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Golden and Brooklyn GOP Come to Kiss the Ring of 13th Congressional Hopeful Grimm

October 3, 2010

Glare hits a humbled GOP Sen. Marty Golden--a pariah for many reformers--as he endorses 13th CD hopeful Mike Grimm this past weekend.

They’ve come begging. The Brooklyn GOP and Marty Golden, fresh off a humbling defeat in the primaries in September, have come to pay homage to the conquering hero.

But 13th Congressional hopeful Michael Grimm himself, in accepting their endorsement, went, in my opinion, too far. In a recent press release, Grimm and his campaign extoled state Sen. Marty Golden as “one of the state’s most distinguished leaders” and the Brooklyn GOP establishment as “public servants who are fighting for values and reform.”

(Pause) If you haven’t already fallen over in a fit of laughter, please compose yourself and continue reading…

What irresponsible comments on his part. My suspicion is–and was indicated by our various sources (including individual(s) in the Grimm campaign)–that the language of this press release was actively suggested by the GOP establishment figures in order to counter their deservingly poor reputations around the county and elsewhere.

Whether that is true or not, one thing is certain: the Grimm campaign will certainly stay tight-lipped about it.

In their minds, they hope that the support they received from pro-reform Republicans such as myself and my colleagues will continue undisturbed through November as Grimm makes in roads with the very establishment that insulted reformers and himself online and behind his back (and sometimes to his face).

That’s quite an assumption to make.

Before I go further, here is the text of their release:

The Michael Grimm for Congress campaign showcased a powerful display of unity at its Brooklyn office opening in Dyker Heights on Saturday.  The Brooklyn GOP rallied around Grimm’s campaign, as leaders of the party pledged their endorsement and support.

“This is a defining moment in my campaign,” Grimm (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn) said.  “Like-minded people have come together today behind one goal:  electing me to Congress on November 2.  They’re supporting me because we know the era of job-killing taxes and regulations must end and we must restore fiscal sanity to Washington, D.C.  I’m the only candidate in this race who will deliver that change.”

The GOP endorsement was delivered in person by party chairman Craig Eaton.  The party will provide its full support toward Grimm’s campaign and vowed to do whatever it takes to help Grimm win in November.  Likewise, leaders of the Brooklyn Conservative Party, including State Chairman Michael Long and Brooklyn Party leader Gerard Kassar, were on hand.  The Conservative Party has already endorsed Grimm’s grassroots campaign.

To top the festivities, State Senator Martin Golden (R-Bay Ridge), an icon of the Brooklyn GOP and one of the state’s most distinguished leaders, gave a ringing endorsement of Grimm.

“Washington politicians are taxing us to death,” Golden said.  “New York has the second-highest taxes in the country.  Our economy won’t grow until we end the cycle of taxing and spending. That’s why we need Michael Grimm now more than ever to fight for our families by growing our economy and creating jobs.  That is why I am proud to endorse him for Congress.”

Of course, this lovefest is probably no more than bruised feelings and gloating masquerading as campaign puffery.

Think about it. Marty Golden and his crew failed to have their “horse” in the 13th Congressional primary win Brooklyn–their own borough–over a carpetbagging Grimm campaign that came across the bridge from Staten Island and decimated Allegretti on his own turf.

Imagine how embarrassed our GOP chairman (aka The Duke of Bay Ridge) and his cabal must have been when Allegretti lost?

Now, a humbled and admittedly failed GOP establishment has come to kiss the ring of Mr. Grimm.

Meanwhile, a likely suspicious Grimm is only too glad to receive the support of these cretinous failures if it makes for a decent photo op.

However, whoever chose to use the words in Mr. Grimm’s press release obviously didn’t do their homework or purposely placed misleading statements in the release to appease his new friends in Brooklyn.

After all, does Team Grimm like the fact that Marty Golden and the Brooklyn GOP has worked with corrupt Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez for all of these years at the expense of our party?

Do they approve of his alliance with ACORN and radical socialist Bertha Lewis during the Atlantic Yards fiasco?

Do they approve of his absence from the Senate chamber on a key vote on the issue of microstamping (an issue on which is flip-flopped)?

I think not. Indeed, they may not care at all.

One inside source had this to say about the release:

The establishment was “trounced” in the recent election (to use a word your blog first used and everyone else used thereafter). All of their candidates with only a couple of exceptions were defeated, and now they’re scrambling to appear important and useful again. Unfortunately for them, they’ve already proven their ineffectiveness to all of the anti-establishment candidacies that won in the September primaries. The goal of the Grimm campaign and other similar campaigns in the state is to consolidate their power among the GOP base. Given the slime the establishment of Brooklyn threw at Grimm, I’d be surprised if Team Grimm wasn’t keeping a suspicious eye on all of the Brooklyn GOP’s cast of characters.

Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile, although I supported him in the past, I must keep a suspicious eye on Mr. Grimm from now on.

And so should all reformers…


We welcome comments from the Grimm campaign, the Brooklyn GOP and the Conservative Party leadership, as well as each and every one of our readers. Please email us at

  1. State Seantor Martin J. Golden Denounced Himself permalink
    October 4, 2010 6:48 am

    “‘…politicians are taxing us to death,’ Golden said.” Then he continued, “‘New York has the second-highest taxes in the country. Our economy won’t grow until we end the cycle of taxing and spending…’.” What is he trying to do HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT? In his years in Albany State Senator Marty Golden has put New York on it’s high tax pinnacle where it is trapped.

