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Daily Eagle: Judge and His Young Republicans Are “Energized” For Reform

June 26, 2010

While the Bay Ridge Cabal’s Golden Calf recoils after stinging statewide embarrassment, it would seem the Brooklyn Young Republican Organization is once again the subject of glowing media attention.

In a recent article by Brooklyn Eagle veteran reporter Harold Egeln, the Young Republicans are cast as reformers seeking to energize a growing Republican base.

We previously reported how the club’s president Jonathan Judge has been championing the cause of reform on his personal blog, much to the chagrin of the crumbling political establishment of Vito Lopez and Marty Golden. We’ve also had various stories on how Brooklyn’s “Son of Liberty” Roy Antoun–who is affiliated with the Young Republicans–has been running circles around the clueless Brooklyn GOP leadership.

Here is Mr. Egeln’s piece (after which, I invite you to visit the Daily Eagle’s website to read more of their work–a vitally important local news source):

BOERUM HILL — They could be Brooklyn’s “Young and the Restless,” but without the soap opera drama.

But the young and restless Republicans of the growing Brooklyn Young Republican Club, founded 130 years ago, are now bringing fresh faces into politics.

“We’re trying to build coalitions to put young reform-minded Republicans into office,” said President Jonathan Judge at the yearly celebration, held at the Pane E Vino restaurant on Smith Street in Boerum Hill.

The club, while encouraging candidates and giving them opportunities to speak at its receptions and meetings, has not done any endorsements, said Judge. He explained that a growing political field of youthful candidates and hopefuls shows Republican renewal and vitality.

“My recent campaign attracted a lot of young people, so the interest and enthusiasm is there to be tapped,” said Judge, one of two Republicans and three Democrats who competed in a special election to elect a successor to Councilman Simcha Felder. After Felder resigned to accept the job of assistant city comptroller, his fellow Democrat David Greenfield won the election.

“We have an opportunity to develop a springboard for young people to help build a base of reform Republicans through the grassroots,” said Judge in an interview. “This is a time of change, and young people are going to play an integral role. We have the necessary idealism and energy.”

There is widespread disdain and disaffection among the public for divisive and corrupt politics and politicians, given the problems in Albany and Washington, D.C., Judge noted. “People and voters are upset and tired of those who keep supporting incumbents in office. Their frustrations have been festering.”

To provide opportunities for a growing reformist Republican base, Judge said, “It’s important to have political party primaries so voters can hear out and choose a good candidate they really want.” Within the past couple of years, he noted, new Republican candidates have been testing the political waters and entering primaries, which Judge saw as an encouraging sign of a energized and growing Republican base.

The challenge, he noted, is that the registered Democrat voters outnumber Republican voters more than six to one in Brooklyn. But Judge stated that he believed that a populist Republican movement working with organizational support could change that balance towards GOP victories while airing the reform message.

LaQuan Ward, a Republican candidate in the 18th state Senate District, was at the party, thanking the club for encouraging him. He is challenging Democratic State Senator Velmanette Montgomery, who represents an area stretching between Sunset Park and Red Hook through Boerum Hill and Downtown to Bedford-Stuyvesant and Ocean Hill.

Last year the club formulated a “Public Policy Agenda,” Judge said, “as a roadmap for reform and renewal to influence and inspire Republicans” and the overall voting public. “In a Republican-favored election year such as 2010, we Republicans need to send a better message and encourage reform candidates.”

One of the fresh faced candidates at the party was President Joe Nardiello of the Brownstone Republican Club, who first ran for office last year as a city council candidate and who is now campaigning for the state senate in the local district.

“People want change and not the status quo, with new ideas,” said Nardiello, a longtime Carroll Gardens resident with deep family roots in the area who was elected club president earlier this year. “There are certain important community issues that people have universal concerns about which we discuss at our club meetings, and that also helps us to widen our outreach.”

