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Bay Ridge Interpol Reports Merlin of Malice O’Brien Working for 60th A.D. Democratic District Leader Candidate

September 4, 2010

In one of the best pieces of blogging I have read in some time, our reformer friends on the other side of the aisle take on controversial political consultant Gerry O’Brien (aka The Merlin of Malice). To not read Bay Ridge Interpol’s latest piece would truly be a crime. Thus, I have posted it here:

He’s baaaaaaaaaack.

Inside sources close to The Kevin Peter Carroll Experience have told this highly respected and universally read blog that Team Carroll has in fact hired none other than the Merlin of Meatballs, Gerry “The Hitman” O’Brien, to run a smear campaign against Mr. Carroll’s opponent, 60th A.D. Male District Leader incumbent Ralph Perfetto.

Mr. O’Brien, a paid political contortionist who once allegedly assaulted a young Republican gadfly over brunch, has been known to whip up a mean smear campaign for his Republican cronies (at least the ones he isn’t busy physically attacking inside a local diner). However, when his cupboards are bare, Mr. O’Brien has been known to work for a liberal progressive Democrat or two. Hey, times are tough and daddy needs new shoes.

We would imagine Mr. Carroll (a.k.a. Veruca Salt) is looking to capitalize on a dusty and dubious story they previously unearthed about Mr. Perfetto.

As a wise augur posted on The Brooklyn Paper website several months ago, it would appear that Team Carroll (read: Kevin’s dad) is tucked tight under the covers with Scott Shifrel of The Daily News and Richmond County District Attorney Dan Donovan.

Team Carroll took the Perfetto tale to Mr. Donovan, and looking to win a few points towards his futile New York State Attorney General bid, Mr. Donovan took the stale bait and went public with Mr. Perfetto’s alleged “Cousin Vinny” case as if it were the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, when in reality, Mr. Perfetto’s case had been dormant for over three years; sitting idle as a non-case fit to be thrown out and off the docket altogether.

Let’s get real: the charge is preposterous. Mr. Donovan did not investigate any of the facts before pursuing it at taxpayers expense. In fact, I think the whole thing was from a page ripped out of Election Year Stunts for Dummies.

Mr. Perfetto, a licensed NYC Private Investigator, was not “nabbed” by cops. On the contrary, Mr. Perfetto not only went to the precinct himself, but waited over an hour for the detectives to arrive for his desk appearance ticket. How long must a guy wait around to surrender these days?!

Backstory: The charges came about after Mr. Perfetto acquired some witness affidavits on behalf of his cousin who had been charged in connection with a scuffle he had with a customer who refused to pay him for some mechanic work. Mr. Perfetto accompanied his mechanic cousin to the preliminary court appearance as a witness to give the affidavits to the judge. This is all verified in the transcripts of the court. Something Mr. Donovan conveniently ignored.

Mr. Perfetto identified myself as a Private Investigator and that’s all there was to it. Not to mention, as a well-known P.I. and a politically active figure, most of the judges and other court employees know who Mr. Perfetto is. So then how the hell could he pose as a lawyer?! Mr. Perfetto could not pose as anyone or anything besides being Mr. Perfetto. The only thing he is guilty of is wearing a fedora, which all the news outlets could not resist including in the story as if to clumsily insinuate some sort of gangster image.

As a supporter and personal friend of District Attorney Charles Hynes, Mr. Perfetto is fully aware that to impersonate an officer of the court is a violation of the law. This case is nothing more than election year antics which Mr. O’Brien will no doubt have a field day with on behalf of Mr. Carroll.

We have questioned Mr. Carroll’s motivation in the past and, though we aren’t surprised, we are disappointed that a sycophantic political neophyte such as the 23-year-old Mr. Carroll would resort to a serious smear campaign for a local District Leader race and attempt to take down Mr. Perfetto, a patriot who has dedicated his entire life to public service, advocacy and altruism.

Shame on you, Mr. Carroll.


Please direct all questions regarding this to Bay Ridge Interpol.

