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The King of Queens? Bay Ridge’s Golden Prince Donates Thousands to Queens GOP/Conservative Candidate

July 23, 2010

Marty Golden apparently loves the attention he’s getting.

Why else would he continue to engage in such demonstratively foolish behavior? He neglects his party, permits his county chairman Craig “The Duke of Bay Ridge” Eaton to orchestrate divisive attacks (which, given their impact so far, would more properly be termed “war games”), and embarrasses himself by challenging a young Democratic candidate with far less money in the bank than he has.

But not content with this publicity alone, Golden persists in digging his political grave. He recently gave thousands of dollars to a candidate whose district is not in Brooklyn. Rather, Marty Golden continues his bizarre infatuation with the County of Queens while leaving his own local candidates to rot.

Here is the story about the nearly $4,000 Queens contribution from Friends of Marty Golden to Anthony Nunziato:

A Republican challenger has filed for the Maspeth Assembly district seat held by Democrat Margaret Markey. Republican Anthony Nunziato is running with the support of the Independence and Conservative parties. Since Jan. 1, Markey has raised $11,655, with her top donors being LawPac of Nassau, which has contributed $1,000, and Local Union No. 3, which has contributed $1,000.

Markey’s total expenditures are $6,212.87. Her biggest outlay was for a $1,484.44 fund-raiser at Euro Bistro in Maspeth. Nunziato has raised $15,950, with his top donor listed as the Friends of Marty Golden, who contributed $3,800. His total expenditures have been $2,278, including his biggest expense of $2,000 for a fund-raiser at Abbracciamento Restaurant in Middle Village.

After reading this, you would naturally ask (if you’re from Brooklyn) how much Marty Golden gave to local candidates around here.

Maybe he donated to the mysterious Mallio-who-kis?

Or to the establishment’s boy Michael Allegretti?

The 49th AD’s no-name Republican candidate?

How much money or similar contributions did we find for these candidates and other local Republicans running for office?

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

In fact, one thing I plan on doing is seeing how much the “great” Senator has given to the party’s candidates. Certainly not as much as the party has put into the pockets of his family by hosting events at their restaurant, The Bay Ridge Manor.

And yet this man is supposedly the “leader” of Brooklyn GOP politics? This is a man who deserves the respect of his Republican constituents?


This isn’t new either. Earlier this year, we wrote about the Brooklyn GOP advertising for Massachusetts Senate donations, something they have never done for their own candidates here in Kings County. Again, there’s nothing wrong with raising money for Republicans, but why concern yourself with races in other states when your own party structure is falling apart?

And Golden has a history of involvement in Queens, not the least of which was his appearance at this year’s spring awards dinner. That would be the same Marty Golden who gave $1000 to Pedro Espada’s campaign war chest (a man he later renounced).

Granted, I haven’t liked many of the GOP candidates here in Brooklyn, and frankly, I’m glad they aren’t getting any financial help from either Golden or the party establishment. The party has a history of putting up lame hacks who just “hold the line.”

But it says a lot when the Golden Calf fails to deliver his idol worshipers financial deliverance.

That’s because Golden is not interested in building the party or seeing its candidates succeed in Brooklyn.

He’s only interested in himself.

That much is crystal clear.

  1. Marty Golden's Donation is a Cathedral Club Contract permalink
    July 23, 2010 6:08 pm

    Marge Markey is at the forefront of the fight for justice for victims of pedophiles.

    Sede Vacante “Bishop” DiMarzio is the local posterboy for the Catholic Church’s longstanding coverup which has facilitated priest pedophiles around the world for the least the last seventy (70) years. Little by little the Catholic Church coverup is being peeled away in the courts around the world.

    The campaign against Marge Markey comes straight from the Broke Back Mountain residence of Nicky Mars on Prospect Park West where Eaton and Golden are beholden. It’s all a festering sore oozing puss.

    How do you spell relief? “Cathedral Club” and “CCCP”.

    • Markey Against Nunziata Round TWO permalink
      July 24, 2010 12:56 am

      Currently, Member of the Assembly Margaret Markey’s highest priority is enactment of a New York State Child Victims Act based upon a bill that she has sponsored and championed. Markey’s New York Child Victims Bill would extend the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse crimes. It will give victims additional time to report the wrongs done against them. The bill will also suspend the civil statute for one year to provide justice for victims who have been time-barred and expose pedophiles who continue to prey on youngsters. You will find more information on Markey’s Child Victims Bill is available on her NYS Assembly webpage.

