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With No Hands On Deck, Desperate Brooklyn GOP Advertises 49th Assembly District Poll Jobs on Craig’s List (No Pun Intended)

July 13, 2010

So this is what it’s come to.

In an embarrassing display, the Brooklyn GOP “leadership” is desperately searching for poll workers from the 49th Assembly District to work for them on Primary Day and Election Day. Where are they looking, you ask? Craig’s List. I am not joking.

This comes after Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig “The Duke of Bay Ridge” Eaton issued a letter to the 49th AD Republicans telling them to forgo their allegiance to their own district leaders, abandon the district’s Fiorello LaGuardia Club, and enticing them with these very same patronage jobs. In other words, a sitting GOP chairman sought to destroy a Republican club in his own county and alienated tens to hundreds of Republicans by publicly attacking their elected district leaders.

It would appear that plan failed miserably.

The picture above is an image from this page, which I printed out in case they delete it today or subsequently.

Here is the full text:

Attention Brooklyn Republicans,

The Brooklyn GOP is currently looking for registered Republicans in the following areas to fill Poll Worker vacancies for the upcoming elections:

Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, Boro Park, and Bath Beach.

No experience required. We will pay you to train and pay you for the elections you work.

We are rebuilding our party and need to fill our inspector/poll worker positions to ensure fair elections.

Email us and we will get back to you. Even if you don’t live in the above areas feel free to shoot us an email and we will see if we can put you to work where you live.

Visit the County’s official site at:

But wait a second! I thought, Mr. Chairman, that you already hosted a June event–a breakfast–for interested poll workers from the 49th AD.

That didn’t work so well, did it?

What about your Grand Inquisitors? Your so-called “Inspector Liason Committee“?

I guess they didn’t have much luck.


One thing I always love about the Brooklyn GOP’s ads is what they ask of the people they are seeking. So what are the qualifications to work for the Brooklyn GOP as a poll worker? The ad says clearly “NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.” (Let’s hope they don’t mean that quite literally)

What’s funny is they used the same language when they issued a statement inviting people interested in running for office to contact them.

No experience necessary. What a great slogan that could be…

As for the “no experience” aspect, no shock there. Eaton has already alienated all the previous workers from the 49th who already had experience when he banished the 49th AD leadership of Lucretia Regina-Potter and Frederick Martorell from his cabal. It would appear those individuals who worked with these district leaders (and indeed, usually are selected and work with their elected district representatives in the party, as we understand it) have decided not to bite at Eaton’s offer of patronage.

Whether that is entirely true or not, we hope to learn soon.


What should we take from this?

First, so much for Marty Golden. Even though a large  part of his Senate district is in the 49th AD, it would seem not even the great Golden Prince can muster forces to bear when election day comes. This should not be surprising. The Senator could barely constitute a rally on health care in the heart of his own district. Golden does not command what he might have once commanded in the past. That’s for sure.

Second, this is yet another example of Chairman Eaton’s inability to attract new Republicans or long-term Republicans to a party that is quickly evaporating around him. In fact, Eaton has seen only failure since he started in his position. Not one single Republican candidate that I am aware of has won any race with him as Chairman. And recently, he has been taking steps to, as one person said in an email, “effectively bludgeon the party to death,” perhaps not deliberately but by his own stunning ineptitude.

I mean, it still amazes me that this Chairman, rather than seek to reform his party and come to an accord with his dissenters, has sought to actively crush Republican organizations in the county–organizations that could be very useful to growing the GOP and its ranks.

But ask around. Privately, even Republicans outside of Brooklyn will tell you Craig Eaton is not leadership material. We’ve been in contact with some party leaders who have said just that. They say he is where he is because of Marty Golden and for no other reason. After all, he never ran for office and was never a district leader, as one person mentioned to us.

And why is Golden his most vocal supporter? Perhaps because he’s received thousands from Eaton in campaign donations over the years.

It’s not rocket science, folks.

And I’m not alone in my criticism. Eaton’s tactics and dysfunctional leadership have been the subject of multiple online postings for some time now, both on this blog and elsewhere. Republicans all over Brooklyn have emailed us expressing concerns over what’s been going on in our party.

And then, you have the YouTube videos. Take this recruitment video by the Brooklyn Young Republicans’ President Jonathan Judge for the aforementioned Regina-Potter’s Assembly campaign:

As I watch this again, I must say I don’t know if any other Chairman in this entire state has earned more distrust and unfavorablity ratings than Eaton. And make no mistake, he has earned it.

