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Conservative Commissar Kassar Lashes Out at Regina-Potter, Admits GOP’s Plan of Attack is “Payback” Against Her

July 21, 2010

Kassar (right) with a Vito Lopez lackey. During the 44th City Council Race, Jerry Kassar was actively supporting Vito Lopez-backed candidate David Greenfield, a liberal Democrat.

If you were to follow the Brooklyn GOP’s actions and statements against her, you would think them crazed or frenzied.

In a recent column in a local newspaper, Conservative Party Commissar Jerry Kassar, who (in one of the more elaborate yet obvious forms of political chicanery) is employed by embattled State Senator Marty Golden, lashed out against 49th AD reform candidate Lucretia Regina-Potter, who has been the subject of merciless attacks against her by Bay Ridge GOP surrogates.

He also admits that the GOP is pursuing a vendetta against her, using the term “payback” to describe the GOP’s actions.

Here is the original article sent to us as an image:


When reached for comment, Mrs. Regina-Potter responded. She issued the following statement to us:

In his column entitled “Common Sense” which appeared in the July 10, 2010 issue of the Spectator newspaper, Jerry Kassar, the Kings County Conservative Party Chairman, and an employee of NYS Senator Martin Golden, announced the Brooklyn Conservative Party endorsement of my Republican challenger. He also states that my opponent’s “substantial support within the Republican Party organization” is considered “as part of the payback for Potter supporting a Democrat against the Republican candidate for City Council in a special election this past March.”

Obviously, Mr. Kassar conveniently fails to mention that his employer, Marty Golden, refused to endorse the legitimate Republican candidate for the special election city council seat, Jonathan J. Judge, the President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans. Mr. Golden was the first one to endorse a liberal Democrat for that office. Mr. Kassar, along with the Brooklyn Conservative Party followed suit, also endorsing the same liberal Democrat. The LaGuardia Republican Organization had already endorsed Jonathan Judge as the Republican candidate, but through political machinations, Judge was removed from the ballot. It was then that we decided to endorse a true conservative Democrat.

Mr. Kassar also fails to explain why he endorsed a youngster with little or no experience in politics and in the real world; as opposed to a two-time Conservative endorsed candidate that had received 100% of the Conservative Party vote in the past. This is very strange to say the least.

If this is why the Brooklyn GOP in an “unusual move” removed all Republican inspector appointments from the duly elected 49th AD Republican Leadership, the question begs –Why did the same Republican county not take any measures against Republican Senator Marty Golden for endorsing a Democratic candidate? Doesn’t he deserve a primary as well?

The “substantial support” my challenger has from the county is certainly not the same as the full support from a strong organization such as the LaGuardia Republican Organization in the 49th AD.  The Brooklyn GOP pulls paper candidates from a hat in order to thwart and sabotage legitimate viable Republican candidates from winning seats in Kings County. The no-name Republican candidate put up against Jonathan Judge is in the same category of the no-name Republican candidate put up against my candidacy. I just want to keep the record straight on this matter.


Payback. You’ve got to appreciate the honesty of using the word…

After reading this piece and the response above, I can honestly say Kassar truly has the losing argument here. And not only that: this statement of his is the most recent in a line of blunders and missteps that has caused him and his party extreme embarrassment this year.

David Greenfield

First, he attacked this blog in one of his prior newspaper pieces (another “lash attack,” as I’ve come to call them). Then, he supported a liberal Democrat, David Greenfield, in the 44th City Council race over Jonathan Judge, the only qualified conservative candidate in the race that I could tell who was not registered Democrat. (His boss Marty Golden also endorsed Greenfield, as well)

The reason for his support of Greenfield is widely speculated to be in exchange for a deal for Vito Lopez not to support any of the candidates challenging Marty Golden, which Lopez has since done.

That Kassar, Golden and the GOP leadership supported the liberal Democrat in the 44th City Council race makes the “payback” statement on the part of Kassar all the more comedic and disingenuous.

