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Childish Brooklyn GOP Crowns Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn With Buffoon Award–Thanks!

January 6, 2011

All twaddle and no teeth.

That’s right: I’m talking about the Brooklyn GOP’s insipid blog radio program, which has increasingly become the mouthpiece of the wounded party establishment. No more photo ops with Chairman Craig Eaton. No more YouTube clips of Marty Golden. Blog Talk Radio is now the means by which the party communicates to their paltry base of two or three listeners.

Recently, that pathetic GOP-sanctioned institution, which never misses an opportunity to mention this blog, has delivered the highest honor to us: the honor of an insult. And our response is this: Thank You.

Apparently, the Brooklyn GOP has given this program the right to “crown” some sort of “Buffoon of the Year” on its behalf.

One online dictionary defines a “buffoon” as “a person who amuses others by ridiculous or odd behavior.”

When I heard about this nonsense, and I saw the the Brooklyn GOP had Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn as their most prominent choice, I wasn’t shocked. I said to myself that the concept of reform would certainly be considered both ridiculous and odd to the current GOP establishment.

To the majority of Republicans in Brooklyn, it is not.

Nevertheless, a grand total of–drumroll, please–37 voters voted in the Brooklyn GOP’s poll for Buffoon of the Year (I suppose Mr. Eaton was up late having every loyal district leader and their mother vote).

Not to brag, but for a party that claims to be so great and powerful, Atlas polls regularly smash any records on polling the party does on its affiliated websites, be they hate blogs or not.

Anyway, the voters have spoken and a grand total of 16 voters balloted Atlas as their “Buffoon of the Year.”

I won’t go all Sally Field on you folks at the GOP, but from all of us, I say “Thank you.”

Why, you ask? Because this childish act is a perfect example of how fixated you are on what we do here. Your attempts at insulting us and others in the party highlight your own insecurities and your own troubling anger issues.

Indeed, I was surprised as the level of vitriol and venom thrown out by the bloviators on this recent blogcast at our blog in connection with this “award.”

“That blog is literary masturbation,” said the uncouth Brian Doherty, referring to Atlas. That would be Mr. 34% of the Vote Brian Doherty (I got that percentage from the GOP’s blog radio website–Thanks!). Mr. Doherty is evidently a nasty, tasteless man who has earned his place in the sidekick car besides the neanderthals of that program. I can see why he earned so few votes in his election…

Russell Gallo (aka “Moron #1”), a local GOP District Leader, said of Atlas: “They did have an effect in encouraging people in the county party to work against the establishment.”

Thank you for that recognition, Mr. Gallo.

I prefer to say we opened people’s eyes. While Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn took on the task of asking members in our own party honest and difficult questions about its current state and lack of success, the Brooklyn GOP engaged in a year long hate crusade online, bashing those that questioned their “authority” rather than addressing the concerns. In fact, the smoke blowers at the Bay Ridge GOP’s little online experiment failed to mention their sanctioned hate blogs as a huge reason for much of the genuine angst and animus felt amongst those in the party.

Let’s break it down:

We gave GOP figures silly feudal titles. They used racial epithets.

We asked about genuine issues regarding charities linked to Sen. Golden and Chairman Eaton. They ignored them.

We connected the dots between Vito Lopez and the Brooklyn GOP. They cursed out fellow Republicans.

They were so obsessed with who we are (our true identities) that they ignored the unpleasant questions we and numerous other GOPers were asking.


All of the in fighting they have engendered by seeking out and destroying their perceived enemies has hamstrung them politically in the eyes of many.

In that regard, Mr. Gallo made the following statement on the faux radio program: “If there’s something locally…that’s really bashed our party and hurt our chances of winning anything, anywhere, it’s that blog.”

You’ve got it wrong, Mr. Gallo. The reality is that the party has poisoned itself. We’ve merely made a closed secret an open one.


Because we’re tired of losing. Because we’re tired of a GOP establishment that operates like Communist Russia. Because we deserve a better party.

Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn is the product of a political necessity: the Brooklyn GOP is nearing its end as an institution if it continues down the path it is going.

Individuals like Craig Eaton and his cohort of buffoons are the root cause of this failure. They are in charge. They must accept responsibility.

We took steps to inform a largely unaware constituency of Republican in our borough about the truth as to why their party is failing. We exercised our free speech rights and took our case to the wide base the Internet offers so many. We didn’t do it for glory or to make a buck. We did it because be believed it was right and it was a necessity. The anti-establishment sentiment building in our party is its best chance at its repair. It will cleanse the stigma of failure resulting from poor leadership, deals with political opponents and years of defeat.

So, to the GOP establishment, I say: Rather than calling people names, why don’t you accept the failures the party has made and admit wrongdoing?

