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Last Sunday’s Oath Ceremony, Absence of Input on Staff Picks, Highlights Eaton’s Lack of Influence With Grimm

January 14, 2011

Recently, Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton has tried to make it appear as though he and newly minted Congressman Michael Grimm are the best of pals.

But many Republican insiders we have spoken with have suspected that nothing could be further from the truth.

Now, one major source familiar with the matter says that Eaton’s decison last year to back lobbyist Michael Allegretti over Mr. Grimm and “his ego” have poisoned any chance for a genuine relationship.

That source, a well-known New York City Republican who conditioned the information given to Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn on anonymity, provided very telling facts about the relationship between the faltering Brooklyn GOP Chairman and Team Grimm.

Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton

Eaton, for his part, has been making public statements and appearances to try and make it seem as though all is well in Brooklyn. That includes his “involvement” in the 13th Congressional district race. While Eaton claims he and Mr. Grimm are close, our source tells us this could not be further from the truth.

Nowhere is this clearer in the staff picks for Mr. Grimm. Our source claims Craig Eaton was not informed or consulted in any way whatsoever on any of now Congressman Grimm’s Brooklyn staff appointments, which speaks volumes about Eaton’s lack of influence with the city’s only Republican member of Congress. Since early December, Eaton was privately leading people to believe he would play a key role in Brooklyn staff picks.

That has not happened.

Normally, newly elected officials would consult directly with their county chair. Indeed, it is not uncommon for elected officials to ask the chairman for recommendations for staff positions (as was the case with other newly elected Republican House members in upstate New York). Mr. Grimm has apparently elected to trust his own judgment (a wise move, in the opinion of many of my colleagues).

Michael Allegretti


This political impotence stems from his poor decision to support former 13th Congressional candidate Michael Allegretti in last year’s primary.

(For more on the Brooklyn GOP’s flop with Michael Allegretti, click here)

It “has and will continue to haunt him,” said our primary source.

This was apparently on full display at Mr. Grimm’s swearing-in ceremony this past Sunday. One source tells us it was clear to all that were present that there was no close personal connection between the new congressman and Mr. Eaton. The unimpressive presence of Eaton was even a point of discussion among insiders after the event.

The devil was is the details of the ceremony, one source indicated.

In Grimm’s remarks, Eaton received merely superficial acknowledgments of being the Republican Chairman, and Grimm noted Eaton’s support of Grimm “after the primary.” No extolling. No high praise. Nothing more than that.

To add insult to Mr. Eaton, Grimm apparently went on to state that “even better” was the support of those who endorsed him “before” the primary. We imagine that includes his public supporters and campaign officials.

Notably, those individuals would include Bob Capano, Brooklyn campaign manager Joe Kovac, the Conservative Party, Young Republican President Jonathan Judge, and maybe even Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn’s Francisco D’Anconia, all of whom provided public support of Grimm while the county leadership was still suffering from Allegretti Fever.

Drawing this distinction was clearly “a wound to Eaton’s ego,” said another source.

Those hoping for a change in Mr. Eaton after the elections–perhaps a humbler, more respectful chairman?–were disappointed in the aftermath of the Brooklyn GOP’s loss of every single candidate within our borough.

“[He] has not changed at all,” said  one GOPer. “Many know he is not an effective leader or chairman.”

In fact, the same NYC Republican source who provided us with the goods on the Grimm/Eaton relationship highlighted Eaton’s consistent alienation of many and his lack of political skills (as demonstrated by his early support of Allegretti) as sources of his ineffectiveness.

In Brooklyn and even statewide, this source says, Eaton’s poor chairmanship is considered an open secret and even joke.

And although some Brooklyn party leaders may not say so publicly, several are hoping for a real challenge to Eaton’s chairmanship and would quickly bolt from supporting Eaton with the right candidate with some real support. Among Eaton’s own ranks, there has been rampant speculation that District Leader Clorinda Annarummo, who has been engaged privately in a long-standing feud with Republican activist Roy Antoun, may be stepping up to challenge him.

We shall see whether that transpires or not.

As for Mr. Grimm, he has more pressing things to worry about now than this.

“Grimm can’t say much now about local GOP politics,” said a different Brooklyn GOP source. “The election is over. His priorities must focus on his duties in Washington and representing his district. Distractions should not be on his radar.”

That’s largely correct.

But the intrigue surrounding these circumstances is certainly something we have and will continue to monitor.

  1. January 14, 2011 3:52 pm

    You are welcome to write your blog, but please don’t make up stuff. You will probably call me an Eaton sycophant or some other insult, but I know the truth, and not from some unnamed sources.

    Prior to the election, Craig and I were talking, and he called Michael Grimm “a great guy” and was very open about his wanting Grimm to win. This was not a public speech, nor am I someone Craig needs to lie to. Craig very much was on board with Grimm. (Oh, and Grimm called Craig his friend at the inauguration.)

    I believe you are making stuff up just because it makes sense to you. You don’t have any insider sources. The insider group is very tight-knit and you do not have anyone there who will speak to you. Are we to believe that someone like Russell will come running to you to be your unnamed source?

    Also, Clorinda is not running against Craig. She’s been screaming this at the top of her lungs to anyone who will listen. Please stop with the false rumors.

    You are welcome to analyze events however you want. But there’s no reason to make up unnamed sources.

    I am sure you will respond by attacking me personally, but really, what will that achieve? If you care about reform, if you care about journalistic accuracy, you should be glad that someone is pointing out an error.

    But if this blog is not about reform and accurate facts, if it’s just about beating down opponents, then fine, start shouting at me.

    So? Can we disagree without being disagreeable? It this blog about reform or beat downs?

    • One and only 1 hate blogger is caught off base... permalink
      January 14, 2011 8:32 pm

      During the time all the following commentary by “1” was
      posted here at ASIB through 8:28 PM on January 14th, nothing was
      posted on “The Jig is Up Atlas”. Strange, but true….

    • John Galt permalink*
      January 15, 2011 3:08 am

      Some responses to your unfair rant:

      I can assure you that the primary source quoted in this piece is very knowledgeable about the events and facts discussed. You are free to state your own perception or opinion, but we believe this is a trusted source, and I would not have bothered writing this story if it were not based on reliable information.

      Also, regarding Ms. Annarummo, what I wrote is 100% true. There has indeed been a great deal of speculation about her running for chair. Perhaps, that is why you say she’s “been screaming this at the top of her lungs to anyone who will listen” about it (she knows that rumor is rampant). The word is out there, whether it is true or not. As a courtesy, I will say she is free to email us and dispute these rumors at any time, and I will post an update.

      Finally, your paranoia about having people shout at you aside (in the real world, it’s called “discourse”), I think you need to rethink what you’ve said wholesale–your overall perspective. If you want to disagree, that’s one thing. But to accuse us of making up unnamed sources and lying is something else entirely. Indeed, rather than spit venom, email us with your perspectives and we will anonymously quote you as a source in the future when the time comes.

      In the end, Eaton & Co. needs to recognize that they don’t control the discourse in GOP politics anymore. The reformers and the anti-establishment Republicans do. That has and will continue to be the case.

  2. January 14, 2011 4:18 pm

    So basically 1 according to your second paragraph you say eaton “was very open to wanting Grimm to win” – eaton wanted Grimm to win even though he was publicly supporting Allegretti?? I’m sure the Allegrettis will love to hear that..

  3. January 14, 2011 4:50 pm

    Clorinda screams at the top of her lungs because that is how she is.
    Those who know Clorinda, know that’s her personality.
    A fact that will support the challenger speculation is that no one has ever seen or heard of Clorinda amongst the “anointed ones” that are chosen from the Republican Party in Brooklyn.
    If her challenge for the chairmanship is true, it will be tantamount from the frying pan into the fire.

  4. January 14, 2011 4:59 pm

    Don’t twist my words. Allegretti was supported because he was a friend and because when he stepped up, there wasn’t anyone else there. Then Grimm came, but everyone was already committed to Allegretti and didn’t want to just dump their friend.

    As soon as Grimm won, everyone was in agreement to support him. Even before the primaries, everyone was saying that we will support whoever will be the Republican nominee.

    Primaries are a family squabble; general elections is warfare. No matter what happens in the primaries, we will support the Republican candidate when the primaries end.

    Both Allegretti and Grimm are great guys. We would have supported whichever one won the primaries. Without exception, we are all very excited that Grimm won.


    Your comment and how you misquoted me is truly a sign of what a despicable bunch of liars this blog is.

