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A Reform Movement Grows in Brooklyn

November 3, 2010

Nike, Goddess of Victory, Patron of Brooklyn Republican Reformers

From all of us to each and every one of you: Thank you.

The reform movement in our local, state and national governments is truly just beginning, and you all are at the heart of it. We continue to be humbled by your fellowship, support and hard work at promoting reform and having your voices heard.

With the run up to the election, so many thousands of you came to Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn, and we have already surpassed 200,000 all time unique views from day 1 just over a year ago.

So, to the establishment Republicans and Democrats who opposed reform, I say: don’t tell us reform politics is wishful thinking. Don’t tell us Republicans, libertarians and conservatives don’t exist in Brooklyn.

They do.

Don’t tell us it can’t be done.

It can.

For our part here at Atlas, we don’t write for vanity (we use pseudonyms). We don’t write here to march lock-step with the establishment. We write because we believe reform deserves a voice online, and we thank all of the other blogs and individuals who are continuing to commit themselves to this cause, regardless of party affiliation.

No one is perfect, but united, we can achieve our utmost potential.


Please continue to email us with your thoughts, suggestions and commentary so we can share it with our readers!

  1. Sexy Republicana permalink
    November 3, 2010 2:33 pm

    Love it! 😉

  2. Get a load of this: "Wednesday, November 3, 2010, Thank You Chairman Eaton IV!!!!!!!!!" permalink
    November 3, 2010 5:49 pm

    TJIUA hate blogger “AAA” has thrown his own “Un-American” stink-bomb bouquet to his fellow “Un-American SB”, Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton.

    It’s chock full of the usual “Un-American” nonsense about Michael Grimm being “a real American”. And worse denigrates the loser after the election is over. It characterizes sitting Congressman Michael Mc Mahon as “Mike McFake” or some other equally heady and classy remark implying that he is “not a real American”. That kind of stuff wears out fast.

    “The Jig is Up Atlas” remains an embarrassment to real Republicans. TJIUA is Eaton’s baby, and it’s every bit as flawed as its daddy.

  3. Golden was gassed and Eaton's cornermen were worn out and stuggling to get to the final bell. permalink
    November 3, 2010 8:40 pm

    A lone Democrat, running an independent campaign had the Golden-Eaton Bay Ridge Cabal near their corner, sucking air, and waiting for the bell to end the match. Marty was ahead on points and the challenger just didn’t have the goods to take-out the venerable Bay Ridge titleholder with anything hard at the end. The cornermen were as tired as their boxer, maybe more so.

    But facts are facts, even for Marty Golden. Everybody that could be called had been called, and Marty wasn’t winning by any knockout even against a kid who didn’t know the ropes or have any snap in his best shots.

    Even disguised as “endorsements” for other candidates, Marty’s mailers got swallowed up by some mail-eating monster, the robo calls disappeared into the night air, and the numbers just wouldn’t budge very much.

    The newcomer without a past — the old war horse now without a future fought all the rounds to the expected finish. The anti-climactic Election Day result — was the absolute middle of the range, predicted from day one. Everybody’s favorite old war horse GOLDEN: 65% — newcomer with no formal support DiSanto: 35%; predictable and perfectly predicted by many.

    Marty and Craig and Jeff and Jerry and all the staff and all the bloggers and all the wags and all the hangers-on can spin and weave and tell tales in and out of school to their hearts’ content, but facts remain facts even for Marty Golden. The right candidate, maybe a newer younger “Marty Golden”, can move 15%. And what’s the older and wiser Marty Golden going to do about that?

    Some will say “new lines”, those in the know have already said “writing on the wall”.

  4. Craig, You're Next Baby permalink
    November 4, 2010 12:36 am

    The Duke of Bay Ridge must go. Plain and simple. New leadership, here we come.

    • Fly On The Wall permalink
      November 4, 2010 11:09 am

      You are right! At the victory party Tuesday night Michael Grimm thanked many people and each got rousing applause. At the end he thanked Craig Eaton. At this point the search for the one armed man was over. The room was full of them as the amount of applause was, at best, polite. Many in the room knew that there was little to thank Craig for. The amount, and the lack of enthusiasm of the applause, was a match to Craig’s help to the campaign. Hey Craig, the jig is up!

  5. What was accomplished in the Brooklyn EDs of the 60th AD and the 13th CD? What about the GOP ticket in the rest of Brooklyn? permalink
    November 4, 2010 11:33 pm

    There is a lot of chest-thumping by the Brooklyn GOP about beating two Democratic incumbents. Perhaps, they’re just shining in the reflected glory from Staten Island, a place that has an actual GOP presence.

    How did the results turn out in Brooklyn, E.D. by E.D., for the only elected Republicans Malliotakis and Grimm? Surely, not as good as Staten Island.

    How did the statewide GOP candidates do in Brooklyn? Surely, not as good as Staten Island.

    Maybe it would be a good idea for the NYS Republican Party to change its rules so that the SI-GOP can run the Brooklyn GOP operation as its subsidiary.

