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During Vigorous Debate, DiSanto Throws Sharp Darts at Golden’s Hind

October 12, 2010

"The Golden Prince" (Sen. Marty Golden)

Marty didn’t get it easy the other night.

The headline of The Brooklyn Paper’s story covering the 22nd Senate debate read “DiSanto’s Golden Moment Against Sen. Marty.” The photo online (at left, by Tom Callan) shows a jowly, red-eyed Marty Golden staring out from a pale face. Golden was reportedly quite calm during the debate, only to be outshone by insurgent Democratic candidate Mike DiSanto.

DiSanto is running against Golden (in contravention to the armistice between Democratic Boss Vito Lopez and his ally Golden) with no support from the Democratic establishment.

Thomas Tracy of The Brooklyn Paper had a very striking piece of coverage regarding the debate:

Political newcomer Mike DiSanto slammed longtime state Sen. Marty Golden as a “hallway” hack who skipped out on key votes in Albany rather than take controversial positions.

At a debate last week sponsored by the Bay Ridge Council on Aging, the 30-year-old Democratic challenger appeared a bit nervous as he thundered against the 60-year-old Republican stalwart’s failure to vote on the return of state sales tax on clothes and shoes and for “hanging out in the hallway” when the Senate debated a bill that would allow law enforcement to track bullet casings back to the gun from which it was fired.

The Senate ultimately pulled the vote from the floor after realizing the measure wasn’t going to pass.

“Where were you?” DiSanto asked Golden. “Our taxes are going up and you didn’t bother to show up.”

Golden answered calmly, distinguishing himself from the booming DiSanto, whom he referred to condescendingly as a “young man.”

The incumbent admitted that he missed a few votes, but claimed to have made 97 percent of all Senate votes. He then turned the tables on DiSanto, saying that the Democrat “wants to be part of the caucus to raise taxes and fees.”

He also questioned why DiSanto hadn’t voted at all before 2004.

“You blame me for screwing up when I have a 97-percent voting record, but you’re voting record is more inconsistent,” Golden explained.

DiSanto said he didn’t vote before 2004 because he was putting himself through college and was “disillusioned” with the voting process at the time.

Golden spent the rest of the debate falling back on what he called his record of service, rattling off the names of the schools and civic programs he’s helped with his legislative earmarks. But that barrel of pork has dried up now that Golden is in the Senate minority.

State figures show that in 2008, just before the Democrats took hold of the senate, Golden brought $2.8 million in member items to the district, which also includes Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Sheepshead Bay, Borough Park, Gravesend and Marine Park. Last year, he brought in just $250,000.

But DiSanto’s money woes are apparently just as stark.

At a time when Democrats are trying to further their power base, no one seems to be aiding DiSanto, who has just over $6,000 to wage a campaign. Golden has well over $119,000 to keep his seat, according to campaign finance reports.

Tracy does a good job of painting a picture of the room in this piece.

But what the story leaves out are the established connections between Sen. Golden and Vito Lopez, to which political insiders ascribe Marty Golden having never received a genuine challenge for his seat.

Indeed, DiSanto has been running without any noticeable support from the local donkeys tethered to Lopez.

But the story makes an important point about Golden’s loss of pork ever since the Democrats took control of the State Senate. It’s not new to us here at Atlas, being as we reported about it a whole year ago.

Golden has a lot more to answer for than DiSanto given his voting record, his tremendous blunders this year, and his associations with ACORN and Vito Lopez. Republicans are becoming less and less enthused by Golden, and reformers have been skeptical of him for a very long time.

So, as the Golden smokescreen wisps away, we shall see what the voters think about “The Real Marty Golden.”

One thing is sure: the tide is changing.


We welcome comment from the Golden and DiSanto campaigns regarding the debate. Further coverage is upcoming!

  1. "Young Man" DeSanto Still Not Ready for Prime Time, But Improving! permalink
    October 12, 2010 11:10 pm

    When the flush-faced State Senator referred to him as “Young Man”, Michael DiSanto should have said, “Calm down, ‘Old Boy’, you’re red as a beet.”

