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Paladino Not Politically Deceased…Yet

August 11, 2010

Our good buddy Carl Paladino is clinging to a hope that he will, in some way, shape or form, appear on the ballot for governor and have a good chance to win, as well.

An appearance on the ballot just might occur, as will support from Genesee County (I didn’t even know where that was until I looked it up).

Daily Politics had coverage of both on their blog. As for getting on the ballot, his new Taxpayers party is seemingly in order:

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino is set to deliver 28,000 signatures for his new “Taxpayers” ballot line to the Board of Elections this morning, ostensibly giving him a lifeline to stay in the game if he doesn’t win his GOP primary fight against party nominee Rick Lazio.

Paladino Campaign Manager Michael Caputo said the signatures — gathered by some 2,000 petition carriers — cover all 29 Congressional Districts and are still pouring in by the day.

“It’s a remarkable thing — we’re all really humbled by it,” Caputo said.

What’s more, he said, the petition carriers can now turn their efforts — and those of their friends — to a statewide GOTV effort on Paladino’sbehalf.

As you may recall, the wealthy Western New York businessman made a promise back in May to try to run on a Tea Party-oriented line. He held an online poll to determine the name of the ballot line, and “Taxed Enough Already” (TEA, get it?) was the winner.

However, Paladino ended up modifying that slightly, saying he did not want to run or even appear to run as the anointed son of the Tea Party movement, although he certainly empathizes with many of its points. (He also got a few complaints.)

At one point, Paladino had said that he wouldn’t pursue the race on the third-party line alone if he were to lose the GOP line to Lazio, but has since changed his mind in light of the fact that Lazio could continue running on the Conservative Party line.

“Why should Carl Paladino forswear the Taxpayers Party if Rick Lazio has made a commitment to [Conservative Party Chair] Mike Long to run all the way to Election Day even if he loses the Republican primary?” Caputo asked. “Carl is keeping is options open.”

Be sure to visit Celeste Katz’s Daily Politics for the full story.

As for Genesee County, LoHud .com had the story on that one:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is poised to pick up the endorsement tomorrow of Genesee County Republicans.

Paladino’s campaign said this will be the first of many GOP announcements backing Paladino in advance of his primary against the party’s pick, Rick Lazio, on Sept. 14.

“Don’t worry if you can’t attend this one. There will be many more,” Paladino’s news release states.

Genesee County Republican Chairman Richard Siebert plans to say the party is backing Paladino at the afternoon event in Batavia. Siebert had wanted Erie County Executive Chris Collins in the race, and then backed Steve Levy’s short-lived candidacy.

Other elected officials are planning to attend, including Republican Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer, Assemblyman Steve Hawley and Mary Pat Hancock, chairwoman of the Genesee County Legislature.

Whether they are going to officially endorse Paladino is uncertain, but Ranzenhofer told Liz Benjamin this afternoon that he’s backing Paladino.

So Carl Paladino is not dead politically after all.

But it’s my guess that the voters will nevertheless see his ship sunk in November. After all, this is the guy who embarrassed himself when it was revealed he had sent a sick array of emails with themes ranging from bestiality to ethnic hate.

Oh, and can someone explain that ugly orange and black color scheme his campaign uses? Everyone keeps asking me about them because there is almost unilateral agreement that it’s hideous.

And this is what we have to choose from? This is the best our party can provide for Governor of the Great State of New York?

Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino?

Steve Levy?–oh, strike that, he’s out…

It makes you wonder just what the heck Ed Cox is doing up there in Albany and whether someone will see if his brain is still operative.

Michael Steele, are you listening?

Oh wait, you’re in trouble yourself…

So what’s a New York Republican to do in the party?

I’m sticking with a three word mantra: reform, reform, reform!

That’s what we need to get this state back in order.

  1. Unlikely Supporter of Paladino Sighted at Golden Concert permalink
    August 11, 2010 6:16 am

    Mike Allegretti (Remember him?) was stumping with some “Taxpayer” petitions at one of the Marty Golden summer concerts recently. A local wag in attendance wondered, “Doesn’t he care that he’s still in a Republican Primary?”

