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Atlas Poll: The Duke of Bay Ridge “Has Gone Too Far,” Trying to Further Divide the Party

June 22, 2010

Well, over 150 of you have voted so far, and the votes have shown that Craig “The Irrelevant One” Eaton, known to many as “The Duke of Bay Ridge,” and his conduct of late have not been well received by our readers.

What seems apparent to many of you is that the recent schism in the party has taken a new turn and become quite explosive, with the party leadership engaging in tactics many of us have not seen in Republican politics in our entire lifetimes.Going after district leaders and attempting to demolish Republican clubsIt’s astounding.

I can’t say I’m terribly surprised by your votes, especially considering the emails we have received from so many of you. But I did find the percentages of those who disapproved to be quite important.

Just to recap, the question asked in the poll was: Do You Approve of The Irrelevant One’s Heavy-Handed Tactics in the 49th Assembly District?

Here are the results so far:

2. Absolutely, because the 49th has stepped out of line = 8% (I assume the entirety of the Bay Ridge Cabal voted for this one)

3. No, because this is a bad precedent to set = 21%

4. Absolutely not, because he has gone too far and is trying to further divide the party = 66%


The sheer number of voters that voted for the last option frankly did surprise me. I expected two and three to be the top vote-getters. But apparently most of you are just as shocked as we are at the unprecedented use of political force on the part of Eaton and his flying monkeys.

Image from Roy Antoun's blog, demonstrating how Mr. Eaton's heavy-handed tactics have been received

At times, it seems as if Craig Eaton is simply swiping his political machete furiously at anyone who doesn’t pledge unending fealty to himself and his Golden Prince, Marty Golden.

Indeed, on the Brooklyn GOP’s hate blogs, you would think Marty Golden had either been canonized or deified, one or the other.

Talk about idol worship. Golden Calf, anyone?

That demand for complete and utter devotion has not stopped certain reform-oriented bloggers, such as Roy Antoun, christened “Brooklyn’s Son of Liberty” by my colleague Dagny Taggart, from comparing Mr. Eaton’s local political fascism to that of Nazi Germany (as you can see from the image on the right).

And with the tactics our blog has been told one “psychopathic petitioner” used in collecting signatures for Sen. Golden in the 49th Assembly District, you can understand why such comparisons could ever be made (multiple and reliable reports of trespassing, intimidation, and threats of reprisal have all been attributed to this now infamous petitioner).

Compare those sentiments with those of former City Council candidate Jonathan Judge, who has criticized Mr. Eaton’s dogma of Political Failure and his targeting of the 49th Assembly District’s Republican candidate Lucretia Regina-Potter:

Meanwhile, the issue of the 13th Congressional race has been a focal point for many, with one of my colleagues comparing it to the recent Dede Scozzafava debacle upstate (that piece is well worth reading).

So, all in all, the Brooklyn GOP Revolution has not been good to Mr. Eaton, and I don’t imagine things will get much better for him. These attempts to foster further disunity and party disintegration are not being well received, and tolerance for status quo politics is at an all time low.

Overall, it would seem to me, the factors do not favor the establishment.


Please continue voting!

  1. Revolution Forever! permalink
    June 22, 2010 1:59 pm

  2. Young Republican permalink
    June 22, 2010 5:18 pm

    Did you see this one? It will probably take another century till e-signatures on petitions will be allowed in the Empire State.

  3. Eaton's Bloggers Insult Police Heroes, Golden’s Non-Vote Causes No End of Grief permalink
    June 22, 2010 5:28 pm

    The main stream press has been all over State Senator Martin J. Golden because of his quickstep out of the State Senate Chamber to avoid casting a “recorded vote” on the Gun Micro-Stamping Bill that was supported by Mayor Bloomberg, and police organizations and District Attorneys all over the state.

    Most poignant was the story about the Staten Island mother of a New York City Cop killed in the line of duty, “A mother’s heartfelt plea: Support Microstamping Bill A mother’s plea for gun control”[Staten Island Advance , 6-21-10].

    The mother of Russell Timoshenko, a deceased NYPD Officer killed in the line of duty [from] Bay Terrace, Staten Island, specifically admonished the Brooklyn State Senator, “Marty Golden, shame on you for not having the courage to stand with law enforcement. As someone who wore the same NYPD uniform that my son wore, I cannot understand why you walked away from such an important vote for our cops.”