After all, the Brooklyn GOP calling us “Buffoon of the Year” is kind of like the pot calling the Kettle Black

  1. Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio and The Jig is Up Atlas take us back to "1984" permalink
    January 6, 2011 7:50 am

    No, not the Reagan re-election landslide or any of the
    “good old days”, George Orwell’s view of a dystopian future world
    written in 1948… Eaton’s “media” appendages to the Brooklyn GOP
    would make a nice fit in the Ministry of Truth ( Minitrue).
    Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio and The Jig is Up Atlas definitely
    constitute a “Minitrue” that engages in “Newspeak”. The most recent
    major example is Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP’s “LOSING IS WINNING IN
    2010”. According to this version of the 2010 elections in Brooklyn,
    major defeats in both the primary and general elections have been
    recast by Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio and The Jig is Up Atlas
    and the KCRP “Establishment” as major victories. Warning to all
    participants and contributors in Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio and The
    Jig is Up Atlas: you are all in the same boat as Winston Smith in
    “1984”. Big Brother Eaton is watching, don’t step out of

    • "Clean Gene" must have gas or some other problem... permalink
      January 7, 2011 6:25 pm

      “Clean Gene”‘s comment of “January 7, 2011 1:01 am” gives every indication of being a political squishy brain fart. This propbably resulted from from being up too late doing harassment blogging for Craig Eaton, the man who holds the record for political squishy brain farts.

      Fact: for the most part the active participants here at Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn are Republican activists in Brooklyn or the surrounding boroughs. The recent attempt to portray the growing band of insurgent and/or reform Republicans as “Democrats” is just Craig Eaton’s and Russell Gallo’s notions of a good idea. The truth is that both Eaton and Gallo suffer from a limited capacity in the realm of true ideation.

  2. Moron of the Year permalink
    January 6, 2011 5:55 pm

    That Craig Eaton allowed this shows one of two things. 1) He has no control over his organization that he would allow two morons like Gene B and Russell Gallo to do this. 2) He was supportive of this, which proves his obsession over the blog.

    Such strategic genius, Craig. I crown you Moron of the Year.

  3. Greg Easton's Folly permalink
    January 6, 2011 5:58 pm

    The man who would be Chairman one more term has been virtually absent on the political stage since before election day. Instead, he has allowed this stupid blog radio thing to become the way the party communicates its stupid “same old” message. With the reformers mobilizing this year, we can all agree that this move truly represents one of Greg Easton’s greatest follies of all.

  4. "You Bet" Bennett permalink
    January 6, 2011 5:59 pm

    Hey Atlas Judge. Craig Eaton voted you Buffoon of the Year! How do you like them apples!


  5. Gene Very Smelly permalink
    January 6, 2011 8:33 pm

    It amazed me that Gene B. is so obsessed with the fact that others say he is behind the Jig is Up.

    • Clean Gene permalink
      January 6, 2011 8:44 pm

      Leave Gene alone. That was a pretty childish thing to say.

      • Gene Very Smelly permalink
        January 6, 2011 10:00 pm

        Something is certainly smelly regarding Gene and the GOP 😉

        And by the way, my name rhymes with Gene’s last name.

        Oh, and as for childish things to say, how about Gene targeting fellow Republicans, including non-candidates like Glenn Nocera.

      • Clean Gene permalink
        January 7, 2011 1:01 am

        Targeting fellow Republicans? Have you read this blog before? That’s what Atlas is famous for. Besides, several credible sources have said that most of the writers and commentators here are in fact Democrats.

        What say you?

    • GOP Eating Their Own permalink
      January 6, 2011 9:44 pm

      These disgraceful comments were made against Joseph Hayon on the GOP’s blog website:

      Joseph said…
      Is it Joseph, Yosef, or Yoseph?

      Just asking….
      January 1, 2011 9:49 PM
      Are you for real? said…
      Joseph Hayon collected ZERO signatures for his Assembly race.

      Again, Joseph Hayon collected ZERO signatures for his assembly race.

      He did not collect enough signatures to run for congress.

      Again, Joseph Hayon did not collect enough signatures to run for congress.

      Joseph Hayon did indeed vote for Arnaldo Ferraro for County Chair.

      Joseph Hayon is uneducated as he is still enrolled in junior college.

      Joseph Hayon does not pay taxes as he is unemployed.

      Joseph Hayon is a sexist as he refuses to shake ANY and ALL women’s hands no matter what their title or position is.

      Joseph Hayon needs to go.

      PS: Hey Joey, you should look up the difference between then and than you idiot.

      Hey Craig, you need to wake up. We love you but this Hayon thing is killing us.

  6. "Bernard"-Deli permalink
    January 6, 2011 9:04 pm

    Not even that pigmy-looking candidate Doherty misstated Gene’s last name. Hilarious. Frame that one.

  7. In spite of what Jean Bernardelli says, it doesn't get any better, Brian Doherty permalink
    January 7, 2011 7:26 pm

    Host Bernardelli was talking about Governor Cuomo’s “State of the State” — he said, “I don’t know what he [Cuomo] was talking about…
    …What are you doing? …everybody knows the problems with New York State.

    Brian Doherty described State Senator Martin Golden to a “T” as the kind of representative who attaches his name to popular legislation and doesn’t come back to address the issue when the legislation falls flat. As he succinctly put it, “A rose by any other name still stinks!”

    Then Nicole Malliotakis called in — She said she was very impressed… “Governor Cuomo may be the best “Republican Governor” we’ve had except George Pataki … Exactly, the reason I ran for office…

    Brilliant, simply brilliant…

    Mr. Bernadelli then said, “…I will defer to Nicole Malliotakis.”

