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The Jewish Press Endorses 49th Assembly District Candidate Lucretia Regina-Potter

September 7, 2010

She’s hated by both the GOP and the Democratic establishments.

And she keeps getting attention.

49th AD candidate Lucretia Regina-Potter, who (rumor has it) has been very well received in the Jewish community, was recently endorsed by The Jewish Press newspaper. The statement comes at a time when there have been growing sentiments among reformers that the Brooklyn GOP has been less than sympathetic to the needs of Jewish Republicans and other minorities.

Here is the simple text of the statement:

Lucretia Regina-Potter

We endorse Lucretia Regina-Potter in the Republican primary in the 49th district. Long involved in public affairs, she is fast emerging as a leading spokesperson for many of the issues of importance to the Jewish community there, including school choice, tuition vouchers, tax credits for small businesses and family values.

For Mrs. Regina-Potter’s website, click here.


My colleagues and I at Atlas wish Mrs. Regina-Potter all the best in her pursuits in the upcoming elections. The establishment GOP has actively undermined her in the past and is continuing to do so. Such activity has and will continued to be reported and monitored on our blog.

In the end, we hope this is the year that the reformers begin to exorcise the dark soul of the Bay Ridge Cabal.

The time has come.

  1. You Go Girl! permalink
    September 8, 2010 1:06 am

    Fight the good fight Lucretia and give them hell!
    You are Brooklyn’s Palin!!

  2. A Ringing Endorsement for an Important Segment and a Clarion Call to the Whole Community permalink
    September 8, 2010 6:51 am

    The real Social Conservative in the 49th AD is recognized — and in a big way —

    “We endorse Lucretia Regina-Potter in the Republican primary in the 49th district. Long involved in public affairs, she is fast emerging as a leading spokesperson for many of the issues of importance to the Jewish community there, including school choice, tuition vouchers, tax credits for small businesses and family values.”

    The Jewish Press

  3. Desparate Jig Is Up Has Nothing to Show permalink
    September 8, 2010 10:37 pm

    On Craig Eaton’s waste of electrons, Wednesday, September 8, 2010: “While Cipriano Pounds Pavement, Lucretia Potter Campaigns In Elitist Manhattan!!” there was a posted picture of a City Hall event. What was it supposed to show, an aging Henry Stern?

    Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words, and both picture and prose in this piece show that “The Jig is Drooping”.

    FYI, if Cipriano pounds anywhere, it’s inside 7620 17th Avenue where he reliably holds the fort most of the time. A hardened campaigner he is not.

  4. Jig caught off-base again, OUTS two of Eaton's candidates permalink
    September 9, 2010 6:03 am

    After making a big issue of campaigning in Manhattan instead of Brooklyn, it turns out that what is depicted in The Jig is Up Atlas photo is an aging Henry Stern in an assignation with Jig-supported 60th AD candidate Nicole Malliotakis.

    “In some secluded rendezvous
    That overlooks the avenue
    With someone sharing a delightful chat
    Of this and that
    And cocktails for two”

    Also pointed out by an “RH” was the Jig’s hypocricy, since they were quick to tout Allegrettti’s completely unpatriotic attempt to smear Marine veteran Michael Grimm’s outstanding war record delivered on the very same City Hall steps, where Allegretti had his own assignation with Henry Stern.

    “Most any afternoon at five
    they’ll be so glad they’re both alive
    Then maybe fortune will complete their plan
    That all began
    With cocktails for two”

  5. Eaton Going Crazy permalink
    September 9, 2010 9:17 am

    Eatons day is fast approaching… Does he call to suck up to Grimm after he wins, does he delegate it, or does he just pretend his poor endorsement didnt happen????? We will find out soon enough- I hear Grimm will have no use for Eaton & Brooklyn GOP though if he does try to make nice..

  6. The Jig is Up for somebody in last gasp blogging and mailing for Cipriano permalink
    September 9, 2010 11:40 pm

    Late Thursday, Craig Eaton’s bloggers gave away the last gasp strategy on behalf of Peter Cipriano in his race against Lucretia Regina-Potter — Just Lie, Fabricate and Confabulate.

    As Exhibit “A”, take a look at “The Jig Is Up For Lucretia Potter As She Admits To Government Group She’s Unemployed”, in “The Jig is Up Atlas” on Thursday, September 9, 2010.