    I wrote, “[Craig] was very open about his wanting Grimm to win.”

    You then quoted – QUOTED! – me as saying, “[Craig] was very open to wanting Grimm to win”

    This is not the same thing, and you know it. It is easier to cut and paste than to write something out, so don’t tell me that you just mistyped it. If you really meant to quote me, you would have just cut and pasted my quote. But no, you had to re-write it inaccurately in order to make Craig look bad.

    Is that your reform?

    Shame on you!

  5. January 14, 2011 5:06 pm

    “Screaming at the top of her lungs” is an expression, not a literal description of what happened. Anyone with at least a double-digit IQ should have been able to grasp that. I am convinced that you understood it, but decided to twist words to attack another Republican, this time Clorinda.

    Honestly, if there are so many things wrong with Craig, Clorinda and the rest of the GOP, why the need to twist and make up things?

    Just stick to the facts. Don’t play word games. Just let the facts speak. After all, if there are real reasons to complain about a given person, there wouldn’t be a need to play with facts and words, now would there?

  6. January 14, 2011 5:06 pm

    Yeah what 1 says here on this thread means that by eaton being “very open about wanting Grimm to won” is that either eaton misled allegretti about his support (if 1 is talking about before the primary) or if 1 is talking about after the primary of course he wanted grimm- what was he going to do support McMahon! The point it seems that this post and sources are making is that, unlike others in Brooklyn, Eaton made a poor political decision during this primary- he clearly backed and led the charge for the wrong guy- no ifs, ands or buts about it.

  7. January 14, 2011 5:17 pm

    I see I’m not dealing with folks who are too bright.

    Yes, I meant after the primaries. Before the primaries, Allegretti was backed because he was everyone’s friend, was originally the only candidate in the race, and was definitely a very solid candidate.

    But the point of the above post by John Galt was that Craig’s ego did not allow him to support or even establish a “genuine relationship” with Grimm after the primaries. This is absolutely false.

    Like all others in Brooklyn GOP, once Grimm won, Craig was on board. Their “genuine relationship” was the reason Grimm called Craig “a true friend” at the inauguration.

  8. January 14, 2011 5:21 pm

    By the way, “others” in Brooklyn did not support Grimm, they just opposed anyone Craig endorsed. If Jesus ran against Hitler, and Craig endorsed Jesus, the 49th would endorse Hitler. It doesn’t matter who’s in the race. Whatever Craig says, the 49th says the opposite. If Craig likes milk in his coffee, the 49th will institute a rule that everyone must drink coffee black.

    It’s a childish game, not reform.

    • Right here, "1" is guilty the kind of extremist language practiced by the likes of MSNBC permalink
      January 17, 2011 5:11 pm

      Whether it’s Keith Olbermann, “ED”, Rachel Maddow or “1”, there is absolutely no call for this kind of hyperbolic hate speech against Republicans, whether you agree with them or not.

      If Eaton endorsed “Jesus” — the 49th would endorse “Hitler”…
      What a scandalous lack of judgment and political common sense!!!!
      There’s absolutely no historic or recent political precedent to back that one up, “1”.
      (whoever you are, you might have committed political suicide)

      It looks like you’ve earned your spurs to have your own postings on “the Jig is Up Atlas” with the likes of “AAA”, “BKPolitico” and “Judas Judge”. How proud you must be!

  9. January 14, 2011 5:23 pm

    Allegretti is not viewed as a “great guy” for attacking Grimms military records, including during a NY1 debate- 1 did u support that???? It sure seems that eaton did by staying silent ?

  10. January 14, 2011 5:35 pm

    You lost the original debate, so now you are switching topics. I am aware of this trick, and I’m not falling for it. I really have no desire to debate you guys. You can discuss whatever you want here, but make sure that it’s accurate.

    When you misquote me (and Grimm) or make up stuff about Craig’s ego, it just does not do you any favors. I know you think, “I’m so smart, I just re-arranged the words in his quote and achieve my desired result,” but you achieve nothing this way.

    Honesty, factual and intellectual, is important. If you advocate for reform, honesty must be holy to you. Twisting words and making up non-existent unnamed sources merely discredits your crusade.

    • "1" or is that "One" permalink
      January 14, 2011 8:24 pm

      One singular sensation, every little step she takes One
      thrilling combination, every move that she makes One smile and
      suddenly nobody else will do You know you’ll never be lonely with
      you-know-who One moment in her presence and you can forget the rest
      For the girl is second best to none, son Oooh! Sigh! Give her your
      attention Do I really have to mention she’s the one *** Oh strut
      your stuff! Can’t get enough! Ooh! Sigh! Give her your attention Do
      I really have to mention She’s the one! Even if “1” is a he, we all
      know deep down inside “One” is a she!

  11. Facts are facts: Michael Grimm had his hat in the ring in 2009 --- the Brooklyn GOP fought him through September 2010 permalink
    January 15, 2011 12:02 am

    Why, when and how were the Brooklyn GOP committments made to support Allegretti over Grimm?

    Among insiders, the possibility of a Michael Grimm candidacy was being talked about during the 2009 election cycle

    Eaton made his strategic blunder of a premature announcement at the Brooklyn GOP Convention in September 2009 — when he announced that Brooklyn would be selecting the Congressional Candidate for the 13th CD and it was Michael Alligretti.

    Michael Grimm was talking to Craig Eaton about his intended Congressional run at the bar in Yellow Hook in December 2009.

    In late May 2010 Marty Golden was telling people “We know Allegretti…we don’t know Grimm…

    What really happened with the 48th AD District Leaders and the Grimm fundraiser letter?

    The entire last month of the primary campaign by the Brooklyn GOP was a “Scorched Earth” all negative stop Grimm campaign.

  12. January 15, 2011 12:46 am

    Michael Grimm has once again revealed his true self, his hypocrisy and his overarching allegiance to the party.
    From the Staten Island Advance, Tuesday, January 4th 2011.

    Michael Grimm on Senator Lanza and Assemblyman Tobacco not supporting him after the primary.

    “It was unfit of them as Republicans,” “After the primary, I was the Republican candidate. I felt they had an obligation to their party to support me.”


    What about their own beliefs? There were reasons why they supported Allegretti instead of you Grimm and was it not possible that those reasons continued after the primary. Detractors of that would lead people to believe that the ultimate goal of the SI GOP was to support Allegretti in the hopes that he would win the primary but be defeated by McMahon, setting the stage for a Fossella return in 2012; an idea which is ridiculous on multiple levels.

    It seems that in Grimm’s world a GOP member must always without question support the party candidate. Obligation to the party, where was your obligation to America when you failed to vote so many times? In America, Grimm, in case you forgot, the party isn’t dominant.

    This seems to be in direct contrast to Grimm’s purported views he expressed another time:

    “Above all, I’m an American. I’m not there to toe a party line. … There are Democrats, Conservatives, Republicans and independents in my district, and I have to represent all of them,”

    “I’m not going to tow the line for any party, I’m an independent person and an independent thinker”

    Really. Well from what Grimm has stated it sounds hard to believe him or trust him. After the primary he reversed his position on parties and support when he stated that he supported Carl Paladino solely because he was a Republican.

    “As the Republican nominee, he has my support. I don’t know him really. I only met him once,”

    Is that the kind of view and leadership we should expect in the next two years to be coming from Grimm. It’s apparent that he is NOT INDEPENDENT, and that he takes his marching orders from the party and/or Guy Molinari. The party comes first as was seen with both Paladino and with Tobacco and Lanza.

    Immediately after his triumph over McMahon, Grimm had this to say about Lanza and Tobacco,

    “I think they have loyalties that are not in the best interests of the party.”

    This all paints a very disturbing picture of a supposedly independent thinking politician.
    Grimm later added in the first article mentioned,

    “We can disagree with each other and have a spirited debate, but we have an obligation to treat each other with decency and respect.”

    Where was this decency and respect when your campaign advisor Guy Molinari spoke out on Senator Lanza, Assemblyman Tobacco and others on election night.

    “The whole bunch of them got wiped out”, “They’re not even smart enough to know what happened to them”

    Very classy on behalf of Guy Molinari, a bitter senile old man. Where was the respect and decency from Molinari following the nomination of Vito Fossella by the SI GOP Executive Committee,
    “I welcome a primary with Fossella,” he said. “It’s going to be ugly, it’s going to be nasty, but he has to know that would come out in the course of a campaign. Everything he has done will be brought to light by me in this campaign.”