The Public Policy Agenda for lower taxes, charter school expansion, streamlining small business regulations, tax incentives, “work first” welfare reform, abolishing gerrymandering and protecting property rights, among other issues, is posted on the interactive Young Republican Club web site. The site includes links to the club’s newly launched monthly interactive, real-time “action-casts” that serve as “an online club meetings,” the club’s Facebook page, and lists the latest registered club members.


Congratulations to the young reformers charging ahead!

  1. Craig Eaton's Attacks Show His "Checkbook Justification" permalink
    June 27, 2010 10:33 am

    Are Eaton’s checkbook, hand and keyboard an essential part of the blog’s attacks on JJ and the YRs?

    It is truly amazing how the tangled threads at The Jig is Up Atlas so completely reflect the thought processes and personality of the current County Chairman [much less so the more recent brooklynpolitico, it appears].

    For example, how many times has this trope been repeated at TJIUA? “…Hey how much do [ Jonathan Judge and the Young Republicans] have on hand again? $509.04 pretty embarrassing to me….” Sounds pretty much like Eaton to me (“If it walks like a duck….”). Did Republican County Chairman Craig Eaton write those words himself (at least the first time)? Or did he just “suggest” them? Or did he happen to “edit” them into existance? Or is it more like the something we might properly hear from a political candidate (which Eaton never has been)– something that rates the line, “I’m Craig Eaton and I approve this message”. I suggest they are all Eaton’s — front to back, beginning, middle and end.

    On a deeper level, these words clearly reflect Craig Eaton’s Calvinist world view of checkbook “justification”. In other words, the line about Judge’s and the YRs’ lack of money on hand is a metaphor for the concept, “These people don’t have a right to speak, because they don’t have my kind of money in the bank.” Or as Jerry Maguire put it so succinctly, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!” Thus it follows, as night follows the day, that if JJ and the YRs have no money, they have no “justification” and they are predestined to fail.

    What other psycho-social-economic-religious-philosophical bent would you expect from Craig Eaton, who has “invested” so much of his life and worth in being a fund-raising huckster for this, that and the other?

    Jonathan and Company should be extremely proud that they have successfully fought the Kings County Organization to this point without a significant treasury.

    Here’s a little secret– Eaton’s Republicans don’t have that much either. So right now, where’s their justification and where’s Eaton’s as their leader?

    So to JJ and his fellow YRs–
    Soldier on! Stretch those resources and success will come.

  2. Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio "TAKE THREE" (sort of): A Review permalink
    June 27, 2010 11:39 am

    Yuh gotta luv it! It’s always something.

    Gene B started with his usual bombastic “Hello! This is Gene….” [now imagine about 22 minutes of silence].

    Yes, that twenty-two minutes was the best segment of “Brooklyn GOP Radio” to date [btw, really it’s “blog radio” not “radio”] .

    Then at around minute 23, Gene Berardelli came back on the blog-air to explain that there had been huge, monstrous, overwhelming, cataclysmic, truly Apocalyptic… “technical difficulties” and promised to be back the following week with the same guests (Oh, we can hardly wait!).

    I hope that by next week, if not sooner, host Gene B has a very complete “technical explanation” for the “technical difficulties”.

    Already, there are rumors swirling that “Herr Goebbels” ( not you, Gene) didn’t like what was happening and pulled the plug. Gene, could it have been– “CENSORSHIP!” ?????? ( Not you, Gene) Or to put it another way, maybe somebody ( not you, Gene) thought the game wasn’t going well, so somebody ( not you, Gene) took their Brooklyn GOP Blog-Radio ball and ran away with it.

    Gene Berardelli, maybe you can get that information to us ASAP at ASIB. It might make an interesting thread for discussion here or on TJIUA, or at both blogs.

    • June 27, 2010 4:21 pm

      Since you obviously care so much….

