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In Latest Campaign Episode, Paladino Says He Likes Queens and Staten Island–But Not Brooklyn

September 5, 2010

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino (Van Buren/Times Union)

Newsflash: Carl Paladino’s campaign is in damage control mode yet again.

And this time, it’s personal.

When I didn’t think it was possible to make Rick Lazio look any better, his eccentric gubernatorial opponent, who previously sent out emails featuring bestiality, porn and racism via his email account, dissed Brooklyn and two other NYC boroughs during a campaign stop, giving preference to Staten Island and Queens.

Yes, some of us have questioned Mr. Paladino’s sanity before. Others have favored anyone but Lazio. But now that Mr. Paladino has essentially insulted about 30% of the state’s population here in New York City, I think it’s time those of us who had any doubts finally said: “This man is truly mad as hell.”

Here is the story as reported by NY1:

Republican Carl Paladino’s campaign for governor was in damage control mode on Saturday, as it was trying to downplay critical remarks the candidate made upstate earlier in the week about New York City.

During a campaign stop in Hornell, N.Y. on Tuesday, Paladino said he liked Queens and Staten Island because they are just like upstate New York. He then said, “That leaves Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn, and they can have them.”

Paladino’s campaign manager Michael Caputo said that the candidate was responding to a question about the logistics of traveling in New York City, and not what he thought of the three boroughs, which are home to 30 percent of New York State’s population.

Last month, the Buffalo businessman was quoted as saying negative remarks about the residents of Manhattan in a newspaper profile.

Speaking on NY1’s “Inside City Hall” this past Monday, Paladino defended those comments.

“I’m talking about the ruling elite, that’s where they’re from. This ruling class of people, no matter what the party, are all from Manhattan,” said Paladino. “They’re smug, they’re elitist, they’re wealthy, they have guilt for the wealth they have accumulated and they want the downtrodden, they want them taken care of, but not on their nickel.”

Paladino, who made a trip to the Bronx just last month, has been rising in the polls.

He faces off against former Long Island Congressman Rick Lazio in the GOP primary on September 14.

Does the Paladino campaign ever do anything but make excuses for the controversies they engender? Insulting three of the five boroughs of the greatest city in the world is not a great way to earn votes. Not to mention, this upstate/downstate feud is so foolish and represents the dumbest kind of old school New York State politics.

But wait: Michael Caputo’s response to the media coverage is that the question was regarding “traveling in New York City.”

Now, even if I believed that, (and no offense to our readers from our northern neighbor) how exactly is Queens more navigable than Brooklyn? Winding roads and jagged streets are what I always think of when I drive into Queens to catch a Mets game or go shopping.

And Staten Island? Lacking a car is considered a mortal sin out there.

So, I don’t necessarily buy Mr. Caputo’s schlocky story regarding the content of the question or (more likely) Mr. Paladino’s goals by answering the way he did. To say “they can have them” just doesn’t make sense.

But then again, we are talking about Carl Paladino.

When has he ever made sense?

  1. Paladino is right, parts of Brooklyn are horrible, some are unspeakable permalink
    September 5, 2010 12:56 pm

    Gerriten Beach is one such unspeakable piece of Brooklyn. Even discussing the place can make one crazy; take Dan Cavanagh, please! [drummer do a rimshot].

    Just look at how some of the commentators at The Jig is up Atlas brutally abuse the mother tongue because of sentances including the words “Gerritsen Beach” in them. Most recently was a horrible syntax error wherein the commentator mentioned “ these ‘Despicable’ comments about Gerritsen Beach …’ it is logically and linguistically impossible to make any despicable comments about Gerritsen Beach. Ask anybody from Marine Park or Sheepshead Bay the two civilized areas closest to Brooklyn’s very own “Ozarks in the Meadows”.

    Can anybody reading Atlas Shrugs tell me where can I get a copy of Dan Cavanagh’s photo essay “Locals make feast of neighbor’s dog”? I especially like the one with Marty Golden in it and the black rectangles over everybody’s eyes except for the state senator. That lone photo had a certain “je ne sais quoi” that just exuded the Golden-Gerritsen “zeitgeist”.

  2. On second thought Paladino might love Gerritsen Beach permalink
    September 5, 2010 7:53 pm

    If they had computers and knew how to use them, Paladino could put all the Gerrisen Beach bright lights on his buddies list, so he could forward his favorite porn and racist jokes to them.

  3. September 7, 2010 10:39 am

    This is sort of like when Michael G. Grimm referred to Staten Islanders and Brooklynites as blood thirsty thugs not long back. Another thing Grimm has failed to apologise for and this blog has so conveniently dismissed.

  4. "Nigh around Jamaica's Waters there's an awful smell, some say it's Jamaica's Waters..." permalink
    September 7, 2010 7:05 pm

    [To the tune of the Cornell Alma Mater]

    “Nigh around Jamaica’s Waters there’s an awful smell,
    Some say it’s Jamaica’s Waters, others say Cornell.

