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Golden Enlists Relative of Allegretti Campaign Manager to Object to Contested Election

July 19, 2010

The days when Marty Golden went unchallenged are long since past.

Gone are the days when “The Golden Prince” and his Duke of Bay Ridge, GOP Chairman _______ ________(aka “The Irrelevant One”), could make deals with Democrats unchecked and unanswerable to their constituent Republicans.

But now, Sen. Golden is worried. He’s not used to being challenged, so he has decided to eliminate one of his political rivals, Mike DiSanto, by challenging his petitions. To do this, he has enlisted the aid of a member of a Democratic family that has been donating to the Golden family for years, it would seem. The irony is that this relative is also related to the Campaign Manager of the Allegretti campaign, raising questions about Mr. Allegretti’s involvement in the 22nd State Senate race.

Ah, the tangled web of Bay Ridge GOP politics…

We were first alerted to this story by the following press release from the DiSanto campaign:

Brooklyn, NY — Bridget C. Riley, a young registered Democrat from Bay Ridge, has challenged the petitions of New York State Senate candidate Mike DiSanto.

Bridget C. Riley, a young registered Democrat from Bay Ridge, has challenged the petitions of New York State Senate candidate Mike DiSanto. The 22nd Senatorial District is currently represented by eight-year incumbent Senator Martin J. Golden. The district includes parts of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Sheepshead Bay, and Marine Park.

According to voter registration records and campaign finance disclosures, Bridget Riley currently resides with Raymond J. Riley, Chairman of the Board of Raymond Riley & Associates and longtime donor and employee of Senator Martin J. Golden.

Mike DiSanto is not surprised by the challenge and stated “Everyone in the community knows my signatures are valid. I owe it to the more than 2,000 registered voters who took the time to sign my petitions and support democratic elections to fight this challenge in court.”

Commenting on the fact that first time candidates are typically knocked off the ballot by entrenched incumbents, DiSanto stated “We live in a democracy and do not crown kings in America. I will not be intimidated by those who seek to undermine the political freedoms that our country was founded upon.”

Ah, but Mr. DiSanto’s campaign release does not tell the entire story.

According to a trusted source, Bridget C. Riley is related to Raymond Riley, the current manager of 13th Congressional candidate Michael Allegretti’s campaign. Ironically, the Rileys all live at the same address in Bay Ridge, and the family is almost entirely registered Democrat.

The exception, of course, is the 25-year-old Raymond Riley, who is a registered Republican.

This information is all based on available public records.


Why is this significant?

First of all, it shows you the kind of demented détente Golden has with a host of local “Democrats” in the district. Indeed, we have it on reliable information that the current Brooklyn GOP Chairman was once a registered Democrat in the 1990’s.

What changed between then and now? Marty Golden became an elected official. And as you know, the Chairman has already given substantial sums of money to Golden, who has, in turn, aided the Chairman’s interests, in particular his charity, the MHE Foundation.

(Some of our fellow Republicans at Urban Elephants don’t see a problem with this relationship between Golden and Eaton–they think it’s par for the course in politics. We respectfully disagree. We here at Atlas seek accountability and transparency, not status quo politics. All of us agree this arrangement is either suspect or does not fit that bill)

Being a Republican or a Democrat connected to Marty Golden has its benefits, it would appear.

Because of those benefits, Marty Golden has used his leverage to ensure that the voters of his district never have a competitive election. It is common knowledge that he has made deals with Democratic machine operator Vito Lopez and a host of other Democrats to ensure that never happened.

By seeking public office, Mr. DiSanto has defied those deals, and his race demonstrates the first major challenge to the Senator in quite some time. While DiSanto has been somewhat lacking when it comes to funding and getting the word out (at least from what I can tell, but I could be wrong), the Senator clearly perceives him to be a threat worth wiping away.

Marty Golden comes from a school of politics that does not appreciate competition. Golden has profited handsomely from not having a meaningful challenge in the past decade. But while he has brought money to his district, he has done so at the expense of other GOP races and other districts.

Golden has actively undermined Republican candidacies in the past (and presently, as well), and will continue to do so. He has maimed the GOP in Brooklyn so badly by allowing the GOP Chairman to apportion which lambs will be sent to the slaughter in the various races around the borough rather than seeking strong candidates to compete to win.

In fact, most of Brooklyn is considered a GOP wasteland, and it has become this way under Golden’s management of the party.

That is an undeniable fact.

But Marty Golden is content with this situation. That’s why he must challenge DiSanto’s signatures. He cannot have anyone tamper with the deals he has going on in Brooklyn, and he’s going to use every lawyer and every trick in the book to try to boot DiSanto and any other challengers off the ballot.

This is not to say that there are no legitimate reasons to pursue a challenge to a candidate’s petitions. It is possible that DiSanto’s petitions are flawed, and we will learn that in time.

But I suspect that Golden isn’t motivated by anything but his own self interest rather than DiSanto not following the rules.


Oh, and let me not forget my pal, Little Michael Allegretti, the Baron of Political Cluelessness.

What’s he doing snooping around Marty Golden’s district, sending his people to enlist relatives to make challenges? (I roll my eyes as I write this)

Did Allegretti think that the connection would not be made to his campaign manager? Is he really that foolish?

I find it hard to believe that a relative of Allegretti’s campaign manager made an innocent decision to challenge the petitions of Mike DiSanto and that neither Allegretti or his campaign manager were aware of it.

You have to wonder if this was something Golden planned a long time ago? Did he hand pick Riley to perform just this task? Were phone calls made and instructions given? Who told the objector how to object: the form, manner and drop-off location? Those things, frankly, aren’t common knowledge.

These are all fabulous questions for the Allegretti campaign to ignore and for others to find answers to.

