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The Return of The Bay Ridge Interpol: Democratic Reform Blog Back To Challenge Golden, Malliotakis

June 17, 2010

They’re baaack.

The Bay Ridge Interpol, the Democratic reformist blog of Brooklyn, is back today. First on their list is a piece discussing Marty Golden‘s recent embarrassment upstate, centering on the fact that he fled from a critical vote in the State Senate chamber.

While we sometimes disagree politically, we welcome them and their voice back to the blogosphere. And here is their latest piece:

As the 2010 legislative session nears sunset, lawmakers are scrambling to pass a pile of bills which have been on the table for months.

One of the more controversial bills with powerful supporters would require semiautomatic handguns made and sold in New York to have unique identifying information on spent shells – a process known as “microstamping.”

After a heated debate and slow roll call voted, the bill was yanked from the floor yesterday just before it was about to fail. Three upstate Democrats voted “no,” but the Democrats who control the chamber blamed the bill’s demise on Marty Golden who took a conveniently timed mysterious phone call and was in the hallway when it was time for his vote.

Does this mean Marty is for handing out semiautomatic handguns on street corners? Perhaps. Maybe he was too ashamed to admit it so he stepped out to check his voice mail.

Insiders say the call was actually from the Bay Ridge Manor and they needed Marty’s credit card number to order more rubber chicken in preparation for the campaign trail this fall. Stay tuned…

And here is the accompanying video from Capital Tonight, during which the Senator appears pale and uncomfortable:


Additionally, the blog is commenting on mysterious Assembly candidate Nicole Malliotakis:

We have been critical of Assemblywoman Janele “Spenser: For” Hyer-Spencer in the past but we are backing her 100% against this Nicole Molinari-otakis candidate.

I guess the sleeping lion has been awoken now as Ms. Malliotakis was backed by Marty Golden who said, “We need a fighter in Albany and someone who is going to fight against the same, old tax-and-spend policies of the past.” Too bad Marty doesn’t take his own generic endorsement as progressive advice for himself.

What we know about Nicole Malliotakis is very little. We know she is a “government relations professional” (a.k.a. unemployed). Prior to her career in the private sector, she was a public liaison and advisor to former Governor Pataki. We also know Ms. Malliotakis traveled to Cuba for 10 days in November 2009. Not sure what she learned there. Crash course, I guess.

To read the full articles, visit their blog. Whether you agree with them or not, you can’t help but appreciate their style.

We welcome their perspective and opinion back to the political debate.

  1. Long-time Republican Observer On the Loose permalink
    June 17, 2010 11:28 pm

    State Senator Martin Golden and Kings County Republican Party Chairman Craig Eaton are not going to like this one bit. Not only is one of their old nemeses back, Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn has given them a big shout out.

    I hope The Jig is Up Atlas crew doesn’t see this, their heads might explode.

    This will distract them all from their attacks on their fellow Republicans.

    Everybody should stay focused– both sides– attack Republicans, attack Republicans, attack Republicans with a vengeance.

  2. Golden’s TV Interview: Starts Blathering Pol; Ends Blithering... permalink
    June 18, 2010 8:28 pm

    The video of State Senator Martin J. Golden’s interview presented by BRIpol, post-Golden’s absentee “No-Vote” in the senate’s non-vote on the gun-stamping bill was a bigger a hoot than the “non-vote-non-vote” story itself, which is a new benchmark for dysfunctionality in the NY State Senate.

    Marty Golden’s TV bit started out fine with his usual dissembling about his quick departure before the crucial vote for an important call. He soon said that he would have voted “No” anyway, so what difference would it have made, especially since the bill had been “withdrawn” after the voting had commenced, and no vote officially recorded.

    When pressed about Mayor Bloomberg’s closed door meeting with Golden and other key Republican votes and the influence of heavy lobbying by gun manufacturers and the pro-gun lobby Golden began to look and sound like a Richard Nixon being pummeled by David Frost. Then it became a discussion whether Golden still had Mayor Bloomberg’s confidence and support, in which Golden specifically mentioned mayoral support in connection with “consideration” for votes in the senate. What came through is that Golden obviously wanted it both ways on this issue and one of his friends in high places didn’t like that one bit, especially the not voting “Yes” thing.

    After about two minutes of the tough interview, Senator Golden’s plastic smile devolved into a plastic grimace, and the entire Golden facade became obviously one of “fools gold”.

