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Shocking Readers, The Brooklyn Paper Website Continues Linking To Defamatory GOP Hate Blog

December 16, 2010

We do our best not to acknowledge the loopy Bay Ridge GOP-sanctioned hate blogs.

After all, they are poorly written and only market in hate and lies. Frankly, if we weren’t absolutely sure that leaders in the party were writing for them, we would have assumed they were authored by disgruntled elementary school drop-outs.

But now The Brooklyn Paper, a local news outlet, is publicizing one such minor Bay Ridge Cabal blog on its website.

Here is the link to the listings.

Via the links on The Brooklyn Paper’s site, one can find such classy things as a “Douche Bag poll,” a “Douche Bag List,” and images of human feces connected to stories about GOP members. Curse words, ethnic slurs and pure hate can be found amongst its commentary and “core” writing (I use the term “writing” loosely, since it assumes the author can actually form basic sentences).

Recently, this blog has been targeting GOP activist Roy Antoun, using every ethnic, religious and personal attack they possibly can (all false, as I’ve heard from Mr. Antoun himself).

So why is The Brooklyn Paper giving free advertising to a blog that propagates such clear lies and pure hate for the GOP establishment?

According to multiple sources, the Brooklyn Paper is directly connected to none other than political consultant Gerry O’Brien, who, according to numerous reports, has a personal vendetta against reform movement figures Jonathan Judge and Roy Antoun.

That Gersh Kuntzman, the editor of this periodical, allows such media to be posted on his newspaper’s website is not only shameful but deeply troubling. It’s one thing to source to respected local blogs and political sites. But to post links to hate blogs raises serious questions about the goals of the newspaper and the message they hope to send to their readers.

We have received numerous emails over the past few months expressing concern over this issue. It reached a fever pitch this past month when I was informed of this hate blog’s repeated fictional attacks on members of the reform movement

Not long ago, Urban Elephants, to my understanding, even moved to limit the hate smears Bay Ridge Cabal figures posted on their Republican blog, to which I contribute (on The Herd) from time to time.

Regarding this situation, one GOP insider warned that The Brooklyn Paper is potentially exposing itself to legal action on the part of non-political figures who have been viciously and wrongfully attacked by blog pieces linked to the paper’s website.

We are in the process of reaching out to The Brooklyn Paper, and we hope they respond swiftly and respect the legitimate concerns of readers in our borough.

They deserve quality news journalism, not hate and lies.

  1. Polititical figures can sue for libel and slander, and it's a delusion to believe that they can't. permalink
    December 16, 2010 11:34 pm

    Public and political figures can sue for libel, slander, defamation, and the intentional and negligent infliction of mental distress.

    The standards, thresholds and burdens of proof have long ago been met, crossed and sustained by those targeting The Jig is Up Atlas and it’s active contributors. This is going to be very bad news for the cast of enablers who will soon be caught up in one of the big nets by the actual victims who will be looking more for deep pockets than the malefactors themselves.

  2. TJIUA plays the "Catholic Card", but it's really Joker Craig Eaton who's the "Wild Card" in this "Deck the Hall". permalink
    December 17, 2010 12:28 am

    For Christmas 1914 World War I had its “Christmas Truce” along the relatively new trenches on both sides of the front lines between the Franks, the Brits and the Huns. As that “War to End All Wars” ground on through 1915, 1916, 1917, no similar moment of charity was attempted by these barbarians on any scale like that of 1914.

    On all sides in the Brooklyn GOP we are showing that “Bloody Wipers” and the bloodbaths along the Marne are more to our tastes than any Great War histories recalling memeories of any “Christmas Truce”.

    TJIUA’s December 15, 2010 post, “In Anti-Religious Move Brooklyn Young Republicans Hold Holiday Party On Sunday During Key Church Services Before Christmas.” and it’s other half, the December 16th “An Open Letter To Catholic League President Bill Donohue, Regarding Anti-Catholic Brooklyn Young Republicans.” represents a new low for even Craig Eaton’s hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas”.