    In spite of these missed opportunities, the “Young Man” is hanging in there; and he lives to fight another day.

    Every day in every way he gets better and better.

  2. Mrs. Gerry O'Brien permalink
    October 13, 2010 3:40 pm

    Is it me or is Golden’s face actually starting to rot away? One too many gin and tonics at Three Jolly Pigeons methinks.

    • Doesn't the man above look like Krusty the Clown? permalink
      October 15, 2010 11:43 pm

      Marty Golden’s face has turned into a Rorschach test.

      To me, the picture of MG above looks like Herschel Krustofski out of makeup. Herschel Krustofski is better known by his stage name Krusty the Clown, of “The Simpsons” fame where he was always seen made up.

  3. john brown permalink
    October 13, 2010 4:17 pm

    Could it be, that Marty’s time is up.

  4. Sandra Beasley permalink
    October 14, 2010 11:11 am

    Hang on, Gerry is firing up his Apple IIe to crank out some last minute mailers.

    God, can you imagine what Gerry’s computer chair smells like? Think Cheetos® and stale farts.

    Good Lord!

  5. "The Real Truth said..." really, he said that, how much are we talkin'? permalink
    October 15, 2010 11:10 pm

    “The Real Truth said…
    My money is on Cipriano, Carbo, Doherty, and Malliotakis!!!

    This is the classic Craig Eaton oversell. Is anybody buyin’?

    Bet your money on it, TRTS…, if you like; have fun shootin’ your wad, but don’t bet your asshole, you’ll never shit again.

    At best, you have a shot at one of the four. Two-fifty (.250), that’ll get you a real shot at the bench on any good team, but zippo (.000) that’ll be your one way trip to Euckerville.

    All Democrats out!!!! Dream on!!!! Maybe in Oklahoma and Utah, maybe even Arizona or Idaho and the lower Mississippi basin, but certainly not in Brooklyn, NY?

    Love him or hate him, Marty Golden is the only Republican “Lock” in this county; Nicole M. and M. Grimm have real shots in the trans-Verrazano District; and the rest of Brooklyn is the abovementioned S/Q.

    On the other hand, brooklynpolitico is having altogether too much of a good time pissin’ all over PC. Show some restraint, man.

  6. BTW, ASIB enough with the Sir Francis Drake puns permalink
    October 15, 2010 11:58 pm

    The poop on the Hind (Hinde) has always been impressive.

    Circumnavigate this!!!!!

  7. Who's rooting for Democrats? Not I, sir. permalink
    October 16, 2010 10:04 am

    The raccoons with rabies over at TJIUA love to set up the straw man; and they are so proud when they pretend that they’ve demolished it.

    None of those with whom we are associated root for any Democrats in real races against real Republicans.

    By definition a real American “Republican” cannot be “Un-American”. Right now, “The Jig is Up Atlas” is the product of several Un-American scumbags, led by Chairman Un-American Scumbag Craig Eaton and several other Un-American scumbags who all seem to be associated with one of the joint enterprises that Eaton directs and controls, the Kings County Republican Party, for whose benefit TJIUA purports to exist.

    TJIUA has chosen to publically back many Republican candidates using all manner and means of traditionally Un-American tactics, tools and techniques to further those candidates’ campaigns. TJIUA and Eaton seek to portray any pushback against their Un-American tactics, tools and techniques as “rooting for Democrats” — that’s a typical strawman argument.

    State Senator Martin Golden is a special case. From this quarter, much of what appears to be support and rooting for Michael Di Santo is something else entirely. Everything is intended to be strictly anti-Marty Golden and none of it particularly pro-Michael DiSanto. No offense, Mike, that’s just the way it is.

    As far as we’re concerned, not only is State Senator Martin J. Golden a typical RINO on many key issues, he has repeatedly demonstrated that he is a dishonorable individual and probably unworthy to hold any office of public trust. In terms that Spectator columnist Gerry Kassar might be familiar, Marty Golden is a “bad person”.