We have not independently confirmed the content above, but it sure did make us laugh 😉

  1. Something Evil This Way Comes permalink
    September 5, 2010 12:38 am

    This all stinks to high heaven.

    Hynes’ case against Perfetto was all wrong from the start.

    Donovan’s handling of this matter is attrocious.

    Nothing new was uncovered in this case the whole time Donovan’s office had it, except that Perfetto was in court on 8-21-08 as a private eye and witness; but that should have been obvious from the the very beginning anyway.

  2. All Along The Watchtower permalink
    September 5, 2010 9:59 am

    Mr. Carroll is spending an awful lot of time and money for a non-paying job that I imagine he feels may propel him into the national headlines. Absurd! The Bay Ridge voters are used to getting their issues resolved. How does Mr. Carroll expect to handle their problems when he has no clue who to turn to or even what questions to ask?!

    While I applaud his desire to pursue a political career, I truly do, this was bad counsel from those who encouraged him to run against
    Mr. Perfetto.

    Mr. Carroll can’t actually want to be an unpaid District Leader unless it will take him up the food chain. What does that leave the voters? An experienced, self-serving, ineffective – “2-years and I’m out” novice – who didn’t truly care about them to start out with.

    Personally, I find these antics to be disgraceful.

  3. Why is there chatter about Democrat candidates for a Democratic Party position on a Republican Blog? permalink
    September 6, 2010 1:30 pm

    I understand questioning the Republican AG candidate Dan Donovan’s cooperation with certain Democrats in going after Democratic Leader Perfetto, especially if there might be some quid pro quo involved.

    I understand questioning Republican Craig Eaton’s involvement in the prosecution of a Democratic District Leader, for whatever advantage the gives some of the candidates he supports.

    I even understand linking Republican Marty Golden’s so called “Bay Ridge Cabal” with the shenanigans of Brooklyn DA Hynes, recently endorsed by the Republicans, but a Democrat of longstanding.

    All of these things are clearly bits and pieces of the web of corruption that keeps the current Republican leadership in power.

    The gossip and details of a Democratic leadership race, even if it’s peripherally involved in the Republican web of corruption is a side show and hardly worth the attention of anybody but the wonkiest political junkies.

  4. Postal Service permalink
    September 6, 2010 8:24 pm

    It’s ALL connected, young grasshoper. All of it. You’ll see. In time, you’ll see.

  5. Mimi Bellamascera permalink
    September 6, 2010 11:04 pm

    Everybody is missing the most ominous fact for Republicans coming out of the Democrat’s Carroll-Perfetto leadership primary.

    Both organizations, Carroll’s and Perfetto’s, have more real grassroots support than any Republican club in Brooklyn, especially in the 60th AD.

    After the primary is over, in November the Democrats will likely outpoll each and every Republican in the 60th AD in Bay Ridge.

  6. The Submariner permalink
    September 7, 2010 10:10 am

    The Kings County Democrats have what the Brooklyn GOP wishes it had: young, hungry leadership. As a Republican, I find it despicable that Chairman Mao Eaton and his fingerling potatoes like Gerry O’Brien and Jerry “Brown Corduroy” Kassar do their best to suppress any young voices within the party. At this rate, the party will not survive. It cannot. They are tying their broken wagons to what boils down to a Staten Island race because they have nothing of their own to speak of. Bob Capano? I mean, come on kids. As a registered Republican, even I will admit the Brooklyn GOP is a disgrace.

  7. Strangely Republican Looking Mailer Shows Up for Bay Ridge Democrat permalink
    September 10, 2010 7:11 am

    A mailer that negatively compared 60th AD Democratic Leader Ralph Perfetto to his young challenger Kevin Peter Carroll turned up in the mail on Thursday through various parts of Bay Ridge.

    The political literature attacked Perfetto as an agent of Sheldon Silver, who’s only political goal seemed to be keeping Bay Ridge divided into many unconnected assembly districts.

    Although a little peckish, the piece wasn’t intensely malicious, more aptly it could be described as disdainfully chary. However, it didn’t have the look or feel of what you’d expect in a Democrat on Democrat race.

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