    Cornell’s far from Jamaica Bay, farther still from the smell.
    Yet, close to the Knapp Street Sewer Plant, closer still to hell
    Just so’s we’re not in Gerritsen Beach we’d prefer the smell.

    Ode to Knapp Street,far away from Gerritsen Avenue.

  5. Didn't Katrina Destroy a Neighborhood That Was Just Like Gerritsen Beach? permalink
    September 7, 2010 7:12 pm

    And once destroyed would anybody bother to rebuild it?

    Just like the one in New Orleans.

  6. Fly On The Wall permalink
    September 11, 2010 10:15 am

    Paladino has not leaned the lesson that a fool and his words are never parted. Some times words, like gas, are best held till you are alone. Both can stink!

  7. michael Dallesandro permalink
    September 11, 2010 11:45 am

    I am not sure about the things to which you are alluding but Gerritsen Beach is a wonderful place to live if you can ignore jerks like Danny Cavanaugh. The real problem exists somewhere in between with the 61st precinct. Apparently to serve and protect is not a part of their job description anymore. There are so many things that just do not make sense. Take for instance my father who had dementia and his neighbor was robbing him. When I went to the detective to make a report they told me that my 81 year old father was getting lucky and he didn’t want to embarrass him. No investigation to even have come to that decision. Then when I went to his house one day I found her going through his china closet and he was yelling her name from the bathroom. When I went into the bathroom he was on the floor with his head bleeding. I called the ambulance and the cops to have the police say that well he invited her into his house so there was nothing they could do. Then I find out that her nephew is a captain at one of the local precincts. This is the great and wonderful Dewitt family. Or how about the architect that I hired to put together pans for a third floor addition. Well he never gave me the plans. When I went to his house to talk to him about this his girlfriend came home and made a drink for all of us. Then she turned and told me that she thinks I should do anything Timmy says in order to get my plans. She then took her shirt off and when I looked at him his pants were off. I ran for the door and he came behind me and put his hands around my throat slammed my head into the wall still choking me until I went unconscious just to be thrown down the stairs while I was unconscious. Then to be ripped from the floor while unconscious by my hair to be thrown out the door. So I jumped in my car to find an officer to get help. While I was explaining this to the officer apparently his superior had been following me and decided I should be arrested. So they never even knocked on my architects door. I did file a report when I got out of jail 2 days later. They took two months to arrest him only to let him plea down to a violation. Since he pled down he still gets to keep his license. Next victim. This jerk is Timothy Costello. He was a plans examiner for the DOB for 15 years. Back to Danny Cavanaugh. Well I have a little girl that I registered for softball at the knights of columbus. I gave Mr. Londis (ex police detective) and Denny (the bartender) from the old Gather Inn my money for my daughter. I asked for a receipt and they told me not to worry about it. So I didn’t. Until Daniel Cavanaugh wrote me the most horrible letter I have ever received to tell me that it is people like me that make this neighborhood a what it is. That I should be ashamed for not paying for my daughters softball. I called him to explain and pretty much he called me a liar. I know you do not know me but I hate liars, cheats and troublemakers. In all my years I have never stole anything from anyone. To be diminished to being called a liar and a thief from one of the biggest drunks in the neighborhood was indescribable. I try to mind my business but its gerritsen beach. Can you believe Danny wants to tell us how to do our parenting? Apparently he is upset about the bus shelters. The cops need to be on patrol here at night more. Very simple. They need to work for us and not to fill quotas. They need to arrest people that rob steal and abuse people. Stop looking at my inspection stickers and trying to figure out why they shouldn’t have to help. I am not sure if you are aware that it is a huge problem that even Lew Fidler is aware of. For some reason Gerritsen beach is being ignored and the crime rate is destroying our neighborhood.

  8. Mr. Dallesandro, as you rightly observed, the "problem" with Gerritsen Beach really begins with "the filth" permalink
    September 11, 2010 1:18 pm

    “The Police” and policing are always a big problem in any society (perhaps they are the biggest single subset of the broader problem of “crime”). Until the “Blue Wall” is nothing but old crumbled brick and mortar, with only hints of navy, royal and azure from a bygone era, the stench of filth and corruption, like what you described, will be commonplace. This is especially true in a “community” as insular and backward as Gerritsen Beach.

    Having a representative like Marty Golden, or has he has been recently tagged, “THE FILTH” (largely because of his police background), will only propagate the problem further. “THE FILTH’s” golden hooks are into every precinct of his state senate district. One talon is dirtier than the next.

    Don’t give up hope, help is on the way. Look for his only opponent in years to bring some of this out over the next seven weeks. Your friends at the 61st Pct. are high on the list.


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