    Nonetheless, Marty Golden’s defeat is highly unlikely, and any efforts at undermining his expected majority is strictly directed at Mr. Golden personally. That is our effort to show this little corner of the world, especially real Republicans and real conservatives that might be there, the kind of guy Marty Golden really is.

    That Golden also happens to be the “Crown Prince” of Eaton’s Un-American regime is certainly not an accident; thus we will bell that cat right now — Marty Golden is an official “ fellow-traveler” of Craig Eaton’s Un-American band of miscreant Republicans. All it will take is two of the right words out of Golden’s mouth and he too can achieve full Un-American status.

  8. October Surprise Seaon Is Now Upon Us --- Can You Guess? permalink
    October 16, 2010 10:59 pm

    Yes, we’ve wagged about this stuff one or twice before.

    Maybe the suddenly aged appearance of MG is not just from campaign stress, but from other stuff that he knows is out there.

    We only know a few things that we want to do a chin-wag about. The promised October surprise is two-pronged.

    One prong involves YKW’s house, a brief moment of the bizarre history there shortly before the YKW and his wife bought it, and how YKW’s dealing with somebody, let’s call him “GRZ”, complicates the narrative as to YKW’s position on issues of child abuse in our community.

    The other prong is news on the Kettle Black cases; there’s been quite a bit of progress and YKW is still keeping mum to the public. But, can that last?

    By this time next week there will be lots more out in the bloggosphere about YKW. Can you guess who, what, where, when, and how?

  9. Remember, Krusty The Clown had to face very serious charges permalink
    October 16, 2010 11:04 pm

    He eventually beat the rap, but Krusty The Clown did have very serious charges put against him.

  10. Shocking!!! TJIUA is trying to pull a fast one on the debate coverage. permalink
    October 17, 2010 11:32 am

    TJIUA is pulling a fast one on anybody who doesn’t actually read the local newspapers. The coverage of the SW Brooklyn political debates appearing in the papers has painted a completely different picture of what’s gone on at the debates than the scenes portrayed in Eaton’s pet hate blog.

    Since they can’t take any real new report of the debates, they take an opinion column by Jerry Kassar and use it to bootstrap their version of events. But make no mistake, the TJIUA October 17th piece posted by AAA, “Local Newspapers Recap Dyker Heights Civic Debate With A Little Bit Of Common Sense!!”, is still more of AAA’s vichyssoise than Kassar’s.

    How can one say, “BOOTSTRAP” when the JIG RAT AAA is relying upon the authority of another? When that authority is someone parroting from and on behalf the same source – the propaganda machine of the Bay Ridge Cabal. That’s because Kassar is a key functionary of that cabal(well reported here on ASIB in several prior reports). What Jerry Kassar is not is an objective reporter of anything political. He is nothing but a flack for Golden, and against the Democrats Abbate, McMahaon, etc., etc., etc. So let’s look at Kassar’s “coverage” and see if there’s anything good in it.

    At least as to these debates, since Kassar has been bought and paid for by Marty Golden, he kept his mouth shut about Marty, since we here at ASIB have called him out for that several times already. However, Kassar remains thoroughly tainted as to the other candidates as well as the very nature of the debate that he was commenting upon, the one at the Dyker Heights Civic Association and his column definitely showed that.

    He started by disingenuously mentioning the moderator Fran Vella-Marone, as the President of the Dyker Heights Civic Association, clearly describing her fairness to all the candidates. He does this implying she were someone unknown and unbiased – she’s Kassar’s Conservative Party Vice Chairman, often a patronage recipient from Republican/Conservative office-holders. She is one of the most partisan people we have ever met, just last Sunday she was handing out political literature for some of these candidates at Saint Anselms.

    Next, he described Congressman McMahon as smug and doing “an incredibly arrogant act” for pointing out his opponent’s planted questioners. This is a tactic that apparently works for the Congressman, and to paraphrase Jerry’s own words “it doesn’t make him a bad person.” Besides, if McMahon is smug and arrogant then Jerry’s own boss Marty Golden, who has also used a variant of that tactic is smug and smarmy when he uses it.