    By the end Golden had defended his “No” vote, but said that he still might vote “Yes” on the bill if it comes up again this session.

    If a tree doesn’t fall in the forest and nobody hears it, does it still make a noise? Yes, if you do a TV interview about it and you sound like Marty Golden crashing down and shattering everything that had been propping you up.

  3. Gerry permalink
    June 18, 2010 9:31 pm

    What ever happened to MM Border Watcher?

  4. It was "MM Boarder Watcher" permalink
    June 19, 2010 9:14 am

    As a prior associate of MMB (since that was how he appeared in ASIB), I can safely report that he retired under that name or retired that name, whatever.

    He is out of the area “at an undisclosed location,” although he does return for forays into Brooklyn with some frequency, though not regularity.

    I “believe” (wink, wink) that he has made an occasional posting here, on “Room Eight” and other places under other pseudonyms, since he calls or E-mails asking what I think about them.

    He remains in pursuit of his main passion or obsession, his “Great White Whale” of Brooklyn politics, if you will, who as fate may have it is believed by him to be one of the main Democrat allies of the Golden-Eaton cabal.

    btw, he is not a Republican nor a conservative, except on this or that idiosyncratic position, like, of course, his Lou Dobbs act on immigration.

  5. Hunting TJIUA and BKPLTCO "Raccoons With Rabies" permalink
    June 19, 2010 9:59 am

    I’ve done some research on the symptoms of those associated with what have been called Craig Eaton’s hate blogs. (I’m sure this information will be useful to many of the people heretofore savaged at the hands of those blogs, including the folks at Bay Ridge Interpol (Welcome back!).

    My error, just like my hero Doctor House (Dr. Gregory House, M.D., played in the series by that great English actor Hugh Laurie of “Black Adder” fame, who is wrong in the first forty-five minutes of every House MD episode), is that my earlier suspicions and diagnoses about them were completely and absolutely wrong.

    These creatures are not psychotic because of some deep psychological trauma, they are psychotic because of viral infection.

    It can now be said with scientific certainty that the hate bloggers of “The Jig is Up Atlas” and “brooklynpolitico” are a pack of “Raccoons With Rabies”. They have all the symptoms of the feral scavengers with the full-blown disease. Don’t go near the “Raccoons With Rabies”, there’s nothing you can do to save them. If they or any like them show up at your door, douse them with a garden hose or other supply of water; they are extremely hydrophobic.

    Anyone who gives aid and comfort to these stricken creatures, either because they think they’re cute or because they think they can profit from the raccoon pelts or any more perverse form of animal exploitation, will be treated as having been similarly infected by the rabies virus.

    The only humane thing to do is hunt them all down, trap them and destroy them before this horrible infection can spread.

  6. Gerry O'Brien's Lower Intenstine permalink
    June 19, 2010 10:31 am

    Marty Golden is a hero to the gun criminals. It is an absolute disgrace that an ex-cop turned his back and refused to stand up for law enforcement and let politics get in the way of public safety.

  7. Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio "TAKE TWO": A Review permalink
    June 20, 2010 11:24 am

    You’ve got to love Gene Berardelli’s spirit.

    His Blog Radio Show, well, not so much.

    The fact that he had a guest, Dan Cavanagh of, for the whole program made it a vast improvement over the first blogcast for BrooklynGOP Blog Radio.

    This time two scheduled guests didn’t get on the “air” because they were “NO SHOWS”– both are Chairman Craig Eaton supported candidates in the 2010 election cycle– newcomer Peter Cipriano and good old Marty Golden. This is “Strike Two” for Cipriano; and Mudville’s Eaton must be getting nervous with his young “Casey Not At The Bat”.

    The “call-ins” were a mix of Jonathan Judge questioners and “Gene Sorrows” who wanted to advocate Home Land Security background checks for carnival workers– Dan Cavanagh was obviously not convinced on that one. Nonetheless, “call-ins” were a plus– although I still don’t get the “Chat Room” thing, which just seemed to be a screening of the call-ins (Why did only Gene Sorrows get to talk?).

    More than anything else, this BrooklynGOP Blog Radio blogcast highlighted everything that’s wrong with Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP. The program is completely inconsistent, maybe I should say “half-ASSED” (I didn’t start counting until too late, but the word “ass” was used more than three times by Berardelli or Cavanagh – about each other – one or both of them must be right). Although predictable in its unpredictability, Gene Berardelli sees to it that the program remains predictably uncritical of the Brooklyn GOP and sacchrine in its description of the party leadership. The response to some of the call-ins showed that host GB, like the Brooklyn GOP as a whole is Nixonian in its paranoia and defensiveness perceiving every critical question as an attack. Most important, now through its second blogcast, Brooklyn GOP Radio, like its sponsor the Brooklyn GOP, has shown itself to be fundamentally dishonest.