    Way to stay on message Mr. Bernardelli.

    btw, according to Peter Cipriano, “The ringleader of the circus in the state senate is now Republican.” and “It’s worth pointing out that the Democrat establishment in Congress has no accountablility…”
    and “I’m super-young…”

    And then Russell Gallo called in …

    And these guys dare to call anybody else baffoons.

    As Mr. Bernardelli says, “I seem to attract baffoonery…”

  8. Craig Eaton says the future of the Republican Party in Brooklyn is in Staten Island. permalink
    January 7, 2011 7:51 pm

    Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton called into this week’s Republican Blog Radio program to proudly announce that the Brooklyn Republican Party’s future is in the person of Staten Islander Nicole Malliotakis. Didn’t anyone tell “The Kings County Republican Chairman” that Assemblyperson Malliotakis was elected based only by obtaining a majority of votes cast in Richmond County. That isn’t part of Brooklyn, is it?

    Then Eaton said, “We are having a meeting on the 19th for the revitalization of the party in Brooklyn…” (That caused some of us to hope he had seen the light and was going to resign.) But he continued, “… I fully intend to run again for the chairmanship of the Republican Party in Brooklyn to build on what I have done these last three years.”

    According to Chairman Eaton there is going to be some kind of “County Committee Initiative” announced on January 19th. Really, after two prior organizational primaries and conventions… “a new initiative for Republican County Committee” … what could that be?

    We are sure the world awaits this announcement like it waited for the rollout of the “NEW COKE”.

    • Possible additional detail of Chairman Eaton's January Nineteenth "County Committee Initiative" permalink
      January 8, 2011 6:23 am

      Because Eaton, “The Duke of Bay Ridge”, says that the
      future of the Brooklyn GOP is Staten Islander, Assemblywoman Nicole
      Malliotakis, he possibly intends to include a representative number
      of Staten Island residents, who live in the district represented by
      Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, on his “Republican County
      Committee for Kings County”. This will require that Eaton’s title,
      “The Duke of Bay Ridge”, be changed to “The Duke of Bay Ridge and
      those parts of Staten Island represented by Assemblywoman Nicole

      • Nicole Malliotakis is no more the "Bay Ridge" Assemblyperson than is Dov Hikind... permalink
        January 8, 2011 3:36 pm

        …or Alec Brook-Krasny.

  9. Setting the record straight on TJIUA commentary about Eaton and the Blog Radiocast permalink
    January 8, 2011 4:30 pm

    The Jig is Up Atlas’ 1-8-11 comment-maker “Kings County Republican Party Chairman Craig Eaton Calls In While McCall Is Infautated [sic] said…” is so mistaken and obviously confused — just where to begin setting some of this commentary straight:

    1. There is something obsessive-compulsive going on between Eaton and McCall, but any fair observer would have to admit that it is Mr. Eaton who has been excessively and irrationally reactive to most, if not all, of the reasonable criticisms that Mr. McCall and his colleagues have made about the Brooklyn GOP Chairman;

    2. Is this comment-maker serious when he/she put this nugget out on the internet? “Didn’t anyone ‘The Kings County Republican Chairman’ helped get elect Assemblywoman Malliotakis based only by winning his home election district by a near 4 to 1 margin, and helping a Republican challenger in a local race, received the highest percentage in over seven years!. [sic]”? Did the Kings County Republican Party Chairman ever personally claim that the reason Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis was victorious in the 2010 election was that his home E.D. gave Ms. Malliotakis a 4-to-1 margin? There would necssarily have been over three thousand votes tabulated in Eaton’s E.D. for such a “margin” to have “elected” the Republican Assemblywoman from Staten Island!

    3. A small correction to the “probation” portion of the comment by “Kings County Republican Party Chairman Craig Eaton ….”, as anybody who attended the 2009 Republican County Convention well knows, it was Mr. McCall who openly and publically put Mr. Eaton on “Probation” after Mr. McCall was formally recognized by the temporary chairman of the convention. Furthermore, nobody presiding at the 2009 Republican Convention ruled that the statement by Mr. McCall putting Mr. Eaton on Probation was “Out of Order” or “Improper”.

  10. The unfortunate violence involving Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other shooting victims... permalink
    January 9, 2011 11:45 am

    A shooter in Arizona … a hate blog closer to home… THE
    TIME TO ACT IS NOW. *** Once upon a time, Craig Eaton’s hate blog
    “The Jig is Up Atlas” gleefully proclaimed itself to be a “Hate
    Blog” as it invited people to post there anonymously. It’s content
    clearly demonstrates that it is rightfully characterized as a “Hate
    Blog” because what it publishes to the internet is truly hateful.
    This is not some type of “Animal House” buffoonery … this goes
    well beyond name-calling, flim-flam and falderal. *** The Brooklyn
    GOP Chairman, Craig Eaton, must reign in this hateful blog that
    purports to speak for the Brooklyn GOP; and he must do it right
    now. *** TJIUA casually spouts the most vile effluence imaginable,
    even about opponents within their own party. Their rhetoric is
    replete with references to “blood on peoples hands”, “illegal
    guns”, “terrorist threats”, relations to alleged “murderers” and
    “attempted murderers”, “low level mobsters” and “thugs”. The
    language is vitriolic and its suggestions are violent. *** Read
    “The Jig is Up Atlas” and see for yourself whether most of what is
    posted there qualifies as legitimate political discourse. We would
    take the position that most of it more likely shows undercurrents
    and sentiments of the sort that motivated the mass-murderer in
    Arizona. (Since TJIUA started out last January, only a small
    portion of their kind of more offensive hate material has ever
    appeared as invasive commentary here in ASIB.) *** Mr. Eaton, the
    world waits to see if you are capable of doing the right

