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Irrelevant Duke Eaton Foams at the Mouth as Young Republicans Strike Back

August 5, 2010

A kind emailer forwarded this story to us regarding the Brooklyn Young Republicans and their ongoing battle against hostile GOP tyrant Craig Eaton, “The Irrelevant One” (also known as “The Duke of Bay Ridge”).

Eaton, as you already know, has attempted to thwart and replace the reform-oriented organization, using a proxy satellite of the party structure to recruit new young GOPers rather than build bridges with the current leadership.

Young Republican President Jonathan Judge is heavily quoted in this piece by Henry Stewart.

Here is the substance of the story (and please visit the L Magazine’s page here to read the story in its entirety):

A young band of reformers has declared a revolt against the Brooklyn Republicans and its rulers, Kings County chairman Craig Eaton and State Senator Marty Golden, the only elected Republican in the borough and thus de-facto leader. The insurgents’ beef is ideological, cultural, technological, generational—and it’s personal.

“It’s a complete schism,” says Jonathan Judge, the just-turned-24 president of the Brooklyn Young Republicans Club. “People are fed up with how this party’s been run.”

Judge has cool blue eyes and a fire-red mop of hair; his nasal voice is Brooklyn-accented and infused with practiced confidence, like a politician’s. That makes sense, as Judge ran early this year in the special election for Simcha Felder’s former council seat, though he failed to win his party’s backing. The eventual Republican candidate, Judge notes sadly, received just 1 in 40 votes.

Over iced coffee recently, Judge, a Kensington native, told me his neighborhood has “really changed,” that in the last few years it has welcomed an influx of young professionals looking for a “more bucolic setting.” He notes happily the neighborhood’s “nice cross-section of different histories and cultures.” Wait—happily? What kind of Republican is this? Asking me to meet him at a vegan-friendly juice joint in Midwood? Wearing jeans and flip-flops?

Judge’s Republicanism is more Libertarian than Evangelical, rooted in small-government principles rather than social issues. Some of the Brooklyn Young Republicans “don’t mind gay marriage,” Judge tells me. Others are obstinately pro-choice. But there’s no homogeneity on such wedge issues. What they do share is a fierce disdain for corruption—Judge is completing a make-your-own-Master’s at N.Y.U. in government corruption—and a strong belief in low taxes, used to fund only essential services: positions which could win over an impressionable public, much of which Judge sees as non-ideological.

But the Eaton-Golden leadership, he alleges, is more concerned with defending the power they’ve amassed than in broadening the party’s reach: that it’s a deal-making Bay Ridge Boys Club clinging to its corner of influence, enabling the Democratic majority. Republicans often don’t challenge Democrat-held seats, and when they do, they run weak candidates. (And, maybe, vice versa: Marty Golden has run unopposed in his last three elections.) “Democracy doesn’t exist without choice,” Judge says.

Eaton denies these charges—”I’m really not worried about anyone’s power”—particularly the deal making. “Those deals took place 20 years ago,” he tells me. No deals exist now; none have been made in the roughly three years since Eaton became chairman, he stresses.

In fact, Eaton, 50, insists there’s no party division, “notwithstanding anonymous attacks from men and women on blogs.” Indeed, much of this ballyhoo has played out on the web, particularly on the reformist blog Atlas Shrugged in Brooklyn—whose contributors use as pseudonyms the names of Ayn Rand characters—which attacks Eaton’s “Bay Ridge Cabal” almost daily.

This speaks to the party’s generational divide. County leaders have long run the party with a top-down approach, Judge tells me. You “wait your turn,” he says, his pale face flushed from either summer heat or pique. But kids today don’t want to wait their turn: they’re into grass roots movements and decentralized media—a bottom-up approach to politics. “It’s changing the dynamic,” Judge says, on a county, statewide, even national level. The Old Guard hasn’t been nearly as web-savvy as itsyounger counterparts, although Eaton tells me that through the party’s website he’s building the base and expanding the candidate pool. “They feel threatened by that,” Judge says.

Eaton doesn’t sound threatened, although reports surfaced a few weeks ago that he’s trying to shut down the Brooklyn Young Republicans club and replace it with a more simpatico counter-club. He just sounds exasperated. “I’m just trying to get candidates elected,” he tells me, irritated. And if some Republican candidates have been weak? “I’m doing the best I can with the candidates we have,” he says. “I can’t fabricate candidates.”