    Gene Berardelli made a big point of “fairness” and at least twice was fundamentally unfair and dishonest. First, his description of the blogs “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” and “The Jig is up Brooklyn” was not historically accurate, incomplete and delivered without an appropriate disclaimer of interest. Second, his description of the drenched petition-gatherer was wilfully ignorant to the point of dereliction, factually divorced from the event, and the reports that appeared on either of the previously mentioned blogs. (Interestingly, he made a statement of metaphysical certainty, that “we’ll” never know what really happened. Since he’s a lawyer and litigator, I don’t know how he could say that.) (A third item of unfairness might have been his demeaning description of the vote-percentages garnered by Lucretia Regina-Potter in her two runs, especially since her votes were a quantum higher than GB’s in each of her runs. I dismiss that as a merely a bit of petty animus with that individual candidate, but GB should be on guard for that in the future.)

    All in all, the show was a step in a positive direction, in a journey that looks like thousands of miles, right now. (By the way, at no point did I feel in danger of lapsing into a coma state, unlike during a good portion of the first program.)

    • One Priceless Moment: Cavanagh Targeted Marty Golden permalink
      June 20, 2010 3:22 pm

      The guest on Craig Eaton’s BrooklynGOP Radio almost zeroed in on Eaton’s one and only elected buddy, Marty Golden. Dan Cavanagh specifically said on the “air” that he wanted to ask Senator Golden about his vote on the Gun Stamping Bill, but Cavanagh was quickly cut off by the show’s host, Eaton’s toady Gene Berardelli.

      When Cavanagh brought up the controversial vote, where Senator Golden had rushed out of the chamber to avoid voting “Yes” or “No,” Gene Berardelli quickly started talking about Marty Golden’s position and press conferences on certain Parole Board issues. This might seem like a complete non sequitur, except that Mr. Berardelli did exactly the same thing that State Senator Martin J. Golden had done during an embarrassing TV interview earlier in the week. So Mr. B was 100% on his Marty Golden talking points. Kudos to Gene Berardelli for great flacking!

      Maybe, Marty Golden had been tipped off that there might be some tough questions put to him on Eaton’s BrooklynGOP Blog Radio program and Golden’s handlers thought he should duck the questions by ducking the program.

      • One Priceless Moment: Redux permalink
        June 20, 2010 7:55 pm

        The host on Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP Radio, “Fatman” couldn’t zero in on Nagasaki if he was flown there aboard a B-29 named “BOCKSCAR”. ( btw, for the poor folks over at The Jig is Up Atlas, Craig Eaton has never been credited with inventing anything that matters– he didn’t invent talk radio, he didn’t invent the blogosphere and he didn’t invent so-called blog radio, only his rotund host said that he did– that doesn’t make him a genius).

        Dan Cavanagh might have said on the “air” something like, as an independent voter, he thought that Jonathan Judge should have endorsed the candidate of his party in the special election in the 44th Council District, Ken Rice. Of course the Nero Wolfe of Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio didn’t come close to filling in is guest with anything like the accurate history of what happened in that race– remember, Marty Golden was the first to endorse a Democrat–Greenfield, and then his toady, Craig Eaton, worked night and day to keep Jonathan Judge the REAL “real deal” Republican running in that race from running. That included putting in a “real deal” empty suit from the Men’s Warehouse, Kenneth Rice, into the race without a prayer, without a clue, and, as it turned out, without a vote that mattered. That’s because one of the Cathedral Club Judases, Marty Cottingham, RINO District Leader of the 44th AD put out a swag “Catholic Citizen’s” Card not for the “Republican Rice” but for Marty Golden’s Democrat– Greenfield.

        That’s why it was this specific segment of the blogcast that caused Gene Berardelli to have been criticized for his unfairness and fundamental dishonesty.

        Cavanagh never brought up any endorsement where Jonathan Judge had rushed out of any Executive Committee meeting– that just never came up at all. But Gene Berardelli did start talking quickly and Dan Cavanagh did call him an ass a few times. This might seem like a complete non sequitur, except that Mr. Berardelli did exactly the same thing a couple of times during the whole embarrassing program. Kudos to The Jig is Up Atlas for exposing Gene Berardelli for his great repartee, repeatedly using the word “ass”!