    • Correction permalink
      November 4, 2010 11:41 pm

      The paragraph:

      “How did the results turn out in Brooklyn, E.D. by E.D., for the only elected Republicans Malliotakis and Grimm? Surely, not as good as Staten Island.”

      should read as follows:

      “How did the results turn out in Brooklyn, E.D. by E.D., for the only Republicans that defeated Democratic incumbents, Malliotakis and Grimm? Surely, not as good as they did in the Staten Island parts of their districts.

  6. En Vogue permalink
    November 5, 2010 12:01 pm

    Tres chic blog! Reform = Chic

  7. It really ain’t good now, so what are the establishment Republicans so "happy" about? permalink
    November 5, 2010 8:43 pm

    With a tremendous wind at its back and everything going in its favor, from motivated candidates to a restive and restless voter base apparently angry at the Democrats, the Brooklyn GOP at best held its own and at worst continued its long-losing ways in the 2010 elections. We still await final totals by ED and AD, but there is little to indicate that there is any real good news for the [R/r]epublican and [C/c]onservative minded citizens anywhere in the County of Kings.

    Make no mistake the 2010 election results in Brooklyn were another resounding failure for Kings GOP Chairman Craig Eaton and are clearly another nail in the coffin for the NYS Republican Party. Locally, in the former Republican strongholds of Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights and/or Bensonhurst-Bath Beach, the Staten Island Republican candidates barely survived, and certainly didn’t flourish. There was a show of weakness by State Senator Martin Golden, even though he seemed to “coast” to his re-election victory (the demographic cracks are starting to look like chasms and this might well have been the Swan Song for State Senator G). All other local GOP candidates didn’t do well enough to rate any “Hoorahs” for the Brooklyn GOP by any measure.

    Contrariwise, the NYS and Kings County Conservative Party achieved their main strategic goal and several tactical goals in 2010. More important, they continue to be the tail that wags the Republican dog in Kings County and for many other parts of New York State. That is not a good thing. The Conservative Party no longer stands for real conservative principles, and several Conservative Party aparachicks are actually gaming Democrats and Republicans here and there around the state for the well being of a handful of CP insiders.

    Because of the phony three party system in New York, we are on the verge of one party rule. As a result, right now in Brooklyn, the County Leaders who most count for the well being of Brooklyn Republicans are Gerard Kassar and Vito Lopez. (Do you happen to notice a name that is missing?)

  8. Flattery, flattery, flattery !!! What's behind TJIUA's recent man-crush on Bob Capano? permalink
    November 6, 2010 8:19 am

    Is this the same “Bob Capano” that was routinely vilified by the same TJIUA character assassins before September 13th? Now, that he has backed the people’s choice for Congress, Michael Grimm, he is being hailed as a conquering hero by Eaton’s same Brooklyn GOP henchmen, who had just weeks ago been saying that Capano was finished in the Brooklyn Republican Party. That’s real Orwellian “memory hole” stuff by “AAA”, “Judas Judge” and the rest of the “Jiggers”.

    Bob C. has certain talents and is well known around several different circles of Republicans. The district leaders would have good reason to get behind somebody new and urge him forward to replace Craig Eaton as the Chairman of the Kings County Republican Party. Also, now that the campaigning is over in 2010, Michael Grimm needs to dole out some well-earned “payback” for the vicious attacks against him during the 2010 primary by Eaton and his bunch of Un-American thugs, who repeatedly denegrated Grimm’s “Semper Fi… Gulf War bona fides” right up to the 9/13 primary.

    Eaton and his personal bloggers sense that Bob Capano might be a real threat to their grip on the reins of the Brooklyn GOP, especially if Grimm is backing the play in an effort to consolidate his position in SW Brooklyn, where he’s already beaten Eaton once. With that as background, it really looks like the flattery from TJIUA might well be Eaton’s attempt to sweet-talk Capano out of making any move against him. In any case, the Brooklyn GOP hate bloggers are working very hard to shepherd Bob Capano back into their flock.


    2012 is already right around the corner, with new lines and new opportunities for everybody. The Republican organizational primaries are in 2011 under the existing lines, so everybody looking forward to “A Brave New World” in 2012 needs to put their markers down in the “Old 2011 World”.

    Mr. Capano, fortune favors the bold, join the forces of real reform and make your move against those that are wrecking the Brooklyn GOP.
    It’s now up to you and your personal allies to decide what you’re going to do and then act. The ball really is in your court, many are waiting to join in that game.

    Let’s see what happens next.

  9. TJIUA tries to spin and polish the paltry performance of Eaton's Brooklyn Republican Establishment permalink
    November 6, 2010 4:09 pm

    For four days now, Eaton’s hate bloggers at “The Jig is Up Atlas” have been spin-masters, trying to buff the crappy Brooklyn GOP election results for 2010 into something they can call “shiny and new” instead of the “same old crap” that Eaton has been peddling since he was handed the chairmanship of the Brooklyn Republican Party in the Brooklyn Republican Coup of 2007.

