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Bay Ridge Journal: Brooklyn GOP Battle Brewing Between “Incumbents and Insurgents”

July 16, 2010

Bay Ridge Journal recently posted a well-reasoned and quite amusing assessment of the state of affairs in the Brooklyn GOP. To do this, they navigated the [sometimes murky] waters of the blogosphere and drew a line between the two major factions they see within our party: the incumbents and the insurgents.

Whether you agree with their terminology or not, if you follow the political blogs of Brooklyn, this is definitely a piece worth reading on this hot summer weekend.

Here is the majority of the piece (and be sure to visit Bay Ridge Journal to read the full piece):

For months now, I’ve been trying to understand the civil war raging within the Republican Party in South Brooklyn, but sorting through the barrage of verbal ordnance flying back and forth between the multiple blogs mounted by the warring factions has been tough going.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far (I call the two sides the “Incumbents” and the “Insurgents”):

  • The Insurgents tend to be younger than the Incumbents — in age or outlook;
  • Many of the Incumbents have a Bay Ridge axis;
  • The Insurgents have accused the Incumbents of, in so many words, being dodgy old farts; and
  • The Incumbents have accused the Insurgents of, in so many words, being douche bags.

Here’s who I think the players are:

The Incumbents

  • Individuals
  1. Marty Golden
  2. Craig Eaton
  3. Jerry Kassar
  4. Mike Long
  5. Pete Ciriano
  6. Clorinda Annarummo
  7. Jerry O’Brien
  8. Stephen Maresca
  • Possible Incumbent Allies
  1. Michael Alegretti
  2. Michael Bloomberg
  3. Rudy Guliani
  4. Rick Lazio…
  • Organizations
  1. Theodore Roosevelt Republican Club

The Insurgents

  • Individuals
  1. Lucretia-Regina Potter
  2. Jonathan Judge
  3. Roy Antoun
  4. Justin Lee Brannan
  5. Mike Harris
  • Insurgent Ally
  1. Rick Grimm…
  • Organizations
  1. LaGuardia Republican Club
  2. Brooklyn Young Republicans

A couple of these names I do not recognize clearly. But my personal favorite is that they call Mike Grimm  “Rick Grimm.” I guess that’s meant to demonstrate how blasé people in Bay Ridge are to the 13th congressional district race (which has been about as fun to watch as attending a Marty Golden rubber chicken dinner–shout out to BRI)?

I really hope this was done intentionally, because that would be very funny.

(By the way, Rudy Giuliani would probably count in the “insurgent” wing, because he has endorsed Grimm)

Also mentioned in this blog post are Bay Ridge Interpol, the Brooklyn Revolution blog, the childish GOP-sanctioned hate blogs (which no one really takes seriously because their message is steeped in a kind of dopey malevolence), and little ole Atlas.

Overall, it’s nice to see Bay Ridge Journal is staying fair and has taken the time to assess just what has been going on in the party. That kind of level-headedness is unfortunately lacking in our city when it comes to politics.

  1. July 17, 2010 1:53 am

    Giuliani probably doesn’t even have a clue about the battle here in Brooklyn. And if he does, I’ll be surprised and would love to have a little chat with him about it over coffee.

    He’s so wrapped up in national politics that he lost all sense of reality. He actually was in support of the “National ID card” idea that Senator Chuck Schumer introduced. What is this? Nazi Germany? That I have to actually show my papers (or a card) with all my personal information to a cop to make sure I’m a “citizen”?? This isn’t the police state with a thought police monitoring my every move. His overall stance on “national security” really threw me off.

    He may have been good for New York City, but most certainly not the nation; that’s still debatable. But that’s just my opinion. I’m willing to hear others 🙂

    • Rudy’s Neither Fish Nor Fowl, Fox Nor Hound, Abbott Nor Costello permalink
      July 17, 2010 6:22 am

      Going back to “Prince of the City” days – Rudy G has always been a pile of loose and shifting sand (not a very gound foundation upon which to build). He’s for Rudy G first last and always.

      Before Rudy was made a hero for wandering around southern Manhattan in a daze on 9/11, NYC along with Donna Hanover no longer could stand to having him around. He was the lamest of lame ducks. Even after 9/11– do you remember his failed attempt to have his term extended?