    “I am told that there are other matters that would be brought to the surface if he were to win again,”

    “We will be bringing out everything this man has done. It’s going to be a nasty campaign. We’ll take on Fossella, and we’ll beat him…”

    Now we do agree that the nomination of Fossella was ridiculous and a sham. It was a slap in the face to both Michael Allegretti and Michael Grimm and should have never occurred. Regardless, what Guy Molinari did following his nomination was classless and just as despicable. We heard the stories of what happened behind the scenes and we heard that there were many in D.C. who were not pleased with the way that Molinari was acting. Closer to home we know that Pete King was unimpressed with Molinari’s lunacy and we’ve heard the stories of Molinari’s henchman waiting outside of the Fossella childrens’ school attempting to intimidate the former Representative.

    Where was the decency and respect then Grimm? Molinari was your senior advisor and in so much his actions were a reflection of you. You had the power to stop him but you didn’t.

    The article from Tuesday’s Staten Island Advance shows that you are a hypocrite when it is compared to your actions and words from the past. You are a liar who is devoted to the party above all else as you have already sold your soul to certain interests. You are not respectful nor are you independent.

  13. Eaton doent get it permalink
    January 15, 2011 8:13 am

    Grimm seems like a pretty smart guy, and will not forget the “scorched earth” campaign of allegretti and the brooklyn GOP the last month of the campaign mentioned above. Eaton had a long opportunity to back off allegretti and go with the obvious winner to those with any real political smarts. So any argument by “1” to say otherwise and talk about friendship show Eaton is not a real political player. As it now cost him influence with NYC’s top republican. Eaton- just publicly admit your mistake which you have yet to do.

  14. January 15, 2011 9:13 am

    I heard last night that Eaton went “ballistic” about this post and went on his “worst egomaniac tirades” seems that the facts of this post he hoped to keep the lid on but now it is there for all to fact, a friend with strong ties to the State GOP told me the facts above regarding the Grimm-Eaton relationship- or lack on one- makes perfect sense because of Eatons primary choice, and that they have been unimpressed with his chairmanship and would be nothing without Senator Golden’s support- Eaton house of cards would crumble..

    • Interesting! Maybe with Craig Eaton out of the way.... permalink
      January 15, 2011 11:31 am

      …as the KCRP Chairman, State Senator Golden’s biggest
      problems might go away, as well. Think about it, Martin.
      _______________________ Reason #4 that this is State Senator Martin
      Golden’s last term as State Senator: After the brutal results in
      the 2010 elections, Golden continued to support the pathetic and
      divisive Chairman of the Kings County Republican Party, Craig

  15. January 15, 2011 1:14 pm

    Why should anyone believe anything you write here? You lie to me about what I (!) wrote on this very page!

    If you can’t be honest about the words that appear on this very page, can you really be honest about the existence of your unnamed sources? And if they exist (which they do not), can we trust you not to twist their words the way you attempted to twist mine?

    Your agenda is for all to see on this comments page. So is your propensity for honesty, or lack thereof. By trying to twist and spin words that are in front of everyone’s eyes, you’ve exposed yourself, and everyone can now see exactly what you guys are about.

    As much as I would hate to use the phrase, gentlemen, really, this time the jig is up.

    • TRUE REPUBLICAN permalink
      January 15, 2011 1:19 pm

      Such a condescending tone from this #1 moron. You must make frequent visits to the Craig Eaton echo chamber with the likes of Gallo and Gene B. I’m beginning to think you might even be Craig himself.

    • Craig Thinks He's Number 1 permalink
      January 15, 2011 1:24 pm

      Well, Craig thinks he’s Number 1, which would justify his use of the number when commenting. Egomania anyone?

    • Craig Thinks He's Number 1 permalink
      January 15, 2011 1:32 pm

      And #1 thinks his opinion is so important. He’s soooo offended that he, an anonymous commentator, is being misquoted. He’s whining over that instead of addressing the fundamental point that Craig Eaton is a bad leader, which is an accepted fact and a conclusion for which countless amounts of evidence have been presented for support.

      There comes a time when you have to just accept the truth and stop distracting from it. #1 has shown he’s incapable of doing that. Thankfully the majority of knowledgable GOPers disagree with his petty, ego-based assessment.

      • January 15, 2011 1:50 pm

        I am not offended that you attempted to twist and spin every word I wrote on this page. I am pointing out that you are liars and your claims of having sources, as well as all your other information, cannot be believed because if you will lie about something that is for all to see, you will surely lie about “unnamed sources” and other information that cannot be verified.

        Frankly, I find it hilarious that you think we should not focus on your inability to tell the truth and focus on your unnamed sources claiming Craig did something wrong.

        The first thing you need to establish when dealing with a person is whether he’ll tell you the truth.

        You’ve shown that you will not. Therefore, there’s no reason to believe any of the claims you are making against Craig or anyone else.

        You’ve been exposed. You can no longer claim the mantle of honest reform and everything you write should be seen for what it is: a power-hungry assault on anyone who stands in your way of taking over the party.

  16. January 15, 2011 1:36 pm

    Yes, if you have no response, if you are totally discredited, what choice do you have but to call me names.

    As for my name, I put 1 in the name and in the email because I didn’t care to come up with a cute little name meant to show that you’ve actually read a book once.

    No matter what names you may call me, your twisting and spinning everything to promote your agenda, and truth be damned, is for all to see here.

    We can let the readers decide whether you are here to promote honest reform or to destroy anyone who stands in your way of power.

    And nothing you say, no name you can call me will change this fact. It’s over, gentlemen.

  17. Chlorine--Well, Clorinda Stings permalink
    January 15, 2011 1:36 pm

    Many people have said that Clorinda is running against Craig. I don’t know what she said to make people believe she is or who started the rumor, but it’s out there.

  18. January 15, 2011 1:38 pm

    Is it me or has this post seemed to have touch a nerve with Eaton (or should we say 1) – hmmm.. Must be some truth after all to this post for him to be having such a reaction..

    • January 15, 2011 1:58 pm

      Wait, don’t you have unnamed sources that I am Craig?

      I’m not him, I am not anyone else you mentioned on this blog, I am not anyone whom you’ve met and my name would not ring a bell to you. I really had no personal beef with you, I just wanted to point out that some facts were not accurate.

      But the vicious response that attempted to lie to me about I wrote was what I got in response.

      You talk about echo chambers, but you respond in the most brutal and dishonest way to anyone who has even the most mild disagreement with you. Why is no honest, civilized debate allowed on this blog?

      If the facts are on your side, why not let them speak? Why the need for personal attacks and lies?

      • Gerry permalink
        January 15, 2011 2:17 pm

        The facts HAVE spoken. Where have you been? Eaton has not won a single election for a GOP candidate in Brooklyn. Not the mayor. Not Grimm or Malliotakis. Not Cipriano. Nothing. He’s involved with a PAC that’s associated with Vito Lopez. His MHE charity has benefitted from his political connections. And he risked our party’s integrity by maintaining the HQ at his law firm. The list goes on and on. It’s not fiction. It’s fact. Stop whining about “sources” and start confronting reality, #1.

        And your references to a truly offensive hate blog make it crystal clear you wouldn’t know reform if it came up and smacked you in the face.

        Which is has…

  19. January 15, 2011 2:45 pm

    Craig (or 1) you like using the word “facts” – you make yourself look silly by arguing these known undisputable facts;

    FACT- Eaton and Brooklyn GOP endorsed allegretti well AFTER grimms candidacy began.

    FACT- Eaton publicly spoke negativelty about Grimm, following the Allegretti scorched earth campaign plan (which is why Allegretti is pretty done)

    FACT- Eaton stayed silent when Allegretti attacked Grimms military record during that NY1 debate

    FACT- Eaton has not won Brooklyn for a single candidate during his tenure.

    Now- in light of the above, even without any “sources’ it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out Grimm would not count craig as one of his best pals, give him input on staff, and look to others in Brooklyn besides him. Craig (1) these are the facts. Now, we know it hurts your ego, and we saw your face at the swearing-in when Grimm noted your support “after” the primary and then mentioned his other supporters.

  20. January 15, 2011 5:42 pm

    Ok, I will bite and debate you if you stick to facts and keep it an intellectual and honest debate.

    1. Brooklyn Republicans, across the board, scored better this year than any other in recent memory. This blog and Alfredo Ferraro try to spin it in the most dishonest way. For ex., Peter did 10%+ better than Lucretia. He got 38.24% whereas she got 28.11%. You tried to dishonestly spin it by saying she got more votes, but of course the turnout is always higher in Presidential years than during the midterms. Do you really think everyone is think everyone is too stupid to realize that?