So, Eaton is “exasperated” and “irritated.”

Well, reform has that effect on status quo creatures mired in the sludge of their own politics.

It makes them scared.

“I’m just trying to get candidates elected,” Eaton says.

Really? Could have fooled us.

The fact is Eaton has presided over the most costly, embarrassing chapter of our party’s history in this borough, with not one single success for him to use as kevlar against the stinging criticism his tenure deserves.

Craig Eaton is worse than a joke: he is a non-entity. All he knows how to do is lose, it seems.

His tactics have been derided and laughed at by Republicans across the state. Many of those same Republicans periodically send us emails telling us just how Eaton’s conduct is being perceived elsewhere.

“Not well” is the general consensus.

And yet to this day he has zero unpaid defenders. Other than the members of his Bay Ridge posse, he is all alone in Status Quo Land, a small precinct located in the area of Shore Road.

And so, the Battle for Brooklyn is chugging along, but I don’t see Eaton making it through this upcoming round. With another set of embarrassing elections and primaries headed his way, it looks like he might just have to return the crown jewels to The Golden Prince (Sen. Marty Golden) and strongly consider abdicating his throne.

God knows our party needs that desperately.

  1. Other Side Dispirited, Disillusioned, Deluded, Delusional, Betwixt, Bothered and Bewildered permalink
    August 5, 2010 7:05 am

    Eaton engages with his opponents at various sites and in various mediums and, hungover or still drunk, his e-voice is slurred, garbled and halting…

    Allegretti blinks and stumbles – asks Grimm for a debate and petitions for Paladino….

    Somebody at the Jigstore keeps shouting out for bkpolitico to do an “ET call home” – “come on bro we miss ya”…

    The Jigstore claims its 1,000,000th hit, but seems to have gone onto a limited summer schedule, while the Jiggy commentariat tried to keep up with the reform messages on and other sites…

    Someone on the other side decided to quote Chuck Otey [in Bay Ridge a political mortal osculation], but didn’t realize that Otey’s petitioning standard for Mike DiSanto might more aptly be appled to their own “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” Peter Cipriano…

    “And so it goes…” (LE, 1986, Museum of Broadcasting)

  2. Lora permalink
    August 5, 2010 4:25 pm

    Craigy is so upset over all this blogging. He brought it upon himself. By supporting failed candidates and endorsing deals with Democrats, Eaton has shown he’s a complete fool.

    Craig Eaton is a universal joke and should step down immediately.

    He is too divisive and spiteful a chairman to run this party effectively.

    And teaming up with Gerry O’Brien and Jeffrey Kraus?

    That’s what’s referred to as the kiss of death. What do these thugs hold over Eaton and Golden to make them so willing to pay them thousands and thousands of dollars?

    It must be bad boys….

    Kiss kiss….

  3. Allegretti's Biggest Stab in the Back-- WHICH IS "THE UNKINDEST CUT"? permalink
    August 5, 2010 8:58 pm

    Allegretti’s decision to help establish Paladino’s Taxpayer line is the biggest political “stab in the back” by any Italian since Benito Mussolini invaded Southern France in 1940.

    Who does this move, confirmed by Allegretti honcho Ray Riley, hurt more:

    Craig Eaton who has been 100% behind Allegretti, but also 100% behind Rick Lazio who’s outside chance to win in November evaporates if Paladino gets onto a “Taxpayer Line” on the November ballot?

    Marty Golden, who has strongly supported Mike Allegretti, has had a longstanding deal with a Conservative Party, whose very existence would be greatly imperiled by a Taxpayer Line/Party, is also presently running with Rick Lazio on both the Republican and Conservative lines?

    Rick Lazio, for obvious reasons?

    In various ways, Alleretti told Lazio, Eaton and Golden and all loyal Republicans to “Drop Dead” with this move to support the Paladino line.

    When will Eaton and his blogs denounce their homegrown backstabber? The Blood is on Allegretti’s hands. Now’s the time for all good Republicans to shout “Out damned spot!” and immediately purge this scoundrel.

    • SI-NDConservative permalink
      August 5, 2010 11:20 pm

      Whats worse with Allegretti trying to put himself on the taxpayer line is he will be stuck on it even after he looses the primary, therefore making it even easier for McMahon to slip through to a 2nd term. Manhattan Mike really needs to do everyone a favor and accept that his and everyone else’s numbers are right and just give it up already.

