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DiSanto to Voters: Golden Responsible For Status Quo After Nearly a Decade in Albany

October 14, 2010

Golden & DiSanto (Photo by Tom Callan, The Brooklyn Paper)

We reached out, and only DiSanto reached back.

Insurgent Democratic candidate for State Senate Mike DiSanto is waging an uphill battle against his Republican opponent in the 22nd State Senate district, Atlas pal Marty Golden. DiSanto recently made headlines for his performance in a debate the other night, and we immediately reached out for comment. DiSanto was quick to respond.

Meanwhile, no word yet from Republican Sen. Marty Golden.

We asked Mr. DiSanto about his own perspective regarding the debate. His campaign issued a statement to our blog that brought the hammer down hard on Uncle Marty:

Senator Golden has been in the State Senate for almost a decade, and the fact is our economy, our schools, and our district are suffering. Senator Golden should take responsibility for his time in Albany instead of defending the status quo and blaming all of our problems on one party.  He supports the congestion tax on anyone who drives into Manhattan, he voted for drastic cuts to senior services, and he supports dangerous gas drilling that threatens our water supply. As Mr. DiSanto said in the debate, Senator Golden is a tax and spend Republican who has no real solutions to our fiscal crisis.

Now, even before our blog took a critical look at Golden, a fellow Republican, he has never done anything to convince us or our readers that we are wrong in any way. He has never commented regarding our local GOP coverage and has kept entirely to himself, even as the local media has taken interest.

This campaign apparently has not provoked a different response from him.

But Golden continues to make a huge mistake by allowing a vacuum to form around him with GOP voters. Let’s not forget–and Mr. DiSanto intimates this in his statement–Sen. Golden has had some tough press lately. First, it was his involvement with Atlantic Yards. Then, it was his flip-flop on a critical piece of gun legislation. Most recently, he has been noticeably absent during crucial votes in the Senate.

Take this snippet from Courier Life recently:

Last week, state Sen. Marty Golden railed against the state’s decision to bring back the 4.375-percent tax on clothes and shoes — which began Friday — even though he was a no-show when the Senate voted on the measure on Aug. 3.

“I couldn’t be there, but I would have voted against [the tax] if I was there,” Golden (R-Bay Ridge) told us when asked him about his peculiar voting record on Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, just after he accused the state of screwing the taxpayer.

When pressed, Golden wouldn’t tell us why he wasn’t around for the vote that would affect virtually every non-nudist in the borough.

“I had an issue and I couldn’t be there,” he said sternly, refusing to say any more.

Golden was the only person excused from the Senate vote that day. The push to tax clothes and shoes under $110 carried, 32-28.

Granted, Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn and a host of local reformers have expressed serious reservations about Golden. But even if we took no issue with him at all, the Senator is not making it easy for his constituent Republicans to stand behind him and cheer.

This year has seen blunder after blunder, and Mr. DiSanto’s comments and recent debate performances have highlighted those facts.

Reformers such as those who write for our blog and our fellow readers have been faced with many difficult decisions this year. Most especially, they have been faced with the choice of supporting establishment candidates or no candidate at all.

This is a dilemma shared by many Tea Party activists and libertarians (and frankly, a large number of average New York voters displeased with their options).

Sen. Golden, like it or not, has been in Albany for nearly a decade in Albany. And, whether it’s to our blog or some other source, he needs to be held accountable for his actions. He needs to provide his district with a roadmap for their future given the reduction in local funding. He needs to explain why a freshman like Mr. DiSanto–who could potentially bring in more money as a Democrat–would do more harm than good to the district.

Basically, he needs to stop merely blaming the Democrats (yes, they deserve a tremendous amount of blame–we get that) and give the voters a blueprint for a Golden platform of legislation.

That’s no different from any other Republican seeking our vote and support this year.

So far, given Golden’s silence, he’s off to a terrible start.

Golden’s website is barren, he provides bare platitudes to the media, and then he expects to be venerated by local Republicans?

I don’t think so.

Whatever our disagreements are with Mr. DiSanto, it says something that he has, in this brief span as a candidate, said more about his goals in Albany than Sen. Golden has said seemingly in around seven years. I hear Golden complain a lot, but I don’t really know what he plans to work on in the coming years as one of our state senators. Honestly.

If Golden wants to be genuinely respected by his constituents for being a legislator and not merely as Uncle Marty, he needs to speak with the press more and provide a detailed plan for the district. That plan must be open and available for careful review. He needs to stop calling for “committees” and talking about “lowering taxes” and using vague statements.

It’s time he got specific.

The voters deserve that. Fellow Republicans deserve that. Because the district can’t suffer more of the same from status quo Albany.

  1. Mrs. Gerry O'Brien (pushing 600 lbs.) permalink
    October 14, 2010 11:08 am

    Golden is a smug, complacent, conceited, holier-than-thou P.o.S. who surrounds himself with deluded and obsequious losers who treat him like a king and fool him into thinking the outside world thinks the same. Fact is, they do not. The facade is crumbling. His days are numbered for this very reason.