Here are the facts: Regina-Potter and her organization in the 49th originally endorsed Judge. Then, when he was successfully torpedoed by the Democratic and Republican parties, Regina-Potter, Judge and their respective organizations decided to support the more conservative Democrat Joe Lazar over Greenfield, whom the GOP leadership was actively supporting in private.

As the GOP supported Greenfield behind the scenes, they maintained the position that they were supporting no-name 44th City Council Candidate Kenneth Rice, who was never taken seriously as a candidate. In fact, he was known to be a straw man in the race (more on that in a moment).

So, based on that, Mrs. Regina-Potter has the facts pretty much on point.


Kassar’s piece is also the first independent verification that the Conservative Party is putting up some new candidate other than Mrs. Regina-Potter. We had heard rumors of another campaign in the 49th AD, but we were skeptical (and frankly, remain skeptical).

I originally thought there was a candidate named “Pete Ciriano” running in the 49th, but I was not aware if he collected the requisite number of petitions.

After reading Regina-Potter’s statement, I have to say, this Cipriano does reminds me of the aforementioned mysterious Mr. Rice, who appeared out of nowhere and very quickly disappeared after it was disclosed that he had potentially submitted fraudulent and even forged petitions to the Board of Elections.

Mr. Rice lost by 97% of the vote.

What I can independently confirm is that Ms. Regina-Potter’s opposition candidate is a teenager or perhaps a young adult. Some emailers have said he dropped out of college and worked for Mayor Bloomberg for a time. We have not confirmed that. But once we hear back from this youngster’s campaign and verify his information, we will report it to you.

If what has been said about him is true, I think this could be the most desperate the GOP and Conservative Parties have been in quite some time. They apparently could not locate anyone with experience or any proper qualifications to be a state level elected official.

I’m so shocked.


What do I make of all this?

In my opinion, this is all evidence that the Brooklyn GOP Revolution has been giving the establishment (of which Mr. Kassar is a part) such grief that they have turned to their usual outlets to build on their smear campaign against Brooklyn reformers. I thought the elimination of women and minorities in Brooklyn politics was limited to the Republican Party. Kassar is proving that there’s a home for that conduct in the Conservative Party, as well.

He is joining Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton in the gang attack against the only reform-minded female candidate this borough and this party has that isn’t tainted by the establishment.

These attacks have often been personal and even threatening, with Eaton sycophants threatening “regime change” against her.

These people are not motivated by their love of serving their fellow Republicans. They are not interested in serving the public good.

They want blood. They want to rip their enemies apart. Plain and simple.

The question remains: how long will they use these tactics before they realize they no longer work?

How long before they realize they do not control the conversation any longer?

How long before they realize they are losing the battle for the heart and soul of this party?

Hopefully, when the Revolution is successful, the truth will sink in.


We invite Mr. Kassar’s comment (given he is an avid reader of our blog) via email, as well as from anyone else who would like to offer their thoughts on this story.

  1. CCCP Anybody? permalink
    July 21, 2010 11:09 pm

    The Jig: “They can say whatever they want about Marty Golden; he endorsed Greenfield before there was any mention of a real Republican in the race.”

    Uh, a “Real Republican” would unendorse a Democrat and choose a winning Republican candidate like Judge. And if Ken Rice was so GREAT, why didn’t he endorse Rice? That tells you how much of a joke Rice was.

    Instead, Eaton, Golden, and their CCCP PAC did mailings for David Greenfield.

    Give me a break.

    The lies. The lies.

  2. Kassar is typical of the Conservative Party permalink
    July 22, 2010 6:50 am

    Except in a minority of counties, the Conservative Party in New York State is completely in line behind their state chairman Michael Long.

    Long has patterned his “Conservative” party on the tactics and strategies of the now defunct Liberal Party of Ray Harding.

    Brooklyn Conservative Chairman Gerard Kassar is a slow thinking, heavy handed version of Long.

  3. Kassar's got a bad memory or he's just a hypocrite. permalink
    July 22, 2010 10:58 pm

    I can’t believe Gerard Kassar’s first three paragraphs about State Senator Pedro Espada in the column above.