  4. The Oracle permalink
    August 6, 2010 1:45 pm

    Scaring white people is good politics – that’s been the Conservative way for decades. Rile up the white people so they are paranoid and afraid. Rile them up so they are scared of immigrants taking their jobs or blacks getting their kids spot in college or whatever fallacy you wish. Rile them up so they think “someone” is coming to take what is theres. Then you inspire them to vote out of fear and in self-defense. It’s truly pathetic.

  5. Gene Berardelli's Inimitable Garlic Breath permalink
    August 6, 2010 6:09 pm

    The question begs, to the millions of Shruggers who read this blog, the undisputed leaders in Kings County Republican Party politics…

    All the while I was under the impression that Jig was supposed to support the greatest Republican Party chairman who ever lived.

    So then why are they attacking Peter Cipriano?

    If I were the great, great, great Republican Party chairman, the greatest Republican chairman who ever lived, I would be very upset about this!

    Then again, it could be worse; I could be Marc D’Otavio waiting tables at a chinese restaurant.

  6. Emily Litella on The Other Blog's Celebration permalink
    August 6, 2010 10:09 pm

    What’s all this about this jigisuptheirats blog having 1,000,000 hats?

    Even if they’re all like that pointy party hat in their picture, and they’re stacked one inside the other, where would they have space to store 1,000,000 hats.

    (someone whispers to Emily) Oh, one million hits, not one million hats– Nevermind!

    Wait a minute, one million hits, on the jigisuptheirats blog– now that’s really impossible!

  7. Eaton + The Press = Disaster permalink
    August 7, 2010 10:44 pm

    Eaton sucks with the press. That’s for certain.

  8. Irrelevant Eaton's Blog Radio Spokesperson Plugs On permalink
    August 8, 2010 5:10 pm

    What pluck! What amazing pluck!

    To paraphrase the old billboards, “Gene B is back and Eaton has ‘im!”

    — Most ironic line of the show:

    “… stop the open cash register… public employees’ unions… support our cadidacies…” What about Marty Golden’s recent vote to guarantee the pensions of certain public employees, even if they’re found guilty of felonies while they were on the job? Several Commissioners openly opposed this “Democrat Bill” which passed.

    — Who was Gene B. talking about?
    “Maybe you don’t like how he’s going about it, [but you have to admit] he’s getting the job done…”

    A) Benito Mussolini
    B) Adolf Hitler
    C) Hugo Chavez
    D) New Jersey Republican Governor Christie.

    Hint: eliminate “A” and “B” — the quote is obviously about someone doing their thing now.

    — About the 49th AD election challenges:

    “One candidate really blew their top…to the embarrassment of one side…”

    Really enlightening, Gene, thanks for that report.

  9. GOP Blog Radioman Aims at Weiner and Hits Golden permalink
    August 9, 2010 7:14 am

    GOP Blog Radio host Gene Berardelli has been foamming in print and over his microphone at Congressman Anthony Weiner, becuase the Weiner slammed Republican Peter King over the defeat of the 9/11 Responders Bill in the House of Respresentatives. He missed a more local slant on the same issue, which really made Eaton’s Crown Prince look like a novice in this game.

    State Senator Martin J. Golden shot off his mouth without loading his brain when he made his “Statement” about the House of Representatives failure to pass the “Zadroga Bill”for 9/11 responders.…/statement-senator-golden-failure-congress-pass-zadroga-911-health-and-compensation-act

    Using a terrible moment for surviving 9/11 responders to politically grandstand the issue, Marty Golden went after the local Democrats, who universally voted for the bill. Of course, he didn’t point out that the overwhelming majority of House Republicans defeated the bill, which procedurally required a supermajority to pass without amendments.

    Conversely, Anthony Weiner (D, Bk-Qns) showed rank amateur Marty Golden how to really demagogue the issue when he skewered bill supporter Peter King (R, Nassau) for not getting very many other Republicans to back the bill.

    See how it’s done, Marty? See how it’s done, Gene?

    Better luck next time.