    One would think that the Republican primary’s the big thing coming up, but the clearly politicking Mike A didn’t make a peep about that month away contest.

    Maybe there’s a method to the Allegretti madness, though– perhaps the promise of a joint campaign with Paladino in the Republican primary. When that was discussed, the wag’s response was “Allegretti looks like he’s lost and wants somebody to find him.”

    Weren’t his somebodies Eaton and Golden, and the two Republican county organizations?

  2. Young Republican permalink
    August 11, 2010 2:48 pm

    Paladino is not dead at all. He is very much alive and on the way to winning the Republican and Conservative parties’ primary for governor. I have not met one enthusiastic Lazio supporter. Most are like yea, he’s the party’s designee so ok, i’ll support him. But Paladino supporters are fired up and exited. Even though they might be fewer, on primary day, only those who show up and vote actually count. Though both will probably lose to Cuomo, Paladino has more money and he can get people exited and is therefore the better candidate for November. At least Paladino will put up a fight, Lazio will just be a repeat of Faso in 2006. Paladino will invigorate republicans ant other conservatives/fed up New Yorkers around the state that could help local candidates, and get the party rolling for the next election.

    • Lora permalink
      August 12, 2010 3:02 pm

      Carl Paladino makes you “excited”? Young sir, if anything, Carl Paldino is the John Faso–the sure loser. Rick Lazio had picked up some traction recently. Granted, he doesn’t make us all excited in a Reagan kind of way, but he’s not crazy. Carl Paladino is very suspect, dear. Paladino is alienating voters, not attracting them. That email fiasco is still fresh in people’s minds. Racism, bestiality–all he was missing was an email about how there was no holocaust. Sounds nutty to me. I can’t, in good conscience, support someone like that.

      Kiss kiss…

      • Young Republican permalink
        August 12, 2010 5:26 pm

        I didn’t say that I am exited by Paladino, I actually agree with you that this guy is a little bit of a lose canon and could be risky as a candidate, what I said is that if you look around you’ll see that generally speaking, Paladino get’s people fired up and active way more than Lazio will ever. Paladino already has a team of thousands of people throughout the state who have been collecting tens of thousands of signatures for him these past months and they will be out there for the next three months to election day. I was was simply thinking out loud, as someone who was going to vote for Lazio in the primary, I’m starting to think if Paladino may actually be the stronger candidate, because of the noise he will make and the organization he has throughout the state. Let’s face it, the NY GOP screwed up big time here and no republican is going to be governor till at least 2014, but if we have to run a losing candidate, shouldn’t it be the more exiting one?

        You claim that Paladino will alienating voters, and that is probably true, but Lazio can’t even do that. Lazio puts people to sleep. Paladino will bring more voters to the polls than Lzio will and even more than he himself will push away.

  3. Mike-a-Long Cassidy Said No To Paladino Long Long Ago permalink
    August 11, 2010 5:44 pm

    Carl Paladino, no Wilson-Pakula, no name on the Conservative ballot…

    Carl Paladino, no opportunity to ballot, no Conservative primary period…

  4. Young Republican permalink
    August 12, 2010 8:39 am

    True, but the Conservative Party Chairman from Erie County, Ralph C Lorigo, a Paladino supporter, is primarying Lazio on the Conservative line, and if the winds go in Paladino’s favor, and Lorigo wins his parties nomination,Lorigo can step aside and the Party leadership will have to chose a new candidate. Assuming that the party leadership doesn’t want to commit political suicide, they will choose the winner of the Republican primary. So if Paladino wins the GOP primary is almost certain that he will appear on the Conservatives’ line as well. (Plus he created another third party line so he will run on three lines.)

    • Interesting, Very Interesting... permalink
      August 12, 2010 7:10 pm

      Let’s look into this a little more, shall we.

  5. John Michael Kane permalink
    August 13, 2010 11:54 am

    Carl Paladino is worse than an embarrassment. He’s a disgrace. Our party is better off losing with Lazio than losing or winning with Paladino. Validating his misanthropic and crazed antics is exactly the kind of misstep that will permit the Democrats to issue their final kill shot to our party in this state. Stay away, Carl.

