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The Gubernatorial Candidates Battle For Albany…On YouTube

July 10, 2010

There have been numerous reports about the various back and forth video campaigns the gubernatorial candidates have been putting up.

Celeste Katz put up, to my knowledge, the first “major” Democratic attack video against Republican Rick Lazio. I was surprised they even mentioned him, since I’ve heard so little about the “Big L” down here in little ole Brooklyn.

Also out there on their airwaves is equestrian-loving would-be Governor Carl Paladino from Buffalo.

Here is the aforementioned embarrassing Democratic YouTube video, which does kind of leave you speechless:

Lazio, meanwhile, has found a new issue to call his own: the proposed Cordoba Mosque near Ground Zero:

Then, on another day, I was watching “fair and balanced” news (whatever that is this day and age), when none other than “Tea Party” (yeah, right) gremlin Carl Paladino appeared on the screen:

As you probably know, Mr. Paladino’s claim to fame so far has been a disgraceful email scandal involving racist, sexist and bestiality-featured content.

No word yet on whether these tactics are working, but when polling on the race becomes available, we will bring it to you!

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  1. Tom Gollisano redux permalink
    July 10, 2010 7:57 pm

    Carl Paladino is a disgrace who has no chance of winning. Can you say: Tom Gollisano redux?

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