  10. Bay Ridge Centric GOP Just Doesn't Count in Brooklyn permalink
    August 10, 2010 6:15 pm

    Near the end of July 2010 a Brooklyn political columnist wrote: “What anti-incumbent mood? Many many lawmakers are running unopposed”, Thomas Tracy, 7-21-10: Courier-Life; your nabe; NY Post.

    The gist of Tom Tracy’s article was that in spite of a perceived and often commented upon anti-incumbent attitude, most Democrat incumbents in Brooklyn were not facing any primaries– hence they were running “unopposed”.

    What did we hear in response from Chairman Craig Eaton, his Brooklyn Republican Party, his Brooklyn Republican Vice-Chairmen, his Brooklyn Republican Executive Committee, his Brooklyn GOP homepage, his BrooklynGOPRadio blog, and/or his two unofficial hate blogs? [Crickets & katydids ] chirp, tick-tick-screech, rattle-rattle, chirp, tick-tick-screech, chirp, rattle-rattle, tick-tick-screech, chirp, chirp…[other late-summer night sounds]…

    Fredric U. Dicker saw it much the same way when on August 9th he wrote that: “As if the GOP didn’t have enough problems– saddled with lackluster candidates and finacial difficulties in what is expected to be a big year for Republicans nationally, party activists are caling for the ouster of [a key person put in by another party person to serve his personal interests– sort of like an upscale Craig Eaton]”. Dicker’s article would have worked just as well if one substituted Craig Eaton, as the top “aide”, and “embattled” Marty Golden for the other guy mentioned, and the Brooklyn GOP instead of the New York State Republican Party.

    What comes through all of these articles is that the current Republican leadership is taking its rank-and-file ever deeper into a black hole. This should be a big election year for Republicans and there should be some upset wins, just don’t expect any in Brooklyn.

  11. Another Day, Another Admission About Eaton’s No-No from TJIUA permalink
    August 11, 2010 6:51 am

    Sometimes the foaming has significance. It’s all in the context. Sometimes questions and answers, sometimes arrogant posturing, sometimes admissions of crimes by agents and those working in a common enterprise or scheme.

    On August 10th in The Jig is UP Atlas the earlier admissions by Eaton’s agents were NOT DENIED. No, they were repeated once more with feeling. Take a look–
    “The Other Blog Mainly McCallz Makes an Admission For Boss …said…
    ‘…This is true…
    If you don’t support the [Republican Party’s] candidates, go elsewhere for a job plain and simple it’s the same as you don’t listen to your boss, your boss won’t keep you employed.”
    The inspectors and coordinators work for the Board of Elections, and the Kings Republican Chairman…’
    Sounds pretty good to me…
    Given the context of this predicate question, that statement would appear not to be a violation of the New York Election Law and other New York State Criminal Statutes…”

    Clearly, Eaton’s TJIUA commenter gets the context.

    Clearly, he and the prior TJIUA commenters onthis point are Eaton’s agents and co-conspirators with internet remarks published in TJIUA.

    Clearly, lots of predicate enterprise and unlawful activity here.

    Stay tuned!!!

  12. Recent Postings on the JigzizUpEaton'sAtlas Showing Concern permalink
    August 11, 2010 11:51 pm

    Referring to Eaton’s handpicked “Wild Thing” candidate for the assembly in the 49th AD as “The ‘Nature Boy’ Peter Cipriano”, some of TJIUA’s regulars seem to be a little nervous that his less than heavy lifting “campaign” may result in his quickly becoming a “One time tomato can”.

    Come on, Craigie, let’s show some of your good old fashioned discipline to these nattering nabobs of negativism and nagging nay sayers. In honor of the ingenuous “Nature Boy” you should order TJIUA’s trouble makers to sing a few choruses of The Troggs’ version of “Wild Thing” led by your favorite diva, Clorinda Annarummo:

    [Everybody Sing Loudly Now]

    Wild thing…you make my heart sing…
    You make everything
    I said wild thing…

    Wild thing, I think I love you
    But I wanna know for sure
    Come on, hold me tight
    I love you

    Wild thing…you make my heart sing…
    You make everything
    I said wild thing…

    Wild thing, I think you move me
    But I wanna know for sure
    So come on, hold me tight
    You move me

  13. Lora permalink
    August 13, 2010 11:24 am

    I must say, not all Republicans are thuggish, illiterate liars, but the Bay Ridge Cabal continues to cast doubt on that fact with every keystroke they type.

