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DiSanto to Atlas Readers: Don’t Vote Down Party Lines, Choose Candidates “Committed to Reform”

June 11, 2010

We have been contacting a number of local political leaders and candidates for their comments regarding the “Brooklyn GOP Revolution” afoot and our recent poll, in which many of your voiced you opinion that new leadership is needed in the 22nd State Senate race.

On that note, we recevied an email from 22nd State Senate Candidate Mike DiSanto regarding the sentiments of local Brooklynites–both Democrats and Republicans–and their frustrations with government.

As you know, Mr. DiSanto is a Democrat running in opposition to State Senator Marty Golden, much to the dismay of Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez. We have mentioned some aspects of his campaign before on Atlas.

Here was what Mr. DiDanto had to say regarding the recent Marty Golden Atlas Poll and the state of politics in New York:

I believe that these poll results echo the frustrations of people across the state. Our legislators have abused their power and deprived the people of any real representation for far too long.  I am proud to be part of a group of candidates and incumbents (from both parties) who are dedicated to ending the dysfunction in Albany. I have signed pledges to commit to specific reforms in the areas of Independent Redistricting, Ethical Government and Responsible Budgeting. I am also calling for full disclosure of discretionary fund spending and greater community involvement in determining how these funds are utilized. I urge both Democrats and Republicans not to vote straight down party lines but to consider individual candidates and their commitment to reform.

We emailed Sen. Golden asking him to respond to Mr. DiSanto’s statements and/or to offer general comment on the state of affairs in GOP politics.

He has not done so, nor has his office.

If he does respond, we will reproduce that response here for you to read.


Now, some of you might be saying: Why is a Republican/libertarian/conservative-leaning blog asking a Democratic candidate any questions at all?

Two responses:

First, almost 34% of those of you that voted in our most recent poll said you would even consider a Democrat over Senator Golden given his recent conduct. While the large majority of you said you wanted new Republican representation, that comfortable minority was reason enough to seek a comment from Sen. Golden’s most visible challenger thus far.

Second, we will promote the voice of anyone seeking reform to our readers–regardless of party–so that you can decide who has the better argument. The way our party has behaved in recent years–dishing out Wilson Pakulas to every Democrat under the sun–is ample justification for us to look outside of our party for any and all figures, regardless of ideology or party allegiance, who seek positive reform in our government.

Whether Mr. DiSanto (or any politician for that matter) is one of those people is something we can only learn in time after careful consideration of all his positions. But I personally appreciate his words of reform, which our political system desperately needs.

And In my opinion (though you may disagree), I don’t care to see a man who gave $1000 to Pedro Espada, was “for Hiram Monserratte before he was against him,” and who palls around with Bertha Lewis for any reason reelected to public office.

That’s my own opinion.

But even if it’s not yours, we need to keep our eyes open to the entire political world around us. Things aren’t going to change until we change them.

And that’s going to take everyone’s help, regardless of party.

  1. Don't Forget The Endorsement of Greenfield permalink
    June 11, 2010 7:47 pm

    I know it’s eons ago, but we should never forget the “stab in the back” that Marty Golden served cold between Jonathan Judge’s shoulder-blades and Marty’s similar “rough trade” for the 44th Councilmatic District Republicans, who were supporting Jonathan in the snow and ice late last winter.

    Let’s take a page out of Craig Eaton’s playbook and really settle some intramural Republican scores in 2010– starting with Marty Golden. Golden deserves no less for the Greenfield endorsement.

  2. Bring Up Golden's Whitewash of "Kettle Black" Brawl permalink
    June 12, 2010 12:51 pm

    If he’s serious about taking on Marty Golden, at some point candidate DiSanto has to confront the incumbent state senator about his involvement in the Kettle Black brawl. Or more accurately, DiSanto has to beat Golden over the head with his whitewash job in the police investigation of his thug relatives’ part in the mayhem.

    It’s more than a month since charges were made by a prominent Bay Ridge businessperson linking State Senator Golden to the attempted destruction of evidence that was material to the police investigation of the Kettle Black brawl.

    Remember, that two police officers and a fireman were attacked at the Kettle Black and two of them were seriously injured. Five were arrested in connection with the fight, and another in connection with the alleged tampering with video evidence of the fight and other things.

  3. The Good Government Message Is Timely permalink
    June 12, 2010 11:01 pm

    Delivered by a newcomer with almost no history in Brooklyn politics, Mike DiSanto’s good government pitch will strike a chord, even in what some people think is a socially conservative district.

    What’s Golden done except vote for budget after budget that have bankrupted New York State and given us the highest taxes in the country.

    Oh yeah, he’s friends with Bloomberg, that’s just great.

    • Not the last budget-- so what? Golden's minority vote didn't matter permalink
      June 13, 2010 9:27 pm

      The nitpickers over at the Eaton-Golden hate blog pointed out that State Senator Marty Golden did not vote for the last budget. What a hero! When his vote didn’t count, because he was in an outvoted minority he voted against the total budget.