    Next, Kassar went onto describe Peter Cipriano’s performance in glowing terms. On this score, Kassar was working hard to backfill and cover his own ass.

    A strong Golden supporter has recounted to us that Cipriano seemed rude and hostile even in the friendly context of the Dyker Civic debate. Abbate was not very sharp on any issue, but was avuncular and familiar. He did make Cipriano appear to be a parvenu. Kassar’s comparison was between several different questions and answers and though it did capture a moment, did not capture the flavor of the exchanges as a whole. When a questioner did zero in on Cipriano, the crowd quickly became hostile to the pro-Abbate questioner (in this case for the same offense raised by McMahon, which this time cut the opposite way).

    Kassar will have a lot to answer for concerning the real reason for his support for Cipriano ( it was an Eaton-Golden contract; more on that after the election) and the distortions apparent in this column will be part of the brief against Kassar.

    • Shocking! TJIUA still doesn't get it; when they're caught off base they're "OUT!" permalink
      October 17, 2010 8:15 pm

      “The Jig is Up Atlas” got caught “Bootstrapping” their own coverage of the debates by using Jerry Kassar’s column, so in rebuttal they “bootstrap” Kassar’s column. Nice try….NOT.

      “I was there, you weren’t….”
      “Fran Vella-Marone is nice and pounds pavement….”
      “The Republican candidates kicked ass….”
      “Cipriano wasn’t an obnoxious little twerp, and Abbate threw his Chief of Staff under the bus….”

      Go to school, learn something about argument and debate, then try your hand at it.

      Identify the issue: Here, the criticism was that TJIUA was using another Bay Ridge Cabal insider to buttress their own Bay Ridge Cabal propaganda about the debates.

      Kassar and his column were being attacked specifically because he didn’t properly identify Fran Vella-Marone as one of his “partners in crime” in the Brooklyn Conservative Party (btw, they aren’t part of Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP; and to the extent they are “partners” with Eaton, they are the “senior partners”). That kind of sleight of hand has become common for Mr. “Common Sense” Kassar. He is now a political con-man who thinks he holds his job and party positions by a series of countervailing pulleys and levers. In fact he has become a common political HACK.

      Back in the days of Councilman Sal Albanese and a challenge against him by a prominent Conservative, Jerry Kassar said that the people of Bay Ridge had it all wrong on what a government official is supposed to be doing with and for his constituents. You see at that time, too many Republicans and unaligned conservatives were actually going to vote for Albanese. Way back then, according to Kassar, even a City Councilman, who was the closest elected representative having anything to do with most of the services people were interested in, was not there to see to it that individuals got their governmental services. According to that Jerry Kassar, even a City Councilman should be elected based on how he would represent his community with his vote. That vote should always be for fewer government services, lesser regulations and lower taxes. That younger and purer conservative Jerry Kassar was right. Then his “Common Sense” column made good conservative sense.

      What happened to change that? What happened to change Jerry Kassar? MARTY GOLDEN the great corrupter.

      Never forget, Golden started out as an Albanese supporter (he was even Sal’s landlord); since then Albanese has been a Golden supporter (at times). For the most part, Marty Golden has tried to be a Republican version of Sal Albanese.
      Now Kassar is Marty Golden’s Chief of Staff and all around political bodyguard. His column and everything he does in the Conservative Party is corrupted by that.

      When you look at it, it’s almost like Kassar turned around; took the job from Albanese; and is now defending the Albanese way of doing things. – Oh! Btw, that prominent conservative should look at himself harshly for the very same reasons.

  11. If Grimm Wins it will be in Staten Island permalink
    October 17, 2010 4:13 pm

    Grimm has turned his back on the good people for the bad. Maybe he can survive that on SI, but he’s gone over to the Darkside of the force in Brooklyn. As long as he’s a Darksider, who can care if he wins or loses?