    As for GOP blogging, Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn was the pioneer reform blog in Brooklyn that has dominated the debate and demonstrated complete willingness to hold the establishment and their minions to account. Any other blogs out there are sniper scope pieces targeting people based on ludicrous accusations while promoting hate and intolerance.

    The truth is getting out there about the GOP leadership, and it’s scaring them.

  14. John Michael Kane permalink
    August 13, 2010 11:26 am

    I must say, not all Republicans are thuggish, illiterate liars, but the Bay Ridge Cabal continues to cast doubt on that fact with every keystroke they type.

    As for GOP blogging, Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn was the pioneer reform blog in Brooklyn that has dominated the debate and demonstrated complete willingness to hold the establishment and their minions to account. Any other blogs out there are sniper scope pieces targeting people based on ludicrous accusations while promoting hate and intolerance.

    The truth is getting out there about the GOP leadership, and it’s scaring them.

  15. David Webb permalink
    August 13, 2010 1:04 pm

    Craig Eaton is a statewide disgrace. Ask anyone.

  16. Coming Soon to a Blogradio Program Near You permalink
    August 14, 2010 10:31 am

    Word is that our favorite foaming fearless leader will be on with our favorite blogradio bloviator– I can hardly wait.

    With entertainment like this who needs L GaGa and Alejandro…

    At this point I gotta choose
    Nothing to lose…

    Don’t call…

    Don’t wanna kiss…

    Don’t wanna touch…

    Alejandro, Alejandro, Ale-Alejandro…

    It’s been done before, better– Bizet/Carmen/Don Jose

    • BrooklynGOPblogradio brought to you by CENTRAL SERVICES permalink
      August 14, 2010 10:48 am

      [Progressive chord harp arpeggios to fade out] Hi, there. I want to talk to you about ducts…

      Do your ducts seem old fashioned — out of date?

      …Designer colors to suit your demanding tastes…

      Chorus: [Singing slightly out-of-tune] “Central Services!!!”

  17. Gene Berardelli what's with ticks, echoes and breakups permalink
    August 14, 2010 11:26 am

    Listening live… this is misery…

    Even Eaton couldn’t stand it and bolted…

    Best line in Eaton “interview”:

    Gene Berardelli: “…Election Inspector…this is a dream job…”

    Really, “a dream job”… I didn’t know that.

  18. An Afternoon With the Chairman Another Brooklyn GOP Fiasco permalink
    August 14, 2010 11:38 am

    Not live anymore…

    Eaton bolts and they shut down the show…

    Biggest crash and burn since “The Hindenburg”…

    You can’t make this stuff up!

  19. Craig Eaton Gave the GOP All of Ten Minutes by Phone permalink
    August 14, 2010 3:13 pm

    Craig Eaton called in from an undisclosed location that GB believed was out of the state. Eaton’s time on the show was from the 11 min.-15 sec. mark to the 20 min.- 48 sec. mark (A total blogtime of nine minutes and 33 seconds).

    Chairman Eaton tried to hype his great roster of Republican candidates in Kings County. How many did he mention three maybe four, five if we count Turner, who’s really the Conservatives’ and the Queens County Republicans’ selectee?

    Of course he did mention Michael Allegretti — “great pedigree…
    great pedigree”, helped Marty Golden in the trenches from the very beginning, contributed to the party and was our honoree last year (what was he “best in show”?).

    Then there was his extensive praise of Peter Cipriano “a young man in his early twenties”, he’s been in politics since he was a kid, he’s stepped up this year and is running a great campaign in the 49th AD (magnificent resume).

    He also said that Susan Kone was a smart young lawyer who was also running for Congress.

    • Soilant Green permalink
      August 15, 2010 12:23 am the irrelevant one hanging bills on the line to dry in Jersey or the Antilles? No amount of scrubbing will wash the stench of bamboozeled-old-lady out.
      Ah..enjoying the fruits of labor from a dishonests days work.

  20. Jud McCabe, Son of Matt McCabe permalink
    August 14, 2010 7:15 pm

    Unfortunately not mentioned during Eaton’s nine and half minutes of foam —

    Among the most interesting Republican candidates for the NYS Assembly this year is Joseph Hayon who is running in the 45th AD against incumbent Democrat Steven H. Cymbrowitz. This race occurred in spite of opposition from the local Republican leadership in the 45th AD and without any active support by Chairman Craig Eaton’s County Organization. In fact, it had been part of a plan, hatched by ykw and the local Republican State Committee persons, for SHC to receive the Republican Party designation; and a Republican petition gathered by the 45th AD State Committee members had been filed containing the name of SHC as their assembly candidate.