        On another point, maybe, Peter Cipriano had been tipped off that there might be some tough questions put to him on Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio program by the “Chat Room” callers-in, and Cipriano’s main handler “So Tired of America” Mohammad Barkeshli told Cipriano to duck answering any questions by not appearing on the program– again.

        Actually, The Jig is Up Atlas should learn to stick to the facts– it’s easier and you might not hate yourself so much that you dream about jumping from the 69th Street Pier with your last thoughts about The Owl’s Head Sewage Plant effluence in the water below you.

  8. Senator Golden’s Non-Vote Didn’t Defend the 2nd Amendment permalink
    June 20, 2010 6:09 pm

    Senator Marty Golden gets it, but the folks at the Jig is Up Atlas don’t.

    Marty Golden was between a rock and a hard place. When the key vote on the Gun Stamping Bill came up for a vote, Marty Golden had the Mayor and his fellow police officers, including REAL POLICE HEROES, not three-quarter malingerers, all asking him to vote “Yes”. He had the NRA and other big lobyyists threatening him if he didn’t vote “No”. So State Senator Martin J. Golden ran out of the State Senate Chamber– like a little girl afraid of the bogeyman– and he didn’t vote on the bill.

    What part of that recitation of the FACTS does the crew at Jig Is Up Atlas not understand?

    Libertarians like Roy Antoun know that Senator Golden wouldn’t know the Constitution from The Home Reporter.

    In fact Golden said he agreed with the idiocy of Mayor Bloomberg and other anti-gun forces, and his own amendment would only delay implementation, but nobody went for that. He has also stated that he still might vote for Mayor-supported bill later in the session.

    The bill in question is unequivocally opposed by the NRA and gun manufacturers here in New York State, but it’s clear that Marty Golden is not unequivocally opposed to it– if anything he’ll probably back Mayor Bloomberg because he needs him more than the NRA.

    The Jig is Up Atlas says they could not agree more with Senator Golden, but how does his amendment, eventually requiring gun manufacturers to use the same unreliable technology help anyone?

    Doesn’t Senator Golden know that criminals do not buy guns legally and register them! They will circumvent this law by buying guns from other states. Under Golden’s amendment only good citizens will be denied the right to keep and bear arms in New York.

    Senator Golden:

    You coward! I know that it is not easy for a so called Republican like yourself to take a stand in New York for Conservative or Libertarian causes, but can’t you be a man and cast a vote that means something to one side or the other. Then we’ll decide if you’re a RINO or the real deal like The Jig is Up Atlas likes to say.

  9. Folks at "brooklynpolitico" Not Happy with Golden's Non-Vote permalink
    June 21, 2010 12:44 am

    A little murmuring in the ranks of the faithful over at “brooklynpolitico”
    /// ///
    It seems that some of them think that State Senator Martin J. Golden may have sold out to the gun lobby, and stabbed policemen and the mayor in the back in the process.

    Of course they’ll still vote for Golden because that’s part of “Battered Republican Voter Syndrome”.

    Some said Golden is “the better of two evils”– that’s still evil isn’t it?

  10. Young Republican permalink
    June 21, 2010 8:21 pm

    At least the dems stand behind their own. Even if they have disagreements with themselves on some issues, they understand that it is better to have someone in office you disagree with some times than a GOPer who they disagree with always. Too bad for the GOP that when we don’t like a certain republican we have people who call themselves “reformers” who would rather have far-left socialists than a republican who they have disagreements with.

    • When You See Marty Golden Are you Proud? permalink
      July 2, 2010 8:13 pm

      Young Republican,

      Don’t characterize repugnance as a disagreement.

      State Senator Martin J. Golden is a terrible State Senator and he is typical of the Republican caucus in the New York State Senate.

      Just look at the video that Marty Golden has posted of himself on his NYS Senate Web page, “Senator Marty Golden speaks at the Automatic Vending Association this morning regarding his opposition to the proposed fat tax”. HOW PROUD ONE HAS TO BE AS A BROOKLYN REPUBLICAN AFTER ONE SEES THAT!

      The State Senator just kept slurring “Medicinal Marijuana” — never once got it right. Was it a speech impediment or some other “Delicate condition”?

      “No good taxes….” What about all the ones voted in during the Pataki years, that Golden supported?

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