    Michael Grimm should run his own campaign in Brooklyn. Don’t let an alliance with Golden and his crew of vampires suck the life out of the Republican Congressional campaign in Brooklyn. Look what the Golden and Eaton crowd did for Allegretti, they made him lose on their/his home turf. What makes you think it won’t happen to you the same way?

    Michael Griim adopt the simple message: “DEFEAT ALL INCUMBENTS”. That includes the tax and spend faux-Republican-Conservative State Senator Marty Golden. So you have to drop Golden like a hot potato.

    Remember, keep it simple, Mr Grimm.


  2. Voter 13th permalink
    October 4, 2010 8:04 am

    After reading this, I have to strongly reconsider voting for Grimm in November. Me and my neighbors are not happy with Marty Golden. Sounds to me like Grimm is just ignorant about this. He should have thought twice.

  3. Don't Screw With Us permalink
    October 4, 2010 9:37 am

    Based on this press release, I would say the Grimm campaign obviously doesn’t take reform voters and Tea Party voters very seriously. This guy comes off as clueless. That’s to his detriment…

  4. I Like Grimmy permalink
    October 4, 2010 11:21 am

    I like Grimmy baby, but to praise Craigy is like doing a baddy in Vatican City. It’s a no no.

  5. No More Press permalink
    October 4, 2010 3:47 pm

    Any chance getting the campaign disclosure filing report of all candidates?

  6. Reformed Seergy Member permalink
    October 4, 2010 9:26 pm

    The Brooklyn GOP will do everything they can to get Grimm back for beating their anointed one, Michael Allegretti, including by endorsing Grimm’s campaign, the fabled kiss of death. Despite their best efforts, though, Grimm’s Brooklyn Campaign Manager Joe Kovac has been doing a spectacular job organizing that campaign Brooklyn-side and that should bring Grimm much success. We’re rooting for you, Mike and Joe!

    • Russell, You Should Be Taking Some Notes permalink
      October 4, 2010 9:30 pm

      I never heard of Joe Kovac before Grimm’s campaign, but I hear he’s been with a number of very successful campaigns in Staten Island. He probably could teach “establishment goons” like 47th AD Leader Russell Gallo quite a few things, like manners and how to try and actually win a campaign.

    • Apropos your "Kiss of Death" Observation: Look At This Comment From One Of The Eaton Crowd at “The Jig is Up Atlas” permalink
      October 4, 2010 9:39 pm

      The Ugly Americans at “The Jig is Up Atlas” allow this kind of crap to appear as political commentary:
      “Grimm Is The Real American said… ‘Michael Grimm is the “Real American”, and come November 2nd we will have a “Real American” representing us in DC!’”

      Just what does this “Ugly American” really mean when he/she says “Michael Grimm is the “Real American”, and come November 2nd we will have a “Real American” representing us in DC!” ?

      If they are saying that Congressman Michael McMahon is not a “real American” why don’t they have the guts to just say it? And if that’s what they mean and they do intend to say that, in what way is he not a “real American”?

      We will await answer to these questions before we condemn the already tagged “Ugly American” at “The Jig is Up Atlas” an “Un-American”, because that’s what a remark like this is.

      Of course if “The Jig is Up Atlas” commentator “Grimm Is The Real American said…” appropriately apologizes he/she will be generously forgiven, and nothing more will be said about this crap again. If not we’ll “paint a jakes with them”.

      • Craig Eaton Is Responsible For This Kind of Poison permalink
        October 4, 2010 11:57 pm

        “The Jig is Up Atlas” team has in its midst an addlebrained un-American weasel who dares to call itself “This ‘Real American’”. This despicable excuse for an American thinks it can get away with anonymously calling Michael McMahon, a U.S. Congressman, who has publically sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, not “a real American”. And not satisfied with that this vermin has now added “corrupt” into its mix of poisonous utterances about “OUR” sitting Representative to the U.S. Congress.

        This is the ilk that Republican Chairman Craig Eaton has put in the forefront of the Brooklyn Republican Party to act as a spokesperson. Great recruiting, Mr. Eaton.

        Commentator “Reformed Seergy Member” was absolutely right the endorsement by the Eaton-Golden team and their jingoist followers like “This ‘Real American’” are a kiss of death.

        Michael Grimm had better denounce this stuff and these characters very quickly, it’s noxious and they are obnoxious.

  7. Golden Good For Nothing More Than A Photo Op permalink
    October 4, 2010 10:29 pm

    Grimm’s people can’t trust Golden or the GOP as far as they can throw em. The fact is Marty Golden’s boy lost, and he’s bringing in less money to the district.

    He’s weak and useless, and Grimm can’t expect much other than a lease deal at one of Marty’s friend’s properties.

    At the end of the day, Golden can’t deliver anything for Grimm but a photo op. This story hit the nail right on the head.

    • Don't Knock Marty's Photo-Ops, There Ain't Much Else These Days permalink
      October 5, 2010 12:37 am

      The big News About Marty Golden is that he is “No News At All”

      Try finding a real news story about State Senator Martin J. Golden since his fiasco with the hand-gun micro-stamping bill. Several search engines come up with things like judging talent contests and blood drives — that’s it.