    When faced with Joseph Hayon’s announcement of his candidacy for the 45th AD seat, along with Hayon’s
    individually gathered signatures for the 45th AD assembly spot, ykw had to backtrack or be caught backing a Democrat against a bona fide Republican candidate in a Republican primary. Ykw did not deliver a previously promised Wilson-Pakula designation to SHC.

    JM, son of MM,
    Honors the Victor
    over the Seleucids,
    JM son of MM

    • Hayon Supporter permalink
      August 18, 2010 7:01 am

      Joseph Hayon said that no one knew (not Kings County, nor Young Republicans) that he was running for Assembly until aabout a week or two before petitions were filed.

      Therefore, no one had a chance to oppose his candidacy since they knew of none to oppose.

  21. The Most Interesting Republican Assembly Candidate in Brooklyn permalink
    August 14, 2010 11:27 pm


    Her one and only real opponent is incumbent Democrat Assemblyman Peter Abbate, a broken carpet-bag full of dirty linen, if ever there was one.

    However, since the Craig Eaton faction of the Brooklyn GOP has been forced to honor RINO State Senator Martin J. Golden’s nonaggression pact with all incumbent Democrats, especially Mr Abbate, the Eaton-Golden crowd have turned on the very successful Fiorello LaGuardia Republicans and their standard bearer LUCRETIA in what surely should be a big Republican year in the 49th AD.

    Instead, Eaton and Golden have backed their own little Republican Peter with outside people, money and other resources in order to protect the old Democrat Peter. This is clearly the Republican County Leader Craig Eaton’s strategy, because he more than anyone has demonstrated a desire to have two Peters at one time.

    Mr. Eaton mentioned his little Peter in a phone call on Saturday. But Eaton tried to avoid a little of the embarrassment caused by that call by covering up some important facts about his little Peter. In addition to having the smallest Peter in this race, Mr. Eaton had to lie about the age of his little man out in front, because this young man Peter has just since been a boy.

    Eaton also failed to mention that his mini-me has had problems finding himself. This young Pete delayed leaving home to start college only to quickly drop out of fulltime studies at a top university very quickly and come back to live at home and go to some “classes” at CSI, which is what he claims to be doing as he runs full-time for the assembly.

    While campaigning at a very busy block party today, Lucretia told everybody that she not only will she win both of her primaries against the young part-time student, she had already planned to be campaigning during the summer in her run against the bigger and older Peter Abbate, anyway.

  22. Sister Sister permalink
    August 15, 2010 12:12 am

    You go girl! You got my vote and the votes of all our sisters. Those good ole boys are going down, way down.

  23. Just Jay permalink
    August 15, 2010 12:45 am

    To be sipping chardonnay on a sun-drenched day while little old ladies lie in disarray. The smell of the salt and the sea is much more pleasing than an old woman’s pee. Live in luxor while she in squalor, all for the love of the almighty dollar, enjoying the bounties of the blunder while granny heads six feet under. The deed is done signed over for a sum while the irrelevant lawyer admires his shiny new plum.

  24. "I think you've got it...the rain in Spain is mainly... permalink
    August 15, 2010 8:35 am

    a Julie Andrews’ strain…

    But softly “Soilant Green” and “Just Jay” —
    seem truly to have something to say.
    Perhaps, they just want to play
    while someone makes their getaway
    and safely sips their Chardonnay.
    Jump into the fray
    if it’s Eaton to flay.

    At such a flail
    don’t act so frail.
    Come on and be “Ruddy” instead of so pale.

  25. The Other Side Always Shows When You've Scored with a Punch permalink
    August 15, 2010 9:18 am

    A little doggerel verse and thejigglythingupEatonsAtlas really shows what bugs them. Maybe CE will have to rush back to the Sheepshead Bay storefront office and make sure all of the paper work is according to Hoyle. With people looking, we can’t renege so late in the game and make it all for naught.