    The November 6th comment of “Jim McCall’s Gatekeeper said…” is typical, both for style and content, of what’s been appearing in “The Jig is Up Atlas” since election day. Please note the following excerpt from the “…Gatekeeper” posting:
    “…Make no mistake, 2010 was a ROUSING SUCCESS for the Brooklyn GOP, as candidates across Brooklyn either won, or scored record numbers of votes in places, Republicans were thought to be long and buried, thanks to real Republicans who spent day and night, pounding the pavement while the likes of fake Republicans such as McCall, Ferraro, Potter, and Judge were telling there own friends to vote Democrat….”

    Virtually each and every word in that paragraph is false. Brooklyn GOP candidates did not win or score record numbers of votes across Brooklyn. The only three winning GOP candidates were located in the Southwest quadrant of Brooklyn, mostly in the neighborhoods of Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst-Bath Beach (only the state senate district significantly included any other neighborhoods, all in SW Brooklyn). If there were any “…record numbers of votes in places, Republicans were thought to be long and buried…” they were either tiny local anomalies or unique to an individual candidate with no relationship to any activity by the Eaton-led Brooklyn GOP. Lastly, neither TJIUA or Gatekeeper can seriously think that they can produce one shred of proof to back up this canard, “….while the likes of fake Republicans such as McCall, Ferraro, Potter, and Judge were telling there own friends to vote Democrat….” The fact is that none had endorsed or supported any Democratic candidate, urged votes for the Democrats as a whole or even for a particular candidate, and all four of those were actively supporting one or more Republican candidates in Brooklyn right through election day.

    The rest of the “Gatekeeper” November 06, 2010 comment is similarly factually deficient.

    • Once you see the numbers, Eaton and his bloggers don't stand a chance on this argument permalink
      November 6, 2010 6:41 pm

      Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP just looks worse and worse as you look at the numbers in detail. Contrary to Chairman Eaton’s spin and/or those of his bloggers, there was a pathetic showing by the Brooklyn GOP in almost every part of Brooklyn in 2010. The numbers demonstrate that even in a big “Republican Year” like 2010, the Brooklyn GOP can’t even pretend that they were competitive, much less make a convincing argument on that point. Year – to year – to year – to year, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, the Kings County Republican Party under Craig Eaton just doesn’t improve its results on Election Day.

      TJIUA commentator “The Real Facts said….” is entitled to his own opinion about a few things, but not his own facts. So as to his November 06, 2010 comment, “The Real Facts said….” just doesn’t have any real facts to back up what he said, such as, the following: “Bottom line is in places such as the 47th, 48th, and 49th AD the Republican candidate either scored it’s highest percentage total ever for that district, or broke a number not seen in ‘decades’…”

      As we’ve said several times since Election Day about most statements about the 2010 elections that have appeared in “The Jig is Up Atlas”: “…Not even close…” — Didn’t Republican Candidate John McCain WIN in all those districts in 2008? That’s two years (or 1/5 of a decade if you must count that way).

      Assuming that we have a clue what commentator “The Real Facts said …” means when he said, “If anything this puts us back to say 1988 or so, where Republicans here were scoring more like borough-wide 1/3 of the vote, when the numbers are almost 10-1.”

      Sadly for any Republican, commentator “The Real Facts said …” is not even close, again.” Borough-wide in Brooklyn the actual vote looked like this:

      Cuomo — 278,518 — 78.5%
      Paladino — 58,325 — 16.4%

      US Senator
      Schumer — 282,477 — 82.6%
      Townsend — 53,930 — 15.8%

      Special US Senator
      Gillibrand — 261,511 — 78.2%
      Dio Guardi — 63,362 — 19.0%

      The borough-wide the assembly, state senate and congressional percentages were even worse than the percentages for the statewide candidates above.

      The borough-wide breakdowns for Attorney General and Comptroller were
      not available for this comment (when available, we will do an addendum to this comment to include those percentages).

      With the lone exception of State Senator Martin Golden, no Republican candidate appears to have carried Brooklyn or any significant piece of it. (btw, this was an exceptionally fortunate occurrence for State Senator Golden, and most likely it will have been State Senator Golden’s last winning [general] election; we’ll explain why as to both assertions in future commentaries.)

      In conclusion, Eaton and TJIUA and anybody arguing similar points on their behalf: JUST GIVE IT UP — — — the numbers, like the votes they represent, weren’t there for the Eaton-led Brooklyn GOP in 2010.

  10. Eaton's TJIUA bloggers complete their descent into madness permalink
    November 7, 2010 9:23 am

    By posting it’s late Saturday, November 6, 2010 piece by “AAA”, “The Jig is Up Atlas” has shown that it and/or it’s main contributors have gone completely off the rails.