      His flacks, like Gerry Kassar, would have you believe that Marty Golden is some kind of big deal in Albany, or soon will become one. The truth is he’s regarded as way over his head for any real leadership and mental heavy lifting. He’s quite clueless about most of the legislation that is pending in the state senate, even the stuff that comes out under his own name as sponsor.

  8. The Blood Is On Russell Gallo's Hands, Whether The Words Are His Or Not permalink
    October 5, 2010 7:10 am

    Whenever there is controversy involving the Brooklyn GOP’s hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas” can Craig Eaton’s ferret-like toady not be involved? This is especially true when there is wild lashing out and no logic in the posting; and of course the references to Russell Gallo in the third person, like this:

    “All hail Russell Gallo– a great American Patriot and soldier like our soon to be Congressman, a great district leader, a great blog radio host, an all around great Brooklyn American hero…”

    What could Russell (or somebody that has a man-crush on him) be talking about now? I know many patriots and I know Russell Gallo; Russell Gallo is no great American Patriot, he is an irrational lunatic who menaces teenage girls and berates them (or at least one for sure, all because she made Chairman Craig Eaton look weak and foolish in front of the rest of the Kings County Republican Executive Committee). I know many soldiers too and I know Russell Gallo; and from what I’ve seen and heard from him, he is no real soldier; he’s a back alley skell, and if there was an MOS for it, he’d be suited for permanent latrine orderly and nothing else. What did he do when he served in “…Iraq and overseas…”? Btw, is this “Iraq” that Russell served in east of the Mississippi or west of it (maybe Russell can tell us what state it’s in)? Where else “overseas” did Russell Gallo serve as a soldier?

    I’ve known many “great Brooklyn American hero[es]” and I’ve known Russell Gallo; and Russell Gallo isn’t any kind of hero, right now.

    Both Michael Grimm and Congressman Michael McMahon are real Americans, anybody who says one of them is not, is an Un-American liar.

    I’m sure that Russell Gallo made or knows who made the offending statement about Congressman McMahon, or certainly can find out easily enough. The only question is whether Russell Gallo can stand-up to that kind of Un-American vermin. Or, does Mr. Gallo see it as his partisan duty to stand-behind the offending remark.

    You see, either way, when Mr. Gallo defines himself on this issue, it can’t be in the third person, even if he uses his normal fractured syntax.

  9. Russell Gallo, it’s time to cut to the chase, put up or shut up permalink
    October 5, 2010 6:02 pm

    You and your band of sociopathic supporters have avoided this issue long enough. So let’s get back to it. (The issue of your being a real American hero will be dealt with soon enough, trust me.)

    Let me reiterate some of what I said on the main issue, both Michael Grimm and Congressman Michael McMahon are real Americans, anybody who says one of them is not, is an Un-American liar.

    I’m sure, Russell, that you either made or know who made the offending statement about Congressman McMahon’s not being “a real American,” and, if not, you certainly can find out easily enough. It’s one of “The Jig is Up Atlas” regular morons that you hang out with at 7620.

    Now, the only issue is whether you, Russell Gallo, can stand-up and admit that you’re the kind of Un-American vermin who made that despicable remark. Or, if you didn’t, that you can stand up to the kind of Un-American vermin who did make that despicable remark. Or, Mr. Gallo, do you see it as your partisan duty to stand-behind the offending remark and the anonymous slug who made it?

    You see, Russell, either way you define yourself on this issue, it can’t be in the third person, even if you use your normal fractured syntax.

  10. Hey Hulkster, and the rest of you Gallo whiners and hero worshipers permalink
    October 5, 2010 8:31 pm

    Hulkster, you’re really a huckster for a chimerical character who’s not any kind of hero lately.

    Hulkster,(btw, is that who’s on your jammies and bed sheets, how cute you must be in your footsies pee-jays) let’s get this record straight, hucko my bucko and the rest of Eaton’s wackos at the Jisupjoint. Russell Gallo “a real American hero”, not bloody likely.

    So far I haven’t heard Word One about Russell Gallo’s fighting to get to the head of a chow line much less any place else. So cut the crap about this Gallo-hero and his “secret missions at secret locations”. To juxtapose Churchill, “Never have I heard so much from so many about somebody, whose probably done so little for so long.”

    That’s not the issue though. We all know it’s about somebody who likes to write about himself in the third person and calls himself “an American hero”, to boot. You know, the kind of guy who’s been to “… Iraq and overseas…”; also the kind of guy who bullied a teenage girl, because Eaton made him a “Sergeant at Arms” – Hoorah!!!! He’s also, the kind of guy who writes for the Craig Eaton’s hate blog that repeatedly denigrated the honor and military awards of the Republican Congressional Candidate Michael Grimm (some comrade in arms that Russell Gallo, some political allies that Eaton crowd). That’s the same Eaton-Gallo crew who also hijacked the image of the Congressional Medal of Honor for their own cheap political purposes, which showed absolute disrespect to the top award given to this nation’s real military heroes. Last and most important Gallo and his boss Eaton have decided that they can refer to our Congressman as “not a real American”, agin for their own cheap political gain.

    If Gallo ever was “a real American hero”, and that issue is sorely in doubt, he hasn’t been one for a long time since.

    And Hulkster, nice pajamas!