  11. Bruno Nyitray permalink
    January 9, 2011 1:58 pm

    “……a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…” to paraphrise Ralph Waldo Emerson.

    that phrase can be plausibly applied to Craig A. Eaton Esq.

  12. TJIUA and Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio Shouting "Ready -- Aim -- FIRE!!!" in Crowded Theater permalink
    January 15, 2011 2:39 pm

    TJIUA’s Saturday, January 15, 2011 posting “Brooklyn GOP
    United Against Insurgent RINOs in 49th AD” by Judas Judge is yet
    another example of the damage being done to the Brooklyn Republican
    Party by Chairman Craig Eaton’s incendiary hate bloggers. *** The
    author “Judas Judge” [reportedly KCRP Executive Board Member and
    47th AD Republican State Committeeman Russell Gallo] has shown a
    complete insensitivity to last week’s events in Tucson, Arizona.
    *** “The Jig is Up Atlas” and “Judas Judge” have consciously-chosen
    a graphic representation of Brooklyn with a cross-hairs sighted
    over the location of the 49th AD, which is exactly the
    representational image that has been so roundly criticized by a
    broad cross-section of Americans during the past week since the
    grievous wounding and attempted assassination on Congressperson
    Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords, along with the wounding of several
    others and the mass-murder of six in attendance at the Tucson
    political rally. *** Whether Russell Gallo is “Judas Judge” or not,
    he clearly believes that such an incendiary item is perfectly
    justified as part of his protected right of free speech. Mr. Gallo,
    in his role as Moron #1, on Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio made himself
    amazingly clear on this point during this past Wednesday’s
    blogcast. He was joined in this position by Moron #2, Eugene
    Berardelli, and Apprentice Moron in Training Barry Dougherty. These
    three whiny white males went on and on about how unfair it was to
    suggest that the image of gunsight cross-hairs might have had any
    causal link (even remote) to the actions of the accused mentally
    unbalanced shooter, Jared Loughner. These are the kind of people
    who think that any impulse to shout “FIRE” in a crowded theater is
    a whim appropriately satisfied with full constitutional protection;
    and crazy left-wing extremists like Peter King and former
    Republican Carolyn McCarthy (who wins handily in a strong
    Republican area) are merely being stampeded when they say
    otherwise. *** TJIUA’s and Judas Judge’s inflammatory posting (and
    the phony laudatory “comments” that followed it) should be
    universally condemned as the incendiary hate speech that it clearly
    is. *** Mr. Eaton you are on notice, if anything untoward occurs
    because of the words and images of your bloggers, it’s on your

  13. Bufoonish, Bufoonery Shows Buffaloons in The Buff, or the Emperor Has No Clothes -- AGAIN permalink
    January 19, 2011 10:50 pm

    “Official Jig Hit Counter 1000079856 visitors since
    12/30/09” that was with “The Jig is Up Atlas” posting “Brooklyn
    Young Republican PAC Disclosure Report Shows Shady Dealings And
    Rifts Between Anti-Republicans.” 1/19/2011…… at 10;15PM on
    1/19/2011. “Official Jig Hit Counter 1000079901 visitors since
    12/30/09” that was with “The Jig is Up Atlas” posting “Craig Eaton:
    A Real Brooklyn Reformer” 1/18/2011 ……in the AM on 1/19/2011.
    In about fourteen hours, TJIUA lost forty-five (45) hits on their
    “Official Counter”…….. That’s exactly how Craig Eaton’s
    Brooklyn GOP blog measures progress; miniscule retrograde movements
    are hailed as rousing success stories. That’s why they’re “The
    Buffoons of the 21st Century”!!!!!!

  14. "More knuckleheads than usual at the Brooklyn GOP 'Victory Center' ..." permalink
    January 20, 2011 8:14 am