      The current candidate Anthony Nunziata previously ran against Marge Markey in 2008. In that race Nunziata roundly criticized Markey’s Child Victims Bill and made repeated use of a photograph he had taken with with Bishop DiMarzio. In the 2008 election, Margaret Markey trounced Anthony Nunziata by more than a 2-to-1 margin: 17,057 (67.4%) to 8,247 (32.6%).

      Doesn’t Golden’s paltry contribution look like chump change and a Golden sprinkle into the wind?

      • Recent History of Marge Markey’s sponsored Child Victims Bill permalink
        July 27, 2010 7:59 pm

        Taken From Marci A. Hamilton’s June 10, 2010 article
        “Reforming the Statute of Limitations for Child Sex Abuse: New York’s Child Victims Act Shouldn’t Be Political, But It Is”:

        After the Markey bill three times passed in the New York Assembly, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver told the Senate that he would be more than willing to get the bill to the floor in the Assembly again, but first, it needs to be passed by the Senate.
        Thus, the Senate’s Codes Committee was the first stop….
        This legislation for child protection should have been a no-brainer. Instead, it has become thoroughly political. Reportedly, New York Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos ordered Republicans to vote against it in a bloc, and they did so in Committee — even those who had told survivors they favored the bill and would vote for it.
        If there had been any doubt about the source of the most virulent opposition to the bill, Senator Lanza made it crystal clear: It continues to be the Catholic Conference (including Brooklyn’s “Bishop” DiMarzio). Lanza basically spoke from their playbook, claiming that giving child-sex-abuse victims the ability to go to Court would “ruin” the Church, and that the introduction of the bill was driven by anti-Catholic animus. He became quite passionate, insisting that no one was going to “destroy my church.” Sen. Flanagan, too, took his cue from the Catholic Conference, claiming (inaccurately) that the same bill has bankrupted the Church in California.
        In sharp contrast, the hero of the day for children was Chair Eric Schneiderman, who, in measured tones, stated that the issue was a hard one, but in the United States, those who are harmed should have a remedy. With respect to New York’s child-sex-abuse victims, the vast majority have been blocked from receiving any remedy at all because of overly-short SOLs. [The lack of such remedies not only leaves the victim without justice, but also allows known perpetrators to continue to enjoy secrecy and impunity, this is particularly true of priest-pedophiles whose bishops often let them continue to serve among the children of their own or other diocese.)
        Schneiderman also responded to Senator Flanagan, correctly pointing out that the Church was not, in fact, bankrupted in California. Indeed, the only California diocese to bring voluntary bankruptcy proceedings was the San Diego Diocese, which was publicly chastised by the bankruptcy judge for misleading her about the extent of its impressive wealth. No services were cut, and no parishes or schools were closed because the victims created by the Church were permitted to go to court.
        In the Codes Committee, three Democrats joined the Republicans in voting against letting the bill go to the floor….
        …Didn’t Jesus throw out the moneychangers from the temple and threaten all who harmed the little ones? Once again, the Catholic bishops lack any sense of how what they do resonates with child-sex-abuse victims. They are persistently indifferent.
        Currently, New York has one of the stingiest statutes of limitations for child sex abuse in the entire country — 18 years-old for criminal charges and 23 for civil claims. In the future, it is inevitable that New York will radically expand these statutes of limitations for child sex abuse, because justice demands it, and because that is the trend in the entire country. Florida just eliminated all of its statutes of limitations for child sex abuse; Delaware did the same thing in 2007; Connecticut gives victims until age 48; Pennsylvania until age 53; New Jersey has a liberal discovery rule (which New York courts rejected, saying it was an issue for the legislature). Thus, the Catholic Conferences have their fingers in a dike that is crumbling around their hands. Yet it seems that they will keep those fingers in place as long as the bishops’ lobbying dollars last, and as long as New York Senate members like Sens. Klein, Lanza, and Flanagan continue to act as they did last week.
        Research establishes that one in four girls, and one in five boys, are sexually abused. Not only clergy child-sex-abuse victims, but incest victims too, are increasingly demanding their day in court, and the kind of statute-of-limitations reform that would make that possible. And there are a lot more incest victims than there are clergy victims. As society increasingly acknowledges the gravity and scope of the child-sex-abuse problem, and comes to understand the scientific studies showing that victims often need decades to come forward, citizens will demand laws that fit the needs of the victims, not the perpetrators or the institutions that assigned child abusers to work with children. Given the vital role of SOL reform in identifying perpetrators and creating justice for victims, and the growing political will of the victims, we may soon see New York legislators from both major parties losing — not holding — seats when they let party leadership and the Catholic Bishops, like DiMarzio and Dolan, drown out the voices of the victims.