    Comparing two midterms elections with similar national turnouts, Lucretia got 2,737 votes in 2006 and Peter got 4,659 votes in 2010. Now that’s a fair comparison!

    And what makes this even more impressive is that the 49th is getting tougher demographically for Republicans as GOP-leaning Italians are moving out and Democrat-leaning Chinese are moving in at a rate of 2,000 per year. (No doubt it’s Craig’s fault that all over the United States, Italians are more likely to vote Republican than Chinese… Quick, try to spin my statement by claiming I am racist against the Chinese because I cite national statistics that they are leaning Democrat.)

    2. The party coffers have a nice positive balance instead of the persistent debt we saw prior to Craig.

    3. The party finally has headquarters. (And there is nothing wrong with using part of your law office for other needs. Better than wasting money that the party did not have at the time. As Republicans, you should be opposed to spending money we don’t have. Or is there a special Craig exception?)

    4. The party now has a good number of volunteers who kept the HQ so busy that there was rarely any sitting room in the evening and on weekends.

    5. The party now has a good number of young kids and professionals.

    6. Poll worker positions are now almost totally filled, even in areas with barely any Republicans, whereas before Craig they were often empty even in conservative districts.

    7. I am not sure when Craig spoke out against Grimm, what he said, and if it really happened or you are making it up. But please stop acting like backing someone else in a primary is some kind of a crime. What is much more disloyal is not supporting fellow Republicans like Ken Rice and Peter Cipriano.

    As a Republican, I will support fellow Republicans. Even though you are attacking me, if you won Republican primaries, I would support you. If you are a Republican looking to promote Republican values, how could you fail to support Peter and Ken? Exactly what was wrong with Ken? He’s the nicest guy we have on either side of the Ferraro/Eaton primary.

    8. It is true that no Republican won outside of Bay Ridge, but they all did better than any other candidate during your lifetime. Going forward, they stand a much better shot with Eaton’s financial help (it was small last time, but it was something and it will get bigger), Eaton’s volunteers, Eaton’s headquarters out of which they can work than with the total disarray that took place before he took over.

    Rome was not built in a day, and neither will Brooklyn GOP. But it is headed in the right direction, and to say otherwise would be dishonest. Demanding immediate gratification is unfair and extremely immature. If Ferraro or Judge took over, what Republican candidate would they elect to office? Who lost under Craig who would have won under Ferraro/Judge? (What basis do you have to claim this?)

    You guys are planning on running Roy “Israel is a terrorist state” Antoun for district leader on Brighton Beach where Zionist-on-steroids Russian Jews live. Do you realize that he’s more likely to get egged in the face there than to win a single vote? Do you realize the kind of damage you would do to the Republican party if the 150,000-strong Russian-Jewish community living in Southern Brooklyn finds out that a Republican district leader has his views? Is that your change?

    But what can I expect from folks who compare vote totals in Presidential years to Midterm elections, and think everyone else is too dumb to notice the turnout.

    • Cipriano, whatever number(s) he might use, didn't do that well at all in 2010.... permalink
      January 15, 2011 10:14 pm

      Stop with the jibber-jabber about Italians and Chinese voters, and their voting inclinations. There is no proof whatsoever that ethnic change in the 49th AD had any effect on the vote totals in the 2010 elections compared to 2008. *** How can Peter Cipriano’s so called 10% improvement be significant, when the absolute numbers were actually lower and if the focus is on percentages, the Republican “percentages of improvement” in surrounding districts — 47th, 48th and 60th were better than in the 49th? Most significant was Phyllis Carbo’s improvement from 2008 to 2010 — her percentage of improvement was 40% higher than Mr. Cipriano’s. *** “1” or “One singular sensation” your comparison of the 2006 election to 2010 was profoundly and fundamentally DISHONEST — 2006 was an anti-Republican year across the country and 2010 was a pro-Republican tsunami. *** Your focus on isolated facts, really isolated bits of data, is neither profound nor insightful, and it’s certainly not compelling. That “Brooklyn Republicans, across the board, scored better this year than any other in recent memory” evinces not a truth, but your very short memory — how old are you 19 or 20 at the most? *** When you’ve seen more than the last two or three elections in Brooklyn come back; then maybe the discerning might listen to what you have to say. *** btw, your statement: “Prior to the election, Craig and I were talking, and he called Michael Grimm ‘a great guy’ and was very open about his wanting Grimm to win….” is proof of nothing and disproves not one jot or tittle of the ASIB posting above. As Earle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason might say say, “The testimony is self-serving hearsay, besides it’s irrelevant, incompetent and immaterial…”

  21. January 15, 2011 11:05 pm

    1. “How can Peter Cipriano’s so called 10% improvement be significant, when the absolute numbers were actually lower”

    Because you don’t run to win actual numbers. In 2004, Kerry won more than Reagan did in 1984, but that doesn’t mean that he won the election, nor that Reagan lost. (Kerry won more votes in absolute numbers than any Presidential candidates other than Bush in 2004 and Obama in 2008.)

    Almost everyone, incumbents and challengers, get fewer votes in midterms than Presidential years. Nicole Malliotakis got almost 3,000 fewer votes than Joe Cammarata. Should we count her as a loser too? Who are you kidding?!

    2. “your comparison of the 2006 election to 2010 was profoundly and fundamentally DISHONEST — 2006 was an anti-Republican year across the country and 2010 was a pro-Republican tsunami.”

    No, it’s not dishonest, the turnout was similar and Republicans around the country, while improving, did not post similar improvements to Brooklyn candidates.

    Peter got 36%+ more total votes than Lucretia when the national turnout was very similar. Though it’s true that Republicans in general did better, it’s a matter of degree – Peter’s improvement was significantly higher than that of the average Republican.

    It’s also worth noting that if you wanted to assign his superior performance to the pro-Republican climate (which was part of the reason, but not the whole answer), then you should say so. Instead, you guys are lying that he did worse than Lucretia.

    By your logic, 99% of all candidates did worse in 2010 than in 2008 because almost nobody can get more in midterms than Presidential years. Peter got 38%, while Lucretia got 25% and 28%, and Fred got 27%. Very consistent, regardless how pro- or anti-Republican the elections are.

    Oh, and Lucretia/Fred also have their club – supposed a shining example to all humanity on our to run a political party – while Peter was a 19 years old kid. Wouldn’t you figure that uber-competent adults are are running the self-proclaimed best club in the county would do better than a teenage novice who was supported by the supposedly incompetent and irrelevant chairman?

    3. “There is no proof whatsoever that ethnic change in the 49th AD had any effect on the vote totals in the 2010 elections compared to 2008. ”

    According to the latest demographic data from the Census, 20,000 Chinese-Americans moved into Bensonhurst from 2000 to 2010, doubling your population. If you lived in Bensonhurst, you’d see that most of them actually moved in after 2006.

    4. “That “Brooklyn Republicans, across the board, scored better this year than any other in recent memory” evinces not a truth, but your very short memory”

    Recent memory means just that, recent elections. Yeah, I”m 19 sure… actually, I’m 3. Does that disprove what I am writing?

    Peter got the same percentage of the vote as Ferraro in 1988. Then in 1990, Ferraro – a former assemblyman in that district – got 29%.

    Then other Republicans got the following numbers: 29%, 30%, 24%, 33%, 25%, 7% (Conservative line only), 27%, 25%, 28%.

    The last Republican to do as well as Peter was Ferraro when he ran for re-election in 1986, before all the little boys on this blog were alive. It’s also worth mentioning that this seat was a lot more pro-Republican in terms of demographics and gerrymandering in the 1980s than today.

    In the 45th, Joseph Hayon got 42%. Previous results are: no candidates in 2006 and 2008, 33%, 22%, 22%, 25%, and so on.

    In the 47th, the results were: 27%, 21%, 5% (Con line only), 6% (C line only), 19%, etc.

    There were a couple campaigns 2-3 decades ago that did better than some campaigns this year, but there was never a year when such an improvement was shown across the board, an improvement that far exceeds what we saw around the nation.

    But like I said, if you want to assign the improvement to the political climate, then say so. At least then you’ll be only half-lying.

    But when you claim that 38% is worse than 28%, you are not just lying, you are also insulting your own readers’ intelligence by thinking that they are too dumb to realize that there are turnout differences.

    P.S. Why no discussion of my other points: that we now have a nice positive balance and not a deficit, that we have volunteers and poll workers, that we have young people, etc.

