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Fiorello LaGuardia Organization: Brooklyn GOP Is Even Weaker After “Pyrrhic Victory” in 49th

January 10, 2011

After my second installment in the What Were They Thinking? series was released, we contacted the Fiorello LaGuardia Club–which is the central organization of the 49th Assembly District GOP leadership–to discuss last year’s elections in their district.

They were cooperative and submitted a response.

Now, I will share it with all of you.

In case you didn’t read my piece about the 49th Assembly District race, please click here.

The club issued the following statement from their email account:

Your commentary of the 49th AD Primary election reflected most of the events that took place and caused such a disheartening result. We still stand by our overall assessment, which includes the “Alamo” type assault on the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization that resulted in a Pyrrhic victory for the County. The only winner they had was the direct opponent of Assembly candidate Lucretia Regina-Potter. All other candidates endorsed by the County lost in Brooklyn, while those endorsed by the LaGuardia Organization in the primary won in our borough. Perhaps we were expecting a victory and did not concentrate as we should have on the Primary.

The bottom line is the Republican Party in Brooklyn is even weaker that it was before the Primary. We still believe that cooperation and unity would have produced better results and woul have helped make our Party stronger.

I agree with that last line particularly.

In fact, if the GOP Chairman of Brooklyn party had been forging unity from over a year ago, this unnecessary blood feud between Republicans might never have happened.

Instead, he forced a primary in a winnable Republican district to prove a point–and lost the district in a very winnable year for Republicans.

While it is clear the 49th AD leadership did not do enough to win the primary, the party establishment embarrassed themselves even further, putting up a young and inexperienced candidate (Peter Cipriano) who is disliked even among insiders in the GOP establishment for his alleged youthful arrogance and smugness. The Chairman supported Cipriano as a direct insult to Mrs. Regina-Potter, who was Cipriano’s “boss” when he worked for her campaign as a preteen. In other words, the Chairman supported the betrayal of a young Republican against his mentor rather than seeking an accord between the two.

This is the cost of your vendetta, Mr. Chairman.

You have no one to blame other than yourself.

  1. Sarah Palin bashes media with "Blood Libel" video permalink
    January 12, 2011 2:02 pm

    The MSNBC crowd and others “on the Left” had what they thought was going to be a field day on Sarah Palin and America’s “Gun-toting Rightwing”, because of their vicarious “responsibility” for the Tuscan mass murder. Sarah Palin was clearly the main target for her specific “cross-hairs” imagery before the 2010 elections(specifically with reference to Congresswoman Giffords’ district). For a couple of days, things went their way; and they even chided Ms. Palin for her silence and “trying to get out of Dodge” without addressing the issue.

    Sarah Palin didn’t retreat, she reloaded; then she put the “Lamestream Media” in her “cross-hairs”; she squeezed off her first round — “BANG” — BULLS EYE!

    Obviously, her “Blood Libel” video hit them where it hurt. (So far a lot of them are saying things like “We have to analyze this latest statement by [Palin]” or “As usual, she’s making it all about herself, when she isn’t one of the real victims here.”)

    Stay tuned, this could get really interesting.

  2. Eaton Tries To One-up “Headless Body in Topless Bar” With The Lovely Karen Fisher permalink
    January 21, 2011 10:07 pm

    Definitely in the running for best headline ever, do we all “remember” that 1983 New York Post headline? “Headless Body in Topless Bar” became an almost iconic reference for that New York tabloid’s shift to sensationalism under Papa Rupert Murdoch, it was also adopted as the title of an not-quite cultish, not-so-classic gritty black comedy in the nineties.

    So what have Chairman Craig Eaton and the “Genzels and Gretels” of the Brooklyn GOP Executive Committee come up with to try and top that? A couple of nights ago at the “Victory Center” the BKGOPEXECCOM was presented with another of Chairman Eaton’s brainstorms — a proposal to name Karen Fisher as the Brooklyn GOP’s “Executive Director”. As far as the BKGOPINSIDERS, she’s key to any notion of “rebuilding” (besides we think that Gene B really likes her to bits; remember he compared her to Karl Rove — be still, my heart).