  2. Koo Koo Kichoo permalink
    July 24, 2010 12:42 am

    Golden alos gave a large piece of change to Koo too.

  3. Silence Not Golden on Priest-Pedophile Child Abuse permalink
    July 24, 2010 8:51 am

    State Senator Martin J. Golden’s webpage reference to “Child Abuse” hyping his personal turkey appraoch to the issue, New York State Senate, Bill S. 7514, doesn’t mention obvious “Child Abuse” by priest-pedophiles.

    • In Albany Similar Nomenclature Does Not mean Similar Bills permalink
      July 28, 2010 10:01 pm

      Senator Golden’s recent co-sponsorship and vote in favor of the Child Protection Act of 2010 (S-7705), which passed the State Senate unanimously, is not in any way related to the Marge Markey Child Victims Bill. S-7705 is a bill that increases criminal penalties for certain crimes, it in no way deals with justice for the victims of sexual child abuse.

      Sometimes the naming confusion on legislative bills in Albany is not accidental.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. CHAIRMAN!!!!! permalink
    July 24, 2010 7:04 pm



    • I thought Chairman Mao was dead! permalink
      July 24, 2010 8:53 pm

      Never mind.

      I’ll immediately send a birthday card to “The Forebidden City”

  5. Colonial Gardener Sees A Lot of Mr. Loopners permalink
    July 25, 2010 2:04 pm

    Existentially, The Jig is Up Atlas is akin to a hiccup with a very sour aftertaste… intellectually, it’s more like a baby’s burp with some spit and curd… politically, mostly gibberish with a soupcon of pure hate. Nonetheless, the low-brow Jigsters can usually be counted upon for an amusing, though usually in bad taste, tit-for-tat.

    Not so as to this thread about Marty Golden’s support of Marge Markey’s opponent Anthony Nunziata and what’s really behind it.

    Perhaps the Eaton-Golden Jigsters don’t have the stomach for a fight over real justice for real life victims of child abuse and their institutional enablers. Really, it looks like that whole crowd might be “SPINELESS” on this issue.

  6. The Strange Case Against Ralph Perfetto permalink
    July 27, 2010 6:52 am

    Is there a Marty Golden, Craig Eaton, Charles Hynes and Mike McMahon and cabal behind the very strange case being brought by Staten Island DA Daniel M. Donovan, Jr., a Republican, against Democratic District Leader Rafaello Perfetto.

    It’s especially interesting because the Staten Island DA is running for Attorney General statewide as a Republican candidate, right now.

    This is a case that calls for a real “independent prosecutor” not a Republican hitman like Donovan, who’s gotten involved in just a few too many politically sensative cases RECENTLY– including this one against Perfetto that’s been revived from a few years ago.

    Maybe, this is a bank-shot to get at Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer, whose running in Perfetto’s district in Bay Ridge against a candidate strongly supported by Eaton and Golden. Maybe it’s Hynes and McMahon trying to benefit Perfetto’s Democratic primary opponent for Democratic District Leader, Kevin Carroll.

    Maybe it’s a bunch of Irish pols in both parties on both sides of the Narrows going after another Brooklyn Italian– you know, good old fashioned dirty politics.

  7. Eric Schneiderman is Hero for Children Victims Of Abuse permalink
    July 27, 2010 11:56 pm

    Republican Dan Donovan, eh!

  8. Abuse of DA Offices to Crush Dissent is Not New permalink
    July 28, 2010 6:55 am

    For one example see: “Room Eight Fights Bronx Subpoena, Wins” 7/14/08. It discusses the intra-party cooperation with DA offices and their investigators to harass dissent.

    The worst example was years ago in Nassau County and involved the Democrat DA throwing a Right to Life Republican in jail for election fraud at the behest of the Republican County leader.

    Dirty Dan Donovan’s thuggish persecution of Ralph Perfetto is only the most recent example of the abuse of a DA’s office for political purposes. Donovan’s Gestapo worked hard to coerce a confession from Perfetto in Brooklyn’s 82nd Precinct, which is remote from any contact with the alleged crime. Part of the custodial interrogation involved Perfetto being made to wait for processing handcuffed to a radiator alone in a closed room by the “processing officer”, SI DA’s Detective O’Brien, who was previously from the 82nd Precinct.