    The post “In Latest Story Brooklyn Tea Party Enthusiastic About Brooklyn GOP’s Amazing Comeback!!!!” posted by AAA near mid-night on 11/06/2010, as well as the two immediately following early AM comments, dated November 07, 2010, are a pied mishmash of TJIUA’s previous days’ postings and commentary, which have attempted to recast the Brooklyn GOP’s horrid election results in Brooklyn as an overwhelming success, in spite of the overwhelming statistical and anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

    This article breaks some new ground, however, because it resorts to a series of “published authorities” ( a few of which had been mentioned in AAA’s posts earlier in this post-election week) to support AAA’s main point. This new look at the issue is not merely the weak logical tack of the classic “resort to authority” form of argument; it is the pathetic and rather pointless resort to discredited authority. (All of AAA’s sources repeatedly have been criticized here in ASIB in other contexts.)

    One might understand why “AAA” would glory in and glorify the positive views of the election results that appeared in the Bay Ridge Eagle or Jerry Kassar’s column, even if those mentions were mostly rote exercises, completely to be expected under the circumstances from those biased outlets. Kassar, Dozier Hasty’s Eagle and TJIUA are all singing from the same Eaton-Golden Bay Ridge Cabal hymnal. The NEW addition to AAA’s tune is citing “to the new leaders in Brooklyn news, the ‘Brooklyn Ink'” for mention of the favorable opinion of [drum roll/rim shot] JOHN K. PRESS OF THE BROOKLYN TEA PARTY.

    AAA would have the world believe that Mr. Press is some kind of credible authority. He is clearly not that – – – ! (His antics and history have been reported here at ASIB, at some length in the past weeks and months leading up to the 2010 elections.)

    Whether he is a charlatan and a bigot, a mountebank posing as a bigot, or merely a maggot feeding on the dead carcass of the Brooklyn GOP, John K. Press brings nothing but pseudo-philosophical, crypto-racist bile to any argument. AAA’s resort to the opinions of Mr. Press’ is truly an indication that Eaton’s GOP and Eaton’s stable of hate bloggers are circling the bowl after the flush of real facts coming out of Election Day 2010.

    The pre-election association with John K. Press could have been explained away as cynical expediency, however any post-election embrace of the sort now on display in Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas” is sheer and unadulterated madness.

    The Un-American associations, rants and screeds now regularly emanating from Eaton and company must now be exposed as blatant attempts at political suicide.

    We might ask, “WHY?” However, we all know that such attempts come before actual suicide. They are desperate pleas for help.

    Let’s see what happens next.

  11. Brooklyn Republicans have reasons to hope for a future if the Brooklyn GOP wakes up permalink
    November 8, 2010 8:14 am

    The wins by three Republicans in the southwest corner of Brooklyn is a glimmer of light in the darkness.

    There is a hopeful narrative that can emerge from the primary and general elections of 2010. When the Republican Party presents candidates who can be elected, they can win in districts that include parts of Brooklyn.

    Slightly further afield, the competitive race by Joseph Hayon, with scarcely more than six hundred dollars($600), shows that certain Democrats might be vulnerable in areas thought to be absolutely unwinnable by Republicans or that a Republican message can resonate under the right circumstances. Furthermore, Mr. Hayon showed that his independent bottom-up method worked far more economically and efficiently than the top-down races attempted in the 47th, 48th and 49th ADs. However, a notable exception might be Brian Doherty, who did seem to take the ball and run with it once he was drafted as the GOP candidate in the 48th AD.

    The Brooklyn GOP should remember that the name “Republican” means something; and that it must embody some notion of a republican form of governance and classical republican virtue in its communicated message. Likewise, a generally conservative populism is a necessary part of the mix in what had once been the GOP strongholds in Brooklyn.

    Lastly, the Brooklyn GOP needs to recognize the limits of its ability to control people and events. The opportunities of 2010 are past and a similarly favorable environment my not be present in 2012 and thereafter.

    The Brooklyn GOP has to do a much better job outside its enclave of “strength” in Southwest Brooklyn. A Republican and populist conservative message needs to be spread to several of the areas where Brooklyn GOP activists generally fear to tread. The influence of a “Bay Ridge Cabal”, if such a thing exists, should be limited to Bay Ridge and the nearby areas necessarily joined to Bay Ridge because of the odd composition of existing districts. Remember that even though new lines may present new opportunities, they will present new challenges, as well. The Brooklyn GOP should look at Brooklyn as a whole, instead of a large mass of unwinnable districts with only a few where Republicans might be competitive.

  12. To: Bob Capano, remember the old adage, "Once Burned, twice shy!" permalink
    November 8, 2010 7:13 pm

    Bob Capano, you’ve made your spiritual break from the Brooklyn GOP when you wisely backed Congressman-elect Grimm in his primary fight against the one annointed by Eaton and Golden, Michael Allegretti. Remember that campaign well. Now is your chance to make that original break clean and complete.

    Eaton, his hate bloggers at TJIUA and certain Brooklyn Republican District Leaders (each and every one of them “un-American” scum bags) are desperate to have you back in their fold. They need you, you don’t need them for ANYTHING IMPORTANT TO YOU OR THE CONGRESSMAN-ELECT.