  12. Krusty the Clown breaks up Brooklyn YRs' meeting at Bay Ridge hoffbrau permalink
    October 21, 2010 11:04 pm

    The originator of the image “Marty Golden as ‘Krusty the Clown’ out of makeup” was hailed as a political comic genius by the Brooklyn YRs at their dinner and beer meeting at the Bay Ridge Schnitzel Haus on October 21, 2010.

    Several individuals involved in Republican campaigns came by to say hello to the largest gathering of Republican insurgents yet held deep inside the home area of the Eaton-Golden Bay Ridge Cabal.

    • Insurgents Say "Auf Wiedersehen" to Establishment in Bay Ridge--Then Krusty/Golden Appears On TV! permalink
      October 21, 2010 11:34 pm

  13. Krusty the Clown appears in "The Media Circus" in front of Brooklyn Supreme Court last Week! permalink
    October 24, 2010 5:13 pm

    Krusty the Clown was the main attraction at another media circus about the Bay Ridge Transit mess. This time it was another of Marty Golden’s patented anti-MTA bashes that were high on melodramatic content and low on substance. His local Democrat toady Vinny Gentile was there at Marty’s side like Sancho Panza to Golden’s Don Quixote, both of them every bit as farcical as their satirical Cervantean archetypes.

    Even after Golden’s widely and wildly reported rallies, the MTA persists in its reduced services throughout Bay Ridge, with more contemplated in the next round of necessary cuts, since the MTA budget shortfalls are growing not receding.

    As to Marty Golden’s phony lawsuit, this is what he posted on one of his tax-supported web sites about the court action:
    “Over the next couple of weeks, more information will be presented, and we may return to Court in November for a full hearing. We continue to stress the need for a restoration of service along specific bus routes in our community.” [Posted by Martin J. Golden on Thursday, October 21st, 2010]…/statement-senator-golden-and-councilman-gentile-lawsuit-against-mta-following-today-s-

    “…we may return to court in November…” OH, ISN’T THAT AFTER THE ELECTION?
    “IT’S OVER” !!!!!

    That was a lame statement to cover for an even lamer lawsuit. Over $40,000 and nothing to show for it! Who paid for that waste of time and effort?

    We know that somebody who paid big time were the seniors and special needs riders who were carted around as props to several of these Golden rallies. What makes it an even sadder farce is that everybody knew that it was OVER ever since Golden and the State Senate Republicans voted to cut state funds from the MTA budget for this fiscal year. The MTA’s announced cuts were merely a formality.


    Wherever you stand on this issue, that is the irrefutable equation that led to the most recent service cuts. Vote to cut the funding, then sue to restore the services, who ever thought that stood a chance? The Marty Golden lawsuit was just flim-flam to cover his political ASSets.

    That’s why we keep saying this to all voters, Republicans, Democrats and Independents:

    ***** DUMP ALL INCUMBENTS *****

  14. TJIUA cuts, pastes and rants about Golden's lawsuit permalink
    October 24, 2010 11:19 pm

    More of the same from the favorite hate blog of Republican Chairman Craig Eaton. CUT — PASTE — RANT!!!!

    What TJIUA can’t do is get around the fact that transit service cuts remain in full force, and will have remained so for at least five months by the time the Golden lawsuit “…may return to court in November…”. Also contrary to what TJIUA says, the cuts are presumptively valid. So what part of “Krusty the Clown appears in “The Media Circus” in front of Brooklyn Supreme Court last Week!”, above, wasn’t 100% applicable to Marty Golden, and his rally, and his lawsuit?

    So far the Golden lawsuit has no “facts” to back up its position contrary to the “facts” that were put into the record by the MTA, and as a reult, the “Golden” side wasn’t yet in a postion to go forward to a hearing. As to the argument that the cuts violated Federal Law, why didn’t Golden bring the case in Federal Court?

    Mr. Golden, there’s lots of spinning wheels — but none of them are on the Bay Ridge buses that had been cut out of service, unfortunately.