      Mike Grimm should be very careful about and with his Rudy G connection.

      Didn’t the beloved Kings County Republican Chairman, Craig Eaton, get singed by Rudy G a couple of times?

  2. Lora permalink
    July 17, 2010 11:04 am

    This was fun to read!

    Kiss kiss…

  3. Brochino permalink
    July 17, 2010 11:45 am

    Apart from so many names being spelt wrong in the Bay Ridge Journal article, there are numerous other fallacies. Michael Grimm is considered an insurgent. Not when he is supported by Kassar, Long and Giuliani, all on the list of incumbents. Furthermore he is being put up by the King of Thugs, Don Molinari. I know this blog is concerned predominantly with Brooklyn and so the antics of Guy Molinari might not be well known to you. But let me tell you, he represents an old school political machine that is responsible for so many wrongs to Staten Island.

    Dont trust Grimm

    • War of the Machines, War of the Worlds permalink
      July 17, 2010 2:27 pm

      Michael Grimm is apparently a fine young newcomer on the political scene. “Brochino” has rightly pointed out that he is backed by some less than pristine politicians and political organizations.

      The same can be said about the incumbent Democrat Congressman Mike McMahon and the “Republican Organization Candidate” Michael Allegretti. To be fair, almost every legitimate congressional candidate is.

      In the Brooklyn Republican primary, Mike Grimm is backed by the insurgent Republican faction now based in the 49th AD LaGuardia Club and Mike Allegretti is backed by Marty Golden, Golden’s handpicked County Leader Craig Eaton and Golden’s staff skells (Conservatives Mike Long and Paul Atanasio should keep a very close eye on pension-slave Gerard Kassar’s activities in the “Republican” race against their man Grimm, he has a history of straying from the rest of his own party when his Repulican bosses wanted him to do so).

      Right now, if lawnsigns could vote, Mike Allegretti would look like the clear winner in Brooklyn, but signs and posters don’t vote, and they hardly count for anything in a primary. Because of the Golden-Eaton misplay in the 49th AD, Brooklyn will be a close run thing between Grimm and Allegretti in the primary. This is especially true since several Republicans alligned with the Golden-Eaton faction deeply abhor Candidate Allegretti.

      Grimm is the Republican candidate who would best represent the Staten Island-South West Brooklyn district. With all the support listed by “Brochino” above, Grimm should win the Republican primary. Then again, Allegretti has substantial support and a better name for all parts of the district(and I couldn’t possibly mean “Michael”).

      Let’s see what happens next. It’s still almost two months to the primary.

  4. Mike Long and Mike Grimm need to keep a closer eye on Gerry Kassar. permalink
    July 18, 2010 11:35 pm

    For three weeks now Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar has used his “Common Sense” column to shore up the lagging efforts of the Kings County Republican Organization in the 49th AD.
    During the last two weeks he has specifically mentioned the assembly candidacy of a nineteen year old two-time college dropout with a very strange non-conservative history, who Kassar inexplicably endorsed as the candidate of the Conservative Party, even thought the duly selected candidate of the 49th AD Republican Party, Lucretia Regina-Potter, has stronger conservative credentials, and had already twice been endorsed by the Conservative Party.

    What’s really involved in Gerry Kassar’s apparently irrational about face on Lucretia Regina-Potter is “internal” fights in the Republican County Organization, in which State Senator Marty Golden thought he would be calling all of the shots. Because Marty Golden couldn’t hammer a out the deal he wanted with the 49th AD LaGuardia Republican Club, he’s become personally involved in the so-called “regime change” in the 49th AD. That includes telling his toady Gerry Kassar when and how high to jump.

    It isn’t just Republicans who have noticed, several Brooklyn Conservatives have become openly dissatisfied with Kassar’s leadership. Even Kassar acknowledged as much in his most recent column’s mention of his visits to over 100 Conservative Party members. “…Disgust with Albany was part of most conversations, as was interest in the Tea Party movement.” (That’s Kassar’s code for they’re pissed-off at my boss, incumbent State Senator Golden, and they’re more interested in working for Paladino and the Tea Party than they are for Kassar’s Conservative Party).

