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Quadrupling Previous Year’s Numbers, Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn Roared in 2010

January 13, 2011

Periodically, I like to give you an assessment of the scope of readers we’re reaching.

Well, I’ve reviewed the numbers and have a very positive update to report.

Compared to the nearly six months Atlas had been online in 2009 to the full year of 2010, we witnessed our overall unique viewers more than quadruple over the past 12 months (not including this January).

To double 2009’s numbers would have been tremendous. Four times that number is a genuine achievement.

And that achievement belongs to you, readers.

That’s tremendous progress for a small local Republican-oriented blog in a supposedly “Blue” borough. That’s because we’ve approached the issue that Brooklynites and New Yorkers everywhere are clamoring for: reform. Above all else, we know reforming government and politics is what locals want to see most.

Every day we write here, our writers hope to further that goal, whether it be by promoting reform issues/candidates or exposing corrupted practices in the Republican and Democratic party establishments.

And by all accounts, we are on track to break last January’s record, which saw major traffic following developments in the 44th City Council Special Election.

For all of this, we here at Atlas say thank you for keeping up with the developments in local politics and giving reform the opportunity to take root in Brooklyn. From what we’ve heard, this year is going to be a transformative one for the Brooklyn GOP–for better or for worse.

And we hope to follow it with you every step of the way.

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  1. "CHAPTER I " *** "THE THEME" *** "Who is John Galt?" permalink
    January 13, 2011 8:41 pm

    As provocative as Ayn Rand’s opening to her grand opus, “Atlas Shrugged” might have been in 1957, certainly it was not more significant than the August 2009 query : “So how and why does Atlas shrug in Brooklyn?” and the conclusory remark: “Failure to reform and defend our Republic is simply not an option.”

    In the sixteen months since “John Galt in Brooklyn” penned the lines above, JG, DT, FD’A and the others have shown that:

    Atlas Shrugs In Brooklyn = The Future of Republicanism in Brooklyn

    Certainly, nothing that has happened during 2009 and 2010 concerning the Republican Party in Brooklyn has had the significance of the birth and growth of your marvelous Republican blog, ATLAS SHRUGS IN BROOKLYN. Beloved by your friends and hated by your enemies, you have established a benchmark by which every Republicans’ goals, efforts and activities will be measured.

    John Galt leads the Brooklyn GOP — everybody else follows, whether they know it or not. Even though we are still plagued and challenged by Ayn Rand’s premier existential question, “Who is John Galt?”, we are nonetheless led forward by this “John Galt in Brooklyn”.

    As my congratulatory paean to our “John Galt in Brooklyn”; let me quote him now as he continues to lead us forward into 2011 — “So now, let the good fight begin” […. anew, this time in earnest and to greater successes in 2011].

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