    For the record, if Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP had succeeded in their plan for the 13th CD, Congressman McMahon would have been re-elected and the Un-American SBs, referred to above, would now be working to see to it that you would remain forever buried for Brooklyn politics. Remember, just a few short months ago they had pilloried you and blogged your political obituary to the entire world; all because of your association with the Grimm Campaign.

    Let’s go back a short time. What kind of Brooklyn GOP effort was there that resulted in the kind of loss that you suffered in 2009.

    Why have any association with anybody who did so very little useful for you in the past(yes, your Assembly and your City Counsel capaigns are what I’m talking about); and then, so much against you recently. Prove that you can grow hair where men grow hair, and tell Eaton, TJIUA and your former campaign manager to shove their recent show of affection up their joint and several asses.

    Wasn’t it Thomas Wolfe who said, “You can’t go home again.”? To paraphrase Mr Wolfe, on something perhaps relevant to your thoughts at this time: “All things on earth point home in old [November*]; sailors to sea, travellers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken.” In this instance, have you forsaken the Brooklyn GOP, or has the Brooklyn GOP foresaken you?

    *”October” in Wolfe’s original

  13. Pathetic Brooklyn GOP is Reflection of Pathetic State GOP Spin on "Dead Cat Bounce" Election permalink
    November 9, 2010 12:48 am

    It seems that on November 4th Ed Cox, the NYS Republican Chairman, sent out a memo to all of his County Chairs to emphasize how this was the best Republican election “in decades” and that it was “historic”.…/cox-memo-on-tuesday-we-made-history/

    Those ” best …in decades” and “historic” refrains struck a chord almost as familiar as the progressive chords of the Chordettes’ “Mr. Sandman”. With good reason, TJIUA pounded that theme over and over for days last week. So, now it turns out that tune was neither unique, original nor spontaneous, but was part of a top down spin orchestrated by the State GOP and carried out locally by the Brooklyn GOP.

    Cox’s memo goes to great length to show how this was the best Republican year since 1994. Unfortunately, as we all know that simply isn’t true. In 1994, in addition to a massive turnaround in the US Congress, in New York State the Republicans elected several statewide officers, including Governor and Attorney General.

    For Republicans, the 2010 Election in New York State might best be described as a “Dead Cat Bounce”. That’s a derogatory Wall Street expression used to describe any slight up-tick in the market or a particular stock after a protracted downward track or chart – as in “…if you drop it from high enough, even a dead cat will bounce” or “…once it falls far enough, even a dead cat will bounce.”

    What do you think Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP bouncing dead cats will have to say about all of this?

    • Bocca Della Verita permalink
      November 9, 2010 6:27 pm

      What is the problem with the people who run the Kings County Republican Party and their chief spokesmen?

      How can they believe that 2010 is remotely comparable to 1994. After 1994 the Republican Party in New York Sate had an elected Governor from the Hudson Valley, an Attorney General from outside Buffalo, a U.S. Senator from Long Island, a Mayor of the City of New York who was born in Brooklyn, and a several vote NYS Senate majority. Downstate, in addition to a Congressman from Staten Island, there were several Republican Congressman elected on Long Island.

      Right now, it’s not even clear that the Republicans have retaken the NYS Senate.

      What’s with all the hoopla and celebration? The party organization is still a mess; and lots of people are still pissed-off.

  14. Why is Eaton's Hate Blog Running Like an old vinyl 33 1/3 being played at 78 permalink
    November 10, 2010 9:24 pm

    Is it crack or uppers…”The Jig is Up Atlas” has been motor-mouthing for a week.

    Maybe, it’s the same reason that various calls have been made to a lot of the insurgents’ “usual suspects”, some by Brooklyn GOP District Leaders, and at least one to a key Joseph Hayon operative by Craig Eaton, himself.

    Now there’s a whole bunch of trash talk directed at JJ, Lucretia, Roy-boy and the rest. The gist of it all is that in a few months, we ‘ll all be crushed. We thought that had already happened.

    I guess we’ll all have to see what happens next.

  15. YR Reform permalink
    November 11, 2010 12:34 am

  16. TJIUA says Brooklyn GOP put "Congressman Grimm, Assemblywoman Malliotakis Over The Top...!!!" In Naked Appeal for Credit permalink
    November 11, 2010 12:47 am

    On November 10th “The Jig is Up Atlas” finally showed us Emperor Eaton’s new clothes in AAA’s post “Chairman Eaton, And The Brooklyn GOP Flex Muscle To Help Put Congressman Grimm, Assemblywoman Malliotakis Over The Top Among Others!!!”

    Eaton’s most prolific nitwit and recent E-motormouth would have the world believe, or at least the few of us who routinely check out TJIUA, that the Brooklyn GOP’s donation of a few thousand dollars to a few candidates was a mighty catalyst for some kind of Republican resurgeance in Southwest Brooklyn. Would that it were so.

