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“Psychopathic Petitioner” for Golden Invades 49th Assembly District, Allegedly Intimidating Voters and Elderly

June 16, 2010

We’ve received multiple reports that an unknown Republican male collecting petitions in the 49th Assembly District, allegedly shouting down, intimidating, and even physically threatening elderly voters.

This picture was taken by a 49er just after the man was forced off the property of an elderly man he was accosting, an emailer familiar with the situation told us.

We have already received reports that this man is affiliated with the Bay Ridge Cabal and was collecting signatures for State Senator Marty Golden in the 49th Assembly district. As you know, the 49th AD leadership has been the subject of the Bay Ridge Cabal’s assaults after a major rift in the party this year–a rift which also includes Senator Golden.

This “psychopathic petitioner” angered one man so much that he was sprayed with water as he refused to exit off the property.

One emailer said: “Notice how wet he is because he was hosed down by the old man he attacked.” That emailer also noted: “He is not a local and is in ‘costume’ for the Italian area he is harrassing people in.”

We were also told that the petitioner had previously accosted a female voter and refused to leave the premises when asked to go. During this time, he was apparently asking people who they plan on voting for in the upcoming elections.

One wonders: perhaps Sen. Golden is nervous he is losing votes?

One can only imagine how the 49th’s voters will respond to him given his recent instigation of the Brooklyn GOP Revolution


If you live in this district, please be on the lookout for this petitioner and let us know who he is collecting signatures for. If anyone threatens you or tells you to sign for someone you do not wish to sign for, know your rights as both Republicans and citizens and be sure to exercise them.

Contact the authorities if necessary and then please email us to share your story.

We were afraid that tactics like these would be employed during the petitioning season.

Images like the one above serve as an unfortunate reminder of the state of our party in Brooklyn.

  1. June 16, 2010 9:41 pm

    This is absolutely rich.

  2. Thug That Shrugs With Atlas permalink
    June 16, 2010 11:55 pm

    This is so sad. Golden needs to hire better thugs next time!

    There’s no reason that old man shouldn’t have that hose wrapped around him tight as he signs the petition with his teeth!!!!!

  3. Gerry O'Briens Corroded Artery permalink
    June 17, 2010 9:17 am

    You really can’t make this stuff up. OK, time to eat.

  4. Meanwhile, Law and Order Gibberish from Golden Himself permalink
    June 17, 2010 11:05 am

    State Senator Martin J. Golden wants this to be perfectly clear, he was “FOR” law and order before he was “AGAINST” it, for now, for technical reasons.

    It’s like Marty Golden has gone back a full year to his Espada-Monserrate meltdown. That’s when Golden was “FOR” Monserrate before he was “AGAINST” him. Then again, State Senator Marty Golden had been “AGAINST” Monserrate before he was “FOR” him, so he wound up where he started, sort like chasing his own tale.

    But that was 2009, what’s Marty Golden done lately, like in Albany in mid-June 2010?

    Big news:

    ALBANY, N.Y., June 14 — New York State Sen. Martin J. Golden, R-Brooklyn (22nd District), issued the following news release:

    “Sen. Marty Golden and members of the Republican Conference today called on the State Parole Board to deny the release of convicted cop-killer Anthony Blanks, who is scheduled for a parole hearing Tuesday morning at Shawangunk State Prison in Wallkill, NY. The Senators were joined by former Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld and Larchmont Chief of Police John Poleway….”

    Yahoo! Marty, that’s good old red-meat “FOR” law and order stuff to hit all your ungrateful detractors with.

    Wait one minute, there, State Senator Martin J. Golden.


    [From Jimmy Vielkind, Times Union, Albany, N.Y]
    Jun. 16–ALBANY — “There were mayors and police officers, two foes for statewide office and three district attorneys. There was a wounded detective in a wheelchair, speaking in spurts as a ventilator filled his lungs. There was the advertising blitz, and finally, the back-room conference….

