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Bay Ridge Interpol Links McMahon Aide to Grimm Patron Molinari

August 6, 2010

The Bay Ridge Interpol is reporting that Jennifer Nelson, the campaign spokesperson who caused the McMahon campaign a great deal of embarrassment this past week, is actually a former employee of Mike Grimm’s major sponsor.

More intrigue perhaps?

Here is an excerpt of their piece (and we invite you to visit their site here):

Until last week Jennifer Nelson was Congressman McMahon Spokeswoman. However, Nelson was fired after she handed a folder to a reporter from The Observer that allegedly said “Grimm Jewish Money Q2”.

Apparently, Nelson was trying to insinuate that most of Republican House hopeful Michael Grimm’s donors were wealthy Jews from outside the 13th Congressional District which includes all of Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn.Naturally, Grimm took the story and ran with it – trying to bury McMahon. However, much to his chagrin, McMahon got in front of it and the story never really caught fire.

Nevertheless, after digging with our hands for a few minutes, we found this wasn’t the first time Jennifer Nelson had made the news for doing something stupid on McMahon’s watch.

Back in April, Nelson was reprimanded for using her Facebook account to build hype for Republican Nicole Malliotakis to run against Democratic Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer. Nelson, a registered voter not registered with a political party, later balked saying she had only clicked to become a “fan” of the Nicole Malliotakis’ page but later reconsidered and took her name off. Others say Nelson did more than that but deleted the evidence once the story broke.

But wait, there’s more!

Who is Michael Grimm’s #1 cheerleader on Staten Island and who did Jennifer Nelson used to work for? None other than former Staten Island Borough President Guy V. Molinari. Nelson served as press secretary to Molinari for several years.


We have not independently confirmed this story, and we are reaching out to Interpol to confirm it with them.

Stay tuned for more details.

  1. Was it Spy vs. Spy or was it Mole vs. Mole or was it Someting Completely Different? permalink
    August 6, 2010 7:10 am

    Where did the information for this Grimm Q2 “Jewish Donor List” come from?

    Would that information have been in the filed financial disclosures yet?

    If not from the filings, that means the information was either from a mole in Grimm’s camp, a complete fabrication or from calling the possible donors.

    If it was from a mole in Grimm’s camp, then the whole thing really starts looking fishy– like possibly a black-bag job by Guy Molinari or somebody close to him, with Nelson in the loop all along on what was intended to backlash and hurt her former boss Congressman McMahon.

    She did get fired in an instant!

    • The Oracle permalink
      August 6, 2010 8:32 am

      The whole thing is starting to smell like rotten eggs during a sanitation strike. Unfortunately, I would NOT be surprised if Guy Molinari were behind this. The fact that this lady used to work for Molinari is just too close for comfort. It’s incredibly incestuous.

  2. Grimm Breaks Marine Corps, FBI Rules Again permalink
    August 7, 2010 1:06 am

    Mouth of the Potomac
    by The Washington Bureau
    August 6, 2010
    Grimm Breaks Marine Corps, FBI Rules Again »
    By Michael McAuliff

    For an ex-FBI agent and Marine, Staten Island congressional candidate Michael Grimm seems to have an awfully hard time following the rules his former employers lay down about using their names in political campaigns.

    Grimm, running in the GOP primary to take on Democratic Rep. Mike McMahon, already peeved his old bosses back in the spring, when he put their official seals on a piece of campaign literature.

    Now, he’s managed to irk the FBI again with his first television ad and his new one today. And the Marines are not happy with a Web ad, captured below from Drudge last month.

    The Web piece advertises: “Send a conservative warrior to Congress,” with Grimm decked out in Marine Corps camouflage.

    “The Web ad is not OK,” said Marine Corps Capt. Brian Block, after it was sent to him.

    Grimm’s campaign notes that anyone who clicks on the ad gets taken to a page with a disclaimer saying the Marines have not endorsed the Grimm campaign, but Block said the disclaimer must be on the ad itself.

    Grimm also uses the Marines snapshot in his TV ad, but Block said that’s OK, because it’s clearly just a part of Grimm’s biographical background.

    The FBI, however, is not happy with the commercials, in which a photo of Grimm is shown flashing a badge while the voiceover touts his lawman past.

    “We would definitely consider that an inappropriate use,” said FBI spokesman Stephen Kodak. “We’re an apolitical agency,” he added, explaining that the Bureau frowns on anything that links it to a political campaign, and showing a badge is a no-no.

    “That’s giving the impression that the FBI endorses him, or he represents the FBI, and that’s not the case,” Kodak said.

    In both cases, the violations are not exactly high priorities for the agencies, but they could pursue them further if they wanted to, and request that Grimm desist. It would probably take a formal complaint, however, to get them to move. We have not heard of any.