    It puts one in mind of Craig Eaton trying to flog the corpses of dead Haitians for cheap political gain with his swag flyers…Ah! good times, good times! One wonders how Mr. Eaton forgot how well that worked out for him and everybody else involved. I guess it’s time to give Eaton another wedgie and lock him in his locker, again – what a disgrace that man must be to everybody who really knows about him.

    Let’s see if Eaton-Von Schlieffen really has the chops to follow through with his sides strategy this time.

    See yuhs in church!

  3. Jeff Miller permalink
    December 17, 2010 12:59 am

    The Brooklyn Paper is overrated.

    I’ve been reading this blog for a considerable amount of time. What I find curious is that it is not listed as one of the blogs on its blogroll, but The Jig Is Up Atlas is. Clearly the newspaper is not interested in balance. It’s only interested in furthering the agenda of the GOP establishment.

    With that, I leave the Brooklyn Paper behind.

  4. Clorinda's Christmas Song To Craig permalink
    December 17, 2010 1:12 am

    Did I mention she likes Eurotrash music?

  5. Former Eaton Loyalists to Bolt permalink
    December 17, 2010 10:41 am

    what a great video of Clorinda’s song to craig!I hear there ill be quite a January surprise for Craig when some of “his” district leaders and former candidates publicly unite against him..2011 begins with a splash for Craigy..

  6. Maximus Decimus Meridius permalink
    December 17, 2010 3:06 pm

    Ive heard Gerry O’Brien is connected. Not that I expect the authors of the newspaper to admit that.

  7. Jig Lost Their Sanity permalink
    December 17, 2010 4:03 pm

    Someone call the fire department. The KCRP had 150,000 people in the Brooklyn Bar Association. Big fire hazard.

  8. December 19, 2010 1:35 am

    A comment posted on the other blog:
    “cmon roy- come out of the closet….

    u r a fuckin terrorist hack and a democrat to boot.

    see you in september loser.”

    Ouch. Looks like I hurt their feelings. They’ll see me in September alright. I mean, it’s an invitation I can’t refuse.

  9. TJIUA’s recent postings signal its return to an almost exclusive hate blog format with “AAA” as Craig Eaton’s lead “Hate Blogger” permalink
    December 19, 2010 8:07 pm

    So much for any hope for some kind of “Christmas Truce” or anything resembling class out of this “The Jig is Up Atlas” crowd or its principal patrons among the Brooklyn GOP leadership. For them everyting seems to be back in its 2010 pre-primary fight to the death mode (Remember how that was Congressman Grimm and Brooklyn Republican activist Bob Capano?).

    The December 19th posting, “Anti-Catholic Views, Support For Wikileaks Founder, Help Lead To Low Turnout For Brooklyn Young Republican Holiday Party.” and the one for December 18th, “Breaking News: Roy Antoun Lists Main Residency As New Jersey!!!!”, both by “AAA” are typical of Craig Eaton’s hate blog’s return to an almost exclusively negative messaging. So were the following recent features on “The Jig is Up Atlas”, which were all by “AAA”: “Breaking News: Jonathan Judge Removed As Officer From The New York State Young Republicans!!!! ”; “An Open Letter To Catholic League President Bill Donohue, Regarding Anti-Catholic Brooklyn Young Republicans.”; “In Anti-Religious Move Brooklyn Young Republicans Hold Holiday Party On Sunday During Key Church Services Before Christmas.”; “ In Latest Post Roy Antoun While Dodging Ties To Classmate’s Death And Terrorist Video, Roy Antoun Supports Wikileaks Founder’s Actions.”; “In Brooklyn Eagle Article, Former Corrupt Assemblyman, And Tax Cheat Arnaldo Ferraro Dodges Pay to Play Politics, While Praising Democrats.”; “ Election Results Website Acknowledges Lucreita Potter Crushing Knockouts For Write In Campaigns!!!”