    Earlier in the afternoon, [Mayor Bloomberg] — joined by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as well as district attorneys from Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island — met behind closed doors with Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos, Deputy Minority Leader Tom Libous and the three Republicans from the five boroughs: Sens. Frank Padavan of Queens, Marty Golden of Brooklyn and Andrew Lanza….

    Bloomberg said he emerged from his meeting with Republicans ‘hopeful that they will do what’s right’ and, when reminded he has donated heavily to GOP senators in the past, said this vote would weigh heavily on his mind.

    ‘I look at anybody who I support. I look at all of the things that they stand for and all of the things they vote. … I don’t make any one vote a condition, but I certainly care very much about this one bill. You can read into that anything you want,’ he said.

    Only Padavan committed. >>>>>>Golden scurried out of the chamber before a roll call vote could take place<<<<<<>>> <<<< emphasis supplied. Note: Albany Times-Union use of “scurried”, cf “… like a mouse”

  5. Law and Order Gibberish from Golden (cont.) permalink
    June 17, 2010 11:12 am

    “…Only Padavan committed. Golden scurried out of the chamber before a roll call vote could take place, and Lanza voted no…

    But firearm manufacturers and the National Rifle Association opposed the bill, echoing a point brought up by Golden. ‘The technology right now is unproven…’

    Bloomberg, whose show of political muscle may well be reprised against his opponents, said he will continue to work for the bill’s passage; Golden said he would continue to talk to him…”

    In other words, Marty Golden may again be “FOR” law and order, even though he’s “AGAINST” it for now– FOR TECHNICAL REASONS– like the NRA and gun owners and the 2010 elections.

    Marty your hallmark “law and order” message is not very clear this week. It’s getting to be like all of the other gibberish that you’ve gotten away with until Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn got all over your case.

  6. Meanwhile What About "Regime Change in the 49th AD" permalink
    June 17, 2010 1:34 pm

    Peter Cipriano’s Campaign is depending on Golden and Eaton’s outsiders carying his petition with Allegretti’s and Golden’s in the 49th AD.

    So far, “Regime Change in the 49th AD” means angry outsiders harassing the local Republicans.

    First Eaton’s hate bloggers say that it’s Arnaldo’s thugs systematically attacking the outsiders petitioning in the 49th AD, then they say Lucretia is “grasping at straws” by posting the facts on Atlas Shrugs. All of that is without a shred of reality to back it up.

    If any petitioners were attacked, harassed or intimidated in any way, it’s a crime. Tell us at 49th AD Campaign Headquarters who, what, where, how, peteitioners have been attacked, and then we’ll call the cops for you. Of course if there was a crime, I’m sure the authorities were already called in a timely fashion by the victim.

    On the other hand, if somebody at their home doesn’t want to sign for an aggressive outside petitioner, they can resort to appropriate self-defense– the self help use of a garden hose would seem to have been appropriate for the threat and nuisance.

    Maybe, TJIUA has it right for once, Arnaldo should organize a systematic garden hose brigade to repel Eaton’s annoying petitioners. If the outsiders aren’t already viewed as all wet, they soon will be.

    Meanwhile, what has happened to “candidate” Peter Cipriano? Is he at a secret location, like a bunker under The Greenbrier?

  7. The Jig Digging Its Own Grave permalink
    June 17, 2010 3:00 pm

    Is it just me, or has the self-proclaimed hate blog run out of lies to spew? Now they’re resorting to pretending to be people.

    It must be difficult living in politics without a message.

    The Reality of Life Is The Jig Is Digging Its Own Grave.

    • June 18, 2010 1:32 am

      No, they’re still not people. They continue to harp on the “Roy is a Muslim” parade and they recently deleted my comments on one of their posts about a Client/ Server side error on the BYR site because I proved them wrong. Twice. It kind of looks bad when a 20 year old makes you look and feel like you’re 12, right? Hahaha

  8. Clorinda Was Once The Fairest of Them All--Then Came Potions and Politics permalink
    June 20, 2010 1:26 am

    There was a time when Queen Clorinda was “the fairest of them all” (before the tanning salon).