    The real proof is in Kassar’s own pudding, his own “Common Sense” column in the Spectator. When was the last time Kings County Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar mentioned Michael Grimm, the Kings County Conservative Party Candidate for Congress for the 13th CD in his column? Was it weeks or months ago? You see Gerry Kassar’s boss, State Senator Golden, very much supports liberal Republican Michael Allegretti; the LaGuardia Club is supporting the more conservative Grimm, who also has Kassar’s Conservative Party endorsement. It’s obvious that Marty Golden has laid down the law to Kassar and Gerry is towing the line– for his boss Golden not for his Conservative Party, not for Mike Long, and certainly not for Mike Grimm.

  5. Jenny Ling Po permalink
    July 19, 2010 1:26 pm

    Brochino is another one of those people who are either politically active or follows politics closely, and therefore knows little more than what he can see beyond his nose.

    Those of us who’ve worked on races locally know that the people he abhors like Molinari and Giuliani have their share of detractors like all politicians do. But when these detractors number themselves among the many active Republicans here, they are usually mad because they didn’t get their fair share of patronage, hence the bitterness and anger.

    The truth is that Giuliani and Molinari and his daughter remain hugely popular, leaving naysayers like Brochino to thrash about in their own fantasies of hatred.

    • Brochino permalink
      July 19, 2010 1:57 pm

      Because I sought and failed to receive patronage from a senial old man and a has been leftist mayor who ran by far the worst presidential campaign in recent history, hence my bitterness and anger. What did the great Susan Molinari do for Staten Island. You bringing her up out of nowhere leads me to believe you are one of the narrow minded blind followers of Michael Grimm who always run to Molinari’s defense on the blogs such as NY 13. What about the great Don Molinari, responsible for many good things but at the same time responsible for rampant overdevelopment on Staten Island.

      I am active in politics but these people owe me nothing. Im 23 and these people are from the past, and in so much they should limit their involvement in todays politics, in other words, STAY OUT.

  6. Lora permalink
    July 21, 2010 8:07 pm

    The way these characters over at the GOP hate blogs talk about Lucretia and the Young Republicans, it’s all so hateful and mean-spirited. That’s why Atlas Shrugs will always be a superior website. You guys spell words correctly and you don’t curse at people you disagree with: you write with purpose and you let people decide whether they agree with you or not.

    This is an excellent operation here, and everyone who reads the two websites knows that.

    Kiss kiss…

  7. Nicole Malliotakis and Gene Berardelli Bash Incumbent Marty Golden without mentioning his name once permalink
    August 21, 2010 1:37 pm

    On today’s Gene Berardelli Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio program interview with Nicole Malliotakis and its wind-down State Senator Martin J. Golden was never mentioned. Nonetheless, Marty Golden got skewered big time, by both Malliotakis and Berardelli.

    Malliotakis’ main theme: “We need to send new people to Albany –not just the status quo” is not a Golden-friendly meassage.

    On the big issues — “Losing the B-37 bus, the incumbent [ just like State Senator Golden] cut funding to the MTA.” “Nothing’s been done to stop it [the MTA service cuts] other than some rallies after the fact [just like Senator Golden].” “In Bay Ridge it’s wonderful. They see right through what’s going on in Albany…[and a] ‘kick the bums out’ message will resonate well there in November.” Malliotakis pounded and pounded and pounded her opponent, but each shot was just as much a body blow deep into Marty Golden’s gut.

    Near the end of her comments, Gene piped up with a nebulous, “That’s really great…” But it’s what did Gene Berardelli add after N.M. went off air, that should put even more lines and sags in Marty G’s jowls. Berardelli said that Nicole Malliotakis is the kind of candidate that Republicans need to get behind and he reiterated several of her anti-incumbent and anti-status quo sentiments.

    How does this an anti-imcumbent, anti-Albany Establishment, anti-status quo and “throw the bums out” message resonate when it comes to Brooklyn’s only elected Republican?

  8. What Are They Talking About? What Peter Cipriano Challenge? What Debate? permalink
    August 31, 2010 9:08 pm

    The silly folks at “The Jig is Up Atlas” are just so full of themselves.