    Don’t forget that Craig Eaton’s hate blog, The Jig is Up Atlas, unequivocally defended Golden’s actions in ducking out on the vote for the Gun Micro-Stamping Bill saying, “Marty Golden was between a rock and a hard place. When the key vote on the Gun Stamping Bill came up for a vote, Marty Golden had the Mayor and his bureaucrats, including REAL GOVERNMENT HACKS, three-quarter malingerers, all asking him to vote “Yes”. He had the Mayor and the lobbyists threatening him if he didn’t vote “Yes”. So State Senator Martin J. Golden did what was right defended our constitution, and didn’t vote for the bill.”

    What Craig Eaton’s bloggers called “…REAL GOVERNMENT HACKS, three-quarter malingerers…” is what the rest of us might recognize as police heroes, shot down in the line of duty, guys somewhat luckier than Russel Timoshenko, whose mother Tatyana still lives in Bay Terrace, Staten Island, and lobbied for the bill – guys like quadriplegic hero NYPD Detective Steven McDonald, who lobbied for the bill, as well.

    In another report on the vote, Long Island Populist Examiner reporter Karen Rubin on June 21, 2010 described the Gun Microstamping vote as follows:

    “…State Senator Frank Padavan of Queens was the only Republican to make a principled vote in favor of microstamping; all the rest of the Republicans, led by Dean Skelos, voted against.
    Three upstate Democrats – Sens. David Valesky, Darrel Aubertine and William Stachowski -.also showed themselves to be more supportive of gun manufacturers than police officers, in voting down the legislation.
    Another Democrat, Sen. Marty Golden of Brooklyn, a former cop, ducked the chamber to avoid voting altogether.
    The vote was pulled from the floor when the 32 votes to pass it weren’t there.”

    What do Karen Rubin and the Long Islander Populist Examiners know about State Senator Golden’s party affiliations that we don’t?

  4. Hi! My Name is Johnny Cash. permalink
    June 22, 2010 8:07 pm

    “The Rebel-Johnny Yuma”
    [Original TV Theme Sung by Johnny Cash]

    Johnny Yuma was a rebel
    He roamed through the west
    Did Johnny Yuma, the rebel
    He wandered alone

    He got fightin’ mad
    This rebel lad
    He packed no star
    As he wandered far
    Where the only law
    Was a hook and a draw
    The rebel, Johnny Yuma

    [Repeat 1st verse]

    He searched the land
    This restless lad
    He was panther quick
    And leather tough
    If he figured that
    He’d been pushed enough
    The rebel, Johnny Yuma

    [Repeat 1st verse]

    Fightin’ mad
    This rebel lad
    With a dream he’d hold
    ‘Til his dyin’ breath
    He’d search his soul
    And gamble with death
    The rebel, Johnny Yuma

    [Original Title Role played by Nick Adams]

  5. Where's Golden's Rejoinder Based on conservative Republican Principles permalink
    June 22, 2010 9:03 pm

    Even Craig Eaton’s “Raccoons With Rabies” who blog for the Broeklundrepublicanerreichsfuhrer’s Republicanerhateblok Der Jigzatz
    have come up with better reasons for a responsible “No” vote on the Gun Micro-stamping Bill than State Senator Marty Golden (cue the Four Seasons- “Silence is Golden”)

    What’s he going to do about this? Take another important phone call.

    The Education Of Marty Golden’s District
    [From Capitol Tonight only on YNN]

    “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence members will be “educating” Sen. Marty Golden’s Brooklyn constituents about what they believe is the Republican lawmaker’s “anti-cop” position on microstamping.
    The group will be handing out this strongly-worded flyer – also known as “Lesson #1″? – during rush hours in Golden’s district over the next several business days, according to NYAGV Executive Director Colin Weaver.

    The flyer accuses Golden, who is a former cop himself, of being a “puppet” of the gun lobby and urges his constituents to call on him to “stand with law enforcement and vote ‘yes.’”

    Golden, as you’ll recall, took a fortuitous phone call during the slow roll call on microstamping earlier this week. The Democrats yanked the measure from the floor when it became clear it was headed for certain failure – apparently by just a single vote.

    Golden [has stated] that he would have voted “no” had he been in the chamber. He would not reveal what pressing “business” had caused him to step outside at such a crucial moment….”

  6. Bravo! permalink
    June 22, 2010 11:27 pm

    I think that banner for the Bay Ridge Cabal is the funniest f-ing thing I’ve ever seen! Bravo!

  7. Let's Divide the Spoiled Brooklyn GOP For Good! permalink
    June 22, 2010 11:52 pm

    The problems with the Brooklyn Republican Party are bigger than Craig Eaton, regardless of what many have said here on Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn.

    The problems with the Brooklyn Republican Party are bigger than anything that Craig Eaton and his imaginary “new majority” can deal with effectively, regardless of what he and his taodies say.