    Read more:

  3. August 9, 2010 6:58 pm

    Michael Grimm = Guy Molinari’s puppet

  4. Many Strange Political Links Between Brooklyn and Staten Island, Republicans and Democrats permalink
    August 15, 2010 11:02 am

    Different story, different links, still it all stinks!

    For over two months now, The Jig Is Up Atlas blog has been posting innuendos and outright attacks against Ralph Perfetto, concerning widely publicized “criminal charges” against him, often that blog has intentionally referred to Mr. Perfetto discourteously as “Rafaellle Perfetto” or just “Rafaellle”. Ralph Perfetto is the Bay Ridge Democratic District Leader for the Brooklyn portion of the 60th AD. The most recent mention of “Raffaellle” and the politically motivated “charges” was at about 9:00 AM this morning.
    A fairly even-handed treatment of the case against Ralph Perfetto appeared a while ago in “The Daily Gotham”
    in a blog piece by “Mole 333”:
    Although this coverage does show some of the very odd timing in Dan Donovan’s bringing these charges so long after this minimal event, this article doesn’t even scratch the surface of the pure political skulduggery that has been made of a single specious misdemeanor charge. To start, the Staten Island DA’s spokesperson put this story out to the press on the eve of petitioning more than a month after the single misdemeanor charge had been filed and Mr. Perfetto was “arrested” and given a DAT. Immediately thereafter began the almost daily barrage by the Brooklyn Republican “hate blogs” mentioning not only Mr Perfetto, but specifically linking the “Perfetto charges” to the upcoming elections of Assembly-person Janele Hyer-Spencer (“Barbie”) and Congressman Mike McMahon (“Ken”) .
    This persecution of Ralph Perfetto by Republican DA Donovan really does have the look of an abuse of Donovan’s office as “Special Prosecutor” in this minor case, simply for the partisan political purpose of helping the Republicans running in the 60th AD by lessening the effectiveness of the Democratic Leader in the 60th AD, Mr. Perfetto, during the 2010 election cycle. In fact, The Jig Is Up Atlas blog has repeatedly crowed about it
    A review of postings in brooklynpolitico and The Jig Is Up Atlas, and one or two other sites shows that the Brooklyn Republican Party is in league with Staten Island DA Donovan, the Republican and Conservative candidate for State Attorney General, to advance the candidacies of the Republican running against Assembly-member Janele Hyer-Spencer and the Republicans running against Congressman Mike McMahon.
    Any fair reading of The Jig Is Up Atlas blog would show that it is part and parcel of the operation of the Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton. It has been almost three years since Mr. Eaton publically announced that he intended to limit the political influence and credit given to Ralph Perfetto by the Bay Ridge community.

    Although Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn is a Republican blog in its own rite, it has demonstrated an independence from the practices of Craig Eaton’s brand of Republican politics, as well as a concern for good government and fundamental fairness on the issues. Please, look into these matters as you will.

    • Setting the Record Straight to the Jig Is Up Atlas reponse to the above permalink
      August 15, 2010 6:22 pm

      “The Jig Is Up Atlas “ blog is up to its usual old tricks of taking somebody’s posting on this blog, “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” and transmogrifying the item by swapping out various names and throwing in various non sequiturs. In response to my posting “Many Strange Political Links Between Brooklyn and Staten Island, Republicans and Democrats” , directly above, a “… Jig Is Up Atlas” responder did that very trick earlier today in their posting, “Many Not So Strange Political Links Between Jamez McCallz and Ralph Perfetto said…”, in addition to making several gratuitous allusions to people that have nothing to do with Mr. Perfetto, his case, or his political endorsements or activities in 2010.

      Setting a small part of the record straight:

      Virtually all of key information that went into “Special Prosecutor” Daniel Donovan’s single misdemeanor charge against Mr. Perfetto, which alleges Ralph Perfetto made an unlawful appearance as an attorney for his cousin on August 21, 2008, had been known as a result of the earlier “investigation” done by ADAs in Brooklyn DA Hynes’ office. All of that material had been turned over and made fully available to the Staten Island DA around October 31, 2008, when Daniel Donovan, District Attorney of Richmond County was appointed to act as special district attorney in the Perfetto case.

      All other relevant documents were turned over in early January 2009, when an unopposed motion was granted to unseal the file in the prior case where it’s alleged that Ralph Perfetto made the unlawful appearance as an attorney for his cousin. Everything else done by Dan Donovan’s investigators was completed by the end of April 2009.

      Nonetheless, there was no formal charge until the end of April 2010, and no supporting affidavit from a complaining witness was made, until mid-May 2010. That witness had no personal knowledge of any of the events of August 21, 2008, she was DA Donovan’s own detective investigator on the case, all of her information was hearsay and was contained in what was turned over to Donovan around October 31, 2008.