    You know, it’s time for a Sunday morning chorus:

    Where’s that tiger…
    Where’s that tiger…
    Where’s that tiger…

    Hold that tiger…
    Come on, hold that tiger…
    That Sunday sleepy tiger…

    Can’t hold that tiger…
    That waking tiger…
    Rebellious tiger…
    That hungry tiger…
    Can’t flee that tiger…

    Let’s be that tiger!!!!!

    In honor of DICK TIGER, unbowed Ibo,
    Biafran Nationalist,
    and World Champion in so may ways…

  26. Gene's Heavy Breaths permalink
    August 15, 2010 5:14 pm

    Did anyone notice how heavy Gene B’s breath sounded over the microphone for the radiocast? Was his that excited over Easton’s low sound quality appearance on his radio show or just tired after his “rant” on the mosque in Downtown?

    I dunno. Gene, might want to get that checked out.

  27. Craig Gives Democrats A Chance permalink
    August 15, 2010 5:16 pm

    Anyone notice how Craig Eaton said on the irrelevant blog radio program that he instituted a new system for interviewing candidates? Mr. Chairman, is that the same “system” that you use when evaluating supporting Democrats in City Council races?

  28. It just goes on and on permalink
    August 18, 2010 7:11 am

    Why doesn’t Craig Eaton take Marty Golden behind the woodshed and thrash some sense into him, instead of attacking the 49th AD Republicans?

    New York State government is an oxymoron, and “We the People” of New York have to be morons to put up with it. “Moron in Chief” has to be Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton.

    Where are our “watchdogs”? Aren’t conservative Republicans supposed to be against waste and mismanagement? Aren’t they as much of the problem as anybody? During the Pataki years, didn’t the Republicans have have two thirds (two out of three) of the “three men in a room” that ran New York State? Weren’t the Republican and Conservative supported State Senators belly-up to the trough during all those years? Didn’t that all continue for the brief period that the Republican’s place at the table was reduced to one third, but essentially still with “Veto Power”, if they wanted to exercise it?

    Too many Republicans and Conservatives are on New York State payrolls beholden to the Democrats. Some of their names are frequently mentioned on this blog. They’re game in politics is called feather their own nest. Then there are the fewer and fewer elected “Republican-Conservative” officials like State Senator Martin J. Golden.

    Recently, the New York Post has highlighted “Double-Dipping” and phony “Disablity Pensions” as some of the corrupt practices that are bankrupting New York State:…/gold_plated_pay_for_disabled_pa_YAgzyM5gXvN0P14oNlABuK…/editorials/finally_cracking_down_0YXKcYXMlfte5woJW6UTqN


    Not only is Brooklyn’s only elected Republican State Senator Martin J. Golden guilty of both of these questionable practices himself, he is so completely in the pocket of several public employee unions, that he won’t vote for any reforms to those budget-busting items in the future. His voting on this is completely parallels that of liberal Democratic Assemblyman Peter Abbate, with whom he often has appeared at events in the 49th AD and against whom he has never campaigned.

    As I said earlier, conservative Republicans and Conservative Party members have to be morons to put up with this from “one of their own”.

  29. Craig Eaton Called "PATHETIC DISGRACE" With 2010 Primary Results Complete permalink
    September 25, 2010 11:02 am

    Republican County Chairman Craig Eaton has truly earned his self-coined title “Pathetic” and “Disgrace” to go along with “irrelevant” which is what he had been called many times, by many people because he is a useless, worthless, waste of a man – a “wanna-be politician”, who just got blown away in the 2010 Republican primaries, a man who has no following, no friends and no supporters, who had to become Marty Golden’s toady and prat-boy because nobody else could stand him.

    Just listen to him – he whines and complains – all because he is useless.

    Why doesn’t he get a real job? If he were a good lawyer he would be able to work with a big Manhattan law firm, like Gene Berardelli, instead of living off his partner in a tiny Sheepshead Bay storefront in an ethnically changing shopping area that stinks of fish.

    And now, Eaton is left to sit alone at night and post on blogs, or calling up a couple of his moronic and slightly more pathetic gunsels to attack people who are smarter and more effective than he is.

    After September 14th, Eaton has even risen to a higher level of a “pathetic-ism”, “disgrace” and “irrelevance” trying to convince the world that he has won something important in one AD in Brooklyn and seeking kudos and credit for that when everything important went down the drain.