    ***** DUMP ALL INCUMBENTS *****

  15. Let’s Get Some Things Straight About “Golden’s” Lawsuit Against the MTA permalink
    October 26, 2010 12:20 am

    This whole sue the MTA bit has the real look of of an Obama-style community organizer’s type of test case, complete with specially selected plaintiffs. Why is a supposed Republican-Conservative State Senator involved at all? (btw, who are the actual named plaintiffs and what is there real long term agenda?)

    This all started with our observing how “lame” State Senator Golden’s and City Councilman Gentile’s joint statement about their phony lawsuit was on October 21, 2010, the last date everybody appeared in court on that case. Marty Golden can have an opinion about what violates this, that or the other law, just like any other citizen. However, as a State Senator, he should be better informed and have a keener understanding of how it all works.

    Unfortunately, for the transit riders in Bay Ridge, especially those with disabilities, it now looks like Marty Golden really doesn’t. However, you’ll not hear that from this group of specially selected plaintiffs. Of course it’s tough to tell if the named plaintiffs have sold out to Golden or vice versa. (They do seem like a very unlikely alliance especially Marty Golden & Jean Ryan, unless of course Golden has bought into Ryan’s ultra-liberal agenda on behalf of the “disabled” at the expense of everyone else( but more about that sometime soon).

    Whoever is commenting at TJIUA on State Senator Golden’s behalf is either less adept at this transit debate than Golden (which is hard for us to conceive of, much less believe), or they are a worse dissemblers than the State Senator is (which we do believe to be the case; since he is a pro at dissembling on lots of special interests that he supports, especially the very liberal ones).

    So far the advocates for a TRO (the named defendants, presumably Golden’s side) have not been successful in showing that the MTA’s cuts in service were not reasonable and necessary responses to the budget shortfall caused by Golden’s earlier vote against TA funding.

    The case was “marked fully submitted”, but on consent of the parties, there can be additional submissions to be submitted by somebody on Golden’s side by November 19th, which the MTA will then have a right to review and respond to, if necessary. Following that, the court might call for an evidentiary hearing on any diputed facts prior to finaly ruling on “Jean Ryan and the other named defendant’s” (oops) “Golden’s side’s” motion.

  16. Marty Golden’s Phony MTA Case Switches Gears permalink
    October 26, 2010 11:22 pm

    Contrary to what TJIUA has to say about the so-called Marty Golden case against the MTA, this is suit not for the benefit of all Bay Ridge-ites. It is a special interest group type of test case for special classes of citizens – specifically the “disabled”. The case was just recently amended to include an “age discrimination” element, that’s just one of the reasons it’s going nowhere fast. Really the case was probably bungled by Golden’s legal team who brought it in State Court rather than in Federal Court, where it really belongs.

    What’s really being sued over are special services for certain classes of people that must be paid for by everybody. The majority should be on the side of the MTA, trying to keep the overall expenses down. These “special group interest” services and accommodations can cost the MTA billions of dollars if they are all implemented. The public pays 100% of that.

    Since the MTA is already defending a similar case in Federal Court, watch it be “removed” to the Federal Court by the MTA, where it will be slotted in with other cases, with which one of the plaintiffs, Jean Ryan is connected, but not involving Bay Ridge service.

  17. Did Nicole Malliotakis throw Marty Golden under the B-37 Bus permalink
    October 28, 2010 10:01 pm

    With her great transit piece , Republican Nicole Malliotakis’ Sharpest Dart at “Barbie” Hyer-Spenser hit home in fellow Republican Golden’s Hind.

    Nicole Malliotakis’ very well crafted “Missing B37” — “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BUS?” direct mail posterette could be adopted almost verbatim by state senate challenger Mike DiSanto, and adapted with only a name and office change to directly attack “State Senator Martin J. Golden” where he is most vulnerable, his abysmal record on mass transit throughout his district, as our City Councilman and as our State Senator.

    The points raised by the Republican Assembly candidate in her “Missing B-37 Bus” mailer about her opponent’s voting history, which led directly to the recent transit cuts, are almost identical to points that could be made against her Republican running-mate Golden’s votes on the same budget items.

    We agree with Nicole’s argument completely, both against her opponent and against her running-mate.