    There are two divergent courses being presented to Republicans in Brooklyn: Craig Eaton’s “more of the same but more so” approach with brilliant bells and whistles, and an ever-shrinking party base; or a more dynamic idea-driven approach, pragmatic but not cynical, generally wedded to a dynamic libertarian and conservative interplay with the “occasional” progressive innovation.

    Leave all the REWITHEHANOUTs (Republicans with their hands out) for the Eaton and beaten crowd who can have the entire Kings County Republican apparatus make of it as they will including the meager patronage. The most spoiled part of the Kings County Republican Party are the patronage spoils.

    For all the rest, pull an actual “Atlas Shrugs” on them all, walk away from the county-wide party apparatus albatross– never give them another signature, dime or vote, also encourage each and every other Republican in Brooklyn to do the same.

    For everyone willing to abandon the others, reform around a new Republican model. What’s in a name, call it whatever it needs to be called. Organize completely independent of the existing County Republicans on a unified county basis– give it a party county structure not unlike the Brooklyn Young Republicans, but have only one standing committee– the Committee of the Whole– one member one vote. In those assembly districts where members of the State Committee are elected by the new Republican model majorities, such members will not participate in any convention or gathering that does not itself adopt the new Republican model.

    Independent AD, State Senate District, Council District and Congreesional District clubs should be encouraged and be formed as the need arises, but membership should be open, on a countywide basis without regard to address, to anyone having an interest in the particular district.

  8. Der Untermensch permalink
    June 23, 2010 10:54 am

    Craig Eaton is a smarmy, conceited, egotistical, holier-than-thou, pompous, self-righteous, vainglorious snob. He also has a bad side.

  9. Gene Berardelli let slip about Cipriani's Secret Headquarters permalink
    June 23, 2010 11:19 pm

    Our Sigint/Comint Group 8 has finished its analysis of the recent voice recordings of Subject “GBBBR” together with the transcripts of the same recordings with marginal graphic voice stress analysis.

    The subject exhibited significant PTSD symptoms and tics resembling early MKULTRA subject/operative programming.

    Highest stress occurred when GBBBR mentioned prospective guest Peter Cipriano, who two times failed to make appearance or even contact GBBBR.

    Especially revealing was GBBBR’s “confessional outpouring” to atone for “failure” to supply guest, Cipriano. Two times GBBBR mentioned his “visit” to “Cipriano headquarters”. Original analysis of first time mention was that it was a shear fabrication. After second mention, re-analysis disclosed relief moment for GBBBR at mentions of his visit to PCHQ.

    Field operatives and rangers have fanned out from LRPHQ to locate the opponent’s secret base thus far without success.

    It is suspected that the real base is across the border in the 46th AD sanctuary stronghold of the Annarrumo tribe, where each and every “male” believed to be a tenor castrati, and each and every “female” was described by GBBBR as an 88-year old crone with a cane.

    Please, report to LRPHQ any sightings inside the boundaries of the 49th AD of 88-year old women with canes accompanied by men who sing with high voices.

    Later reports about the psychopathic Golden-Allegretti-Cipriani petitioner indicate that he returned to the same block as his earlier crimes. This time, some witnesses reported that he sang in a very high pitched almost feminine alto register, sounding altogether like Gerty Lawrence, while he sang “Whistle a Happy Tune” from “The King and I”:

    Whenever I feel afraid
    I hold my head erect
    And whistle a happy tune
    So no one will suspect….

  10. "Shakedowns" and "Quid Pro Quo" Stories--not so old permalink
    June 23, 2010 11:44 pm

    Whenever somebody who chairs the Kings County Executive Committee or his hate blog mothpieces suggest some kind of “shake down” or “quid pro quo” for this or that endorsement, never forget where the really big corruption was– the 2009 Wilson-Pakula for Mayor Bloomberg.

    Remember this Daily News Report at a time before Craig Eaton openly came out for the mayor:

    “…the Senate’s newly minority GOP caucus is the closest thing Bloomberg has to a Republican fan club. But for most members, it’s a strictly monetary relationship. Even as he was dissing the party in general, Bloomberg remained the single largest contributor to Senate Republicans – donating $500,000 last year to their losing effort to hold onto majority status. Last month, according to a well-wired GOP source, Senate minority leader Dean Skelos got word that the Bloomberg spigot will shut down if the city’s Republicans don’t come across with a ballot line for the mayor.”

    How do you thing Republican State Senator Marty Golden “advised” Craig Eaton to proceed on that one?

    Read more:

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