  11. Gallo, Come out, Come Out Whoever you Are permalink
    October 5, 2010 10:02 pm

    This gets better and better.

    More third party nonsense for or from our “real American hero”, Russell Gallo. Are these real testimonials, Russell? Are there really other soldiers, Mr. Gallo? Oh! excuse me, SERGEANT Gallo.

    Calling a U.S. Congressman “not a real American” and using Russell Gallo’s military titles, HMMM!!! How does the UCMJ and the U.S. Constitution work together on this one? Sergeant Gallo, free speech, conduct detrimental… as a civilian… using military titles in the discourse… hate blogger… sounds like a great essay question.

    Enough mental mast… Since your “military buddies” like to call you “Sergeant”…. Attention, Sergeant Gallo, listen up slick, get on the stick; I’ll repeat this for you one more time.

    As I said on the main issue, both Michael Grimm and Congressman Michael McMahon are real Americans, anybody who says one of them is not, is an Un-American liar.

    Now, the only issue is whether you, Sergeant Russell Gallo, can stand-up and admit that you’re the kind of Un-American vermin who made that despicable remark about Congressman McMahon; or, if you didn’t, can you stand up to the kind of Un-American vermin who did make that despicable remark. Or, Sergeant Gallo, do you see it as consistent with your military duty and service to stand-behind the offending remark and the anonymous slug who made it?

  12. The Brooklyn GOP is a bunch of Yahoos with spastic colons permalink
    October 6, 2010 7:31 am

    The Eaton and Golden and their handful of purblind loyalists are a bunch of Yahoos with spastic colons who can’t find the trees for the forest to climb up and defecate on their enemies. Instead, they’ll wind up dumping all over anybody foolish enough to be with them.

    After October 5, 2010, Michael Grimm should realize that no good can come from his alliance with the Bay Ridge cabal of Marty Golden and Craig Eaton, and its powerless subsidiary the so-called Brooklyn GOP.

    How long can Grimm maintain his association with these buffoons? They’ll get his campaign neck deep in shite by doing things like allowing their hate bloggers, led by Russell Gallo, to call the sitting U.S. Congressman not a real American. How will that one play for Grimm? Not well, that’s for sure.

    Furthermore, in their frenzy to defend themselves against a flurry of criticism here at ASIB, the Brooklyn GOP bloggers missed our scoop of one of the biggest stories in the 13th CD race — the long ago Colleen Queen, who’s going to show up Congressman McMahon as a two-timing hypocrite. Way to step on the lead TJIUA, turn it into a cut and paste job for the Golden-DiSanto race. If that doesn’t show how Golden and Bay Ridge centric Eaton and company are, nothing does.

    It get’s even worse for the Eaton-Golden crowd, they have no united party to lead, anyway. It’s all make believe for Emperor Eaton to show off his new clothes.

    Look at the reality. They are so obsessed with Jonathan Judge, they gloat over his snub at the Grimm Headquarters opening (that was an unforced error for Mr. Grimm; and Mikey better get smart before it’s too late. Don’t do that again).

    Eaton and Golden can’t even consolidate their position in the 49th AD where they claim to have defeated Lucretia Regina-Potter. She has said that, “ The voters of the 49th are faced with a serious dilemma: let things continue as they have been, or make an inappropriate change. Right now, neither option seems satisfactory…”. All that is left is the formal announcement of a write in campaign for Potter against the Eaton-Golden candidate Peter Cipriano, the pretend Republican/Conservative, who has since shifted his focus from the 49th AD to precincts who knows where. Remember, Grimm carried the 49th AD against the full-scale might of the Brooklyn GOP and with the help of the LaGuardia Club. Grimm should strongly contemplate whether he actually wants to reverse that dynamic in the coming weeks.

    Michael Grimm, kick Eaton and Golden to the curb before it’s too late for you. Remember there will be another October surprise for Golden in addition to the Kettle Black-Golden Gate fiasco. Who needs an albatross like Golden around your neck. Run one on one against McMahon and you’ll be your own man and you’ll soon be Congressman Grimm.

  13. October 6, 2010 7:45 am

    You idiots are so caught up on how some other assholes refer to Michael McMahon as un-American. If your really so concerned with such statements why dont you hammer Grimm on referring to NY 13 constituients as murderous thugs in refererence to his statements concenring McMahon and the healthcare vote.

  14. Fee-fi-fo-fum, the jakes-painter smells the blood of a man on the run permalink
    October 7, 2010 9:50 pm

    Three days in, and all I’ve seen is more third party nonsense for or from our “real American hero”, Russell Gallo. Oh! That’s right, SERGEANT Gallo.

    Russell, are you really an E-5 or higher, or is that like your WWF name to the “Hulkster”, you know, like some kind of Mimi-me to “Sergeant Slaughter”?

    So far, Russell, its really looking like you are fully behind the remarks that Congressman McMahon is not a real American, whether you originally made them or not, so I couldn’t care less if you were a Five-star General. That’s real Un-American shit. But I’m not an unfair person, maybe you were incommunicado or out of the country on a secret mission at some secret location. So I’ll put it to you, Russell Gallo, one last time.

    As I said previously, both Michael Grimm and Congressman Michael McMahon are real Americans, anybody who says one of them is not, is an Un-American liar.