      “About 3 minutes before going live, my computer crashed. When it was clear that I couldn’t fix the computer, I called into the show to let everyone know that we had technical difficulties. I’ve since spent many hours fixing the problem with virus scans, anti-malware / anti-spyware checks, critical updates and the like. My sincerest apologies to our loyal listeners. Both scheduled guests have agreed to appear next week. ”

      Simple as that. Oh and those “rumors” you choose to monger are laughable – and yet, par for the course for this site.

      • Gene B Clueless permalink
        June 27, 2010 4:44 pm

        Rumors, Gene? You’re one to talk.

        You’ve been the most disingenuous advocate for the man-child Peter Cipriano and have told the most disgraceful lies about the 49th leadership, attacking Lucretia Regina-Potter.

        And what about your “guests” not showing up? Marty Golden and Peter Cipriano?

        I guess they don’t value your show that much. Not like you care.

        Talk about being a patsy for the establishment.

        You’re pathetic and disgraceful. But I suppose that’s just the status quo for you folks in the Bay Ridge Cabal.

      • Gene B's Lies permalink
        June 27, 2010 4:47 pm

        Gene, you said “My sincerest apologies to our loyal listeners. ” Didn’t you mean”listener”? LMFAO!!!!

      • Gene B, Thank You for Your Prompt Response permalink
        June 27, 2010 7:15 pm

        Gene B, your “technical response” makes sense.

        We’re all good to go, then.

        Til next week,

        Your favorite reviewer
        Clive Barnes

  3. Use of False Histories on The Jig is Up Atlas permalink
    June 28, 2010 6:34 am

    Eric Blair’s favorite alter ego mentioned a “memory hole” in his greatest work. That was the practice of excising people from history and also changing history to cover the hole left in photos, news stories and the like. He was in fact describing something that was often practiced during Stalin’s Regime in the Soviet Union.

    The Jig is Up Atlas now has now augmented the “memory hole” technique. However, instead of taking people out of history completely, which they can’t do because the people are quite visible and are apparently opposing them, they create a false history for those people instead.

    Case in point, one of the people that the Jigzatz Zagnutz believe has been posting the most devastating exposes on Craig Eaton’s latest and great debacles, has a long clear record of active participation in Republican and Conservative Party politics for over twenty-five years. The Zagnutz had repeatedly mentioned his support of some Democrat candidates when that person was an active Democrat also over 25 years ago (but of course getting most of the affiliations and endorsements at that time wrong in the process).

    Now, the Jigzatzerz have gone a step further into the world of fantasy and fabrication. They’ve crafted a bizarre and false history for one their main antagonists. They pretend that he has sometimes secretly and sometimes openly supported a string of Democrat candidates long after the man had become an active conservative Republican. Many times that man ran openly on the same tickets with some of those the Jigzatz says he opposed. They have maliciously published these things knowing that they were false or with a reckless disregard for the accuracy of information that was generally know or easily obtainable.

    Empty barrels make a lot of noise when they fall. Most of the noise you hear from Jigzatzlund is the falling of empty barrels, Craig Eaton and Clorinda Annarummo (who if she knew what was really going on in the Seergy Club back in the 80s and 90s is just lying about the circumstances of who supported whom and when, and in which races).

    The Broeklundfuhrer Eaton and his 46th AD Gauleitress Annarummo will get their just rewards soon enough. Their bunker is showing lots of cracks thanks to the pounding of ASIB and others.

    Keep up the barrage of truth. Shatter their revetment of falsehoods.

  4. Somebody Must Be Outraged About Something permalink
    June 29, 2010 7:33 pm

    The Jig is Up Atlas is quite transparent about what’s bugging Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton and at least one other key figure in the so called “Bay Ridge Cabal”. Just go over to that site and look at some of the things that they have been posting about one “Pathetic” individual, whom they think has been doing some incisive commenting about them.

    On June 27, 2010 at TJIUA

    Fact Finder said… We know Jamez McCallz posts regularly on the other blog….

    A History Lesson said… Now we have chronicled here Jamez McCallz “Pathetic” political history of sorts….

    Looking Back and Ahead said… Since James is afraid of the truth….