    Doesn’t Kassar remember that Marty Golden helped create this monster by getting him elected President Pro Tempore of the Senate last June, aided by Libous, Skelos and Golisano (an unelected money man who tried to help the Republicans “steal” the majority leadership of the NY State Senate).

    Why not tell the whole story about how Golden and the Republican leadership created the Espada problem. Espada would have never achieved the status he had if the Republicans didn’t do their “dance with the devil” last summer.

    Maybe Kassar can answer a simple question. Why isn’t it a dirty deal or a shakedown when it involves State Senator Marty Golden?

  4. Kassar Should Withdraw permalink
    July 22, 2010 11:52 pm

    Ask around the 49th AD, and Conservatives will tell you: Jerry Kassar is an embarrassment as a chairman.

    He should be asked to withdraw. We’ve had enough of him.

  5. Kassar on Camera? Not So Nice permalink
    July 24, 2010 3:06 am

    Jerry’s just grumpy because they showed that terrible picture of him in the Brooklyn GOP Revolution Teaser Trailer:

  6. Conservative primary between Lucretia and Lil Pete in the works permalink
    July 24, 2010 9:11 pm

    An “Opportunity to Ballot” has been filed against Kings County Conservative Party because of Chairman Gerard Kassar’s grant of a Wilson-Pakula designation to a non-conservative Republican Peter Cipriano, who had been hand-picked by Republican County Chairman Craig Eaton and Kassar’s boss Marty Golden.

    In a seldom-used move, Lucretia Regina-Potter directly contacted enough enrolled members of the Conservative Party in the 49th AD to put rescission of Kassar’s arbitrary endorsement of Cipriano onto the primary ballot of the Conservative Party. Only Conservatives registered in the 49th AD will be allowed to vote on this issue in the September Primary .

    Kassar could wind up with a lot of Conservative Party egg on his face over this. How many other Conservative leaders will wind up part of this omelet before it’s finished?

  7. Philo S.S. Van Dine permalink
    July 24, 2010 9:20 pm

    Why didn’t they do an “Opportunity to Ballot” over Kassar’s Wilson-Pakula that was given to his boss Senator Golden?

    It’s a conflict of interest, it’s a possible illegal transaction for valuable consideration and it’s long overdue.

  8. Did the earth move under Gerry Kassar? permalink
    July 25, 2010 6:30 pm

    Gerry Kassar has to work for a change — sort of.

    Kassar is paid by the State of New York to be Marty Golden’s Chief of Staff and is supposed to be doing State Senate business. What he really does is politics about 110% of the time, mostly it’s for Marty Golden, a little bit of it’s for the NYS Conservative Party.

    The the 49th AD “Opportunity to Ballot” will give registered Conservatives in the 49th AD an “Opportunity to Speak Their Mind” about the Conservative Party, Party Chairman Gerard Kassar and Marty Golden.

    Gerry Kassar has to work for a change– sort of.

    Kassar is paid by the State of New York to be Marty Golden’s Chief of Staff and is supposed to be doing State Senate business. What he really does is politics about 110% of the time, mostly it’s for Marty Golden, a little bit of it is for the NYS Conservative Party. Usually, it involves no heavy lifting. Soon that will change.

    The 49th AD “Opportunity to Ballot” will give registered Conservatives in the 49th AD an “Opportunity to Speak Their Mind” about the Conservative Party, Party Chairman Gerard Kassar and Kassar’s boss Marty Golden.

    The Conservatives have become 100% about deals to keep people like Kassar in their jobs. It’s all going to be fully developed in mailings, phone calls and articles between now and the September primary.

    So far, Gerry Kassar has not been very amused. One would expect he’ll like it even less as time goes on.

    Maybe, Craig Eaton can give Kassar some pointers on how to handle Arnaldo, Lucretia and Fred, he’s done a great job so far.