    He needs to pay more attention to his constituents and spend less time watching his sycophantic staffers shine his Payless loafers.

    Bottom line: Golden is priggish and self-satisfied. The hallmarks of an incumbent who needs to GO GO GO!

    • Mrs. O'Brien Never Should Have Taken Gerry To That Chocolate Factory As a Kid permalink
      October 18, 2010 11:48 pm

      A young Agustus Gloop–of Germanic descent–had a very tragic childhood. Didn’t he, Mrs. O’Brien?

      Your great, big, greedy, nincompoop is rumored to have adopted his mother’s last name after a rare Oedipal moment. So, he became the one and only Gerry O’Brien, the vicious vicar of Brooklyn politics–the master of political defeats.

      You should never have taken him to that chocolate factory when he was a kid. Look what it did to him!

  2. What to do when one is dissatisfied with the candidates. permalink
    October 14, 2010 11:44 pm

    Take a pass, don’t vote the line, stay on the sidelines.

    Or as John Milton said so well, so long ago:

    “God doth not need
    Either man’s work or his own gifts. Who best
    Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. His state
    Is kingly: thousands at his bidding speed,
    And post o’er land and ocean without rest;
    They also serve who only stand and wait.

    • Fabian permalink
      October 28, 2010 8:58 am

      If you feel like voting .. vote for another party there are several smaller ones … it’s obviously not a win … more of like a protest vote … but at least it shows you are not willing to go along with the game and you’d rather put the ball in someone else’s hand. I think Warren Redlich is running for Governor on the Libertarian line … he is a Republican in northern NY elected to a small local office.

      I don’t think anyone else worth noting is running in the State Senate race .. so staying out may be the correct course of action.

  3. Staus quo in Albany flows from status quo in the counties and districts permalink
    October 15, 2010 7:13 am

    One would not expect a Democratic Candidate for an office to properly analyze a problem in any way that would improve the prospects of the opposition party. Nonetheless, Mr. D may have stumbled onto something of which Republican reform activists should take note. This should have been a campaign by all Republicans against the political status quo. Except for a little lip service that was quite partisan, the has been no anti-status quo agenda, program or identifiable initiative put forward by any Republican.

    The 2010 campaign is almost over, all of the candidates are in the homestretch and will soon be at the finish line. The outcome of a only few races locally and in the whole of New York State are in doubt.

    The effect of the great national upheaval may have already been felt in this state with the resounding defeat of Republican Establishment candidate Rick Lazio by Carl Palidino. So far, our local Brooklyn GOP has turned its back on all of that. Where is the Brooklyn GOP effort for the top of the ticket? All that we see and hear about a from the Brooklyn GOP is about a handful of local candidates largely clustered in Bay Ridge, with the notable excption of Bob Turner, who has a weak link to Bay Ridge through the Gerrymandered Golden seat. This is typical of the Bay Ridge centric Brooklyn GOP. It is the status quo.

    Gene Berardelli likes to say that you can’t get a different result if you keep doing the same thing. He overlooks the beam in the eye of the Brooklyn GOP, that’s what it has done all along and is repeating in 2010.

    Break the status quo. Stand strongly behind CARL PALADINO and
    DUMP ALL INCUMBENTS, including Marty Golden!

    • Brooklyn GOP For Paladino permalink
      October 15, 2010 6:08 pm

      I guess you didnt see the Brooklyn GOP Chairman marching with Paladino in the Columbus Day Parade in NYC – no other GOP Chairs were there. Check your facts before you speak – you are only showing your stupidity and ignorance

    • Fabian permalink
      October 28, 2010 8:55 am

      Sorry no Paladino .. that guy is a nut. And I’m not too enthusiastic about Golden either.

  4. No Name Republicans permalink
    October 15, 2010 3:50 pm

    Hayon is so proud of being endorsed by Marty Golden that it is on his business cards. Someone help Hayon see the light.

  5. Are Eaton's Hate Bloggers Out of Step With Golden's Campaign Literature permalink
    October 16, 2010 6:38 pm

    On October 13th TJIUA blogger AAA observed that “…Marty Golden [did] not even break a ‘sweat’…” at a recent debate. On October 14th Brooklynpolitico’s blog had a posting headlined: “Marty Will Destroy Blue Tie Di Santo. I Predict Marty’s Win Will Be A Landslide.”

    Truth to be told, even most of us at ASIB probably expect State Senator Golden to coast through his re-election. You can imagine our surprise when we received a piece of literature from “Friends of Marty Golden, 7304 5th Avenue…” that pitched the following:

    “Every Republican and Conservative vote is critical to keeping Marty Golden[] as our State Senator”

    Aren’t the messages on the blogs about Golden stepping on the message in Golden’s direct mail lit to Conservatives and Republicans? Some might call this a “disconnect”; others, “a crack in the facade”. Either way, this is an epiphenomenon that needs to be watched a bit, and put into some kind of context before anyone can conclude that it represents any other phenomenon at work in this election cycle.

