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In Duking Commercials, Each Gubernatorial Candidate Claims The Other Cannot “Clean Up” Albany

October 24, 2010

The ad wars of 2010 continue. Here’s Carl Paladino‘s most recent jab at Andrew Cuomo:


Not to be undone, Team Cuomo put out two opposing ads targeting those associated with Paladino, including (hilariously) GOP Chairman and Nixon son-in-law Ed Cox:


Talk about “professional hit job.”

These ads just scream typical Albany attack machine. Cuomo and his cronies are masters at that.

But, then again, that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Paladino, despite his enormous failings as a GOP candidate, has associated with some rather questionable individuals (although Caputo, The Daily Politics reports, has denied he has tax problems) and has gotten some interesting Albany benefits as a real estate mogul.

Now, Cuomo is just building on a statewide sentiment amongst those in the electorate watching the Paladino fiasco continue to unfold.

First came the accusations regarding Cuomo’s alleged affairs and legendary “prowess.”

Then came the confrontation with Fred Dicker of The New York Post.

Next, it was the controversy over remarks regarding gays.

Just one whammy after another. Only to be followed by the single most embarrassing debate in (perhaps) the history of New York State–during which Paladino was a complete nonentity.

So the question everyone is asking in the GOP (and, indeed, many have answered) is whether there is anything left for Carl Paladino to do in this home stretch before November?

Because one TV ad alone just isn’t going to cut it…

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