    That’s why we urge the one size fits all slogan:


    • DAILY NEWS EDITORIAL on Nicole Malliotakis' back page specifically named "weasel ... MARTY GOLDEN" permalink
      October 28, 2010 11:38 pm

      Nicole Malliotakis’ very well crafted “Missing B37″ — “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BUS?” mailer has a portion of the “Monday, June 28, 2010, Daily News Editorial “THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY” on its back page (also its address page). Specifically mentioned as one “of these wesels [who] must be held to account” was Sate Senator Martin Golden. So were several of Golden’s Republican leaders in the State Senate.

      btw, we quoted from that very same editorial here in ASIB on July 1, 2010 in our comments “Golden Told MTA Riders “Drop Dead”– Now He’s Outraged” and “Attribution” in the thread to the ASIB’s June 26, 2010 post “DEVELOPING STORY: Golden Prince’s Flip-Flop…”

      So you see, Nicole Malliotakis absolutely has thrown Republican running-mate Marty Golden under the bus on ALL THE TRANSIT ISSUES RAISED IN HER MAILER.

      Once more:


  18. Marty Golden's photo above does look like somebody from "The Simpsons" permalink
    October 28, 2010 10:10 pm

    My vote is still for Krusty out of makeup. However, the more you look at this photo of Golden, the more he looks like others on the venerable FOX cartoongram.

  19. Tonight No Southbound "R" Service to Bay Ridge 95th Street; one-half hour for announcement permalink
    November 1, 2010 9:49 pm

    Subway service throughout the south west part of Marty Golden’s district goes from just plain bad to non-existent on the night before the election.

    Maybe, the MTA is getting even for State Senator Marty Golden’s pointless lawsuit, or maybe it was the $143 million Senator Golden cut out of the 2010 transit budget late in 2009.

    Tonight it took one hour and five minutes to ride the “N” train from 34th Street, Manhatttan (local the whole way with delays) to 59th Street, Brooklyn. Then, after a half hour wait at 59th Street, there was an “R” train diverted onto the “N” Line and an announcement that there would no southbound “R” service to Bay Ridge stops until further notice.

    The grumbling passengers said that similar problems had occurred on the “R” Line during the past two or three weeks. A local car service driver said the exact same problem had happened earlier on Monday November 1st, during the afternoon before rush hour.

    Since Golden and Hyer-Spenser seem to be equally at fault(See Daily News Editorial “Great Train Robbery” 6/28/10, above), dump them both.


  20. TJIUA can't face the facts on transit; so they just lie about it... permalink
    November 1, 2010 11:36 pm

    When large numbers of Bay Ridgeites have just taken “the ride from hell” on the “N” and the “R” trains, it doesn’t take much to convince them to…


    In this 2010 Election the TEA PARTY is all about:

    DUMP ALL INCUMBENTS !!!! Send a message to both parties.

  21. Why did DiSanto miss hurling a barb or two at the bags under the Golden eyes???? permalink
    March 4, 2011 10:17 pm