  9. Kassar Strikes Again With His "Common Sense" Column permalink
    July 31, 2010 1:05 am

    McCain and Palin endorse candidate Michael Grimm, who has $600,000 on hand, Kassar says very nice, probably a good thing and continues with small beer and faint praise for HIS candidate Grimm.
    Enough warm and gushy sentiment concerning Conservative Party endorsed Grimm, Kassar had to add, “His Republican Primary opponent Michael Allegretti, a quality candidate in his own right [yatta-yatta-yatta].”

    NO! NO! NO! NO! Allegretti’s not a quality candidate anywhere outside of some very liberal Republican area like the old “Silk Stocking District”. Allegretti is all about “Peak Oil”, and “Cap and Tax”. He’s an impoverish America and Americans as long as we can lessen the carbon footprint just a teeny-weeny little bit type of energy expert. He’s that much of a conservative Republican. as well.

    Again, Gerry Kassar had to shill for his boss, State Senator Marty Golden, who is one of Allegretti’s most important supporters. The Allegretti campaign is headed south of the Amboys, and Kassar’s boss needs cover for his Allegretti clunker.

    Always at work for the boss, that Kassar.

  10. Mike Long and Gerry Kassar have some real problems in 2010 permalink
    August 16, 2010 12:06 am

    The Conservative Party membership has a chance in 2010 to take their party back from a leadership that has gotten less and less conservative as the years have gone by.

    Locally, Gerry Kassar has shown himself to be a complete automaton for his boss Marty Golden and even Golden’s Republican County Leader Craig Eaton, who himself mostly follows the Golden script. A recent switch in Kassar’s loyalties in the 49th AD was completely revolutionary and the catalyst was a race between routinely liberal Democrats– of course Kassar went with the Golden-backed man, David Greenfield instead of either of the Republicans who had been in the race.. Until the 49th AD Republicans opposed Democrat David Greenfield, Kassar was very supportive of the 49th AD Republicans.

    The resulting Conservative Party fight in the 49th AD in2010 is all about Kassar’s Conservative leadership again endorsing a more liberal candidate over the more conservative one, who has had the Conservative line twice in the past.

    This time through the opportunity to ballot process, the true conservative in the race, Lucretia Regina-Potter, will make her pitch directly to all of the Conservative Party members in the 49th AD. Also look for a real dynamic move very shortly that may attract even larger scale interest and move several Conservative party voters to do the right thing and write-in Lucretia-Regina Potter on their Conservative party primary ballots when they come to vote for a gubernatorial candidate.

    Take the 49th AD problem and put it on steroids; then you’ll see what Brooklyn’s Mike Long is facing across the whole state. This isn’t a complicated opportunity to ballot scenario like in the Bensonhurst and Bath Beach sections of Brooklyn, this is an upstate Conservative Party Chairman who got over 40% of the NYS Conservative delegates to see it his way for Governor against State Chairman Mike Long, who barely shoe-horned Republican Rick Lazio through the Conservative Party convention.

    With Conservative RALPH C. LORIGO, ESQ. running against the Long-backed Rick Lazio, who is almost as liberal a Republican as George Pataki, there is a very good chance that the Mike Long era of leadership in the Conservative Party ends on September 14th with a win by Lorigo. Some predict that Lorigo, a lawyer who can take a judge line, will step aside for his “friend” Carl Paladino to take the Conservative line in an after-primary switch.

    Some people are actually trying to mount a pro-Lorigo effort in Brooklyn. The 49th AD might make a very good base for that.

  11. Mr. Kassar, where’s the Common Sense? And where’s the conservatism? permalink
    October 22, 2010 7:52 pm

    It was truly disappointing to read Jerry Kassar’s “Common Sense” column in the October 23, 2010 edition of “The Brooklyn Spectator”. It was absolutely lacking in anything that could really be called common sense in the way that phrase is typically used. More important, Kassar’s most recent column is vastly removed from the analytic and politically subversive “Common Sense” of Thomas Paine and the most recent take on that title and theme, the politically savvy and peppery work by Glenn Beck.

    With almost ten days left to a very important election for the Conservative Party and conservative minded members of the major parties, Kassar devoted about one quarter (1/4) of this weeks column to a truly trivial Halloween event. Naturally, it is one of State Senator Martin J. Golden’s “Bread and Circuses” extravaganzas; and Kassar is duty-bound to serve his mammon-master’s bidding on this.