    How sadddddddddddddd – Kings County Republican Leader– but still a man who wasn’t able to deliver anything for Mike Allegretti — and the Allegretti family, after they supported his causes for years — nothing, except a crushing defeat for dear son Michael (and Eaton’s knowing that he will always be talked about by the Allegrettis for what he did and said in 2009 and 2010 to ensure Michael Allegretti’s failure almost from the get-go).

    It must be hard for Craig Eaton — showing up a meetings with real politicians and other important people, Republicans and Democrats, when that is all he ever wanted to be – important– and knowing that he never will get to be that….

    And isn’t that part just as sad as being viewed by others as a “pathetic disgrace” and “irrelevant”?

  30. Eaton's Mug has been in four in a row, five out of six permalink
    October 19, 2010 8:12 pm

    It’s the latest college drinking craze — see Eaton’s picture in “The Jig is Up Atlas”, throw back a beer or a shot (real men do a beer and a shot).

    Even I’ve started doing it, and I’m likin’ Eatons’s pictureses more stall the time. OH, gosh scuse me, musta been something I hate. WHere wash shy///? Espleshinly biNNncause EAATUN’s lookos smore lats MUSSssolinky sausage zits jest hiss polishtics0987 – ah shish…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  31. The foam coming out of Craig Eaton's mouth ain't Burma Shave !!! permalink
    October 31, 2010 4:55 pm

    It’s early Sunday evening, less than two days to go to Election Day 2010.

    Eaton must be pacing this way and that, since the word surely has gotten back to him that the 49th AD Fiorello La Guardia Republican Club has mounted an all-out write-in campaign for Lucretia Regina-Potter for the assembly seat now held by Peter Abbate. (btw, Peter Cipriano’s “secret” campaign tactic looks to have been even more secret than he or we thought.)

    Eaton’s real problem going into Election Day 2010 is that he has too many sure losers in Brooklyn and only one likely winner. All of the other competitive races are either for state-wide office or in districts that are mostly outside of Brooklyn.

    It gets late early, this time of year; so time runs out faster than anybody ever thought it would, even Craig Eaton.

  32. Eaton's still foaming, this time on GOP Blog Radio permalink
    November 11, 2010 2:51 am

    Craig Eaton took only a few seconds to lose his composure, this tim it was on the 11/10/10 GOP Blog Radio program.

    After his now-routine “Big Lie” about the great GOP showing in Brooklyn on Election Day 2010, Craig Eaton just blurted out a line that sounded awfully like, “…and we crushed Lucretia Regina-Potter in the primary…” Since everything he’d said up to that point was about the Brooklyn GOP “successes” in the 2010 General Election, the mention of crushing a fellow Republican like Potter in a primary, stuck out like Eaton’s sore thumb.

    Nonetheless, Eaton’s view of a successful 2010 election cycle has to include the primary victory of Peter Cipriano in the 49th AD, even though Cipriano suffered a rather pedestrian defeat at the hands of Peter Abbate. Without the Cipriano bloody nose to the 49th AD Republicans under Potter, Martorell and Ferrarro, Eaton’s 2010 would have been a complete blank slate for victories to his Brooklyn GOP other than for State Senator Martin Golden.

    Insiders know that Eaton has no claim on the successes of Grimm for Congress and Malliotakis for the Assembly, and Martin Golden’s bells and whistles campaign was largely by Golden’s own committee.

    A large Brooklyn GOP effort had been thrown into the Peter Cipriano campaign, both in the primary and in the general election. Since a 38% showing on Election Day is not that impressive, especially after all that had been done for Cipriano and the big Republican surge in 2010 (in the 49th Cipriano improved under 10%, while in the 47th Carbo improved by 12% — the rate of increase was even more favorable in the Carbo district), Eaton has no choice but to treat the primary victory over Lucretia Regina-Potter as his most significant “victory” as Republican County Leader in the 2010 election cycle.

  33. Not "tim" as in "Tiny Tim" but "time" as in "Time is on my side -- yes it is" permalink
    November 11, 2010 11:31 am

    The time is 11:31 AM, do you know where Craig Eaton is?

    Is he still foaming?

    Chairman Eaton, it’s “time” to forget about Lucretia Regina-Potter and the 49th AD and worry about the rest of the GOP in Brooklyn.

    Somebody else may be coming after you in 2011. Then what?

    Let’s see what happens next.

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