In the past, I was one of the people saying to give Chairman Eaton the benefit of the doubt. I said, “Maybe he’s just misunderstood?” But after a person has behaved in such a tactless and unfortunate manner for so long a period, it becomes nearly impossible to give him or her the benefit of the doubt.

If it wasn’t obvious before, it’s become crystal clear that he can’t command this party or even maintain it’s ranks. As simple as something like this Craig’s List posting may be, it speaks volumes about the man who would call himself the leader of our party.

In the words of one of our emailers, do I hear Jerusalem bells ringing, Mr. Chairman?

Yes, I do. Loudly.


We have sought comment from the 49th AD leaders, and we invite comment from the Brooklyn GOP Chairman, who has thus far from responded to our requests for comment.

  1. Tommy Nast permalink
    July 13, 2010 10:04 am

    “We are rebuilding our party and need to fill our inspector/poll worker positions to ensure fair elections.”

    How could the person who decimated the Republican Party in Brooklyn actually claim to want to rebuild it. I guess his plan is to “rebuild” it into the ground for good.


  2. Brooklyn Revolution Blog Opines permalink
    July 13, 2010 2:17 pm

    Our friends at Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn have forced us to beg another question.

    The question begs, why is the Brooklyn GOP resorting to Craig’s List for polling positions?

    The question begs, shouldn’t the Brooklyn GOP establishment already have the tools and manpower to do this? Evidently not. Clearly, Craig Eaton and his cronies are losing drastic amounts of support if they have to recruit persons with no experience to do their facetious bidding.

    The question begs, Clorinda Annarummo has no support from her district, now does she?

    The question begs, the Brooklyn GOP has lost control over the 49th AD, haven’t they? Peter Cipriano is a joke, after all.

    The questions begs, the Establishment is crumbling and the resistance has its flag ascending.

    Their Jig is Dead.

  3. Young GOP Kid permalink
    July 13, 2010 9:04 pm

    This is freakin hilarious!

  4. Gerry O'Brien Went on a Rampage on Urban Elephants permalink
    July 13, 2010 10:18 pm

    I heard about this from some fellow bloggers. Urban Elephants went comment crazy the other day as someone (it looks to be Gerry O’Brien) went on an angry rant there, crying about the reform movement in Brooklyn, Roy Antoun, Lucretia Regina-Potter and Jonathan Judge, to name a few names:

  5. Gerry O'Brien Would Not Have The Right To Insult a Person For Their Looks permalink
    July 13, 2010 10:22 pm

    As political consultants go, Gerry O’Brien is LARGER than LIFE. 😉

    I guess that’s why he’s supposedly taking out his aggression online, where victims can only see his misspellings and poorly written sentences.

    Give it up, Gerry. We know it’s you, and we all know what you look like.

    Oh, and Russell Gallo and Clorinda A. are not exactly lookers either when it comes to district leaders.

    Dental issues and bad tans do not a district leader make.

  6. His Stupidity Is So Profound... permalink
    July 13, 2010 10:37 pm

    From “The Jig” – “…this reform minded commentator proudly supports “Regime Change” for the sake of the real ‘Reform.'”

    These people really are dumb.

  7. Jig? Irrelevant permalink
    July 14, 2010 1:44 am

  8. Atlas Shrugs: Marty GoldenEye permalink
    July 14, 2010 2:55 am

    Investigating The Jig/AAA’s final mission, Code Named “Marty GoldenEye,” 007 and Dagny Taggart come upon District Leader Russell “Jaws” Gallo.

  9. Brooklyn GOP Gong Show "...No Hands on Deck" permalink
    July 18, 2010 10:43 am

    The world is watching Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton and his Gong Show team hard at work.

    Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn’s “With No Hands On Deck, Desperate Brooklyn GOP Advertises 49th Assembly District Poll Jobs on Craig’s List (No Pun Intended) July 13, 2010” was reposted on Urban Elephants and has received 225 hits at that site to date.

    Already with big black eyes, State Senator Martin J. Golden and Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton staggger into the next round in the 49th AD with their anti-female, anti-senior, anti-Italian, anti-Republican campaign. Good strategy, JK, how’s that workin’ out for ya?.

    btw, how many “good” signatures were collected in the 49th AD for team Allegretti-Golden-Cipriano?


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