    Now Russell, the only matters that I’m putting to you are these: whether you, Russell Gallo, can stand-up and admit that you’re the kind of Un-American vermin who made that despicable remark about Congressman McMahon, and properly apologize for it; or, if you didn’t make any such remark, can you stand up to the kind of Un-American vermin who did make that despicable remark and demand that they admit it and apologize for it?

    While I’m at it, I make the exact same challenge to the man behind the curtain at “The Jig is Up Atlas” Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton, and to his multi-media toadies like Eugene Berardelli, Stephen Meresca and Clorinda Annarummo.

    Make no mistake, I’ll not only denounce you all as “un-American”; I’ll give the full historical references for that term, using all of the appropriate metaphors and similes that have been applied to those previously so identified.

    If Russell and the rest of you fail to respond, I’ll assume that you either made or support the remark that Congressman Michael McMahon is not a real American; and then I will make it my business to paint a jakes with each of you.

    Now, all together, let’s hear it:

    I smell the blood of a bunch of un-Americans,
    Be they alive, or be they dead
    I’ll grind their bones to make my bread

  15. Brooklyn Republicans Must Look at all of Eaton's Un-Americans permalink
    October 9, 2010 12:57 am

    Are you now or have you ever been associated with Craig Eatons’ hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas”?

    Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton is an attorney who practices out of a small office in Sheepshead Bay, and that’s the place from which he also manages the party apparatus of the Brooklyn Republican Party or Brooklyn GOP. One of the appendages to the Brooklyn GOP is Eaton’s personal hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas”, which appears to be the result of the direct input of less than a handful of actors, including but not limited to: Craig Eaton, Stephen Maresca, Clorinda Annarrummo and Russell Gallo [TJIUA has published that they are for the most part a four person operation].

    One of the more controversial initiatives of this group has been the disparaging of the elected Representative to Congress from the 13th Congressional District, which includes large areas of southwest Brooklyn and all of Staten Island. In short this bunch has repeatedly stated in their hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas”, that the Congressman, Michael McMahon, is not “a real American”.

    They have been jointly and severally challenged on this characterization of a U.S. Congressman as something that is fundamentally “Un-American”. The Friday October 8, 2010 posting on “The Jig is Up Atlas” by one of Eaton’s hate bloggers, the so called “Judas Judge” will be taken as the formal response published from the likes of Craig Eaton, Russell Gallo, Stephen Maresca and Clorinda Annarrummo. This mixed brood of Un-American vermin: a rat, a weasel, a skunk and a titmouse recently decide to call “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn”and a few of those who post there “Un-American.”

    Well, they say that it takes one to know one. Accordingly, these Jig is Up Eaton’s Atlas Un-American scum bags will be dissected one by one in the near future, probably starting with “Good Old Sarge” Gallo, the one who calls himself, or encourages others to call him a hero, a real American and best of all “a real American hero”. We’ll see about all of that.

    Watch what happens next.

  16. How can Craig Eaton be a lawyer when he can't read? How can Russell Gallo be a hero and not be able to fight? permalink
    October 9, 2010 10:30 am

    The whole “Jig is Up Atlas” braintrust got together and came up with nothing but the usual cut and paste and ad hominem attacks, but no denial, no rebuttal and no explanation for their Un-American attacks on Congressman McMahon.

    “Sergeant” Russell Gallo has taken to hiding under the covers on this. Since he’s been called out on it, not word one about what military service this self-proclaimed “real American hero” actually performed. If Gallo were in a bar near any military or naval base they’d have laughed him out of the joint a long time ago with his spiel.



  17. How can Craig Eaton let Russell Gallo get beat up this way? Help the poor boy out! permalink
    October 9, 2010 3:15 pm

    Russell Gallo has been Craig Eaton’s stalking horse and trick pony for over a year now. Gallo’s main duties have been writing/blogging and talking on behalf of Eaton. Let’s focus on the writing/blogging.

    One begins to doubt that anything ever put up on Craig Eaton’s hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas” ever has a scintilla of truth to it or the slightest factual foundation whatsoever.

    For example, why does anybody believe that the member of the Brooklyn GOP Executive Committee, Republican State Committeeman from the 47th AD, and Craig Eaton’s factotum, plenipotentiary, amanuensis, main hate blogger, and publically denounced Un-American, Russell Gallo ever served his country in any capacity, much less as a U.S. service man in combat “in Iraq and overseas” [sic]? For the record, the second any questions were put up here on “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” about Russell Gallo’s military service, he disappeared from the scene completely. One has one’s doubts about what they’ve told us about this WWF “real American hero”; so far we haven’t seen much courage from the boy, here at home.

    Don’t forget how strenuously “The Jig is Up Atlas” questioned Republican Candidate Michael Grimm’s combat service as a U.S. Marine in the First Gulf War, and the military awards and honors that he was entitled to display. That was all at Eaton’s behest and effectuated by his right hand guy and principal hate blogger, Russell Gallo. Turn the tables on them slightly, and they scream like the stuck pigs that they are. The hypocrisy would be astounding, if we had not seen it from them so many times before on other things. But it’s Gallo who has to take the lickin’ and keep on tickin’.

    They are consistent though; now Eaton, Gallo and company feel it’s their special dispensation to decide who is and who isn’t a “real American”. They have by fiat decided that Congressman Michael McMahon is not a “real American” by their unspecified standards. When we pointed out that such remarks are quite “Un-American” and bespeak Un-American sensibilities in them, collectively and individually, they went into duck and cover mode.