    Although almost anything would be an improvement, this is really pushing the envelope on “anything”. Karen’s meager track record in Brooklyn is hardly the stuff of champions (that’s why we’ve put this comment in the thread to “Fiorello LaGuardia Organization: Brooklyn GOP Is Even Weaker After “Pyrrhic Victory” in 49th ”; Karen was the architect of that “victory”, so we are told). We’ll review her resume and get back to you about the highlights sometime soon.

    In the meantime, suffice it to say, “Headless Body in Topless Bar” still has a poetry to it that makes “Proposed Executive Director for Clueless Brooklyn GOP” seem purely prosaic.

    Btw, is the [r]ich family at 40 Bay 17th Street running a halfway house of some sort for itinerant political operators and assorted…?

  3. "AAA" squawks like a parrot in his socio-political analysis of 49th AD. permalink
    February 1, 2011 9:44 pm

    Tonight’s “…Jig is Up Atlas” offering “As Demographics Rapidly Change In The 49th Assembly District Anti-Republican Fiorello LaGuardia Club Rejects Changes.” shows what’s really wrong with the Brooklyn GOP establishment under Craig Eaton. There simply is no intellectual ability to really discuss political issues among Eaton’s so called supporters.

    Like a parrot making sounds that mimic coherent sentences, “AAA” mentions concepts like “…Demographics… change In The 49th… Fiorello LaGuardia Club” with no definitional reference, understanding or logic.

    How, if at all, have the demographic changes in the 49th AD changed the makeup of the Republican voter base in that district? What are the benchmarks? Assuming that any analysis by “AAA” will give us more insight than what is obvious to the naked eye, how does that analysis explain the good results for Cipriano in the past primary in the 49th and then his relatively poor showing in the November election against Peter Abbate? ( Some other “Eatonian political guru”, maybe even Cipster himself, can do better making up some kind of comparisons between Bath Beach and Bath, Maine – wrt to their declining older local populations and the immigration stats in each of those places from “Ba..” places like Bangalore, Bangladesh or Bangkok.)

    On a more serious, even somber, note, if as a result of demographics, the existing Fiorello La Guardia Club is fated to fall to “Regime Change” in the 49th AD during 2011, why has no new Republican Club been established there under “New Leadership”, instead of the County-wide but Bay Ridge-centric “Victory Center”?

    A more important statistical inquiry also needs to be made. Can all sides get together on a pool on the final number of sweet young Pennsylvanians “PC the Very Studly” can get to move into 40 Bay 17th Street (Right now, he look to be da man!)?

  4. A new “Epigram” by a Simonides of Ceos [ykw] permalink
    March 21, 2011 11:28 pm

    Tomorrow, a modern day Leonidas [JJJ] will electronically gather his closest personal guards and allies, and rally them for battle in the narrow confines of a specially selected passage [certain Brooklyn ADs] in an analogue to the heroic defense of independence in ancient Greece. He’ll be immediately be joined in his campaign by the contemporary Thespians Demophilus leading his force from [still a closely kept secret].

    Themistocles [Doctor Ferraro] will stand back for his defense of Athena’s [Lucretia’s] heights and await the Persian thrusts there, defending the greatest of the proudly self-governing Republican city states. Leonidas and Demophilus will stand at Thermopylae ahead of their own 300 Republican Spartans and Thespians against the abominable Xerxes [Eaton] and his thoroughly detached and unruly horde of Persians [Bay Ridge Cabal].

    When faced by the united 300, Xerxes [Eaton] will certainly lash out at those who loosely followed him [Brooklyn GOP “leaders”] as useless and unworthy. In a righteous fury they will abandon Xerxes; and some when they hear the heroic reports of the stand of the 300 Spartans will rise up turn a against Xerxes [Eaton] and snuff out his Persians [Bay Ridge Cabal] and their continued control over all of Greece [Brooklyn].

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