  22. January 15, 2011 11:19 pm

    “Oh, and Lucretia/Fred also have their club – supposed a shining example to all humanity on our to run a political party – while Peter was a 19 years old kid. Wouldn’t you figure that uber-competent adults are are running the self-proclaimed best club in the county would do better than a teenage novice who was supported by the supposedly incompetent and irrelevant chairman?”

    I mangled that paragraph. I meant to say:

    Lucretia and Fred have their club – supposedly a shining example to all humanity on how to run a political organization – while Peter was a 19 year old kid. Wouldn’t you figure that uber-competent adults who are running the self-proclaimed best club in the county would do better than a teenage novice who was supported by the supposedly incompetent and irrelevant chairman, regardless of political climate?

    I would go with competent adults in a bad climate over a 19-year-old boy in a good climate any day, but the adults do have to be competent.

    By the way, what was wrong with Fred’s political climate in 2004 when Bush won? Or with Ferraro’s political climate when Bush-41 easily defeated Dukakis in 1988?

    You’d think that a former (and then-recent) Assemblyman who ran in a better-gerrymandered district would be able to do better than a 19-year-old backed by an irrelevant Chairman.

    What happened there?

    • "1" please, answer these simple questions without evasion permalink
      January 16, 2011 12:46 am

      Do you really believe that your blizzard of numbers was anything but massive snow job without any analytic use whatsoever? Btw, you completely failed to address the out performance of Cipriano by Phyllis Carbo, and (except in your flurry of numbers) Joseph Hayon. *** Also, compared to prior campaigns in the 49th AD, the 2010 Cipriano campaign received massive direct and indirect assistance from various sources outside the 49th and Cipriano still lost by almost 2 to1 in a massive Republican year in a district that should have had a significant Republican base. Wasn’t there a full-time victory headquarters in the 49th AD run by the Brooklyn GOP; weren’t there Senator Golden’s mailings that touted Cipriano: and wasn’t there a significant campaign effort in the 49th for Michael Grimm? *** As to your “other points”, why should we accept at face value your claims that Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP 1) now has a nice positive balance and not a deficit; 2) has [increased] volunteers and poll workers, or 3) has [increased] young people?

  23. January 16, 2011 12:43 am

    Hey 1 (craig)- to use your words “why no discussion of my other points”: to remind you:

    FACT- Eaton and Brooklyn GOP endorsed allegretti well AFTER grimms candidacy began.

    FACT- Eaton publicly spoke negativelty about Grimm, following the Allegretti scorched earth campaign plan (which is why Allegretti is pretty done)

    FACT- Eaton stayed silent when Allegretti attacked Grimms military record during that NY1 debate

  24. January 16, 2011 2:06 am

    Lest we forget, Grimm did lie about his military record which is a fact.

  25. January 16, 2011 2:28 am

    “9” – I already addressed what you wrote. I am not aware what Craig said about Grimm, though I’m sure – based on this blog – that you are spinning something because that’s what you’ve done with every comment so far. In any event, it is no crime to support your friend in Republican primaries. What IS a travesty is the President of Young Republicans endorsing a Democrat over a fellow Young Republican.

    As for the other guy, the meaning of my “blizzard of numbers” was very clear, if you are as smart as I thought you would be. Prior to Craig, the numbers were consistently in the 20-30% range. Then he showed up and the numbers improved. Coincidence, no doubt.

    Q: “you completely failed to address the out performance of Cipriano by Phyllis Carbo”

    A: Peter and Phyllis were not in competition with each other. Both were with Craig and against Ferraro. How do you suppose Ferraro and Judge should take credit for Phyllis? Doesn’t the credit for Phyllis go to someone you called a “dumb brute” and a “moron”?

    Whether other candidates were better or worse than Peter does not detract from his having the best performance in the 49th in almost a quarter century of Ferraro-sponsored candidates. There were good years and bad for Republicans in the intervening 24 years, and he outscored all other candidates.

    Note that the 49th performed better before Ferraro’s guys began running. Republicans used to actually win this district before Ferraro took over. Is that Craig’s fault too?

    Q: “As to your “other points”, why should we accept at face value your claims that Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP 1) now has a nice positive balance and not a deficit; 2) has [increased] volunteers and poll workers, or 3) has [increased] young people?”

    A: How do you think that office got opened? How do you think money and other help (flyers, stamps, etc.) was sent around to all the candidates? Did you see either of that prior to Craig?

    As to volunteers and young people, ask the people who went to spy on the GOP HQ for Ferraro and Judge, including McCall.

    Q: “Cipriano campaign received massive direct and indirect assistance ”

    Wait, I thought Craig was incompetent and irrelevant? Isn’t he The Irrelevant One? Isn’t he so irrelevant that you won’t bother to mention his name?

    I thought you said that Craig was useless and the mighty LaGuardia Club and the YRs are better, stronger, more competent than the County GOP? What happened there? So Craig helped Peter more than Fred/Lucretia helped themselves?

    Even in a bad year, competent adults who run a successful club should be able to do better than a teenage novice. And did I mention that Peter had to spend money and effort on the primary, which was an issue for Fred and Lucretia in 2004, 2006 and 2008?

    Q: “Wasn’t there a full-time victory headquarters in the 49th AD run by the Brooklyn GOP; weren’t there Senator Golden’s mailings that touted Cipriano”

    A: But… but… but Craig is irrelevant… no?

    • January 16, 2011 2:34 am

      “And did I mention that Peter had to spend money and effort on the primary, which was an issue for Fred and Lucretia in 2004, 2006 and 2008?”

      I meant to say, “which was NOT an issue for Fred and Lucretia in 2004-08.

    • Isolated facts do not make a persuasive argument --- let's get back to the main points permalink
      January 16, 2011 11:11 am

      “1” (or however many you are, why not call yourself “Legion”) you are all over the lot like a flock of geese. Are you defending Peter Cipriano’s effort in the 49th? Are you defending Eaton’s in all of Brooklyn? Are you comparing the efforts of the Fiorello La Guardia Club to the County-supported efforts in the 49th on behalf of Cipriano? That wasn’t where you started your argument.

      Let’s get back to your earlier “points” about Eaton and Grimm, and Grimm’s swearing-in. *** First, you have “zero knowledge” as to any secret and unidentified source that this post’s author “John Galt” has or, as you hypothesize based on no actual knowledge, does not have (How can you be so assertive that there is no such source?). *** Second, Eaton was “dissed” big time at Grimm’s swearing-in (why was that?). *** Eaton was such an “Outsider” at the event, even Eaton’s guy, MC Marty Golden didn’t even try to move Eaton front and center at the event (explain that one!!!!!!).

  26. Hayon Strikes Back permalink
    January 16, 2011 5:25 am

    I actually think “1” is Gene Beer-and-Deli, who has been having a long-standing spat with Joseph Hayon. Gene also comes off as arrogant and self-obsessed. His support of Craig is merely a means to supporting that end.

    “1” thinks he’s clever by saying he’s already answered questions he hasn’t and by ignoring facts. This hypocrite is doing the very thing he has accused various other people posting comments of doing.

    At the end of the day, we should be asking why he would care about all this stuff? Dedicate so much time to writing and commenting on a Saturday night (what, no night life?). Maybe because this has become personal to him. Atlas Shrugs attacked his “baby,” GOP talk radio, which he knows no one listens to.

    Craig did the smartest thing he could giving Gene that stupid show. It gives him a platform to make him, Gallo and Doherty (the three stooges along with Pippi Longstockings Cipriano) sound important when in reality they are just talking to a tiny audience. Now Craig only has to deal with them once in a while.

    Truly pathetic.

    Gene, get back to work on next week’s propaganda script for GOP radio. Or maybe you’ll write another piece about Joseph Hayon? Or Roy Antoun?

    Why don’t you just come here and admit this isn’t you? Or say on your radio program that you have never in any way written for or contributed to The Jig?

    Because, I think, you’re afraid to.

    • Gene and Joseph permalink
      January 16, 2011 1:14 pm

      They have a lot in common.
      They both lost their race.
      They both have no life.
      Most impotantly, they both claim to be on the fence and then side with Eaton.

  27. January 16, 2011 9:42 am

    Actually 1 u didn’t address all the points,,you said earlier eaton supported “friend” allegretti before grimm was on anyones radar- now maybe this is true personally but eaton pushed the Brooklyn GOP to officially endorse Allegretti in the spring-summer 2010 after Grimm was very much on the radar and after anyone with any political smarts looked at their resume knew who would win. Eaton, instead of making a smart political decision (which clearly is not part of him) could have went with Grimm, like others in Staten island and Brooklyn did- instead, he chose not to which caused the accurate occurrences described in this post- those are the facts..

