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With Time Running Out, Will Paterson Pardon John O’Hara?

December 31, 2010

As the New Year approaches, the writers of Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn ask if John O’Hara will in fact be pardoned by Governor Paterson.

There is still time.

This was recently written by David Freedlander regarding the possibility:

John O’Hara, the longtime opponent of Brooklyn District Attorney Joe Hynes and the Brooklyn Democratic machine, and the only person since Susan B. Anthony convicted of registering to vote, said that his attorney got a phone call today about a possible pardon from Peter Kiernan, the counsel for Governor David Paterson.

“He said they would take a look at it, which I guess means I am still in the running,” O’Hara said…

O’Hara’s case has become something of a cause celebre, since it is widely viewed as being a politically motivated one. Earlier this week, the Daily News called for him to be pardoned, as did the Times-Union.

For more on O’Hara’s case, read this.

To read David’s full piece, click here.

We hope Governor Paterson makes the right decision. No person, Republican or Democrat, should ever be bullied by a politician with public authority in this country. It stands against everything our nation represents. Brandishing unchecked power and ruining people’s lives is un-American and morally wrong.

Do the right thing, Governor.

Pardon John O’Hara.

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  1. Feast or Famine permalink
    December 31, 2010 6:27 pm

    Just wondering did Jim McCall get the orders from Ralph Perfetto you know the guy who got McCall the job to defend O’Hara in court all those years ago, to write this piece.

    I know Perfetto doesn’t get much fresh air these days, than again neither does McCall, but hey worth the old college try to get fellow Dem Patronage Hack, Jonathan Judge to write a piece defending a former Democrat client.

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