    Since Election Day 2010 Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP had been struggling mightily to find a message with any traction at all. TJIUA’s return to an overwhelmingly negative message shows that their prior effort to show Republican Chairman Craig Eaton and his KCRP establishment in a positive light since the 2010 elections has failed.

    In the recent past, when pressed by critics locally and farther afield, the theme of the blog postings on The Jig is Up Atlas, or the chitter-chatter on the Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio programs, had been out there like a pounding disco beat (and we all know how annoying and uncreative that can be): “In 2010 … the Brooklyn GOP were the winners!”; “In 2010… The Brooklyn GOP were successful!”; and most important, “In 2010… The Brooklyn GOP were relevant.”

    Our use of the word “were” here is not accidental. That is because all of Craig Eaton’s messengers since election night have been “on message” with a manipulated pulsating stream of contra-factual-elliptical utterances, whose unvarnished meaning has been that “After the 2010 election, we in the Brooklyn GOP will speak and act as if we were “winners”, “successful” and “relevant” as part of the national GOP tide, and in the three races in Brooklyn where the GOP candidates won without needing much from the Brooklyn GOP Establishment.

    AAA’s recent postings and TJIUA’s barrage of anonymous and pseudonymous supporting comments attacking an ever-growing field of insurgent reformist Brooklyn Republicans has taken on an air of desperation, as the postings and comments are increasingly fictional and delusional confabulations, devoid of any factual or intellectual content, or even any redeeming merit as gossip.

    btw, in thecontext of libel and slander, one wonders how TJIUA’s web-link through The Brooklyn Papers would effect any defenses such as free speech, fair comment and criticism, and open and public debate, where the responding items appearing on ASIB are not similarly picked up on The Brooklyn Papers’ or CNG web-link.

  10. gary popkin permalink
    December 22, 2010 10:00 pm

    As of Wednesday night, December 22, TJIUA website is not linked on the Brooklyn Paper site. Here is the complete list of linked blogs:

    Across the Park
    Amusing the Zillion
    Atlantic Yards Report
    Bay Ridge Blog
    Bay Ridge Journal
    Bay Ridge Rover
    Beehive Hairdresser
    Best View in Brooklyn
    Blather from Brooklyn
    Brit in Brooklyn
    Brooklyn Ink
    Brooklyn Based
    Brooklyn Heights Blog
    Brooklyn Optimist
    Brooklyn Row House
    Brooklyn The Borough
    City Room
    Coney Island Forum
    Coney Media
    Creative Times
    Daily Heights
    Daily Intel
    Daily Slope
    Eat It Brooklyn
    F—ed in Park Slope
    For the Love of Brooklyn
    Gold Star for Trying
    Gotham Gazette
    Gowanus Lounge
    Green Brooklyn
    The Grimm News
    Grub Street
    Hawthorne Street
    I’m Not Sayin, I’m Just Sayin
    Kensington Stories
    Kinetic Carnival
    Kings County Cinema Society
    Lost City
    No Land Grab
    Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn
    The Real Deal
    Sheepshead Bites
    White in Bay Ridge
    Williamsurg Is Dead
    Williamsburg Nerd
    Word on Columbia Street

    • Oopsy Daisy!!! permalink
      December 22, 2010 10:24 pm

      How “Gangs of New York” is that!!!

  11. Still Shocking ! "Brooklyn Paper -- Brooklyn Wire" Still Un-Cut to TJIUA permalink
    March 16, 2011 6:58 pm

    The most recent pickup out of the Brooklyn Paper — The Brooklyn Wire below is one of the most shocking:

    “The Jig Is Up Atlas, Yesterday
    Brooklyn GOP St. Patrick’s Day Event Tomorrow Night!!!!”

    This is a horribly anti-Catholic, anti-Irish sendup of an invitation to something that pretends to be a Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration. It starts like this: “Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Brooklyn Republican Party…”

    So far, so good… one might think. Just wait one minute — look closely at the multi-hued green background.

    NOT A SHAMROCK IN SIGHT ! ! ! ! ! Four-leaf clovers that’s what these anti-Catholic, anti-Irish pretenders show off as if they’re trying to one-up the real tri-leaf Irish icon.