    The piece “quotes” a couple of items out of an uncited report attributed to NYPIRG [now there’s a good conservative Republican source] and compares them to Candidate Financial filings without any context for either document.

    In any case they make a direct comparison of a category for gifts in excess of $1,000 [excluding political donations] with several $1,500 donations in kind to the campaign, to prove what? That Eaton, Cipriano and company can’t read; there’s no need to prove that, the world already knows.

    As Exhibit “B”, there are early reports of a Merlin O’Malice-like “hit piece” that does a real drive-by scatter-gun barrage at LUCRETIA. All of it is pure BS.

    First, they re-cooked the 46th AD shakedown of the Bd. of Elections inspectors story, and then serve it like it was fresh on the 49th AD, but without a single fact to back it up.

    Next, they use the Special Lazar City Council endorsement without stating that it was a non-partisan election and describing how that all really went down.

    Lastly, they gimmicked the results of LUCRETIA’s last two elections, without showing how she ran ahead of the rest of the Brooklyn GOP’s local candidates.

    There is a problem with their hit piece, the evidence is piling up as you read this. Let’s see if Eaton’s gamble pays off for him and the “Boy Wonder” or if they both have to pay back big time with a big vig, to boot.

  7. When Eaton's Side Is Desperate They'll Just Outright Lie About You permalink
    September 10, 2010 6:20 pm

    Lucretia Regina-Potter continues to be libeled on Craig Eaton’s hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas”. The hatchet work is being done by Eaton’s bogs-bloggers who are either intentionally ignoring the clear tenor of her statements and answers to specific questions, or are making improper comparisons of obviously disparate items of information. All of it is objectionable and objectively false reportage, far beyond the pale of “fair comment”; and it’s all been done with out due diligence and with reckless disregard for the truth. In short, they are a pack of damned despicable liars.

    Everything in the articles, “ The Jig Is Up For Lucretia Potter As She Admits To Government Group She’s Unemployed.”, Posted by AAA at 9/09/2010 and “More Lies from the Thugs in the 49th AD”, Posted by The Jig Is Up Atlas at 9/10/2010 is the invidious sleight-of-hand of mountebanks, charlatans and scoundrels.

    There is especially no “Shocking” truth exposed by “this [or any other] reform minded commentator” or for that matter Eaton or anybody else commenting for Eaton on his blog. What’s in these articles is not the truth, a version of the truth or even anything that will help lead someone to the truth.

    A so called “‘Damaging’ report” from NYPIRG simply does not exist (the link to NYPIRG turns up what would appear to be a Lucretia Regina-Potter statement filed with an office of a legislative commission) .

    Lucretia cannot have “lied to the ‘Reform-Minded’ New York Public Interest Research Group” because she has never had any dealings with that liberal organization. And she certainly has not lied to the Republican voters in her district, especially about any of the material now alleged by the serial slanderer “AAA” in the earlier of the two articles.

    No “question begs” about any “former employment” at any “former ‘Bari Tile’” or any continuation of payments of benefits by “Papa John” Regina (note the absolute disrespect for family manifest in AAA’s reference to Lucretia Regina-Potter’s father), because there is no former Bari Tile and there is no former employment from which there would be any continuation of payments.

    AAA admits nine-months of serial libel and slander aimed at a the stalwart businesswoman, wife, mother and daughter, Lucretia Regina-Potter. “HE” also betrays “HIS” absolute misogyny with “HIS” mocking kiss-off, “You Go Girl!”

    The article, “More Lies from the Thugs in the 49th AD.” would more aptly be entitled “More Lies from Craig Eaton and his ‘The Jig is Up Atlas’.” Eaton’s bogs-bloggers just pretend to have scanned some relevant documents, but what was “scanned” is no more that some tiny and out of context bits of clip-art that prove absolutely nothing (we hope this wasn’t done by Craig Eaton himself, because it would not speak well of his skills as a practicing attorney at law to so butcher the handling of the main exhibit).

    “Someone isn’t telling the truth. Will the real Lucretia stand up?” is a patently scurrilous statement and question, since there is no contradiction or duplicity involved (except as to the people making the nonsensical claims based upon such an abbreviated and fundamentally dishonest comparison of documents).