    On June 28, 2010 at TJIUA

    Look Who’s Pathetically Talking said… Speaking of false advertising.
    Democrat in Disguise Jamez McCallz is back….

    On June 29, 2010 at TJIUA

    Pathetic said… Jamez was busy last night we see posting hard on the blogs to get keep his end of the deal kept in place with his new assorted criminal friends in the 49th….

    Pretend said… You know you wonder about Jamez McCallz….

    The Record said… Speaking of Jamez….Wasn’t Jamez a Union Hack Lawyer way back….

    Maybe, we missed one or two– no matter you’ve gotten the point.

    Just a little research would have disclosed that somebody with a name similar to the one they are mocking in their attacks has had a significant history in the Brooklyn Republican Party for over seventeen years.

    He last ran on the Republican and Conservative lines in 2007 and piled up huge majorities wherever there was an effective Republican organization– with majorities in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and lower Bensonhurst far higher than any other similarly endorsed candidate in a contested race for any office. He was roundly hailed and cheered by the Kings County Executive Board for his tremendous effort and performance in that race at a meeting shortly after that election.

    A man with the same name ran for Congress against Chuck Schumer in 1994 again on the Conservative and Republican lines and obtained 29% of the vote more than doubling the usual vote for any opponent against Schumer for Congress– a few years later incumbent Senator Alfonse D’Amato spent millions and only did six or seven points better, statewide; in Schumer’s home congressional district not so well.

    In 1993, when County Leader Robert DiCarlo enraged Kings County Republicans because of his deals with Democrats and other dictatorial stunts, the same man had been put forward and knocked Democrat DA Hynes off the Republican ballot in court and then beat Hynes in a write-in primary. As the county-wide Republican Candidate for DA, he received over 100,000 votes and the highest percentage for a Republican on the DA line in a contested race for twenty years prior to 1993 and ever since.

    The same man helped the founder of the TR Republican Club get that organization going even though the former was still a registered Democrat, and he also several times gave free legal assistance to that Club or it’s candidates.

    The man whom the other blog refers to a secret Democrat has been an active registered Republican for over 22 years, even though regularly recruited to come back into the Democratic Party to be a spokesman for professed “conservative Democrats” (he had been the founder of the “Rattlesnake Conservative Democratic Club” in 1981– and had it’s logo prominently in the Conservative Party Journal for a few years).

    In those 22 years, he supported one Democrat against a Republican– Joe Bova, who was running on the Conservative line against Robert Di Carlo who had usurped the candidacy.

    As long as he has been a Republican, he has only endorsed and given political contributions to Republicans.

    Right now, that man unequivocally opposes the regime of Craig Eaton in each and every one of its manifestations. And as “PATHETIC” as they might be, as this election year goes on, his efforts will double and redouble against Eaton and those allied with Eaton.

    Coming soon – the real reasons why – they’re not so secret

  5. Lucretia and Mike Grimm Were Energized at "Town Hall" permalink
    June 29, 2010 10:25 pm

    Just looking at the performance of the candidates at “Marty Golden’s Town Hall”, the 49th AD home team Regina-Potter — Mike Grimm crew had it all over the visitor Cipriano-Allegrettis. The candidates of the LaGuardia Club were among friends and worked the crowd comfortably.

    At the outset it was complete presence and no presence. Even when Allegretti showed up, he and Cipriano seemed to content themselves making fun of the locals. Maybe they getit that these are prospective voters. What did they think, Arnaldo had packed the hall?

    If so, Bravisimo, Arnaldo! You get the “‘Energized’ for Reform” award.
    If not keep the award at your club because it should be jointly awarded to your clubs nominees Lucretia and Mike G who showed Golden’s “Town Hall” that they were the candiates “‘Energized’ for Reform”.

    • Correction: Maybe Allegretti and Cipriano DON"T GET IT permalink
      June 29, 2010 10:31 pm

      Of course they don’t……

      No “‘Energized’ for Reform” award for their performance at the “Town Hall”.


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