    What an insult to one of the most sacred and revered images of Irish Catholicism, Saint Patrick’s chosen image of the Trinity — the Shamrock.

    No wonder there’s no Republican description that’s the equivalent of
    “Irish — Catholic — Democrat”; Republicans just don’t know where to start.

    • Tom Carvel would have loved Eaton's GOP "St. Patty's Day" permalink
      March 16, 2011 8:41 pm

      The March 16th comment to the TJIUA post above was probably
      by the same character who did the original posting. “Jig Got It
      Right said… Nothing like some ‘Luck of the Irish’, and the
      Brooklyn GOP in time for St. Patty’s day.” This is about as tone
      deaf on genuine Irish identification as Tom Carvel was with his
      “Cookie O’ Puss” or his Saint Patrick’s Day Green Elephant with his
      trunk turned up for a little “Luck o’ the Irish”. Eaton will
      probably be using those Irish images for next year’s “St. Patty’s
      Day” GOP event at the “Brooklyn Republican Headquarters” on 17th

      • Where is Brooklyn GOP Headquarters on Saint Patricks' Day? permalink
        March 17, 2011 7:01 am

        We’re confused. The invitation that appeared on all of the
        related Brooklyn GOP websites for free coffee and cake (the one
        with the green four-leaf clovers) says that Brooklyn Republican
        Headquarters is “7620 17th Avenue, Brooklyn 11214”; but several
        other places on the Brooklyn GOP website indicate that the address
        for the Brooklyn Republicans is: “Brooklyn Republicans, 1662
        Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235” Can somebody clarify

  12. In Role Reversal "THE JIG IS UP ATLAS" does a post of CNG wire story permalink
    March 24, 2011 8:13 pm

    Did you look at today’s “The Jig is Up Atlas” doing a verbatim reprint from the Community News Group: “Message For Kevin Carol The Liar I Mean Leader Who Can’t Lead. ‘Those who are in power and those who want to gain power.’ They Are Talking About You!”, along with borrowed comments, posted by TJIUA’s once departed,
    “brooklynpolitico” [it was taken from “But should there only be one Assembly district in Bay Ridge?” By Michelle Manetti, 3-23-11, Brroklyn Paper]. It looks like Craig Eaton’s TJIUA team of hate bloggers is running out of steam and resorting to pl_-_-ism.*

    EVEN WORSE ***

    Did you hear the truly awful excuse for a political “radio” talk show that Brooklyn GOP [Blog-] Radio put on this week? Morons #1 and #2 “ooing-and-ahing” at some kid who clearly is AGAINST State Senator Martin Golden’s proposed death penalty for cop killers, but who “Gino Bernardelli” admits has had more access to Congressman Grimm than the people in that room ( For those who don’t know, that’s most of Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton’s First Team- Opening Day Starting Lineup).

    STILL MORE ****

    72 hours after the event, and the trademark infringing, good will stealing, swag “County” Brooklyn YRs, the “‘Official Brooklyn Young Republicans’ Club” home page has not been updated, even though it brazenly announces, “Let’s Get To Work! … Let’s keep the momentum going!” We’d love to see how “momentum” is defined in the “newly elected president of the relaunched Brooklyn YRs” Russell Gallo’s dictionary. ( By the way, last night on Brooklyn GOP [Blog-}Radio Russell Gallo told Gino Bernadelli to stop calling Gallo the “newly elected president of the relaunched Brooklyn Yrs” — because that happened months ago. Hmm! Months ago, really — elected months ago? We didn’t know that. By whom? Wasn’t the “Inaugural Meeting” February 16th? Months ago, 36 days? [Loosey-goosey use of the language, ain’t it, Sarge?] Or was it at some other time earlier than that?) Wait a minute, nothing new has been put up on the trademark infringing, good will stealing, swag “County” Brooklyn YRs, “‘Official Brooklyn Young Republicans’ Club” website in a while. Craig, running out of steam there, as well?