    Also, after Allegrettis attack of grimm and his record in that NY1 Eaton did sytay silent- fact- 1 please posy here any public comments eaton made expressing any regrets or non-support on allegrettis military attacks- don’t think you will be able to.. So you see 1 you did NOT address these issues as you claim to have…by the way eaton – and you are still calling allegretti a “great guy” and the “future” of the brooklyn GOP- I don’t think Congressman Grimm would share that view!

    January 16, 2011 11:30 am

    … “McCall’s Whip”… you saw it first mentioned on Eaton’s hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas”. *** Wait ’til the Jig’s supporters, contributors, aiders and abetters feel the real-life lashes from that whip. *** Real “Temple of Doom” stuff (see the heart(s) ripped out of TJIUA) — Coming soon to a “theater” near you!!!!!

  29. January 16, 2011 11:30 am

    FACT- Jonathan Judge endorsed Grimm, not Allegretti.

    FACT- The 49th AD and the LaGuardia Club endorsed Grimm, not Allegretti

    FACT- Eaton endorsed Allegretti, not Grimm

    These are the facts and they are undisputable..

  30. January 16, 2011 12:24 pm

    Boy it seems after Eatons foolish endorsement of Allegretti, the treatment he’s got from Grimm for Eaton payback if a MOFO.

  31. January 16, 2011 4:30 pm

    Why am I writing this? The concept may be foreign to you, but what if I actually care about the truth? What if I actually want what’s best for the Republican party?

    This blog operates strictly for the benefit of Judge, and all else be damned. The theory is that the old guy will be chairman for 1-2 terms, then Judge will take over. Never mind that Ferraro destroyed the 49th, which under his leadership went from winning elections to getting a quarter of vote.

    Craig is not my brother or my best friend from high school. I have reason to support him if he’s wrong. I told him to his face that “good policy makes good politics.” If he was what you claim he is, I would never support him. My loyalty is to the Republican party and I support the person who’s best for the job.

    Unfortunately for you, that person is Craig.

    The state of the party can be judged on the following factors:

    1) Finances;
    2) Volunteers and poll workers;
    3) Infrastructure (office, lists, etc);
    4) Candidate recruitment;
    5) Candidate performance.

    Across the board, things got significantly better under his leadership.

    You keep harping that things are not great, and I agree, they are not. It’s not time to stop and celebrate. A lot more work needs to be done. But, like I said above, Rome was not built in a day and neither can a political party be restored in a couple of years.

    He took over a party in debt, a party that did not run candidates for most seats, a party with no office or a single volunteer, hardly any young professionals who could make good candidates.

    The party Craig took over was a debating society for the elderly from Bay Ridge.

    Around the same time, Jonathan Judge took over the YRs. He recruited a few dozen people and decided that he can take over a devastated, almost non-existent Brooklyn Republican Party.

    He then began flinging mud at Craig and anyone who dares to so much as shake his hand. Anything that came to his head was thrown at Craig.

    – “He’s anti-Semitic!” Sure, that’s why he recruited a record number of Jews.

    – “He prevents young people from rising!” Definitely, which is why most of the people closest to him are 26-32, and most of the county meetings are filled with people who are 19-35. You listen to the radio show, right? (No, I’m not Gene, though no doubt you won’t believe me.) You notice how everyone makes fun of Brian for being the old guy in the room? And he’s only 40! That makes him the oldest guy in the “kitchen cabinet.”

    – “38% is less than 28%!” No doubt…

    – Various misquotations, made up stories, etc. as we can see right here on this web page if you scroll up.

    Judge’s goal is not reform or an objective critique. The goal is to take over the party. The goal is to destroy in order to take over because if the party is successful than Jonathan is just a boy who lives with his parents and can never get a girlfriend. But if the party fails, he thinks he’ll be chairman with real local influence.

    Thus, for his personal needs, the Brooklyn GOP needs to fail.

    And so, you bring up the Grimm-Allegretti primary for no other reason than to try to create a split within the party.

    You tell everyone that the party is dysfunctional to try to prevent potential candidates, donors and volunteers from joining. You know how I know this? Because your critiques do not even try to state the facts to even look accurate. You spin facts by twisting words, as you did above with my comments.

    What happened to my comments on this blog is all the proof anyone needs of your real agenda. No person who reads through these comments can conclude otherwise.

    Everything you do is a scorched earth tactic. Your goal is to eliminate the Chairman, the Vice-Chairs, the District Leaders, the candidates, the volunteers, the donors, and all others so that you can take over the ruins.

    Craig’s real problem is that you get to some people first, and sour them on the real GOP before they have a chance to see for themselves, as is your plan.

    I call on these people to come to the GOP HQ and see for themselves. Maybe you will dislike the GOP folks, but what do you have to lose? Come see for yourself. (wait for it… wait for it… here come the lies from Roy Antoun that he already went to see the GOP and it’s really bad, so nobody should go see for themselves.)

    I think Moshe Muratov is one such person. I know he was attacked by the Jig, attacks with which I strongly disagreed, but if he comes to visit us to see for himself, he will be welcomed. The Jig is not the County GOP. It does not speak for the County GOP. Craig has nothing to do with it and most of us, myself included, don’t know who these bloggers are. (That said, the Jig should also stop their attacks. Also, how clueless are you people to believe that the Jig is serious and not a direct parody of Atlas?)

    I am writing here to give people the other side of the story. Except my facts are not in dispute and I do not to change the words of those who try to debate me. I do not try to claim that 38% is less than 28%. Where the party is still in trouble, I will admit it. Where it succeeds, I will point it out.

    At the end of the day, I’m a Republican, and that’s all that matters. If I thought that Ferraro would be a better leader than Craig, I would support him, but the honest truth is that it’s no contest.

    Ferraro took over a district that was dominated by Republicans and within a few years completely destroyed it where Republican candidates were not competitive, even in years when Republican Presidential/Gubernatorial/Senatorial candidates won Bensonhurst.

    Ferraro is the old guard that drove our party into the ground.

    Craig is the reform we’ve been looking for the last three decades. He brought us money, youth, infrastructure. The work is not done yet. If he stops and rests on his laurels, I will be the first to tell him he’s wrong. But he’s shown no signs of stopping.

    I am aware of his plans for the future, and the progress we’ll show in his next term as Chairman will make past progress pale in comparison. Change, it is a’coming.

    If you are a Republican who cares about conservative values and not Judge’s naked power plan, come give us a chance and see for yourself. After reading Atlas, I promise you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Everything you’ve been looking for is being built as we speak.

    If you want reform, if you want a chance to participate in the Republican party at any level you are want, if you want be part of a team that helps candidates get elected, if you want to see real, visible progress, come join us!

    • "Why am I writing this? " permalink
      January 16, 2011 4:46 pm

      It’s called a “filibuster”; maybe you’ve heard of it.

      • January 16, 2011 5:03 pm

        Filibuster, how? Are you prevented from responding?

        Or are you so surprised that facts are presented against you that you were stunned into silence?

        You made claims, I responded to them. If I didn’t, you’d no doubt respond with, “but what about X.”

        So I responded to X. I didn’t realize it was possible for a visitor to your blog to filibuster the owners of the blog.

    • The KCRP permalink
      January 16, 2011 5:04 pm

      It makes no difference who or what this blog benefits. This is a third party blog and to make Judge responsible for the opinions of this blog is crazy.

      Craig may have improved South Brooklyn, but he is the chair of the entire Brooklyn. For any candidate, even in a blue area, to get less than 5% is embarrassing. Let’s not forget to mention there were two assembly candidates and a senate candidate located in south brooklyn that had no republican challenger.

      Imporvement? Yes. Sufficient? No

      We need to find a new chair to help the party, but one more qualified that the current.

      Your lovely Jig has posted many anti-semetic remarks not made by third-parties. These remarks were made by supporters and members of the KCRP. To add a little fuel to the fire, Mr. Chair has not said a word denouncing these anti-semetic comments

      • January 16, 2011 5:21 pm

        Yes, it does matter who this blog is intended to benefit. If your goal is to help the GOP, it’s one thing. If it’s to help Jonathan Judge, it’s another. Is your critique meant to help the GOP or to destroy it so that Judge can make himself feel good with the title of Chairman.

        I agree with you that progress-to-date is not yet sufficient, but again, no miracles can be expected from a party chairman.