    That was one of Moron#2, Eugene Bernardelli’s earliest
    lines in last nights gaff-fest on Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio. Back to
    “Victory Center” no longer “Brooklyn GOP Headquarters”….hey
    what’s that all about? Where is the Brooklyn GOP Headquarters? It’s
    becoming just like Nathan Detroit’s floating crap game — what next
    invisible dice. There were more knuckleheads in the room than usual
    because Chairman Craig Eaton and the rest of the Brooklyn GOP
    Executive Committee was there. According to Moron#1 Russell Gallo,
    they are “Your activisists and leaders in the party…”. Everybody
    was there to hear bloviator in chief Craig Eaton blather about the
    need to “…rebuild the Party in the coming year…” FINALLY THEY
    GET IT!!!!!!! (or at least talk about the real problem with the
    Republican Party in Brooklyn) Blah, blah, blah energy in the
    room…Blah, blah, blah energy in the room…Blah, blah, blah
    energy in the room… Then Russell Gallo went on to talk about,
    “The momentum is on our side… electing 60 people to Congress” (no
    Russell you didn’t elect 60 people to Congress — Republicans
    across the country elected closer to 250 people to Congress; and
    you and your Brooklyn GOP MIGHT have helped with one of those)…
    There is no such thing as a Republican District in New York City…
    My favorite part was where Moron #1, Moron #2 and the Apprentice
    Moron in Training made jokes about taking away (cutting in half)
    the pensions of cops, firemen and other retirees from the City and
    State. Moron #1 Gallo was quite enthusiastic about it. Way to go on
    your “rebuilding” of the Brooklyn GOP — the first plank in your
    platform is attacking part of the backbone of our Grand Old Party
    in Brooklyn, cops and firemen and those retired from those jobs.
    That’s what happens when the knuckleheads let the chuckleheads be
    their spokesmen.

  15. Eyes in the Skies permalink
    January 20, 2011 2:11 pm


    • Kraus Kries, Jets Jettisoned permalink
      January 23, 2011 9:59 pm

      Jeff Kraus must be soooo krushed! The Jets are out. I anticipate some nasty blog comments soon…

  16. Acid Amnesty &Abortion permalink
    January 24, 2011 1:57 am

    Those sixties vibes really don’t jive. Feeling groovy with mr. smoothie will melt away on the window pane.

  17. Childish Brooklyn GOP Hate Blog Fails in Attempt to Crown Leading GOP Insurgent as a "‘Democrat’ ... ‘Following Orders’ ” permalink
    January 26, 2011 8:38 pm

    “The Jig is Up Atlas” has gone to the same well once to often in its 1-26-11 posting “Under Orders From Democrat Bosses John Sampson And Tony Avella Democrat Staffer Jonathan Judge Attacks Senate Republicans But Exposes Himself As Fraud” by “AAA”. Unfortunately for the entranced and until recently entrenched Brooklyn GOP establishment, nothing in AAA’s posting, and the phony comments that follow it, rings true.

    *** As usual TJIUA’s drive-by character assassination and baseless slander by Eaton’s top hate blogger “AAA” doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny whatsoever. Eaton’s crowd would have you believe that Brooklyn YR President Jonathan J. Judge is a “Democrat”, when clearly he is emerging as the top Republican insurgent leader in Brooklyn, who is mobilizing real reform Republicans across the whole of Kings County. TJIUA says JJJ is “Under orders from Democrat [State Senators] Tony Avella and John Sampson, really — What orders? When and where were those “orders” given?

    *** And what has future GOP leader Judge said that is anything but the truth with respect to any
    “promised” fair district commission? Instead of the expected Brooklyn/State Senate Republican efforts to hold onto their lone seat in Brooklyn by continuing a grossly-obvious Gerrymandered State Senate District that benefits YKW, why not demand that the recently elected Republican officeholders stick to their pre-election pledges….

    *** Remember JJJ — EVERY KNOCK IS A BOOST — especially from Eaton’s Buffoonish Blogsters at TJIUA ***

  18. January 26th GOP Blog Radio Program --- SOS permalink
    January 27, 2011 1:18 am

    Brooklyn GOP Radio “SAME OLD SH…TUFF”

    *** Russell Gallo (and everybody else on Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio) missed the “Sputnik Moment” gaff by President Obama, because Gallo and the others didn’t understand it or were out to lunch on the history. Eugene Bernardelli thought it was unacceptable praise of a Soviet accomplishment — “Why not call it the ‘Appollo Moment’?” — wrong EB (and everybody else) — the “Sputnik Moment” was a very important “wake up call” for the post-war leaders and citizens of the United States. Obama had the analogy and the conclusion right, he just jumbled the underlying facts…

    *** The “Sputnik Moment” occurred on October 4, 1957 during President Eisenhower’s administration when the Soviet Union beat the U.S. in placing an artificial satellite in Earth orbit. Kennedy couldn’t have promised a man on the moon by the end of the “Sputnik decade” because that was the 1950s. Kennedy’s promise was made after Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to journey into outer space on April 12, 1961. Btw, the “Sputnik Moment” was the “realization” that the Soviet Union presented an actual strategic threat to the United States with “intercontinental missiles” and might have gotten a lead in missile and other science-based technology(some time, like Paul Harvey, we’ll might tell you “…the rest of the story” about all that).

    *** Later on, Russell Gallo gave us a “Now for something completely different” moment — he complained about public school education pushing “premarital sex” … Say what!!!! ( RG later went on the record saying that he was the product of a public school education. The others said “That explains a lot.” We must completely agree.)

    *** Later still, Russell Gallo got back to one of his old tricks, when he denigrated the majority of American voters, ie. those who voted for President Barack Obama in 2008, as a bunch of “#%(//*&%+(#*&@.” ( What a true American hero RG is.)

    *** This week’s Brooklyn GOP Radio BIG LIE … any Republican leader (not just Clorinda A) can deliver a win in their district for a Republican candidate (just like for John McCain). That’s a big BIG LIE.

