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Initial Reports of Voter Fraud At Brooklyn Poll Sites, Among Other Issues

November 2, 2010

BOE Worker Assists Voter (DelMundo/Daily News)

We’ve already received a string of emails from voters claiming serious fraud on the part of local Democrats at polling sites.

On top of that, fundamental issues about the ballots themselves are looming large.

We were particularly stunned by this email from a friend of our blog:

A close friend of mine was voting this morning at [a polling site] in Brooklyn. After signing in the clerk tells him “you’re a Democrat so here’s where you vote” and actually pointed to the Democratic slate on the ballot. He will be filing a complaint with the Board of Elections.

This is an outrage.

I couldn’t agree more.

And this email is not the only one we’ve received. A cursory inspection of our mailbox today revealed a slew of morning voters who stated their voting process was delayed, confused, not private, and even “managed” by poll workers on the floor of various polling sites.

The Board of Elections at its best, I’m sure…

“It’s a complete disgrace,” said one GOP insider to us. “The Republicans should be ashamed that their people in the Board of Elections didn’t do more to prevent this sort of outrageous conduct at the polls.”

Besides all of the horrible issues regarding the Board of Elections Executive Director (lampooned generously on Democratic reform blog Bay Ridge Interpol), the fact is the ballot itself was severely compromised.

One comment on my Facebook wall from Steven Zessman read: “I voted today! But the NYC paper ballots were too small to read! Very small print! Are you kidding me? The NYC Board of Elections are ridiculous! There is no reason why the paper ballots could not have had LARGER, easy to read, type.”

Brooklyn Young Republican headman Jonathan Judge wrote on Facebook: “Seriously, could the print on the ballot been any smaller? I have excellent reading vision and even I had trouble!”

Meanwhile, Daily Politics diva Celeste Katz claims that voter complaints are down, but she is keeping a rolling tally of issues and providing links with interesting information of what to do if you’ve had trouble.

And so the day marches on…

We here at Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn invite you to continue to send us your emails and comments about your experiences on Election Day as our coverage continues!

  1. A "Russian- American" Repubican Coordinator at PS-163 tries to Stop Regina-Potter Write-in permalink
    November 2, 2010 6:03 pm

    Sometimes the voter-fraud comes from the Board of Elections.

    At the 49th AD polling place in PS-163, Victor [With an “Russian” accent and last name], an Eaton-appointed Brooklyn GOP coordinator, gave instructions that no write-ins for Lucretia Potter would be accepted because they would make the ballots unreadable and invalid. Nonetheless, several were submitted and passed through the readers without incident.

    Nonetheless, later voters were given the same negative instructions later in the day.

    Also at PS-163 a female poll watcher from the Brooklyn GOP who said she was there for Michael Grimm also apparently disrupted the activities of the election workers and delayed voting to get certain information on the identity of voters. She was briefly ejected from PS-163, but returned later and was admitted. At some time during the day she had consulted with Victor, the Republican coordinator, on the issue of the attempts to write-in Lucretia Regina-Potter and she told him it could foul up the votes for the other Republican candidates.

  2. Media Lies permalink
    November 3, 2010 2:34 pm

    This election was a disgrace, no matter what the media says.

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