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As Allegretti Holds Fundraiser in Manhattan, Grimm’s Troops Descend on Brooklyn to Petition for Signatures

June 14, 2010

With all the reporting we’ve been doing on the so-called “Brooklyn GOP Revolution,” we found a portion of this story from very interesting.

Apparently, while 13th Congressional candidate Michael Allegretti was clinking glasses in Manhattan trying to raise money, Guy Molinari/Rudy Giuliani-backed candidate Mike Grimm‘s footsoldiers were out in force in Brooklyn collecting petition signatures to put Mr. Grimm on the ballot.

Michael Allegretti has the backing of the Bay Ridge Cabal. He is their only other visible candidate to our knowledge, besides State Senator Marty Golden.

Here’s the story:


The Michael Grimm forces are doing a little crowing after claiming to get 1,000 GOP petition signatures in one night in Brooklyn, rival Michael Allegretti’s stronghold.

Grimm needs 1,250 signatures to get on the primary ballot against Allegretti.

Former Borough President Guy Molinari, Grimm’s top supporter, said that the Grimm team had about 50 people fanned out in the Brooklyn part of the congressional district on the first night that petitions hit the streets last week. He said that Allegretti’s forces didn’t even get out of the gate that night, with Allegretti holding a fund-raiser in Manhattan.

Guy did allow that it’s his understanding that some Brooklyn folks don’t customarily go out on the first night of petition-gathering.

But that didn’t stop him from giving a few toots of the horn.

“We’re not going to stop Allegretti from getting on the ballot,” Molinari said. “But we’re going to make life a little more difficult for him.”

Allegretti’s camp declined to comment on Guy’s broadside.

Why do we note this?

Well, recently we learned that Mr. Grimm endorsed the 49th AD’s Republican candidate Lucretia Regina-Potter, who is a prime target of the Bay Ridge Cabal in their theater of war to muzzle independent Republicans.

This has not been confirmed, but one wonders if GOP old hand Arnaldo Ferraro, the former Assemblyman of the 49th AD, and the Regina-Potter campaign had anything to do with mobilizing Mr. Grimm’s campaign to move so quickly in Brooklyn.

Nevertheless, in all likelihood, the Shah of Staten Island Guy Molinari undoubtedly knows a thing or two about petitioning, given his vast experience in politics. There are few political players as well-attuned to local politics as he is.

But the support of the 49th AD leadership in Brooklyn can’t hurt one bit.


We shall continue to follow this story and other developments in this race.

  1. Lora permalink
    June 15, 2010 10:42 am

    Why am I not surpirsed that the Bay Ridge GOP’s candidate is moving at a snail’s pace. I wonder if they’ll have forgeries in their petitions, like Kenneth Rice had in the 44th City Council race? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I wish Grimm well just because what Craig Eaton and his thugs are doing on their hate blogs is reprehensible. Allegretti should be ashamed for working with these people.

    Kiss kiss…

  2. Not a Word About Allegretti on ZIGIZUPZATZ tonight permalink
    June 15, 2010 10:30 pm

    The ZIGIZUPPERZ haven’t said “BOO!” today about the candidate, whose a lifelong Brooklynite, with a trendy Manhattan lifestyle, last over the bridge to Staten Island, and probably a secret “Bachelorette” reject, Michael Allegretti. Golden-Allegretti petitioners finally appeared in the 49th AD– good luck with that.

    Since Allegretti is all about image and show, and not real Republican positions, he’ll probably be 100% for the O’Bama Energy-Tax Program now, since the BP fiasco shows how much Al Gore was right that we are destroying the planet. Just remember, “Just, where would the earth be without this great planet of ours?”

    Don’t expect much from the ZIGIZUPERZPHERE after what they’ve writ so far tonight, they are obviously and completely dazzed and gazzed.

  3. Kevin C permalink
    June 15, 2010 10:38 pm

    Who is the Brooklyn Republican party supporting for the SI/BK congressional seat?
    Why aren’t they supporting the Guy/ Rudy team?

  4. Michael Grimm Posters Smile on Third Avenue permalink
    June 15, 2010 10:40 pm

    Several blocks of Third Avenue in Bay Ridge sported Michael Grimm’s Congressional poster.

    Posters don’t vote, but they help create a winning psychology for the postering side. The Bay Ridge Cabal of Eaton and Golden were beat to the punch on this one.

    Early momentum to the people supporting Grimm in Brooklyn.

  5. Norman Zhao permalink
    June 15, 2010 10:55 pm

    The question begs, I love Grimm’s wanna-be Obama “G” logo.

    The question begs, I saw Jerry “I Need A Haircut” Kassar, sweating it out at the 5th Avenue Festival handing out Grimm lit. Then he wrote about it in the third-person in his hysterical Spectator column and gave praise to Liam McCabe for organizing the Grimm groundswell at the street festival when in fact it was HIM.

    The question dregs, is there a disconnect within the ranks? Craig Easton backs Michael Allegretti while Jerry “I Need A Zeppole” Kassar backs Grimm?

    The question renegs, I see Grimm’s posters in the windows of Korean nail salons.

    The question begs, I doubt these shop owners have any clue what they agreed to put in their window. Maybe Jerry promised them a good write up in the next Jerry Kassar society column.

    • Confucious Li permalink
      June 15, 2010 11:25 pm

      That’s hilarious! Ha ha ha!

  6. Queen of Kings permalink
    June 16, 2010 12:46 am

    The Queen loves a Golden Ray of Sunshine.
    So much so she will leave the Christmas presents behind and discard the false beard she wears as a disguise.
    She will come out soon and dance in the festival by the shore.

  7. Gerry O'Briens Corroded Artery permalink
    June 17, 2010 9:19 am

    Hey guys! Its me Gerry! My computer works now so if you need me to make some wacky lit just let me know. OK, time to eat.

  8. Fly On The Wall permalink
    June 19, 2010 10:15 am

    For those of you that have never heard Michael Grimm speak, here is a link to a video of him I found on You Tube. The video was recorded in January at a Brooklyn Young Republicans meeting. Cut and paste the link.

  9. Grimm is the candidate we want for Congress. permalink
    July 30, 2010 4:19 pm

    Michael Grimm is the right choice to represent us all in Staten Island and Brooklyn. Grimm, a former FBI agent who went undercover to fight corrupt Wall street bankers, corrupt politicians and the mob. As a former Marine combat veteran with firsthand experience to make smart national security decisions that will keep our families safe from terrorists.
    Michael Allegretti is full of crap. Allegretti is nothing but a corrupt Washington lobbyist who will help the Democrats take the USA on the road to Socialism. Michael Grimm is like no other candidate for Congress. A patriot, not a politician, Michael is a true fiscal conservative who believes in lower taxes, less government and a strong national defense. Allegretti is a mobbed up, liberal idiot who will do nothing but promote corruption in our congressional district.


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