    The complaining witness in this case is another SI DA’s Detective, who had no contacted whatsoever to the alleged crime other than the assignement to investigate Perfetto, based upon the original report of the incident by Brooklyn ADA Matthew MacIntyre, now in private practice with Weitz & Luxemburg, a personal injury firm with significant political affiliations.

    When was the last prosecution of a non-disbarred attorney for a single incident of the “practice of law without a license” of the sort alleged against Perfetto?

  9. The narrative as to "Ralph" Perfetto is not accurate permalink
    July 28, 2010 5:42 pm

    Mr. Perfetto was not handcuffed and arrested at the 82nd Precinct. Mr. Perfetto was given a Desk Appearamce Ticket (DAT) at the 62nd Precinct in Brooklyn after he had spoken to Detective Investigators from the Richmond County DA’s office. Following normal practices and procedures for a first time, non-violent offender, an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD) was on the table at the arraignment, which Mr. Perfetto refused through counsel. Discovery was sought by Mr. Profetto and timely provided. At this time, a fall trial is expected.

  10. DA Donovan's spokesman has the real problem with the Perfetto Narrative permalink
    July 28, 2010 10:44 pm

    The version of the Perfetto arrest contained in “Abuse of DA Offices to Crush Dissent is Not New” is accurate except as to the digital error “82nd” instead of the correct “62nd” Precinct mentioned in a later post above.

    If there is a problem with a “narrative” it is the one by William Smith, spokesman for Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan. Smith is reported to have said “When he appeared in court, a Brooklyn district attorney recognized him (Perfetto) as not an attorney…”
    The Brooklyn Paper, “Bay Ridge pol collared for impersonating a lawyer”, June 6, 2010, Andy Campbell.

    The issue raised by that concession by the office of DA Donovan, the office “SPECIALLY PROSECUTING” Mr. Perfetto, is straightforward. Why didn’t that Brooklyn ADA (was it MacIntyre?) who recognized Mr. Perfetto “as not an attorney” not object and alert the judge on the bench that a crime and a contempt of court was going on in that court at that time? Even if the moment passed quickly, why not immediately alert court personnel, detain Mr Perfetto, and get the “facts” right then and there.

    There are two possibilities, neither favorable to the prosecutors – stay tuned.

  11. Jigzterz and Bkpolitizizerz have a real problem with Perfetto Narrative permalink
    August 3, 2010 2:33 am

    Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton, his favorite hate blogs, The Jig is Up Atlas and Brooklynpolitico, and Eaton’s cadre of controlled commentators on those blogs probably know next to nothing about the case brought by Staten Island DA Donovan, acting as a Special Prosecutor, against 60th AD Dem Leader Ralph Perfetto. Nonetheless, Eaton’s bloggers have stated ad nauseam that Ralph Perfetto is guilty of a crime. If he’s not that’s a slander per se against good old Ralphie. Even though he’s probably a public figure, “malice” and reckless disregard are easy to prove against them.

    Here is some of the information, about which Eaton’s crowd lack even the most superficial knowledge:

    They don’t know the chronology of the events in the underlying case, where Perfetto identified himself in court as a private investigator prior to saying anything about the evidence he had brought to introduce in court.

    They don’t know how many times Mr. Perfetto showed up in court on the underlying case that led to the charge against him by DA Donovan.

    They don’t know how many different ways Mr. Perfetto identified himself to court personel in the underlying case.

    They don’t know what Mr. Perfetto said “on the record” or what documents he put before the court and sent to the Brooklyn DA on his P.I. stationery.

    They don’t know how long after the events in the underlying case were ended that it took for SI DA Donovan’s office to contact Mr. Perfetto for the first time.

    They don’t know when Mr. Perfetto first spoke to at least one of SI DA Donovan’s detective investigtors, or what he said and gave to her.

    On and on and on…since Perfetto was anxious for the truth to come out, somebody Jigzup and bkpolitzicz could easily have asked him for verification or comment– they didn’t.

    Probably too late now, though, what do you think?

  12. Money, Money, Money, Money, Where's the Money permalink
    August 30, 2010 6:34 am

    What about Marty Golden’s doling out of taxpayer funds for this and that?

    There was a big deal made about a Marty Golden supported grant for a van for the 61st Precinct Police Auxiliaries.

    What happened to the van? What happened to the money?

    In anyway case, is money for a police auxiliary van in one lone precinct really a necessary expenditure of taxpayer funds in these times?

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