      What is more interesting is that key exculpatory information is not readable or visible in the copied file material that was turned over to the defense in June 2010. This kind of gamesmanship will only delay things longer, in what should be a straight forward one count misdemeanor case. Did Ralph Perfetto do and say “A” or did he do and say something else?

      How much money has Dan Donovan wasted because of all his foot dragging. How much more money will be spent for no real purpose playing-out this political farce over an inconsequential moment, now almost two years ago.

  5. In Brooklyn To Delay Justice Name a Special Prosecutor or Two or Three or Four or More permalink
    August 16, 2010 7:58 pm

    Today’s New York Post Editorial “Justice Delayed” complains about a another delay due to a prosecutorial foul-up fully FIFTEEN (15) MONTHS after a local politician had initially been charged with a crime by Brooklyn DA Hynes.

    This delay is so that the Brooklyn DA can appoint two Special Prosecutors at the eleventh hour, while to of the key players State Senator Kevin Parker and Democrat Wellington Sharpe continue to square-off against each other in this year’s primary. To be fair the Brooklyn DA is naming two Special Prosecutors one to go after Parker and one to go after Sharpe’s son, who just got suspended from the DA’s office for not disclosing that he was related to the candidate Sharpe who was running against Parker – shocking, truly shocking.

    What about the other Brooklyn Special Prosecutor cases?

    Has anything happened in the Kettle Black case where four of State Senator Martin Golden’s relatives were arrested for assaulting two police officers and a fireman? Has a second Special Prosecutor been named to prosecute the computer technician who was charged with tampering with the evidence, but who’s boss at Vanguard Computers said turned over a good copy of the evidence to the owners of the Kettle Black and Marty Golden. Maybe this case really needs a third Special Prosecutor.

    Then there is the case against Democratic District Leader Raffaello “Ralph” Perfetto for his so called “Cousin Vinny” defense in a criminal case without being a lawyer. That case moved like a glacier until the Special Prosecutor, Staten Island DA Dan Donovan, saw that he could make some political mileage in his run as the Republican Candidate for New York State Attorney General.
    That’s after he had dragged his feet from October 2008 until almost the beginning of May 2010– almost TWENTY (20) MONTHS with absolutely nothing new to add to the single misdemeanor complaint that was initially handed over to Repulican DA Donovan from the Democratic DA Hynes in October 2008.

  6. Let's Take This Very Slowly For The Kids at JIGZATZ permalink
    August 16, 2010 11:34 pm

    Staten Island Republican DA Donovan was named “special district attorney” for the Perfetto case by an Order of Hon. L. Priscilla Hall, AJ, signed and entered October 31, 2008. Perfetto was arrested on a single misdemeanor count on April 29, 2010.

    The supporting affidavit indicates that everything in the charge is based upon documentary evidence that was available to Donovan from the very beginning.

    The discovery material provided on CD-ROM prints-out to well in excess of 500 pages.

    Just how big is the actual prosecutor’s file on this?

    Just how big is the actual prosecutor’s budget on this?

    Just how much money has already been wasted by DA DA DO on all of this?

    And they’re talking an ACD; what next a DIJ?

  7. Staten Island Republican DA Donovan Again Named “Special District Attorney” permalink
    September 3, 2010 10:56 pm

    According to Samuel Newhouse in the Brooklyn Eagle, Republican Attorney General Candidate Daniel Donovan has been given another pair of politically sensitive cases to prosecute: “Staten Island Prosecutors Stepping in for Senator Parker’s Assault Trial in Brooklyn” (, published online 09-01-2010.

    Again, the cases involve two Brooklyn Democrats, State Senator Kevin Parker and his Democratic primary challenger Wellington Sharpe. The matters were sent to Donovan because a scandal blew up in Brooklyn DA Hynes’ Office, where Parker was being prosecuted by the same division that employed Sharpe’s son as an ADA. In a truly bizarre move, the younger Sharpe was suspended for not disclosing that he was the son of Wellington Sharpe. Also in the realm of the bizarre, the spokesman for Dan Donovan said that the office was only aware of the referral of one of the cases, the one involving State Senator Parker.

    With Donovan’s office already under attack for its obvious political handling of a case involving Brooklyn Democratic District Leader Ralph Perfetto of the 60th AD, which is two-thirds in Staten Island and is probably the most contested assembly district in 2010, one wonders how he could have been tossed another political hot potato.

    This is the third political mess that Donovan has gotten his fingers into under questionable circumstances this year. The third involves an “investigation” of Frank McKay and the Independence Party, because of allegations involving SI Republican Councilman Frank Tabacco

    When is somebody going to say, “Enough, Already!” How can the public have any confidence in the handling of these political cases by AG CANDIDATE DONOVAN????

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