    Then next time, instead of giving Joseph Hayon $500, Eaton can pass along say $1000, or maybe a really magnanimous donation to the up and comer and give say $2500. If AAA’s logic were to prevail, then Mr. Hayon would certainly win, because that’s closer to the amounts listed for Grimm and Malliotakis who were so helped by Eaton and the Brooklyn GOP to be “Put…Over the Top”. If this Eatonesque self-congratulation weren’t such an absolutely pathetic and slovenly appeal for gratitude and credibility, it would be laughable.

    Nonetheless, “AAA” deserves “our gratitude” at least as much as our disdain. Not only did AAA’s piece show how threadbare the Eaton-led efforts were on behalf of Grimm, Malliotakis and Hayon, they demonstrate the uselessness of a countywide Republican Party in mounting successful campaigns.

    Grimm, Malliotakis and Hayon had mounted their efforts and launched their campaigns completely without the help or input of Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP in any way. In fact, Grimm’s effort was actively and brutally opposed by the Eaton crowd for at least nine months until Grimm’s primary trouncing (including in Brooklyn) of the “Brooklyn candidate” personally selected by Brooklyn GOP Chairman Eaton. Malliotakis was selected by Staten Island, and merely carried by the Brooklyn GOP, who then could not deliver even the Brooklyn GOP “stronghold” of Bay Ridge to the Staten Island assmbly candidate. Joseph Hayon had kept his assembly campaign secret from Eaton and his local GOP leader (Hayon was assisted by someone that Eaton had chosen to shun) and Hayon got on the ballot without Brooklyn GOP assitance. Compared to some others, Hayon received minimal support even after he was the Republican nominee, nonetheless Hayon was Brooklyn’s most effective Republican assembly candidate.

    When the Brooklyn GOP filings are obtained indicating all the spending for the 2010 elections, we’ll be better able to analyze how much “bang for the buck” Republicans got from the Eatonian self-praising Brooklyn GOP. Until then, AAA will have to keep reminding us that Emperor Eaton’s new clothes are completely in his head.

    btw, what “Others” were put over the top?

  17. Brooklyn GOP Radio Continues to Spin Election Success in 2010 permalink
    November 11, 2010 1:27 am

    We’re happy with what happened in Brooklyn….

    Craig Eaton — we had a great election cycle 5 or 6 Assembly candidates who did better than any other Republican candidates ever did. (Maybe he just doesn’t know the history and he’s not a “liar, liar pants on fire!)…. Peter Cipriano crushed Lucretia Regina-Potter….(make no mistake, if you heard it you’d know, that’s the biggest thing for Eaton in 2010)

    Berardelli — Hayon’s showing was not unexpected…. but I (Berardelli) predicted he’d get about 9%… others said he do better than that.

    If Joseph Hayon would have called Russell Gallo, he would have won.

    Brian Doherty “kicked butt” getting 38%.

    Peter Cipriano added 10% to Lucretia Regina-Potter’s prior high of 28%, the best ever against Peter Abbate.

    Berardelli and Gallo both acknowleged the possibility of State Senator Martin Golden switching parties to the Democrats and refused to discuss it further.

  18. Gene Berardelli, tell us, how much is a trillion dollars? And a few other things... permalink
    November 11, 2010 3:22 pm

    Berardelli — “Let’s do the right thing….” but how much is a trillion dollars? What is a tillion? Don’t lawyers know any math besides “one-third”.

    Berardelli — “Biggest congressional blood bath ever…since the 1870’s…” (Gene, maybe the answer is “1948”; look it up.)

    Gallo — “Bush did a fu… good… f’in good job.”
    (Russell, there ar terrorists on the moon, pack your kit and get your un-American ass goin’)

    Berardelli — “The victory center is the people’s center…”

    Berardelli — “Karen Fisher is the “Carl Rove” of the Cipriano campaign…”

    Karen Fisher — “We accomplished a lot … registered Republican … planning to move into the 49th AD.”

    Karen Fisher — “Republicans did very well in New York… South Brroklyn….” (Does Karen Fisher even know where “South Brooklyn” really is?)

    Karen Fisher — “Lucretia Regina-Potter’s frivolous challenge really hurt more than the primary challenge.

    Gallo — “Karen is a breath of fresh air…”

    Karen Fisher — “We added 2000 votes since the last election… Peter Cipriano is a student…doing school and strengthening the party…”

    • Not so fast Karen... Peter added 2000 votes...we don't think so. permalink
      November 17, 2010 1:37 am

      After the campaign that Karen Fisher managed had received all kinds of help and support from the State Senator Martin Golden, the Brooklyn GOP, and even from the NYS Republican committee, all of which meant: free mailings, robo-calls, and outside campaign “volunteers”, etc…., PETER CIPRIANO managed to receive 4,360 votes or 38.46% of the vote.

      Two years previously, Lucretia Regina-Potter, who ran for the same office, received 5,487 votes or about 30% of the total vote. Such an amount of votes would have been equivalent to 48.4% of the vote in the 2010 election.