    As stated above Lucretia Regina-Potter is a stalwart businesswoman, wife, mother and daughter; and that is reflected in the whole of the documentary exhibits, viewed fairly.

    Lastly, “employment” is a fully developed and well understood concept and it is has been clearly defined for various legal purposes. Consultancy or working as a consultant is seldom “employment”, as that term is formally used or in the manner that consultants typically practice their art or craft [just ask attorney Craig Eaton or the “consultant” who probably did Peter Cipriano’s hit piece mailer or possibly ghost-writ these articles for The Jig is Up Atlas].

  8. Craig Eaton's agents knowingly bear false witness against Potter on religious matter with Eaton's support, knowledge and consent permalink
    September 10, 2010 9:46 pm

    Lucretia Regina-Potter has never supported anti-religious paintings in any context or venue.

    This has always been a false and particularly obnoxious charge that Eaton’s bogs-bloggers at “The Jig is Up Atlas” and “BrooklynPolitico” have leveled at Lucretia.

    This canard is an absolute contrivance by Eaton’s gang going back to the time when a particular Bay Ridge Democrat was contemplating a challenge against State Senator Marty Golden. I know both Lucretia Regina-Potter and that Democrat, and to my knowledge they have never met, spoken by phone or communicated by E-mail or snail-mail. Even if the two were to have recently met, the painting would not really be relevant since the Bay Ridge Democrat has chosen not to bring it up, publically. On the contrary, he prefers not to generally discuss it, since it was re-published by Craig Eaton’s hate blogs.

    None of that ever had anything to do with Lucretia. Anything said to the contrary by “The Jig is Up Atlas”, or any of Eaton’s prat-boys who might comment there, is a bald-faced, knowing false witness borne wilfully against their neighbor, Lucretia Regina-Potter.

  9. Eaton's bogs-bloggers just can't seem to get anything right permalink
    September 11, 2010 2:25 pm

    Lucretia Regina-Potter certainly has not gone over to “Headquarters” at 7620 17th Avenue to look for a job. (By the way Republican Headquarters is at 1662 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY; Tel.: 718 704 4766 ).

    At present, Lucretia Regina-Potter has several full-time jobs and duties. She is a businesswoman, daughter, wife and mother, and until Tuesday, September 14, 2010, a certified Republican primary Candidate, selected under the Rules of the Kings County Republican Party to be the Republican Candidate for Assembly in the 49th AD.

    After Tuesday, she will continue to have similar full-time jobs and duties. Lucretia Regina-Potter will still be a businesswoman, daughter, wife and mother, and after Tuesday, September 14, 2010 she will be the Official Republican Candidate for the Assembly in the 49th Assembly District in the General Election in November 2010.

    After January 1, 2011, Lucretia Regina-Potter will be Assemblywoman Lucretia Regina-Potter.

  10. Some people think that the Catholic Church should get directly involved in partisan elections. Just what is that all about? permalink
    September 13, 2010 7:00 pm

    Clearly, Craig Eaton, Marty Golden and Gerard Kassar number themselves in that camp. Witness their support of David Greenfield a liberal deomcrat through the aptly monogrammed CCCP (Eaton nominally supported some “real deal” phony candidate, who garnered about 2% of the vote).

    I’m all for it if the Catholic Church and their subsidiaries pay their fair share of taxes, make proper disclosures of their total fiancial holdings and open their personal files with respect to complete histories of documented sexual abuse going back at least as far as the Ben Rose case(s)[Ben died in prison of AIDS, convicted of child abuse and other crimes, he is reputed to have been one of the biggest procurers of kidnapped/missing young boys to date; near the end, he wanted to disclose all but very, very important people kept him quiet. Yeah, what was that all about? More on Ben at another time].

    Particularly, look out for some “dirty tricks” from a very young man in his most recent church posting, who never did complete his seminary training locally (what was that all about?), but was “invited back” (an even bigger, what was that all about?) and happily finished his seminary training in a scandal plagued place in the Philadelphia Arch-Diocese (where local officials issued a report as to the abuses uncovered there).

    This very young man (who likes to dress like a latter day “Don Camillo” — the fictional “Tarocci” not the historic “Valota”) from the scandal-plagued Philadephia area seminary mentions that he supports the political aspirations of another very young man “in my [his] heart” ( now, that’s the biggest, what IS all that about?).


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