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“Pounding Pavement” For Reform: Antoun Details “Activism Across Brooklyn”

June 26, 2010

He’s hitting the streets, petitioning and distributing literature to everyone he meets.

Republican activist Roy Antoun recently posted a new piece on his always engaging blog about how he’s out there pounding pavement to promote reform-minded principles and candidates.

As I usually do, I thought I would share his piece with you all so you can glance through his window into local Republican politics:

Brooklyn has been receiving a heavy dose of Liberty and Reform these past few weeks. Brooklyn YR President and Republican activist Jonathan Judge and I have battled vigorously to promote small, limited government. About a week ago, we hit Bensonhurst with petitioning for State Assembly Candidate Lucretia Regina-Potter, meeting neighbors and disgruntled citizens who simply wanted their tax dollars back in their own wallets.

While the Brooklyn GOP establishment continues to undermine true tenets of reform and liberty, the activists have stormed the field. After one week of activist door-to-door visits, I distributed over 120 copies of Young American Revolution and spoke to dozens of neighbors about the need for Republican reform back to its Constitutional roots. We’re fighting for small government and that began here at home.

“Politicians” have stolen the fruits of our labor and distributed it amongst themselves and their friends on Wall Street. Distributing tax according to what an economic czar or  Congressman deems “important” is nothing more than glorified corporatism. Why hasn’t Albany given our tax dollars back if they truly wanted to stimulate economic growth? After all, it is spending and saving in the private sector that moves an economy.

We need to be careful as to who is running our government, who we allow to run in politics, who runs the party. If the establishment is ok with endorsing liberal Mayors like Michael Bloomberg then we, the people, must keep them in check. That is how a Republic works.


This piece comes after the release this campaign video for Lucretia Regina-Potter:

We wish Roy and his crew the very best!

  1. Do Craig and Marty and Mike and Peter have to pay for it? permalink
    June 26, 2010 10:34 am

    It’s great to see so many good Republican activists working to build something inside the Republican Party.

    “The word has it” that Craig Eaton and Company have had to resort to the checkbook to flesh-out their petitioning efforts for candidates endorsed by the Kings County Republican Executive Committee: including Marty Golden, Michael Allegretti and Peter Cipriano.

    That would be Marty’s hired gun Jeff Krauss’ specialty.

    If it’s not true, how about a formal response from any of the people named above.

    If it is true, let’s all sing “Happy Paycheck” (to the tune of “Happy Birthday”) to Jeff.

  2. Citizen by Birth, Republican by Choice permalink
    June 26, 2010 11:33 am

    Roy Antoun and Jonathan J. Judge are avatars of existential Republicanism in Brooklyn.

    Whether fighting “The Enemy Within” the Republican Party– RINOs like Craig Eaton and now Marty Golden or Eaton’s and Golden’s
    “allies” in the other parties, these men remain true to their ideals principles, and core beliefs. An added benefit is that they are winning the multi-media fight with Republican Chairman Craig Eaton.

    There are no Republicans with principles supporting anthing to do with Eaton’s bunch of bananas. The Eaton-Allegretti-Golden-Cipriano attempt at “Regime Change” in the 49th AD will fall flat in 2010, in spite of $$$$$$ wasted in the effort.

    Next year Antoun and Judge will clean house around Brooklyn at the same time they clean Eaton’s clock at the Executive Committee.

    • Craig = Worm permalink
      June 28, 2010 11:12 pm

      Craig Eaton is such a worm. At first, you want to feel sorry for him. But then again, he’s so proud of being a worm, so you feel less and less inclined to feel sorry for him.

  3. Looking Forward to a "Town Hall" in the 49th AD permalink
    June 27, 2010 2:50 pm

    Since in 2010 the 49th AD is the principal political battleground for the fight for the soul of the Republican Party in Brooklyn, a political foray by the other side’s “Champion” into the precincts of the 49th for a so called “Town Hall” must be attended by a representative sample of the citizenry interested in the politics of the 49th AD, whether or not they live there. Besides, since it’s a “Town Hall” by the State Senator of the 23rd SD, it’s a “Town Hall for the 23rd SD, as a whole.

    I, for one, plan to attend. State Senator Marty Golden must answer for lots of things that he has done, and a for few things that he hasn’t. He’s an old pro and has answered a few of my questions in the past. Let’s see if he’s still on his game.

    In case Peter Cipriano decides to come out of hiding, and they let him speak (he has no official position at all), I have a very important question to put to him and I’ll let him get prepared– he can even consult with his “American Mohammad” friend and advisor, Mohammad Barkeshli, about it, if he feels the need.

    Young Mr. Cipriano, in the event that you are elected to the Assembly for the 49th AD, how you vote on New York State Banking Laws with respect to certain banks and how they might do business in new York State is very important: a) to the profitability of the bank(s),some of which are now based herin New York; b) to the economy of the state as a whole; c) to the revenue to our state government; and d) some say even for national security.

    More and more banks are becoming involved with what has been referred to as “Islamic Banking” and “Shariah-complaint Finance”. Simply put, as a condition for doing banking business in certain Islamic countries, a bank must agree to follow the Islamic principles of Shariah, whether or not that bank is set up to do business exclusively in that particular country or in the Islamic world generally.

    Should it be the policy of the State of New York that all banks doing business in New York State fully comply with the New York State Constitution and Human Rights Law for all their banking activies within and outside of New York State?

    And as follow-ups: How might such compliance square with operations involving “Shariah-complaint banking” and Shariah principles governing the rights and conduct of women? What about a requirement that 2.5% of bank “income” from “Islamic Banking” be given to “Islamic Charity” (Which often includes funds for the relief of Jihadists and their families)? If elected, would you continue to consult with your friend and PAC Treasurer Mohammad Barkeshli on matters such as to legislation relavant to Shariah-compliant financing?

    Everybody should learn the following term and the uses of the concept underlying that term in political times like these:

    “Aesopian Language” is used in communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement. Its root is based upon a reference to Aesop and the truths underlying the discourses attributed to him.

    “Aesopia Language” was referred to by Herbert Marcuse in his book “One-Dimensional Man” where it is used somewhat interchangeably with the term “Orwellian language”. In Marcuse’s context “Aesopian Language” refers to the idea that certain usages of words and phrases, even the names of traditions, philosophies or movements, like “republican” or “conservative”, or even something like “Town Hall” actually can work to suppress certain concepts previously held or attributed to those names, so as to keep them out of the general discourse when using those names.

  4. GOP Revolution Here We Come permalink
    June 28, 2010 10:43 pm

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