      A simple question for Karen Fisher — how is over 1100 fewer votes adding 2000 votes since the last election? (Karen are you sure the 49th AD is the place for you? Like Craig Eaton you just don’t belong there.)

      btw, when Lucretia Regina-Potter ran, it was without any support or help from State Senator Martin Golden and without any of Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP resources (more will be made of this soon enough in 2011 — Regime Change Across Brooklyn IS COMING — this time Mr. Eaton we mean you).

      • Karen Fisher must be "Alice in Wonderland" and Eaton's her Reverend Dodgeson permalink
        November 18, 2010 8:09 am

        The response to the posting above in “The Jig is Up Atlas” is not in any readable or apparent logical form. Perhaps the November 17th comment “Got A Message For You …. Karen Was Right!!! said…” is in a code of the Rev. Dodgeson – Lewis Carroll sort.

        Nonetheless, this part of the “coded message” is a clear acknowledgment of one of the key items posted hereabove in Atlas :

        “After the campaign that Karen Fisher managed had received all kinds of help and support from the State Senator Martin Golden, the Brooklyn GOP, and even from the NYS Republican committee, all of which meant: free mailings, robo-calls, and outside campaign “volunteers”, etc…., PETER CIPRIANO managed to receive an impressive 4,360 votes or 38.46% of the vote.”

        Thus, according to the “logic” of Craig Eaton’s most active blog, TJIUA, Peter Cipriano’s race was an “IMPRESSIVE” one, even though he lost by a nearly 2 to 1 margin with 1100 fewer votes than the prior Republican candidate to run in the identical district two years earlier. Yes, quite “impressive”!

        What is most impressive is that Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP makes these kinds of statements regularly.

        Now we can add one of their newest “stars”, Karen Fisher, to the list of Brooklyn GOPers in Eaton’s “Through a Looking Glass” firmament, where higher and lower, more and less, winning and losing are all the same, as part of one large piece of “Jabberwocky”.

        Yes, it’s all part of the “Eaton Code”.

        I wonder if he’ll actually say, “Off with their heads…” sometime soon.

        Let’s see what happens next.

  19. John Galt permalink*
    November 12, 2010 11:39 am

    I noticed a very questionable comment purporting to be fact regarding Young Republican President Jonathan Judge on this post and am in the process of confirming it. This man has already been impersonated on our blog before by a sitting GOP District Leader. We do not allow fiction to masquerade as fact on Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn. That does not foster dialogue. Honest perspectives, opinions and commentary are always welcome.

  20. Now this is real reform... permalink
    November 13, 2010 12:38 am

    The lion laying down with the lamb*…


    What the fu…! Mike Long calls Andrew Cuomo…

    *Who’s the lion, who’s the lamb?

  21. Fly On The Wall permalink
    November 13, 2010 5:08 pm

    The Myth Busters have proven that you can polish shit.
    But even they could not put a shine on the crap that Craig and the cabal are trying to pass off.

    • "Eddie The Eagle" masters the technique above and succeeds with Eaton where others have failed. permalink
      November 16, 2010 8:30 pm

      Yes, Brooklyn’s favorite Hasty-pudding rag has stepped into the breach in an attempt to pull Craig Eaton’s Election Day chestnuts from the fire. What an incisive and insightful interview of one of Brooklyn’s biggest news-makers – this is surely Pulitzer Prize material for the Brooklyn Eagle – Bravo!

      Using the Eagle’s pinions to buff the Brooklyn GOP Chairman, has turned the trick of turning that ball of dull brown effluvium into a glossy sphere with a glowing burnt umber patina suitable for playing bocce. Just don’t expect any baci on this bocce ball.

      Next, Mr Hasty, by using a special “Philosophers Stone”, will attempt to alchemically change a large lump of Craig Eaton into a pile of purest gold.

      After such wonderful tricks and wonders, nobody will care that most of the GOP races in Brooklyn had been lost, and lost badly.

      • A Rag is A Rag is A ... Useless RINO Rag permalink
        November 17, 2010 12:59 am

        When people who run papers are over their heads, they are Eagle-atarians and we refer to them as Hasty-pudding.

        When they don’t cover the news, they are censors and we must be censorious.

        When they don’t report accurately, they are incompetent and we must be critical.

        When they intentionally mis-report events, they are liars, and we must bell the cat.

        When they support RINOs, we call them a RINO rag.

        When they puff up a failed Kings County Republican County Leader, they are just stupid and wasting everybody’s time and we must call them a useless rag.

        When Eagle-atarians do something right, we have to point out that even a stopped clock is right twice a day; and a stopped clock is far more timely than Hasty-pudding.

  22. What are they trying to say at TJIUA when they mention what we post here? permalink
    November 18, 2010 9:36 pm

    The response to the ASIB posting “Karen Nt So Fast…” above in “The Jig is Up Atlas” is not in any readable or apparently logical format. Perhaps the November 17th comment “Got A Message For You …. Karen Was Right!!! said…” is in a word-code of the Rev. Dodgeson – Lewis Carroll sort. Who might know about such things?