  6. Santini, Santini, It's the Great Santini permalink
    August 13, 2010 9:07 pm

    Colonel Bull Meachum is not politically deceased, either.

    High, Sports Fans!!! — — BAAARRFFF!!!!!

    Oops, I just puked in the corner — good eatin’ for Gerry Kassar and ykw’s staff. Be my guests….eat up, guys.

    You are what you eat and you see, Kassar and his boss Marty Golden and even good old Ray Riley are:

    “A Matched Set of Pukes”

    Here’s the puke scooper from your favorite Flying Leatherneck from Cherry Point (or was it MCAS Beaufort? I’m sure it wasn’t El Toro that was where Col. James E. Sabow, a real Santini, bought the farm in ’91 [now, that’s a story for another time! Maybe, Mike Grimm has the inside gouge on it.]) —

    Pukey Gerry Kassar’s 8-13-10 “Common Sense” column in the Brooklyn Spectator marks pukey State Senator Marty Golden’s “Crossing the Rubicon” by making a public endorsement in the Republican primary race for the Assembly in the 49th AD. Literally, Kassar’s boss, pukey Martin “Little Caesar” Golden is bringing his legionaries inside the boundaries of Rome with the intent of doing harm in those precincts — that’s a no-no for all you who believe in “Republican Virtue”.

    Pukey Golden’s endorsement of the man-child PC is “Just so wrong in so many ways”– btw, PC is quickly becoming infamous because of his role in “Scott Pilgrim vs the Real World in the 49th AD”; yes the role of “Ramona” is being played by LRP, and and the dumped gal, “Knives”, by Clorinda Anamorata)

    The pukey State Senator has now abandoned any pretext of statesmanship inside the Republican Party, at long last letting the other shoe drop after his heavy-handed blundering into the 2009 Republican County Convention to save Craig Eaton’s atlas (btw, Craig Eaton isn’t pukey, he’s pissy).

    Marty Golden’s “iron-clad policy” of not endorsing any Republican candidate that has a Republican primary opponent is now exposed as just another bit of political posturing – btw, “political posturing” that’s what everyday folks call a “BIG LIE”.

    Pukey Kassar has a dog of his own in this fight, since he tried to deliver the Conservative line to little PC. But not so fast, Mr, Pukey Conservative Couty Leader, maybe the real Conservative Party members in the 49th AD will see it differently.

    Yes, there will be Conservative primaries in the 49th AD. Maybe, Kassar’s leadership in Kings County Conservative Party is getting a little shaky because of his support of everything his pukey “day-boss” tells him to do in the Conservative Party. Maybe, some of the curdy taste isn’t from the Meachum puke in the corner — btw, still good eatin’ for those in the mood.

    For those with an IQ over 36, this is the same zero sum game – global thermo-nuclear war – that Beautiful Mind, John Forbes Nash proved could have no winner. Although his conclusion was not adopted by the U.S. Defense establishment, his methodology proved that our manned bomber counter-force strategy of the late 1950’s was fatally flawed and could not guarantee destruction of the key CCCP targets in the FSU (hint, it’s not the “Seminoles”), that’s why the strategic triad was adopted by the U.S. in the 60’s, along with the notion of mutually assured destruction. It took a Ronald Reagan to get past that one.

    We all knew Ronald Reagan, and pukey Marty Golden you’re no “Ronald Reagan”.

    On the other hand, as “Little Caesar” – Pukey Marty practice your part — just go lay down on the steps in front of some church, like Saint Finbar, and shout out: “Mother of mercy…can this be the end of Rico?!?” Maybe, FLG will rush out to give you succor.

  7. Almost Deceased, but not quite yet... permalink
    August 14, 2010 11:01 am

    For the record …

    The sun is still slightly below the yard-arm …

    It’s called a “hangover” to the uninitiated …

    But, thanks for playing, and here’s a copy of ….. for the whole family to play at home.

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