    One by one the wheels are coming off Craig Eaton’s media bus…..Since the early criticism of Chairman Eaton’s regime was his lack of real media presence and savvy, the best we can give him on this report card for his most recent marking period is “”Still needs improvement”.

    *We’re afraid that means Craig Eaton’s crew has been reduced to “pluralism”.

    • Update: Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock !!!!!!! permalink
      March 25, 2011 9:48 pm

      The paragragh in the comment above that starts, “STILL MORE ****
      72 hours after the event….” should be amended to read: “STILL MORE **** over 96 hours after the event….”

      Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock !!!!!!! Craig Eaton, decked out in full Captain Hook poofery, screams hysterically, “MISTER SMEE….!!!!!” ( For the kiddies, better “MISTER SMEE” than
      “Gentleman Starkey”, ay?)

  13. Second Update: Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock !!!!!!! permalink
    March 29, 2011 5:26 pm

    >>>>> More than a week
    after the event… still no report on “the gate”…still no
    photographs of a happy newly elected Sarge Gallo regaling platoons
    of enthusiastic Young Republicans… still the same old posting on
    the “‘Official Brooklyn Young Republicans’ Club” home page
    announcing the “Our Next Meeting! March 21 7:30 PM”.
    >>>>> To all the world this is
    looking like another Craig Eaton enterprise that is running out of
    gas in the middle of nowhere.
    Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock !!!!!!!

  14. Late breaking news in “The Jig is Up Atlas” — REPORT OF GALLO SIGHTING NINE DAYS LATE ! ! ! permalink
    April 6, 2011 8:16 pm

    AAA’s April 6th posting “Brownstone Republican Club Meeting
    Motivates Locals And Brooklyn Young Republicans President Russell
    Gallo Leads The Charge!!” is a report of an event that took place
    on March 28th. STOP THE PRESSES — Gallo’s tie is caught ! ! ! What
    was this all about? Where was this? Who was there? Why should we
    care? “Every month…meets in the back room at Sams…340 members
    (not all active) according to President Joe Nardiello… eats pizza
    while maintaining the importance of their party… they are vastly
    outnumbered and hold few elected positions.” THAT ABOUT SAYS IT ALL
    [except we’d edit the membership number and parenthetical, “340
    members (not all active) ” and make it “ one million members (not
    at all active) ” – doesn’t that really capture the conceptual
    couplet more creatively and, dare we say it, accurately. All in all
    — bad marks on the piece by AAA. However, for the Brooklyn GOP
    media team’s nine-day hiatus on this report a special award for:

  15. Crazy TJIUA stuff about Community Board Members permalink
    April 6, 2011 9:34 pm

    There’s been some really crazy stuff coming out of “The Jig
    is Up Atlas” lately. All of it is about splinters here and there,
    in the eye of this or that Democrat – office holders, local party
    leaders — and NOW, with AAA’s April 5th post , “Who Is Brian
    Kieran?” — mere Democratic club members (btw, as far as we know,
    Brian Kieran has no Democratic Party titles). TJIUA should get real
    – their entire post about Mr. Kieran and Community Board 10 didn’t
    mention a single improper act … Btw, didn’t Brooklyn GOP Chairman
    Craig Eaton used to be “Chairman” of Community Board 10 and whoever
    complained about how it was being run by the very same “control
    group” as it is right now. A far more politically involved and
    partisan community board is CB-11, the one run by Craig Eaton’s and
    Martin Golden’s very close “friend” William Guarinello, Cathedral
    Club insider, and President and CEO of Heartshare, with a salary as
    big as the title ( Heartshare is a massive, very heavily funded,
    social-benefits organization, closely affiliated with the BOB’s
    special charities and other projects). Maybe somebody at TJIUA,
    like “JuJuGal” has heard about WG. When is TJIUA going to do a “Who
    is William Guarinello?” post ? ? ? Since that will probably never
    happen, maybe ASIB should do one.

