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Grimm to Obama: I Want Jobs, Not Your Head

November 9, 2010

In case you didn’t catch it, The Daily News had this little gem on recently elected GOP Congressman Mike Grimm of the 13th CD:

Newly elected New York House member Michael Grimm has a message for the White House: I’m no party’s man.

Grimm, a Republican who bested freshman incumbent Rep. Michael McMahon (D-S.I.) in last week’s election, said his priority is creating jobs, not pushing out President Obama.

“I don’t want our next two years to be a time where we just butt heads and get nothing done. It’s no longer about Democrats or Republicans,” said the former FBI agent.

That already puts him at odds with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who said the goal is to get rid of Obama.

Grimm, 40, is used to being a renegade. He ran with little local party backing, and goes to the just-won Republican Congress as the only GOPer in the city’s delegation.

“Above all, I’m an American. I’m not there to toe a party line. … There are Democrats, Conservatives, Republicans and independents in my district, and I have to represent all of them,” he said.

He has already clashed with Mayor Bloomberg over the issue of building a mosque at Ground Zero and extending term limits – Grimm opposes both moves.

“I expect to have a good working relationship with Mayor Bloomberg,” said Grimm, noting that Hizzoner called him the day after he snagged the House seat.

He already shares a strong bond with Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, whom he did a clearance check on as a young agent when Kelly was up for a federal drug czar spot. Kelly, he said, later tried to hire him for an NYPD counterterrorism post.

Grimm gave up the prestigious FBI gig in 2006 because, he said, “I always thought there was life after the bureau for me. I set a goal of 10 years. I served 11. I wanted to leave when I was on top.”

He vows not to stay in Congress “forever” – but gives no deadline.

The right-leaning district is one of 61 seats that Republicans picked up on Election Day to gain control of the House. Republicans held the seat from 1981 until Rep. Vito Fossella resigned two years ago when it was revealed he had a child out of wedlock.

Although McMahon was considered a centrist because he voted against the health care bill, he suffered the GOP sweep that didn’t extend statewide.

Grimm concedes he was disappointed the Democrats still dominate the state executive branch but said, “I’m proof there is a place for Republicans in this city and state.”

Now that the race is over, the divorced politician has a personal goal.

“I’d love to get married and have children,” he said. “I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe Ms. Right is out there.”

  1. How Disappointing... permalink
    November 9, 2010 9:25 pm

    How, truly disappointing…

  2. November 9, 2010 10:49 pm

    “I’m not there to tow a party line”

    oh really, what about this statement made in September concerning Paladino:

    “As the Republican nominee, he has my support. I don’t know him really. I only met him once,” Grimm said. ”

    Grimm believes he will rise above petty fight sin politics, what about this statement concerning Assemblyman Tobacco and Senator Lanza:
    “I think they have loyalties that are not in the best interests of the party.”

    Why, because they didn’t endorse you?

    Since this blog is concerned with the Brooklyn GOP, you see this win as good as it goes against Eaton who originally backed Allegretti. What you all fail to realize though is that with Grimm comes his puppet master Guy Molinari, a corrupt crooked thug, and now has an open door back into the SI GOP. Read the above article from the SI Advance. This blog is against the establishment and corrupt politics; well I challenge this blog to call on Grimm to repudiate Guy Molinari. If Grimm is truly interested in being his own man and is interested in working for the best interests of the district, he must make it clear that he is not under the influence of Guy Molinari and his cronies.

  3. Harkli Zafiroulos permalink
    November 10, 2010 5:55 pm

    First interview with The Daily News as Congressman Elect and he’s fishing for a date. NEXT!

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