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As Election Day Arrives, We Ask You To Vote For Reform

November 2, 2010


Our government–national, state and local levels of it–is truly broken.

Today is our chance to take a stand and make a statement.

The writers of Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn commend candidates of reform and wish them well in the elections. We also encourage all of our readers to vote if they have not done so already.

With major events taking place today and updates coming regularly, we ask you to stick with Atlas as we feature continuing commentary and coverage of Election 2010.

We will have analysis throughout the week of the fallout, developments and the triumphs of today.

  1. I'm afraid it's "All Over" and "All is lost", even if it looks like we've had a big win permalink
    November 2, 2010 2:40 pm

    The American Periclean Era is done, but maybe a new grand era may emerge. Let’s hope and pray, and sing…

    All alone in the moonlight
    I can smile like the old days,
    I[t] was beautiful then. I remember
    The time I knew what happiness was
    Let the memory live again….
    [From ALW]

  2. For Those Who Haven't Yet Voted........ permalink
    November 2, 2010 3:04 pm

    Please, just remember one TEA PARTY thing, that does mean reform:


  3. Nominee For “Top Catalyst For Reform Of The Brooklyn Republican Party” permalink
    November 2, 2010 8:04 pm

    We would suggest that in 2010 one candidate stood out above the rest as a catalyst for reform in the Republican Party in Brooklyn. That candidate did not run in any Republican Primary, indeed that candidate was not registered in the Republican Party, nor did that candidate run on the Republican line or with any of the Republican candidates. Nonetheless, there was one candidate that unintentionally and irreversibly did change the nature of Republican politics in Brooklyn. That candidate was Michael DiSanto, certainly a significant catalytic converter to clean the air inside the Republican Party.

    Lest anyone attack us for electioneering on behalf of the Democratic Candidate for State Senate Michael DiSanto, we have withheld this comment until the close of voting.

    Early in 2010 we posted the following as “Wag-the-Dog” on February 16th, these were some of the key points that we pointed out at the time.

    “…Speaking of Democrats…up popped the name Mike DiSanto … the young man supposedly trying to get the Democrat nomination to run against State Senator Martin Golden. …DiSanto “had his heart in the right place” and would learn how to present himself like a real candidate “soon enough.” …DiSanto’s the only candidate to have reached out …and that counted for something…. Mike D [] does seem to have his head on straight— NYU Business School and all that kind of stuff— but he is quite new and raw to the ways of politics in Brooklyn.
    He plans to run a solid, good government, centrist campaign, and leave it up to the incumbent to harp on the routine heavy social conservative stuff that gets put out around election time. Then young Mike thinks he’ll be able to counter-punch with rational centrist versions on those issues that he thinks the majority of people can, and in many cases really do, support. He’s not comfortable with labels and believes that an ability to work across the aisle is essential to unclogging the NY State Senate and fixing a generally dysfunctional Albany.
    …Mike DiSanto seems to be a man with a plan, although it is one put together by an amateur. The prospective candidate has already been working some Dem fat-cats in Manhattan…and promised to talk to me again, before too long.

    In the same posting we noted that we had :
    “… been trying to get in touch with another Democrat whose name has been mentioned in connection with a possible run against the Republican incumbent, Justin Lee Brannan….”

    DiSanto did largely follow through on that early promise. With the support of Ralph Perfetto, DiSanto made his way onto the Democratic ballot as the Democrats’ first nominee against State Senator Marty Golden for any of his races for re-election.

    As a result of DiSanto’s campaign, for the first time since his first election, Marty Golden had to run on a contested ballot along with his fellow Republicans in Brooklyn. By itself, that was a major step forward in the reform of the Brooklyn GOP. Marty Golden was actually forced to enter and support campaigns for Republican candidates across all of Brooklyn, some in their primaries and most during their general election campaigns.

    Again, hats off to Democrat Mike DiSanto for his major contribution to our Grand Old Party in Brooklyn.

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