        Craig took over a debt-ridden debating society for the elderly from Bay Ridge, and in just a couple of years has turned it into a real, though weak political party. There’s a lot of work left to be done, but he’s shown that he can make things better.

        The one person who has proven himself utterly unqualified to run anything is Ferraro, after he destroyed the 49th, a Republican district until he took over.

        As for the Jig, I don’t like it, I think it’s a mistake for those guysto run that blog, and Craig has nothing to do with it.

        That said, The Jig is nothing more than a direct parody of Atlas. They are just poking fun at you, and the funniest thing is that you can’t even understand that.

    • Gerry permalink
      January 16, 2011 5:36 pm

      Would that be the same GOP HQ that’s within walking distance of Lucretia Regina-Potter’s store? The one with no heat and plumbing problems? What a GREAT investment…

      You’re so full of it, it’s mindboggling. Do you even read what you write before you post it? Now it’s everyone else’s fault that Craig can’t recruit new people because they’re all poisoned by Jonathan Judge’s people in advance? Talk about paranoia.

      Where’s your evidence of that? Name one person who has been turned off from Craig for any reason other than his nasty political personality?

      Give me a break. Stop with his farce and start waking up to reality.

      • January 16, 2011 5:50 pm

        I kind of figured that in the 3-4 years that Jonathan has been President of the YRs and in the quarter century that Ferraro has been running the 49th, they must’ve recruited someone. Maybe not…

        But nice job twisting my words and lying to ME about what I (!) said.

        I repeated several times, over and over, that the party now has a large and ever-growing number of young people, then you write that I said that Craig can’t recruit any young people.

        Do you see what I mean when I said that you are in it not for the truth, but only to destroy those who stand in your way of power?

        Do you see how truth becomes irrelevant if you think lying will help you score a point that you think will get you closer to the chairmanship?

      • Gerry permalink
        January 16, 2011 6:00 pm

        Now YOU’RE lying. I never said “young people.” I said name one person who hasn’t been turned off from the party because of Craig. What’s in that pipe you’re smoking, 1?

        And please stop with the exaggerated surprises that you’re being “misquoted.” it lends itself further to the conclusion that you are suffering from some sort of inane and bizarre paranoia. Just because you said soemthing doesn’t make it true, and sometimes people misread what you write (these booklike statements of yours) because it’s such apologist nonsense. Stop lying, Stop apologizing for Craig. Accept the truth.

  32. Reprise: "One" from "Chorus Line" permalink
    January 16, 2011 4:40 pm

    “The ‘Lambada Crowd’ thought this song and this show were — Just DIVINE!!!” They called over and said, “Way to use it against these homophobic closet cases who do their week-end raids on ASIB instead of their regular noxious rants on Eatons’ hate blog (this was even better than the Eaton fantacy drag chorus “The Best of Times” from “La Cage…”).”

    “One singular sensation, *** every little step she takes *** One
    thrilling combination, *** every move that she makes *** [bump-ba-dumpa-dump] One smile and suddenly nobody else will do *** You know you’ll never be lonely with you-know-who *** One moment in her presence and you can forget the rest [bump-ba-dumpa-dump] *** For the girl is second best to none, son *** Oooh! Sigh! Give her your attention *** Do I really have to mention she’s the one *** Oh strut your stuff! Can’t get enough! [Yatata-Yatata-Yatata-bump] *** Ooh! Sigh! Give her your attention [Bam]*** Do I really have to mention [Bam] *** She’s the one!” [MBD]
    Remember, deep down inside “1” is really a “SHE”! You, come on out, girl!
    ONE MORE TIME — — —

    [Finale — build to crescendo: Yatata-bump-Yatata-bump-Yatatatatata-BUMP] “One singular sensation, *** every little step she takes *** One
    thrilling combination, *** every move that she makes *** [bump-ba-dumpa-dump] One smile and suddenly nobody else will do *** You know you’ll never be lonely with you-know-who *** One moment in her presence and you can forget the rest [bump-ba-dumpa-dump] *** For the girl is second best to none, son *** Oooh! Sigh! Give her your attention *** Do I really have to mention she’s the one *** Oh strut your stuff! Can’t get enough! [Yatata-Yatata-Yatata-bump] *** Ooh! Sigh! Give her your attention [Bam]*** Do I really have to mention [Bam] *** She’s the one!” [MBD]

    • Phobia d'homo permalink
      January 16, 2011 5:47 pm

      Russell’s gonna hide under his pillow when he sees this.

  33. Gerry permalink
    January 16, 2011 5:25 pm

    Ah, it would appear “1” sees but through a mirror darkly. But to him, the darkness is something to embrace. Failure, poor strategy and weak infrastructure are not Craig’s fault. They’re the fault of his predecessors (aka the Obama argument that Bush is the source of all of America’s problems).

    1, Craig has never taken responsibility for the fractures in this party. Instead, he sent his guttersnipes on the Jig to do so for him. He is not a likable person and has a misanthropic personality.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. And find something productive to bury yourself in besides Mr. Chairman’s behind.

    This whole Eaton apologist line “1” is taking is two years too late. Name one victory Craig has achieved and maybe you’ll get a green star, 1. Otherwise, you’ve only earned demerits.

    But you can’t name a victory, because there aren’t any.

    That’s the truth of the matter. Acceptance is the first step, “1.”

    • Gerry permalink
      January 16, 2011 5:28 pm

      And when I say “take responsibility” for him, I mean the guttersnipes throw out filth Craig couldn’t say without drawing serious attention to himself. But they aren’t answerable to anyone for the hate they spew about figures like Antoun, McCall, Judge and Regina-Potter. Do you condemn those lies, “1”? Of course not.

      Because you’re a guttersnipe yourself.

  34. Lora permalink
    January 16, 2011 5:45 pm

    Craig’s District Leaders and affiliated goons have, on his watch as chairman, made vicious attacks against fellow Republicans’ families, friends and relatives. They’ve lied on hate blogs and talked about “blood” being on people’s hands. If Craig were so “great” to these hate bloggers, they’d listen to him if he emailed them asking them to stop. He has clearly never asked them to stop.

    1 wants us to ignore that, and I would ordinarily ignore the crazy lies on the Jig, but that this site goes on in praise on Eaton and Golden and that they say nothing against the Jig says everything you need to know about their morality and integrity.

    They have none.

    Kiss kiss, 1…

  35. 1 Loses This 1 permalink
    January 16, 2011 5:52 pm

    I’m a Republican not from Brooklyn, and I’m with the Atlas people on this argument. Its simple. Craig is supposed to be the boss. He should be better in control of his party. He isn’t. That’s the definition of a poor leader. When you have a poor leader, you replace that person. Simple as that. 1 is making a whole lot of excuses I’m not buying. Leaders don’t make excuses. They accept responsibility and they lead. Craig has not done that. That’s all I need to hear.

  36. Johnny Crews permalink
    January 16, 2011 6:03 pm

    You guys have it wrong. 1 is Cipriano.

  37. The guy who runs Harry's? permalink
    January 16, 2011 6:10 pm

    … oops that’s Cipriani, my bad!

  38. Who cares who's "1", "1" doesn't know "Who's on first..." permalink
    January 16, 2011 6:17 pm

    … *** Abbott: Who’s on first. *** Costello: I don’t know. ***
    Abbott: He’s on third, we’re not talking about him….

  39. J-E-T-S --- Jets, Jets, Jets permalink
    January 16, 2011 6:28 pm

    Half: Jets – 14 — N.E. – 3

  40. January 16, 2011 7:00 pm

    Ok, folks, I am done with you. You lie to promote your agenda and then call me childish names when I point out that your dishonesty is a sign that you are here to push a personal agenda, not to help Republicans.

    And no, you did not misread things. You’ve misquoted everything I said to reverse its meaning every single time. Once is a mistake. Twice… maybe. Every time is impossible. (Or maybe it is since you guys also believe that 38% is less than 28%. Maybe your English is as good as your math.)

    The facts remain that Ferraro took over a district that was winning races and drove it into the ground to the point where within a couple of elections, GOP candidates in the 49th were losing 75%-25%.

    Meanwhile, Craig took over a debt-ridden debating society for the elderly in Bay Ridge, and looking at all the factors by which a political organization is to be judged, he made very, very significant progress:

    1) Finances;
    2) Volunteers and poll workers;
    3) Infrastructure (office, lists, etc);
    4) Candidate recruitment;
    5) Candidate performance.

    I am sorry if these facts interfere with Judge’s plans to aggrandize himself.

