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Reform Republicans to John Press: You Do Not Represent Our Values

December 14, 2010

Attempt not to laugh uncontrollably:

Oh, well. I’m sure you tried.

It’s that scary Manhattanite Dr. John Press, the purveyor of the misnamed “Brooklyn Tea Party,” a shadow establishment GOP group that has instituted a holy war against local muslims and immigrants.

One commentater posted this video on our blog, and I felt compelled to write about the displeasure expressed by numerous emailers regarding what they have seen of Mr. Press.

To those of you real Tea Party activists interested in lowering the deficit, lowering taxes and maintaining a strong economic policy, allow me to assure you: Dr. Press does not represent the values of reform Republicans in Brooklyn.

He is not a Tea Partier. He’s a zealot bent on wiping the New York City landscape of places of worship and denying constitutional rights to non-Christian citizens. I may not be a muslim, but I love this country and our values. Apparently, Dr. Press does not. He just seems obsessed with mosques, people who don’t speak English, and, well, folks who don’t look like the guys on the dollar bill…

The fact is the real Brooklyn Tea Party is with the libertarians, Republicans and conservatives who are banding together to fight the corrupt political establishments of our city and state. They believe in the fiscally conservative values of the Tea Party movement and reject the hatred and insensitivity that has burgeoned from precincts occupied by the likes of John Press. (They also don’t mistake “conservatism” for “conservativism,” which is not a word)

Don’t be fooled.

Stay away from this man and speak loudly with one voice, as so many have said to us: “John Press, you do not represent our values.”

All you represent is you.

  1. Brochino permalink
    December 14, 2010 3:23 pm

    Its funny you say this about th Brooklyn Tea Party because I happen to agree with you. Th mosque was and is a political issue used to divide people and promote bigotry.

    But you never had anything to say against Michael Grimm when he was going on for nearly a month ignoring all the issues and focusing solely on this. You never had anything to say when constant diatribe was posted on his facebook wall which he then allowed but removed anything that was critical of him.

    I refuse to believe that you at Atlas Shrugs was oblivious to the blatant racism which he allowed to be promoted on his wall. He has removed it of course but I’m amazed by your absolute silence regarding that.

    Don’t be hypocrites and dont be like the other blog.

    • John Galt permalink*
      December 14, 2010 3:54 pm

      Brochino, I was not personally aware of that fact, and it’s unfortunate that people will post such things.

      As the editor of this blog, let me say it’s not always easy to monitor every comment that goes into spam accidentally or that deserves to be spammed. Sometimes things get away. It’s the nature of the Internet. However, political campaigns that are well-funded and constantly on guard should be more vigilant.

      Speaking for myself, I can say that such blatant statements should have been removed with haste. If Grimm shared those views, which I do not believe he did, then a pox on his house. But the campaign is over, and Mr. Grimm has thankfully not had any public involvement with the Tea Party radicals.

      Let us hope that stays that way.

  2. Great soundtrack! permalink
    December 14, 2010 9:41 pm

    Was the music track on the original video?

  3. Young GOP Kid permalink
    December 15, 2010 2:43 am

    Didn’t Jonathan Judge use the same opening theme for the Brooklyn Young Republicans’ videos two years ago? Looks like John Press isn’t only crazy; he lacks originality.

  4. Young Republican permalink
    December 16, 2010 1:55 am

    When there is so much at stake, all the “Tea Party” is worried about is keeping our old ineffective and backward immigration laws in place, and use government force to prevent to prevent free people from acting freely and opening a house of worship (even if it is political… that is the American way…) These are NOT issues we as republicans should be fghting for, we should be fighting for more liberty and economic freedom not the other way around.

  5. Joseph Hayon was ambushed on the GOP Blog Radio last night permalink
    December 16, 2010 8:01 am

    Joseph Hayon was made to run a verbal gauntlet two or three times by the hosts of the GOP Blog Radio on Wednesday evening. The hosts Eugene and Russell several times tried to trick the former assembly candidate who is a Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Republican.

    Hayon got the better of several of the exchanges. Most important was the one where Eugene Bernardelli, who is an attorney, said that Joseph’s suggestion that racial, ethnic and religious criteria be used to draw districts was “segregation” outlawed since the fifties. In fact, Joseph Hayon was right when he said that’s how most are drawn today. In Brooklyn, for about thirty years, the lines were subject to Justice Department approval for conformity to the Voting Rights Act. This results in many districts specifically drawn with racial- and ethnic- based boundaries, but the attempts to have districts looked at for religious-based representation (discrimination) have not been successful. For the most part Joseph Hayon not attorney Bernardelli was correct.

  6. Will Brooklyn Republicans soon be asking Chairman Craig Eaton, "Do You Do Represent Our Values?" permalink
    December 21, 2010 8:46 am

    The Brooklyn GOP’s 2010 courtship of the Brooklyn Tea Party with it’s attendant anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant phobia and fervor has been much discussed here on ASIB.

    Based upon our recent investigations, we have reason to be concerned that some type of permanent alliance or marriage has been consumated between the two Brooklyn groups. At least some people active in the Brooklyn GOP (candidates in 2010) have kept their irons in the Brooklyn Tea Party’s fire after the 2010 elections. That’s their right and we aren’t attacking anybody for that. We are alarmed that something bigger is being planned in and by the Brooklyn Tea Party involving the Kings County Republican Party.

    Whether Craig Eaton has or ever had any personal ties to Dr. Press, the “president” of the so called “Brooklyn Tea Party” is not something that we know or have heard about. However, Republican Chairman Eaton should be aware that whatever decent reputation the Brooklyn Republican Party might still possess is imperilled by encouraging, or even allowing any of his lieutenants, to be openly part of John Kenneth Press’s “Culturist Tea Party”. The values openly expressed by that group should not be adopted by or attached to those of a mainstream political party, which is what we hope the Brooklyn GOP still strives to be.

    Many believe that Chairman Eaton has no recognizable core beliefs or political philosophy to speak of, and that he moves from one issue or position to the next based solely upon expediency. One recent description of the Eaton approach is that he’s like the person who always switches lanes to find the one that’s moving the quickest only to find that he keeps losing ground in the whole stream of traffic.

    In any case, it’s a big mistake to stay in the same lane as Dr. Press and his “Culturist” cultists. That is not an express lane to anywhere, it’s an off-ramp to a dead end.

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