    The Jigisupeatonsatlas set about erecting straw men with whom to do mock battle. “Where did this that or the other person do their military service and what did they do, blah, blah, blah….” That just won’t work. They don’t have a clue with whom they are tilting, nor do they know the rules of the joust. The man on point is Gallo and right now he’s gettin’ a shellackin’ (Don’t worry, Eaton gets his beatin’ soon enough, just like Alger Hiss another “Un-American”, just like Eaton, except smart).

    It was the hate bloggers (possibly just Gallo, himself) that said Russell Gallo is the “real American hero” and that Michael McMahon is “not a real American”. They opened the door, now they have been told to put up or shut up – so far it seems that on the Russell Gallo question they have very little to say. As for the McMahon question – it now stands with Craig Eaton, Russell Gallo, Stephen Maresca and Clorinda Annarrummo clearly labeled as “Un-American” scum bags.

    See what happens next.

    • Craig Eaton's Blog, "The JIg is Up Atlas" is just pathetic in defending itself and Russell Gallo permalink
      October 9, 2010 8:58 pm

      It’s the redundancy, all-over again, once more, department repeated for those who missed it before. Eaton’s Jigsjesters have gone back to the cut-n-paste rebuttal to the posting above. That technique works best for them when they are thoroughly confounded, which appears to be most of the time nowadays.

      We can only try to get though to them on more time. At the start, we’ll sound it out slowly for Craig Eaton the lawyer can’t read or reason effectively, maybe we can get him up to speed that way.

      1. Russell Gallo (pronounce it the way it looks, Craig) is an “Un-American (you’ve recently tried using that yourself, so we hope you understand the meaning) scum bag” ( also pronounced the way it looks; when used as written “Un-American scumbag”: that’s a foreign made rubber that’s about a quarter inch thick, and since it refers directly to Russell Gallo, it’s one that has been used and pissed off far too many times to mention).

      2. Russell Gallo (pronounced just like before, Craig) and his cronies at “The Jig is Up Atlas” are the only ones using the concept “not a real American” and nobody that we know here at “Atlas Shrugs…” has said that anybody is not a real American, not even the Un-Americans named Eaton, Gallo, Maresca and Annarrummo (each and everyone made of the finest latex). We find the use of that term “not a real American” particularly offensive when applied to our Congressman Michael McMahon; and because of that, those making that remark about Mr. McMahon have been found to be “Un-American liars”.

      3. We have no knowledge as to whether Russell Gallo has ever been a soldier, served overseas or done anything to have earned calling himself (or having his friends at TJIUA call him) a “hero” or a “real American hero”, and we here at “Atlas Shrugs…” do have our doubts lately, however we haven’t ever said that Gallo isn’t a “hero” or a “real American hero”. We have only wondered why he or anybody else thinks that he is one of those.

      4. Since nobody here at “Atlas Shrugs…” has made any claims that they have done anything heroic, or that they have served in any combat zone or during any war, or that they have described their own military or naval service in any way (other than perhaps to have said that they did serve with many real war heroes, who did earn several very high military honors and awards), none will provide any details as to their own military service, at this time (we do, however, continue to demand that information from those who have made claims of heroism for themselves, like Russell Gallo).

      5. And of course, watch what happens next (Craig Eaton just loves that line — so did Alger Hiss, another Un-American who got his comeuppance in due course).

  18. "The Jig is Up Atlas" steps on the Pres. George H.W. Bush endorsement of Grimm permalink
    October 9, 2010 3:33 pm

    Eaton, Gallo and company keep pushing their “Real American”/”Not Real American” nonsense, again muddying the lead about Grimm’s endorsement by former President Bush.

    Papa Bush, who was Grimm’s Commander-in Chief during his USMC wartime service during the liberation of Kuwait, met with Michael Grimm for the endorsement and a photo op at the Bush estate in Kennebunkport, Maine.

  19. October 9, 2010 5:08 pm

    Michael Grimm is still a a fraud who knowingly misrepresented his military service.

  20. Eaton's and TJIUA's Continued "Real American" Rant Is Poison for the Grimm Campaign permalink
    October 10, 2010 10:41 am

    Republican County Chairman and attorney Craig Eaton has seen fit to bless his personal hate blog’s pronouncement that Congressman Michael McMahon is not a “real American”. In their the latest riff on this theme, they have taken is to referring to Republican Candidate Michael Grimm as, “Michael Grimm, The ‘Real American’.” In this version the unstated premise is that Congressman Michael MacMahon is not a real American. In light of all that has transpired on this issue in the last few days, this minor tweaking of Eaton’s Jig’s Un-American hate message is still way off the mark for acceptable and ethical political discourse.

    Eaton has to stop this line of poisonous attack on a sitting U.S. Congressman immediately or continue to be excoriated as a contemptible Un-American himself. Just like his attack weasel, the earlier featured Un-American Russell Gallo.

    • Check Your Facts permalink
      October 11, 2010 3:41 pm

      You refer to the JGIU as “Eaton’s Personal Hate Blog” and the you claim that Eaton is making posonous attacks on a sitting US Congressman. Do you have any proof that Eaton is behind it? Has he ever admitted blogging on that site? Has he ever confirmed this? Do you have any concrete proof, or is this just the standard retoric that you seem to repeat all the time? If you have no proof, be very careful – these kinds of statements withotu proof is actionable.