  19. When is verbal vagary really buffoonery permalink
    January 28, 2011 11:57 pm

    Please read this TJIUA headline closely: “After Resorting To Attacks On Women Real Republicans Attack Democrat Staffer Jonathan Judge And Anti-Republican Bloggers.” Is this thought clearly expressed or quite vague?

    The way we see it, “The question begs” why did the “Real Republicans” “Resort to Attacks on Women” before attacking “Jonathan Judge” and the “Bloggers”? Btw, what did the women do to make TJIUA’s “Real Republicans” angry enough to attack them?

    We have agreed that ASIB needs to conduct a survey — What do TJIUA’s so-called “Real Republicans” need more: a) counseling as to their propensity to be violent against women; or b) a course in English as a second language?

    • Nobody relevant cares permalink
      January 30, 2011 8:38 am

      c) They need a psychiatrist for OCD

  20. Is the "Official" Brooklyn GOP Radio Blog competing with TJIUA for "Buffoonery" permalink
    January 29, 2011 12:25 am

    A case in point is “The Brooklyn GOP Radio Official Show Blog” January 19th piece “Congressman Michael Grimm Already Making a Difference in Washington” by Russell Gallo. The most notable line in Mr. Gallo’s post was “Special thanks to my friend Bob Capano for background info for this post…”

    “…background info for this post…” can Russell Gallo be serious!!! The post is three paragraphs long and deals with two things: 1) Grimm’s sponsorship of a bill “…which will save taxpayers $7 million dollars this year alone .” (that’s million with an “m”); and 2) former Congressman McMahon gave a speech to SI Democrats where he said he would not vote to repeal Obamacare.

    Just how much background can go into a post like this? Could it be that Russell Gallo counts the formulation of complete sentences as “background”?

  21. Day of Rath, Oh Day of Retribution permalink
    January 29, 2011 1:00 pm

    Today Craig Eaton’s hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas” again
    engaged in various odious and perfideous acts in its ongoing
    pattern of vile and malicious defamation, libel and intentional
    infliction of mental distress against certain members of the
    Republican opposition here in Brooklyn. *** Eaton, the other
    sponsors, facilitators, and accomplices in the KCRP leadership, and
    the direct writers, bloggers, commentators, contributors and
    moderators associated with “The Jig is Up Atlas”, please take note:
    *** “ Dies iræ ! dies illa *** Solvet sæclum [vestrum] in favilla:
    *** Teste David *** cum Sibylla ! ***/*** Quantus tremor est
    futurus, *** Quando iudex est venturus, *** Cuncta stricte
    discussurus! ***/*** Liber scriptus proferetur, *** In quo totum
    continetur, *** Unde mundus iudicetur. ***/*** Iudex ergo cum
    sedebit, *** Quidquid latet, apparebit: *** Nil inultum remanebit.
    ***/*** Quid sum miser tunc dicturus? *** Quem patronum rogaturus,
    *** Cum vix iustus sit securus?” *** Brothers and Sisters, do I
    hear an – – “AMEN !!!!” ?

  22. "Brooklyn GOP RADIO – OFFICIAL SHOW BLOG" continues Chairman Eaton's trend of pushing losers permalink
    January 29, 2011 2:27 pm

    Isn’t it bad enough that Moron #1 and Moron #2, along with
    their Apprentice Moron in Training beat on our poor little timpani
    with their weekly toothless twaddle, now they’re attempting to bore
    into our eyeballs as political writers. Yes, it’s Winkin’, Blinkin’
    and Nod cramping their collective fingers at the keyboards for yet
    another soon to be proved failed Eaton effort, the “Brooklyn GOP
    RADIO – OFFICIAL SHOW BLOG”. For the uninitiated that means EATON’S
    BLOG RADIO TROIKA of Gene Berardelli, Russell Gallo and Brian
    Doherty are trying to prove to the world that they can both talk
    and write with equal skill. At that they have succeeded —
    (rimshot) they appear to be as unskilled with computer keyboards as
    they were and are with headphones and mikes. A recent example is
    Brian Doherty’s 1/24/11 “Glad to meet you!” — “HOWDY”. Maybe this
    Doherty is a harmless soul, but we are beginning to have our
    doubts. He’s turning up for Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP more than
    horseshi…stnuts did before automobiles took over the streets.
    Brain Doherty, the writer, tries to come across as a humble and
    sincere, “Aw shucks…” kinda guy, who writes things like this: “So
    this is my first contribution. An introduction, an ice breaker and
    a heartfelt thank you to all of my new friends for so graciously
    accepting me into the fold and for trusting me enough to allow me
    to occasionally put my two cents in here and on the air.” All this
    after he had recited a roster of rogues and scoundrels as his “new
    found friends.” He started with David Storobin (Brian, you do know
    that DS gets lots of bad guys out of jail and back onto the street
    — but more on that another time) . Of course he mentioned his good
    buds, Morons “1” and “2” (I guess this makes them “The Three
    Morons” analogous to “The Three Tenors”; with Berardelli as dd
    Luciano P, Gallo looking a little like José Carreras and Doherty,
    certainly no Placido D, so we’ll put him in as Irish Tenor, Ronan
    Tynan — btw, we hear Doherty is often legless himself [rimshot]).
    Mr. D refered to “Craig Eaton” right after “wonderful people” and
    really those two concepts need much more separation than just one
    bloody period. More important, he said that Eaton “…was
    instrumental in getting my campaign pointed in the right direction”
    that’s great if the direction Doherty really wanted to go was
    LOSING ELECTIONS IN BROOKLYN. All in all Brian Doherty’s effort
    could fairly be called lackluster, even for a first time shot. For
    this, the oft-used pejorative is apt for Mr. Doherty, “This isn’t
    ‘writing’, this is ‘typing’.” Eaton, when will you learn? You need
    more than your most recent class of “Brooklyn Republican Cannon
    Fodder” to get out the real Republican message in Kings