      What happened when his majority vote counted? He voted to support the “three-men-in-a-room” deals that inflated the public payrolls to buy union support for RINO governor and senate majority, created an incredibly huge state debt to cover revenue shortfalls and avoid necessary tax increases, and still made New Yorkers the highest taxed state citizens in the country. Until three years ago, a “Repulican in Name Only” was governor so for quite a while 2/3 of the troica was Marty’s guys. It’s even worse for everybody in Golden’s own district where city taxes are piled on top of the state taxes that Golden backed. His connection to the New York City taxes is through the Golden-supported mayors who have ruled for seventeen years.

      Marty Golden is in no way fiscally conservative. He’s much closer to a tax and spend liberal than anything else. Everything else is flim-flam and “Have a nice day.”

      • Eaton's Hate Blog Hits Golden in Rump with "Friendly Fire" permalink
        June 15, 2010 12:02 am

        The Jig’s Up Atlas 6-14-10 blogger, “DiSanto has no Business, Biography, and History. said…” really screwed Golden in the glutes when he said, “If candidate Michael DiSanto digs at all he might get off on it, “hurt” his back, and th[e]n never be able to work for the rest of his life…”

        You see, Mister/Miss “DiSanto has no Business, Biography, and History. said…”, isn’t that exactly what wonderful Marty Golden did when he got some kind of golden “Line of Duty” pension from the cops. This is exactly the history and biography that Marty Golden doesn’t want anybody to see, because he refuses to release his disciplinary and “disability” retirement personnel records from the NYPD.

        Thanks, Mister/Miss “DiSanto has no Business, Biography, and History. said…” for screwing Marty Golden in the glutes, because that’s what Marty Golden does to all of us New York City taxpayers every time his tax-free three/quarters disability check comes in at 80th Street.

  4. DiSanto was seen and heard, but where's DeMeo? permalink
    June 12, 2010 11:10 pm

    A State Senate candidate should be seen and heard.

    I’ve seen Mike DiSanto in a few places and he speaks alright for a young democrat with something to say. I haven’t seen the other Democratic Candidate DeMeo and I doubt that anybody else has.

  5. Go After Golden's Business, Biography and History permalink
    June 13, 2010 12:03 pm

    Michael DiSanto should realize that he is no State Senator Marty Golden. Their stories are different and publically they say they don’t even like the same things.

    The question begs, does Michael DiSanto know very much about State Senator Martin J. Golden, at all? Do any of us?

    Most of Marty Golden’s biography and history is what he and his handlers have chosen to tell us. We also know that there is a lot that Senator Golden (before that candidate for State Senator Golden, before that Councilman Golden, and before that candidate for City Council Golden) refused to and still refuses to discuss. It’s still all fair game, and there’s nothing old that doesn’t rate a new look. If candidate Michael DiSanto digs into that stuff and presses Golden on it, there could be real fireworks and a change in the public’s view of Marty Golden the “good guy”.

    The young Democrat should also look closely at Golden’s “personal” business and property dealings. The Village Voice did a little on that a few years back– very interesting. Where does all the rubber chicken money come from and go to?

    Of course there are the scandals that have blown up here and there, and up to this campaign they have blown over. Give them all a second look– there’s at least one old coverup to be uncovered, fresh, and something completely new that’s never been touched, YET.

    If Michael DiSanto hasn’t put together a real good negative research team on Senator Golden, he needs to do it right away. Otherwise, Mikey can’t even make this a close race.

    Candidate DiSanto, just ask yourself, if the race for Marty Golden’s senate seat is between “the good guy” and “the good gay”, who wins big?

  6. Young Republican permalink
    June 14, 2010 12:56 am

    So this is the direction you are taking?

    You are pissed at the GOP for bankrupting our state and corrupting its government, so you have chosen to go with someone who believes in Karl Marx economics. Way to go.

    From his website: “Demand funding for well-rounded education” i.e. NY spend the most money per student and gets the worst results, solution: more money.

    “End public transportation cuts in Brooklyn, restore frequent and dependable service, and keep costs affordable for working families” i.e. continue being reckless with the public’s money and have the entire state pay for the irresponsibility of the MTA board.

    “Increase the availability of services, maintain retirement benefits, and add preventative programs to improve quality of life. ” Democrat code for more entitlements and more unsustainable government growth and spending.

    “Creating a greener Brooklyn” Do you hear cap and tax?

    “unify the community through festivals and entertainment for our residents. ” I’m not even going to go down there.

    “Provide tax breaks for home repairs, ban housing discrimination, and provide incentives for a new crop of homebuyers in the changing real estate market.” Can someone remind me how we got into this financial collapse to begin with?

    You are like the people who were fed up with republicans in congress spending out of control so they voted in Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and got it ten times more. Way to go Atlas!

    • John Galt permalink*
      June 14, 2010 2:16 am

      I would like to respond to some of your statements.

      Firstly, I’m afraid “Atlas” does not equal “Francisco D’Anconia.” We are a collective of voices who agree and disagree on some issues, but agree on the overall theme and message of reform our blog has taken. Please do not mistake one person’s piece for “our” voice as a group, unless the writer says so.

      Secondly, I read this piece and believe Francisco was only praising DiSanto’s call for voters “to consider individual candidates and their commitment to reform.” I don’t think Francisco’s piece was meant to be a substantive appraisal of Mr. DiSanto’s platform.