And I will be looking…


We will be seeking comment from those listed in the story soon, and we welcome comments and statements to us by email. Any relevant statements and/or comments will be included in our next update.

  1. Cross-party election challenge is Golden's Side Showing Desperation Very Early In the Game permalink
    July 20, 2010 7:57 am

    A long-time judge in charge of the Kings County Supreme Court, Election Part, once said that cross-party election challenges were not really part of Brooklyn’s political tradition. This challenge by Bridget C. Riley (didn’t she sing “Harper Valley PTA”?) is definitely for the benefit of her Republican brother’s former Republican boss incumbent, State Senator Martin J. Golden, and REALLY IS A CROSS-PARTY ELECTION CHALLENGE. Marty Golden at least should have been more honest and made the challenge on his own behalf as an “Aggrieved candidate” (instead, as he has done in the past when in a pinch, he’s fighting this fight hiding behind the skirts of a woman).

    Let’s call a foul a foul and a fault a fault. This is Marty Golden’s challenge plain and simple. It’s lacking in honor, it’s non-traditional, it’s bad politics and it looks desperate even at this early stage of the campaign.

    • Lora permalink
      July 20, 2010 9:48 am

      I entirely agree! It lacks transparency, honesty and political decency. I don’t care for Democrats much, but Marty Golden, I care for less. Keeping this all in the family with Allegretti’s campaign manager makes it so obvious. But this is how Golden and his gang work.

      Kiss kiss…

  2. Why the fight for no candidate against Marty Golden in November? permalink
    July 20, 2010 5:51 pm

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Jig is Up… article by AAA, “The Cat’s Out of The Bag …Mike DiSanto!!” gives what look like a bunch of good reasons that Mike DiSanto would not be a strong candidate for the New York State Senate against incumbent Marty Golden.

    Why are the State Senator and his people so anxious to get DiSanto off the ballot in November? Is there an “October surprise” that terrifies Golden and his supporters? What might it be?

  3. Love Room8 permalink
    July 20, 2010 11:35 pm

    The Gateway (Marty Golden: All Foreskin, No Schvantz Edition) [UPDATED—NEWSFLASH Gate Criticizes Obama]

    posted by Gatemouth
    Tue, 07/20/2010 – 9:12pm
    State Senate candidate Mike DiSanto is sincere and hardworking, but if one had to profile his suitability for this district, you couldn’t find much more going for him than the vowel at the end of his name, and that attribute didn’t help Obama much here.

    The incumbent, Marty Golden, has not faced a general election since 2002; one might think that, in a year when Republicans might actually do well, he’d welcome an opportunity to actually show his strength, which is probably considerable.

    Instead, Golden proves himself a political castrato, as spineless as a pea-nutless butter and jellyfish sandwich, afraid to let the public have an actual choice in a November election.

    Years ago, as a cop, Golden once got in trouble for losing his gun, which was never recovered; but I know where it is.

    Next to his balls.

    And they both shoot blanks.

    the albany project:: Senator Martin Golden Attempts to Knock Mike DiSanto off Ballot

  4. Young Republican permalink
    July 21, 2010 12:34 pm

    Maybe Senator Golden wants to be president one day. After all this is how President Obama started his political career by challenging his opponents signatures when he first ran for Illinois State Senate so he could run unopposed.

  5. Lora permalink
    July 21, 2010 6:25 pm

    Gerry O’Brien, you villain! You’re such a thug the way you operate, it’s disturbing. Oh, and Jeffrey Kraus, I think we all know just what you’re all about. Two men who have made a living distorting people’s lives and records for their political employers.


    Kiss kiss boys…

    The chopping block is coming.

  6. Gerry O'Brien's Chronic Gout permalink
    July 21, 2010 8:57 pm

    My daughter lost her canary. Has anyone seen it? I think it might be Jerry Kassar’s afro

  7. Riley Blows and Golden Thunders! permalink
    July 22, 2010 5:39 pm

    Sounds like something that might go with Vegimite sandwiches or something else from “Down Under”.…/2010/…/courier-yn_brooklyn_front_page-br_mm_bn_disantochallenge_2010_07_23_bk.txt

    • Oh Riley, Oh Riley, Wooaaah! permalink
      July 22, 2010 7:11 pm

      From Courier Life:

      Talk about being anti-choice!

      Supporters of state Sen. Marty Golden (R-Bay Ridge) moved to knock the longtime legislature’s lone competitor off the ballot — ensuring that he keeps his perfect record of never having an opponet since being elected in 2002.

      “I don’t know what he has to be afraid of,” said Mike DiSanto, who wants to be the first person to ever challenge Golden’s incumbency. “He should be secure in his ability to win an election on his own merits.”

      According to city records, Bridget Riley, the daughter of a long-time Golden supporter Raymond Riley and a registered Democrat, filed a challenge to the nominating petitions submitted by DiSanto.

      The move has DiSanto shaking his head.

      “For someone like Sen. Golden to be intimidated by someone like me doesn’t make any sense,” he said, noting that he has about $2,100 in his campaign account, compared to the $271,087 amassed by the famously anti-abortion pol — all of which can be used to wage war against DiSanto, since Golden does not have a primary challenger.

      When reached by phone, Riley said she would “rather not discuss” the objections, which she filed on July 15. She has until July 22 to file specific objections to the petitions submitted by DiSanto.

      But, even if she does, DiSanto thinks the effort will be fruitless. He collected over 2,000 signatures, he said, more than double the 1,000 necessary to make the ballot.

      “I know my signatures are good,” DiSanto said, “since I got a large portion of them myself, when I went door to door, election district by election district.”

      By press time, no one from the Golden campaign had responded to repeated requests for comment.

  8. DiSanto Not Intimidated By Golden Challenge permalink
    July 22, 2010 8:31 pm

    What do you do to a bully? Don’t back down.


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