    They can’t be claiming to be the official spokespeople for Master Peter Cipriano and his “campaign”, can they?

    This purported challenge by Master Cipriano, when and where was it made?

    What does the Cipriano lad mean by a debate?

    There are certain proprieties and prerequisites as to how these things are done, if young Mr Cipriano were a serious candidate and were serious about this, he’d know that. And he would do what’s necessary to get it done.

    Mr. Cipriano, if you are serious, get in touch with the Lucretia Regina-Potter’s campaign director ASAP.

  9. Peter Cipriano Never Answered Just the Facts by Friday permalink
    August 31, 2010 11:15 pm

    Peter Cipriano, back around Memorial Day “Just the Facts by Friday” asked you a few simple questions, and asked for you to get back to Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn with your answers. You didn’t respond.

    If you weren’t ready to engage then, what makes you think you are ready to engage in the form of a “debate” now?

    First, we’ll let you have another crack at the Memorial Day Questions for Labor Day, then we’ll get back to you about the debate.

    While you were at the Seergy Club on the night of May 27th, did Craig Eaton and Clorinda Annorummo actually let you speak? Did you talk about why you were appearing in the 46th AD Club and not at your own prior club in the 49th AD, or any place else in the 49th AD, for that matter? Were there any Republicans from the 49th AD in attendance at your roll-out on May 27th? How many?

    You have said that while you were at Catholic University you ran for representative to the student government, did you continue that candidacy until the actual voting? If so, did you win? Did you finish out your term?

    You graduated from high school not that long ago, and you have stated that you were very active at the High School of American Studies at Lehman College in the Bronx. You have stated, “I founded and chaired two clubs: The Young Republicans, and The Society of Catholic Students…. there was great opposition from the administration but I endured and both organizations succeeded.” Were these secret societies? Is there any concrete evidence that such student organizations were recognized or even existed at the High School of American Studies at Lehman College during the years that you attended?

    Peter, you’ve already interrupted your college education twice to engage in political activities, are you planning to go back to college any time soon? Where and when? How will that effect your ability to serve as a member of the NYS Assembly from the 49th AD.

    Peter Cipriano, please get back to us, C/O “Just The Facts By Friday”; just post it here on Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn, we’ll see it, for sure. Then we’ll call you about the debate.

    A Guy Named Joe
    [at an undisclosed location in the 49th AD]

  10. Lucretia Regina-Potter is the only real conservative Republican to run for the 49th AD Assembly spot in 2010 permalink
    October 10, 2010 8:32 am

    The people who post on Craig Eaton’s E-rag TJIUA just never get it. Maybe it’s because they can’t read, they can’t identify the issues presented to them, and they have no ability to frame logical arguments in their pathetic attempts at rebuttal. In addition, they believe that it’s their right to hurl naked insults and make ad hominem attacks with impunity.

    Somebody over at Thejigisupeatonsatlas (and we all know how painful that must be) has tried their hand at “logic” — “OOPS!” they dropped the ball, again. Here’s what they said on October 10, 2010 in all it’s glory:

    “‘Anonymous said…
    Let’s stop hurling insults and use logic.’
    The Republican establishment supported Rick Lazio, Mike Allegretti, Peter Cipriano, among others.
    Lazio lost to Paladino and the establishment now supports Paladino.
    Allegretti lost to Grimm and the establishment now supports Grimm
    Potter lost to Cipriano and Potter now supports…??????”

    That is a blatant non sequitor and calls for an erroneous logical leap.

    Eaton (and his buddies) at TJIUA should just give up at this stuff, he (they) just doesn’t (don’t ) have the mind(s) for it.

    btw, since when does any real Republican give two shouts about what the “Republican establishment” says or does?

    In the 49th AD if anybody wants to vote for a real conservative Republican to represent them in the New York State Assembly, they will have to WRITE IN the only person running who has real conservative Republican credentials – “LUCRETIA REGINA-POTTER”.


  1. Conservative Commissar Kassar Lashes Out at Regina-Potter, Admits GOP’s Plan of Attack is “Payback” Against Her « Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn

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