    Then, that Lucretia girl came along. Nicknamed “Snow White” because she drove a white sports car years ago, Lucretia was soon giving Queen Clorinda a run for her money as “the fairest of them all.”

    She dispatched her minion Russell Gallo to pluck out her heart and put it in a box. Gallo tried, but because he read The Jig Is Up, he went out looking for a pig (literally) nicknamed “Lucretia,” which he found in a dwarf’s yard in Bath Beach. He killed the pig and brought Queen Clorinda the heart in a box. She received the box at her castle overlooking the bay in Coney Island, where she learned the truth. What happened then changed her forever:

    Here’s what the video doesn’t tell you: Queen Clorinda remains in that disguise, even to this very day.

  9. Marty Golden's and Craig Eaton's Bay Ridge Cabal Blog said... permalink
    June 20, 2010 2:52 pm

    The latest “Shameful” and “Desperate” piece from the other side’s blog said…

    Looks like Marty Golden’s phone calls and ringing the bell off the hook at Craig Eaton’s house paid off.

    TEAM GOLDEN got what they wanted so far, but will TEAM GOLDEN stay happy with having to produce all the signatures in Bensonhurst for Peter Cipriano, and then Golden getting all the grief for that psycho petiton gatherer.

    Remember Marty Golden’s lost gun might well still be used to kill a cop, and he’s afraid that better gun tracking may lead it all back to him, not to mention Craig Eaton’s “BLOODY” family charity cheating
    G-d knows who out of who knows what. Boy the “Blood really is on their hands”. “Shameful” and “Desperate” and in Eaton’s case “Pathic”, as well.

    Eaton, once a Sheepshead Bay boy himself, doesn’t want the rest of the Brooklyn GOP people too excited about his being the “Golden go fer” from Bay Ridge right from the beginning– even though they’ve tipped it off over, and over, and over.

    Stay tuned folks….

  10. Marty Golden's Planned Invasion Onto the 49th AD Turf permalink
    June 24, 2010 11:38 pm

    It’s likely that Lucretia Regina-Potter will be seen at the so called “Town Hall” at the Saint Finbar Center on June 29th. It’s been mentioned that Lucretia plans to be there to see what’s going on that night.

    If anything is done to attempt to advance any interest contrary to that of the duly elected Republican leadership of the 49th AD, and the only duly selected and endorsed Republican Candidate for Assembly from the 49th AD, look out for some real pre-July 4th Fireworks.

    Several questioners, selected for their good looks and eloquence, have been selected from the membership of the FLRRO to ask very significant questions of the candidates running in the 49th AD in 2010– these questions are to fill-in some of gaps of the candidates’ early and recent histories.

    If he makes a rare appearance, Peter Cipriano will be asked about his most recent political adventure, and be asked how it compares to the other things that he has done in his several earlier political adventures. He will specifically be asked whether his selection of
    “American Mohammad” Barkeshli, as the key man for his PAC and as a close aide for his campaign shows bad judgment, also whether Rufus Wainright’s song “Going to a Town” is a culturally appropriate theme song for someone in neighborhoods like Bath Beach and Bensonhurst.

    Come see all the festivities at State Senator Marty Golden’s “Clueless About Peter Cipriano’s Neighborhood Town Hall” on Tuesday, June 29 from 7:00- 9:00 PM, at St. Finbar’s Center, Bath Ave and 26 Bay 20th St. in Bath Beach/Bensonhurst.

    Maybe you should drop in if you’re in the neighborhood, after all it’s supposed to be a “Town Hall”. Maybe by some coincidence, Craig Eaton and his old friend, St. Finbar’s new parish boss, Fr. Gelfant, will be there. What a strange and interesting concatenation of people might be gathered. Why not you?

  11. Possible ID permalink
    August 1, 2010 11:42 am

    The “psychopathic petitioner” featured in the photo above has been tentatively identified. Local detectives are looking into this matter.
    The harassed homeowner has filed a complaint and is insisting that the police follow up.
    More to follow….


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