  16. Brooklyn GOP Hate Blog Still Spreading DIsinformation: Now it's about the "Just Kill" of OBL permalink
    May 7, 2011 2:36 pm

    The May 3rd “JIG EXCLUSIVE: Burn In Hell Bin Laden”;
    together with all of the very interesting and informative comments
    in the thread to that post to date, from Republicans and Democrats
    alike; prove that “…[‘n] you can fool all of the people some of
    the time….” OBL was killed by “US Navy Seal Team ‘6’” in
    Abbottancostellobad last week.
    >>>>> … SURE HE WAS ! ! ! I’d
    be more likely to believe he was roadkill on the Staten Island
    Expressway than he was a “Just Kill” by U.S. forces in Pakistan or
    Any-other-stan. How many versions of that “hit” have we heard in
    less than one week? FIFTY — A HUNDRED ? ? ? If the story about the
    death of O[U]sama Bin Laden is true, then too much of what they
    told us about OBL for about ten years was pure B-S! (We’ll save all
    the contrarian info for a later post or comment, here or someplace
    else). THAT DOG JUST WON’T WASH… er … HUNT. btw, George W. B.
    didn’t start this war — probably Al Qaida did, back in the Clinton
    years, but Billy J. C. and the rest of the country were distracted
    by semen on a blue dress and a minor lie at a deposition. But,
    speaking of “W”, how could all of the “other” Bin Ladens be cleared
    of complicity in the 9/11 attacks so quickly so as to allow them
    all to FLY out of the US right after the attacks? And why wasn’t
    the “kill” of OBL by US or NATO forces authorized at Tora Bora in
    late 2001 [oh, one reason: it was too close to the Pakistan
    border]? Also, exactly when did OBL stop being one of our CIA
    contract agents in the 80s, 90s … ever? (Part of the Tora Bora
    complex was built with US-CIA funds in the 1980s). *** The only
    thing really buried in the Arabian Sea were Donald Trump’s
    presidential candidacy and the BHO II birth certificate story (at
    least for a little while). *** Sing along with me: “WAG THE DOG
    [that won’t wash or hunt], OBAMA, WAG THE DOG ! ! !” *** One more
    thing >>>>> “You say ‘Al Qaida’,
    I’ll say ‘Al-Qaeda’, let’s call the whole thing off. What good is
    it doing for anybody?” –Ron Paul 2011

  17. Linked or unlinked, “The Jig is Up Atlas” is the GOP “VOICE” in Brooklyn and in New York State permalink
    May 25, 2011 8:11 pm

    It’s becoming tougher and tougher to find anybody talking
    about the Brooklyn GOP any more. More accurately, it’s becoming
    tougher and tougher to find anybody talking about the GOP in
    Brooklyn any more. However, an exceptional piece of political
    posturing did appear in the Brooklyn GOP hate blog, “The Jig is Up
    Atlas,” earlier this week on May 21st: “Jane Corwin For Congress.”
    by AAA;
    That post and the comments that followed it should be put in a time
    capsule, the material is that good. Apparently, the Republican
    Party in New York State has found its “VOICE” and it is “The Jig is
    Up Atlas.” Take it from “Jaws,” one of the Jig’s comment makers,
    who said, “… From what I heard in the counties that read this
    post, every single one of them went for Corwin. *** After all
    Corwin did carry 5 of the 6 counties in this race. *** Thanks to
    [“The Jig is Up Atlas”] of course. Now, the Brooklyn GOP with its
    own GOP “VOICE” being heard around the State of New York, TJIUA can
    wave the “Ryan Budget” proposals on Medicare as the new GOP
    standard in 2012. With “The Jig is Up Atlas” beating the drum for
    them, all GOP standard bearers will be as epically successful as
    Corwin was in 2011 in “New York – 26”
    >>>>> Winning in five out of six
    counties, positively TITANIC! What a “VOICE” TJIUA has become –
    they should be entered in one of TV’s reality talent


  1. The Brooklyn Paper Scandal Update: Hate Blog Still Linked Via Newspaper’s Website « Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn

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