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Holiday Memories: Bay Ridge GOP Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas

December 8, 2010

Ah, memories!

As the spirit of the season fills the radios, store fronts, and even the political discourse (how many Senators and congressmen have used the terms “grinch” and “Scrooge” lately?), I recalled this video that popped up as a comment on our blog just about a year ago.

It led many of the authors of our blog and our readers to engage in fits of uncontrollable laughter.

The video features images of Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig “The Duke” Eaton, political consultant Gerry O’Brien, District Leader Russell Gallo, Marty Golden consultant and alleged GOP hate blogger Jeffrey Kraus, and Urban Elephants guru Jay Golub singing a medley of Christmas songs in high pitched voices dressed as elves.

Indeed, it was Mr. Golub who first noticed the video and gave it some prominence on his blog, proclaiming that he had been “Elfed by Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn.” That page has been viewed over 1350 times since then.

As I indicated to Mr. Golub, none of our Atlas writers claimed responsibility for the video, which was anonymously posted. (I can only imagine Mr. Golub was “Elfed” given his then negative statements toward our blog and reform movement at the time, to which some of our readers took offense).

But, looking back and thinking of all the laughs it inspired, we sort of wish it had been us. 😉

  1. Brochino permalink
    December 9, 2010 12:49 am

    Where is the brilliant analysis you said you would be posting up several weeks ago on why the Brooklyn GOP failed this election year; you know the article you felt compelled to include a photo of the red headed dufus who had no bearing on the election?

  2. TJIUA promises lumps of coal this Christmas permalink
    December 9, 2010 8:24 am

    As we move deeper into the “Holiday Season” (just which holiday is that, again?) the hate blog operated by ykw is threatening some of its own along with Reynaud’s usual suspects.

    Lumps of coal — wink, wink — cats in bags, whatever…

    While they’re at it, TJIUA’s coal miners should look for the real culprits responsible for the present state of the Brooklyn GOP — the brigades of Enoch Ardens that have raided the ranks of the KCRP during the whole of our lifetimes, young and not so young.

    These “EA Fifth Columnists” will be getting their lumps of coal delivered by/through “Logistics”, but only if they’ve left forwarding addresses (Gee, I wish I were in “Venice”, right now — Italy, California, Florida — any of those would work for me) .

  3. Senator Marty Golden For President II permalink
    December 9, 2010 9:05 pm

    Thursday, December 9, 2010, posted by AAA on TJIUA.

    “…coming off the heels of the “Strongest”, and “Electric” win of his infinite times great political career, crushing, some unemployed, ‘Buffoon’… Marty Golden, had a ‘Golden’ moment on election night, that sent shock-waves, not only across this great borough, state, but the entire country.”

    • AAA's Holiday Season Posting About "President Golden" Confuses Holiday Traditions permalink
      December 10, 2010 7:41 am

      Most of us view “The Jig is Up Atlas” and its contributors as quite confused about most things. What else might anyone expect from the house organ of Chairman Craig Eaton’s confused KCRP Executive Committee and the 2010 Brooklyn GOP Establishment.

      Nonetheless, sometimes they go too far. With AAA’s December 9th post, “Senator Marty Golden For President II” it’s clear that TJIUA is now trying to deconstruct the secular holiday and religious feast of Christmas by conflating the traditional holiday season festivities with those of “April Fools Day”.

      What else can we make of any talk that links Martin Golden with
      “President of the United States”? Surely, this “April Fools Day” gag is meant to go along with Eaton’s other lumps of coal for real Republicans this Christmas!

  4. Craig Eaton's blog mixes up April Fools Day with normal holiday cheer permalink
    December 12, 2010 3:54 pm

    TJIUA December 10, 2010 posting, “A 5th, Candid, Caring, And Creative Review Of Brooklyn GOP Blog Talk Radio.” clearly shows that the Jigiszatzer Diszasztzer and the commentszatzer thereszafter are really confusing “April Fools Day” whimsey and falderal with traditional Christmas and New Years celebrations.

    Nonetheless, suggesting that Moron #1 and Moron #2 syndicate their Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio program is a hoot and a half; and it might even fit in with a Twelfth Night costume party theme. They can play harlequin and knave in a bit of type-casting.

    btw, everybody but Craig Eaton gets the joke about syndicating Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio.

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