Lazio last year. Now that she’s working to prop up Trump, I imagine the whole house of cards will be coming down soon enough.

        And so: Off with her head!… figuratively speaking.

  17. Oz never gave nothing to the Tin Man....and Lynn Crogh never gave nothing to Judge or Gallo... permalink
    March 12, 2011 12:20 am

    “Gallo Knocks Out Judge!!!” TJIUA’s March 11, 2011 post by “AAA” couldn’t be further from reality.

    What knockout was that?

    Neither Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton nor the Chairman of the NYSYRs, or Lynn Krogh own the names, “Republican” or “Young Republican”.

    Also, contrary to what Russell Gallo thinks, there is no “Charter” or “Certificate” or “Certification” that can make a bootleg Brooklyn YRS Club into the genuine article.

    Jonathan J. Judge still is “President” of the “Brooklyn Young Republican Club”.

    The only relevant inquiry is, “What will Jonathan J. Judge do next?”

  18. j. weingarthner permalink
    March 12, 2011 4:10 pm

    Lynn definitely needs to go..
    Did eaton resign yet?

  19. Crazy One permalink
    March 12, 2011 4:23 pm

    If everyone supposedly has some crazy friends and you have none then it stands to reason that you may be crazy!

    It is not possible that Judge is right and EVERY SINGLE other Republican is wrong.

  20. j. weingarthner permalink
    March 12, 2011 4:49 pm

    So “crazy one”, eaton was right in not winning one race by a republican challenger in Brooklyn; was right for not having a republican candidate in many races in brooklyn- including against Carl Kruger; was right for endorsing Michael Allegretti over Michael Grimm for Congress (right lynn?)…..I await your response!

  21. Crazy One permalink
    March 12, 2011 5:07 pm

    Let’s concede Craig is wrong for the sake of this argument.


    • Aren't there many Republicans who agree with Jonathan Judge? permalink
      March 12, 2011 10:43 pm

      Doesn’t that mean that one of the premises of your question about Jonathan Judge is invalid?

  22. albany observer permalink
    March 13, 2011 11:16 am

    crazy one-
    if you know party politics, you know party chairs have the main responsibility for recruiting winning candidates and building a party organization capable of winning races. now, if chairman eaton cant take that responsibility and accountability- he should consider resigning. And, not every Republican in Brooklyn endorsed Allegretti over Grimm in the Brooklyn GOP Primary- Republicans in Brooklyn led b y Jonathan Judge and also including Republicans like Joe Kovac and Bob Capano supported Grimm– so to answer your question crazy One “Every Single Other Republican” is not wrong… truth said

  23. Young GOP Kid permalink
    March 14, 2011 11:15 am

    Lynn K’s decision to willy nilly kill any YR club that does not conform to the chairman’s desires will indeed have a dangerous effect on YRs, at least to the extent that it will force good clubs to have to reorganize in the wake of an attack by their local chairman for any reason at all (even if he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed). That YR clubs must live in fear because they do not have anyone looking out for their interests in the party is a crying shame. Lynn should be excommunicated merely for that. But she’s probably too busy running the Donald Trump non-campaign into the ground.

  24. K-Mart Krogh permalink
    March 14, 2011 4:51 pm

    Lynn, no one can make K-Mart pantsuits stylish, least of all you. Sorry to say 😦

  25. Isn't it an ill wind that blows no good? permalink
    March 14, 2011 6:10 pm

    Every YR Club that might get de-what-evered is a potential pick-up for a New York State Federation of Independent Republican Clubs. There’s probably enough de-what-evered YR clubs to start such an organization right now.

  26. Craig Eaton or is that "Eatin"? Odd misspelling of the name; I wonder where it turned up? permalink
    March 17, 2011 6:44 am

    Maybe this comment should be called “In Wake of Eaton’s
    Duplicity, Local and Update[d] Insiders Fail to Stifle proof of
    heavy financial support for local Democrats” What if we told you
    about Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton’s recorded history of
    significant (especially compared to smaller contemporary donations
    to Republican candidates, including MG) and repeated donations to
    some big name local Democrats? Maybe, he didn’t want everybody to
    know about it, so that might explain a COUPLE of times where the
    quirky spelling “Eatin” creeps-in in place of “Eaton”. We’ll wait
    to provide details so that Eaton’s propaganda guys can do some
    spin, because that’s always good for a chuckle. Maybe Eaton’s hate
    blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas,” can do a feature posting “Who is Craig
    Eaton, or is it “Eatin” — The Mystery Donations to Democrats”.
    Maybe Craig Eaton may actually need to DEFEND HIMSELF on this one.
    Who knows? Maybe “Atlas Shrugs…” can do a big thing about it.
    Let’s see what happens next.

  27. In two NYC election cycles, Craig Eaton gave more money to local Democrat than to Golden permalink
    March 20, 2011 9:48 am

    THE QUESTION BEGS (Thanks, TJUIA — love it, love it, love it!) Who was Sal Albanese running against in 1997, 1999, 2000 and 2001?

    In 1997 Eaton gave Golden $400.00; and Sal Albanese $800.00.

    In 1999/2000 (for 2001 cycle) Eaton Gave Golden $225.00; and Sal Albanese $250.


  28. Spots and stripes not good camoflage... many more photos same few people at Pearl Room....and everywhere else permalink
    March 20, 2011 11:35 am

    The home page of the swag, bootleg, trademark infringing, trade-name-stealing and good name usurping “‘Official Brooklyn Young Republicans’ Club” (a/k/a “County YRs”) at “” shows that the leopard’s spots and the zebra’s stripes are identical; and the comically camouflaged combined chimerical creature is the “Brooklyn GOP-YRish ‘LEOPBRA’.”

    All of the Eaton-Gallo YR homepage photo array are from “The First Brooklyn GOP Victory Committee Cocktail Reception, sponsored by the 48th and 60th Assembly Districts” held at the Pearl Room on March 3rd. The photos show same 15-20 BrooklynGOP Establishment – “‘Official Brooklyn Young Republicans’ Club” types that routinely show up at all of the combined events of that single organization. The room only looks crowded because Gene Berardelli (a/k/a “Gino Bernardelli”, the JOSEF GOEBBELS of the the Brooklyn GOP-YRish “LEOPBRA” organization) is there with his “infinity-times” chins [or is that necks?].

    Also everybody should note that in the photos of State Senator Martin Golden with KCRP Chairman Craig Eaton (founder of the Brooklyn GOP-YRish “LEOPBRA” organization) and Russell Gallo (Eaton’s figure-head Gauleiter of the Brooklyn YRish “BRAs” of the “LEOPBRA” organization), Martin Golden looks like likes ten miles of Bloomberg’s bad roads; and it seems as if the Republican State Senator could only be happier if he were answering the Special Prosecutor’s questions in front of a Grand Jury about his part in the Kettle Black scandal.

    Btw, if this event at the Pearl Room really were to have been sponsored by 48th and 60th AD Clubs, why aren’t there any photos of those participants front and center as hosts of the event?

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