      • Eaton's Hate Blog "The Jig is Up Atlas" Is All His permalink
        October 13, 2010 12:01 am

        As they say, “The proof is in the pudding.” The layout of “The Jig is Up Atlas” has been virtually unchanged since January. I particularly liked when they bragged about being a “Hate Blog”. So there can’t be any dispute that it is knowingly a hate blog.

        “The Jig is Up Atlas” is so much Craig Eaton’s E-rag it’s probably kept snug in his crack with a sanitary belt. Craig Eaton is the Brooklyn GOP Chairman, isn’t he? The links to his other Brooklyn GOP media organs are all over TJIUA, as are the various Brooklyn GOP logos. In fact the only Eaton links and logos missing from TJIUA’s home page are: the address of Eaton’s joint enterprises, 1662 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, New York 11235; his law firm’s name, Eaton and Torrenzano Attorneys and Counselors at Law; and his personal charity, The MHE Research Foundation.

        Several items that have appeared in TJIUA have “Craig Eaton” written all over them like like they’re his graffiti tag.

        Even now, Eaton’s arrogance is on display in his refusal to stop the Un-American slurs that Congressman McMahon is not a “real American”. If Eaton never said it, then he certainly is behind it, just like all the other Un-Americans who operate Eaton’s hate blog for and with him.

      • A hate blog is a hate blog is a hate blog, right Craigie? permalink
        October 13, 2010 11:28 pm

        Remeber when TJIUA contained his banner on its Home Page:

        “Wanna Join the Brooklyn GOP Hate Blog?
        Remain anonymous and email us to get the ball rolling!”

        Ah, good times, good times! Of course our favorite blog item under that legend was the May 3, 2010 posting featuring Craig Eaton in drag as the nun. It was a laugh riot.

        Remember, Eaton’s pet phrase once must have been, “Sister Said…” He’s that kinda guy.

  21. TJIUA Check Your Facts permalink
    October 13, 2010 7:10 am

    Let us give TJIUA some of its own medicine.

    You refer to James McCall’s Un-American Comments All His and the you imply that McCall is making posonous attacks on the Republican County Chairman. Do you have any proof that McCall is behind it? Has he ever admitted blogging on any site other thatn when he actually used his own name? Has he ever confirmed this? Do you have any concrete proof, or is this just the standard retoric that you seem to repeat all the time? If you have no proof, be very careful – these kinds of statements withotu proof is actionable.

    Craig Eaton’s Un-American Comments said… I would go in length and describe word for word, Craig “Pathetic” Eaton’ usual comments.

    However, facts are Eaton and Gallo hasn’t given us their “MOS”, and told us where they has served, if at all?

    Until they does on both counts, than they is as “pathetic” as Craig Eaton’s Indiana Jones hat.

    See you in court Craig and Russell

  22. Michael Grimm needs to distance himself from Eaton's"Real American" trope ASAP permalink
    October 16, 2010 5:32 pm

    The most recent TJIUA posting, “Breaking News: Michael Grimm To Appear On The Steve Malzberg Show This Friday At Bay Ridge Toyota!!” appears directly under a banner that proclaims “…Welcome to a Real American Blog. A place for Real Americans”, which has been there for a few days now. Inside the text of the October 16th item specifically repeated is the implied “not a real American” slur at Congressman McMahon by again referring to the Republican candidate as “the ‘Real American’ Michael Grimm”.

    This is a further arrogant display of the Un-American face of the Brooklyn Republican party under Craig Eaton that attempts to portray a duly elected U.S. Congressman and anybody who supports that Congressman, and any other candidates of the Democratic Party as “not real Americans”. This is despicable; and it is identifiable with such Un-American organizations as the “KKK” and the Neo-Nazi “Aryan Nation” or “The Brotherhood”. This is the kind of tar brush material that people at MSNBC and Salon have been trying to use on Republicans since the rise of the Tea Party – recently Eaton has been making it easy for the whole GOP and all of its candidates in Brooklyn to get slammed with a whole tar bucket full of it.

    Now that the Republican/Conservative candidate for Congress, Michael Grimm, has been put forward under TJIUA’s recent obnoxious banner, along with a photograph of Grimm next to the publically denounced Un-American Craig Eaton, Grimm has to act quickly to avoid being splattered along with the new GOP tar-baby Eaton.

    Waiting for the Democrats to lash back at Eaton’s Un-American slurs will be too late. By that time, they will be able to claim that Grimm consented to being associated with Eaton’s extremist and Un-American rants against everybody who isn’t onboard with his warped parochial political views.

  23. Big News Blunder by McMahon permalink
    October 17, 2010 11:27 pm

    While TJIUA is prattling about little local debates, they miss real big political news

    Mike McMahon’s “kiss and make up” with Democratic Councilwoman Debi Rose was not the right move for his campaign. He was stronger without this alliance with WFP darling Debi Rose, which looks like it might turn into a love fest according to Tom Wrobleski in a 10/17/10 SILive Article.

    Now Republican Conservative Mike Grimm can hammer McMahon for moving leftward in this Tea Party Year.

    Running against McMahon as an Obama, Pelosi and now Debi Rose Democrat
    will not just fly, it will take off like a rocket.