    Just take a look at the photo of State Senator Golden that
    fronts this venerable post. We’ll be getting back to that soon
    enough — but first, a bit of issue-based contentiousness…. “AAA”
    must be getting his constitutional law tutorials from Gino “Moron
    Number Two” Bernardelli. That’s the only explanation for the lavish
    praise contained in TJIUA’s AAA’s March 4, 2011 post, “Golden and
    Malliotakis Co-Sponsor Key Bill To Crackdown On Drunk Driving.” In
    reality, AAA can have no excuse whatsoever for touting this
    ill-conceived bit of “Nanny-state Nonsense” from that disappointing
    pair of RINO “Nanny-state Ninnies,” Golden and Malliotakis. As it
    is, restrictive automobile registration is regarded by many real
    conservative constitutionalists as an unwarranted infringement on a
    property right (blah, blah, blah — use of publically owned roads
    and highways can and should be restrictively licensed — blah,
    blah, blah). Automatically, taking away such a property right from
    any citizen who is not a convicted felon, as an additional
    preemptive or preventative solution to this ginned-up problem is a
    draconian, totalitarian and Un-American measure. This kind of crap
    legislation might play well with the M.A.D.D. crowd, but it’s the
    real constitutionalists who should get mad and call these RINOs out
    on this one. One does have to wonder whether State Senator Martin
    Golden might be overcompensating for some of his own demons. The
    state senator’s picture accompanying the TJIUA post mentioned above
    is so deliciously and appropriately ironic (Golden’s the old one to
    the right in the photo, “Brooklyn’s Dream Team” [actually, he’s the
    leftmost of the threesome in the direction that they are facing]).
    If you still don’t get it, take a look at Martin’s photo in TJIUA,
    as well as the one above, the man clearly needs Murine by the
    gallon and he must be smearing equal amounts of PreparationH beside
    his nose and under his eyes]). For some reason, Craig Eaton’s
    Brooklyn GOP hate blog must want us to be discussing YKW’s delicate
    condition – why else would they repeatedly publish and re-publish
    that “Brooklyn’s Dream Team” photograph? Of course, the photo above
    here in ASIB became iconic under the monicker, “Krusty the Clown”;
    but really, look at those inflamed conjunctiva and under-eye

  22. In spite of Brooklyn GOP blogs’ claims, restorations of certain MTA services not really from “Republican” State Senator Golden, or even from a “Republican” coalition permalink
    April 16, 2011 11:26 pm

    Yet again, we have to “Bell the Cat” of the Golden-Eaton
    propagandists at “The Jig is Up Atlas”; this time it’s for the
    bilge twaddle coming out of “AAA” in the April 16th post “State
    Senator Marty Golden Delivers Once Again As He Restores Key Bay
    Ridge And Dyker Heights Express Bus Lines!!” Yes, they’re lying
    about what State Senator Golden is “accomplished” – again. TJIUA is
    right about one thing, “This will surely make a few bloggers, very
    angry [since Golden, Eaton and TJIUA know the real Republicans] are
    reading…” We are angry that the Golden-Eaton faction now in
    control of the Brooklyn GOP has to lie repeatedly through its
    propagandists to make the only elected Brooklyn GOP official, State
    Senator Golden, look minimally competent. Clearly, Golden is
    directly part of that effort, since he and members of his staff
    were soaking up credit for the restoration of service like a dry
    sponge in the “The Brooklyn Spectator” April 16-21, 2011 article by
    Jesse Lent. Let’s set the record straight. First, State Senator
    Martin Golden did not restore a single run or a single bus on the
    X-37 and X-38 routes, and he didn’t obtain a dime of money to
    restore any service to Bay Ridge or any other parts of his state
    senate district. If so, let him or any person on his staff make a
    specific statement where, when and how much. Second, we haven’t had
    any explanation as to how the MTA will “rob Peter to pay Paul” on
    IT’S restoration of service on the X-37 and X-38 lines. The
    resulting net mix of transit services to Bay Ridge, the rest of
    Golden’s district and even to the specific people who might be
    benefitting from these specific restorations of service might be
    worse than it is right now. Let’s see how this plays out. What’s
    not being told by the Golden-Eaton propagandists is that: a) nobody
    knows where the money restoring the X-37 and X-38 service is coming
    from and how long the restored service will last ( /2011/04/15
    /brookyn-express-buses-restored-amidst-political-pressure ); and b)
    so-called “Republican” Golden joined with the likes of Democrats
    Jim Brennan, Tony Avella, Alan Maisel (
    and Vincent Gentile (
    _id=27&id=42746 ) to get his deal done. Given Golden’s
    history, it probably means a big-time sellout of some bedrock
    “Republican” positions in exchange. [[[[ We placed this comment in
    this commentary thread to make it easy to see State Senator
    Golden’s history on this — even the citywide papers called him
    out on it — as can be seen from the comments above, Golden caused
    the transit funding problem leading to the cuts in service that he
    now wants take credit for restoring. It’s all there; read it

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