    January 29, 2011 10:10 pm

    According to the actor who plays the “GEICO GECKO”* (really
    a lizard actor made up to look like an amphibian day gecko), “The
    Jig is Up Atlas” January 29, 2011 blog posting, “After No Activity
    For Anti-Republican Democrat Endorsing District Leader Lucretia
    Potter Campaign Website Turns Into Jonathan Judge Blog.” by “AAA”
    is not real facts at all; it’s thoroughly made up facts –
    especially the very hateful race-tainted slur about Lucretia
    Regina-Potter’s already-defunct blog and the Martin Luther King Jr.
    Memorial posting, which was respectfully posted by the very
    honorable Jonathan J. Judge at another blogsite. *** Remember when
    the real life “Madmen” fooled me in the GEICO commercial with
    thoroughly real facts, and I thought they were made up thoroughly
    silly facts; well these “Childish Jig is up Atlas Buffoons”, who
    are doing Craig Eaton’s hate blogging business and bidding are
    doing the exact opposite of that. Like I said, “It ain’t real facts
    in TJIUA at all; it’s all thoroughly made up facts.” btw, when the
    KCRP makes the lovely Karen Fischer (she looks like a lovely sheila
    from down under) the new Acting Chairman of the KCRP, she should
    immediately shut down all of Eaton’s hate blogs before Karen gets
    named in a lawsuit for libel like the rest.
    _________________________________ * Disclaimer: “Mr. Gecko” is the
    stage name for a lizard who plays an anthropomorphic Day Gecko in
    ads for GEICO. This guest editorial is strictly the expression of
    the personal beliefs of Mr. Gecko, the actor, and in no way
    reflects the company policy of The Government Employees Insurance

  24. It's been well over a month since we challenged "The Jig Is Up Atlas" to produce copies of any Catholic League E-mails permalink
    January 30, 2011 1:29 am

    Remember when we caught Eaton’s hate bloggers way off base
    after they apparently falsely claimed to have received Catholic
    League E-mail from President Donohue condemening an alleged
    anti-Catholic YR event — an annual Holiday Party. We challenged
    them to produce a copy of any E-mails to back up their claims; and
    to date they have failed to produce any.

  25. "TV GECKO" MAKES GUEST EDITORIAL AGAINST THE JIG -- and flirts with KF permalink
    January 30, 2011 12:31 pm

    According to the actor who plays the “GEICO GECKO” (really
    an Australian lizard actor made up to look like an amphibian day
    gecko), “The Jig is Up Atlas” January 29, 2011 blog posting, “After
    No Activity For Anti-Republican Democrat Endorsing District Leader
    Lucretia Potter Campaign Website Turns Into Jonathan Judge Blog.”
    by “AAA” is not real facts at all; it’s thoroughly made up facts.
    *** Here’s what the TV Gecko said, “Remember when the real life
    “Madmen” fooled me in the commercial I did for GEICO; they tricked
    me with thoroughly real facts after they had made me think they
    were made up thoroughly silly facts. Well these “Childish Jig is up
    Atlas Buffoons”, who are doing Craig Eaton’s bidding in the hate
    blogging business, are doing the exact opposite of that. These
    ain’t real facts that yuh see in TJIUA at all; it’s all thoroughly
    made up facts by them that’s got a reason to fool yuh.” *** Also, I
    think that when the KCRP makes the lovely Karen Fischer the new
    Acting Chairman of the Brooklyn GOP, she should immediately shut
    down all of Eaton’s hate blogs. (btw, she does look like she might
    be a lovely “sheila from Down Under”)

  26. TJIUA's "Thank You McCall" is quite premature... permalink
    January 30, 2011 7:44 pm

    …things like lifetime achievement awards are usually reserved for the end of someone’s career, even in local politics.

    To keep the record straight, Jim McCall has lots of big plans in and for the Brooklyn GOP, if and when it is properly reformed under new county-wide leadership. Although TJIUA and a few others have mentioned Jim McCall’s running for Chairman in 2011, he has made no decision to put himself up for that position and he hasn’t even discussed it with his allies, advisors and personal inner circle. Similarly, he has not considrered a run for Leader in the 60th AD since he still supports Bob Howe for that spot. Right now, he doesn’t even know he’ll again run for County Committee. Nonetheless, we’re pretty sure that it’s nice for somebody as “pathetic” as Jim McCall to see that he is so fondly thought of by so many friends and associates.