    I am out of here. Have fun twisting people’s words so that the meaning is changed completely. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of you.

    • #1 Sourpuss permalink
      January 16, 2011 7:04 pm

      Must be a Patriots fan…

  41. #1 Spoiled Brat permalink
    January 16, 2011 7:30 pm

    Must be a fan of himself.

  42. January 16, 2011 7:32 pm

    Guess 1 knows when he’s lost a debate. Not one thing he’s said has proven the facts of this post false. Eatons endorsement of allegretti has cost him influnce with the congressman. Thankfully, there are others in brooklyn who made the smart choice in the primary!

  43. J-E-T-S --- Jets, Jets, Jets permalink
    January 16, 2011 7:49 pm

    Nuf Said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. When Ferraro took over the district... permalink
    January 16, 2011 8:02 pm

    …what Republicans were winning elections in the 49th? Bobby D was history and Peter “A” has been winning in the 49th Assembly District longer than Peter “C” has been around, which is before Arnaldo F took over the “OLD 49th”. btw, Bobby D is the prior unworthy Republican to get dumped out of the State Senate.

  45. Just One Person's Opinion: Right now, "1" is typical of what's wrong with the Brooklyn GOP. permalink
    January 16, 2011 9:44 pm

    “1” said this early on, “Primaries are a family squabble; general elections is [sic] warfare. No matter what happens in the primaries, we will support the Republican candidate when the primaries end.” ***

    Not so fast, slick. Where does that crap come from? *****************

    As far a I’m concerned, it’s more important that, a diverse, representative, properly functioning, completely responsive KCRP is organized throughout all of Brooklyn before we elect any more Republicans to public office or even re-elect the ones there right now. The Kings County Republican Party is more important than any one of them or all of them [Grimm, Golden, Malliotakis — please take note]***************************************************************

    Unless the current regime of Kings County Republican Party adopts meaningful reforms, it must be destroyed — that includes any all office holders, factotems and functionaries who support the current Chairman and his Executive Committee for any reason, whatsoever.******

    To borrow from “1”, “Primary elections is warfare… Depending on what happens in the 2011 primaries, we’ll decide what to do in the 2012 Primaries and General Elections…. If our candidates don’t win, probably the General Elections will be somebody else’s problem, unless of course we’re really pissed-off and form ‘Republicans’ for deserving Democrat ‘X’ in 2012.” *************************************

    Like I said, that’s just one person’s opinion — I guess, that makes me just like “1”.

  46. January 16, 2011 11:27 pm

    Wow the jig is posting a lot these past few days. This post and the movement of commentary to this blog has to have eaton nuts

  47. Nuts To You permalink
    January 16, 2011 11:56 pm

    Nuts to you! Eaton your heart you petty malicious little man.

  48. January 17, 2011 12:40 am

    Craigy- you can’t hide in Marty’s shadow forever.

  49. January 17, 2011 11:17 am

    I hear Ego Eaton is having such a mental meltdown because of the facts exposed in this post that even Susan and the Seminaras and his other neighbors on HarborView Terrace are shocked and worried.

  50. Can't "1" see that Craig Eaton is completely responsible for "The Jig is Up Atlas? permalink
    January 17, 2011 5:34 pm

    Was “1” serious when he made the following comment:

    “…As for the Jig, I don’t like it, I think it’s a mistake for those guysto run that blog, and Craig has nothing to do with it. *** That said, The Jig is nothing more than a direct parody of Atlas. They are just poking fun at you, and the funniest thing is that you can’t even understand that….”

    For over a year TJIUA has carried logos and links to BrooklynGOP sites. Why hasn’t Eaton policed his trademarks and avatars, unless he approves of their use.

    “1” is just like Peter Cipriano and Joseph Hayon, both of whom CHOOSE to believe that the attacks that appeared against them in TJIUA didn’t have Eaton’s seal of approval. The Jig backs Eaton 100% and Eaton reciprocates — when did Eaton ever denounce TJIUA or any of its regular contributors?

    • "They are just poking fun at you......" or is it "Taxi Driver" does standup? permalink
      January 18, 2011 7:00 am

      “1” would have us believe that Craig Eaton’s hate bloggers at “The Jig is Up Atlas” are just a bunch of merry jesters.

      Okay, let’s bight into that and see how it tastes. Maybe TJIUA is a just a few jokers ala “Animal House”. Maybe it’s something a little darker. JUST:

      Who are these “jokers”?

      What’s the “joke”?

      What’s the punch line?

      Who writes this material?

      — Would this be Craig Eaton’s take on “The King of Comedy” or would it mine? Hmm????

      — Now, would Eaton be Rupert Pupkin(Robert DeNiro) or Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis)? Hmm????

      — Who gets to play Masha (Sandra Bernhard), Clorinda or Lucretia? Hmm ????

      — Remember, the essential differences between comedy and tragedy revolve around — “TIMING”!!!! and [wait for it….] WHO SLIPS ON THE BANANA AND BREAKS THEIR NECK, WHO POINTS IT OUT AND WHO GETS TO LAUGH or CRY. Hmm????

      — Now, Masha, [wait for it….] where is our duct tape?????

  51. January 18, 2011 12:26 pm

    Looks like this post got craig “egomaniack” eaton on the run. Jig just did a post praising eaton- guess they felt the need to defend him. I can’t wait for his challenger(s) to emerge. By the way, I hear “ego” eaton was on hold for 15 minutes waiting to speak to a Grimm college intern to beg grimm to say something nice about him publicly to combat the now very public rebukes he got for backing allegretti.

  52. January 18, 2011 11:46 pm

    Whatever happened to Craig Eatons “regular” meetings with Bloomberg? Wasn’t this part of the deal craig made to endorse him? I’m sure if any meetings did happen craig “ego” eaton would have sent out all sorts of photos and press releases. Oh well, chalk it up as another Eaton failure.

  53. Latest post on TJIUA tries modest descriptions for Eaton's modest accomplishments, but it's still mostly B.S. permalink
    January 19, 2011 1:41 am

    “The Jig is Up Atlas” January 18, 2011 posting “Craig
    Eaton: A Real Brooklyn Reformer” by “Judas Judge” (reportedly
    Russell Gallo) is a much toned down version of what “1” tried to
    peddle above. We’ll dispense with the dictionary definitions (lots
    of research by those scholars at TJIUA) and go straight to the
    “good stuff”: “Chairman Eaton has drastically improved the state of
    the Republican Party in Brooklyn since he was overwhelmingly
    elected and then re-elected County Chairman. We have money in the
    bank, a storefront headquarters, dynamic candidates who have
    achieved higher vote totals than in the previous decade, and has
    recruited dozens of young activists. *** Chairman Eaton has sought
    to rid the Party of several evil Democrats in disguise that have
    infiltrated the Brooklyn GOP over the years. He has done this by
    putting up candidates and winning Party contests.” “The Jig is Up
    Atlas” is now trying to be more than Craig Eaton’s hate blog, it’s
    now trying to be his principal agent of disinformation. They can’t
    really be serious with this: “Chairman Eaton …since he was
    overwhelmingly elected and then re-elected County Chairman (The
    fact that he faced challenges and was “put on probation” were major
    embarrassments for him). “… money in the bank, a storefront
    headquarters, dynamic candidates who have achieved higher vote
    totals than in the previous decade, and has recruited dozens of
    young activists”( The same prattle that they repeat like a mantra
    doesn’t make it so; btw, how much money… and is “dozens of young
    activists” more like a bunch of baker’s dozens or just like
    twelve?). “Chairman Eaton has sought to rid the Party of several
    evil Democrats in disguise that have infiltrated the Brooklyn GOP
    over the years…putting up candidates and winning Party contests.”
    (There were lots of those for sure!!!! Remind me of two… or is
    this like Senator Joseph McCarthy’s “…I have a list…”?).

  54. "The JIg is Up Atlas" shows that it's still Un-American! permalink
    January 22, 2011 12:35 am

    Instead of a simple announcement of support for Congressman Grimm’s vote to repeal Obamacare, TJIUA returned to a familiar and disgusting theme, and as a result, might well have embarrassed our new Congressman by reminding everybody how patently Un-American they had been during the 2010 campaign, ostensibly in support of Mr. Grimm.

    There they go again, telling Americans that they are not real Americans if they disagree with TJIUA’s brand of what…!

    It sure isn’t patriotism…

    It sure isn’t Americanism…

    It sure isn’t real Republicanism…and

    It sure isn’t something that Congressman Grimm needs in any way.

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