    Kassar did get down to some real business too. As usual with Kassar of late, it was flim-flam, thank you mam, now you see it now you don’t. His take on something called the “Conservative Party ratings” was something astounding to behold. Something awful was recast by Jerry Kassar as something awfully good.

    For a conservative, seeing the results of the Conservative Party ratings was shocking. To read Kassar’s matter-of-fact recitation of the actual numbers was appalling. The State Senate as a whole received a 38.22% rating on key votes, and the Republican State Senators got 64.96% Both numbers were absolutely less than unsatisfactory, they were an abomination. What it all means is that, with a near majority of Republican state senators, conservative Republicans could not cobble together a “functioning conservative majority” more than 38.22% if the time on key votes (that’s just over a third of the key votes).

    Seeing Marty Golden’s conservative voting rating was also sickening. Golden’s Conservative Party rating of 64% ia simply, piss-poor! That means he voted conservatively in under two-thirds of the key conservative votes. Of course, don’t expect to hear it highlighted like that from the Kings County Conservative Party Chairman Kassar, since he has been completely compromised and corrupted by his employment as the Chief of Staff State Senator Golden.

    What is needed are real conservatives in Albany not the KRINKIE (Kings Republicans in need of Kassar’s insider endorsements)HACKS that have been served up by Kassar’s Brooklyn Con-game this year. Top among them would certainly be Kassar’s boss, the abovementioned 64% Conservative, Marty Golden.

    What more does one need to shout from the rooftops —

    • TJIUA reply to this was just "Pathetic" permalink
      October 22, 2010 10:16 pm

      The usual cut and paste…

      Also some bad statistical analysis like my favorite: “What it all means is that, with a near majority of Republican state senators, conservative Republicans could cobble together a “functioning conservative majority” more than 64.96 if [sic] the time on key votes (that’s two-third’s of the key votes).”

      Well, tell me this, you neo-Pythagoreans TJIUA, if with a near majority of Republican state senators, conservative Republicans could cobble together a “functioning conservative majority” more than 64.96 of the time on key votes, then why wasn’t the whole state senate’s rating 69.94%, instead of 38.22%?

      Isn’t it more of a paradox if you use TJIUA stats, or is it maths?

      Nah, they’re just “Pathetic”.

      • Kassar's numbers show that we really don't need his boss, Golden permalink
        October 23, 2010 5:18 pm

        The really terrible showing on the Conservatice Party rating by the Republican incumbents in the New York State Senate shows that we really don’t need them for anything “conservative”.

        As stated here yesterday, Marty Golden’s numbers on the Conservative party ratings were piss-poor.

        Who needs him?

        Certainly not anyreal conservatives.

        Certainly not Bay Ridge.

        Let’s keep it simple for all conservative-minded voters:


  12. Really, Ensign Pulver lost his marbles.... permalink
    October 22, 2010 11:23 pm

    The parable of the marbles from “Mister Roberts” went something like this:

    After Mister Roberts and “Doc” confronted Ensign Pulver about his inane and never completed plots against the Captain, Pulver shows them what he’s done so far on one of plans….

    Ensign Frank Thurlowe Pulver: “Now you’ve gone too far. Now you’ve asked for it. [Pulls out a tobacco tin and shakes it] What does that look like? Five marbles. Got another one in my pocket. Six marbles. I’m looking for marbles all day long!”

    It wasn’t directly shown in the movie “Mister Roberts”, but Ensign Pulver lost all his marbles. No, he didn’t go crazy — the marbles just “went missing”.

    In the last scene, a letter from Mister Roberts, who’s gone to be part of the last big push in the Pacific, lets Pulver know that his marbles have been put in “The Captain’s overhead”, which had been Pulver’s plan from the beginning.

    The lesson of this parable is that even if you might “lose your marbles”, somebody with ingenuity will se to it that your plans get carried to fulfillment.

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