      Indeed, I refer you to Francisco’s line: “Whether Mr. DiSanto…is one of those people (i.e., seeking positive reform in our government) is something we can only learn in time after careful consideration of all his positions. But I personally appreciate his words of reform, which our political system desperately needs.”

      That hardly sounds like the sentiments of “the people who were fed up with republicans in congress spending out of control so they voted in Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and got it ten times more.” In fact, I believe nothing could be further from the truth.

      One thing we cannot do (and which HAS hurt our country in the past decade) is engage in petty party tribalism for no good purpose. Our values makes us Republicans, libertarians or conservatives, but we are ALL part of the political system, regardless of party. We all have an interest in seeing it reformed.

      When the time comes, I’m sure a full evaluation of the DiSanto platform will be considered. Then, if you disagree with our analysis, we’ll welcome have a complete and honest discussion on the matter.

    • Reply to a Young Republican permalink
      June 14, 2010 11:48 pm

      Young friend, please remember that the better of two evils is still evil.

      Marty Golden will change his vote on a dime for a quarter. Look at his part in last summer’s leadership hijinx, followed by his vote to eject from the senate one of his summer 2009 co-conspiritors.

      He’s a tax and spender,and a buget inflater along with his leadership and the public employee unions.

      Don’t go for the dog and pony show, it died with Ed Sullivan and BrooklynGOP Radio.

      • Young Republican permalink
        June 15, 2010 8:12 am

        I don’t disagree with you that Senator Golden is a lousy senator, although I’m not sure how his vote for leadership change is a part of it, (is it that he voted to oust a senator who at one time voted for the same leader as he did? If you and someone else vote for the same person once, does that mean you vouch for their integrity for ever?) But besides that, your argument justifies getting rid of Golden, how does it justify electing somebody who won’t have to “change” his vote to please the unions, he’s already promising now to give the unions whatever they want on the backs of the New York taxpayers. How does replacing bad with evil put you in a better place?

  7. It's The Direction Senator Golden Has Taken That Matters permalink
    June 14, 2010 11:36 pm

    State Senator Golden is all about keeping his real voting record as QUIET as possible.

    Since 2008, Senator Martin J. ‘Marty’ Golden repeatedly refused to provide any responses to Project Vote Smart’s “Political Courage Test”.

    The “Political Courage Test” would have compared candidate Marty Golden’s publically stated pre-election positions with his votes as a New York State Senator in the current term.

    That’s really a little too much information for the folks at home to have, so Golden and his handlers took a pass on the “Political Courage” part of “Project Vote Smart.”

  8. DID SOMEBODY MISS A THREAT, or maybe I'm paranoid permalink
    June 15, 2010 6:56 am

    The person who posted the note, “Eaton’s Hate Blog Hits Golden in Rump with Friendly Fire” in reply to something on another blog and not any of the notes here, missed the major point of “The Jig’s Up Atlas 6-14-10 blogger” who was being quoted.

    Maybe I’m wrong about this, so go to the Jig is up Atlas blog and check out the note for June 14, 2010, “DiSanto has no Business, Biography, and History…” I’m sure you will see something much more important than what the writer of “Eaton’s Hate Blog Hits Golden in Rump with Friendly Fire” says he saw there. You would see a possible implied threat of physical violence against Mr. DiSanto if he digs deep into any embarrassing business, biography or history of his prospective opponent.

    Is this threat something new and ominous, or has this been something that routinely creeps into the “debate” or “campaigns” with the Republicans in Brooklyn?

  9. Reply To a Young Republican, Redux permalink
    June 15, 2010 8:09 pm

    In the shuffle last evening, I failed to get back to your comment about Senator Golden’s flip-flops on Monserrate and some other points.

    This is a perfect example of Senator Golden’s anything goes if it’s good for “Marty and his friends” approach to public life. His deceitful hypocrisy went like this: 1) he didn’t want to allow Monserrate to be seated, because of pending charges against him– and he went to some lengths to block Monserrate’s seating as a Senator (it was really more about an early scheme to keep a Republican majority than any pending charges against Monserrate); 2) Golden then supported and was part of a scheme to give high leadership positions to Monserrate and Espada, if those Democrats voted with the Republicans for “majority status”; and 3) after Monserrate and Espada reneged on their deals with the Republicans, Golden returned to his original virulent anti-Monserrate position, going so far as voting to expel Monserrate even though he was found “not guilty” of all the serious charges and was only guilty of a misdemeanor. Virtually, every media outlet that reported on these matters found Senator Golden to have been absolutely hypocritical on his back-and-forth-and-back-again on Monserrate.

    On the other points: 1) few of us who comment on Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn actually “support the election” of Michael DiSanto, we have just noted that he is mounting an effective challenge to a long-sitting State Senator, who’s part of the problem not part of the solution to the dysfunctional government mess in Albany; 2) Marty Golden won’t have to “change” his vote to please the unions, he’s already giving the unions most of what they want on the backs of the New York taxpayers– he only talks the opposite game. Marty Golden is a tax and spend, deficit increasing Republican just like Republican Governor Pataki was.

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