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Lazio Clears Path For Potential Paladino Victory By Bowing Out

September 27, 2010

Cuomo, Lazio (Out), and Paladino (Daily News)

With the polling demonstrating momentum for Carl Paladino, the Andrew Cuomo people must of been pretty flummoxed by the exit of former Conservative Party gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio.

What once seemed like a far fetch to all of us now seems a very strong possibility: that the next Governor of New York will be Carl Paladino.

For some of us, that makes us shudder. For others, it provides immense satisfaction.

After all, Andrew Cuomo was seemingly the anointed governor-elect prepared to do all that governor-like stuff (such as measuring drapes and kicking back as Rome–I mean, Albany–burns?).

Now, this race is interesting, if not a slight bit scary. It cannot be denied that Carl Paladino has not provided either Republicans or Democrats with a complete plan or picture of how he intends to govern. He throws out plans–indeed, a “five point plan“–which are big on titles and nothing more.

He is essentially running a campaign bloated with slogans and threats (taking a baseball bat with him to Albany, for example).

Moreover, the racist, bestiality-filled emails sent from him to various individuals in the state must give us pause when we consider his judgment as a leader.

But voters are very upset. They are content to vote for someone they don’t know all too well (even after he insulted downstate counties) because he represents, to many, a complete divergence from the party establishment.

That’s what this year is all about.

Rick Lazio must have understood that after the primary. Now, he’s fallen on his sword and provided the Conservative Party and Mr. Paladino with a opportunity to actually win this race against a pro-Democratic establishment, anti-Tea Party candidate in Mr. Cuomo.

What the exact results will be is unclear. How either will govern is even more unclear.

But soon enough, we will start to get some answers.


Meanwhile, we invite Mr. Paladino’s campaign to send our blog specifics as to what exactly their specific plans are and to demonstrate to those of us who remain skeptical of Mr. Paladino why he is a candidate Republicans downstate can embrace.

If that happens, we will, of course, provide those to you.

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