  6. "Status Quo" and Rank Hypocrisy in one fell swoop for State Senator Golden... permalink
    October 20, 2010 9:18 pm

    TJUIA’s October 20th offering “Senator Marty Golden And Nicole Malliotakis Stand Up To Rockefeller Drug Law Repeal!!” is the perfect Halloween gift. So late in October before an election involving Marty Golden; it’s just so thoughtful, you luvs at TJIUA.

    The Rockefeller Drug Laws are like everything else Liberal Republican Nelson Rockefeller did. It saddled/saddles us with a massively expensive program that just doesn’t work. It’s a boon to cops to make “cheap arrests” and look like they’re doing something. They can be doing real police work – not filling prisons with drug USERS.

    Maybe it could have been fixed way back when (but we doubt it). It certainly needed massive overhaul — now it needs to be completely abolished and something new put in its place ( a libertarian – small government thing called) legalization .

    As for State Senator Golden, given some of his personal associations and dealings, favoring any kind of strict criminal drug enforcement is simply rank hypocrisy.

    Must we spell it out? OK: “G….R….Z…. & D….Z….”!!!!!! Oh, there’s also an indirect child abuse component, tsk, tsk, tsk…I really hate that stuff (as you should ALL know by now)!!!!

    Just part of the October surprise….

    Thanks, for the segue, TJIUA, and btw, the “JIUA fiddle” was very much in tune lately, such beautiful music.

    • NOW! What would you pay, State Senator? permalink
      October 22, 2010 10:47 pm

      Let’s say its some time in 2006 and a prominent pro-strict-drug-law-enforcing public official and his wife were looking for a bigger more beautiful home in a better part of town. And they found one that should have cost about $1.2 million and there’s some negotiating.

      Now, luckily for the house-hunters, the seller had a big, big problem since some time late in October 2006. It’s an all-around big family problem, wife, children, drugs, weapons, threats, the works…. oh, and professional problems to beat the band…. it’s all hanging over the seller’s head and he really needs to sell his house….

      So somebody turned to the prominent pro-strict-drug-law-enforcing public official and said, “NOW WHAT WOULD YOU PAY?”

      Maybe, ASIB should conduct a poll on what the prominent pro-strict-drug-law-enforcing public official should have paid the troubled seller for the bigger more beautiful home in a better part of town.

  7. Golden is part of the same crew condemned by NY Post Editorial permalink
    October 23, 2010 6:00 pm

    Yesterday, the New York Post did an editorial lashing State Senator Schneiderman and hyping Staten Island DA Dan Donovan in their race for NY State Attorney General.

    The Post showed that many of New York’s Democratic State Senators had signed off on the Aqueduct Racino. Quoting NYS Inspector General Joseph Fisch the Post rightly asked: “So where was he when — in Fisch’s words — ‘our state leaders abdicated their public duty, failed to impose ethical standards and focused on political gain at a cost of millions to New Yorkers’?”

    Can’t the very same question be addressed to our Republican State Senator, Marty Golden? Did he speak on this issue at any time prior to its most recent blow up?

    How is this any different than Golden’s support of the Atlantic-Vanderbilt project?

    October 24, 2010 1:17 am

    We met with Democratic challenger Mike DiSanto early Friday afternoon right after he had finished a lunchtime meet and greet at a Bay Ridge senior center. We had a bit of a chat concerning various aspects of his campaign for the State Senate against State Senator Marty Golden.

    He told us that he would have a few minutes to discuss his campaign with part of the “opposition camp” if we didn’t mind his multi-tasking. So we did the interview while he passed his literature out at the nearby 69th Street Subway Station. Since it was mid-day the pace was leisurely, but candidate DiSanto clearly showed that he was now more of a polished campaigner than he had been in the spring when we first saw him talking with voters.

    He acknowledged that he could have done a little better at the debates, but that on balance the debates and their coverage hyped the campaign. According to the candidate, it was a campaign item that didn’t hurt the campaign budget. He also thought that several of his points did hit home against State Senator Golden. He liked that he was able to characterize Golden as a “Tax and Spend Republican” a couple of times, and to bring out that he was as likely as not to be more fiscally conservative than a State Senator Golden would be during the next term.

    He thought that his position on “Gay Marriage” was misconstrued, especially the economic arguments. According to the young candidate, just in terms of the economic loss on gay marriage ceremonies, photographers, bands, florists, limousines and wedding halls probably lost lots of business to Connecticut alone. This had a local impact on Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. In less than ten years, New York will have legalized gay marriage, and places like the Bay Ridge Manor will be glad to be booking those receptions.

    Still not getting a lot of support from most of the Democratic Clubs, DiSanto said that he would be getting a little more help from a couple of them in the last week of the campaign.

    Looking ahead to 2012, he thought that his showing in 2010 would be good enough for him to be a factor going forward. If he runs in 2012 he said he would seek other lines like the Libertarians, which could have been a big help if he had worked to get it this time.

    For those interested, Mike DiSanto pointed out that he was wearing a suit and new patterned blue tie. He did remember that the Republican blogs liked to comment on that kind of stuff.

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