  24. Too Little Too Late permalink
    October 17, 2010 11:41 pm

    Too bad it is too little too late. McMahon is too strong.

  25. ASIB flagged for taunting hoochey-hoochey dance in end-zone following runback of TJIUA fumble permalink
    October 18, 2010 8:46 pm

    Nice Try TJIUA, but when you’ve got nothing to say, you’re better off just saying nothing.

    Some TJIUA commentator is trying to play the “in the know wag game” with a 10/18/10 comment, “Pelosi-McMahon Must Go! said… ‘While the other blog is prattling about well nothing … The NRCC has just maxed out it’s spending for the Real American Michael Grimm, and this is only bad news for Michael McMahon according to Liz Benjamin in 10/18 State of Politics.’” There is a kernel of news there, but the poor TJIUA commentator just didn’t see what it was. So I’ll pick up the ball that TJIUA dropped and run it the other way for a ASIB touchdown.

    To the uninitiated the TJIUA comment just makes no sense, what the e-wag wannabe meant to say is the floowing: if the Liz Benjamin report is correct, the National Republican Campaign Committee came across with their final installment to or on behalf of the Grimm Campaign and that should cover some TV buys for Grimm.

    The real news is that this is a “dog that didn’t bark” story. If the NRCC held back like they did to some other Republican congressional candidates in New York, that would have been a sign that they thought the Grimm campaign was out of it or faltering near the end. They didn’t do that – so that’s the real good news.

    “Touchdown ASIB!!!!!! OMG, the ASIB commentator has just gone into a lurid hoochey-hoochey dance, waving the ball in the direction of TJIUA’s fans; that’ll draw a flag — and there it is. There’s just no excuse for this kind of lack of discipline and all around bad sportsmanship. I’m sure JJ will just have to take this guy out and tell him to keep his head in the game and avoid these chippy penalties.”

  26. Un-Americans are as Un-Americans Do at GOP Hate Blog permalink
    October 26, 2010 1:30 am

    We must revisit the issue of the Un-American rants that repeatedly emanate from Kings County Chairman Craig Eaton’s personal hate blog, “The Jig is Up Atlas”.

    In spite of our continuous admonition that Eaton’s crowd, most notably his closest gunsels and toadies, stop inferring that a sitting U.S. Congressman is “not a real American”, TJIUA has continued this Un-American rhetorical outrage against Congressman McMahon as we draw closer and closer to election day .

    This despicable approach to the race for Congress in the 13th Congressional District serves no legitimate interest whatsoever. In fact, it is more likely to be devastating and deadly to the aspirations of the Republican Candidate, Michael Grimm, if picked up by the Democrats.

    Thus, we repeat, with even greater emphasis than heretofore expressed, that both candidates for Congress from the 13th CD, Michael Grimm and incumbent Congressman Michael McMahon are “real Americans” and anybody who says or suggests otherwise is an Un-American liar.

    Because of their unquestioning patronage and support of the content, style and format of “The Jig is Up Atlas”, which has pronounced the “real American – not real American” screed for weeks, about the Congressional candidates in the 13th CD, Brooklyn Republican Chairman Eaton, Republican District Leaders Gallo and Annarrummo and Republican sycophant Steve Maresca are again denounced as Un-American…..(that’s right, I almost forgot) scum bags!!!!

  27. As to TJIUA’s usual cut-and-paste rebuttals; these are becoming tedious, Mr. Craig Eaton. permalink
    October 26, 2010 11:08 pm

    Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton and his hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas” just seem to be a their wits end just doing their routine cut-and-paste rejoinders to the substantive attacks appearing here on ASIB.

    These three from among TJIUA’s 10/26/10 postings are a VERY PERFECT EXAMPLE OF TJIUA’s VERY IMPERFECT WORK:
    “[Someone at ASIB] Exhausts Himself In Latest Late Night Drunken Post commented on atlas shrugs and their comments are un: ‘This whole sue the MTA bit has the real look of…’ ”

    “This Still Is Indeed Must See TV, Though For The Other Blog There TV For Republicans Was Turned Off Long Ago!!! commented on atlas shrugs and their comments are un: ‘We must return to the many Republicans the great…’ ”

    “Let’s Do Revist The Other Blog’s Un-American Comments!! commented on atlas shrugs and their comments are un: ‘We must revisit the issue of the Un-American…’ ”

    To the extent any of their jibberish makes any sense at all TJIUA’s attempted rebuttlas are a pack falsehoods and misrepresentations (for the common folk, “lies”).

    As an example, TJIUA sets up the straw man with respect to our calling-out Russell Gallo. Nobody that we are involved with has ever said that 47th AD Republican Leader “Sergeant Russell Gallo” is “not a real American”. On the contrary we specifically abhor the use of that particular formulation. However, we have called “Mister” Gallo and “Un-American” for using or approving the use of that very “not a real American” soubriquet with respect to a sitting U.S. Congressman. Our other problems with Gallo involve the TJIUA characterization of him as a “real American hero”. That’s something for which we have seen no proof whatsoever; since various politicos have fabricated histories, is it unreasonable to ask, “Where’s the beef” with respect to “Sergeant” Gallo?

  28. Hero On A Bun permalink
    October 26, 2010 11:24 pm

    No beef at all just a tiny little weiner.

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