    Nonetheless, this part of TJIUA’s “coded message” is a clear acknowledgment of one of the key items posted above here in Atlas Shrugs:

    “After the campaign that Karen Fisher managed had received all kinds of help and support from the State Senator Martin Golden, the Brooklyn GOP, and even from the NYS Republican committee, all of which meant: free mailings, robo-calls, and outside campaign “volunteers”, etc…., PETER CIPRIANO managed to receive an impressive 4,360 votes or 38.46% of the vote.”

    Thus, according to the “logic” of Craig Eaton’s most active blog, TJIUA, Peter Cipriano’s race was an “IMPRESSIVE” one, even though he lost by nearly a 2 to 1 margin with 1100 fewer votes than the prior Republican candidate who had run in the identical district two years earlier. Yes, “Got A Message For You …. Karen Was Right!!!” that was quite “impressive” – Not!

    What is actually more impressive is that Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP makes these kinds of statements regularly.

    Now we can add one of their newest young lovelies, Karen Fisher, to the list of Brooklyn GOPers in Eaton’s “Through a Looking Glass” firmament, where higher and lower, more and less, winning and losing all signify just about the same thing. When analyzed, it all comes out as part of one large piece of “Jabberwocky”.

    Or, to put it in a contemporary Dan Brownish way – it’s all part of the “Eaton Code”.

    I wonder if some lovely “Queen of Hearts” like Clorinda Annanabarooma actually will say, “Off with their heads…” sometime soon.

    Let’s see what happens next.

  23. Puff piece on Republican State Senate Bill is a waste of time and effort permalink
    January 23, 2011 1:11 am

    Is AAA’s 1/22/11 posting in “The Jig is Up Atlas” entitled: “State Senator Marty Golden And The Senate Majority Hit The Ground Running In Votes To Reduce Taxes And Spending.” of any value whatsoever?

    Does it properly and correctly inform?

    Does it explain?

    Does it analyze?

    AAA has told us next to nothing that is not in Senator Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ press release. Things like: the name of a New York Senate Bill — the so-called “JOB CREATION & TAXPAYER PROTECTION ACT”; that the bill passed the Republican controlled state senate; and that it is “a three-part plan to encourage the creation of new private sector jobs and ensure fiscal responsibility, including the enactment of a two percent state spending cap and requiring a two-thirds “super majority” vote to increase taxes.” That’s all okay, but wasn’t there a lot of important information missing?????

    Does AAA’s blog item show how Golden’s and the Republican State Senate’s so-called spending cap fits in the whole scheme of New York State government, government services to the people, and a sound method of financing of New York State government and government services to the people? Does AAA’s posting tell us whether the Republican Senate bill stands any chance of being passed by the Democrat-controlled assembly and signed into law by Democrat Governor Cuomo?

    AND WHAT ABOUT THE SUBSTANCE OF THE BILL THAT PASSED THE SENATE??? What effect will the “INCENTIVES TO CREATE NEW JOBS” have on the actual creation of jobs? Doesn’t the proposed “STATE SPENDING CAP” and the requirement of a “SUPERMAJORITY VOTE TO RAISE TAXES”, both essential parts of this state senate bill require the process of amending the New York State Constitution, rather than just the simple passage of this single bill through both houses of the legislature and obtaining the governor’s signature?

    Doesn’t that mean that these reforms are several years away — even if they were all to sail through the process completely unopposed and unchanged [Yeah, right, that’ll happen!]?

    Once again, “The Jig is Up Atlas” and GOP Chairman Craig Eaton’s busiest blogger “AAA” are acting as AGENTS OF DISINFORMATION. TJIUA and the current Brooklyn GOP under Eaton and Golden are more comfortable peddling this Goebbels-type “BIG LIE” than doing the hard work of informing, enlightening and inspiring the Republican base in New York State’s largest county.


  24. Craig Eaton's boosters at the "GOP Hate Blog" post sham numbers from BOE permalink
    November 2, 2011 7:46 pm

    “The Jig is Up Atlas” is guilty of knowingly posting false enrollment data in a naked attempt to show that there are more Republicans since Craig Eaton became GOP Chairman than there were before.

    On November 2nd, Eaton’s favorite internet prevaricator, “AAA” was “… proud to point out there are now 113,855 active Republicans in the county of “Kings”. REALLY???

    Anybody who has attempted to gather Republican signatures off of the Board of Elections rolls knows that there is only a small fraction of actual living Republican voters from all those showing on the BOE lists.

    Instead, maybe “AAA” might try telling us what percentage of the supposed 113,855 “active Republicans” supported the 2011 election of “the greatest Republican Party chairman who has ever lived, now three-term, Kings County Republican Party chairman, the “Immortal” Craig A. Eaton” – either directly by County Committee delegate vote or indirectly by signatures for the County Committee members who voted for Eaton. The County Committee delegate vote is easy — under 1%.

    The second statistic is more meaningful, but tougher to come by. What was the percentage of “active Republicans” who actually signed GOP organizing petitions in 2011 for Eaton’s County Committee candidates? Come on “AAA”, take a crack at something relevant.

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