    In closing, Jim McCall is not quite finished with “The Jig is Up Atlas”, or its joint and several contibutors, or the KCRP Chairman, or certain of the KCRP officers. So, please hold the “Thank You(s)” until all of that has been cleared up. That might take a couple of years, so let’s see how it goes.

  27. Brian Doherty panned in his second effort at political writing permalink
    January 30, 2011 9:33 pm

    Brian Doherty’s second effort at political prose started out with, “The voters of the 9th Congressional District of Brooklyn and Queens missed a golden opportunity in November when they failed to elect Bob Turner and opted instead for Chuck Schumer’s barista….” and went down hill from there.

    *** First, Brian Doherty should have praised Megan Kelly, who not only won the exchange looked lovely doing it. She made Weiner look like a petulant and churlish little boy; and he looked happy to make his getaway when he did.

    *** Unfortunately, Brian Doherty wasn’t happy enough with that. He wanted to guild the lily. All that he accomplished was show he doesn’t know anything about the “right” of inheritance, or the foundation of our estate and inheritance taxes. Brian’s argument did contain a few kernels of truth, but he made them into one small bit of popcorn.

    *** More important, as a Republican conservative, Doherty didn’t identify the “BIG LIE” in Weiner’s remarks — tax cuts and maintaining lower tax rates of any kind don’t contribute to the deficit in any way. Tax cuts don’t have to be paid for – ever. One thing and only one thing causes government deficits — government spending in excess of revenue. Lowering tax rates SOMETIMES reduces revenue, but very often it does, in fact, INCREASE REVENUES.
    The emotional arguments presented by Mr. Doherty might have been satisfying to him and those who “feel” the same way he does about Estate Taxes — they are not winning arguments in debates over fiscal policy with those who have other notions of “social justice” and see taxes, especially “Estate Taxes” as a way to promote such notions of “social justice”.

    Overall, Brian still needs to up his game. To “jerry rig” something that Mr Doherty, who is still “Apprentice Moron in Training” to Morons #1 an #2, said on one of his first “audio-appearances”* – maybe a little mental masturbation like we do here at ASIB might do you some good, especially before you try real mental manly sex on Congressman Weiner, something for which obviously you are not yet ready for prime time. Next time, don’t try to guild your lily before you try to jam it up Weiner’s bum, just stroke it gently first; and you’ll do just fine when you go to jam it in there.


    *As in Charles Osgood’s “See you on the radio!”

  28. Guess What Blog-Talk Radio and Brooklyn GOP Buffoons of The (Fill in suitable Geological Era) can't walk and chew gum at the same time... permalink
    February 2, 2011 9:11 pm

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Survey said: “Russell & Gene *** a.k.a. Moron #1 & Moron #2”

    Posted by the folks who bring you “Brooklyn GOP Radio:

    “Date / Time: February 02, 2011 *** No Show This Week *** Hey folks, *** This week, the Victory Center is playing host to a lot of working meetings tonight, so we’re bagging tonight’s show.
    *** But fear not! Next week, there will be so much content up from CPAC that you won’t know what to do with yourself! *** Until next week… *** Russell & Gene *** a.k.a. Moron #1 & Moron #2 ***
    Category: No Comments”


  29. Scandalous to SCANDAL --- Who's -Who at "The Jig is Up Atlas" will soon be exposed permalink
    October 29, 2011 10:38 am

    The vultures of the press are circling around that particularly festering Brooklyn GOP carcass, “The Jig is Up Atlas”; and don’t be surprised whom they will find as “The Man” behind “The Jig is Up Atlas”….

    As those who know us well can attest, we don’t care who the specific people posting, commenting or other wise creating the TJIUA poison happen to be … it’s the movers and shakers behind it who have to take the fall.

    As the noose tightens around those functionaries and mercenaries peddling TJIUA’s crap they’ll give us the KCRP, Eaton and Golden… then the noose will be removed from the mere factotums and hired guns and put around the necks of those who will “do the drop” for “The Jig is Up …” scandal.

    Because of their close links to TJIUA, Gene Berardelli and his beloved Brooklyn GOP [Blog] Radio won’t be able to survive, either…

    • Are Objective Standards Causing A Problem for Brooklyn GOP and Golden Spokesmen? permalink
      November 11, 2011 11:55 pm

      The word has gotten out. The pseudonymous bloggers and commenters who made their bones shilling for State Senator Martin Golden and Republican County Chairman Craig Eaton at “The Jig is Up Atlas” have recently had similar material edited off at “The Brooklyn Politics Blog”.

      It seems that what passes as fair comment for Golden’s and Eaton’s guys on their own hate blog is not similarly regarded by more neutral and objective observers and moderators.

      Let’s see what happens next.

  30. Glenn gleefully gleans a glitch in "The Jig is Up Atlas" armor.... permalink
    November 20, 2011 4:08 pm

    Glenn Nocero believes that he’s got a solid E-trail leading up to attorney, Gene Berardelli; one that certainly connects Mr. Berardelli to the production of Brooklyn Republican hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas”.

    The lid is just about ready to blow on a big “…Jig is Up Atlas” mess for most of Eaton’s Brooklyn GOPers.

    Let’s see what happens next.

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